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Note: As per my other stories, the character names are all changed on the off-chance that there is someone who recognizes any of the descriptions of living arrangements or furniture. If this is the first story of mine that you are reading, I have stories before this – while the other stories are not necessary to read, they do help to build up some backstory to where I was in my life at the time. Once again, while the verbal interaction may not be accurate, the physical interaction is to the best of my recollection.


I had been at college for three weeks – two weeks of class and the craziness that was Orientation Week. I had been sleeping with Ashley somewhat regularly over the last two weeks, and had actually managed to contain my horniness to just her. I wasn’t incredibly excited by our relationship, or whatever she might want to think of it as. In my eyes, and as far as I was concerned, I was still Alexa’s man. I was giddy with anticipation, because Alexa had gotten someone in her Friday morning class to take notes for her and hopped on a train to come see me for the weekend. I had just arrived back at my dorm from class and asked Judy if I could borrow her car to go pick my sweetheart up from the train station. Unfortunately, she had forgotten that she agreed to let me borrow her car. She told me she could drive me, but we would have to stop over at a few places on the way back to the dorm so she could pick up some job applications at a few places.

“So are you excited to see her?” Judy asked as we got in and headed towards the train station.

“You think?” I laughed. “I haven’t seen her in three weeks.”

“I can’t begin to imagine,” Judy sighed. She had been having troubles finding a guy to be with regularly. In spite of her (and Ashley’s) problems of talking too much, they were both pretty nice people. Unfortunately, Ashley had laid claim to my bunk first, while Judy had been somewhat meek in offering just a blowjob. As an eighteen year old, it was a choice made for me without any thought on the matter. Sadly, it seemed like a lot of the guys most girls had found attractive had already managed to pair off in relationships that seemed somewhat monogamous. I got an earful from Ashley many nights about these conversations that the girls had with each other. I didn’t really care much, but it was interesting to me that a few guys I had considered to be less attractive were found to be attractive by a fair number of girls.

“Don’t worry. You’ll find a guy who deserves you before too long,” I reassured her.

“Let’s hope,” she answered.

We chatted for a bit until finally turning into the parking lot at the train station. Judy decided she wanted to wait with me in the station until Alexa arrived since it would only be a few minutes.

“Rob!” Alexa yelled as she came into view, running into my arms.

“Hey babe,” I held her as she wrapped her legs around me and we kissed perhaps a little too passionately for public.

Judy stood patiently by until Alexa realized she was actually with me, not just some random person standing right beside me.

“This is Judy,” I explained, grabbing Alexa’s bag and grabbing her hand to lead her back to the car.

“Hi, Judy,” Alexa smiled politely.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Judy replied. “Rob’s been as excited as a puppy the last few days since he found out you were coming to see him.”

We got to the car and I offered the front seat to Alexa. She wanted to sit in the back with me, but I insisted she ride up front with Judy. I hated when I had two or three people in the back of my car in high school and no one sitting in the front – it made me feel like a chauffer. Alexa finally agreed and sat up front until Judy stopped at the first place she was picking up a job application. She jumped into the back immediately after Judy had shut the door, straddling me and kissing me deeply.

“Whoa, babe,” I managed to say after pulling her off me. “Can’t we wait until we’re back in my room?”

“I don’t want to wait,” she answered, trying to get her hand in my pants.

“Judy will be back in a couple minutes.”

I wrestled with her advances, trying to remain clothed until finally Judy returned.

“You don’t mind if I sit back here, do you Judy?” Alexa asked in a commanding tone.

“That’s fine,” Judy laughed.

I had to practically fight Alexa all the way back to the dorm to stop her from opening my fly and trying to get at my goods. Finally we returned to the dorm and made our way upstairs to my room.

“This is a nice layout you guys have.”

“It’s not so bad,” I smiled, finally letting her climb on top of me on my bed.

