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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age. I’m most grateful for FeatherArmy’s editing. Surely it’s not an easy task to clean up my mistakes 😉



Chapter 11

Amanda Bratton, Claire Robbins, Vanessa Miller and Grace Powell were driving in Vanessa’s SUV. They were on their way to their annual extended weekend away from the families. Once a year they rented a vacation home and spent Thursday to Sunday to their own leisure. It had become a tradition and this year the drive had been really exciting.

They had all found out they were pregnant so on the trip they shared histories about their husbands’ reaction to the news. The husbands had all been shocked but all of them had grumbling accepted the faulty contraceptive explanation. None of them was happy about their wife’s pregnancy. Aidan on the other hand had been thrilled. The rest of the trip the four MILFs shared histories about their most daring times with Aidan.

This year the four women had decided on a luxury vacation home quite removed from the rest of the world. The house was in the middle of nowhere where they would have no neighbours for miles and miles around. The house was located in the middle of the wilderness. It was backed up against the corner of a cliff face and as a result it was hidden very well. There was an overgrown dirt road leading to the house and the women had great difficulties finding it at first.

Arriving at the home they got settled in and met at the patio. The beautiful house was surrounded by a picturesque view over the blue lake. Usually they would drink wine but as they sat on the patio looking over the lake they were sipping cold fruit cocktails. A little while later they heard a car approaching the isolated vacation home. They looked at each other as they had been guaranteed a secluded home with no disturbance at all.

The car stopped and the women looked questioning at each other. Before they could get up Aidan walked around the corner of the house and greeted his four mature lovers.

“Aidan, what are you doing here?” Grace squealed.

“Well, I knew about your trip and I decided to join you this year. So much has happen since your trip last year and I thought we needed some time together without the families around,” Aidan replied with a huge smile, and hugged and kissed all four women.

The four mothers were bewildered. On the one side their trip had always been their alone time together, but on the other side they all cherished the fact that their young lover had joined them.

As he sat down on a patio chair Aidan took in the four gorgeous women. He had made a plan and now he was excited to see if he could execute it. He wanted to take full control of his relationship with the mothers of his best friends, so he said, “I wanted to share some time with all of you where we didn’t have to sneak around. So I found out where you were going and decided to join you. During the next couple of days we have the opportunity to talk about the future. When we leave on Sunday we’ll have made our decisions regarding handling our on-going relationship.”

“What do you mean when you talk about our on-going relationship?” Amanda was puzzled by Aidan’s statement.

“I’ll be leaving for college in a couple of months. I believe it can put a strain on our relationship.” Aidan replied.

The four women were alarmed by this and sounding angry Vanessa said, “We had a deal, Aidan. We would all get pregnant so you had something to come back to. Are you now saying you’ll not fulfil our agreement?”

The other three women nodded their heads in agreement with Vanessa.

Aidan was euphoric by the response. It played straight into his game plan. “As I said I’m doubtful our relationship can handle me being away for quite a lengthily time-span.”

“But, Aidan, you promised…” Claire stuttered but before she could continue Aidan interrupted her.

“I know what I said but please let me explain my reasoning. If this had been a year ago I wouldn’t even be saying what I’m saying right now. But during our relationship I’ve observed something, which both delights me and disturbers me.” Aidan made an intentional pause.

The four women looked worried at each other, and finally Grace asked, “What are you talking about? We’re the same as we were a year ago.”

Aidan laughed then replied, “No you’re not. A year ago you were all affectionate, doting and caring wives and mothers that cherished your marriage and your children. It was what made me fall in love with you all. But then our relationship started and you all changed. It was as if I found the secret key and unlocked your passionate nature. It seems to me I’ve opened Pandora’s Box and now I can’t close it again.”

“But… why do you want to close it?” Vanessa asked perplexed.

“Well I’ve tried to hide it but I’m a really jealous man. I hate it when you have been together with your husbands. Looking around I know I have double standards. Fatih escort I want to be with you all but don’t want to share you with another man. I want you all to be my women and I know that’s impossible. But it makes me really jealous and I’m afraid it will ruin our relationship.” Aidan said baiting the trap.

