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Subject: Father and Son Bonding 14 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you enjoying the story. Please send any comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill FATHER AND SON BONDING Chapter 14 Joe was worried. He was about to phone his English teacher, Mr Johnson. On impulse two days earlier, Joe had sent a sexy photo of himself to his teacher – one of him posing topless and about to push his shorts down. He had considered sending the photo to his teacher a couple of weeks earlier but dismissed the idea as crazy. Then, feeling horny after a video call with the man, he had emailed the photo with a message saying, “You’re my favourite teacher and I think of you often.” Joe had been disappointed and then relieved at getting no response. Until two hours earlier when a text message arrived. “That photo was totally inappropriate. We need to talk. Call me at 11am.” “He’s obviously angry with me. Has he reported me to the headmaster? Will he tell Dad?” These thoughts and more went around Joe’s head as he paced up and down the garden. Finally he called his teacher’s number. “Hello, Mr Johnson. It’s Joe and I apologise for upsetting you,” Joe began. “Hmm, are you alone?” Mr Johnson asked. “Yes, sir. I’m in the garden and Dad is indoors,” replied Joe. “Good. I’ve been wondering how to respond to that photo you sent me,” Mr Johnson began. “I was shocked to receive it.” “Sorry. It was a stupid thing for me to do. It must have been embarrassing for you,” said Joe. “Stupid, yes. Why did you send it though?” asked the teacher. “You told me a couple of weeks ago that I was one of your favourite pupils. You have been my favourite teacher for a long time and….um…well, I hoped that you’d like to…um…have a photo of me,” Joe answered. “But why a photo like that?” Mr Johnson pressed for more information. Joe gulped. “I guess I was hoping you thought about me in the way I thought about you.” There was silence for a few moments and then Mr Johnson said, “Apart from the fact that you are underage, teachers can’t have relationships with pupils. You know that, don’t you?” “Yes, sir. Sorry, sir,” said Joe. “It was just a stupid fantasy. Are you going to report me to the headmaster?” “No, that would be embarrassing for both of us,” replied Mr Johnson. “I’m not going to take the matter any further.” “Thank you, sir.” Joe paused a moment and asked, “Have you deleted the photo?” There was an audible intake of breath. “No, Joe. I haven’t. It’s a lovely photo and I’d like to keep it if that’s okay with you.” “You like it?” Joe smiled. “I do…but you’re still officially my pupil so I won’t say more,” replied Mr Johnson. “Besides we probably won’t meet again now that you’re living in Scotland.” “I suppose not…although I will be coming down to London to visit my grandparents when the lockdown is lifted,” responded Joe. “I see. Well, we should keep matters on a teacher-pupil basis and then nobody gets hurt. Okay?” Mr Johnson said. “Yes, sir. Goodbye, sir.” Joe smiled as the teacher said goodbye and then ended the call. He was relieved but also happy. “He fancies me. Why else would he keep that photo?” he said to himself. Joe was still smiling when he met his dad in the kitchen. “I’m making a cup of tea. Would you like one?” Callum asked. “And why are you looking so happy?” “No tea, thanks. I’m happy because…Mr Johnson liked my last assignment,” replied Joe. “I need to tell Dad about sending that photo but not now,” he thought. “Ah, you like to please that teacher.” Callum winked. Joe laughed. “I like pleasing you more! Would you like me to give you a blowjob?” “It’s a nice thought but I’m too busy,” smiled Callum. “And it’s time you returned to your studies.” *** Later that same day, not long before bedtime, Joe decided he had to be honest with his izmit escort dad about his telephone conversation with his teacher. He waited until the tv show they were watching ended and then said, “Dad, I need to come clean about the conversation I had with my teacher this morning and you’re not going to be happy.” Callum switched the tv off and turned to face Joe. “Go on.” “Well, I did something really stupid. I sent Mr Johnson a sexy photo – one of me wearing only shorts,” Joe said. “You did what?” Callum fought to remain calm but it was obvious that he was annoyed. “He told me a few weeks ago that I was one of his favourite pupils so I thought he might enjoy seeing a photo of me topless,” Joe replied in a low voice. He saw his dad’s eyes widen and went on. “He told me off and I apologised. He’s not going to report me to the headmaster.” Callum shook his head. “I don’t understand how you could do something so stupid. I’m surprised he didn’t contact me…but that might be because he’s never met me.” “Yes, well…um, maybe he was too embarrassed to speak to you about it,” suggested Joe. “It must be rare for a boy to send a male teacher a sexy photo.” “Quite!” Callum stared at Joe, wondering how to respond to what he had done. Then a slightly puzzled look came across his face. “But…why you were smiling when you came inside after talking after talking to him?” “That’s because…” Joe gulped. “Don’t get mad at him! He said we had to maintain a strict teacher-pupil relationship.” He paused for a moment. “He said he liked the photo and I was happy knowing that he fancied me.” Callum sighed. “What am I going to do with you? We’re lucky that he’s not going to take it any further and it’s good that you won’t see him again. I’m surprised he admitted to liking the photo but you put him in a very difficult position.” Joe knew that he had disappointed his father. “I’m sorry, Dad. I know it was a stupid thing to do.” “I really don’t understand why you did it. Okay, you told me that you used to fancy him but you’re having regular sex with me,” said Callum. “Am I not enough for you?” “Of course, you are. All I want. All I need,” Joe said, moving forward to hold onto his dad. “I…I suppose I wanted to know whether another man would fancy me.” “You didn’t even know if he was gay. In fact, him saying he liked the photo still isn’t proof that he is,” said Callum. “I…I…yes, you’re right. It could have backfired in a big way. I’m lucky he’s a nice man.” Joe took a deep breath. “You should punish me.” “Aye, you deserve to be punished,” said Callum. “How about five days without sex?” Joe shook his head. “No, Dad. That would punish you as well. Spank me hard instead…please.” “I seem to remember you were turned when I spanked you last time. I’m not sure that would be a punishment,” Callum responded. “Um, you could use your belt…make it more painful,” suggested Joe. “Yes, give me six of the best. An old-fashioned school punishment on my bum. That’s appropriate, isn’t it?” “I believe they used the cane across boys’ backsides in England and I don’t have a cane,” Callum stated. “Here in Scotland, the tawse – a kind of leather belt – was applied to hands, not the bum.” “A belt on my bum would be a good compromise then,” said Joe. Callum couldn’t help smiling. “You’re serious? You want me to punish you in that way?” “Yes, Dad. You should whip my bare bum,” replied Joe. Callum looked into Joe’s eyes for a minute. “Okay, strip and bend over that armchair.” Joe stood up and began to undress. He had very mixed feelings. He regretted sending the photo and he knew he deserved to be punished. He also knew that the punishment was going to hurt. However at the same he found it quite thrilling to strip off and submit for a painful punishment. Callum was also swithering about the punishment. He didn’t want to cause Joe a lot of pain but part of him wanted to hear him cry out and see his cute butt with pink stripes. As Joe dropped his briefs and revealed izmit otele gelen escort a semi-hard boy-cock, Callum felt a bit better. He was also glad that he happened to be wearing a thin leather belt rather than a thick one. Joe bent over the side of the armchair as he had been instructed and Callum stood to remove his belt. He wrapped the buckle end around his wrist and then approached Joe. Joe tensed at first when he felt his dad’s hand touch his butt but then relaxed. “Six of the best,” Callum said as he caressed the firm, round buttocks. Then he straightened up. “Ready?” “Yes, Dad,” answered Joe. The crack of leather hitting flesh seemed very loud but Callum hadn’t used much force. Joe gasped loudly and jerked his head. A second stroke fell at a different angle, making a sort of cross on the pale buttocks and bringing a grunt from Joe. Joe whimpered when the third and fourth strokes fell but he didn’t move position at all. Callum caressed the butt cheeks and satisfied himself that the marks would fade quickly before delivering the final two strokes. Joe cried out that time. “Okay, you can get up now,” Callum told his son. Joe stood up and tried to look at the pink stripes on his bum before he started rubbing it. He turned to face his dad, still rubbing his bum, and did nothing to hide his now full erection. His eyes were wet when he said, “I deserved that and I am sorry for doing something so stupid.” “I suppose even intelligent, quite mature teenagers get carried away sometimes when they are horny,” said Callum. “Come here.” He opened his arms and Joe stepped closer to accept the hug. “Will you make love to me and show that you forgive me?” Joe asked with his head resting on his dad’s shoulder. Callum couldn’t help smiling. He slid a hand down and cupped Joe’s buttocks. “You want me to fuck this cute little bum?” “Yes, please,” replied Joe. “I want to feel your lovely big cock stretching my pussy and pounding me until I cum.” Callum kissed the top of Joe’s head. “Okay. Get off to the bathroom and I’ll join you in bed soon.” “Is your bum sore?” Callum asked when he entered the bedroom. Joe, who was lying face down, pushed the duvet down to allow his dad to see his bum. “Not really. The pink marks have almost completely gone.” “I obviously didn’t whack you hard enough,” smiled Callum. “Hey! It did hurt!” retorted Joe. Callum sat on the edge of the bed and gave Joe’s butt a gentle spank. “It couldn’t have hurt much because you had a stiffy when you stood up afterwards.” Joe laughed. “I did, didn’t I? I’m weird…and I’ve got a stiffy again now.” He turned on to his back and displayed it. Callum reached out to squeeze his son’s erection. “I will have to do something about that.” “Hmm, yeah.” Joe raised his butt, pushing himself closer. “You want me to wank you off?” Callum teased. “No, Dad. I want you to fuck the cum out of me,” replied Joe. Callum smiled, took Joe into his arms and kissed him passionately. “Oh yeah. That’s what I want. My big strong daddy taking control of me,” Joe said when they pulled apart. “I might have to take control of your phone and your iPad if you’re going to send semi-naked photos to other men,” said Callum. “I won’t do anything like that again. I promise,” Joe said. “You’d better not! Now let me have a close look at your bum.” Callum pulled Joe over his knees and ran his hand over the soft skin of his son’s buttocks. “It looks fine. The marks have almost disappeared. Now what about this?” Callum slid a finger into the warm crevice and moved it slowly up and down. “That area needs a lot of attention,” said Joe. “Maybe some punishment too.” Callum smiled. “I think I’ll take control of you doggy-style and give you good hard pounding.” “Oh yes, please!” Joe grinned. “Okay. Suck my cock and get it wet,” ordered Callum. Joe quickly moved between his father’s strong, hairy thighs. His right hand carefully took hold of the base of the semi-hard gölcük escort cock while his left hand cupped the hairy balls. He licked his lips and then bent down to kiss and then lick the mushroom-shaped cockhead. Joe moved on to lick the shaft, giving it long, slow licks from the base up to the glans. Finally he took the cockhead into his mouth and began to suck. He slobbered all over the cockhead, using his tongue to tease and enjoying the taste of the pre-cum being released. Then he gradually started to take more and more of the fat cock into his mouth. “That’s enough.” Callum pushed Joe away when he started to gag. “Don’t be too ambitious,” he added before lifting Joe’s chin and kissing him. “Now, on your hands and knees with your bum in the air.” Joe smiled as he moved into position. He smiled again when he felt two large hands caressing and then kneading his buttocks. “Have I told you that I love you touching my bum?” he said. “You may have mentioned it,” Callum replied before bending down and pushing his face into the smooth arse crack and licking it. Joe moaned in appreciation. He whimpered when the tip of the tongue pushed into his hole and was soon dribbling pre-cum. He groaned when Callum moved away but smiled when he turned his head and saw his dad picking up the tube of KY jelly. A sigh accompanied the entry of a greased finger into Joe’s arsehole. “Oh, Dad. That feels nice.” Callum finger-fucked his son for a few minutes before adding a second finger. Joe moaned but soon begged for more. By the time Callum was using three fingers, he was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum just like Joe. He quickly greased up his cockshaft and then lined his cockhead up against the twitching pink pucker. “Yessssss,” hissed Joe through gritted teeth as the thick 20 cm (8 inch) cock burst through his sphincter. A moment later he begged for more. “Fill me up. Please, Dad.” Callum took hold of Joe’s hips and pushed his cock slowly but steadily inside in a single thrust. Joe let out a little whimper and then said, “That feels soooo good.” Callum smiled, eased back and then pushed in again. He slowly began to move in a steady rhythm, gradually taking longer and faster strokes. “Oh yes. I love having your cock in me,” Joe said as he pushed back against the thrusts. “Yes, fuck me. Fuck me harder!” Callum gave Joe what he wanted. Soon he was pounding hard and fast into the tight, young arse. Joe’s cock leaked pre-cum and bounced up and down under the assault. When Callum sensed that Joe was getting close to erupting, he slid his left hand up to pinch a nipple and his right hand under to tug at Joe’s balls. “I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…aaagh!” The first of several blasts of boy-cream shot from Joe’s cock in a hands-free cum. “Aaagh! Oh jeez!” Seeing Joe’s reaction and having his cock squeezed by the clenching arse muscles took Callum over the edge. “I’m cumming too,” he cried before sending volley after volley of hot daddy-spunk deep into Joe’s bowels. He wrapped his arms around Joe and held him tight as they slowly came back down to earth. Callum lay on his side, spooned against Joe and with his cock still inside Joe’s arse, for some minutes afterwards. He kissed the nape of Joe’s neck and nibbled an earlobe but no words were required. Finally Joe patted Callum’s arm and said, “That was amazing, Dad. The best in a while.” “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did too,” said Callum. He used a hand to turn Joe’s head and kissed his cheek. Callum’s softening cock plopped out of Joe’s hole at that point. Joe sighed and then a moment later he slid out of his dad’s arms. He quickly crawled between Callum’s legs and took the cock into his mouth to suck and lick it clean. “You don’t have to do that,” said Callum. “I know but I like doing it,” Joe said when he pulled off. He gave the cock a kiss and added, “I like serving your beautiful big cock and getting any last drops of your spunk.” Callum smiled and pulled Joe back into his arms. They shared some long passionate kisses and then Joe lay with his head on his dad’s hairy chest. “I love you, Dad,” Joe said as he drifted to sleep. “I love you, son.” Callum kissed the top of Joe’s head and then stretched out to switch off the bedside lamp. To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Dick

