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Author’s note:

In this story, Varn is twenty two and is living his organic self-sufficiency life on a remote land block in the mountains. The Varn stories tell of his many and unique aspects.

~ ~ ~

Young Handsome Varn, and the Mature Female Visitor

He felt she came to stay. She found his beautiful, hot ways irresistible.

~ ~ ~

Knock… knock… knock.

Varn strolls towards his front door in a casual and confident manor. He feels secure on his land block, having established and now maintaining his organic self-sufficiency life there.

On his land block, Varn is in his realm, and is happy and relaxed with his life.

Having been gardening since he was six, and with the working of his land block, Varn’s stroll is with a fit and lean muscled body, which is relaxed and supple. Standing at five foot, ten inches, and in his hand crafted shorts, Varn moves with the assurity of a young man who sustains himself with organic self-sufficiency.

Varn’s sun tanned skin, embosses his well defined supple muscles with his every movement of his every step.

Mature for his age, and mountain fit, yet sensitive, Varn knows he is considered quite a package by some mature woman and is currently corresponding with two of them from the rural dating site he has joined.

~ ~ ~

It was great to have connected with the two mature girls from the rural dating site. Two potential eager pussy’s on the horizon. I was really keen on them both. They were both beautiful, and both very interested in my life here. Tracy was the oldest at thirty two, while Shelly was a year younger. Both girls liked that I was not into state legal marriages, but was with my, organic, self-sufficiency, sexual marriages.

My focus to have three sexual wives was not just based on a sexual interest, although that was a way hot part, it was also very practical for my life out here. I did not feel it was good for a woman to be the only other person here. I felt it was much better if there were three woman, who could share the tasks of this beautiful life I lived here.

The two girls from the rural dating site supported and liked my sexy interest in having three girls out here, and also agreed with my practical focus for three sexual wives.

And I was looking forward to it. Three sexy mature girls to love and fuck.


It was a bit after noon on a beautiful summers day, when I reached to open my door to see who was there. I had come in earlier for lunch and coming inside, I had left a radiant blue sky with a few billowing soft clouds, soft like warm pussy’s I had thought at the time, and still did.

Looking out my door always enthralled me. I would see all my beautiful organic gardens and orchards, and the adobe constructed out buildings standing in their golden-tan, earthy clay splendour. With the walls around two foot thick, they were a solid statement of a building.

My dwelling was built the same, The thick walls sang to me, sweetly and durably — shelter and home.

I opened the door and Oh, fuck. She is beautiful. The next thing is an instant hot pumping erection.

I love mature woman and I especially love mature woman who make an effort to look beautiful and sexy, and this baby was one of them. There were few who would out do her, in her effort to look really, really nice.

She was a stunner, aged around thirty seven I thought. She had lovely creamy skin, amazing blonde hair and black rimmed glasses, that could have looked geeky on other woman, but on her, they added charmingly to her very hot, sex appeal.

She wore a classic low cut, V-front, cute little frock, in a very elegant light-tan/cream colouring, hotly revealing a titillating amount of her lovely mature medium sized creamy tits, with just a tiny smidgen of lace bra showing at the base of the V-front.

Well Done! Babe’s, I mentally congratulate her, while envisaging making her one of my sexual wives, and taking a handful of her hot mature pussy.

Her long shining blonde hair flowed smoothly at first, then just below her shoulders it softly burst into lovely cascading, elongated, sexy, hot ringlets.

The hot ringlets elegantly adorning both sides of her V-front, with a few curling tresses lavishing the outer sides of the exposed portion of her hot, kissable tits.

Mmmm, my cock groaned as I surveyed the beauty in front of me.

The frock portion that rose sensually over her hot shapely tits, was beautifully embroidered with flowers in a colour just a few shades darker than the frocks colour.

The overall picture was; I’ve got hot mature tits and I’m proud of them.

Yep! I said in mental appreciation. Ten out ten baby, for a hot, sexually arousing, lovely presentation of your mature boobs.

The dress V took its hot dive all the way down over her sexual objects, her tits.

The V tapered inwards in a sexy hugging embrace over her creamy smooth, delightful orbs, and finished its intimate sojourn with her boobs, in a point at their base.

Then around her trim Yeşilköy escort waist was embroidered a lovely fine band in the same colour as the embroidering that sensually enclasped her breasts.