Before we got too heated, Alexa stopped to mention that she was kind of hungry and hadn’t eaten since breakfast. We went and got some dinner and brought it back up to my room. I wasn’t very hungry, but I couldn’t help but smile while watching her chow down in a completely ungraceful manner. I hadn’t closed the door while we were eating out of the habits I had developed in my short time here. It wasn’t long before people started to walk in.

“Hey Rob, wanna play some hockey?” Andy asked, referring to one of the Nintendo games we had.

“Not tonight, man,” I laughed. He was completely oblivious to the girl sitting beside me.

“He’s busy tonight,” Alexa chimed in, finally getting attention.

“Oh. My bad, dude,” he began blushing quickly.

“This is Alexa, my girlfriend from home. This is Andy,” I introduced them. “He lives down the hall.”

We chatted aimlessly for a while before he excused himself. I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie or do anything she wanted other than that, and she agreed to watch a bit of a movie for a bit. I got up and locked the door before popping Tommy Boy in my laptop. We watched it for a half-hour or so before she started to get touchy, rubbing herself on my leg and grabbing my cock through my pants.

“Baby, I’ve missed this so much,” she moaned as my hands began to roam her body.

“Me too.”

“You fucking a lot of girls?” she undid my belt and unbuckled my pants.

“A few,” I answered, pulling her shirt over her head.

“You like any of them?”

“Fucking them or what?” I asked her.

“No. Do you like them?”

“They’re alright… I love you, though,” I reassured her.

Rolling a condom down my already hard cock, Alexa lifted one leg over and straddle me, my cock nestled in her ass cheeks.

“You’re going to point them out later,” she told me, grabbing my cock and leaning forward to guide it into her steaming hole.

She didn’t let me answer, locking lips with me as she gently rocked her hips forwards, grinding herself on me. Alexa lifted off her knees, placing her feet on either side of me and started to slowly lift up and down, gripping my cock with her pussy. I tried to reach up and play with her tits but she pushed my hands away; she wasn’t letting me move and was controlling the pace completely.

“It feels good to have my cock again,” she told me, emphasizing the word ‘my’.

I started to thrust up into her, but she just sat down, taking me fully into her. I managed to sit up, even with her trying to keep pushing me down, and then I rolled over without leaving the comfort of her hot hole. Pinning her arms down on either side of her head, I began to hammer in and out of her very hard. She slowly stopped trying to move her arms as her legs wrapped around me. The only sound coming from the room was the slapping of skin and Alexa moaning and almost screaming in pleasure.

“Any of the guys you hook up with fuck you like this?” I grunted, my breathing getting haggard as I approached ecstasy.

Alexa managed to whimper a curt ‘no’ while I quickened my pace and told her I was close.

“I want to taste it,” she told me, as I reached the point of no return.

Pulling out, I quickly ripped the condom off and shimmied up her body to offer her my meat. She greedily opened to allow my head into her mouth as I started to release a big load in it. Looking me in the eye, she wiped some that had dripped down her chin with her finger and sucked it off before swallowing the whole load.

“I missed that taste,” she told me, a devilish smile spreading across her lips.

“I missed you,” I smiled as I looked up and down her body.

We lay there for a bit before getting dressed and deciding to take a look at what was going on party-wise on the floor. There was the usual party in Andy and Trent’s room, some people quietly drinking in a girl’s room across the floor, and some people playing poker in the common room. She asked me to point out which girls were the ones she had to watch out for, and I laughed it off. I mentioned that Judy had given me a blowjob that she was effectively harmless and was constantly looking for any other guy to hook up with. We aimlessly walked around the building, before deciding we would just go hang out in the room with across the floor from my room.

“What’s goin’ on?” I asked, introducing Alexa to the few people in the room.

“What floor do you live on?” Noah asked. He was a nice guy, but we hadn’t spent much time hanging out.

“She doesn’t,” I answered. “She’s my girlfriend,” I took Alexa’s hand in mine.

We chatted for a while, drinking and just enjoying everyone’s company before Alexa asked if we could go back to my room for a second.

“They were just kinda boring,” Alexa told me in the hall after we had left.

