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(continued from chapter 13)…

Please, please, somebody please turn off the lights, Tess thought as she slowly awoke, the brightness of the morning sun shining through her curtains.

“Oh, shit,” Tess said aloud when she tried to lift her head-make that her throbbing head-from her pillow, failing to do so, her head falling back with a mighty thump.

“Damn, that hurt,” Tess grumbled, the inside of her head feeling as if the drum line from her University’s marching band was parading in her head.

“Uuuhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhh,” came the voice from the other side of her bed, the moans causing Tess’ eyes to pop open wide as she realized, and remembered, who was in bed with her. Turning to face the voice, Tess saw Megan trying, unsuccessfully, to lift her head and open her eyes.

“Ooooh damn, Tess, my head is hurting bad,” Meg whined, pulling a pillow over her head in a failed attempt to quiet the pounding that was going on inside of it.

Oh Fuck! Tess thought to herself, remembering that she and Meg had a ‘go’ with each other last night, a Tequila-fueled ‘go’ with the High Schooler.

“Yeah, mine too, sweetie, mine too,” Tess answered, “Hang on, I’ve got some aspirin that will help.” Forcing herself to fall out of bed, Tess trudged to the bathroom and retrieved the bottle of aspirin, along with a large cup of water for them to share, each step causing severe pain to her head.

“Here, take these,” Tess said, handing Meg three full-strength aspirins, along with the water. Sitting up on one elbow, Meg gamely swallowed both the pills and the water, handing the cup back to Tess and falling back onto the bed, afterwards.

“Coffee’s ready, you two,” Jean’s voice called from downstairs, “Get your asses up; y’all have a long drive ahead of you.”

Meg and Tess just looked at each other, both of their faces showing disgust at the thought of (1) getting up and moving around, and (2) having a long drive ahead of them today.

“Come on, Meg, the sooner we become human, the sooner we can hit the road; don’t really want to drive all that far today, don’t know if I can,” Tess said to her bedmate as she slipped an oversized tee shirt,from her dresser drawer, over her nakedness, throwing one to Megan to do the same.

“Holy Shit! Batman, look what the cat left on our doorstep,” Jean said to Di as Megan and Tess slowly drifted into the kitchen of the shared house.

“Fuck you, Jean,” Tess remarked, pouring coffee for both Meg and herself.

“Yeah, don’t think you’d be up for that today, sweetie, not the way you two look; Mister Tequila kicked y’all’s asses, did he?” Jean replied.

“Ya’ think?” Meg replied with a sarcastic look on her face.

Three cups of coffee later, both Meg and Tess were somewhat more congenial, the aspirin and coffee taking the edge off of their world-class hangovers. Thankfully, both Jean and Di cut them some slack, deciding that picking on them, even though in jest, wasn’t what either of the girls needed at the moment.

“That’s it! I’m done with Tequila, finished, finito, no more ever,” Tess bravely declared, her doing so causing Jean to snicker a bit.

“Heard that before, girlfriend,” Jean remarked sarcasticly.

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Tess conceded.

It was true. In the three and a half years that they’ve known each other, Tess had ‘quit’ Tequila at least ten times.

“Okay!” Tess said with some authority, “Meg, hit the shower first; make it a quick one and I’ll pack, then when you’re through, I’ll jump into the shower after you and you can pack.”

“Can we not do that and say we did?” Meg whined in reply.

“Go. Upstairs. Now,” Tess firmly commanded the High Schooler, “Sooner we’re on the road, the sooner we can find a hotel for tonight.”

It was work for both girls but, even though their showers were quickies, it helped bring them around to feeling ‘almost human’ to quote Tess.

“Pick me up at my Aunt’s again like last year?” Jean asked Tess as the four girls hugged their goodbyes.

“That’s the plan, don’t know why it would change,” Tess confirmed for Jean. With a final wave to Jean and Di, Tess and her charge hit the road for the trip home, stopping for some drive-through lattes and breakfast sandwiches.

“Almost feel normal,” Meg said as she finished her last bite of sandwich, sipping her latte afterwards.

“Yeah, we fucked up big time last night by not eating before we started drinking,” Tess admitted, “But, you’re right, the food is helping.”

They drove without a lot of conversation for the first couple of hours, both girls satisfied to listen to the Margaritaville channel on Sirius radio, turned low, of course, and letting their hangovers drift away, eventually.

Tess was undecided about bringing up their sex play of last night, sorta’ waiting for Meg to bring it up, sure that Meg did remember it, after all.

Meg, with her eyes closed but not asleep, was wondering the same thing, wondering if Tess would bring it up, wondering if she should. Meg dearly wanted to, she wanted to talk about it, to relive güvenilir bahis it, to do it again, she hoped, tonight.