~ ~ ~

As the door glided open, Evonne’s first impression of who she assumed to be Varn, was his beautiful blue eyes. Their affect on her was startling, and for a moment she completely forgot her purpose for the visit.

Varn’s eyes had depth and maturity in them far beyond his young years, and radiated warmth and hope, which gave Evonne the astounding and unexpected feeling that with Varn, all her today’s and tomorrows would be beautiful.

For that moment where Evonne was lost in Varn’s crystal blue eyes, that moment where she could not deny her irrational attraction to Varn, even though she would have to be fifteen years older than what she guessed his age to be very early twenties, in that moment Evonne felt as though she dwelt in some magical wonderland, like a fairy-tale place she had imagined and dreamed about as a little girl.

Evonne’s body was flushed with heat, and her pussy hotly tingled with wetness. She almost felt to run away and hide, so she could ball her eyes out for her lost childhood joy.

But the naughty thing was, that her pussy held her in Varn’s presence, where she observed that along with his vivid blue eyes, Varn had a very sexy and handsomely beautiful physique.

And the hot Varn, was definitely not starving to death as his mother had portrayed him to be, when she had asked Evonne if she would go and check up on her son.

No, not starving, but one sexy young guy. Fifteen years too young, not that her runaway pussy noticed the huge age gap. Evonne couldn’t stop her eyes travelling over Varn’s sleek, muscular, tanned, supple body.

He stood in his doorway in confident poise, his youthful body emanating supple strength, his mannerism, rugged gracefulness, with sensitivity.

Completely out of her normal self assured character, Evonne’s knees went weak, and she involuntary stepped back a step from Varn’s hot and beautiful presence.

Evonne wasn’t afraid of Varn, she was overwhelmed by him. And naughty her, she was wet for him. Very wet for Varn who was only a few years out of his teens, but those eyes, so very, very mature, so very, very beautiful, and so very, very sexy.

God, she needed counselling. But what counselling could stop her pussy wanting the young sexy Varn? And what counselling could stop her heart falling for Varn? Yep, she needed counselling, but knew none could be found that would help her. She was gone. It seemed like her heart and pussy already belonged to Varn.

~ ~ ~

Still observing the sexy mature babe, I saw that she presented herself in twin levels. In the first level, her dress could be said to be elegant and a little daring, nothing too extreme. Although her tit display was a strong focal point, her hot tits still sat within the decorum of sexy charming. This first level of presentation was skilfully underlaid with hot mature sexiness. The second layer was so skilfully achieved, it was like it was natural.

But I knew otherwise: Every brush-stoke of her beautiful hair, a combing to add to her beautiful mature allure, the choice of frock and its colour, all carefully chosen to make a pleasant sweet statement, that she maybe mature, but her pussy is hot.

Yes, very well done, I mentally re-praised her. Few woman could replicate her charming skill, and I wanted her as the first of my three sexual wives.

I wanted deep in her mature pussy, where her juices would welcome me fucking her. I wanted to know what panties she was wearing, and I wanted to see her pantie crotch laying hotly over her cunt.

And when she was mine, and wearing sexy hand crafted panties, the delicate fabric of her pantie crotch would softly, sensuously, and arousingly masturbate her sex hole, and add to my focus to have her, and all my sexual wives, joyously wet for my loving and fucking.

I knew and so did my pumped cock, that this girl, along with the two from the rural dating site, were to be my three sexual wives. I knew that I would go deep in this beautiful mature baby, and that she would feel my cock head radiating heat into her utter core, letting her hotly know that I found her beautiful, and I that it’s beautiful to have her as one of my sexual wives to love and fuck.

And she would know the beautiful journeying, where I would love her through her cunt, up her cunt, and in her cunt, where here luscious folds would delight on my pumped shaft.

Yes, it’s nice, and very sexy, that you’ve come to be one of my future sexual wives, you creamy boobed, beautiful, sexy thing.

~ ~ ~

“Hello, I am looking for Varn. Are you Varn?”

“I am the one and only, Varn. And you have seen my blog on how I live here, or you have seen my profile on the rural dating site where I am looking for mature sexy girls, such as yourself. And you have come here to declare your love for me. Well, I welcome Yeşilyurt escort bayan you beautiful sexy mature baby. And it’s a joy to let you know that you look gorgeous.”

