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Author’s note: Not everyone appreciates May-December stories that involve incest, so if that is you, this story isn’t you.

Pieter Strauss III, aka Trey, a young student who had earlier lost his university Professor father, Pieter Strauss Jnr, himself son of another Professor, Pieter Strauss Snr, has a summer holiday fling with a mature lady, Sarah, then later learns on his return to university in September that she is in fact his father’s sister – his aunt – and his father’s replacement at the university. They decide to live secretly as a couple while looking simply like Aunt/Nephew house mates to the outside world.

This story takes place during the third – summer – session of Sarah’s first year teaching and Trey’s third year as a student.

After their overnight adventure with Professor Li and his wife, Sarah and Trey’s love life had been confined to themselves for a while. But after Easter, as the weather improved, some peoples’ attention definitely switches to sex, and both of them were keen to try something else, not because of dissatisfaction with their relationship but simply wanting to explore and experiment. Sarah had been talked, by the Dean, into doing some career counselling work with students, especially those uncertain as to whether or not they were in the right courses or needed guidance on how to proceed. She was scheduled to have one of these sessions later that afternoon, and mentioned it to Trey. “I have a four o’clock with the Boobsy twins today, so why not swing by my office and we’ll go out for dinner when I have done with them. I think they might just drive me to drink anyway, from what I have heard.”

“The Boobsy twins? Who on earth are…..”

“Two girls whose bust measurements probably exceed their IQ. Lord knows how they got in here – would love to know what they wore to their interviews!”

“By the sound of it, probably nothing much!” laughed Trey. “Are you planning I should meet them?”

“Not particularly but they will be in my office till around 5,” said Sarah laughing.

Needless to say, Trey was in the hallway leading to Sarah’s office by 4:45 but did not head down there. He leant against the wall and waited, about 25 yards or so from the door. Soon enough, the door opened and out came two young ladies, with boobs as Sarah described, trim waists and pronounced hips, and typical young-student blond pony-tails. Both were wearing short flared skirts, and the skirts and the pony-tails swung quite nicely from the hip action as they walked down the hall towards him. They didn’t know him, so he looked at them, but didn’t acknowledge them, and they walked straight by, but did look him up and down quite carefully as they passed. He turned slightly and watched their swaying hips until they turned the corner. They certainly could almost pass for twins. Then he heard a familiar laugh. “I thought I might find you out here. Young male students are so predictable.”

Trey went into Sarah’s office. “So, how did your counseling session go?”

“Actually, I owe those two ladies an apology. Yes, they look like people with the nickname “The Boobsy Twins” are expected to look, but I did not assign the nickname to them. They got that from one of their tutors, and it has kind of preceded them ever since. However, I think their IQ well exceeds even their combined bust and hip measurements! They are two fine 23 year-old young ladies who are quite smart and have good senses of humor. Clearly, I am going to have to come up with a better nickname – the Boobsy Twins is insulting and should be buried.

They are studying a fine arts degree with a major in photography, and they both were able to get into the technicalities well beyond my understanding, and at least make themselves look knowledgeable to me. It turns out they need some help organizing a shoot of a male and a female nude outdoors, and are totally unsure where they can pull off such a thing. Apparently the university is happy to set such a project as part of its courses, but not allow such photography sessions on its land. And obviously, the park in the center of town is out of bounds…”

“So you were thinking about our back garden, being as it is private and not overlooked, and has lots of trees around it and even a small pond… and you say we males are predictable! Were you also planning for you and I to be the nude models?”

“You yes, not sure they need an old woman like me, but you’re more their age and they could model for each other.”

“And what if things get out of hand, or should I say ‘into hand’?”

“Then our rules apply, and you can’t have them all to yourself!”

“I see, so what date did you arrange?”

“Well, the weather forecast for the week-end is good, so I thought this Saturday.”

“And did you tell them you need to ask your nephew if he is comfortable with all this?”

“No, I just figured a good East Indian meal at the Heritage House would allow me to bribe you into acceptance. I did mention I had a young nephew who might make a good male model for them.”

“It’s Sarıyer escort bayan a good start. Let’s go. I take it you just happened to mention that your potential-model nephew might just be outside the door?”

She smiled. “Come on, I really fancy their mulligatawny soup!”

