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******If you are new to “Yorkshire Pudding”, please go back and read Chapter One (known simply as Yorkshire Pudding). There is most definitely a story line, regardless of the standalone ability of the sexual escapades. While over these first two and the chapters to come, there is plenty of erotic activity, the relationship unfolding between them is the key to all of it.


From Chapter One: Miriam pulls Hank into her hotel bedroom.

I finally apply my knuckles with a series of hard raps but hear someone across the hall begin to open their door.

Terrified it will be a family member who knows Miriam is in this room, I quickly turn to walk away………. But her door flies open, her hand grabs me by the wrist and she literally yanks me into the room, quickly closing the door behind us………………

As my eyes adjust to the dim light, I proceed to stare in wonder at the woman before me.

“Sorry, I had to prepare myself”……………………

‘Prepare myself’ ………….. she said…………………… I have to check that my mouth is not hanging wide open, feeling more and more like a teenage boy, out of his depth.

Gone are the round toe, middle height “sensible” pumps she was wearing at the reception, replaced by at least 5″ of black, strapped, stiletto heels.

In fact, much more is entirely gone …………….. she is standing there, bold and beautiful, her hands on her hips, nothing left but her stockings, garter belt and a strapless, black lace demi cup bra.

I remain speechless, struggling to speak, frozen and not reacting. Not reacting. Not reacting.

As I continue to stand there, NOT REACTING, I see her confidence begin to melt………….. she slowly sags in at her shoulders and then drops her face into her palms as a small tremor passes through her.

What a fucking idiot I am, chiding myself……searching on how to fix this …………..Intuitively, I reach forward and lift her chin, bringing her face to mine ….. her lips are quivering and her eyes are unsure, even a bit frightened.

“You are incredible, Miriam! You took away my ability to speak and froze me to the floor. What a sexy, bright, beautiful woman it is that I have met tonight. And now, on top of that, I see she is bold, brave and shining with desire. Please, adopt that pose again and let my eyes drink you in”

With a hesitant glance, she straightens her shoulders, thrusts her breasts out and then firmly catches her hips in the webs of her palms. With each movement, her chin juts out prouder, her eyes shine brighter.

I finally have the words. “You are magnificent. Actually, you are excruciatingly, unbearably magnificent!”

She makes me wait, more than a moment…………now confident and claiming her space.

“And just what is excruciating and unbearable about my magnificence?”

With a lascivious grin, she looks directly at the bulge in my pants, already knowing the answer. She then notices the pouch in my other hand.

“How cute, I see you brought a little clutch purse with you. May I?”

She reaches out, taking my bag of toys and opening it.

“Hathor Lubricant……..KU Warming Liquid…..yum, and what are these……… I am guessing some kind of nipple sucker thingees, ………oooh, can I borrow them? What else……… some things to stick in holes………and cock rings, nipple clamps, …….what fun! We can both play!”

She puts the toy bag onto the bedside table, next to a little silver bullet vibrator.

Miriam is tall to begin with, but with heels on, she is nearly my height. She steps to me, we are now only inches apart. My heart is racing like the teenager I have become.

She reaches out and takes my hands.

“You are trembling………………..” she says, but with a quiver in her own voice as she softly bites her lower lip. Her eyes are full and wet, she seems on the verge of tears… …….

“What you did just now……… How did you know to do that?”

“Do what?”

“Help me own myself.”

“The woman I met at the bar was not embarrassed, but bold and confident. You took a fearless, erotic chance, speaking your essence. It was audacious and demanded a reaction. I was the one who faltered in my lack of response, I needed to make that right. We are both in unknown territory here, learning to trust each other.”

“That was simultaneously the kindest and most erotic thing a man has ever done to me.”

“Thank you for telling me that.”

“No, I am serious, you filled my heart to bursting and made me wet at the same time.”

Tears are now running down her cheeks as she leans forward to kiss me, her moist breath washing over my cheeks as she probes my lips with her tongue. As my lips part she sighs into my mouth…………….”Touch me” and she releases my no longer trembling hands.

Palms open, I run my hands up her abdomen as her breath into my mouth quickens and her own hands busy themselves kaçak iddaa by quickly unbuttoning my shirt. She pulls the front tails out and presses herself against me as she reaches behind to pull the rear tail up, out of my trousers.