I had her speechless. Exactly where I wanted her; speechless and also wet. While it was obvious I had achieved the first – speechless, I also knew I had achieved the second. Yes, I had got her wet. I felt she would like to be loved. I also felt she would like my organic self-sufficiency life here.

My soon to be, first sexual wife’s body language spoke heaps. She actually took a second small step backwards at my reply to her question. The sexy mature baby had taken her first step backwards when I first opened the door, where I saw that she was drawn to me.

But with both her small steps back, her hips had remained facing me squarely and slightly tilted upwards declaring her pussy arousal for me, and her immediate arousal scent confirmed this.

With the step back, she did not lose her sweet charming smile, she did not show any uncomfortableness about displaying her tits to me, and for me. Yes, I felt she had come to display her tits to me, and much more as well.

And really importantly with the step back, she showed no fear of me, for somewhere in her, she knew I wanted her, and wanted to love and fuck her. I also sensed that her pussy had a word to say as well, her pussy wanted my length.

God, it was hot to have made her wet, and watch her in pussy heat while trying to get her voice to work.

She remained in hot pussy heat, smiled her charming sexy smile and said.

“Varn, your mother asked me to come and see how your doing.”

“Okay, well, you’re still a beautiful, sweet, sexy thing, and while you may think you have your purpose for visiting me, this is my realm here, and I see that your visit to me is so that I can lovingly sexy chat you up, until you ask if you can take your panties off for me.”

Hmm, stunned her again into speechlessness, and further wetted her.

I then add, “Beautiful, sexy thing, I don’t believe in state legal marriages, but am with my way of organic, self-sufficiency, sexual marriage. I am focused to have three sexual wives, and you sexy babe, are to be one of them.”

I let her enjoy her new found wetness for me a while, then say, “And let me see… my mother thinks I’m half starving to death, and living in abject poverty under some bushes. Correct… darling?”

Oh, Miss hot wet pussy, thinks she shouldn’t allow me to call her darling, but her pussy and heart won’t allow her to speak against me calling her darling, so she doesn’t.

“That is correct Varn. Your mother is very worried about you.”

“It is correct that you are to become the first of my wet darlings out here, but the information you have from my mother is not correct. What do you think of my natural built dwelling? What do you think of those huge organic gardens over by the stream? And the huge orchard behind them?

“And what to you think of the clothes I am wearing, which I produced from my weaving looms? My mother suffers from fear and pride. She grew up in poverty and thinks that unless I am in the city, I will be starving to death under some bushes, which beautiful darling, you can quite clearly see that I am not,” I say.

Again her heart and pussy wouldn’t let her speak against me calling her beautiful darling.

“This is awkward for me Varn. I can clearly see that your mother’s concerns about you are completely unfounded,” Evonne replied.

“Yes, but Mom did sent you to me that I could sexy flirt with you, until you ask if you can take your panties off for me. My mother refuses to visit me here. I have tried to email her pictures of my set-up here, but she just blocked my email. And if you tell her about my beautiful set-up here, she probably won’t believe you.”

Again her pussy won’t allow her to speak against my sexual flirting.

“Well, I will let your mother know about your what you’ve done here. It would be good if I could sit down and have a chat with you, and take some pictures both of you and your set-up here, then I will have plenty to share with your mother.”

“That sounds fine Love. And while you can chat with me about what you think your purpose is in being here, I can chat with you, that you purpose in being here is for me to lovingly sexy flirt with you, until you want to take your panties off for me. And the photo’s are fine. And after I’ve shown you around, stay for lunch — It’s organic and from my gardens here.”

“Varn, you are a very unique young man, but I sense no danger from you, so yes, I would like to stay for lunch. Thank you.”

“It’s a date then,” I reply.

“Varn, where can we talk? And I’m Miss Ernst, by the way.”

“Come on Love, we’re on a date, surely we can go past the Miss Ernst. And if you’d like to sit on the outside table here, I shall bring you either a fruit juice or herbal coffee, or both if you want, and of course like everything here — organic!”

“Varn, it’s Escort Zeytinburnu nice of you to invite me for lunch, and you can call me Evonne. The herbal coffee sounds great, thank you. Do you mind if I take a picture of you now? A first impression picture to show your mother.”

“Not at all Love, and I’ll bring my camera out and start taking some pictures of you too,” I reply.

“Okay, Varn,” Evonne says, as she gets out her camera, and gives in to Varn a little.