Subject: Uncle Alpha This is a work of fiction. None of these people are real, and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidence. Do not read if it is not legal for you to do so, or if incest, men engaging in adult activities with boys, or being gay offends you! Please donate to Nifty to make sure stories like this continue! Enjoy! _______________ Uncle Alpha I was balls deep inside my 12 year old nephew Triston’s tight little boy ass as he lay face down on my bed. Pumping in and out, my ass cheeks clinched as I probed deep inside him with each thrust, my hands over his mouth as he made muffled little noises. Not that I was forcing him, but I did want to show dominancy over him. Since his father left, he’d began to see himself as the man of the house, mouthing off, always in a huff! I told his mother let him stay with me for a few days and I’d knock him down a peg or two. I think deep down she knew what I was gonna do, but she was desperate and agreed. Right off we clashed, he didn’t pick up after himself, he expected me to wash his clothes and dishes and expected to be given a respect he had not earned and did not return. So about 2 days after living with me and not washing his clothes he went to change. “Where the fuck are my clothes?” He screamed as he went to get in the shower! “In the hamper where you left them.” I calmly replied. “Why the fuck didn’t you wash them! You knew I was playing basketball with my friends and I’d come in nasty and needing a shower!” He yelled. “And you knew that too, why didn’t you wash em!?” I said, still calm. “I hate this fucking place!” He said stomping off. He started scooping up his clothes from the bathroom but I ran up to him. “Oh no you don’t! My clothes are in the washer, they’re on rinse, you’re not throwing your nasty clothes in there with em!” I said. He huffed and threw them back on the floor, and stomped out heading for his room. “Where do you think you’re going!?” I asked him. He stared at me looking confused and aggravated. “You’re sweaty and nasty, you can’t go lay in the bed like that! Get in the shower!” I ordered. “What the fuck do I do for clothes?? Put these back on?” He screamed. “No, they’re nasty! Since you have not respected me and my house, it’s time you learned how! Get in that shower, hose yourself off, dry yourself, and get your ass back out here!” I ordered in the most commanding authoritative tone I could muster! “Naked!?” He asked, lowering his tone. “Yes NAKED!” I answered. “You’ve lost your clothing privileges!” “You can’t do that!” He said, his voice cracking revealing the little boy inside. “Yes I can! I’m the man! You’re the little boy! You think you’re a man, but you are not and I only got a few days to knock those ideas outta your head that you’re in charge, you’re not! And when a boy your age goes around thinking he’s grown, izmit rus escort they end up dead or in jail, that WILL NOT be you!” I explained. He said nothing, just stared at me absorbing all this information. Good, the process had begun! “Make sure you clean yourself well, I left you some tools in the bathroom to get yourself ready, the box has instructions.” I told him. “Ready for what?” He asked, concerned. “To take my cock up your ass!” I answered. “That’s the fastest way for you to really get this! To understand your place and drive home in a way I just can’t do otherwise!” “You can’t do that!” He said. “I won’t let you!” “Yes you will! I’m not going to rape you, but my dick is going in your ass! You know why?” I asked, walking up to him and putting my hand on his shoulder. He just shook his head ‘no’. “Because I am a man, and you are a boy, and boys do as they’re told! If you don’t think so go ahead, leave, go back home, tell your mom everything that happened and keep being the little punk you’ve become, keep being a little ass hole to the people that love you, but you will never be a man! A man knows when to show respect, a boy must be willing to submit to a real man, otherwise he’ll never earn their respect when it’s his turn to join them!” I said, laying it all out gently but forcefully. No more words were spoken. He simply began to undress and I left him there and went to my room. I lay down on the bed. I thought about undressing, but I decided it was better that I still be dressed when he came out naked. Another gesture to show who’s in control. He was in there for a while, I was about to go check on him when I heard the bathroom door open. I lay there waiting as he slowly and meekly walked down the hall barely making a sound. Finally he poked his head through the door and nervously looked at me lying there waiting for him. “Come on, let’s see what ya got!” I commanded. “You’re man enough to stomp around here like you own the place, now lets see what’s between those legs that makes you feel so big and proud!” He came further into the room, his full naked body in full view now. He was almost completely hairless. A tiny little patch above his not yet developed boy cock and little marble sack. I’d guess soft he was right at an inch or so. He still had the body of a boy, no body hair at all, small frame but not so skinny his bones were sticking out like some of the boys his age. His maleness was obvious even though it was softened by his age. His little body was firm and tan, his face was angelic, yet he also had strong boyish features that said he was a rough little wild boy! “Aw that’s cute!” I said staring at his little cock and balls. He blushed. The breaking down of his ego was kicking in. He was starting to get it now, but the lesson couldn’t end here. He was too confident in izmit escort himself to let this put him in his place. Undress me!” I commanded. He looked at me, hesitating but I glared back at him and let him know this was happening and he walked over to the bed. He reached out, his hands seeming so small as he reached for my belt and began to unbuckle me. Slowly at first, then as he struggled to get it undone, he used both hands and quickly removed the belt. I’m not one for teasing and drawing things out so I then told him to slide my pants and shorts down. There was a slight hesitation, but it was more disbelief than dread, as he hooked his fingers on either side of my pants and underwear and pulled them down, revealing my 5 inch uncut flaccid cock. He gasped, he’d never seen it before. “Yeah, this is what a man looks like!” I said. “You’re gonna put that inside me?!” He asked. “You scared?” I asked. “YES!” He said, looking down in horror. “It’s uncut, it’s not as bad as it looks, there’s a lot of skin.” I explained. “I’m not gonna hurt you little guy! I still love you! This isn’t about hurting you. It’s about helping you! Don’t get me wrong, it will be uncomfortable at times, there might even be a little bit of pain, I’ll try to minimize that. But that’s part of it, understanding what a man’s body can do to a boy’s. I can sit here all day and say that, but it’s not gonna really get into your brain the way fucking your tight little ass will!” I told him. A shocked expression spread across his face. He’d never heard me talk like this. “Have you done this before?” He asked. “Yes.” I replied. “With who?” He asked. “That’s a story for another time.” I replied. “Now enough talk, take off my shirt, and then get in the bed, ass up in the air, face down!” I ordered. He did as told, and I pulled out some lube from my nightstand. I started lubing him up, admiring his little boy bubble butt as I pried his cheeks open to reveal his little pucker. I started trying to work my finger in and he winced. He was tight! Really tight! I really was doing this for him not me, but I have to admit, I couldn’t wait to invade that little boy tunnel! For the next 15 minutes or so I worked my fingers in and out of his boy hole, stretching it little by little. He’d gasp or let out a little moan now and then, but otherwise remained silent. Finally, it was time for the main event! I positioned myself behind him and told him to brace himself! My cock now had reached it’s full 7 inches and was rock hard with anticipation, as the tip made contact with his little hole! I had lubed my cock up well and squirted some lube up inside his hole to get things moving! My cock began to glide in, and it felt so magnificently tight! I wiped my hands off on my cast off undies and put them around his mouth as I slid further and further in! He was panting and making kocaeli escort little noises, but not crying! I was going slow, but I knew he felt every centimeter! Slowly I went, being careful not to damage him, but also not hold back as much as I might otherwise. “I’m the fucking alpha around here boy! You’re my little bitch!” I whispered in his ear, as the last two inches slid in! I was in! Pubic bone pressing against boy ass! I loved it! I missed it so much! I let him adjust for a few moments but again, not as long as I might normally! Then I started pumping his little ass! His tight little sphincter pushed hard against my invading cock! But with all the lube, I just slid in deeper! His little grunts and moans told the story! He knew his place now! He’s a boy, I’m a man! That’s how it is! He might not like it, but it doesn’t matter! I have the power here! “Fuck boy! If I had known my own nephew’s ass was this sweet, I’d have got to you a couple of years ago!” I screamed! I could be a real perv once I got going! “You’re my little fuck toy! Your daddy’s cock made you so I could fuck you!” I whispered in his ear. I rode him like that hard till I felt my cum starting to brew! I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I began to slow down, taking my time to really thrust my big man cock deep up inside! Like my dick was trying to find his stomach! I held my hands over his mouth the whole time! His gasps and panting the only noises! He panted and moaned, I could tell he was enjoying himself now as much as I was! Time to finish this! I began thrusting harder and harder. His little tight whole felt like a hand holding me tight as I did so! The feeling built up more and more intense! “You’re gonna take my cum now fuck toy!” I whispered in his ear! With that I felt his little ass spasming! He was cumming! That was enough to send me over the edge and with a big thrust up inside, I shot a massive load deep into his boy butt! I continued thrusting over and over till the cum was a white foam! Then, finally I let go of him and collapsed! He gasped, and he lay flat on his stomach, letting his ass fall. I stayed inside him, laying on top of him. I softly kissed the back of his neck before dismounting and rolling over. we now lay face to face and he had this look on his face like he’d just woken up. I pulled him to me and kissed him. He didn’t resist. I kissed him softly, allowing my tongue to just barely part his little soft lips. I looked at him and he looked at me. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. “I’m sorry.” He said. “It’s ok buddy. You know I love you right?” I told him. “I love you too!” He said, almost crying. “I’ve been such a jerk uncle St..” “Alpha! For the rest of your stay, address me as Alpha!” I said sternly. He looked at me a little surprised, but I smiled at him to let him know his loving uncle was still here and he smiled back. I scooped him up and kissed his head. There was more work to be done. But from that moment on he was a new boy! The End. Well hope you enjoyed that! Be sure to shoot me an e-mail at the above address. I’m also on twitter @SirSecretJim

