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I sat in a near stupor. I don’t know if it’s possible to be cum drunk, but if it is, I indeed was. I was beginning to feel the effects of this daylong cocksucking fest. My jaws were beginning to ache. I had cum three times in about six hours time, and I was feeling tired. My nipples were also slightly hurting from the earlier piercing. The door opened again, and Damon stuck his head in the door. He tossed me my clothes and told me to get dressed because it was time to move on.

“Time to relax!” was the announcement as we piled back into the van. The van headed west and back to the Missouri side of the river.

I began to doze off as I sat alone in the back seat of the van. I was relaxed, the temperature was quite pleasant, and riding always makes me sleepy anyway. When I awoke, we had just pulled into the parking lot of the Club Bath.

The five of us marched in and were greeted at the front desk by a handsome and somewhat feminine acting young fellow. He was petite in every way, but he was also extremely personable. Scott took care of the business at the desk. We were each handed a couple of towels and headed back to a locker room. We found lockers near one another and all undressed. “I’m hitting the sauna!” announced Mike.

“Sounds good to me!” someone echoed.

Soon, all five of us were in the sauna. The steam, the heat and the cedar and menthol smell of the sauna was both relaxing and invigorating. The heat relaxed the muscles and relieved some tension. At the same time, the menthol laced air was invigorating to the sinuses. It was a very pleasant mix. Again I began to doze off. I awoke a few minutes later when the door closed as the last of my friends walked out of the sauna. I looked around to see another fellow who came in as I dozed. He seemed to be of Latin descent. Black hair, dark eyes, dark, olive toned skin. His hair was short and well shaped, definitely not a cut from one of those places at the mall. His chest was devoid of hair, and when I looked back in his direction the second time to check him out, he removed his towel to reveal that he was also devoid of all pubic hair. A 7 inch cock was pulsating in his lap.

This was no surprise. This was a gay bath house and though I was tired, I was also on a mission to get as much cock in this day as I possibly could.

I motioned the handsome Latino over to me. I moved to the bottom row of the slatted cedar seats and positioned myself to frontally assault him just below his waist. He stepped forward, and just like Pavlov’s dogs, as he stepped forward, my mouth opened. The relaxed atmosphere of the sauna caused me to take my time and truly savor this south of the border treat. I slowly bobbed my head up and down as I took his cock to the hilt. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft. I teased the slit in his head, trying to draw out he first drop of pre-cum. I licked his balls and the sensitive area just beneath the balls. Then I returned to service his sizable prick.

I worked on his cock for a good 10 or 15 minutes before he approached climax. That was great with me, because I thoroughly enjoyed having him in my mouth. He tasted so delicious. As the time passed, he finally started to show signs of the approaching launch.

My lips closed tighter on his dick. Not a single drop of his Latino Heat was going to be wasted.

According to plan, he eventually poured forth his load, and I captured every drop. It was a large load, but I managed to swallow every precious drop. It was wonderful.

“Senor, that was SIXTEEN!” and he exited the sauna.

I found myself alone in the sauna and decided it was time to find my friends. Evening was approaching and I was anxious to conquer the next milestone.

After exiting the sauna, I was met by a large muscular man. He was about 6’5″ tall. Every muscle had a muscle on it. He wore white cotton pants and a white undershirt. “Ready for a massage, birthday man?”

Well, what do you think my answer was? “Of course!”

He led me to a hallway and then took me to one in a series of doors. He opened the door open for me and I walked in. The room held a massage table, as well as a smaller table containing various lotions, oils, and massaging tools.

“Strip off your towel and climb up onto the table face down.”

I did as he instructed. I couldn’t believe it. Not only did the massage table have a cut-out for my face and nose so that I could keep my face straight down and still breath, it also had an opening çankaya escort for my cock. I could get hard as a rock and continue to lay face down. What will they think of next?

As I relaxed into position the lights were dimmed and some relaxing jazz music started to play through speakers mounted high in each corner of the room. His hands were like vice grips, but his grip was still pleasant as he began to knead the muscles in my shoulders. He took his time in working on each individual muscle or muscle group. I felt the tension of the past several days simply melting away under this man’s trained fingers. He spoke commands to me in a quiet, calming voice, to move slightly in one direction or another, to relax my shoulders, to tense my buttocks and then relax. Not only was this man a beautiful specimen of masculinity and sexuality, he was an ultra-professional at his business.

As his hands continued to work on every inch of my body, relaxation overtook me. Sometime during this exquisite service, I dozed off. I slept for just a few minutes, because I was soon asked to turn over and lay on my back. When I did so, my own erection was exposed to the room. But the biggest surprise was that when I turned over, my masseuse was also bare naked. He had an incredible body that had absolutely no fat. He was indeed the product of the gym and a regimented body building routine. Every hair on his body aside from the spiked blond hair on his head and his blond eyebrows was absent. The rigor of giving me my massage had caused him to work up a light sweat, and as a result, his body glistened in the dim light just like the hot studs in the body building magazines.

