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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Randy got home on Saturday and I got home on Sunday. From college. My first year, his second. We lived at opposite ends of the house on the second floor. Mom and dad on the first floor. I had stairs up and down. He had stairs up and down. I had a bathroom. He had a bathroom. I had a big bedroom. He had a big bedroom. We weren’t disparaging at each other, we were great friends and chattered away all the time when we were near each other. I helped him and he helped me. Mom and dad were careful about teaching us to maintain our privacy while forging solid family values.

There was a time I thought he was looking at my bedroom while I was at the gym one week so one day I left him milk and cookies. He took one big bite out of the cookie and that was all. We never mentioned it again. He got caught and took it like a man. I always respected him for that. I always wondered what he was interested in. I never found anything disturbed. I’ve never looked through his bedroom. Honest. I haven’t.

Randy helped me bring my stuff in and store everything else in the garage to take back at the end of the summer. He was slow in and out of my bedroom. He was looking around without moving his head that much. I smiled but didn’t let him see me. I was mostly finished unpacking and getting back to normal. I had a wash in and needed to put everything in the dryer. Randy came by to see if I had anything to take down. I said no but could he switch my wash to the dryer. He said sure and went on down.

After he left I quick changed and went down to see if he could wash my stuff with his. You can easily see the washer and dryer from the top of the stairs to the basement. When I looked down I froze and stepped back around the door frame. Randy was taking his clothes off and putting them in the washer. I got an eye around the edge of the door and watched. Randy always either wore thick cargo pants in the winter or thick short cargo pants down to the knees in the summer and some kind of top. Always.

He had his top off and was taking off his pants, the short kind. He emptied the pockets and threw his shorts in the washer and turned back this way. He had on a jockstrap and stripped it down his legs and off. A large part of his body fell out and flailed around like a fireman’s hose. He turned around and put the jockstrap in the washer and started getting dressed in fresh clothes. I was stunned. I had no idea. Randy was seriously hung. I could see it hanging down between his legs when his back was to me. It wasn’t thin either. Nobody ever said anything about it all this time.

My brother had a world class dick. No wonder he wore thick cargo pants all the time. I’ve seen his pants bulge a little now and then but never imagined. He obviously wore a jockstrap full time to hide it. He didn’t go in for sports all that much, probably so he wouldn’t have to shower with a lot of guys around. It would get around very quickly and I would have heard about it. He had girlfriends but they never lasted that long. He probably wouldn’t let them get that personal so they didn’t last. He protected himself. He’s probably a virgin. Poor thing. I wondered if mom knew.

I absolutely know how big dad is, flat and blown up. Nineteen years in the same house. He is absolutely world average. Not long. Not big. Mom is happy. So where does Randy get it from. I don’t know anybody in the family like that and haven’t heard any family gossip. I was really going to have to guard myself or he would realize I know. It only takes a few noticed glances and that would be it. He would be crushed and embarrassed. As long as he was stuffed in his jockstrap he probably felt safe. I can’t image the horror he goes through when he starts to get excited. He usually wore extra-large and extra-long shirts and t-shirts. Long ski or dress coats too. That’s why. They would hide him.

Randy stopped by in the hall and said, “Don’t forget dinner out with mom and dad. Marvins.”

“Ok,” I said. “Thanks. I’m going to fold my clothes later. I’ll switch yours to the dryer.”

He was already going down the hall and I heard him say ‘ok, thanks’. We never worried about each other handling our clothes when washing. He could handle my undies and bras and I could handle his stuff. I always wondered why he wore jockstraps. Sometimes I sniff his for fun and I guess he sniffs mine for the same reason. It’s why I let him handle my laundry.

We went out to Marvins and sat in this roundish type booth. I was on the outside and randy was next and mom next and dad across from me. Every now and then I put my hand on Randy’s thigh and let it linger there. I caught him turn a little and look at me a couple of times but he let me and ignored it. I ignored me doing it too but it made a sort of small statement. I let my fingertips drop a little over inside but they were thick cargo pants güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and I didn’t get to feel his leg all that much but I think he liked it a little. It was a nice time.

Three days later mom and I were alone at home and catching up on the latest stuff.