“Well if I leave my door open, people I hang out with somewhat regularly will probably make their way in eventually.”

I propped the door open and we sat down; sure enough, people started to join us within minutes. I pointed out Erica to Alexa, telling her it was a one-time thing and I actually felt bad about it. I explained what had happened and Alexa agreed she probably had felt enough pain already. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and that was when Ashley walked in. Ashley knew my girlfriend was visiting this weekend, but seemed too drunk to either remember or care. She tried to rub her hands on my butt and my sides while I managed to keep her at bay until Alexa returned.

“And who’s this?” Alexa asked, as I continued to restrain her advances.

“This is Ashley,” I told her.

“Oh, just the one I’ve been wanting to meet.” She turned to the other people in the room and before continuing. “Would you guys mind giving us a few minutes alone? I need to talk to Rob about something in private.”

Alexa made sure Ashley stayed in the room, and locked the door after everyone else left.

“So you’re Ashley,” Alexa smiled wickedly at her.

“Ya,” Ashley answered, still oblivious to the other girl in the room’s importance to me.

“I’m Alexa,” she said flatly.

It took a moment to register, but her eyes went kind of wide and she started to stammer out an apology that she had forgotten Alexa was visiting that weekend.

“It’s ok, don’t worry about it, sweety,” she cooed at her. “But if you remember what I said the first night you tried to fuck Rob, it’s happening now.”

Ashley’s eyes widened, and I was curious exactly what the words she had used were a few weeks ago.

“I’m sorry, Alexa,” Ashley tried to get words out, but was clearly unable to piece together her thoughts.

“Don’t worry. We’re going to fun, right?” Alexa winked at me. “You wanted to be a slut, right? You wanted to fuck a guy who had a girlfriend, even though you knew he had one. You wanted everything you’re about to get. Now take your clothes off,” gaziantep escort Alexa commanded, unbuckling her jeans and taking her own top off.

Ashley looked to me, as if I really had the power to stop Alexa. I was pretty much her bitch in many ways. I shrugged back at her and started to take my own clothes off for the second time that night.

“It’s better if you listen the first time,” Alexa said, standing in her bra and panties in the middle of the room; I noticed she positioned herself between Ashley and the door. “Take your fucking clothes off, slut.”

Ashley’s hands were visibly trembling as she took her top off and then looked again at me for help. I had been fucking this girl for weeks now, so I didn’t see why she was suddenly so meek.

“Come on, sweety. We’re going to have fun,” Alexa chuckled at Ashley as she helped her take her jeans off. “You’ve got a pretty nice figure. I get it,” she told me, referring to my sexual desire for Ashley. “Take your boxers off, babe,” she told me, and I quickly complied.

I was already rock hard, and incredibly excited by the direction the evening was taking.

“Suck him,” Alexa told Ashley, reaching to push her shoulders towards the ground.

The second her lips met my cock, her nervousness began to fade. Within a few seconds, she was already taking most of my length into her mouth and throat, her thick saliva encompassing the head of my member.

“Can she take you all the way?” Alexa asked, placing her hands on the sides of Ashley’s head. I nodded in response and she let Ashley take a breath before shoving her chin right up against my balls. Leaning over to kiss me, she let her hands slide from Ashley’s head to my ass, using her body to keep Ashley firmly planted with her lips against me. As Ashley started to tremble from the lack of oxygen Alexa finally relented and allowed the poor girl between us a breath.

“Your name is slut for the rest of the night, got it?” Alexa grabbed Ashley’s hair in a ponytail.

“Fine,” Ashley muttered.

“Fine, mistress,” Alexa corrected her, slapping her face none-too-lightly.

Ashley glared at Alexa before taking me into her mouth once again.

“You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to meeting this whore,” Alexa told me. “Babe, lie down. Slut, ride that cock you needed so badly.”

I lay back on my bed, and put my arms behind my head, getting ready to enjoy the ride. Ashley straddled me, grabbed my cock to line it up with her already soaked pussy, and sat right down. I noticed Alexa rooting through her bag and desperately wanted her to come sit on my face.