The four women became agitated by Aidan’s statement. They had no trouble following his reasoning but none of them thought he was right in his assumption.

Amanda took a deep breath of air then said, “I don’t think you have to be afraid, Aidan. We will work it out. I know I speak for all of us when I say the following. You’re the one we want to be with.”

Again the other women nodded in agreement.

“I wish I could believe you, Amanda. But I’m doubtful because when I’m away at college it will be months between my visits. And I think you have all got used to a lot of passion in your everyday life. So I fear you’ll replace me with another man.”

All the women were talking at once denying Aidan’s reckoning. Then Claire spoke up. The paediatrician tried to address Aidan’s fear as she said, “None of us will seek out another man, Aidan. You’ve showed us passion and made us all fall in love with you. But you’ve expressed a real concern, which we have to address. It’s obvious we can’t discharge your anxiety but how can we convince you that we’ll never do such a thing?”

Aidan took his time. He knew it was a key moment for his plan to come through. Then he replied, “All right. Let me lay my cards on the table and speak very candidly about our relationship. I’ve already told you I’m a jealous man with double standards. If the following suggestion appals you, you should just say so. For me to feel secure in our relationship when I’m gone to college, our relationship has to change. I’ve seen what has happen to all your marriages and I don’t want it to happen to us.

“On the surface you all have been equal with your husbands but it led to your affair with me. It has made me conclude that we can’t be equals to uphold our relationship. So I suggest that I take leadership of our relationship. As you all know I’m a dominant man and if you accept me as the boss of our relationship I think it has a chance to survive me being away at college. I know it is an archaic perspective on gender roles and I may challenge your beliefs on the matter. I’m not proud of myself to present this idea but I think it’s the only way forward.”

All the women were vexed and troubled by Aidan’s idea. He presented them with an old-fashioned view on the gender roles. They all praised themselves of being modern women who made their own life. All had great careers and were strong independent women. What Aidan suggested was against all they had learned growing up as they took their position in the society. Now he wanted them to return to being subservient to a man’s demands.

They were silent for some time then Grace spoke up, “Aidan, do you have any idea what you’re asking of us?”

Aidan lifted his hand and ran it through his hair as he said in a shaky voice, “Yes. I know it will be a huge sacrifice for you all and that’s why I decided to join you today. We’ll have time to talk it over. Only I’ve to tell you I think it’s the only way out of this jam we’re in.”

“What does it entail – you being the boss of our relationship? Is it a kind of bondage thing?” Amanda asked.

Aidan smiled and said, “Only if you want it to be about bondage Amanda.”

Amanda blushed as Aidan continued, “It’s not some kind of BSDM thing. I’m not your master and you’re not my slaves. It’s just about taking our relationship to the next level. I’ll be pushing some of your boundaries but it will not be about giving you pain. If you accept my idea you’ll be my women in every sense of the word. You can still live with your families but you’ll do my bidding.”

“But what does that entail?” Vanessa asked.

“I haven’t thought all things through but I’ll say this. You’ll have to trust me as the man I’ve become. You have all had a huge influence in my upbringing, so you’ll have to trust that you’ve done a good job. You know the values you’ve imprinted in me so you’ll just have to gamble on your own competencies as mothers if you accept my idea. But the new relationship will once and for all make you my lovers and not my mothers!” Aidan boldly stated.

The four women all were silent and sat deep in thought. After several minutes they looked at each other and then nodded.

Claire spoke for them all when she said, “All right Aidan. We’ll let you take charge of our relationship.”

Aidan replied smiling, “I’m so grateful. I’m in awe over your ability to put my needs ahead of your own.”

“Can you cast a light over some of the changes in our relationship,” Vanessa asked.

“It’s still so new but I’ll try. There are no doubt in my mind that combined you four women are the perfect woman.” Aidan got up from his chair and walked over Fındıkzade escort bayan to Grace. He kissed her then said, “Grace is the best kisser I’ve ever experienced.”

Aidan turned to Claire. He kissed her then said, “Claire gives the best blowjob in the world.” Claire blushed at his praise.