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: La polla de mi niño – 7 – NUEVO ACUERDO. Capítulo 7 — NUEVO ACUERDO. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: www.luces-delatierra.blogspot.es or in English pot.es Qué placer verlo entra en pelota en la cocina. Qué gustito saber que a partir de hoy podía ver a mi niño desnudo a todas horas. -Estoy cachondísimo, papá gracias –Me dijo mientras se sentaba a desayunar y se preparaba a su gusto las tostadas. Yo le agarré la polla con intención de hacerle una nueva paja, pero Julio me dijo que se acababa de hacer una en la ducha y que ahora se masturbaría él en pelota en mi presencia. De acuerdo, pero empecé a meterle mano de nuevo, primero tocándole el pecho, después acariciándole los cojones mientras él se pajeaba. Y entonces le dije. -No puedo con esta situación, mi niño. Es demasiado para mí. Me entendió mal y con cara de preocupación, me dijo. -Pues no me la chupes más, papá. Ni me toques ni me hagas pajas. Entiendo que esto es incesto y que un día te puedes arrepentir. -No es eso, Julio, todo lo contrario. Déjame que te lo explique –seguí metiéndole mano a fondo a ese escort izmit efebo de mi niño desnudo-. Lo que no puedo es chuparte la polla sólo una vez al día. Ni te imaginas el día que pasé ayer, todo el tiempo deseando volverme a meter tu polla en la boca y saborear de nuevo tu rico semen. Yo quiero hacerte más de una mamada al día si tú me dejas. -Joder, papá. Chúpame la polla cada vez que quieras. Tú sabes que es un verdadero placer para mí y si es también un placer para ti, hazlo cuando quieras y disfrutamos los dos. Que padre más lindo tengo. -Además quiero ayudarte a que no seas un eyaculador precoz en las mamadas, a que aguantes un montón, sintiendo el inmenso placer de que te estén chupando la polla pero sin prisa por correrte. Y creo que sé cómo hacerlo. -Dime, papá. -Yo querría chuparte la polla tres veces al día. Mira, para despertarte una mamada despertador diaria, como te he prometido. Luego si quieres te haces paja en la ducha, aquí en pelota desayunando conmigo y las que quieras en la facultad. Y cuando regreses para el almuerzo, por supuesto si quieres de nuevo en bolas, mientras comemos te hago una paja, que sé que con ellas aguantas más, y terminas de almorzar tranquilamente y cuando acabes te hago la segunda mamada, y ahora recién corrido, verás cómo aguantas. -Santo cielo, papá, qué placer, gracias. -Eso no quiere decir que no vaya a tu cuarto como ayer y te haga otra paja y cuando salgas para la cena, en pelota otra vez, te masturbo otra izmit escort vez mientras comes y la tercera mamada del día después de cenar. Y así cada día. -Joder, papá, lo que me estás contando es que me garantizas al menos cinco corridas diarias. Te quiero papá. Y al fin lo hice yo y fui el primero en acercar mis labios a los labios de mi niño y besarlo con frenesí. Él me comió la boca sin prisas agradecido por el gran placer que cada día le prometía el cerdo incestuoso de su padre. -Me voy a correr, papá, tercera de hoy. Aún me quedan al menos cuatro, pero sé que serán muchas más. De nuevo vi gotear el semen de mi niño en el suelo y le dije que yo lo limpiaría después, que lo mismo me hacía una paja antes de ir al trabajo mirando la última corrida de mi niño. -Y ahora quiero otra cosa papá. -Dime Julio. -Aún es temprano y tenemos tiempo y quiero que mi padre disfrute de correrse tantas veces como yo al menos. Quiero que te saques ahora la polla y te masturbes tranquilamente aquí, metiéndome mano si quieres. -De acuerdo Julio, tío bueno –y me saqué la polla de nuevo agradecido por su comprensión y empecé a machacármela en su presencia-. Gracias por dejar que papá se ponga tan caliente contigo. Gracias por permitirme ser un pervertido incestuoso y aceptar tranquilamente que te la quiero chupar tres veces al día y hacerte varias pajas. Y aún no te he visto escandalizado. -Papá, no hay mejor forma de pasarse la vida que corriéndose izmit kendi evi olan escort una y otra vez, pero tú también. Joder qué bonito es esto: sentir placer el uno con el otro y tener sexo padre-hijo toda la vida. -Estoy a punto de correrme. -Déjame decirte otra cosa. Aún no me siento gay, pero sería estupendo sentirse gay. Papá, yo sería un verdadero gilipollas si me echo una novia ahora. No tengo prisa, si encuentro una tía con la que pueda tener sexo, lo tendré y te lo contaré. Pero mientras viva contigo, joder, sé que nadie me va a tratar la polla, bueno la polla y todo el cuerpo, como lo hace papá. Así que ahora mismo te repito que no tengo prisa. Quiero seguir viviendo contigo y de esta forma, papá, corriéndonos mil veces al día. No pude más y solté una larga corrida justo entonces. -Gracias, Julio –y lo besé otra vez. -Voy a vestirme y me voy a la facultad, papá. Ahora quiero que te pases la vida corriéndote, hasta luego. Se puso la ropa, me besó en la boca otra vez y se fue. Yo me hice una nueva paja mirando el semen de mi niño y recordando sus dulces palabras. Hoy sí podía chupársela más veces. Qué maravilla de hijo tengo, dios santo, que ya es un hombre, todo un hombre, no un niño. Me fui al trabajo e igual que ayer me hice una paja en un descanso. Volví y le preparé el almuerzo, hoy paella con mucho marisco y tuve tiempo de hacerme una nueva paja. Al final mi niño volvió y lo primero que me dijo tras besarme la boca es que se iba a despelotar otra vez. Fue la primera vez que lo vi quitarse la ropa, sin vergüenza ninguna delante de mí. Se sentó en la mesa a comer la paella y sin pudor alguno ya le agarré la polla, dispuesto a hacerle otra paja previa a la segunda mamada de hoy.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: My Son Jimmy 9 My Son Jimmy 9 As the beer flowed and the five cocks in our circle got harder, we all though more and more about the sweet boy ass just waiting for us a few yards away. I had been stroking Desmond’s big black cock. It was now rock hard at about 8-9 inches. His big ball sack was cupped in my hand and I could smell its musk. Finally, he invited me to kneel between his legs and “give me a little head to get me ready to fuck your son’s sweet ass.” Desmond leaned back and sighed as my hot, wet mouth started pleasuring him. I started by licking those big, black balls. They tasted amazing, having been bathed all day in his sweat as he worked. I savored every salty lick. I buried my nose deep in his thick, tight black bush. I found more manly scent there, and it made my mouth water. Then I licked the long shaft all the way to the head where a big drop of clear pre-cum was waiting on me. I lapped it up and looked deeply into his big, brown eyes. Desmond smiled at me as I took the big, light brown head in my mouth and licked it passionately. “Fuck!” he said. “I know, my man can give head better’n anyone,” Dan said with pride. He had his hands around Dave’s big, thick Daddy cock, jacking it for him. Meanwhile, Randall had gone full cocksucker on Dan and was blowing the hell out of my lover’s big bear cock. We all were having a pretty good time, and if it wasn’t for the chance to get some boy pussy, I’ll bet the cum would have started flying. I pulled myself off of Desmond’s delicious dick and pulled him to his feet. We walked over toward the pool with his erection swaying from side to side, occasionally hitting his upper thighs like a crazy pendulum. Jimmy noticed the black man’s big dick first. He’d seen some BBC in porn and at the naturist camp, but this was his first real look up close. He was sitting on the steps to the pool. Desmond and I sat down on the edge, giving my boy a face-to-cocks angle of us both. “Dang, Dad. That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” Jimmy said, liking his lips whorishly. “I knew you’d like it, so I brought me friend over hoping you two could play.” “Oh yes, Daddy! Thank you!” With that my boy scooted up the steps, grabbed Desmond’s cock by the base and started lapping at it with his hot little tongue. Desmond was in heaven. He caressed little Jimmy’s read hear and watched his sweet little mouth work over his big, thick rod. Brice saw what was going on and swam over to watch his brother with Desmond’s BBC. He stroked his cock under the water for a while, then got out and sat on the side of the pool, openly masturbating as he watched. The other men joined us. Dave sat right down next to Brice, and Randall sat by Desmond and Jimmy. Dan came over and join me on a lounge chair so we could jack our cocks and watch the fun. It didn’t take Dave long to make his move. He caressed Brice’s shoulders, then his ass. He coaxed the boy into sitting on his hairy leg and he began fingering and probing his sweet pink hole, all the while watching intently as Brice beat his semi-hairless pecker. His words to Brice were so damn sexy. I don’t remember all of them, but “Damn, son, you’re how old? And you got a cock that big!” “You sure know how to jack that thing, son.” “You’re so cute, and your little boy hole feels so nice.” “You’re making my old cock stand right up on end.” “You wanna suck it for me?” With that, Brice got back down in the water and put his head between Dave’s legs. He proceeded to give the horny older man the blowjob of his life. I couldn’t believe how loud Dave was groaning and moaning as our boy sucked him and licked him. Jimmy couldn’t wait to experience that big cock in another place besides his mouth. He knew we kept lube in the tiki bar on the other side of the pool deck, so he sprinted over there and back, probably setting an Olympic record in the process. Desmond laughed at him running with a hard, little dick bouncing between his legs. Then Desmond turned Jimmy over his knees like he was going to spank him. But instead, he started working his hole with the lube and massaging the boy’s sweet ass. His big, black hand was so amazing to watch against red headed Jimmy’s pale white skin. The little boy repositioned himself so Desmond still had access to his hole but now Jimmy could resume sucking the head of the black man’s monster cock. Meanwhile, Randall sat on the edge of the pool slowly jacking his cock. For the moment he was content to watch Jimmy and Desmond, but occasionally he looked over at Dave izmit escort bayan and Brice and Dan and Me. I was about to go over and offer him my mouth or ass to keep the party going, when Jimmy and Desmond took their play to the next level. Desmond stood the boy on the pool deck, then slid down one step so his little white butt was now in reach. Then he spread the snow-white cheeks apart and stuck his long, pink tongue up deep into Jimmy’s crack. Jimmy sighed and whimpered as Desmond ate his hole, bending over and spreading his buns himself so Desmond could go even deeper. Dan and I were going wild. We had never seen anything so sexy as Jimmy getting tongue fucked while Brice was blowing a man old enough to be his grandfather. Our cocks were hard and dripping. It was almost as good as fucking our boys ourselves. Well, almost! Desmond spit in Jimmy’s hole several times, applied more lube and fingered him with his long, black fingers. Then he sat back up on the edge of the pool and put Jimmy between his legs. He grabbed my son by the hips and as Jimmy turned to watch, slowly pulled the boy down onto his cock head. Jimmy’s trained little hole opened right up for the monster cock. He eased himself downward slowly, taking more and more of the big hard cock in his ass. He kept his eyes tightly shut. Dan and I both knew that look. Jimmy was concentrating on relaxing his ass muscles. Desmond had a look of sheer bliss on his face as his cock took more and more of the boy’s sweet ass. We knew that look, too. His tight, juicy hole hugs your cock in a way that sends you to the moon and back. Jimmy stopped lowering himself on Desmond’s cock and sat there impaled on it for a while. Then he started riding it like the little whore he is. He leaned back and got a big, wet kiss from his lover, then picked up the pace and bounced up and down. Desmond leaned back on the pool deck and just let him go. That gave Randall an opening. He stood up in front of Jimmy and offered him his cock. Jimmy was all too happy to take it, and before long, Randall was grinding his hips feeding my son his hard dick while Jimmy bounced up and down on the black man’s rod. It was an amazing thing to watch, and without warning, Dan shot the biggest load on my back because he couldn’t take it any longer. I just smiled. Meanwhile, Brice was working hard to get Dave’s nut. Practically gagging on the man’s big Daddy cock and squeezing his big nut sack. Brice was in his element, feverishly working the head and shaft in and out of his mouth. He stopped only now and then to alternate his sucking with hot little strokes of his tongue all around Dave’s massive piss slit. Desmond was loving his cock going in and out of my 11-year-old’s lovely pink ass. He held his hips some and tried impossibly to force more of his big tool inside the boy, but it was obvious he had bottomed out. Randall couldn’t handle it any longer, he backed off and jacked his dick feverishly. I called out to him and reminded him that Brice was our designated cum dump. He went over to Brice and Dave and Brice pulled off long enough to let him drain his balls in his open mouth. The boy gulped and swallowed, smacked his lips and acted like he wanted more from Randall before going back to blowing Dave. Meanwhile, without a cock in his mouth, Jimmy was being his little whore self, riding the BBC like it was a fucking pogo stick. He had a strange smile on his face that was apparently a mix of total satisfaction and a sense of pride that came from knowing he was getting the black man off. Dan and I went to sit right next to them, so we could see it all up close. Some of it was lube, but a lot of it was pre-cum and maybe the natural juices of a hot little bottom, but both Dan and I marveled at a constant flow of wetness from Jimmy’s hole and down Desmond’s long, black shaft. His dark skin glistened as his cock slid in and out of our boy’s hole. I couldn’t resist. I reached over and rubbed my hand over Jimmy’s smooth little ass. My boy looked up at me, impaled on the big dick and smiled proudly. Then I slid my hand down and cupped Desmond’s huge ball sack. He groaned and smiled too. Then I slid down and licked his delicious nuts and he groaned louder. I got braver and tasted some of the wetness from the union of Desmond’s cock and my boy’s ass. It was incredible. Mostly sweet, salty pre-cum from the black man’s oversized cock. Dan followed my lead and had a few licks himself. Then we kissed. Something about that set Desmond off. He grabbed Jimmy’s izmit eve gelen escort hips and started thrusting upward. Jimmy cried out, I thought maybe in pain, but it was another of his hands-less orgasms. His little body rocked and quaked. A little spurt of cum shot from his hairless dick and landed in the water. Desmond was firing blast after blast of hot, molten man cream up my little boy’s ass. He heaved and sighed, his huge nuts contracted with every blast. Thick, white man cream eventually oozed from around his cock, buried deep inside Jimmy. His cum had filled the little boy’s ass and had no place else to go, so it was oozing out slowly. As he came down from his sexual high, Desmond looked around, wiped some sweat from his brow and looked over at me and Dan. “Holy fuck! That was hot!” He hugged little Jimmy and thank him for giving him such a good ride. Jimmy smiled and looked at me and Dan. We let him know we were proud of him. Then he eased off Desmond’s big cock and came to us. We put him between us and smothered him in fatherly kisses and hugs. Then all eyes were on Brice. Dave stood up and held his little brown head against his crotch, burying as much of his big Daddy cock down the boy’s throat as possible. Brice hung on, letting Dave face fuck him. We could see and hear the older man’s big, hairy ball sack rudely slapping against Brice’s chin. Brice reached up and held Dave’s thick ass cheeks like he was desperate, adding to the scene. It was so hot, Randall who had just cum, was almost as hard as a rock again. Finally, Dave let loose in Brice’s mouth. We knew the kid loved cum, but I was pretty sure the older man was gonna fill his little mouth with more than he could handle. Boy, was I wrong. Brice kept his lips clamped around Dave’s cock head as his balls contracted and he blasted load after load inside the boy’s mouth. Brice didn’t even swallow. He just held his mouth there, allowing Dave to fully drain his nuts. Finally, Brice looked over at us, his cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk, and he made a big show of swallowing the load. Some of it leaked out of the corners of his mouth, but he quickly pushed it back in with his fingers. We all applauded. Dave stood there panting and dumbfounded. After a few seconds, he pulled Brice up to him and kissed him hard on the mouth. The two made a stunning pair. A study in contrast. Brice’s honey gold, pubescent, smooth flesh against the leathery, hairy older man’s sexy skin. Dave reached down and gently massaged Brice’s little ass. I knew in an instant that despite having just cum, Dave was thinking about fucking the little boy just as soon as he could. Randall was beating off and came to Dan and me. We both took turns sucking his nice hard cock and caressing his beautiful ass. I stood up and teased his butt crack with my hard cock. “Easy, I am a virgin back there,” he said warily. “We can fix that, you know,” Dan said lustfully, joining me in teasing Randall and playing with is hard cock and nuts. Jimmy heard the conversation and brought me the lube. I had him bind forward while I ate him out passionately before I used my fingers to work lube into Randall’s ass. He got more and more used to the idea of getting fucked. He leaned back against Dan and me and kissed us passionately. Something told me this cute little muscled stud was really a closet bottom. Before he could change his mind, I slipped just the first third of my cock into him. He moaned. Dan coached him to relax as he stroked his cock. Randall did just that, and he was practically leaning back on me as my cock slipped further and further into his most intimate place. Jimmy even did some coaching. “It’ll feel so good when you get it all in and just relax.” “Thanks, Jimmy,” Randall said. Brice came over, joined Dan and started licking and sucking Randall’s balls. There they were, father and son cocksuckers. It was so hot. Finally, Randall’s hole welcomed all of my cock in. I just let him stand there, getting used to it before I started gently fucking him. Something about the scene was really sexy to Dave, who stood by strocking his cock back to life. “Fuck yeah, pound that virgin hole!” Desmond also loved watching Brice suck and lick alongside his father and was now stroking his big, black pole, too. The only difference was that even after that lengthy fuck session with Jimmy, Desmond’s cock was still hard. Jimmy couldn’t take his eyes off of it, and even though it had been up his ass, he leaned izmit otele gelen escort over and began to lick and suck the head of the big, black tool. I knew I wouldn’t last long in this tight hole with all this hot shit going down all around me. I didn’t even try. I figured a vigin would welcome a quick cumming fucker, so I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensation of my cockhead in Randall’s tight ass. I felt Dave’s leathery hand on my left but cheek and then felt his hairy face and warm breath on my neck as he gently kissed me and nibbled my ear. That was all it took. I looked down and saw Brice and Dan, my lover, taking turns so artfully as they sucked Randall’s cute dick and I lost it. I unloaded in his hot ass. “Ooh…mmmm…Ahhh….I can feel that hot cum in my hole,” Randall said before blasting Dan and Brice with a thick load of his own. Dan let Brice, the cum freak of our family, gobble it up like he had Randall’s first offering earlier in the day. Dave was now standing next to me rock hard and ready to go again. His big daddy cock was so inviting, I almost wished I could take it myself. But, I knew he wanted Brice’s unfucked hole, and so did Dan. “Bricey, you wanna get fucked?” “Oh, yes, Daddy! You gonna fuck me?” “Uh, maybe later, but what about Mr. Dave here?” Brice looked up at the big cock he had just sucked off, saw that it was hard again, and smiled. “Mmmm…. Sure!” Dan led Brice over to one of our chase loungers and I brought the lube. Dave had Brice get up on all fours and we through a cushion down for the older man’s knees, watching him get down to put his face at the same level as our son’s sweet hole. Then we all watched and jacked as Dave’s big furry face attacked Brice’s cute, pink chute. He lapped at it with his tongue. He kissed it. He buried his furry lips in it. Brice cooed, moaned and groaned with pleasure and occasionally jacked his cock. I noticed some little hairs starting to sprout in Brice’s ass. They complimented the ones cropping up around his little cock, armpits and upper lip. Our little boy was turning into a teenage stud. Pretty soon, I though, he might want to fuck one of us. That would be just fine, with me. Brice rocked back and forth on his knees loving the sensations Dave was creating with his tongue up the little boy’s hole. Dave spit in the hole several times and worked his fingers in. Then he used lube and managed to get three of his stubby, hairy digits totally inside. I was getting close when Dave finally pulled Brice to the edge and started easing his big, fat Daddy dick into the boy. Dan put his arm around me and kissed me passionately. Randall tapped me on the shoulder and pointed back to the other side of the pool. There was Jimmy on all fours, taking Desmond’s big black dick in the ass gain, this time on hunged over another one of the lounge chairs. Dan reached over and grabbed my cock, I felt another orgasm welling up and I let it go all over Brice’s cute, smooth back just as Dave was fully entering him. Dave scooped up my load, pulled out of Brice and rubbed it all over his fat cock, then put himself back in our son again. He looked up at me and smiled. “Daddy cream makes a good lube!” Dan liked that, so he let himself finish in his hand and handed Dave more cum. “Use this to fuck my son’s ass with,” he said still panting. “Ooh, mmmm…that feels so good,” Brice said. The fucking went on long enough for Randall to squeeze off yet another load, which went in with ours to lube the boy’s ass. I watched over Dave’s shoulder as my son was getting fucked doggy style by Desmond. His huge black cock was having no problem sliding in and out of my little boy’s cunt. I looked down and saw Dave’s cum slickened dick in Brice’s little hole, then I looked over at my lover, who was smiling and holding his just spent cock. It was one, sexy moment. We watched from a far as Desmond pumped his second load into Jimmy’s ass and smiled as he lovingly put the boy’s hairless cock in between his big, moustache covered lips and gently sucked him off to a thunderous orgasm. The two collapsed into a heap on the lounger, with Desmond cuddling the little white boy against his dark, muscled body. I wish I had a picture of that! Finally, Dave arched his back, threw back his big shoulders and blasted Brice’s hole with a huge load of Daddy cream. Uh…mmmm…unnnh…” Brice said. “Don’t stop fucking me, Daddy!” He shook and quivered and sprayed the cushion of the lounge chair with his boy cum. We all smiled down at him. He pulled off of Big Dave and collapsed in the pool of his own cum, held his heels with his hands and showed us the cum oozing out of his pink little hole. Then he fingered himself, tasted some of the cum and smiled like a slut. “I love moving day now,” Brice said. We all laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: Tobias and his big brother Part 2 Tobias and his big brother PART 2 by Chaim groeiutrecht@ We, David my big brother and I, slept together and the next morning he brought me my gift. David brought me to the bathroom and shaved me again all over. We stayed naked after our shower and he hugged me telling me, “You are a good little brother, a cute, handsome and willing boy.” David gave me only an old, oversized white T shirt to wear, the neck insisted on hanging over one shoulder and it came down only to above my knees when I stood up, but it was warm and soft and had his smell that made me feel all safe and warm and loved. I looked at David, he was only in his old big bathrobe. The robe showed his handsome strong body well, the robe hang partly open. I admired him, he was a powerful man, with thick bulging muscles on his arms, chest and legs. His face was handsome, a man who you look at and trust right away. I’d have given anything to have him as my guardian and master, being his little servant. David took me by my hand and led me to the bed. He lifted my oversized T shirt and moved it above my little nipples. As soon as I was nearly naked I asked wth a trembling voice, “Sir, you talked about a gift.” David gently tweaked and glided his fingers sensually over my nipples which stood erect like baby mountains in a second. The sensations were awesome, I was almost seeing stars and felt it in my little balls. “Have a little patience, you will get your present. Look into my eyes, Tobias,” he said, bending so that I could raise my eyes to look into his. “Yes sir.” He smiled, “Just relax and trust me. I’m going to take good care of you. I’m your brother and you’re my boy. Repeat that boy.” I looked him in the eyes and repeated, “You’re my brother and I’m your boy, Sir.” He stroked my little hard nipples slowly, “Good boy. And you trust me, don’t you boy?” His touch felt so good, “Yes sir, I trust you.” he tweaked my nipples and it hurt a bit, “Tell me you trust me.” I swallowed and siad, “I trust you, Sir.” “Good boy. And what am I going to do for you boy?” I trusted him and without thinking I answered, “Making me your boy, your little servant. I wanted to be your little boy.” David smiled and picked me up and laid me on the bed, so that my legs were dangling over the side of the bed. David told me, “You’re going to love this, my little puppy.” First he flicked my little boy nipples with his fingers, causing me to inhale sharply. My boy nipples were very sensitive and David’s touch sent an electric shock directly to my boy balls and penis. David bent down and sucked on my left nipple, savoring the texture, the girth and length of the flesh with his teeth and tongue. I shivered feeling my nipple sucked into his mouth. “Your nipples look great on you, almost like tiny penisses on your boy chest. The taste is great, boy!” He pushed my knees back, and started licking my little shaved boy balls and it felt so good. David started licking lower and lower. I felt his tongue licking me butthole, it felt weird but great! David opened my butt wide and pushed a finger inside my butt hole. He went slowly, but I felt stretched and opened and moaned. “Do you know what this thing is called?” David asked. I told him, “That’s my boy ass, my little butthole.” “Yes, that’s right, but it also is your boy pussy!” he moved his finger around in my little ass hole, “This is your boy pussy, which means you are also my little fuck toy, my tight fuck hole. You learned what you are made for last night, taking my cock in your boy pussy. My gift for you is to teach you how to wear something special inside your boy hole, your boy pussy. I am going to give you something for your little boy pussy. You will love it! Soon you will develop a strong need to be fucked by my cock. I want your pussy stretched and open when you serve me as a boy servant. You will be my servant, my humble boy puppy for my cock, little one. You can’t never refuse me, because you need it! You will make yourself and your pussy available for me at all times. You will never have an empty boy ass anymore. You will beg me to fuck you. You will tell me that your ass is open and waiting for me to fuck as I wish, and I will shove my man cock in you when I like that.” I nodded my blond head and he continued, “You have a now empty tight little puppy pussy. Do you understand?” I told him, “Yes Sir, I understand, I need to be your little boy, and my pussy belongs to you.” I sounded weird to call my anus pussy, but I hoped that I he would be pleased with me and my honest answer. “Oh yes boy, I will be your brother and friend, but also your guardian and teacher and above all your Master, little one. Be sure of that my boy, I will!” He smiled at me, but looked seriously down at me, “Now, what’s you are going to say?” I said, feeling the need to be fucked again, “Thank you Sir. Please David, Sir, fuck my tight little boy pussy.” David said, “That isn’t good enough, you need to beg more.” I begged him, wishing to be fucked again, and want him to fill my little boy ass. Pleading I said, “Please, please Sir, fill my tight little boy pussy. Please, I want you to fill me up. Please fuck my little puppy hole, David, please.” “Better!” David gave himself over fully to the temptation and he touched me everywhere his hands could reach. He hold me tight, kissed me, whisprering at me, “Oh Tobias, my puppy boy, I love you, you are the best.” he kissed me on the lips and slipped his tongue inside my warm mouth. David moved me to the middle of the bed, holding my wrists above my head with one hand, stretching my body out. He let his other hand roam freely over my chest and stomach. David’s free hand slid down my pale body and he escort kocaeli licked at each nipple before descending to my navel wuth his warm tongue. My flat boy stomach quivered as he let his tongue circle over it, before dipping into my belly botton. David’s right hand reached out and he twisted one little boy nipple gently between his fingertips, while his other hand still hold my wrists. Leaving my nipple he slid lower and traced delicate circles towards my ass cheeks. My boy’s legs were shifting up and down and my lower body was thrusting up, my urgency was obvious. I needed him to explore me further. David went up and said with a smile, “Your little boy hole feels empty, don’t worry, little one. That what my gift is about, filling your empty boy ass.” I wondered what he meant by that. David sat up and reached over to the table by the bed and grabbed a tube. He lifted my legs up and squirted some of the clear stuff on his finger tip. He wiped it on my boy pussy. It was cold!I shivered. David said, “It is just lube, and it would make my gift to you glide in your boy pussy better.” I wondered what his gift would be. David showed me now a little dog tail plug and laughed at my surprised face. “This is my gift, puppy boy, yes! Look at it! I’m not going to fuck you this morning. If you are my little puppy boy now, Tobias, your little hole can’t be empty, you will wear this puppy tail for me.” David showed me the black dog tail plug. It was a black silicone butt plug with curved tip and dog tail. I was totally surprised, I expected him to fuck me doggy style. I mumbled, “Yes, I see… Sir.” David ignored my hesitation, he explained, “The curved top is perfect to stimulate your little puppy prostate wearing it. Don’t worry you will get used to it. Attached to the butt plug is a tail that resembles your little dog tail. Ideal during the day, at school, here at home and with me. You can wear it inside your boy briefs! The flat base of the butt plug makes the dog tail safe to use, so don’t worry.” David covered the plug with lube, and asked me if I was ready. I told him, “Yes I’m ready”. I was shocked and puzzled how I could wear the tail inside my briefs at school. I was was ready to ask him that… David asked, “What did you say?” I was overruled by his question. I could not figure what was wrong, so I said, “Yes Sir, I’m ready.” “No, no, puppy boy!” he said, “I told you, you are a puppy boy when you wear the tail in your little tight boy ass. So beg me to open your pussy!” I said, “Please give it to me, Sir. Please insert my puppy tail in my little puppy ass.” David pushed the plug against my boy pussy and said, “You are a good little puppy, now push back.” I did amd felt the plug at my little ass hole. “This is going to hurt a bit, the plug end is fat like a man cock, but if you push real hard and open up your little boy pussy ass of yours, the tail plug will slide in easier. It will not hurt as much. It is going to feel great for you.” I did what he told me to do. He started pushing like I was taking the puppy tail by pushing back on it. The puppy tail started to slide into my boy hole. Oh yes, it started to hurt, “Push harder and try to relax. Soon enough you will feel nothing but a good feeling. You will get used to the feeling of something big in your tight little puppy hole, and you will learn to love it, all little puppies like you love to wear a tail for their Master. Tell me you want your puppy tail further inside you, you little puppy boy, tell me, beg me for your gift.” and I begged him to push harder, despite the fact I knew it was going to hurt even more. I surrendered again, submissive to his will, “Please David shove my puppy tail up my pussy. I want to feel it inside me and I want to be your little boy and puppy.” David made a steady hard push and I felt like I was taking the biggest thing I had ever taken. I felt my boy pussy stretch and stretch around the plug and then I felt it inside me. David told me, “Push harder on it puppy boy. Fo it for your Master. The feeling will change from pain to pleasure, puppy boy, believe me.” Slowly he fucked me with the plug and he was right! I started to push and as he did, David shoved my puppy tail plug further inside me. The pain started to change and even though it still hurt some, I noticed the feeling in my puppy hole began to feel wonderful, like nothing I had ever felt before. “Oh yes,” I whispered, “Oh that feels so nasty and wonderful, like I’m being filled up by you.” David laughed, “See, puppy boy! You are a natural born puppy boy, my little boy and friend. You are going to love the fucking I am going to give you later. You won’t want me to stop. I am going to fuck the shit out of you very soon. Beg me now for more of your present.” I couldn’t control myself. It started to feel so wonderful and good. He was right! Everything he told me was right! I was beginning to really love the feeling of being filled by his tail plug, being this way his little puppy boy. David stroked my hair, “Feel it now, you are totally my puppy boy.” The feeling was wonderful. David reached down and started stroking my little penis. It was so intense I started to shudder and moan. “Oh David, please!” He stroked my penis, still playiing with my tail. “Do it puppy boy, shoot your cum for your Master!” I had an intense orgasm, my puppy boy cum shot on the sheets below me, while David was moved the plug around in my tight puppy ass. I just kept cumming and cumming. I didn’t want him to stop. David was right about that too. “Shoot your puppy cum, you little boy, you little puppy boy. You are cumming for your owner and Master. “You are tight slut, a real young puppy. Oh, that’s nice puppy boy!” He could feel kocaeli anal yapan escort me squirting, while he moved the plug inside me, I was proud for that. He could feel my orgasm pulse real hard, I did it for him! After a little bit he stopped and the puppy plug tail just stayed there. He was looking down at me and he was breathing with me. “See! I told you that was your boy pussy. You are from now on my pussy boy, you must keep it very clean. Do you understand?” “Yes master,” I said and had the strange feeling I should bark for him, “Yes master.” I said again and barked like a puppy dog, wagging my tail. “Good puppy boy!” David laughed and pulled my tail plug out of my boy ass very slowly.Suddenly I felt very empty and wanted that full feeling again, I looked at him with disappointment and pleading in silence to get it back inside. David stroked my butt, knowing what I needed and he smashed the tail back inside my boy ass. I groaned and David grabbed me by my arm. He swung me on my side and moved me, so that my head was at the edge of the bed. David put his hard cock near my mouth. “Beg for it, puppy boy!” I begged him, “Please Master; please let me have your cock. You fucked my pussy so good last night, tell me what to do, Sir. May I suck your cock, Sir?” David smiled, “Okay puppy boy, here we go.” David placed his hands around my blond head and started to push his cock deep into my throat. Soon he went deeper and deeper. I openened my little mouth wide for him, I tried to do my best to be a good puppy boy for him. I wanted to show him I wanted to make him happy. He sighed when he felt the warmth, then I closed my mouth, engulfing his man cock, caressing it with lips and tongue. David moaned. “Oh yes, puppy boy. Oh fuck, you are a good puppy Tobias.”, he didn’t say anything else, he instantly started to move his ass, fucking his man cock in and out of my sucking mouth in earnest. His moans made me happy and sounded horny. I tasted his incredible boner, licking and slurping as he was fucking my face with it. I took his muscled buttcheeks in my little hands and started kneading them, making him squeal with delight. “Oh that’s right boy,” he moaned, “Your mouth feels good on my man cock, puppy. So warm and good.” This will be a short delight, I thought, he’s about to cum, fuck, to cum in my little puppy mouth. I groaned, “Oh man, my Master, this is hot,” I grabbed my own penis and started beating it, but he moved my hands away. Suddenly, he moaned as he was able to put his man cock all the way, very deep inside. David continued his mouth fucking and speeded up, fucking my face deep and hard. I groaned and accepted all he wanted, needing him! When he pulled out he said, “You are a natural cock sucker, my boy and little puppy. It is time for the next part of our fun.” David smiled at me and said, “Nothing can harm my puppy boy, just stay there and enjoy this. Sometimes you will be my little boy, sometimes my puppy, you understand.” I nodded my head, “Now I will show you what I expect from my puppy boy.” He put me on all fours again, doggy style in the middle of the room. He moved to my backside and I felt the tail plug left my bottom with a plop. David ran his strong fingers of both hands lightly over my smooth upper legs and over his butt, beginning his ritual of teasing and taunting me in the most maddening way. My body was crying for more, for relief. Instead, he went on, but with light finger touches, his hands barely touching my soft skin, up and down. With one finger he touched me and ran it up and down my crack, not at all penetrating me, but giving him a feeling of anticipation at the very edge. “Okay, puppy boy, I love to rim my little puppy boy.” David moved to the space behind me leading to my ass and licked me up and down and I cried out loud, “Oh!” and he sucked on that wonderfully tender skin and I cried even louder, “Oh! Oh! David, Master!” Finally, David moved further back to my butt and licked up and down my crack. “Ooooohh,” He taunted me, tortured me, made me the begging puppy as he sadistically refused to rush in and make it all happen. Now, as he continued to lick along my crack, he used both hands to slowly open my cheeks, allowing David to lick deeper into my ass. He began to suck on the skin, along the sides, sucking, moving on, sucking, moving on, licking all the way up and dowwn. I was gripping the bedspread with both hands, as the tenseness in my body hit me, as he held his cheeks as far apart as they would go and sucked me firmly, harder and harder, on my boy hole and on the skin above and below it, sucking on one place for several times, then moving only a little and sucking hard again. David would take a suck break, lick me, tonguing me rapidly like a snake flitting its tongue, going back to sucking. I cried out, “David, I’m cumming! Oh fuck, I’m cumming” and he sucked even more, even harder, as I jerked as my boy cum came out, no doubt soaking the pillow and the bedspread. I was sweating a great deal and could feel the dampness of my buttocks and his lower back and his legs. I was moaning, now non-stop, “Oh David!” Minutes later, I cried out, “David! I’m cumming again. Fuck! Fuck! Oh, David, this is so good. I love you – oh, god, I’m shooting, David!” I was totally spent and nearly collapsed on the bed. David gave me some minutes to recover, holding me. He rolled me on my back and opened my smooth boy legs. “Now I will put my cock in your boy hole like I did with you last night. It might hurt a bit, because he was bigger than that tail plug. Relax, boy, push back!” I nodded and did as I was instructed and started feeling David’s cockhead probing my now wet boy izmit yabancı escort hole and felt it pushing in. I pushed back like David asked and I could feel it slide all the way in with ease, making David moan louder than me. “Oh boy, oh puppy boy, this is so amazing! You are a natural!” He started to fuck my boy hole making me feel more special in my life knowing that David is filling me up and having fun with me. David nudged gently forward, stilling for a moment to give me some time to adjust to him. “Okay puppy?” he asked softly. I opened my mouth but only nodded as if coherent thought had left me. David understood.I barely got my words out. “Yes…” Soon I found myself welcoming him, he thrusting, in and out. I was reaching up for him. “Come closer to me, take me, hug me, fuck me!” I whispered, staring up at him with pleading eyes. David pushed in further, resting his upper torso against the warmth of my body. He clasped my face in his strong hands and kissed me fervently, letting his tongue slide inside my open mouth and mate with my hungry tongue. I was thrusting up against him. My penis pressing into David’s stomach. David grabbed my right hand in his left and guiding it around my penis. “Do it.” He guided my little hand beneath his up and down pulsating man shaft, setting a pace equal to the rhythm of his thrusts. He sped up and slowed down making me pant and whimper like the puppy, I was now. Hearing this must have made David happy because he sped up more and more. “Oh little, I am getting close to your biggest surprise, now do you want it in your puppy hole or to taste it puppy boy?” “Oh David, I want to taste your surprise.” “Okay puppy boy, here it comes.” He pulled out of my hole and put the tail plug back in, making me feel full again and brought his cock up to my mouth. I opened up my mouth with my tongue panting so I would continue to be his puppy. “Oh yes puppy, Tobias my little boy. Feel it…. here it comes, boy.” David yelled as allot of white globs started to shoot onto my tongue tasting so sweet. “Take my cum! Puppy boy.” David collapsed breathing heavily and covered in sweat from head to toe. Once he caught his breath he took me into his strong arms. He carried me onto the corner of the room took out my tail and hold me down. “Okay puppy boy, here is the last part. I am going to reward you, get on your knees, puppy dog.” He said it with a smile. I knelt on the floor. “Crawl over here, puppy boy.” I crawled across the bed towards him. “Good boy.” He patted me on the head. It was absurd. It was ridiculous, how hard my penis was. I was kneeling at David’s feet, ready to do whatever he wanted. I barked happy like a real puppy. David’s voice was gentle. “I’m going to put a collar on you, when I treat you like my puppy dog. You’re going to lick every inch of me, like puppies do. You’re going to suck me off, and I’m going to fuck you, my puppy all the time, like a mature male dog. You will wear the tail in your ass too, of course, you can wear it to school in your briefs and will learn to sit with it. Oh, I might spit on you if I feel like it.” He looked at me expectantly. “No woof, puppy boy?” I shook my head, “No Sir, thank you big brother for all, I love you!” “Good boy,” he said, “I love you too.” My heart leapt. He brought out a collar from a little box. “You want this, puppy boy?” he asked. I nodded, then on second thought added, “Woof! Yes Sir!” “Well, you’re going to have to earn it.” He cleared his throat, and visibly swished a little spit around in his mouth. “I want you to beg again. I like you begging.” I was on my knees anyway, so I put my ‘paws’ up in the air like a puppy, and gave him a puppy dog look, and did my best to do a cute puppy dog face, however ridiculous that might have looked. He laughed, and bent over me. Which is when it occurred to me that I was begging for his spit. I felt wonderful and weird, here I was on my knees in the corner of my room, begging my big brother like a puppy dog to spit in my mouth. There are moments in your life where fundamental truths that you believe about yourself change. In the pause between the spit leaving his mouth, when it was hanging there at the end of a thread of spittle, about to plummet towards my open mouth, I came to the realization that I wa submissive to him. Ready to serve him all the way, the way he liked. David’s spit was warm and slimy and it coated my tongue. “Swallow it, puppy dog.” he said, and I swallowed. “Good puppy dog.” He held up the collar. “You want this?” I nodded my head. “Yes Sir” He slid the leather of the collar around my neck and buckled it on me. I was his young little brother, his boy, his puppy dog now. He kept me naked and played with me all kind of puppy dog games. I stayed on all fours, the tail was in my butt and the collar around my neck. I excepted my role being David’s puppy boy. I was proud and happy! I accepted my submissive nature. He trained me, made love to me as a puppy and as his boy. I was wagging my tail for him. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t worried about anything. All I wanted to do was make this man, my brother happy. “Good boy,” he said. He sounded excited. Happy. Youthful. Like a boy getting a new puppy. And I was proud that I was making him that happy. “You are wonderful to me. You love me. You are good to me. David, I love you.” Tears came to my eyes, and he held me in my strong arms, softly running his hands up and down my soft back, we lay back, snuggled up against one another. David pulled the covers up over us and we lay together, with me safe and happy cradled in his long, strong, arms, his very young slender boy puppy. I knew we would nap. We were both tired. But, the best of all was the promise we would spend the day together, When we woke up, he would still be there. David wasn’t a dream, he was back and made me his boy. He was real and I was his own boy to pleasure him, over and over again, and it would only get better and hotter as the days and months went ail