“Babe, come on,” I told her, kissing the air as she looked at me.

“Just one second, love,” she answered, quickly looking back into her bag.

A few seconds later, she stood beside the bed. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up towards me.

“I want to taste you while Ashley rides me,” I tried to pull her on top of me.

“What did you call her?”

“Ashley?” I answered, unsure what I’d done wrong.

“You don’t call her Ashley in private anymore. If you’re alone or with me, you refer to her as slut.”

“Ok… I want to taste you while the slut rides me.”

“That’s better,” Alexa smiled cruelly before straddling my face.

“Have you ever fooled around with a girl before, slut?”

Ashley didn’t even break pace, moaning that she’d kissed some girls but hadn’t really done anything serious.

“Well, that’s about to change. Suck my tits, slut. Ya, just like that.”

I pushed Alexa forward a little to gain access to her tasty asshole, my tongue doing its best to penetrate her behind. I could hear Alexa moaning and before long I could also feel her dripping onto my neck and chest. She was wetter than I had ever seen her before. I lifted her up to taste her juices, and Alexa decided it was time to switch things up.

“My turn, slut,” Alexa grabbed Ashley to pull her off.

I felt her move down the bed, and then felt the cool feeling of lube hit my cock as she gently lowered her ass onto me.

“Damn babe, your ass is tight,” I grinned at her.

“No one gets this but you,” she grunted, trying to work more of my cock into her. Alexa looked over and noticed Ashley just standing there doing nothing. “What’s the matter with you? Rob, eat her or something,” she suggested.

I pulled Ashley to me, and with little encouragement she had climbed on, completing the place swapping of the girls. Ashley definitely tasted different. I hadn’t realized it as much earlier because I didn’t have a side-by-side comparison, but Alexa was sweeter, while Ashley was somewhat tart.

“Eat my pussy, slut,” I heard Alexa command.

“What? No way,” Ashley tried to protest this order.

“Rob, don’t let her move until she eats my pussy,” Alexa told me.

I grabbed Ashley’s waist, wrapping my arms around her and trying to pull her down, all while continuing to lap at her with my tongue. Fortunately while she looked like she was in good shape, she was actually pretty weak, and it wasn’t long before her asshole was staring me in the eye and Alexa’s pussy was staring at her. I put a couple fingers into my mouth and then spat on her asshole, pushing one finger gently up to the knuckle.

“Just lick it, slut. You’re not going anywhere until you do,” Alexa told her.

Ashley must have finally began to realize that she was just there to do exactly what Alexa said, because Alexa began to moan quite loudly a minute later. Right when I worked a second finger into Ashley’s tight hole, she squirted on my tongue, splashing me with her essence. Alexa came shortly after, and I could feel her asshole clenching tightly around the base of my cock.

“I want to fuck her ass, babe,” I told Alexa.

“Ok, sweety,” Alexa agreed, climbing off to catch her breath from her orgasm.

I wasted no time, getting on my knees and sliding my cock into Ashley’s asshole before she had a chance to move. She was screaming into the sheets, and I slowly started my rhythmic assault in her backdoor. I slapped her ass, squeezing it roughly, before pulling her hair back so Alexa could slide under neath her, with her legs spread wide. Ashley didn’t fight this time, and I could see her tongue clumsily traversing Alexa’s pussy. I locked eyes with Alexa and she just grinned her evil grin before wrapping her legs around Ashley’s head. As Alexa came a second time, Ashley started to frantically claw at the legs wrapped around her head. I wasn’t sure if she couldn’t breathe or if Alexa’s squeezing from her orgasm was hurting her, but Alexa was none too impressed either way. On wobbly legs, she stood up beside the bed, grabbed Ashley’s hair to raise her head, and then slapped her quite hard across the face.

“You scratched my legs, you slut,” Alexa yelled at her.

“I thought you were going to break my neck,” Ashley screamed back, trying to reach Alexa to smack her back.