It wasn’t until after they had stopped for fuel and a bite of lunch and were back on the road did the subject of last night break the silence of the car.

“About last night,” both girls said at the same time, causing both of their eyes to go wide and both of them to giggle at their joint statement.

“You first,” Tess said to Meg, “then, me, okay?”

“Okay. First, you need to know that nothing that happened last night was ‘just’ because of the alcohol, though, obviously, the Tequila did loosen me up a bit, okay?” Meg began.

“Secondly, nothing we did, you did, or I did, would I ‘undo’,” she continued, adding, “though, I feel like I could have done more for you, to you, but honestly Tess, that was my very first time doing that, you have to believe that.”

“I believe that, honey, I do,” Tess said honestly to her car-mate.

“And, if I’m going to be completely and brutally honest with you? I’d like for you to show me more, I’d like for you to teach me how to be better at that. Can’t believe I’m saying that but its how I feel, so there,” Meg concluding what she had to say about last night.

“You sure about that? You planning on becoming a ‘lezbo’, Meg?” Tess asked, part of her teasing, part of her serious with the questions.

“Don’t know about what I plan to do but I’d like to know more about it, that’s for sure,” Meg answered, equally as serious.

“Look, by now you’ve figured out that I like girls, not guys, right? Duh,” Tess began, “and I should have used better judgement and yes, the alcohol threw those better judgement thoughts out onto the sidewalk but I won’t use the fact that I was shit-faced as an excuse, okay?”

“I still should have exercised more control, but….I didn’t and I can’t put that genie back in the bottle. It happened, that’s the truth of it.” Tess said further.

“Saying all of that, I will tell you that I enjoyed making out with you last night; maybe we shouldn’t have done that, but we did, and I enjoyed it,” Tess said to Meg, turning to look at her when she said that.

Both girls were quiet for a couple of heartbeats, both girls processing what they had just said to each other.

“So, did you enjoy it enough for us to maybe play a bit again tonight?” Meg asked, a smile on her face and her eyebrows raised in question.

“Depends on what you want out of it,” Tess said, teasing the eighteen year-old, now.

“More orgasms would be cool,” Meg said with a chuckle.

“Oh, I can promise you that, girlfriend,” Tess affirmed seriously.

“And, maybe….you can teach me how to go down on you? You know, how to properly please you?” Meg asked, “I mean, I should know how, shouldn’t I?”

“Well, if you have ideas about playing with other gals from time to time then, yeah, knowing how and what to do would be a big help…duh,” Tess answered jokingly, and, honestly.

“What I know is that for the first time I feel like my own person, not my parents’ daughter, know what I mean?” Meg replied, her eyes focused somewhere far away, at the moment.

Tess did know and told her so. Tess knew exactly how Megan was feeling, knew well that feeling of liberation. Not because of making out with girls; no, it was simply accepting who she knew she really was when she realized it, that’s all, a small, but powerful feeling.

The girls talked more over the next three hours before stopping for the night. The ice had been broken, the vibe in the car was now light, airy, comfortable to them both.

“I’m sorry ladies,” the desk clerk, a faggy-acting little twink of a person was saying to them, “but, the honeymoon suite is all that I have left. Now, had you made a reserva…….” his words cut off by Tess, tired of his sing-song, too-gay, demeanor.

“Yeah, yeah, okay tinkerbell, we’ll take it,” Tess interrupted him to say, slapping her credit card on the counter. Well, daddy’s credit card, of course. (Thank You Daddy)

The desk clerk blanched a bit when he heard Tess call him ‘tinkerbell’, but, as he processed her card, he thought he rather liked the sobriquet, and he simply must remember to share it with his ‘friends’.

‘Course, didn’t help that Megan couldn’t control herself and burst out laughing when she heard Tess say it. Nope, didn’t help the moment in the slightest.

“Well, fuck it, all he needed was fairy shoes and wings, damnit; you know I’m right,” Tess said in trying to defend her calling him that to Meg who hadn’t really needed an explanation in the first place.

“Wow.” the girls said simultaneously when Meg flipped on the lights just inside the doorway.

A two room suite, the bedroom being the larger of the two. A large, California-King bed diagonally set in one corner, near a walk-out balcony, blocked with panels from view from adjoining rooms. In another corner was a large, two-person Jacuzzi tub, right next to a large two-person shower stall, lucite panels with two million shower heads, it seemed.

Opening türkçe bahis the complimentary mini-bar/refrigerator (included in the price) they found it stocked with snacks, beer, and a bottle of Champagne, two flutes sitting on the mini-bar’s top.

“Well, looks like they knew we were coming,” Tess remarked as she took in the bottle of Champagne with her eyes.