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: Jamie and Uncle George 79 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a teenager, his uncle and other males. Feedback is always welcome. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as quickly as possible. JAMIE AND UNCLE GEORGE Chapter 79 “We’re going to play in the barn,” Jamie told his uncle when he arrived home from school with his friend Justin. “Well, change out of your school uniform first. Find something else for Justin to wear,” responded George. “I’ve got a loose-fitting pair of shorts that should do you,” Jamie told Justin as they climbed the stairs. Then he lowered his voice and added, “But we will both be naked once we reach the barn.” Soon Jamie had changed into shorts and a t-shirt. Justin wore his school shirt and Jamie’s old shorts. “The shorts are a bit tight on you but they will do. Now what shall we take with us?” Jamie winked at Justin as he put the belt which had been around his waist a short time earlier into a bag. Then he added a couple of ties, his dildo and a tube of lubricating jelly. “Okay, let’s go.” “You’re really into this kinky stuff, aren’t you?” Justin grinned as he walked with Jamie to the barn. “You sometimes hang around public toilets hoping for sex with men,” retorted Jamie. “That’s not exactly normal. Anyway I think it’s fun to try different things.” Justin laughed. “It’s not easy to find men who like sex with boys. How else am I supposed to find them?” “It will become easier in the future. I bet that men will even be able to marry other men one day,” said Jamie. “You think so? You will tell me next that a black man will become president of the USA one day,” Justin responded. “I guess that is unlikely,” Jamie said with a sad look on his face. “Talking of black men, did I tell you about Josef and his monster cock?” “You did, and there is no way I’d take a cock that big up my arse.” Justin smiled. “I need to be really, really horny to take it,” Jamie admitted. “It feels good to be totally stuffed though.” They soon reached the barn and Jamie looked around to check that they were alone. “Okay, let’s strip off and then I will tie you up,” he said. “Why should I get tied up first?” Justin asked. “Because you have never been tied up before,” replied Jamie. “Don’t worry though. I won’t fuck you. You know I’m not into fucking – only being fucked.” Justin laughed. “I wouldn’t worry about being fucked by your little cock. I’d hardly feel it.” “That’s not very nice.” Jamie pouted. “Sorry, mate,” said Justin. “You know how much I love sucking your cock.” Jamie turned away to hide his smile. He would get his own back on Justin for the cruel remark eventually but it was nice to hear him say he loved sucking his cock. “I think there is some rope in the corner. We can use it. Come on, we will play in that empty stall.” They found a long rope but they had nothing with which to cut it. Jamie therefore wrapped it around Justin as the older boy stood against the wooden poles forming one side of the stall. The rope kocaeli escort bayan went around Justin’s lower legs, looped round a wooden pole, then higher and around Justin’s waist. After looping round another pole, Jamie roughly tied Justin’s arms together behind his back. The ties brought from the bedroom were used to bind Justin’s wrists and ankles together. “Now you are my prisoner,” Jamie stated. Justin smiled. He knew that he could soon get loose if he tried. “Okay, I’m your naked prisoner. Now what?” “Now I’m going to whip you,” replied Jamie. He picked up his leather belt and moved behind the older boy. Justin looked over his shoulder as Jamie wrapped the buckle end around his hand. “Don’t hit me too hard,” he said as Jamie pulled his arm back.” “I won’t,” said Jamie, only a second before lashing out and bringing the belt down across Justin’s buttocks. It wasn’t a particularly heavy blow but Justin wailed. “Don’t be a baby. I’ve taken much harder strokes.” Jamie hit Justin again. Being better prepared, Justin let out only a little gasp. The leather belt stung a little but didn’t really hurt. Jamie gave the older boy’s buttocks two more strokes and these were accepted in silence. Jamie looked at the pale pink stripes and decided that Justin had received enough. He walked round to face his friend. “Maybe I should whip your cock? It’s stiff so I think you must like being punished.” “No, Jamie. Don’t hit my cock with that belt,” said Justin. “That would be too much.” Jamie smiled and shook his head. “Okay, I won’t use the belt.” He stepped closer and hit the blond boy’s cock with the palm of his hand. “Ouch!” Justin complained but he had a smile on his face. He gasped when Jamie slapped his cock a second, and then a third time. Jamie was very horny by this time. He dropped to his knees and took Justin’s cock into his mouth. “Oh, that’s a terrible punishment,” Justin said in response to the blowjob. Jamie used his hand to spank Justin’s bum again but carried on sucking the cock. Back at the house, Gom had been looking for Jamie. “He’s playing in the barn with Justin. Go along and join them,” said George. Jamie and Justin were too involved in their game to hear the barn door open. “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” Justin screamed just as Gom closed the door. Gom smiled to himself and crept into the barn. He soon saw the pair of naked schoolboys. He was surprised to see that Justin was tied up but he clearly wasn’t objecting to the treatment he was receiving from Jamie. “Yes! Yes!” Justin gasped as Jamie swallowed his teenage cum. Gom watched as Jamie sucked Justin dry and then licked Justin’s cock clean. Then he stepped forward and said, “What game are you playing, guys?” Justin blushed but Jamie just grinned and said, “Bondage and punishment. Do you want to join in?” “I’ll join Justin in tying you up,” replied Gom. “I don’t want to be tied up.” “Great!” Jamie grinned and started to undo Justin’s bonds. Gom stripped off while Justin was being freed and then the pair took hold of Jamie. “How shall we tie him?” Gom asked the taller but younger teen. Justin looked around before deciding. “I think we should just tie his wrists to that kocaeli sınırsız escort beam above his head. That way we will be able to play with any part of his body.” Jamie stood passively as the two older boys bound his wrists together and then secured them to the beam. He had to stretch upwards but it wasn’t too uncomfortable, and he soon found out that Justin was skilled at tying knots. “Now what?” Gom asked as he and Justin surveyed their handiwork. Justin turned his back on Jamie and winked at Gom. “Now you and I have some fun. I haven’t seen you naked before and you’re sexy.” Gom looked up at Justin, who was 4 inches (10 cm) taller, and said, “You are sexy too. You know I like taller blond guys.” The pair took a step closer and took hold of each other’s cocks. “Aww, guys. That’s not fair,” moaned Jamie. “Maybe not but you can watch us having hot, steamy sex,” said Justin. “Yes, you can watch Justin fucking me,” added Gom. Jamie groaned in frustration. Justin wasn’t sure if Gom was still playing along or if he really wanted to be fucked. But then Gom smiled and said, “Maybe another time. We need to punish Jamie now.” Justin let go of Gom and turned back to Jamie. “Yes, you can see how badly he wants it.” Justin pointed to Jamie’s stiff 4 inch (10 cm) cock. Gom smiled. “I’m going to tickle him first. He doesn’t like being tickled.” “No, Gom. Not when I’m tied up and can’t escape,” begged Jamie. “There isn’t a better time. Go ahead, Gom,” said Justin. Gom gave Jamie an evil smile as he moved close and then started running his fingers up and down the sides of the younger boy’s body, moving from the waistline upwards. Jamie squirmed and gritted his teeth. Gom went a little higher each time and went he finally neared Jamie’s armpits, the youngster began laughing. “Stop it, Gom. Please!” Jamie begged between laughter. Justin joined in by tickling Jamie’s navel and inner thighs. Jamie’s jerked to try and avoid the two pairs of hands but his tight bondage allowed little movement. At the same time he was laughing and squealing. He lost his erection as his thoughts were no longer on sex. After five minutes Gom and Justin stopped and moved back. Jamie almost growled at them as he said, “That wasn’t fair.” “Well, I didn’t think it was fair when you belted my bum,” retorted Justin. “You should use the belt on him,” said Gom. “Good idea.” Justin went over to pick up Jamie’s belt and when he returned he saw that Jamie’s cock was starting to rise again. “You want this, don’t you?” Justin looked at the boy. “Maybe.” Jamie’s cock continued to stiffen. “Turn round and present your bum to us,” ordered Justin. Then, as soon as Jamie had moved, he lashed out with the belt. It wasn’t a hard stroke but it was hard enough to bring a yelp from Jamie and leave a pink stripe. A second stroke left a stripe at a different angle and let out a gasp. “Your turn.” Justin passed the belt to Gom. Gom was a little unsure of himself and gave Jamie’s buttocks a gentle tap. “You can do it harder,” said Jamie. Gom pulled back his arm and hit Jamie harder than Justin had done. This time Jamie groaned but he didn’t try to move away. Gom hit izmit anal yapan escort the buttocks with the belt once more, leaving a darker stripe. “Give me the belt again.” Justin soon gave Jamie’s buttocks two more strokes. Jamie whimpered but turned around when instructed to by Justin. “He was going to whip my cock with this belt earlier,” Justin told Gom. “I’m going to whip his.” Jamie’s cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum. “No, I wasn’t serious,” he said with a worried look on his face. “Yes.” Justin waved the belt at Jamie and took a step closer. He flicked the end of the belt back and forward at the throbbing cock, without using any force. Jamie whimpered a little but he wasn’t in any pain. He was very aroused. “Maybe I should whip your little balls as well,” said Justin. “Uh-huh,” responded Jamie. Justin smiled and then tapped the hairless balls with the end of the belt. “He likes it!” Gom was surprised. “Yeah, he’s weird. You’re weird, aren’t you?” said Justin. “Fuck me. I need to be fucked,” was all that Jamie said. Gom spotted the dildo and picked it up. “With this?” “Aye, fuck me with it,” replied Jamie. “I need to cum.” Gom greased up the dildo and then slid it up Jamie’s arsehole while Justin continued to tease the youngster’s cock and balls. Jamie started moaning louder so Justin stopped using the belt and just watched Gom using the dildo. After a few minutes Jamie cried out, “I’m going to cum!” Justin dropped to his knees and took the wet cock into his mouth. Jamie moaned and started spunking off, giving Justin several spurts of hot boy-cream. Justin didn’t miss a drop. “Nice.” Justin sat back on his heels and licked his lips. “What do you want to do now, Gom?” “I want him to suck me off,” replied the Asian lad. The pair released Jamie’s wrists from the overhead beam but left them tied together. Jamie’s legs gave way and he knelt on the floor. “Okay, give me your cock,” he said to Gom. Seconds later, Gom’s 4.5 inch (11 cm) cock was between Jamie’s lips. Gom allowed Jamie to suck and lick him for a few minutes then took hold of the younger boy’s head and began to face-fuck him. “I’m really horny again,” said Justin as he watched and wanked himself. Then he moved behind Jamie, removed the dildo and pushed his slim 6 inch (15 cm) cock between Jamie’s arsecheeks. It took him a few attempts but he found the hole and penetrated Jamie. Jamie pushed back, delighted to have two cocks inside him. Gom and Justin smiled at each other as they fucked their willing sex-toy. After only a few more minutes, Gom groaned. “I can’t hold back any longer. I’m going to cum. Argh!” Then he sent six or seven blasts of cum down Jamie’s throat. Jamie lost count because Justin started fucking him faster and harder seconds after Gom began spunking off. When Gom pulled out of Jamie’s mouth, Justin’s thrusts became even faster. He was like a rabbit, fucking in short, fast jerky movements. Then he started moaning before he gasped and sent his load deep inside Jamie’s arsehole. “That was fantastic. We should do it again sometime,” Jamie said when everyone had calmed down and the ties were being removed from his wrists. “We could have sex like that without tying you up first,” suggested Justin. “It wouldn’t be as much fun,” said Jamie. “I liked feeling helpless while you did stuff to me.” Justin shook his head. “As I said earlier, you are weird.” Jamie laughed. “And I’m hungry. Let’s get dressed and see what’s for dinner.” To be continued