Next, he walked over to Vanessa. He kissed and caressed her luscious breasts. “Vanessa has the most perfect breasts. I just love to fuck them.”

Then he turned to Amanda and kissed her. As he broke the kiss he said, “Amanda has the tightest pussy I’ve ever experienced.”

Aidan walked back to his own patio chair and sat down. Then he looked at his four lovers and said, “To take our relationship to the next level we’ll try out different things. You’re all passionate women so I don’t think you can go several months without some kind of intimacy. I’ve been with all of you but now you have to take your friendship to a whole new level. During the next couple of days you’ll also be interacting sexual with each other. You’ll make love to each other and learn to appreciate the things I’ve just pointed out. When I’m away at college you can use each other as a safety valve for your sexual release.”

The four women were stunned but before they could say anything Aidan continued, “I’ll also try different things with you. First and foremost I’ll make long and sweet love to each one of you. There will be a lot of fucking but I’ll take time to be with each of you during the next couple of days, where it will be more about our love to each other. I’ll also make you my women. In the old days when a man took a woman as his wife he took her virginity as a proof of the consummation of the marriage. For good reason, I can’t take your virginity, but I’ve found a way to imitate the idea. During our stay I’ll take the only virginity you’ve all left. This means at one time I’m going to take your ass and make you entirely my woman.”

The four women sat open-mouthed as Aidan described his demands. Before they could replied Aidan got up as he said, “I’ll let you talk it over while I get something from my car.”

He then walked away from the four baffled women.

As Aidan turned the corner of the house Grace said, “Wow… what just happen?”

“Aidan happened,” Amanda stuttered.

“He’s insane. Why do we have to change the way our relationship has been,” Vanessa whispered.

“I don’t think it’s a rash decision he has made. We all know Aidan. He has given this a lot of thought and I think he really opened up about his own insecurity. It’s not about us. Aidan knows that his affair with us all has changed something major in his life. He has gone from having four mothers to gaining four lovers. But now he’s afraid to loose us when he goes to college,” Claire stated.

“I think you’re right… but what about his demands?” Grace asked and Vanessa nodded in agreement.

“I don’t know about you but I got all hot and flustered, when he talked about making sweet love. It shows me he really loves us. But he’s a young man insecure on his position so he is grabbing for control. I think we have to take that into account.” Amanda said.

“But what about us making love to each other and giving our ass to him,” Vanessa replied.

“Taking our last orifice is about dominating. But creating a sexual relationship between us is about taking care of us. In my opinion Aidan just told us what he sees as a key to make a stable relationship between him and four women. And strangely enough I’m not appalled by it. I think he’s right. It will ensure that we’ll not become jealous at each other.” Clare said

The other women nodded at this and after some time Grave laughed, “Well this weekend are going to be more eventful than we imagined this morning. But, as Amanda said, I’m kind of excited by it all. So I’m game.”

The other women also laughed and agreed with Grace.

Aidan had been standing around the corner of the house and overheard the last of the conversation. Carrying four gift baskets he walked up to the four women and asked, “Are you okay with my idea?”

The four women took in their lover and smiled at him. Then Amanda said, “You’re a devil, but we have all agreed.”

Aidan smiled and gave each woman a kiss and then a gift basket. “Well, then we’ll make this place a hedonistic paradise. My first order is to get dressed appropriately. So in the gift basket you’ll find bikinis, bras, thongs, negligees and baby dolls. The weather is warm so we don’t need clothes. But I find it kind of sexy. So go to your room and we’ll meet back here in ten minutes.”

Giggling the women got up and walked into the house while looking into the gift baskets. Aidan took a bottle of Viagra out from his pocket and popped two into his mouth. He knew he would have to be on his best performance for the next couple of days. He pushed two huge double patio chaise lounges together, so there were room for all five. Escort Gaziosmanpaşa Then he got naked and sat down on the newly made love-seat while stroking his cock.