I didn’t let her move, continuing to fuck in and out of her ass as she struggled to hit my girlfriend. I grabbed her right arm and pulled it behind her with my left hand, crossing it across her lower back. Doing the same with her other arm, I held both of her wrists in one hand, pinning them against her while my other hand roughly pinched and pulled on her nipples. I saw Alexa digging through her bag once more and wondered what she had planned.

“Rob, lie back down, but stay in that slut’s ass,” she finally revealed her plans, as I saw her fixing a strap-on dildo around her waist.

I followed her directions, laying down with Ashley on top of me, my cock still buried in her asshole. I had to hold her tight on top of me, because she was starting to struggle again. When I finally had her in a bear hug from behind, Alexa rejoined us on the bed, kneeling between Ashley’s legs.

“You ever fuck two guys at once, slut?”

“I’ve never been fucked in the ass before,” Ashley cried.

I was surprised she had taken me in without complaint, but my distraction didn’t last long as Ashley began to squirm again as I felt Alexa’s weight shift on the bed. I had to clamp a hand round Ashley’s mouth because the scream that followed sounded like a banshee’s wail. I held her still with one arm and could feel her entire body convulsing on top of me as Alexa finally came to rest inside her. After Ashley stopped shaking, none of us moved for a few minutes. Finally I decided to break the silence.

“Are you ok?” I asked Ashley, removing my hand from her mouth.

“She passed out,” Alexa laughed.

“What the fuck. For real?”

“Yes,” Alexa couldn’t contain her glee. “She looked like she came really hard and then her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she stopped moving.”

“Is your dildo still in her?”

“Yup. We’re gangbanging this slut, babe,” she smiled at me as I looked around Ashley’s head to see her. “I told her I was going to fuck her when I came to visit.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Here was my girlfriend, sitting with a strap-on all the way in the pussy of the girl I had been fucking for the last three weeks.

“Should we leave her for a while?” I asked my girlfriend, who was clearly in charge.

“Fuck no. I want to get used to this,” she answered, slowly rocking her hips and getting used to her ‘cock’.

Alexa kept it up, quickening her pace, and eventually Ashley came to.

“What the fuck happened?” she groggily asked.

“You came yourself into a coma,” I laughed from beneath her.

“Fuck, I feel so full down there,” she moaned. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum again,” she squealed as her legs wrapped around Alexa and her ass squeezed on my cock.

When her latest orgasm subsided, she asked if we could please stop because she was in so much pain. Alexa finally agreed that she had suffered enough, slowly pulling out of her and climbing off the bed. Ashley rolled off me, my cock popping out of her, before she fell to her knees on the floor beside the bed.

“You’re not quite done yet, though,” Alexa told her, standing in front of her and telling me to do the same. “A real slut sucks two dicks at once, so get to work.”

Ashley didn’t even look up at me for help, resigning herself to her fate. Reaching up, she grabbed my cock and the dildo in either hand, and then alternating which one she was bobbing her head on. After a few moments of this, Alexa took off the strap-on, and climbed back on the bed on her hands and knees.

“I want your cum in my ass, babe,” she told me.

I had to pull Ashley’s face from my cock, and let her just crumple to the floor before jumping onto the bed and mounting my girlfriend from behind. It did not take a great amount of time after all the stimulation I had felt in this experience before I could feel myself drive one last hard thrust into her and then collapse on top of her as I filled her ass with my sperm. Alexa tapped my arm to get me to let her out from under me, and I turned to see her squatting over Ashley. This girl was more creative than I could ever try to be. I got off the bed in time to see my thick, white cum slime out of her gaping asshole and onto Ashley’s face and neck. Once satisfied, Alexa stood up straight, grabbing my neck to plant a kiss on my lips. Ashley stood up beside us, looking like a mess. Her mascara had run, her hair was all over the place, matted in some areas by sweat, and she had a thick load of cum sliding down her body. Alexa grabbed her neck, too, planting a big kiss on her lips.

We all went to the shower together to clean up and then rest for what was sure to be a great weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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