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: Buck, Part 5 (gay: incest) Where we left them: Benji laid there long after Buck left and thought about stuff. Sam was probably too close to the truth and that is why he felt so bad about what he had said. And then he has Buck living under the same roof as him. The boy is a walking wet dream. What he was really scared about was that the person he loved more than anything in the world, Buck, would find out he was a fag and shun him. That is one thing he couldn’t take. Buck is everything to him. Part 5: The next morning Benji rolled out of bed and put on some shorts and a tee shirt. He had a hour to get to school and he was thankful it was the last day before Winter break. He pissed and then made his way into the kitchen where he found his Dad and Buck. His Dad was already in his coveralls and boots but had yet to zip it up, at all, and it was very noticeable. Buck was wearing a pair of work out shorts and nothing else. All Benji could think was, “give me a break man. I’m only human” but he tried to ignore the scene in front of him. “I’m glad you’re both up because I wanted to tell you something.” Roy said, “I was going to bring Oscar home tonight for some steaks and beer. I’ll pick up the steaks on the way. You guys are going to be home right?” “Sure Dad, I’ll be home for dinner but we have the teams Christmas party tonight at about 8 and Jake was picking me up for it.” Buck said. “Ok, just not too late Buck. I won’t be in any state to come find you. I’m counting on you to be responsible and make it home at a decent hour. How about you Benj?” Roy asked. “I got no place to be Dad. I’m here all night.” Benji was kind of glad Oscar was coming over. He really liked him. There was something about him that made him feel really comfortable. “Great. At least I have you both here for dinner. I got to run. Enjoy you last day of classes for the year boys. See you around six.” and Roy was out the door. He still hadn’t zipped up and Benji noticed. Buck was too busy eating to notice anything. At the last minute Buck slipped into his tennis shoes and threw on a tee shirt. “Is that all you’re wearing Buck? It’s kind of chilly.” Benji asked. “It will be warm enough. Hell it never get below 70 here during the day. And besides I’ll be inside all day. Thanks for caring little brother.” Buck said with a big grin as he ruffled Benji’s hair and then took off out the door. Benji had another 15 minutes till his bus showed up so he took a quick shower and dressed and was out the door as well. At 3:15 the bus dropped Benji off at the corner. It was actually hotter than 70 degrees. It was closer to 80. Not totally unusual but weird the week before Christmas. When he got to the house and went in he noticed that someone must be home because the back sliding glass door was ajar. He went to look outside and towards the pool he saw Buck sunbathing in the nude. It looked like he had actually jumped in the pool and was drying off in the sun. Benji sighed and just thought, “If it wasn’t bad enough that all I want to do is jack off and look at guys I have to live with two of the hottest guys on the planet. It isn’t fair.” He went to his room and changed into a swim suit and went to join his brother. Without making a sound he ran up to the pool and canon balled in making a huge splash. Big enough to soak Buck awake. “Why you little shit!” Buck said with an evil grin. He then jumped in after his brother. But Benji already had an escape plan and was up and out of the water on the other side of the pool. Buck jumped out and ran after him and soon tackled him in the grass. He tickled Benji till Benji screamed “Uncle”. They both fell on their backs laughing on the grass. Buck’s hand was on Benji’s head playing with his wet hair. “You’re so lucky I think escort you’re the best little brother in the world.” He looked over at Benji with the biggest smile. “Yep, and you’re the best big brother in the world, not that I have anyone to compare that too.” Benji laughed. “Why you….” Buck attacked him again and tickled him without mercy this time. It was lost on Benji at the time but he thought later how his older stud of a brother was laying naked on top of him while he was tickling him. After the boys calmed down Buck wet in for a nap and then he was going to shower before Dad got home. Benji showered and changed into shorts and a tee shirt. Then he watched TV. At 5:30 Buck came down showered and dressed in shorts and a tee shirt as well. He plopped down on the couch right next to his brother shoving Benji into the arm of the couch. “Ouch! You big ox. Watch it!” Benji said. “Awwe, did I hurt my wee little brother?” Buck teased. And then he put his arm around Benji’s shoulder and pulled him in for a hug. Benji was pissy about being basically jumped on but there was nothing in the world like a hug from Buck. He calmed down quickly and rested his head on Buck’s shoulder. “That’s better. You know I love you little bro.” Buck pulled him in tighter. And even though he was showered Buck still had that musk about him. Masculine and strong. Even at the young age of 16. Just then the heard the kitchen door open and their Dad coming in with the groceries. Oscar was right behind him. The boys got up and went to greet them in the kitchen. Both Roy and Oscar still had their uniforms on. “Hi boys! What are you up to?” Roy said. They all said their hellos and then Roy said. “Hey Benji, I was going to change into some shorts and a tee shirt. Oscar didn’t think of bringing any with him and you are the closest to his size. You mind getting him something?” Dad asked. “Sure Dad, come on Oscar. I got loads of shorts and tees. We’re the same height but everything is going to be tight on you I’m afraid.” Benji said as he took him to his room. Knowing that they may go into the pool at some point Benji found a pair of shorts he could jump in with as well. As Benji rummaged through his drawers Oscar sat on the bed and started to remove his boots and socks. Just as Benji was turning around with his selection Oscar had removed the coveralls off his shoulders and they were just hanging off his hips and ass. The zipper was all the way down. Benji couldn’t move. The tanned skin of the man that was just a bit taller than him froze him in place. All he could was stare. “Something wrong Benj?” Oscar grinned. He knew far too well what was wrong. In the few times he has been around Benji he knew down deep that Benji was one of them. He was glad because he knew that would make the relationship with Roy so much easier. “Uh…no…I…No nothing” Benji said as he handed the cloths to Oscar. Oscar smiled and said, “Thanks” and then just let his uniform fall to the floor. Might as well give the kid a show he thought. “Ok. I’ll let you get dressed.” a very nervous Benji said as he let himself out of his own bedroom. All Benji could think on the way back to the kitchen was, “What did I do to deserve this? Everyone around me is a hot male.” Everyone sat around the pool and had drinks while Roy grilled four steaks. Benji and Buck had already put a salad together. Roy and Oscar were having beers and Buck and Benji were having ice tea. Everyone knew Buck was probably going to drink at the party he was going to but he pretended to be an angel for dinner. After dinner Buck got up to get ready to go out and Benji did the dishes. Oscar and Roy continued drinking beer out on the patio. As it got cooler outside Benji brought them sweat shirts. At 10 pm Benji was tired izmit escort bayan and said good night to Oscar and his Dad. He went to bed and stripped down and went to sleep pretty quickly. But Benji is a pretty light sleeper, always has been, and at about 11 pm he heard some voices in the hallway towards his Dad’s room. Everything in the house seemed dark. Not a light on as far as he could tell and he could usually tell with his door open like it was. He got up slowly and as quietly as he could and poked his head out the door. His Dad’s door was open as usual but that is where the voices were coming from. Oscar must have had too much to drink and is staying with Dad was the first thing Benji thought of. But then he heard something else. Slurping sounds. He slowly made his way to his Dad’s door. The sounds got louder. Now it sounded like kissing or something. He poked his head into his Dad’s room and with just enough light coming in from the pool area Benji saw what would change his life forever. Oscar and his Dad, both naked, side by side making out. His Dad’s hand on Oscar’s ass and Oscar’s on Dad’s cock. From what he could see both of them were hard. Oscar sort of whimpered while his Dad played with his butt and kissed him. Benji sank down to his knees trying to stay low enough not to be detected. Just as he got into a crouched position he heard Oscar say, “You got any poppers babe?” Babe? What the hell was he calling him babe for? “Sure man. Just a sec.” Dad rummaged through the drawer on the night stand and pulled something out that Benji couldn’t make out. Oscar took whatever it was and opened it and breathed it in. Then he gave it to Dad and Dad did the same thing. The next thing Benji knew was that everything go intense. The two men were all over that bed. Sucking each other’s cock. Eating each other’s asses. And then finally Oscar on all fours while Dad took him from behind. They were so into what they were doing that they kept getting louder and louder forgetting that someone else may be in the house. Finally, after they both came, both men passed out. Once Benji heard both men breathing heavy or snoring he felt it was safe to get up. As he got up it was hard for him not to notice how hard he was. He hurried to his room and jacked off right away. Coming the hardest he ever had in his young life. But not even that was going to be enough for him to sleep. He was too wound up. Oscar and his Dad? Homo’s? He knew they had become really good friends but this is beyond…! He laid in bed for an hour with thoughts racing through his head. Then he heard a car door slam and a voice go “wooo hoooo” and a horn honk twice as the vehicle drove away. He got up and looked out his bedroom window and saw Buck walking up the sidewalk to the house. He seemed to be staggering badly. And he had no shirt on. Wasn’t carrying one either. He was just in some short shorts and sneakers. Didn’t seem to faze him though. Benji put on a pair of shorts and made his way downstairs quietly and quickly. When he got to the front door he found Buck trying to put his key into it with little success. When Buck looked up and saw Benji standing there he smiled and fell forward into his little brother. “Hi Benjjjjjj” he reeked of some sort of liquor. “Come on Buck. I’ll get you to bed.” Benji positioned himself under Buck’s arm and held him up as they went towards the bed. Buck was six inches taller and about fifty pounds heavier but Benji had some power to him or he wouldn’t have been able to make it to Buck’s room. Once he got Buck onto the bed he closed the bedroom door so they wouldn’t wake up Dad and Oscar. He didn’t think this was a good time to introduce Buck into Dad’s new lifestyle. It was going to be bad enough when izmit sınırsız escort he was sobber. Benji got down on his knees and took off Buck’s shoes and then swung the big boys feet up on the bed. “Aren’t yoooou gerring to take oooff me shorts Benjjjieeee?” Buck said with a giggle as he lifted his hips off the bed and did a very bad job of grabbing the hem of the shorts to try to peel them down himself. So Benji gave up and helped him. Once he threw Buck’s shorts on the floor he noticed that Buck had on no underwear as usual. So he went to put the sheet over Buck until Buck grabbed his arm, “Uh uh. You come too” “Me come too what?” Benji asked. “Sleep with me, I’m scared.” Buck said with his lower lip extended. “That’s my line!”, Benji wispered. “Now it’s mine. Come on little bro. Sleep with me.” Buck held up the sheet. Benji sighed and started to climb in. “Uh uh.” Buck said. “Now what?” Benji asked annoyed. “Like me” “Like you? Oh, naked?” Benji started to get nervous. “Uh huh” Buck said with a grin as he started yanking down Benji’s shorts. “Ok, fine. If it gets you to go to sleep, anything.” Benji said as he shucked his shorts and climbed into the bed. Immediately Buck pulled him into himself. Buck spooned the boy and he was a perfect fit. Even though the situation was weird, and after what he witnessed tonight, it was really weird, there is no where in the world Benji felt safer than in Buck’s arms. Soon they both fell asleep. Benji woke up some time later. It was still dark and he and Buck were in the same position that they fell asleep in. Buck was snoring in his ear. Buck was also hard. His hard on right in Benji’s crack. It was like a hot piece of steel in the crack of his ass. Benji then realized he was hard as well. He became very scared then. What if Buck woke up. What would he think. He started to slide away. Then the snoring stopped. “Uh uh” And Buck pulled him back in. “Mine. Stay with me Benj.” “But, but…we’re…” Benji stammered. Buck reached down between them. He felt his hard on and then Benji’s ass. Then he reached around and felt Benji’s hard on. “I know. Feels good. Go to sleep little bro. I love you.” And he held on to Benji’s cock as he fell back to sleep. Buck’s own cock nestled back into Benji’s crack. Benji laid there petrified. Not knowing what to do. But then eventually fell asleep. The sun shinning through the windows. Next thing he remembered. Then he heard. “Fuck I got to piss.” Buck got up and jumped over him and headed to the bathroom. Benji started to get up as Buck came back into the room. “Where you going?”. “I just figured you’d want to sleep in.” “Exactly, so where are you going? Don’t you want to sleep in to?” “But, I thought…Well….” Benji didn’t know what to think. He was so confused. “You thought that I was so drunk last night that I would forget I had you stay with me last night and that I held you all night and had the best sleep I’ve ever had? Is that it?” Buck said with a grin. Then he jumped into bed and pulled Benji back into him again. “Now be quite and go back to sleep little bro.” Benji laid there thinking of what to do when Buck spoke up again. “Dad and Oscar sure look cozy sleeping in like they are. Oscar is right in front of Dad just like you are right in front of me.” Then Buck seemed to sigh heavy and go back to sleep. He knew! Buck knew that Oscar and Dad were together! Part 6 Coming soon. Emails are welcome. Love to know how you guys are liking the story. I will revisit other stories and add to them when I figure out where they need to go. Thanks for reading!! http://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ http://www.//gay/incest/when-dad-got-out-of-prison/ http://www.//gay/incest/wildcat/ http://www.//gay/celebrity/lust-in-space/ Please support Nifty, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. After you get off get on and donate. Anything helps. 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Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER TWELVE: Sunday in the Park By Quentin Collins ail)

� BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don”t exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This story is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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I floated in a beautiful grotto pool fed by a clear waterfall. Cody stroked my back as I relaxed on the water”s surface. Chan and Victor were sitting on a flat rock at the edge of the pool. They watched us with their arms wrapped around each other, casually stroking each other.

I must have been drifting closer to the fall because the sound of the cascading water was getting louder and louder. Soon a rhythmic beeping sound was added to the waterfall. Where was that coming from?

I came to the realization that I was in bed with Cody stroking my back, his waterfall alarm tones getting progressively louder and adding beeps to rouse us. Actually, the alarm was rousing me: everyone else was awake and watching me as I came back from dreamland.

Chan and Victor were sitting on the bed smiling at me with their arms wrapped around each other, casually stroking each other. I smiled at my son and our two beautiful new lovers. I was completely rested, completely sated, completely comfortable, and completely erect. My erection felt especially heavy on my stomach.

Suddenly I felt three mouths covering my face with morning greetings. As Cody leaned over to kiss me, I felt that he was also firmly erect. I looked at the mantle clock lit by the glow of one of the bedside lamps. It was 4:45.

I had slept for less than three hours but felt like I slept a full eight.

“I thought you were setting the alarm for 5:00, my love,” I said to my cuddle partner Cody.

“I decided I wanted to give us some time for morning glory if we desired it,” he replied.

“Shall we take a vote,” I joked. I looked at my bed partners and saw three other erections. “It looks like we are unanimous. How shall we couple?”

Victor said, “Chan had the pleasure of you making love to him last night. Perhaps he would like to return the favor.”

Chan and I smiled at each other with love and lust.

I asked Chan, “Is that what you want, Bunny?”

“If you will have me.”

“Always and forever, my sweet baby,” I answered. “But what of our new loves? Will they join us in the realm when they make love with each other”

Chan kissed Victor. “Yes, dad, I am certain of it. They no longer need us to guide them.”

“Well, then, let”s love each other. Cody, would you be so kind as to prep me while Chan preps Victor? Or should Chan prep you to be entered by Victor?”

Cody crawled between my legs. Before he dove in to start rimming me, he looked at his husband. Victor nodded to Cody, who said, “Chan, would you prep Victor please? Thank you, my love.”

Victor and I lay on our backs with our legs pulled up so we could be rimmed by Chan and Cody, respectively. We leaned in to kiss each other. His tongue entered my mouth and began taking its morning walk. He tasted fresh and clean. I hoped I tasted as good to him. His enthusiastic lingual visitation indicated he found nothing unpleasant. We groaned into each other”s mouths as we enjoyed the mouths at our asses.

I love being rimmed, but Cody was exponentially better than anyone who”s ever eaten my ass before. I recalled from last night that he was also an exceptionally talented cock sucker. He apparently loves both activities.

Victor seemed to be having an identical experience: the foreskin on his thick nine-inch penis was almost completely retracted to reveal his wet glans. His self-lubrication starting once more.

Wait. Victor doesn”t have a foreskin. He didn”t last night. Did he? No. Cody was the only one of the four of us who was intact last night.

I looked down at my penis. It looked identical to Victor”s. Since when do I have a nine-inch penis? Since when do I have a foreskin? I looked over at my son as he ate Victor”s ass. His eyes darted between Victor and my genitals. He wiggled his eyebrows as he briefly lifted off Victor”s anus and said, “Yup. All of us are identical.”

No wonder my penis felt unusually heavy on my stomach this morning. Why wasn”t Chan freaked out? I asked Cody and Chan to please stop and kneel upright on the bed so we could observe each other.

Suddenly Victor and Cody realized what happened. Not only were our cocks identical, so too were our balls. We all also seemed to be prodigious leakers, just like Victor.

Chan was the only calm one among us. I asked if he could explain.

“I don”t know, dad,” he answered. “I somehow knew this was going to happen as we came out of our four-way marathon orgasm last night, but I can”t explain how it happened. It was a gift granted by one of our guides. I love my new intact penis. Do you like yours, dad?”

Chan reached over and felt my penis and played with my new foreskin. I hummed in appreciation. “You”ve always had a pretty penis, dad, but this is beautiful, don”t you think so?” I wasn”t sure how to answer. I was getting fantastic sensations in my newly-enhanced genitals, but their size and heft felt foreign.

Chan, as usual, had the perfect answer. “Let”s take these things for a test drive. Cody, my love, may I make love to my daddy please?”