“And I might just fancy you for dessert. I’m going to drive a hard bargain for all this!”

“Really? I hope so,” said Sarah, with a grin, “A hard bargain sounds just fine.”

So they had dinner of mulligatawny soup, lamb vindaloo for Trey, chicken madras for Sarah, with cauliflower bhaji to share, and a bottle of sweet Riesling, then headed home for their nightly Jeopardy! au naturel, going to sleep after relieving any stress they were feeling.

Friday, Trey mowed the lawn, and bought in stuff for a BBQ should the ladies need feeding, and Sarah did a bit of housework, which mainly consisted of putting stuff moved around by Mrs. Rowntree the cleaning lady back where Sarah preferred it.

On the Saturday, Trey moved their cars out of the double garage on to the forecourt so the girls could park their car in the garage and be able to carry their equipment direct into the garden. It also meant that by closing the doors of the garage, people could pop naked to the car to get stuff without being seen from the street.

Saturday had dawned bright and sunny, with barely a breeze, a clear blue sky and zero percent possibility of rain. The Boobsy twins, who turned out to be called Jan and Sue and were completely unrelated, turned up around noon. They parked in the front forecourt and rang the doorbell. They were dressed as Trey saw them earlier in the week, in very short skirts and close-fitting tops, and it was immediately apparent to him that they were braless underneath.

Sarah explained about putting their car in the garage, Trey helped unload it, and Sarah put out four glasses of wine on the only part of the garden in shade at that point. As they sat down to get to know each other, Sarah explained where shadows from the trees would fall later in the afternoon.

Over wine, it became apparent that Jan and Sue were kind of a couple. “We’re both bi-sexual, rather than lesbian, and not totally anti-men. Probably just anti most testosterone-fueled male students!” said Jan. “So we share an apartment, and most nights share the same bed, but not always. Sometimes one or both of us brings someone home, and sometimes we share…”

Sue looked carefully at Trey and Sarah. “You two are Aunt and Nephew, right?”

Sarah nodded, and so did Trey.

“But that’s not all, is it?” asked Sue. “There’s something else going on here isn’t there?”

Trey looked at Sarah, and smiled at her. “I think we’ve been sussed out,” he said.

Sarah looked at the two girls. “This must not go any further, please, It could damage both our lives, but yes, we are a couple when we are away from the university. It’s a long story,” She filled the girls in on how they met and had what was supposed to be a without-strings holiday fling without realizing who the other was until after they had a wonderful couple of nights of great love and great sex, a result of an immediate mutual attraction. How they both realized at Sarah’s first lecture at the university exactly who the other was. How Trey was Pieter Strauss III, son of Professor Pieter Strauss Jnr, who was her brother and who she was replacing at the university following his death. Both Sarah and Pieter Jnr were children of Pieter Strauss Snr.

The girls sat quietly for a time digesting all this news. Then Jan said “This isn’t getting our project done, so let’s set up the cameras over there. To begin with I want some pictures while the sun is still towards those trees and not behind them. On a project like this, we work in black and white film – so much more flexibility with aperture and exposure and final processing. Now, are you two still prepared to model?”

Trey nodded. Sarah looked and asked, “Do you really want an old woman like me?”

Sue smiled. “You have a great body, good hair and a genuine smile. You’re fit and pleasantly muscular, not flabby at all, and don’t worry, we won’t pose you together in anything suggestive – not unless it’s for your private viewing….”

“I see, and are you offering the possibility of some pictures for private viewing?”

“If you want. Once our project pictures are done, we have a completely free evening…. and night.”

“Well, in that case, let’s get this show on the road.”

The girls set up their gear in front of the trees, including some big light-reflecting umbrellas. Trey connected up their extension leads to some outdoor power sockets so their studio lights could be used. It turned out they had a wooden box painted to look like the plinth for a statue, and they placed that in the middle of the scene they were creating.

“Okay, Trey, off with the clothes, if you don’t mind. We ladies will keep our clothes on for the time being – don’t want to get you too excited too soon.”

Trey Silivri escort stripped, and the girls gave him a good looking over. “Reasonable muscle structure, no tattoos, no scars, that’s all good. This first one is going to be a real-life set-up of Michelangelo’s David, and he wasn’t sexually aroused, so don’t get any ideas yet or we’ll have to spray you with cold water from that hose pipe over there.”