The warmth of her belly against mine is beyond sublime and my need for her increases as I want more of her, more flesh to flesh contact.

“Hurry, my love” she grabs the shoulders of my shirt and pulls the sleeves down over my arms, letting it fall to the floor. My hands race up her back as she begins working on my belt. Her bra releases easily, joining my shirt on the floor.

I grasp her face in my hands and hold it firm, looking into her eyes, tears subsiding, mascara running down her cheeks. Trying to open myself to her vulnerability and convey my own, I want her to know that she is safe with me — no boundaries, no judgment.

She seems to understand and her eyes open wider, her lips curling open to me as her hands work furiously at the buttons on my fly, finally releasing my cock, both hands reaching in and under my ball sack, bringing all of me out.

Her eyes smile and her dimples lift, her mouth an almost childish grin.

“One is so soft and one so hard” She says stroking my sack and shaft.

As she gently plays with my cock and balls, I kick off my shoes and step out of my pants.

I push her back a few steps until her back is against the wall and put my full body against hers. She throws her arms up around my neck and we begin grinding our bodies against each other.

In our press, her breasts lushly cradle my chest, her rigid nipples sparking my flesh as we move. My penis is pressed flat against her belly and her mons crushes my balls.

She brings one leg up over my hip and I grab her beneath her ass cheeks as she brings the other leg up and over my other hip. Her torso rides up mine, my cock falling down between her cunt lips, pushing them apart. She begins to slide herself up and down along the top of my shaft as I use my fingers to spread her even wider.

“God, you are so wet”

“I told you I was going to leave a stain on the stool. And I think I did, my dress is certainly going to need some dry cleaning.”

“Oh, I suppose that is why you took it off.”

“Stop talking and put your tongue in my mouth”

I oblige, our lips meeting, tongues wrestling past each other. She continues to slide her spread labia up and down along the full length of my shaft, now so wet that I can actually hear the squelching noise of those nether lips as the sucking friction of our movements pull the soft flesh across each other.

Her tongue is long and I feel her probing into my throat, further in than I have experienced before, almost to my uvula. I am thinking I may gag, but her need is enormous and I begin sucking on her tongue.

Groaning, she breaks the kiss and one of her spiked heels digs into my right ass cheek as she climbs up higher, her breasts almost over my shoulders. This frees my cock to come free, rigidly upright, so that when she slides back down, it enters her eager, hungry cooze.

“Oh God, yes” she cries, and her other heel digs into my left cheek as she starts riding up and down on my cock. She is now using both heels like spurs, anchoring herself on me as she alternately empties her pussy before impaling herself on me again.

Raking across my ass, the heels simply hurt too much. I grab her arms and slam them up onto the wall, pushing her higher, getting her body weight off her heels which now feel like they are drawing blood. I am holding her full body weight, pinning her arms tightly against the wall.

But her mad hunger seems to have transferred to me and I begin to slam myself into her. Bending my knees, I bring my cock completely out of her and then using my legs I thrust back inside.

Even with me now holding her full body weight, she keeps spurring into my rump with her heels, urging me on. Her head is whipping back and forth and she is gnashing her teeth at me, trying to bite me.

Our open mouths collide in a frantic and angry kiss, lips and teeth clashing. She bites into my lip and her tongue slithers into my mouth, now truly gagging me. I chew into her tongue and taste blood just as my strength gives out and I can no longer keep her pinned to the wall.

Still pressed against the wall, she collapses onto me, wrapping her legs around my waist, her arms draped over my shoulders.

“Oh fuck Hank, what was that?”

“I don’t know, are you okay?”

“I think so, what about you?”

“Yes, I think so, but won’t know until I see my butt.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I think your come fuck me pumps punctured by ass cheeks”

“Oh no, ……. Is that why you nearly broke my arms and started fucking me like a wild animal?”

“I was just trying to save my ass and you started the wild animal fucking part, not me.”

“I wanted to consume you with my cunt, but something happened inside me when you slammed me into the wall. You abruptly had taken control and were holding me so tight kaçak bahis and fucking me so hard….. All I had left was my mouth……I freaked and suddenly wanted to eat you, tear your flesh, taste you.”