Cody and Chan swapped places. I looked at my handsome son, his forty percent larger penis dripping precum onto my anus, and I prepared for the incursion. I had no fear, somehow knowing that none of these identical cocks would ever cause any of us pain.

I heard Chan profess his love for me as he pushed into my rectum. We were suddenly carried to our parallel existence. I sensed we were being welcomed back. I felt a breeze move through the bedroom. Within moments Cody and Victor joined us, and we joined together in another four-way moment of bliss.

Once again all our sensations were shared: I was fucking myself and Victor, I was being fucked by both Chan and Cody. It was indescribable. We were aware of other lights all around us, but we stayed wrapped in our own experience, knowing it would be relatively izmit escort bayan brief.

I remembered that this was the first time that my son penetrated me. I can”t explain why, but the moment was all the more sacred because we shared it with Cody and Victor. I wished my mom and dad could be there to share in my son”s making love to me.

I felt the two cocks pulsing in our asses as I felt all four penises exploding in synch. The sensation of Victor”s anal contractions was as real as my own. We left ourselves immersed in ecstasy for a few minutes and then moved back into our own bodies.

I felt my ejaculation subside and cum run off my face and torso. I felt it clinging to my hair. Chan leaned down, still planted deep inside me, licked up my cum and fed it to me in a loving kiss. I felt us shimmering as we kissed.

I saw Victor and Cody shimmering next to us. Is this our new normal?

Victor and I turned to each other to lick cum off our faces and share kisses, while Cody and Chan did the same as they both slowly withdrew their penises from us. I already longed for our next mystical union.

We took only a few minutes to bask in our afterglow. Chan lay on top of me and thanked me for loving him so completely. I wept at my good fortune to have such a son as I felt our penises burping out a last dollop of cum as they danced with each other.

We moved to the master bath, which had a wet room large enough for all four of us, plus a few friends. An LED wall clock informed us it was 5:02. Our trip to Nirvana was brief but vastly satisfying.

They had a water wand similar to ours, but they had a traditional toilet and bidet set up. We took turns rinsing ourselves out and moving into the shower area. We washed ourselves, and whichever body was close at hand with practicality rather than sensuality and dried ourselves. Of course, we took a few moments to share kisses with whoever was close by. It”s the polite thing to do.

As we walked down the steps, all naked of course, I asked Cody what we needed to do first and what was the nature of the event we were hosting that day.

“You, gentlemen, are our guests, remember? You are to relax today and explore the property however you desire. We have about thirty men arriving today who belong to an informal nudist group that meets here twice per month. Some of them are bringing their horses for the day to add to our stable of six. There will be swimming, tennis, croquet, walking, running, quiet meditation. There is no set program. Most of them are gay. They are all gay-friendly.”

Chan insisted that we are partners, lovers, and cherished friends but not guests. Not after all we had experienced together. I emphatically agreed.

“There”s no way Chan and I could enjoy ourselves while watching you guys work. You”ve done so much for us already. We will be sure to take some time today to relax and see the property, but not until we make sure things are running smoothly. There”s nothing that will make us happier than to stand next to our new loves and make ourselves useful.”

Cody and Victor knew they would not be able to dissuade us. They explained that the first thing was to get breakfast together for the work crew of seven men that would be arriving around 6:00. There are two stablehands, a cabana boy, a kitchen assistant, a house cleaner, and two caretakers to set up and guide outdoor activities.

Since much of the public side of the house is closed, the house cleaner will probably be splitting his time between the kitchen and the pool area.

We decided that Chan would help Cody in the kitchen while I helped Victor open the house and then Victor and I would go to the kitchen garden to harvest the day”s bounty.

Victor and I walked through the first floor, opening shades and windows. Although it would get warm, the mountain terrain all but guaranteed constant air movement. We were soon joined by Ducky, the house cleaner.

Ducky, properly known and Duc Pham, stands about 5″6″ and couldn”t weigh more than 130 pounds. His compact frame struggles to contain a hidden and incessant source of energy. His smile is wide, enthusiastic, and inviting. His hair is a complete wreck of black stick-straight shocks shooting about four inches out of his scalp in random directions. His intact penis is about three inches and lies under a sparse black cloud of pubic hair and on top of balls that seem disproportionately large for Ducky”s frame. He is, all-in-all, adorable.

Although his ancestry is pure Vietnamese on both sides, Ducky is a third-generation Amercian, and, except for food and family names, Vietnamese is as foreign a language to him as it is to me.

I helped Victor and Ducky do some top dusting in the reception room. We went through the entry hall and the bare check-in room to an impressively stocked and exquisitely decorated library which we also opened and dusted. Beyond the library was a smaller sitting room, equal in splendor to the library.

As we went along Ducky told me that he is an aspiring artist trying to find his inspiration. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design last year thinking he was going to be a digital illustrator, but he can”t seem to put down the oils and brushes. Victor and Cody invited him to live here for a year to explore his interests. In exchange for room, board, and studio space in a barn loft, Ducky works three days a week.

Ducky told me his parents send him checks every month to help support him. His father is a theoretical mathematician at MIT and understands the drive for pure knowledge and inspiration without immediate practical benefit. That is why they named him Duc: it means “passion.”

Duc Pham just might be the most pleasant and affable man I have ever met. I know Chan will fall in love with him for sure. I hope we all get to make love very soon.

As we came back to the check-in room, I noticed Chan and my wallets, phones, and keys on the reception desk, where we had abandoned them last night. I checked my phone and saw a message from my mom: Your dad one was moderately hilly but was composed of natural grass and feather-soft mulch suitable for barefoot running; the third was very hilly and would involve some scrambling over boulders and tree trunks. He warned against trying to do that without good cross country shoes.

We decided to do a barefoot, bared-assed run. Victor pointed us to the proper path and warned us to look out for signs indicating where the horse trails intersected unless we didn”t care about stepping in horse shit. He then pointed out the barn that they had converted into the fitness center where we could izmit eve gelen escort shower, rest, rehydrate, or continue exercising, as we wished.

We hugged and kissed our hosts and Bailey, and then started our run. There was a digital clock cleverly embedded in a stone and iron gate arch at the start/stop line, and another every quarter mile, so we”d be able to track our time. We decided the first half mile would be a warm-up, and that we would do five laps/miles.

It was interesting running barefoot. Most running shoes force you to land on your heel and then rock forward to roll off the ball of your foot. When running barefoot, your heel only occasionally touches the ground: your weight lands on the ball of the foot, with the ankle acting as an extra shock absorber to reduce the impact on the shins and knees. It took several minutes to adjust our strides, but it made running cross country much more comfortable. I was sure I was using muscles in my feet and ankles that rarely get exercised.

It took us much longer to get used to our “new” genitals. Chan and I exchanged glances several times as we noticed our cocks slapping around as we ran. It wasn”t painful, just peculiar. My larger penis made more of a thud on my lower abs than a slap.

Primrose Farm really did seem like 145 acres of heaven, as the sign at the entrance had proclaimed. The path went through a wooded area, meadows, along the edges of the vegetable gardens, passed the stables, and around a formal garden along the southern side of the house. The views were gorgeous in every direction, and the air seemed primordially fresh and pure.

By the time we started our fifth lap, my son and I both were drenched in sweat, which was a great lubricant in our crotches and underarms. Our large scrotums easily slid along our slicked thighs.

We sprinted the last thousand feet or so to the start/stop arch. Chan beat me, as I suspected he would, but I was only about two seconds behind him, at about 26:14. I knew we would have both come in under twenty-five minutes if we had warmed up before we started. That was one of my fastest times ever. Chan said it was his personal best.

We jogged a bit to cool down and then walked with our arms around each other to the fitness center. It felt nice to be so sweaty and rubbing against each other.

I noticed a pickup truck pulling a horse trailer toward the stables as we approached the fitness barn. I guess some of the men”s group were arriving with their trusty steeds.

We both drank a good amount of water and then embraced. I told Chan how much I enjoyed holding his slippery, sweaty body. He said he liked it too and suggested we go out in the sun and make love while we were still slick. I couldn”t think of anything I”d rather do.

We walked to the pool court, both of us growing our identical anticipatory erections as we walked. We found a chaise lounge in the sun and decided to use that instead of the oversized cabana bed nearby. I noticed that Derrick, the twinky pool boy was on patrol with his diamond stud earrings refracting amd reflecting the morning sun. There were about a dozen naked men in and around the pool.

The late morning, late July sun was plenty warm enough to keep us sweaty. I told Chan that I would like him to make love to me first, then I would do him. I asked if he would be bothered making love with the other men around.

“I”m not really the shy type, if you hadn”t noticed.”

We embraced tightly and kissed passionately while standing next to the chaise. I could feel us been drawn to the portal of cosmic bliss just through our kissing. A kiss from Chan is better than sex with almost anyone else.

I sensed that people were watching us, and more men were arriving. We were both sporting our nine-inch erections, our foreskins pulled back from our liberally leaking glans.

I lay down on the chaise and invited my son to enter me He didn”t need to be asked twice. He placed his penis at my anus, which I opened up and drew him in, aware that my rectum was massaging him almost unintentionally. I felt a soft, warm breeze carry us to the other realm as Chan penetrated me to the hilt and lay on me to continue kissing.

I felt a weird � almost ironic � power to submit myself to my son. When I bottom, I feel that I”m proving my capability as a lover. Anyone can stick their dick in a hole. Only a real man can make his hole a welcoming place that treats a penis with the respect it deserves.

Once again we were both experiencing each other”s sensations, so it turned out that it really didn”t matter who was penetrating whom. My ass worked wonders on his cock, and his cock worked wonders in my ass. We mutually decided this would be a leisurely, but not a protracted visit to the realm. We were invited to stay as long as we pleased.

We sensed our bodies entering into shuddering orgasms, but they paled in relation to the spiritual ecstasy we were sharing. Our ecstasy multiplied when we sensed Elias and Magda Katema nearby. Or perhaps they were a billion lightyears away? It made no difference here. They celebrated our union and permitted us to join in theirs.

The four of us made love to each other, and it was beyond description. I knew it would be paradise to have my Ethiopian friend, counselor, and former high school gym teacher make love to me. I didn”t realize how much better it would be to have Magda with us. I love her now so much more than I did just yesterday.

We thanked our spirit guides for their hospitality and bid our dear friends farewell. We returned to the land of bone and blood. I felt my son”s penis firing the last of a score of volleys into my gut. I had coated both our torsos with iridescent cum.

We had to stop kissing to catch our breath. Channing still had his monster cock balls-deep inside me, and I was still throbbing and drooling cum on my six-pack. We looked around to see about two dozen men all captivated by our public lovemaking. We were happy to provide a demonstration of the “proper” technique.

Chan smiled at me and then said to the crowd, “But wait! There”s more.”

He withdrew from my spasming anus, and I dropped my legs. He straddled me and pointed my spent, but still eager penis at his anus as he lowered himself on it and immediately began fucking himself on me, crying out, “I love you, daddy!”.

I watched his massive penis still burbling with cum from our just-ended orgasm as he prepared to bring us both to another stunning orgasm. We were both transfixed and were we transported on another soft wind.

Will I ever get used to this? I izmit otele gelen escort was beginning to realize that, the more time we spent in the cosmos, the more we were able to integrate the simultaneous experiences. I could sense our physical union as well as our spiritual one with equal clarity.

I had my hands on Chan”s hips, assisting his fucking motion as I watched his matted curly hair drip sweat on me. In the spiritual realm, I felt Chan ask me to play with his tits, a request I was happy to oblige.

We shared our joy with a couple of Greek boys. They were eleven and twelve years old. We celebrated that they had found their true love in each other so early in life. How satisfying it will be for them to grow up together, never having to wonder if they will find love.

Twelve-year-old Isandro was the top during his first anal copulation with his love Cletus. We tried to calm them and help them understand what they were experiencing in this plane of existence. It was enchanting to feel Isandro”s sensitive penis tingle as the contractions of Cletus”s rectum encased him, and they orgasmed together.

Young Cletus felt me stimulating Chan”s nipples and asked his lover to do the same to him. It was a pleasure mentoring them and encouraging their love.

We seemed to reinforce and multiply each other”s love and vitality. The preteens rejuvenated me, and I felt younger than my son, into whose ass I was firing my tenth volley of cum. I felt Chan spraying cum into the air, landing on my face, chest, and abdomen, mixing with his cum and our comingled sweat. I couldn”t wait to taste the mixture.

We bade goodbye to our young lovers, as well as our ancient guides, and returned to our own bodies.

A load of Chan”s cum landed in my open gob as we finished our orgasm, and I savored it on my tongue. Chan stopped moving, remaining affixed to my penis as he sat on my hips.

Our cum and sweat tickled as it started to run off me. I announced to the crowd, “Don”t let this go to waste. Come and get it.”

I realized after I said it that our audience had grown to more than thirty men, including Cody and Victor as well as a couple of the staff. There were thirty hard, dripping penises of every shape, color, and size surrounding us. It was spectacular to behold. I felt humbled to be the source of pleasure for our congregation.

Five or six men at a time came to taste us. There were mouths on my face, chest, belly, and on Chan”s cock and balls. I felt a tongue snake up on the underside of my cock which was still in Chan”s ass. The only thing that felt odd to me was someone sucking my toes, even though that was probably the least odd thing I had experienced since last night.

I felt Chan lift off my dick, and a succession of men made sure his ass was clean. I shuddered as I drank in his love as he smiled down at me with a man snaking his tongue into Chan”s ear while someone else licked cum and sweat from his neck. Several more men licked his torso, penis, balls, and ass. They played nicely together and shared their toys. We were both happy to offer a smidgen of our joy to these grateful men.

After a few minutes, I made room for Chan to lie down to my right. It was a tight fit, but neither of us minded. Chan looked at the honor guard of erections around us and asked, “Who wants to cum on us? Don”t be shy. Then you can lick us clean again.”

My beautiful, brazen son!

We spent the next fifteen minutes or so getting drenched in cum. Some guys fired off a single volley, some barely shot at all and instead wiped their drooling cocks on our bodies, lips, and faces. Other guys offered powerful rapid-fire shots. We were grateful for all their kind offerings.

I once again felt empowered to feel so submissive. I realized that I had the power to bring joy to other people with my body that I worked so hard to maintain.

My submission wasn”t passive acquiescence; it was an active invitation to the men to share in the fruits of our labor. The same way Cody felt like he was making love to people by offering them his culinary skills, Chan and I were making love to them by offering our bodies for their use.

Both Chan and I were hard and oozing. I wasn”t sure whether it was cum or precum, but our identical cocks were bobbing with our synchronized pulses as they too were covered in other men”s cum shots.

Chan announced it was time to clean us up. I kissed him as we allowed a crowd of strangers access to our bodies. I tasted many varieties of cum on Chan”s face. We both had anonymous men jockeying for position on our cocks and balls. We did nothing to regulate the traffic. We just enjoyed the overwhelming stimulation. The stimulation soon caused us both to have our third orgasm. We were once again in perfect synchronization as we fired off a half dozen offerings to whoever was lucky enough to have his mouth on or near our cock heads at the time.

The crowds began to disburse, and Chan and I relaxed into each other. A few men occasionally touched us here or there, including fondling and comparing our penises and balls. I put my left foot on the ground to give unfettered access to my crotch. Chan mirrored me with his right foot. We both encouraged the men to explore as they wished while we took a cat nap in the sun.

I dozed off feeling men kiss my face, nibble my ear, lick my nipples, stroke my abdomen and sides. One of my balls was in someone”s mouth while the other was being examined by bony fingers.

All the men were respectful, even reverent as they fondled me. My penis was constantly in someone”s mouth or hand, but I didn”t get fully erect. I didn”t really care who was attending me. I just relaxed into the feeling and slept. Chan appeared to be having a similar experience.

We slept briefly and woke to Victor kissing each of us lovingly on the lips, asking if we would like to shower the remnants of dozens of cum shots, sweat, and saliva off of us before we joined the picnic lunch.

“No, thanks,” Chan answered. I looked at him with a surprised expression.

“I like this feeling and being reminded of how we helped all these men experience pleasure. I want to hang on to it as long as I can.”

I decided that I would do the same. I looked at all the dried cum in Chan”s hair and laughed.

“I think your hair is glued in place.”

He told me I wasn”t far behind. We got up, our bodies varnished in other men”s fluids and walked to the picnic pavilion.

I apologized to Victor for our wild public display and our probable infractions of the Code of Conduct. He laughed and said that, from what he could see, our conduct was the best thing about the day so far for the attendees.

Victor asked Chan for his thoughts.

“I”m hungry,” Chan said. “What”s for lunch?”