When Amanda Bratton got back into her room she took another look into the bag. With a smile the 39 year old blond woman held up a royal blue demi-bra and thong. It was really sexy with ivory lace. Normally she would wear fancy lingerie, but nothing like this. She felt herself getting excited as she first got naked and then put on the sexy lingerie. It made her ample cleavage look real good but Amanda knew she would be compared to her friends, so she completed the outfit with high heels slippers making her normal 5’2” stand at 5’7”. She knew Aidan so there was no doubt in her mind that during the next couple of days she would have to get intimate with her friends. Her clit softly throbbed at the thought of what would happen next.

Claire Robbins laughed as she looked into the mirror in her room. The 41 year old woman’s brown eyes sparkled at thought of Aidan’s new idea. Life was never boring around him. Her fingertips were grazing the different items as she looked down on the lingerie in her bag. She often wore sexy lingerie as she loved the way they felt against her skin but the items were really hot. She held up the sexiest white nightgown she’d ever seen. Tiny spaghetti straps held up the low-cut lace and satin confection. A slit ran up the left side, almost to the waist. Lace made up the bodice and sides of the gown. A swirl of satin covered the pubic area and ran across the front. A woman couldn’t help but feel sexy when she wore it. But Claire decided this had to wait. For a long time she had been wearing the lingerie for herself, but now she wanted to impress Aidan.

Looking into the mirror the hot brunette removed all her clothes. For a mother of three she thought she looked really hot. She tried on a red bra first. It fitted perfectly, pushing her 36DD breasts together to form a deep cleavage. She did a little shimmy and smiled when the bra didn’t shift. Once her husband had bought her some lingerie and it hadn’t been the real size. But Aidan showed how well he knew her as the bra not only was the perfect size but also really comfortable. Smiling she stepped into the red thong and pulled it up her legs. The tiny triangle covered her mound; the elastic band rode low on her hips. Claire turned one way, then the other, examining her body in the mirror. Her buttocks were round and full and gravity hadn’t affected them yet. The red band disappeared in the cleft, naturally drawing her gaze between her legs. Claire felt sexy and alluring, and she liked the feeling. She could feel she started to get moist between her legs.

Vanessa’s body trembled as she took out the hot lingerie Aidan had given her. She knew before long she would be doing a lot of things with her friends that she hadn’t done before. But the married mother of two just couldn’t say no to her lover. Soon she was looking into the mirror. Her reflection smiled back at her. Vanessa loved the way the lingerie fit her body. Despite no visible support in the pink bra, it definitely pushed up her luscious breasts and showed them off to their best advantage. It was perfect colour against her caramel coloured skin and black hair. She took another look at herself. The pink thong was trimmed with white lace. Her lush breasts spilled over the top of her bra. Her nipples clearly showed through the pink fabric. She inhaled and slowly blew out her breath as her reflection looked back at her with lust in her eyes.

In her room Grace Powell slipped out of her clothes and tried on a lacy bra and hipsters in teal green. The bra barely covered her nipples, yet pushed her breasts in and up to make them appear fuller than her normal 34C. Her long wavy red hair fell down her front and around her shoulders framing her lovely face. Aidan showed he knew her so well, as the bra fit and the colour looked amazing against her hair and skin.

The longer she looked at herself in the striking colour, the more she liked it. She always dressed nicely for her realtor job, but this was really making her look sexy. Grace fingered a long red curl that lay on her shoulder. Then she looked into the bag and lifted up an olive green camisole, almost the exact colour of her eyes. It had small spaghetti straps and ivory lace along the bodice and hem. She held it up to her chest and looked in the mirror. Her eyes seemed to pick up the colour, turning deeper and more vibrant.

Not for now she thought to herself as she felt it was time to join the others. She felt exited for what would happen next and it definitely showed as her nipples were hard.

Claire was the first to join Aidan on the patio. She gasped as she saw him naked on the huge chaise lounge. He looked real sexy and she realised he had become even more muscular since they started their affair. The mother in her made her pick up some sun cream and she walked over to her lover.

“You’re unbelievable sexy, but let’s make sure you don’t get burned by the sun,” Claire said.

Aidan just laughed and with great satisfaction he took in his mature lover. She looked really racy in the red lingerie and he couldn’t wait to get intimate with her.

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