They all laughed, and Trey let them show him how they wanted him posed, with the sling over his left shoulder and his left hand near his face, and his right hand down by his side. Once they had him as they wanted, he was told to hop up on the box and assume the position again. They carefully adjusted the light umbrellas so as to get the shadows and the lighter spots exactly where they wanted them, and then shot several pictures.

“Okay, now turn 180 degrees and take up the same pose again, so we can shoot apparently from the other side but not have to fiddle much with the lighting.”

Once they had read their meters and made a couple of small adjustments to the lighting, they fired off a few more pictures.

They worked on several poses. Reclining on the bench by the pond, standing in the pond like King Neptune, posing as an athlete with a discus and then a javelin.

“Okay, that’s all the solo male shots we need for this project. Sarah, get your clothes off, it’s your turn.”

Sarah stripped, and the girls looked at each other and smiled. “Pardon me asking, but how old are you, Sarah?” asked Sue.

“Coming up 59” said Sarah.

“Well, if I look like you do at your age, I will be highly delighted.”

“Well, if it might encourage you, at your age I looked a bit like you, but without the pony-tail.”

“Well, we want you to be Venus – the Goddess, not de Milo. So you get to keep your arms…”

For the first pose they had Sarah up on the plinth with a cloth draped elegantly down from Sarah’s right shoulder leaving her left breast exposed but covering all the other ‘naughty bits’ as Jan called them. Again they shot from both sides by turning Sarah around. Then a few more shots, each one with less and less covering from the draped cloth, until it was gone completely.

Then they got Trey to stand holding the javelin upright in his right hand and his left arm around Sarah, who was wrapped in the cloth from the hips down. “Toscano’s Ares and Aphrodite” explained Jan.

“Now, for the grand conclusion, we need Trey to become the photographer. We want to take some shots epitomizing the Vestal Virgins. So Sue and I will strip too, and one of us will set-up the pose, using Trey as them self, then when we have it how we want it, Trey will step out and the person setting the pose will replace him, and Trey will trigger the camera using the remote. Got it?” The two girls slipped off their tight tops and their skirts to reveal bikini-style panties, tied at the hips. They each pulled the others ties and let the bikinis fall to the ground, each revealing identical small well-trimmed landing strips.

They took a number of shots with the three females partially draped in cloths, and then completely naked, and eventually getting into intimate contact with each other. “These last few are not for the project, they’re to remind us of a pleasant afternoon with a sexy lady.” By the time they reached this point, the camera had been reloaded with fresh film many times. And the three ladies had shared some very intimate embraces.

The last one they took of the Vestal Virgins had Sarah naked on her back in the grass, with Jan eating out Sarah, and Sue lowering herself on to Sarah’s face. Although he started with a fresh roll of film, Trey took more and more pictures, moving the camera around, before the film ran out and the camera had to be reloaded yet again.

When Sue realized the camera was empty, she called Trey, who had remained naked, over and had him stand astride Sarah so Sue could take his now hardened cock into her mouth and suck on him. It took several minutes for everyone except Jan to come to a climax. As they disentangled themselves, Sue announced that she had also brought a digital camera with them and they should switch to that from now on. “Let its computer do the thinking while we have fun,” she said. “It has a remote trigger so one of us can have that, or even swap it around to whoever has the best view. I feel we four can have a lot of fun. If Trey at coming up 24 knows how to keep a 58 year-old lady happy, he has obviously learned to be a patient and sharing lover. Everybody game?”

Sarah grabbed Jan and sat her on the bench and knelt in front of her. “Poor Jan didn’t get to climax yet, so I need to rectify that before we get too serious about having a good, old-fashioned orgy.” As Jan held on to Sarah’s head, Sue grabbed the camera and took several shots, including a close-up of the look on Jan’s face when Sarah took her over the top.

Sarah suggested that the girls pack up their equipment, except for the digital camera, and stow Escort Topkapı it safely in their car in the garage, while she and Trey got an early dinner on the go, as no-one had had a proper lunch. So about 40 minutes later, they sat down to a meal of home-made burgers, grilled sausage, grilled portabella mushrooms, salad and a nice Shiraz, out on the patio. By common consent, all four had remained completely naked.