He is a fifteen-year-old after all. We got in line to refuel for even more fun to be had in the afternoon.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: Closer than Ever, Chapter 8 Closer than Ever by RJ This story is about the love been a father and his son and contains sexual activity between the two of them. If such themes offend you, do not read. If you have any questions or comments about this piece, want to know about any of my other works, or just want to reach out, please don’t hesitate to email me. A list of my works, including links and descriptions, can be found here: https://bit.ly/2S5IYDI If you would like to be added to a mailing list to receive emails when my stories are updated, let me know which stories (if not all) you would like to receive emails for. Please also consider donating to Nifty if you fty/donate.html ~ Chapter 8 (Dad’s POV) ~ I chuckle slightly when I notice his hands are shaking a bit when we walk towards the front entrance of the hospital. “Relax, will you?” He looks up at me before sighing. “I’m just nervous. I wanna do well.” I put an arm around Jo, leaning over to kiss the top of his head. “You’ll be fine.” He’s been stressing about this internship for the past couple of days. After a fair bit of relaxing once school actually let out, it’s now time for him to buckle down again. But I keep assuring him of the same thing: he’ll be fine. I’m not worried at all, and even if he does struggle, who cares? This is for his benefit, no matter the outcome. If he completely fails, or finds out that he hates what he’s doing, that’s just as important a lesson as it is if he were head-over-heels for this internship. It’s an investment in his future. And it’s a solid investment at that: an eight-week program of ten high school juniors and seniors circulating through different projects throughout the hospital. They’ll be split up into pairs and placed under the general supervision and mentorship of a doctor. I’m actually getting a pair myself — just don’t know who yet. I’m fairly excited about it. If these kids are anything like Jo (who actually earned his spot here rather than me pulling strings), then I know it’ll be a good summer. When we head inside, we head up to the second floor and I direct him the way to where the orientation will be held. “Third door on your right,” I tell him, pointing down the hallway. “Okay,” he says, looking down the hallway skeptically. I can’t help but laugh, and he turns to me. “What’s so funny?” “Loosen up, will ya?” I say, stroking his arms. “Why are you so stressed out?” “I don’t know,” he says, clearly trying (and failing) to relax. “I’ve just been thinking a lot about ‘the future’,” he says, using air-quotes. “Ah,” I say with a smile. “Intimidating, isn’t it?” He grimaces and nods. “I just wanna be like you,” he says. “Find something I love.” “You know that took me years, right?” I remind him. “I didn’t know what the hell I was doing after high school. Not even in college.” “Yeah, but–” “But nothing,” I say. “You have time. Relax. I want you to have fun with this. Take it seriously, of course, but enjoy yourself. This is an opportunity to learn. Just take it as that.” He sighs heavily through his nose, nodding. “I’ll try.” I smile at him. “If it makes you feel better, we can talk about your future tonight.” “Yeah?” he says, smiling a little. “Of course. But for now…” I point to the room down the hallway. “Go. Make some friends or something.” “Yes sir,” he says, grinning before turning on his heels. He pauses though, rethinking his decision and then quickly turning back around to hug me and say “Love you.” I watch him hurrying down the hallway looking reinvigorated. I smile before I head up to the lockers to change, all the while thinking about Jo. It’s understandable that he’s starting to give his future some serious thought. Only one more year of high school and then (I’m assuming) college. But I don’t know what he wants to do as far as a career goes. He’s always been pretty well-rounded, so I don’t see an issue with him tackling whatever he chooses to pursue. I just want him to be happy. The first day goes by smoothly with my BIs (“baby interns”, so as to not to be confused with our actual med-school interns). I get assigned a boy and a girl, a junior and senior respectively, who are both unafraid to ask questions. After all the BIs take a tour of the hospital, these two come bustling up to me to introduce themselves, all bright-eyed and eager to observe. I almost chuckle at the sight of them, though. Jo is pretty smart, but these kids are on another level. Everything they’re wearing just comes off as incredibly geeky. I wonder what the rest of the new BIs look like. And how Jo compares. Since neuro is my specialty, I spend the first day just showing them around, introducing them to people I work regularly with, and I give them a general run-down of how a typical surgery goes. The boy is evidently squeamish at the prospect of observing brain surgery up-close, but the girl is completely ready for some first-hand experience. I’ll have to make sure I give her plenty of opportunity. The first day is little more than a big tour and explanation session in order to gauge the high schoolers’ individual interests so that the mentors can figure out appropriate projects for each of them. I don’t want them to hate what they’re doing for the summer — which means I’ll be having the boy doing things more behind-the-scenes, rather than anything surgical. Thinking about their projects makes me wonder what Jo’s mentor has in store for him. As it gets closer to 5pm, when the BIs leave for the day, I want to catch Jo before he walks back to the apartment on his own. I’m curious to get an idea of how his first day went, and I have at least a few hours left before I can even think about heading home. The last thing I do with the BIs is have them observe some minor stitching techniques up close before I clean up and escort them back to where they had their orientation so that they can check out for the day. Once we get to the door, I run into Dr. Michalski. “Mark!” he says, looking up at me with those beady eyes of his. “I was hoping to run into you.” “Am I in trouble?” I ask, chuckling slightly. Unfortunately Richard is pretty humorless, so he doesn’t even crack a smile. “I wanted to talk about your son. Jonah, right?” My smile falters and I immediately fear that my kid fucked up today. Richard is not known for his leniency, nor general kindness. He is extremely critical. So I’m surprised when he says “Quite a smart kid you have.” I feel myself warming up with pride. “Oh! Thank you.” “He’s one of the only baby interns that proved they are here to learn. Really took initiative.” He nods a bit in the way he does whenever he runs through an evaluation. “I’m impressed with him thus far.” “Guess I raised him right,” I say with a grin. Unsurprisingly, Richard just gives me a tight-lipped smile. That’s as much of a laugh as I’ll get out of him. “Just figured you’d like to know,” he says before bowing his head down and brushing past me. “Thanks, Richard,” I say as he walks away, chuckling slightly to myself before searching for Jo. I poke my head into the meeting room, but only a handful of BIs are still here. Maybe he’s running around somewhere? “Taking initiative,” as Richard said? Chances are he went home though, so I shoot him a quick text saying I’ll be back by 7 or 8 before heading back upstairs for my last consult of the day. “Knock knock,” I say, heading inside my apartment. I’m exhausted after work, but as always, I’m looking forward to kicking back with my boy. At the sound of me walking in, he pokes his head out from behind the couch and smiles at me. “Hey.” “I brought pizza,” I add, holding up the large cardboard box as I set my keys down and kick off my shoes. “Seriously?” Jo asks, and when I see him pointing at the coffee table, I almost laugh. Turns out he had a similar idea, because there’s a fresh pizza waiting for us. “Maybe we should’ve communicated a little better,” I say, coming over to him. “Tell me you at least didn’t get a margherita pizza,” he says. I grin and hold open the box. “Meat lovers, baby,” I say. He laughs. “Well at least we’ve got some variety,” he says before patting the spot next to him. I set the pizza box down before collapsing on the couch with a heavy sigh. Jo chuckles, resting his hand on my thigh. “Tired?” “Beat,” I tell him, closing my eyes for a moment before putting my hand on his and looking at him. “So! How was your first day?” “It was awesome,” he says with a bright smile. His eyes get all wide with excitement. “I think we’re kind of dabbling in a bunch of different stuff throughout the summer but me and this girl are mainly doing some HIV/AIDS research with Dr. Michalski.” “So I heard,” I say, rubbing the back of his hand with my thumb. “He went out of his way to tell me that he’s impressed with you.” “Really?” Jo asks, looking surprised. “He’s impressed with me?” I nod. “I thought he hated me,” he says with a laugh. “That’s just how Richard is,” I assure him, smiling. “Thanks for making me look good, though.” Jo chuckles. “I think you meant to say ‘I’m so proud of you, Jo’.” “That too,” I add, and he gives me a warm smile in response. “So AIDS research? That’s exciting.” “Yeah, it’s super interesting,” he says. “I think we’re starting off with diagnostics first, but I’m excited to learn more. I almost want to be a doctor now.” I perk escort kocaeli up. “Really?” “Well… no,” he says, and we both laugh. “I don’t know. That’s a lot to consider.” I nod a couple times, understanding. You really have to commit and put in the work and be passionate about all of it if you want to be a doctor. “Do you still wanna talk about your future?” I ask. He considers this. “Yeah. But you just got home.” “I don’t mind,” I say, leaning forward and lifting the lid off of one of the pizza boxes. I grab myself the biggest slice of the meat lover’s pie before leaning back, taking a bite, and then glancing at Jo. “Have you decided on anything yet?” He purses his lips in thought, thinking. “Like…?” I try not to chew and talk but in the interest of keeping the conversation flowing, I do it anyway. “What you want to do after graduation, for starters.” “Well I definitely wanna do college,” he says. “Okay, great,” I say, secretly pleased that he’s going for a degree. “Any place in mind?” He looks nervous before saying “No”. “Okay. Well you have plenty of options. But I guess it’s a matter of what you want to go to school for.” I give him a look that says he should fill in the blank. “That’s the question of the year,” he says, rolling his eyes. “Could be anything,” I say, continuing to eat. “I don’t know. Can it? I mean, how do I balance something that’s interesting with something that actually makes money?” I can’t help but laugh. “Fair question.” I grab a napkin off the table and dab at my lips. “Let’s focus on one thing at a time, though,” I say, giving him less-divided attention. “Start with what you’re interested in.” “Uhhh…” He laughs a bit. “I don’t know.” “C’mon. Anything. Doesn’t have to be a career,” I say. “What excites you?” He snorts. “Excites me?” “I’m being serious.” He clears his throat. “Fine. Um…” He thinks about it for a moment. “I don’t know. I like helping people.” “That’s a start,” I say, patting his leg. “What about it do you like?” “I don’t know. I like feeling like people can come to me about shit. My friends do all the time. I’m like the group therapist at this point,” he says with a laugh. “Like with advice and whatnot?” “I guess,” he says. “It’s just nice to feel like I matter. And that I’m actually helping someone, even if it’s something as stupid as ‘My boyfriend doesn’t like me anymore’.” I smile a little. Jo’s always been a good-natured boy, but it’s nice to see how kind he really is. “I don’t know about a therapist, but I’m sensing there’s a bit of a social worker in you.” “A social worker?” he asks curiously. “Yeah. I know how you get. Therapy would be far too idle for you.” “You think you know me?” he asks teasingly. “I like to think so,” I say, chuckling. Jo joins me digging into the pizzas as we discuss social work. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve come into contact with more than my fair share of social workers via the hospital, so I know a fair few ins and outs. And as we discuss it, Jo seems to agree more and more that this could be a good fit for him. Of course, we won’t know until he actually has some experience dabbling in the grand field of social work, but he seems less stressed about the idea of his future now that he has something to fall back on. We also discuss college in general as well. Paying for it seems to be the biggest stressor (understandably so), but he also makes a weird face when I say “if you live on campus, that is.” “What?” I ask. He shrugs. “I don’t know.” “Do you not want to live on campus?” “Kinda,” he says. “So live on campus,” I say, confused by how upset he looks. When he doesn’t respond, I ask another question. “Why do you look so distressed?” He gives me another little shrug before speaking. “Brett and I were kind of flirting with the idea of living with his aunt. In Boston.” That little tidbit of information reminds me of Brett’s aunt. I met her the one time we all took a trip to Boston (Brett, included). She has quite a snazzy apartment, if she still lives there. “Flirting with it?” I ask. “Yeah, like… He mentioned it in passing, but the more I think about it, the more I want to do it. Live in the city, either on campus or off. I loved Boston when we went. And it’s a college town, plenty of good schools there. I don’t know,” he says, glancing at me. “It’d be a good experience, right?” “Yeah, absolutely,” I say, surprised that he seems so hesitant on this idea. “If you want to go, you should go.” “But what about you?” He looks up at me and suddenly I understand what he’s saying. He doesn’t want to be separated. Boston is a whole state away, and with him focused on school and me on my job, we wouldn’t see much of each other. I feel touched by him still wanting him to stay with me, but… “Buddy, that’s a year from now.” “I know, but it’s still part of ‘my future’, is it not?” “I suppose.” I look at him for a moment. “I guess I’ve just had it in my head that you’d jump at the idea to leave home.” “That was you, remember?” he says with a little grin, reminding me that that’s how I was when I was his age: eager to leave home. “I mean, I’d love to have the full college experience or whatever,” he says, “maybe even live on campus or something. But I can’t act like I won’t miss the hell out of you.” I smile slightly. “I’ll miss you too,” I say, stroking his thigh with my fingers gently. “But wherever you go, even if it’s across the damn country, I think it’ll be good for you.” “I guess,” he says, shrugging slightly as he looks down. I lift his chin up with my knuckles. “Don’t let me hold you back, okay?” I say. He smiles sadly. “It’s just hard to think about. You’re the most important person to me.” My heart swells a bit. “You’ll get used to not seeing me all the time,” I tell him with a laugh. “Trust me.” He just looks at me for a few moments in silence. “At least tell me you’ll consider it. Really consider it, and take me out of the equation when you do.” His lip quivers a bit before he nods. “I’ll consider it.” “Good boy,” I tease, patting his cheek playfully. Then I sit back with a sigh. It would be pretty sad not seeing him so regularly, that’s without a doubt. But leaving home was the best decision I ever made for myself. I learned so much by being on my own. Of course, our childhoods were vastly different, but still, it’s important for Jo to get out into the “real world” without so much of my guidance. I glance over at the pizzas, both of which are a little over half-finished. “All done?” Jo asks when he sees me looking. I nod a bit before groaning and laughing slightly. “I don’t wanna get up.” Jo chuckles. “Lazy,” he says before sliding off the couch. “I’ll get these.” “Thanks,” I say, watching him clean up the mess and head into the kitchen. I close my eyes and rest, just listening to Jo wrap up the leftover pizzas and tear down the cardboard boxes before he comes back into the living room. “Don’t fall asleep on me,” I hear him say. I open one eye and glance at him. “I’m just resting my eyes.” “Why does every old geezer say that?” he teases, coming over to straddle me. “Geezer?” I say, laughing. “Don’t be disrespectful.” “Me? Never,” he says with a grin, getting cozy in my lap. He has me put his hands on his hips before he rests his on my shoulders, gently playing with my hair in the back. I scoff. “I shoulda beat you as a kid,” I mutter, grinning and giving his side a squeeze. He laughs. “Set me straight?” “Something like that,” I say, but I can’t say much more because Jo leans in and kisses me on the lips. I hum a bit, snaking my hands around him a little more to pull him closer to me as the kiss very gradually deepens. I feel my body relaxing a bit, sinking more into the couch as Jo’s hands rest on my shoulders. About a minute into the kiss, he gives my shoulders a gentle squeeze before he pulls away suddenly, looking at me with a confused expression. “How are you always so full of knots?” he asks, rubbing my shoulders more. I laugh slightly. “Sorry,” I say apologetically. He just sighs, smiling. “Want another massage?” “You don’t have to do that,” I say, rubbing his sides. “But I want to,” he says insistently. “I can even make it… special.” I cock my eyebrow. “Special?” He chuckles. “Yeah. I bought massage oil a couple weeks ago but haven’t used it yet.” I give him a stern look. “That’s gonna be so messy.” “Just lie some towels down and you’ll be fine,” he says before hopping off my lap and then grabbing my hands to pull me to my feet. “C’mon. It’ll be fun.” “But–” “Come on!” I sigh and let him tug me up to my feet, stretching lightly before following him to the bedroom. “Why do I feel like this is a bad idea,” I say with a slight grin, standing by the bed. “Just shut up and take your clothes off,” he says, heading to my closet to pull out a few towels. I just chuckle slightly as I strip down slowly, tossing my shirt and pants into the hamper and watching him lay out a few towels on the bed. After Jo rummages through his bag for the massage oil, he turns and eyes me up and down. “Um. ALL your clothes,” he says, gesturing to my underwear. “Seriously?” He grins. “Why so shy all of a sudden?” “Don’t think it’s too late for me to start beating your ass,” I threaten playfully, stripping out of my underwear and tossing it away. Jo ogles me playfully before patting the bed. “Hop kocaeli anal yapan escort on, big guy.” I can’t help but feel like this’ll get messy and I’ll be doing some laundry right after this, but regardless, it’ll be nice to get a massage. Jo’s awfully good with his hands, I’ve noticed. So I crawl onto the bed and lie down on my stomach, glancing over at him. “Happy?” “Very,” Jo says, undressing slightly too. He only takes off his pants though, leaving on his underwear and shirt as he climbs onto the bed, oil in hand. I grunt when he straddles me and nudges my side with his knee a little too hard. “Be gentle with me,” I tell him. “Sorry, sorry,” he says. I hear the cap of the bottle pop open and then feel that strangely warm liquid run down my spine when he squirts some on. Then, he gets to work. I let out a long, low, deep moan as he starts rubbing the oil in with his hands. Guess massage oil really does the trick. It allows him to glide across my back a little more smoothly. Even him working out the tougher knots hurts less with the oil, so the overall experience is heightened a bit. Jo starts to slide down, resting on my thighs as he works his hands into my lower back. Fuck, that’s the spot. He works his thumbs right into the center and I feel myself loosening up when he works me over with his knuckles. I rest with a soft smile on my face. This must be what a spa feels like. Fuck social work. He should be a masseuse. Then I feel his hands on my ass and my eyes open. He squeezes my cheeks a bit as if exploring curiously. It’s playful at first… but then his thumb grazes against my hole and I let out a little moan before chuckling and looking back at him. “Is this what you meant by special?” “Shhh,” he says, snickering. “Let me do my thing.” He grabs both cheeks in each hand, prying them apart repeatedly as he squeezes them as if kneading my glutes. His fingers get a little more exploratory, pressing more insistently against my hole a few times before a well-oiled thumb pops right in. I grunt. “I don’t think I ordered this.” He pulls his finger away and nudges my ass with his boner, still trapped in his underwear. “So you’re saying you DON’T want one of those deep-tissue massages?” he says as he grinds into me playfully. There’s a pause before suddenly, we both laugh. “Jesus, you’re cornier than I am,” I tell him. “It’s genetic,” he says, working his hands back up my sides. He gets a little more comfortable — which means his crotch is nestled in the middle of my ass. Feeling him so turned on is giving me a similar effect… “Feeling relaxed?” he asks me suddenly. “Oh yeah,” I say, practically melting into the bed. I haven’t felt this relaxed in a while. “I can feel it,” he says, running his hands in broader strokes along my back. Then he chuckles. “I could easily fuck you right now.” I grin slightly. “So do it.” He pauses his movements for a second. “Really?” “Only if you get naked–” I start to say, but I barely finish my sentence before he hops off of me and hurries to get the rest of his clothes off. I laugh, watching him toss his shirt and underwear to the floor before climbing back on top of me. “Someone’s eager.” “I like to take advantage of my opportunities,” he says with a smile in his voice. I don’t blame him. I don’t bottom often — I really have to be in the mood for it. But right now, I wouldn’t mind one of Jo’s “deep-tissue massages.” “Just keep rubbing my back while you do it,” I say. “Feels nice.” “I can’t do it all, Dad,” he says as he rubs his hard-on between my cheeks. “Sure you can,” I say. “I believe in you.” He chuckles slightly before starting to grind, working his rod back and forth. He moans softly and I bite my lip in anticipation, grabbing the pillow and hugging it to make myself more comfortable. I look back slightly as Jo reaches between us, lubes himself up with the oil, and then starts to ease his way into me. When he first penetrates me, I close one eye, wincing quietly from the stretch. Jo is a little more vocal, though. Swearing under his breath, he sinks in a little deeper. I clutch onto the pillow more tightly, grunting as the feeling starts to intensify. But he keeps it nice and easy, giving me some time to get used to the intrusion. His hands slide up my back and rest on my shoulder blades as he starts to thrust, daring to give me more and more of his cock until he’s bottoming out every time he pushes forward. I clench my teeth tightly, letting out a little grunt each time his hips press gently against my ass. “Damn, Dad,” I hear him say as he digs his fingers into my back a little more. He starts to push his cock in extra-deep whenever he gives me a full stride, and I moan out, resting my face into the pillow. I’m torn between wanting him to slow down and wanting him to speed up and just wear me out. It’s a strange mix of moods right now. But damn, it’s feeling pretty good. The boy learns well. And then he starts to add in the massage with his hands. He slows down his thrusts a bit so that he can work his palms, fingers, and knuckles in consistent motions all along my backside. I moan out more, arching my back just a hair as I feel both relaxed and sexually charged. I can feel my cock trying desperately hard to get erect underneath me, but I let Jo continue this position, licking my lips as he rides me out. “Can I cum in you?” he asks me suddenly. “Go for it.” He adjusts his legs a little, making me push my ass out more as he starts to thrust a bit harder. My eyes almost roll back from feeling how deep he’s getting. He’s picked up the pace significantly as his only goal is to cum. And cum he does. He keeps good form as he gets closer to his climax, tensing and trying hard to hold back his moans. They come out in tiny bursts as his hips twitch with every shot of his load. I let out a low groan, staying still and letting him slowly come back down from his orgasm. He pants heavily, hovering over me as he catches his breath. Then he very slowly pulls his cock out of me. I moan when he’s fully gone, feeling that tingling sore sensation before I relax myself. Jo gives my ass a slap and says “Nice.” I laugh. “You done?” “No,” he says before nudging my leg. “Turn over.” Turn over? Well alright. I grunt as I roll onto my back, making sure to stay on the towels and not get oil everywhere. Jo helps me move my legs so that he can get in between them. His hands run up and down my thighs slowly, inching teasingly closer to my groin. I know exactly what he’s going to do, so the simple anticipation of it is making my semi stiffen more and more. We both watch it grow until it’s fully hard, and Jo slowly works his fingers to my balls before gently stroking up the shaft with just his fingertips. “You have such a nice dick,” he says as he leans over to grab the massage oil. I laugh. “It’s genetic,” I tease, mocking him from earlier. “Fuck off,” he says, smiling as he works the oil into his hands. Then he reaches down, wraps his fingers tightly around me, and starts stroking slowly. Fuck… Now THIS is a massage. My hips raise slightly as he works me with two hands, starting off what is sure to be the handjob of a lifetime. He speaks up though. “Have you ever seen your dad’s dick?” I’m surprised he asked that. “Um. Yeah,” I say after thinking about it for a moment. “Like, hard and everything?” he says, focusing on the head for a moment. I moan before nodding. “It was an accident, though,” I say, remembering how I walked in on him masturbating once. However, he was on the phone and didn’t notice me. “Don’t get too excited.” He laughs. “I’m just curious.” He bites his lip a bit as he uses one hand to work over each inch of me. “Yours is just so… perfect,” he says, pausing his stroking to just admire my manhood for a moment. I appreciate the love, but I’m desperate to cum. “You gonna just stare at it, or…?” He blushes before laughing. “Sorry.” Then he gets right back to work, jerking me off with both of his hands now and working it faster. I moan as he varies his movements, introducing these nice twisting motions that massage me in both directions. My toes are curling from how good it feels. He even gives my balls some love, and I close my eyes as he gives me the full treatment. When I notice that he’s been only using one hand for a while, I open my eyes and look down to see Jo stroking me with one hand and fingering himself with the other as he stares intently at my cock. Then, without so much of a glance up at me, he slides forward to straddle me, hold my cock up, and sit right down on it. Both of us moan a bit when the head slides so nicely into him, assisted by the oil. In fact, he sinks down on it fully in no time. “Christ,” he mutters, letting go of my dick and putting both hands on my chest as he starts to move his hips in slow motions. I close my eyes again for a moment, licking my lips. God, why does my son feel so good inside? So right? I hum a little as he starts to bounce slightly in my lap, taking a few inches at a time. When I open my eyes and look up at him, he’s staring right down at me. The eye contact is intense. We both feel the connection we have. Something unmatched and unseverable. “Dad–” he starts to say, but I reach up, grab the back of his head, and pull him down to lock lips with me. The spark izmit yabancı escort ignites, and I wrap my arm around his body as the kiss intensifies. Peak passion, it feels like. Tongues slashing against each other and grips getting tighter. I slide my hand down to his ass as he works my cock over and give it a firm squeeze, making him moan into my mouth. Fuck, I love it when he moans. And if he’s on his back with me in control, I can make him moan even more. So I roll us over. However, I underestimate how close the edge of the bed is, and we both slip off the side. I roll off and hit the carpet hard on my back, grunting as the air is knocked out of me. For a moment, I can do nothing but blink before I glance at Jo, who basically fell on top of me. “You okay?” he asks. “Yeah, I think so,” I say, groaning slightly. He clearly tries not to laugh, but as soon as one little snort escapes, he’s letting it all out. I can’t help but laugh along with him before saying “Shut up” and pulling him down for more kisses. He keeps giggling softly against my lips, but as my hands start to wander his body more, (especially the few fingers sliding between his cheeks) his chuckles turn to moans. Guess we’ll finish on the floor. I clutch onto him and roll us over again, maneuvering between his thighs and wrapping his legs around my hips before I reach between us, grasp my cock, and sink it into him all the way with one quick thrust. He gasps out, grabbing my shoulders, and I hold myself balls-deep into him. “Jerk,” he pants, laughing slightly. “Couldn’t resist,” I say, grabbing his hands and pinning them over his head. He looks up at me with a fiery excitement in his eyes as I hold him down and then start to work my hips. He keeps his legs tight around me as I thrust hard into him, pounding him into the carpeted floor and making him moan the way I like to hear him moan. Him trying to hold back his noises and failing to do so always gets my cock throbbing. I hover over him as I keep his wrists pinned above him, looking down at his face with a passionate mix of love and lust. I lean down and kiss him hard on the mouth and he distractedly kisses back before I start to move around to his neck. That gets him whimpering and whining even louder. Right in my ear, too. I suck hard on his neck as if my only goal is to leave a solid bruise for him to wear to his internship tomorrow. Me marking my boy, and no one will know it’s my doing. I let go of his wrists and he immediately brings his hands around me, digging his nails into my back in a desperate attempt to hold onto something. I moan out against his neck before biting on his shoulder, shifting gears a bit and giving him harder, shorter thrusts. I reach under him with one arm as I hover over him again, holding the small of his back and lifting his ass to have him meet my motions at a better angle. In response, Jo tries to grip the carpet. I hear his nails scratching at the fabric. But I’m totally focused on him and that flawless hole of his that’s so sensually milking my cock. I lick my lips, feeling my orgasm fast approaching. And I know exactly where I want my load to go. I move a hand to his neck, keeping his face forward. “Look at me,” I tell him in a low, stern voice, and his eyes immediately focus on mine. He keeps his mouth slightly open as he pants in time with my thrusts, resting one hand on my wrist as I lightly restrict blood flow. Who would have thought Jo loved to be choked? But the past few times we’ve slept together, he’s requested it. I watch as his free hand goes between us to hurriedly stroke himself as if racing against the clock. His eyes never leave mine, though. And I maintain that eye contact as best as I can until finally, I reach my climax. I grunt, my thrusts faltering as cum surges through my shaft and into my son. I swear, giving Jo short bursting thrusts, my whole body tingling from the orgasm. When I look down at the penetration, watching my cock bury deep inside him, Jo starts to cum a moment later. My eyes flicker to his hand rapidly stroking himself and spilling his second load on his stomach. I grin a bit, lightly grinding into him as I look up at his face and slowly remove my fingers from around his neck. He takes a breath, blinking several times before completely relaxing. I chuckle, watching his chest heave a bit. For once, he’s more winded than I am. I lean over him and kiss his forehead before pulling out and rolling onto my back next to him. We just lie there on the floor as our orgasms slowly wear off. After a minute or so, I sense Jo looking over at me, and when I don’t turn to face him, he says “Hey.” I look over and smile. “Hi.” “That was hot,” he says. I burst out laughing. “Yeah, I enjoyed myself.” He grins a bit, looking me over for a second before asking “Do you think you’ll start dating again anytime soon?” I arch my eyebrow. Dating? Where’d that come from. “I don’t know,” I say, scratching my chest. “I haven’t sought anything out, if that’s what you’re asking… Why?” He shrugs. “I’m just always wondering when it’ll be our last time.” I scoff. “Our last time?” “Yeah. Once you meet someone, we kinda have to put ourselves on hold a bit,” he says. I know what he’s referring to specifically. Max. “I’m not saying it like it’s a bad thing,” he adds. “I know this isn’t forever. I just wanna see you all happy with someone like you were before.” “I know,” I say with a little nod, getting that weird flutter in my chest when I think about Max. But then I smile. “Maybe I’ll start dating after you go off to college,” I tease. He laughs. “Guess I’m going to Boston then,” he says, nudging me with his elbow. “What about you?” I ask. “Thinking about dating at all?” He shakes his head. “Same old, same old.” “No new developments with Brett?” I ask. I’ve been curious ever since that kiss happened. And Brett’s been gone for a week, but Jo hasn’t mentioned him once. “Nope,” he says. “At least, I don’t think so.” He rolls onto his side to face me as he talks. “I don’t know. We talked things over before school ended. About the kiss and everything.” “And?” “Well…” He clears his throat a bit. “I came out to him, for one thing.” I blink. “Came out?” “I told him I think I’m gay.” I can’t say I’m surprised, because I’m not. Maybe just caught off guard. I didn’t expect him to face his sexuality, especially considering how he reacted the last time I brought it up. “Wow,” I say simply, unsure what else to add. “I know what you’re thinking,” he says, which is a surprise to me because I’m not entirely sure what I’m thinking, “but that kiss kind of threw me for a loop. So now I’m just trying to be really honest with myself.” I smile slightly, happy that he’s being self-reflective. “How’d he react?” “Pretty much as I expected him to,” he says. “He’s always said he wouldn’t care if I was gay. Which I think has been his way of saying ‘I think you’re gay’,” Jo says with a laugh. “Maybe he knew before I did but just didn’t say anything.” “I mean…” I laugh slightly. “We all knew.” Jo hits me in the chest. “Shut up.” I wince. “What? It’s not a bad thing.” He sighs, looking at the floor. “I know. Sorry.” I rub my chest lightly, looking at him. “So you came out to him, and then what?” His eyes flicker up towards me again. “I just wanted to see where his head was at,” he explains. “So we talked a little bit more. He said he’s thought about me.” I squint. “Like, sexually?” “I guess so.” “Huh,” I say, pondering that for a moment. “So is he–?” But Jo knows where I’m going with this. “I believe him when he says he’s not gay.” I wait for him to continue, because I’m sensing his thought isn’t finished. “But…” “But… I don’t know. Is it possible to be ‘gay’ for one person?” I shrug. “Sure,” I say. Attraction is a fickle, unpredictable thing. “Things happen.” “That’s what I told him,” Jo says. “I told him how you said sometimes things shift between people who’ve been so close for so long.” I’m glad he’s taking what I say to heart. “So do you think something has shifted?” He rolls onto his back again. “Everything seemed fine before he left. It felt normal, at least. But I can’t help but wonder, you know?” he asks, and I nod. “But I’m trying not to be bothered too much about it. I think I’ve adopted this ‘Come what may’ mentality lately.” “I’ve taught you well, then,” I say with a grin, and he smiles at me. I don’t completely know where Jo stands on this, but I for one am crossing my fingers for the both of them. Brett has been such a staple in Jo’s life, and there’s no one else I’d trust to love and care for my boy properly. Besides me, of course. “Maybe a thing or two,” he teases before he sits up and stretches. “Wanna shower?” “God, yes,” I say, laughing. After rolling around on the floor, I’m sure we both have various bits of lint and debris sticking to the oil on our bodies. It’ll be nice to clean up. I stand up and lead the way into the bathroom where we both hop into the shower and rinse ourselves off. We share the space in silence, quietly taking turns rinsing off under the spray before passing the soap back and forth. As I’m standing under the spray and washing the suds off of my front, I feel Jo come up behind me and wrap his arms around my midriff, pressing the side of his face against my back and hugging me tightly. I chuckle slightly, glancing back towards him. “What?” I ask. “Nothin’,” he says. “I just love you.” I smile and rest my hands on his, stroking them lightly with my thumbs. “Love you too, kiddo,” I say, closing my eyes and, as I feel myself relax more than I did during that entire massage, I relish this tender moment.