When she is just about ready to take the picture, I say, “I’ll smile for you, your future sexual husband, that you’ll lovingly live with out here. And I love that I make you wet.”

Evonne takes the picture and is speechless again.

I say, “I’ll be back out in a few minutes. Enjoy your wetness Love.” Then I head inside, my erection pumping full and hard.

I return with coffees and camera, and as Evonne sips her coffee, I say, “You’re really beautiful Evonne.”

Evonne is blown away by my sexy flirting and all she can do is say, “Thank you Varn.”

“So can I ask my questions now Varn?”

“Sure, and I’ll ask mine too!”

Evonne smiles and says, “I am enjoying your company Varn, unusual as it is.”

“And I am enjoying your company, sexy as it is.”

Evonne laughs. “Varn, I can see you’re physically fine, but I think it would also be good if I could tell your mother how you are emotionally, and how your personal life is going, including relationships.”

“Ask away, and of course I’ll have questions for you.”

“Okay. So, Varn, how would you describe your current emotional situation?” Evonne asks.

With the sun shining warmly and Evonne looking beautiful, I reply, “At the moment it’s really great Evonne. I’ve got a sexy, beautiful mature baby sitting in front of me, a baby who’s wet for me. I’ve joined a rural dating site and am currently writing with two sexy mature girls.

“It is my focus to have three sexual wives here. I look forward to everyday, and I look forward to when you are mine here, and I look forward to making love to you Evonne.”

Evonne stops jotting down her notes at my last comment, and looks up at me.

I return her gaze and say, “So, I’ve answered your question, now it’s your turn to answer mine. Do you like, that I think you’re beautiful, hot, and sexy, and that I want you here with me, and that I want to love you?”

“Varn, I feel your focus is to much,” Even replies, while unable to control her pussy’s wet response.

“Well, a simpler question to start with then. Do you like that you’re on a date with me?”

“I can like that I’m visiting you Varn.”

“Okay, I like it too, my wet girl,” I reply.

“My turn to ask a question?” Evonne asks.


“So, no depression?”

“No depression baby, and no drugs, no drinking, and no smoking. Just work the land here, and chat up hot mature babe’s like you, and including you.”

“Okay,” Evonne says, as she continues to make notes, and her pussy continues to soak her panties.

“My turn now.” I say.

“Okay, Varn.”

“How long have you been on your own, and how are you feeling about being on your own?”

“Oh, Varn, that’s a very personal question,” Evonne replied, struggling to keep her thoughts free of the improbable and shouldn’t be happening desire she felt for the too young, and the too handsome, blue eyed Varn.

While Evonne was mentally struggling, any hope that her pussy would give up being interested in Varn was completely gone.

With the day lovely and warm, Evonne sat and looked around at Varn’s place, Varn’s beautiful place. Yes, the too young Varn lived a beautiful life here, and the memory of her childhood fantasy and dream of such a place took another step forward in her mind, as her desire and arousal for Varn further blossomed wetly between her legs.

Being here with Varn, the sun seemed brighter, well, everything seemed brighter, and age difference aside, the tingling hot wetness that was sweetly swirling, relentlessly through her pussy, was a welcome visitor and one she did not wish to send away.

Being here visiting Varn was dangerous to her composure though, Evonne thought, as she also imagined receiving Varn’s cock. Yet, visiting Varn, though a danger to her composure, it was also awakening her buried youthfulness and the buried joy of that youthfulness.

Unbidden came the thought to Evonne, that she would love to again ride the free blowing winds of her long forgotten youthfulness, but not as a child this time, but as a woman whose pussy wetly burned for a blue eyed, handsome Varn. But what of the age difference?

“It’s nothing you haven’t asked me,” I say back.

I could see the creamy titted, sexy Evonne was going in circles, so I asked, “Would you like to be loved?”

“Yes, I really would Varn,” Evonne replied.

“Do you like my complements?” I ask.

“Varn… I feel …”

“You’ve agreed to be honest with me Evonne. I’ve answered your questions honestly, as that is my way.”

“Okay, Varn. Look you’re a nice young guy, but I don’t want to give you the wrong idea, because you’re just too young for me. So yes I want to be loved, and yes I’m not happy on my own, but you’re too young for me Varn. And yes, darling young Varn, I like your complements, but as I said, you’re just too young for me,” Evonne replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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