“Mom,” I said. “I don’t quite know how to bring this up but… no, let me try again. Look, there’s something about Randy we might…” I looked off. Mom waited so I got it together and started again. “I happen to see Randy strip and put his stuff in the washer when I got home. I was at the top of the stairs. He didn’t see me or know I was there. He was so large in the man department I was shocked. When I say big I mean stunning big. And long. When he turned he flopped around like a fireman’s hose. I was just wondering if you knew.”

“No,” she said. “I didn’t know. Are you sure? Maybe he’s just a good size. Are you sure?”

“Half the women in this town would climb out of bed and run,” I said. “He’s not gross but he is past large and bumping up against huge and he wasn’t even ready. He doesn’t take after dad. Where does he get it?”

“How do you know anything about your dad?”

“Mom,” I said. “Nineteen years.”

Mom gave me a lips together head wobble. She said, “No, he doesn’t take after your dad. He probably takes after my grandfather on my father’s side. He was rumored to be side show size. Traits skip generations a lot. DNA mixture kind of thing. Something triggers some changes in body makeup. Heather, don’t underestimate your dad too much. He’s quite adequate and he knows how to wield his sword. You and Randy are proof of that.”

Wow. Mom sure set me straight there. I got this big smile and started giggling. She did too. It got to be a thing between us, made us closer. I explained about the clothes and all and it made a lot of sense to her. She started understanding what was going on with randy and some of the things she remembered over the years.

“I’ve never heard any gossip about it and it’s his personal business but I think he’s probably still a virgin,” I said. “I think it’s important not to let him know we know. Not to stare at him or any indication at all. He’ll figure it out. I might try and get a little closer to him as a friend or sister so he has someone to talk to but he might not let me. Anyway I thought if we were aware and it got to be known we wouldn’t show too much shock and make it worse.”

“Yes,” she said. “That sounds good. Quiet support from the family if needed. Let me know if I can help. I’m not going to say anything to Harv. Thanks Heather. Randy’s level headed. He’ll be fine.”

The next evening mom and dad were out somewhere and Randy and I were alone for a while. I changed clothes and went down the hall and knocked on his door. I said, “Randy, it’s me.”

“Come on in,” he said.

I went in and sat down in his rocker. I said, “I need a brother. Well, I need a guy but I need a brother more. Both about equal I guess.”

“Heather,” he said. “What are you talking about?”

“Ok,” I said. “Work with me a little on this. I have this bra that fastens in the front and I need to know how easy it is for a guy to unfasten. When we’re kind of close together. The difficulty. Could you help me with that?”

“Sure, I suppose,” he said. “What do you want to do?”

I gave him one of my mind blowing smiles and got up and sat on the side of the bed with him. I said, “Ok, in this setting we would be kissing and holding each other sitting up or me laying back. Either way. We hug each other. Kiss if you want and you slip a hand up under my blouse and undo my bra in the middle. I know by that time my blouse would be open or off but let’s do it this way for the time being. Pretend you’re ultimately going to get in my pants. It’ll put you in the mood.”

He looked at me solemnly and finally said, “Ok. Let’s try sitting up and if you want to try back on the bed we can try that.”

“Ok,” I said. “Don’t laugh. It’ll destroy the mood. Go slow. It’ll be better.”

I turned into him more and got my arms around his neck and got my cheek near his. I kept my elbows out some so I didn’t squash my breasts together so he had more room. I was on his left so his left arm went around my back and I felt his right hand down near my crotch but quickly move up on my stomach under my top. I had a very loose blouse on. He didn’t move up between my breasts all that fast. His fingers fiddled around some and my bra came apart and opened right up. His fingers were left feeling me right between my breasts. I pulled him in and held him a moment or two. He left his hand there.

“That was perfect,” I said. “It didn’t take long at all. Would most guys be able to do that if they didn’t know how these kind fastened?”

“Sure,” he said. “I would think so. Seemed easy enough”

“Ok,” I said. I reached up under and fastened my bra back. “Let’s try it with me laying back. The idea here with me horizontal on my back is to get güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the object of my affections to get his hand down low so he can get under my blouse so his arm is laying straight down on me. He’s supposed to feel a little of my valley with his arm and ride it up when he moves his hand up to my bra. It builds passion.”