“How? Did they have cameras in your bedroom last night?” Meg replied, her remark meant to be smart-assed and causing them both to laugh.

I like this girl, Tess thought in the moment, like her a lot.

“Order room service or go down to the restaurant?” Tess asked as she set her bag down.

“Let’s order in, let’s do it now and get it over with, okay with you?” Meg replied.

And so they did, both ordering light meals, not because of diet but simply because neither was very hungry.

“So, you really want to learn how to eat pussy, do you?” Tess blurted out suddenly when pouring them both a flute of Champagne.

“Well, when you put it THAT way……..yeah, guess I do,” Meg answered jokingly but honestly.

“Well, I think we should finish our drinks, and make use of that wonderful Jacuzzi, sweetie, that’s what I think,” Tess suggested, her tone clearly stating that that’s what they were going to do.

Stopping next to Meg who was still seated at the small, two-person table of their suite, Tess looked down towards Meg, sliding her hand into the top of Meg’s sweatshirt. She found Meg’s tits, braless today, but nipples firm and hard. Softly she squeezed Meg’s nipples and breasts while holding the teenager’s eyes with her own, smiling when Meg closed her eyes from the pleasure of Tess’ fingers on her breasts, on her nipples.

Giving one of the nipples a final pinch, Tess bent down and kissed Megan who opened her mouth immediately, she, wanting to be kissed so badly in that moment. Breaking the kiss, Tess kissed the tip of Meg’s nose and walked to the tub to draw the water for their bath.

Of course they used the hotel-provided bubble bath. I mean, wouldn’t you?

“Oh man, does this ever feel wonderful,” Meg said as she let herself sink into the just-right water.

“Oh yeah, baby, that it does,” agreed Tess, loving the feel of the water to her body, the smell from the bubble-bath, damned near perfect if you had asked her.

They allowed themselves some time to enjoy the Jacuzzi, neither rushing to get to the sex-play, both knowing it was going to happen in any event.

“Slide your young, fine ass over here, baby, I’ll wash your back for you and then you can do me,” Tess said, her eyes a bit glazed as they get when she begins her seduction of another.

Meg did as asked, her body shuddering just a bit when she felt Tess’ hands begin to soap her back, Tess moving the sponge slowly, suggestively across Meg’s back and shoulders. Moving to do Meg’s ribcage, Tess squeezed the sponge with both of her hands, getting her hands slick with the soapy foam of the sponge.

Using her hands now, not the sponge, Tess reached around Meg’s body and soaped her breasts, cupping each one softly, squeezing them gently, her hands slippery as she did so because of the soapiness. Sliding her hands down Meg’s flat eighteen-year old belly, she bathed the inside of the High Schooler’s thighs, letting her hands brush Meg’s pussy, teasing it, teasing her.

“Now, me,” Tess commanded, turning around so that her back now faced Meg, who had also turned around.

Meg repeated the process, trying very hard to be as good as Tess was, doing what Tess had done with her, to her. And when Meg, after squeezing the sponge, cupped and soaped Tess’ larger breasts, Meg, on her own, leaned forward to place small kisses to the nape of Tess’ neck, her pussy tingling as she did so.

“That feels good, sugar,” Tess remarked, her voice clearly showing that she liked it. Leaning her head back, Tess open her lips in invitation for Meg to kiss her. Megan did. Megan kissed her long and hard, sliding her tongue into Tess’ mouth to explore, her hands kneading Tess’ titties lustfully.

“Shower time, let’s rinse off,” Tess said after they broke off their kiss.

They rinsed together, kissing and touching each other while doing so, Meg getting a bit of an orgasm when Tess played with her clit while pressing her against the shower wall in a tongue-probing kiss.

They quickly dried each other, stayed naked and finished the bottle of Champagne in another glass and a half apiece. They talked and they eyed each other lustfully.

Mostly, they eyed each other lustfully.

Taking Meg by her hand, Tess led her to their bed for the night, Tess laying down on her back, pulling Meg to lay partially on top of her.

“Kiss me….kiss me as if we were on our honeymoon night, kiss me and touch me,” Tess said in a low, soft voice, “take me, sweetie, make love to me.”

Placing one of her hands onto Tess’ breast, Meg lowered her lips to Tess’, her kiss to Tess not tenative at all, her hand loving how Tess’ larger breast felt as she slowly squeeze güvenilir bahis siteleri her fingers over the orb.

Megan moved her lips in excitement as her tongue slipped into Tess’ opened mouth, she felt a flash of heat to her crotch as her tongue sensed the warmth and wetness of Tess’ mouth, both girls tasting Champagne on each other’s lips.