Perhaps his most developed muscle was his enormous, thick cock. He was a full nine inches in length, and a nearly 3 inches in diameter. I was hypnotized by his enormous manhood. Though he was totally sexually aroused, he remained the professional, and continued to massage the front of my body, paying careful attention to avoid my groin area. His strong hands kneaded my pecs, he massaged my face and sinus areas, my temples, shoulders, and moved on to my thighs, lower legs, and feet. After reaching my feet, he worked on each toe separately. He concluded by giving me an incredible hand massage. It was heavenly.

At the conclusion of the massage, without a word, he bent down and took my cock into his mouth. While he was a talented masseuse, those skills paled against his cocksucking skills. He gave me an incredible blowjob. Very quickly, he expertly brought me on the brink of orgasm. As I neared the point of no return, he suddenly switched speeds, changed postions, and strattled me in a sixty-nine position on the massage table.

Without hesitation, I opened my tired mouth and took his cock into my mouth. We treated one another to a sweet and sexy blowjob. Within minutes, I again reached the point of orgasm. This time, he allowed me to go over the brink, and I sprayed the back of his mouth with another hot load of my own cum. In the throes of my short, yet powerful orgasm, he too, went over the edge and filled my mouth with his load. He apparently had a few days semen stored away, as he filled my mouth with shot after shot of the thick white stuff. He tasted incredibly delicious. After each of us filled the other with our loads, he dismounted the table, turned around and gave me a hot, delicious, cum-flavored kiss. Not only did I taste his semen, I also tasted my own. What a hot birthday gift this turned out to be!

We laid on the table making out for several minutes and were interrupted only by the voices of my friends, informing me it was time to move on. As we broke the kiss, my loving masseuse took my ear lobe between his teeth and then whispered to me, “That’s SEVENTEEN, loverboy!”

We exchanged a few pleasantries and promises to get together once again before I was dressed and spirited away into the night.

Moments later we were back in the van and motoring our way back towards Illinois.

Just across the bridge, we pulled off the interstate and wound our way through the dilapidated streets of East St. Louis.

After a short excursion through the darkened streets, we pulled up to the Faces complex. This is perhaps the most awesome gay club around. You can expect anything to happen in there, and it usually does.

As I was being whisked out of the van, I glanced at my watch to see that it was approaching 11:00 p.m. keçiören escort My birthday adventure would soon be winding down, but I still had more dick to suck.

We checked in at the door and I was immediately taken through the bar to the back room. Nate, Scott and Mike tag-teamed me and stripped me down to complete nakedness. I was then pushed into the maze. The last words to me were, “you’ve got 30 minutes!”

I walked around the mini-maze and was treated to incredible sites all around me. Black guys sucking and fucking with other black guys. White guys sucking and fucking other white guys. And an equal proportion of black guys getting it on with white guys. There was no racial barriers in this place. The smell of man sex permeated the whole back room. The sites and sounds of men sucking and fucking one another was awesome.

I enjoyed the shows going on all around me for a few minutes while I got my bearings. As I was watching a white guy going down on a hung black stud, I felt a hand on my bare shoulder. I turned to see a handsome twenty-something black man. “What’s up, man?”

“I am, for sure!” was my less than brilliant reply. “And, I can see that you are, too.”

“That’s what it’s all about in here.”

Without saying another word, I automatically turned to face the handsome black stranger, dropped to my knees and took his gorgeous cock into my mouth. Like others around me, I provided this nameless hunk with a wonderfully oral servicing. I loved the feel of his thick black cock sliding in and out of my lips. He reached down and took my head between his hands and starting moving my head in unison with his thrusts. From the sounds he was making and his body language, he was indeed enjoying this as much as I was. I continued to orally stoke his giant member in an effort to entice a load of jiz to come out. My effort was rewarded in a few minutes. As I knelt on the floor, jacking my own cock, I claimed the prize that I was pursuing and swallowed his load.

Before I could rise to my feet, I turned to face another piece of black hardness. Never had I sucked a black man before, but this day sold me on the fact that I would evermore be a lover of black cock. He was another twenty-something’s fellow who stood completely naked before me. I looked up at his muscular body and knew that I wanted his cock as much as I wanted the very first dick of the day. He took my hand and led me into the middle of the room in a slightly better lit area. We were the center of attention as I knelt down and performed my act of oral worship on his hunka meat. There was no foreplay, no teasing or desire to extend our session. It was pure, raw, animalistic, man sex. I sucked for all I was worth, and he shoved his cock into my mouth like a piston. I wanted his cum so bad that I couldn’t stand it. My jaws ached from the day’s activities. My belly was full of all sorts of jism. My lips were nearly chapped from the activity, but none of that deterred me. I wanted this day to go on forever. I was a cum whore and I wanted to eat as much of it as possible. At that moment, I felt a twitch which was followed by another blast of tangy sweetness. As my lips squeezed the last drop of cum out of the mystery man’s ebony lance, I felt a tap on my shoulders. It was Nate.