“Yeah, I noticed. By the way, where did you get that tongue? It was like you were throat fucking me. I didn’t know whether to gag or come.”

“Yes, it is a bit large, I have always been somewhat embarrassed by it. I have never done that before…………. Did you like it?”

“I think it was all amazing. I am not sure I have ever experienced desire like that.

“Me too……… and you know what?”


“We didn’t even come yet.”

“Hold on tight.”

She wraps her arms around my neck and I stagger-walk us over to the bed, where I carefully set her down and lower her back onto the bed.

She unwraps her legs from my waist and I begin to back away, pulling myself out of her.

“No, stay inside me a little longer.”

I oblige and slide myself back into her.

She brings her knees back to her chest and extends her left calf so one stiletto heel is by my face. This movement causes the walls of her cunt on that side to gently ripple along my cock, a wonderful counterpoint to the furious fucking that was taking place moments before.

“Take that wicked thing off, I don’t want to hurt you again.”

After removing one, she has me do the other.

“Okay, you can take that delightful penis of yours out of my cunt.”

“Can I tell you that hearing you say cunt drives me a bit wild?”

“Good, because driving you wild is what I have in mind”

She playfully pushes me back from the bed…………

“This may not be a cloak room, but…………….” And with that she slides off the bed and sinks to her knees.

Cradling my balls in both palms, she opens her mouth wide and moves in, my cock disappearing into her mouth but feeling nothing until it hits the back of her palate. Then she lifts her tongue to the underside of my shaft and slowly closes her mouth. Lips, cheeks and tongue sealed tight, she begins to suck.

It’s a soft, pulsing sensation, part squeezing, part pulling………….. a bit of vibration…….is she humming?……………..

But it’s all too brief as in one smooth motion, she brings her head back and I slide out of her mouth, leaving a stream of her spittle hanging from it’s tip to her lips. She moves back in to kiss it and winces, drawing back sharply.

I drop to my knees in front of her and take her face in my hands. The left side of her lower lip is starting to swell with a bit of a bruise showing through her English rose complexion. Just inside there is an open slash where her teeth tore the tender flesh.

She reaches two fingers out and touches the cleft of my upper lip……. It stings and one finger comes away with a bright scarlet drop of blood on its tip.

“Jesus, what on earth did we do to each other?”

“We’ll deal with that in a moment…..Please, check my tongue, you said you liked it and now it is covered with my cunt juice direct from your cock.”

With that she shamelessly sticks out her tongue and I can see a dark purple bite bruise halfway down its length. She can see me cringe a bit and pulls it back in so that she can speak.

“Yeah, I think you tried to bite off, but you better hurry up before my pussy gunk evaporates.”

Once again, this snake like appendage is proudly put on display and I begin to suck it clean. I can taste her cunt on it but soon lose myself in sucking her into my throat, toying with my gag reflex as I take all of it in.

It seems to arouse her as well and she leans her head back, tongue now vertical, so that I am sucking up and down, my mouth riding her tongue. She begins to moan and starts playing with my cock and balls again.

As her tongue exits my mouth, I purse my lips and let a stream of saliva dribble onto its tip and then surf my lips down its length, burying it my throat. As I keep repeating this, she is stroking me while pulling on my ball sack.

Between the two, I am about to come and have to put a stop to this.

“Okay, too much, stop.”

Reeling her tongue back in, she pouts: “What if I don’t want to?”

“I’m sorry, I have never sucked a tongue like that before, it almost made me come. And I want this to last as long as possible”

“Well, I have never had my tongue sucked like that before and it almost made me come too. And what is with those balls of yours? Do you wax them or something? They are so fucking soft.”

“No, I pluck them.”

“You what?”

“I pluck them, with a tweezer.”

“What, one hair at a time?”


“You are one very strange man, but I have to say the result is fabulous”

She smiles and kisses me on the cheek.

“Okay, let’s get up on the bed, I think we need to know even more about each other because I don’t want to miss anything either. Pretty sure that we both understand this will never happen again and since we are setting firsts everywhere we turn, let’s slow it down.”