Megan pressed her kiss to Tess, her leg squirming, moving, as it rubbed against Tess’ naked pussy, feeling Tess’ wetness on her kneecap as she pushed and rubbed against Tess’ undulating hips that were grinding against Meg’s knee.

Gently, Tess pushed Meg’s lips from hers, taking Meg’s head in her hands and guiding it towards her breasts, pulling Meg’s head until her lips were on Tess’ hardened nipple.

“Like that babygirl, just like that, yeah..suck my nipples sweetie; you can bite them if you’d like, oh yeah, just like that…..” Tess’ voice cooed as her ‘pupil’ sucked and bit and licked her boobs.

“Like that sugar?” Tess asked, knowing that Meg did, of course.

“Mmm-huh,” Meg mumbled, her voice muffled by Tess’ tit in her mouth, her hand having found it’s way to Tess mons, her fingers rubbing lightly across Tess’ little man who was awake and hard.

“Yeah, babe, that’s it, soft kisses under my tits, soft bites to my flesh,” Tess instructed further, subtle jolts of pleasures firing in her brain from Meg’s oral attention to her body, “yes, kiss my belly, slide your finger inside of me, not all the way, just teasingly so, make me want it, baby.”

“Slide over my leg, baby….yeah, like that, get between my legs, play with my tits as you kiss my belly, uh-huh, yep, that way,” Tess said further as the teenager was seemingly finding her way to her ultimate goal, Tess’ very wanting and needy pussy.

Wrapping her legs around Meg, Tess’ heels were on the High School Senior’s back, softly rubbing up and down as Tess became more aroused and excited.

“The tip of your tongue, sweetie, flick the tip of your tongue over……….yeah, there, right there, oh that feels good baby,” Tess cooed when Megan’s tongue swiped across her clit, pausing as if ‘tasting’ and going back for more, the swipes a bit firmer, Megan slowly licking up and down on Tess’ wet snatch.

Spreading her legs a bit wider, Tess placed one of her hands on Megan’s head, holding it in place as Meg moved her tongue, increasingly faster now, up and down her pussy’s lips. Tess closed her eyes in enjoyment, her hips moving against the teenager’s tongue and mouth, slowly pressing against the youngster’s efforts.

“Oooooooh, Meg… that, sugar, that,” Tess said excitedly as Meg’s mouth and lips began gnawing on Tess’ pussy, Meg’s tongue not stopping as it probed the slit that promised delight to it, Meg’s senses registering the smell of Tess’ sex, Meg loving the slight scent of flowers or honey, Meg wasn’t sure which, but liked it nevertheless.

“Oh yeah, baby, yeah, don’t stop now, sweetie,” Tess murmurred to her charge as Tess moved her hips up and down her young lover’s mouth and tongue.

No way was Megan going to stop, no danger of that at all because Megan was now in a zone of her own, her own actions, reactions to her excitement as she tasted another girl’s pussy for the very first time in her life and liking it very, very much, thank you.

“Huuuh, Ummmmmph,” Tess grunted in excitement as she moved her hips up and down with increasing urgency now, her orgasm just a second or two away. Meg’s mouth and tongue were on their own now, no instruction or guidance needed, her eyes closed, her mission clear to her, her desire to give her childhood friend and neighbor a mind-blowing climax controlling all she did to Tess, now.

“Ooooooh, damn…..damn…..damn that feels good, oh so good, babygirl,” Tess cried out when her orgasm exploded inside of her, the quakes of lust shaking her body as they rolled over Tess’ body and soul in that moment. With both of her hands now holding Meg’s head in place, Tess moved her pussy up and down the girl’s mouth, slowing as her orgasm ebbed and flowed over her.

Raising her head to look up at Tess who was looking down at her, Meg saw a smile of satisfaction on Tess’ face, on her lips, in her eyes, Tess’ fingers twirling Meg’s hair in after play.

Looking down to her pupil, Tess could see her juices on Meg’s lips, the slickness and wetness shiny in the low light of their room.

“Did you like that? Did I do it right?,” Meg asked anxiously because she truly wanted to know the answers to her questions.

“Oooh yeah, sugar, I loved it…..yes, you did it very much right, baby, very much so……” Tess’ voice trailing off to silence.

“Come up here baby,” Tess said as she pulled Meg from between her legs, “Come up here, put your knees on either side of my head….yeah, like that,” Tess instructed, “Now, lower your pussy to my mouth, baby, let momma get a taste of you, baby,” Tess’ arms under the teenager’s legs, her hands squeezing the firm, young ass of Megan.

Tess took her time in eating Megan to a mind-blowing climax. She prolonged the teenager’s orgasm teasingly as she liked to do with her lovers. It was only when Meg begged her for release did Tess get the girl off, Meg’s orgasm causing her to cry aloud her pleasure at its arrival to her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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