“Do you play with other people often?” asked Sue, who was clearly the nosier one of the two.

“Well, the weekend we met, we were both looking for a holiday fling, which is why we didn’t ask who the other person was, and why it came as a surprise when we found out. Then, a few weeks after I moved in here with Trey, we had one of my girlfriends from England come over, and we made the whole visit a threesome. So Trey and I agreed that we would, from time to time, have fun with other people, on the condition that we always played together, and there was never anything going on behind the other’s back or a private meeting, or anything like that.”

“So I take it that if Jan and I stay over tonight, we don’t have to choose between going to bed with you or with Trey, we just go to bed with both of you? Does that mean that both of us can have each of you?”

“It definitely does,” said Sarah. “We have a king-sized bed, a walk-in shower big enough for 4 and a hot-tub, so all of our facilities are at your disposal.”

“That’s good,” said Jan, “as I really want to feel Trey’s meat inside me, and I don’t mean the sausage on his plate. When Sue sucked him off, he looked as well-endowed as any classical naked statue I have ever seen. As it is still warm, we can even start the orgy off out here. When we’ve finished eating off the plates, of course.”

Some time later, Jan stood up and walked around the table to Trey, who was opposite her, and took him by the hand. “The sun has been shining on that patch of grass for a while, and I guess it’s nice and warm, and I want that cock of yours inside my pussy. That is, if Sarah doesn’t mind?”

“Go ahead, I’ll find some way of passing the time with Sue, I’m sure we won’t get bored.”

Jan led Trey to the patch of sunlight. “Lay down,” she commanded, and then knelt down and took Trey’s cock deep into her mouth. Trey could tell that Jan was quite experienced when it came to pleasuring a man, and was hard in no time. Jan straddled him and ordered him to hold his cock upright. Slowly she lowered herself on to it, and Trey could hear the click of the camera as she settled down on him. He looked up and saw Sue standing over him taking close-ups of his cock going in and out of the rising and sinking Jan, who knew what she was doing and held him off from coming for quite a time.

Sue moved away, and put the camera on the bench facing them. “It’s self-triggered every few seconds,” she said, and as he watched, Trey saw Sarah and Sue start kissing and squeezing each other’s breasts, and then Sarah climbed all over Sue and they began a 69 that was clearly intended to take a long, tantalizing time to reach its inevitable conclusion. Every so often, there was a click from the camera,

Trey turned his attention to Jan, and was amazed how firm her breasts were, they were not bouncing much at all as she rode him. He reached up and grabbed them and began squeezing her nipples. “Oh, yes…” she cried, and so he squeezed even harder, eliciting “oh, please, please, oh, more.” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her partly down so by raising his head a little he could bite on her nipples. She positioned herself so he could rest his head and she could rock backwards and forwards and he could still bite on her, and all she said was “Harder, harder.” Suddenly, her rocking stopped and she sat bolt upright and went rigid and his cock was flooded by her juices. He lost personal control at that point, and felt himself surge his ejaculate into her several times.

As he and Jan calmed down, he heard the familiar climactic scream that Sarah often gave out, echoed seconds later by a different one, obviously from Sue.

Everyone relaxed and lay back on the grass. After a few minutes of no-one moving, they all sat up and looked at each other. Obviously they had all worked up a sweat from their pleasure, and having laid back on the grass were now all covered in grass clippings from where Trey had mowed the previous day. Sue thought it so funny, she took pictures of the ‘alien creatures emerging from the lawn’. “Even though it’s in color and digital, that pic might actually get included in the project, as long as we don’t have to explain why the grass is sticking to us.”

“You can just claim you hosed us down and then we rolled in the grass!” said Trey, and with that all four rolled and rolled to get as grassy as possible, and Sue shot a whole sequence of pictures of people from various angles.

“Okay,” said Sarah, “a quick hose down, which will be cold, and then upstairs to the shower and a proper wash.”

The hose was cold, but the shower quickly warmed them up. Sue washed Trey and Jan washed Sarah, and then vice versa. Coming out of the shower, Trey dried Sue off and was equally impressed with her firm breasts as he had been with Jan’s. Jan and Sarah dried each other too, although the way that Jan dried Sarah got Sarah excited enough to start kissing her.

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