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Jesse”s Itch, a story by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between teenage boys, preteen boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

Please consider making a donation to Nifty. There”s a cost associated with keeping this wonderful site opened.

Donate Here

Chapter One – The Morning Itch

“You need a hand with that, son?” my dad asked, watching as I fiddled with my shirt. I”d been standing in the front yard, trying to tie off my shirt at its midriff while I waited for my dad to lock up the house. We were on our way to the pride parade, and I wanted to look cute. Seeing that I was having a rough time, dad tried talking me through it.

I gave up and approached him, letting my shirt tail fall as I looked up at him, waiting for him to take control. I smiled up at him while he tied off my shirt, and when he smiled back at me I blushed. He gave me a wink and I blushed deeper, then he asked me, “You looking forward to the parade, buddy?”

“Yeah,” I said with a shy inflection in my voice, then he reached down and gave my exposed tummy a tickle. I squirmed with laughter, then he took my hand and we walked to the truck. He took me by the waist and lifted me into the cab with both hands, sending a shudder through me as I thought about the last time he had a strong grip on my hips. Before my feet left the ground, he planted a kiss on top of my head and told me, “You”ll get plenty of action at the pride parade.”

When he set me down on the bench seat, he purposely used both hands to grope my buns and give them a series of firm squeezes while I smiled over my shoulder. Finally, he winked at me again and shut the door.

On the way to the parade, I sat right beside him in the cab, using my left hand to hold his crotch. He got hard in his shorts right away, so I used my skinny fingers to knead his stiff dick through his clothes while he drove. At the same time, I leaned into his side and thought about how satisfied I”d been when he left my room just an hour earlier.

At 8am I was laying on my tummy, sound asleep. I felt my bed dip as dad climbed in at the foot of my mattress and crawled up behind me, then his strong hands pushed my legs apart from the insides of my thighs. Next, his hands came to rest on my fleshy butt cheeks, which were only covered by my Fruit of the Loom underwear. I felt his nose press into the seat, then he inhaled kocaeli escort bayan deep. His warm breath was pouring into my crevice through the white stitched cotton of my undies, and it was filling me with desire.

I felt his fingers slide up through the leg openings of my briefs, then he pushed my buns apart and spread my crevice open. He inhaled deeper and his breath flowed more fluidly between my cheeks, fluttering over my pucker. Out of nowhere, I felt his tongue digging into the seat of my undies, searching for my hole and finding it easily, then he starting eating me out. I immediately started moaning as the sharp, sinful pleasure began to overcome my senses, and I instinctively pushed back with my hips.

I felt his teeth scraping against the cotton seat of my underwear and knew he”d eat his way through them unless he stopped to ease them off my hips. Through a haze of naughty pleasure, I reached back with both hands and hooked my blue striped waistband with my fingers in an attempt to pull them down. Seeing what I was up to, dad took control, pushing my hands out of the way and grabbing two large handfuls of my undies, then he moved his mouth out of the way just long enough to roll them off my hips.

They were now bunched up around the tops of my thighs, but that was far enough for dad to pry my buns back open and resume the luscious rim job he was administering. As soon as I felt his tongue probing my 12 year old poop chute, I wrapped my skinny arms around my pillow and pushed back against his face, eager for him to continue. All at once, the searing heat of anal decadence wrapped itself around my body and I melted into the pleasure. The morning stubble around dad”s mouth was scrubbing the insides of my butt cheeks, making them burn sweetly while my head spun with pleasure.

I was still lost in the naughty sensations of dad”s morning rim job when he stopped, planting a long French kiss against my anus before he pulled me up at the hips. I could feel my bottom trembling with need as the sound of dad opening the bottle of lube carried into my ears. He slid his thick middle finger up my butt and fingered the cool, slick lube into my aching hole before pulling it out and squirting more into his hand. He slid his freshly coated finger back into me, twisting it from side to side while I moaned and writhed with need. Finally, he applied a generous amount to his hand and stroked his hard dick up and down while I watched over my shoulder with half opened eyes.

When he placed the bulbous head of his dick at my entrance, I moaned lasciviously and gyrated my hips around. I felt him take a firm hold of my hips while they were still moving, then he steadied them while he added pressure. And just like that, his glans melted through my hole like a hot knife through soft butter. A burst of carnal energy rolled through me like an electrical current, then kocaeli sınırsız escort he slid the rest of his length up my butt and I sighed with relief.

I felt his grip on my hips tighten, then he began to thrust. Over and over again, dad”s long, thick cock stroked my hole at its deepest pockets, giving me pleasures untold. My little body was shaking at first, then it caught fire and I felt a flash of heat wrap itself around my groin. My little boner was sticking straight out from my body, pointing down at the mattress while a tiny strand of precum hang from the tip. I could feel the electricity of our intercourse pouring down the backs of my legs and shooting up my spine in relentless waves that were intensifying with each stroke he fed me.

Out of nowhere, my rear end started to contract over and over again, involuntarily squeezing his thrusting cock as it drove in with authority. There was a moist squelching sound that eventually gave way to unapologetic farts as dad”s dick pushed and pulled air through my boy hole with no regard for decorum. Suddenly, the contractions in my butt started to increase in tempo and strength, then they became erratic and I felt my rear end clamping down with no rhyme or reason around dad”s dick.

And just like that, I let go and felt myself drift away. It was as if I were soaring through the clouds as the fog of anal satiation set in all around me. My head was spinning and my vision was spotty at best. I closed my eyes and let the feeling rule me, listening as dad groaned loudly. His thrusting was growing more forceful, and I knew my reward was coming. But even as I tried to pay attention to his voice, the pleasure was too intense and I lost track of time until he buried his shaft all the way up my butt and let go of one final moan.

I was moaning too, loving how his dick throbbed inside of me while he unloaded his seed. I felt the hot and cold sensation of sperm running out of my hole, painting my taint with its thick, gooey goodness and knowing that dad was still shooting more out. When he finally pulled out, the rest of his load ran out of my gaping hole, while he rubbed my back tenderly. Finally, he collapsed on the bed right beside me, and I quickly moved down to his rod, anxious to worship it with my mouth while I sucked him clean.

When we got out of bed, dad picked out a cute outfit for me and we hopped in the shower together. Much to my delight, he buttfucked me again, then he carried me to my room and tongued my hole for a while. Finally, he got up and went to the kitchen to make us some breakfast while I laid in bed and basked in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

“Whatcha thinking about, Jesse?” dad asked, giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze and snapping me out of my spell. We were sitting at a stoplight, just a few miles from the parade

“This morning,” I admitted. izmit anal yapan escort “I really liked it, dad.”

“I liked it too, buddy,” he assured me, then he leaned down and gave me a kiss on the lips. I moaned softly and opened my mouth, eager for his tongue to invade. Soon, we were enjoying a French kiss that lasted until the light turned green and we pulled off.

“Dad?” I asked, looking up at him while he drove.

“Yeah kiddo?”

“Maybe we can stop and use the bathroom somewhere before we get to the parade,” I suggested, squeezing the lump in his shorts a little more forcefully.

“Would you like that, buddy?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly as he turned right into a gas station parking lot and parked right by the single occupancy restroom door. “Come on, son. Let”s go take care of that itch.”

Up Next: Jesse and his dad make a pit stop at the fill up station, and Jesse”s rear end is treated to the full service lane in chapter two of Jesse”s Itch. ota

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