I am illegal bahis back to that teenage feeling of first kiss, first feel, first finger, first fuck – with all the anticipation of the unknown. This woman fascinates me on every level. While I am at full sexual arousal, I am also curious regarding anything and everything about her.

As she climbs onto the bed, I quickly run to the bathroom, I wet a face cloth and pause to look in the mirror, marveling at my split lip.

Then, I turn and look over my shoulder at my back and ass in the mirror.

There is a 4″ long, angry red welt on each rump, kind of like eyebrows, where the tips of her heels were scrabbling for purchase as she rode my body. As painful as it was, it does not seem to have broken skin.

I am aware of my age reflecting in the mirror. Making an appraisal of myself, I see my ass is flat, sagging at the bottom. In fact all of me seems to sag somewhat. I have a bit of a turkey neck. There is a crease where my chest and abdomen meet. My hands are beginning to spot. God, I am every bit of my 69 years. But through her eyes and her touch, this woman has me feeling 19.

I also notice that I still have my socks on, I quickly tug them off and head back to Miriam.

She is sitting on the bed, fully naked, having shed her garter belt and stockings.

I climb onto the bed and kneel in front of her, examining her face, thinking maybe I should also get some ice for her arm bruises and swollen lip.

“What are you doing?”


I take the wet cloth and gently wipe the mascara streaks from her face.

She takes the cloth from me and wipes off her eye liner and then vigorously scrubs off any base that did not run off with the blood, sweat and tears from our bout against the wall.

She makes a pantomime of checking my face for makeup, gives a nod of things being okay and then shakes her head, laughing at herself. I join in, liking this woman more and more.

She assumes a cross legged position with her hands resting palms up on her knees.

Kind of a relaxed lotus position.

“Now sit across from me.”

I sit cross legged directly in front of her, our knees touching, an open palmed hand on each one.

“This is so silly, I feel like a schoolgirl…………….but you intrigue me, no…….. we intrigue me and it just seems there is something we are on the edge of……… something more than just witty innuendo and outright lust.”

“I have been thinking the same thing, there is some yawning unknown surrounding us. Like an adolescent, I’m tense with the thrill of anticipation and yet fearful of rejection. So fucking strange, because at first, I was just being polite, wanting to get back to my book.”

“Sorry, but you were not being polite at all! I was beginning to think you were a bit of a prat. By the way, what changed? You literally opened in front of me like a flower”

“It was your laugh…………something in it got my attention and when I turned to really look at you ………………. Well, it’s like you said, you opened like a flower. After that, my interest in you continued to grow. By the time you began your ‘witty innuendo’, I wanted you, but thought I was just gathering material for a masturbatory fantasy.”

“Well, I think we can both let go of the rejection part.” She laughs. “But are we just two old people who don’t get shagged enough or is something else going on here.”

“Hell, I don’t know. I don’t think this is some late age crisis or just a freaky roll in the hay. Maybe it’s that we are so similar in how we got here:

In satisfied but no longer passionate marriages

A long term unwillingness to step out on our mates

Somewhat kinky inclinations

Sexual needs that are not getting met

All reaching a breaking point at the same time.”

“That’s’ too simple, there’s something else going on here — hell, I even wondered if I bedded you many decades ago in Goa or possibly Berlin.”

I burst out laughing and as I take a moment to compose myself………………she inquires:

“What the hell is so funny?’

“I was thinking the same thing, but I was going with Koh Samui or Tokyo.”

“Amazing! Those might have been valid hypotheses while at the bar but after the past 30 minutes, I know I have never fucked you as I certainly would have remembered the man before me now. But damn it, there is some strange resonance that I simply cannot figure out.”

“As shy and anxious as we both can be, I’m still unsure of what it was that gave us both license to begin on the path from the bar to your bedroom and the free zone we seem to have entered.”

“Agreed. I am at a loss as well, but the anticipation of our mutual unknown has me fluttering inside. All I know is that SOMETHING is going on here and it seems to get deeper and deeper………….so let’s try something…………………..I want you to just look at me, really look at me. All of me. Look into me, tell me what you see.”

I take a deep breath and open my eyes and heart as wide a possible………………

Her shoulder length bob has lost the smooth, styled control from earlier in the evening, it’s now wild and full with those burgundy highlights showing almost purple in the bedroom light.

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