I lay back and he tilted down beside me. I got my arms around his neck again and my cheek against his and opened my legs a little. I said, “I’ve never kissed a brother before. I’m sorely tempted.”

About that time I felt his arm fold down into my valley and his hand slip up past the top of my shorts onto my bare stomach and work its way up. His arm slid right up across my clit and tuff. He got to my bra and started with his fingers. I turned my head a little and kissed his cheek. He turned his head a little and kissed the side of my mouth. I turned my head a little and we kissed. My bra came loose and opened up. His elbow was still down on my tuff and the top of my hood and moving around a little. One of my legs moved out a little more. His fingers got over under one side of my bra and on my nipple. We soft kissed and I let him go for a little while then slowly broke the kiss and we sat up.

“That’s exactly the way I think it should go,” I said. “From there it’s easy to unbutton my blouse and him slip a hand straight down inside my pants. Maybe I should have mentioned that part so we could check to see. Anyway, you were perfect. I really do appreciate it.”

“No problem,” he said. “It was fun. Getting ready, huh?”

“Yes,” I said. “I don’t have a guy in mind to do that. I was seeing if it was practical if the situation came up.” I gave him a nice smile and said, “Also, you’re the first guy on my nipple so I’m not a nipple virgin any more. Thank you. Maybe I’ll call it the Randy nipple, but just to myself. I’m a little surprised at how good that felt. Would you mind if I gave you a close hug?”

“Sure,” he said. “Anytime Heather.”

I stood up and pulled him up. We had been holding hands. I got my arms around his waist before he could get around mine and pulled him right into me. Boobs in and valley in and held it for about ten seconds and eased up and let him go. I looked at him and took a deep breath so he could see me do that and smiled and left. It couldn’t have gone better. Just enough and not too much. My bra was still unfastened.

Randy is 5ft10 and a half. He’s lithe, a perfect fit with a girl. I’m 5ft9 and good weight balance and muscle tone so a perfect fit with a guy. Not the big fat daddy types but somebody like Randy could certainly tickle my fancy while we crawl all over each other. I could easily get carried away with this.

One morning mom said, “I talked with someone, I’m not saying who, about granddad. The information I got is that he was quite impressive and he was an adventure. I got the impression this person knew from experience but she didn’t own up to it. She did giggle a lot. Said it took a longer session with granddad but it was a nice ride. She said she wasn’t going to tell me who.”

“Well,” I said. “Now we know where he probably got it from. Granddad got going so I guess Randy will too. I’m trying to find a way to broach the subject so he has a friend that knows, to talk to if he wants. It’s delicate.”

“Let me know if I can help,” she said.

I was passing Randy in the garage that evening and I stopped and said, “If you get a desire for nipples remember mine. Without a bra on and with my blouse unbuttoned it’s much better. If you can stand the soft moans.” He stared at me until I was in the house.

He probably wouldn’t be thinking about getting in my pants, me being his sister, but getting more intimate with him puts us in the right direction. Besides, I liked him on my nipple. I could use a little man stuff.

It was after midnight. I was asleep and woke up to some light tapping. I got up and opened the door. It was Randy. He had his finger up to his mouth to be quiet. I waved him in.

He said, “You don’t have a blouse on. How can you have your blouse open if there’s no buttons?”

I had a nightlight. He was smiling. The nut. I took his hand and led him over to the bed and climbed back under the covers. It was warm but I liked a cover on. He got in beside me and snuggled. I knew why he was here but he kissed my neck to make it clear.

I said, “Randy, you can get on the outside of my pants if you want to but if you want to get on the inside you have to ask first. I have my scruples you know.”

He was nodding ‘yes’ while he started kissing me. I got my arms sorted out and one around his neck. I felt his hand start pulling my top up and off. I did the ‘wave’ so he could get it off my arms. When he came back down from doing that he dropped right on a nipple with his lips. Both his hands got around my waist. My pj bottoms were long and low, barely covering my tuff. They were made out of microfiber. His hands were on güvenilir bahis şirketleri full warm skin. I tracked his fingertips all over down there trying not to go crazy.