Nate helped me to my feet and then lovingly embraced me.

“That, my love, was Numbers EIGHTEEN and NINETEEN. Now come with me.”

He led me to another section of the room. We stopped and he turned to me. As he removed his shirt and began to undo his pants, he leaned forward and gave me a beautiful, sexy kiss. “I love you, Brian. I love you with all of my heart, soul, and body. I think you are the most desirable man in the world. I want to be your friend always and your lover forever. I love your cock. I love sex with you and love to watch you have sex with other men. I do so because I know that our love is true and that you will always come back to me. And because of this, I want us to seal ourselves to one another in a very special way.”

“Oh, Nate. I love you, too. I always will.”

Our mouths melted together and we fell into the floor and made mad passionate love right there in front of a room full of other hot naked men. We sucked one another and we fucked one another. Yes, it was raw man sex, but it was love like none other. Passion, lust, desire, yearning, and longing to feel one another’s souls propelled our public love making etimesgut escort session. As we worked towards climax, I felt another orgasm coming on. I don’t know how many times I had cum today. I had lost count long ago. I know that my cock was sore, that my lips and jaws ached from the activity. My ass was well worn, and my belly was warm with nineteen, soon to be twenty loads of cum within. “I’m cumming!” Nate cried. “So am I!” I replied.

We switched into a mutually satisfying sixty-nine and orally pleasured each other like our lives depended on it. All of a sudden, the familiar body language of my lover alarmed me to the approaching flood of jism. And like clockwork, it was followed by a huge gush of semen. Simultaneously, my sore, aching cock managed yet another cum on this glorious day and I replied with my own load of hot jiz down my lover’s throat.

Fully and totally satisfied and completely exhausted, we collapsed in a sweaty mass onto the floor, cocks still in one another’s mouths. The place erupted in applause. The Faces patrons realized that they had witnessed something very special and vocalized their appreciation. Then, in what we later learned was a tradition in this house of man sex, we were treated to a shower of pleasure. As Nate and I lay in the floor recuperating from our incredible love session, we saw the room appear to grow smaller.

What was really happening was that a circle of men was enclosing around us. 25 or 30 men slowly formed around us as Nate and I were to be the point men in a giant circle jerk. We lay together, embracing on the floor and cuddling like two satisfied lovers as we watched this circle of cocks of all shapes, sizes and colors hover just a few feet above us. Each cock being frantically jerked by its owner. As the circle jerk continued above us, Nate leaned over and whispered, “That’s TWENTY!”

Soon, one cock found it’s point of pleasure and a burst of spunk landed on my head. That site must have stimulated others, as one cock after another began to pour it’s load on the rumpled heap comprised of Nate and me. For several minutes we lay in the floor as one man after another drenched us with their loads. The feeling was unimaginable. The raw sexiness of the moment couldn’t be repeated in any fantasy. When all was completed, something like 23 different men had shot their loads on Nate and me. We had been ceremoniously sealed to one another in a unique and hedonistic way.

When I thought that the moment could not get any better, that the sex couldn’t get any nastier and the lust couldn’t get any more animalistic, the highlight of the entire day happened.

As Nate and I lay on the floor reveling in the aftermath of our cum bath, my life-long, straight as an arrow, best friend in the entire world, Damon, emerged from the crowd. Damon wore nothing but a smile and sported an erection for the ages. He approached us and kneeled beside us. Nate sat up and met Damon with a kiss. Here was my best friend and my lover sharing a gay kiss before my eyes.

As they broke the kiss, Nate had an announcement for me.

“Brian. I’ve asked Damon to become part of our bonding. He has agreed and wants to move in with us and become an equal partner in our relationship of love and lust.”

“Damon?” I asked as I looked at him.

“Brian, I’ve been wrestling with this decision for a long time. When you came out to me as gay, my love for you didn’t change. We were best friends then, and will always be best friends. And, as I’ve met the gay men in your life, I concluded that these are the type of guys I want to hang with. They’re good guys. They’re good friends. And, they’re sexy as hell. This day has been unbelievable. I’ve wanted to suck your cock for a long time. Nate sensed my desire a few weeks ago and we decided to use this day to show our love to you and also as my coming out day. Brian, I love you. I always have and I always will. And I love you too, Nate. I want the three of us to have a great life of love and sex together in a three-way relationship. But, only if you’ll agree, Brian.”

I sat there totally dumbfounded. This was just about more than any guy could handle in a day. My love for Nate was never stronger. And my love for Brian was reaching a whole new dimension.

I was speechless. I wanted them both so bad, but I couldn’t speak. I could only show my agreement with the entire arrangement by taking ahold of Damon’s cock and bringing him closer to me. I leaned forward and took his cock in my aching mouth. He bent down as if to kiss my head, but instead of kissing me, he began to lick the cum from my head. The heat of the moment was indescribable. I sucked all the harder. On the verge of his first orgasm into my mouth, my best friend leaned forward, smiled, and said, “Brace yourself, lover, for number TWENTY-ONE!”

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