I started pulling his top up and got it up around his neck and off his arms without him leaving my nipples. I got it over his head and down around his face. He lifted up less than a split second and it went off to the floor.

He said, “Were you serious about on the outside of your pants?”

“Yes, if you would like to,” I said. “You still have to ask for the inside.”

If he got his hand down on my vulva with these pj bottoms it wouldn’t much matter if he was in or out of my pants. He would feel every little ripple and edge and protrusion. I had one arm out holding on to the other pillow and one over down his back. I lifted that one up to the back of his head and followed him working my tits from that angle. His hand went straight down my stomach and over the top of my pjs and on down to the bottom of my crotch. He went right down everything. One finger pushing down. Then he spread his hand and came back up with downward pressure.

I tried to calm down and let him go. He was giving us both a very good time. It must have been three or four minutes and I felt him push my pj bottoms down on one side then a short delay and he slid them down on the other. They were sliding right down under my buns. The top was about to clear my clit.

I said, “You were supposed to ask.”

“I’m not getting in your pants,” he said, between sucks on my nipple.

They cleared my hips, both sides, and stopped about the middle of my thighs. Both his hands went around my waist again and one hand got on the top of my buns. He said, “Does being on your bare buns constitute in your pants?”

“Not in the back,” I said. “Below my perineum does.” He’s doing very good. I thought my butt should be his. I wanted to get his pj bottoms off in the worst way but anything that turned his attention there would be disastrous at this point. I would have to wait until we were closer trusting wise. The son of a gun actually got a finger on my butt button and played with me. I added a few moans in between my tit moans. I got my spread out hand down his back and across everywhere I could to get him comfortable with me being there, being sure to go as low as I could. He probably knew he had his crotch protected and I couldn’t reach it. I was worried about him being turned on in that jockstrap. He seemed ok so far.

His hand spread on the outside of my hips and teased coming over on my vulva but he didn’t so far. He also got on the inside of my thighs and got awfully close but didn’t so far. I said, “If you touch me I’m going to pee on your hand.”

He said, “Promise.”

I was laughing and shaking trying not to. He was doing the same. We were vibrating each other. I was on my back and he was on his side right up against me with him almost on me from his waist up. Just for the heck of it I lifted my leg and draped it over his hip. If he moved his jockstrap out of the way he could push right in me. My pjs stretched pulled back up some when I did that but not up enough to cover me. I didn’t want them to. He had me uncovered so let him think about my open pussy right there at his dick. It worked in my favor, and ultimately his too.

He slowed down and came up a little and gave me a really nice soft kiss. Not a hungry one. He said, “Hold on a moment.” He reached down and took my pj bottoms off. He had me completely necked. He said, “Thank you Heather. I really liked that with you. It was easier to do than I thought it would be. Come walk me to the door.” He slipped out of bed and bent over to get his top and waited. I got out and he got my hand and we went to the door. He put his arms around my waist and down on my buns and we kissed. He put a big bulge against my vulva. He went back to his bedroom. I slept late, still nude. The next day I got a shock again. I told mom about Randy’s visit and how we just fiddled around a little.

Mom said, “I’ve been thinking about this situation. I’ve had two kids and I might be a better candidate to get Randy settled down with this than you might be. What do you think?”

Mom wants to do Randy. My brain sort of split out in different directions. She already said he would be fine so she changed her mind. She could probably pull it off. Go over in the middle of the night and get in his bed and do her mom thing with her son and bang, instant sex with a big dick.

“I think I’ve got him primed a little if you would like to give it a try,” I said. “He might not be able to have sex with his mom. You’ll have to go slow until you can get his jockstrap off without alarming him too much. Be sure to have enough lube with you. Try and keep your voice down and take some of your deodorant with you. Be sure and tell dad you’re going to be sleeping in late the next morning. If we both go over together he may be surprised enough to let one of us at him. Also, if you do Randy consider letting me try and do dad. I would love to be in bed with dad. You may have to go a long time with Randy so go early. Don’t get pregnant, a condom might not fit him. Can you dilate quickly enough? Remember he probably can’t go all the way in so you’ll have to watch out for that and stop him at some place.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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