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After taking an early retirement, I was visiting a cousin in a southern Arizona town. He had been in the Army, and when Sunday morning came, he suggested we go have breakfast at the local American Legion hall where he was a member.

We arrived early, or at least I assumed we were early because the line to order was short. The Hall was like every other American Legion I had been in – old, outdated furnishings, a smoke filled bar with cheap drinks, a conference room/cafeteria. In spite of it all, I liked the ambience.

We got to the table where a woman was taking orders and money. She looked to be in her late fifties, early sixties, black hair going to gray, bright blue eyes and a Rubenesque body that immediately had me thinking how I might get to know her. On top of her attractiveness she looked at me with a friendly attitude, smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Winnie.”

Without knowing why, I went out of my way to introduce myself. “Hi Winnie, I’m Tom.” I would have spent the next hour talking to her, but the people in line behind me would have gotten upset. My cousin and I ordered, I picked up the tab, and looked for a place to sit.

My cousin said, “Isn’t she (i.e., Winnie) nice?”

“Yes, she’s cute as hell.”

“She’s had a hell of a time lately, her husband had a bad stroke and died a while back.”

“What’s ‘a while back?’ Does she spend much time here?”

“It must be six, eight months ago. She’s just here Sundays helping with breakfast. I think she is about to retire from her job as a librarian at the main downtown library.”

The subject quickly changed and we ate our breakfast. My cousin saw some people in the bar when we finished eating that he wanted to talk to. When he left, I wandered back to where Winnie was counting up the day’s proceeds.

“Hi, would you like some help?”

Winnie looked up. “Sure, Tom, right?”

I said, “Yes,” and sat next to her. She counted the money and I entered the numbers into the ledger she was using. It took twenty minutes to count and record the money, then we did it all over again to double check.

We finished and Winnie thanked me for the help. “You’re the first person that’s ever volunteered to help me count.”

“My pleasure. How are you?”

“I’m sure your cousin told you. I’m good, my husband passed several months ago. He thought Covid was a hoax.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, and yes he told me.”

“Thank God,or whoever, for life insurance. It’s hopefully going to let me retire someday.”

“You need to pull the plug as soon as you can. Works over rated.”

We continued talking until I could see my cousin getting anxious to go. Without giving it a lot of thought, I asked her, “Would you consider having lunch with a stranger?”

Winnie thought for a moment. “No, I wouldn’t. But you’re not a stranger. Are you asking me out for a lunch date?”

“Yes. Yes I am, would you go to lunch with me?”

“I should think it over and then tell you no. But the answer is yes.”

I was excited and we agreed to have lunch Tuesday. Winnie asked if we could meet instead of me picking her up and I agreed.

Winnie gave me her cell isveçbahis yeni giriş number. We decided I would find a restaurant near her work and call her with the arrangements.

After leaving the Hall, my cousin commented that everyone noticed me flirting with Winnie. But he also quickly added, “She deserves a distraction.” I told him nothing of our lunch plans.

I spent an hour Sunday looking for restaurants near the main library and settled on a choice. I waited until evening and texted Winnie that I had found a place. After reading the name of the restaurant she replied that it was a nice choice. We agreed to meet at 2:00 p.m.

I don’t know why, but I was almost overly excited to have lunch with a widowed librarian at least ten or fifteen years older than me. Something about her had snagged me.

My cousin was getting ready to leave town for a few weeks and was happy whenI told him I wanted to stick around for a while. He said, “That’s great and you can keep an eye on my house.”

Tuesday. 2:00 p.m. Lunch.

As I waited in a booth for Winnie, I felt like a school kid on fire on a first date. I caught sight of her entering the restaurant dressed conservatively. Just like a librarian. But she looked gorgeous. White blouse, black jacket and pants, black sensible heels. When she spotted me, she smiled and waved a greeting. When she got to our table I stood up and we hugged and gave each other a light kiss.

“You look beautiful!”

“Thanks for the complement, but you had me at ‘let’s do lunch.'”

We looked at the menu, placed our order and started talking.

After a little chitchat, Winnie asked, “Why did you invite me to lunch?”

“Truth? I liked how you looked and I liked your smile and I liked when you accepted my offer to help you and I just liked you. What made you say yes?”

Winnie thought for a moment and said, “I liked how you look, your smile, your offer to help and I really liked that you looked at me like a woman instead of looking at me like a woman with her husband dead and buried. Everyone I know is treating me like an old widow and I’m starting to hate it.”

“You’re absolutely correct, I looked at you because you are all woman. A beautiful woman.”

She blushed and just then our food was served. It was good, and we continued talking to get to know one another better. She had been married for over thirty years and had one son living in Washington state. I told her I was retired, divorced with two daughters and a son in Salt Lake.

As our time flew by, I told her I would be staying in town for a while. I told her if she had house or yard work needing to get done I’d volunteer to do it. I said I didn’t want to create a scandal, but I wanted to see her again.

“Thanks for the offer, I may take you up on it. I’m not worried about what people think or say. I was devoted to my husband, but now he’s really gone.”

Winnie said she needed to get back to work. I took care of the bill and we walked to the door. No one was about, so when we said good bye I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. After a moment’s hesitation, she was hungrily isveçbahis giriş kissing me back. This triggered my cock growing and pressing into her. She pulled away, smiled and said, “This hasn’t happened in a while! Call me tonight at 8:00 p.m.” Then she turned and walked away.

I went to the house and started thinking. Was I taking advantage of a woman in distress or was I helping her? I wrestled with this dilemma until I decided it didn’t matter. What I really wanted was time alone with Winnie. I would take this as far as I could then I would deal with the consequences.

Tuesday. 8:00 p.m. Phone call.

As 8:00 p.m. rolled around my heart was beating like a drum. I dialed her number expecting that she wouldn’t answer. On the second thing she picked up. “Hello.”

“Hi Miss Winnie, how is it going?”

“Good, but I need you here tonight.”

She gave me directions to her house and I set off to see her.

Her home was is a nice neighborhood, built on a big lot designed to shield neighbors from one another. I parked and before I could knock, the door opened and she was standing there looking beautiful.

She was dress in a dark blue, silk housecoat that stopped two inches above her knees. She also had on matching four inch heels that accentuated her legs and showed toenails painted blood red matching he manicured hands. I took her in my arms and held her tightly. We started kissing and I started getting hard, again. I felt awkward, but Winnie pressed into me making my cock even harder.

I was lightly kissing her when she said, “Will you come to bed with me?”

I said, “I thought you’d never ask,” and followed her to a bedroom lit by candles.

When we were next to her bed, Winnie stepped away from me and opened her housecoat and it dropped to the floor. The lingerie she was wearing was form fitting and lifted her plump breasts. The panties were crotchless showing a neatly trimmed bush around her pussy lips.

The tone of her voice changed, she was no longer asking as she commanded me,

“Kiss my feet,” she ordered. Naturally I kneeled, kissed one, then the other. As I did as I was told, she slipped her left foot out of her shoe. Instinctively I knew she wanted me to suck her toes and so I did. This caused a moan to escape her mouth.

I began kissing and licking my way up her legs and now I was in charge as she became wrapped up in the ecstasy of the moment. My face and mouth reached her crotch and the heat and wetness radiating between her legs. I pushed her onto her bed and then on her back as I plunged my face into her cunt and started pushing my tongue into her sopping and leaking slit. I found her marble hard clit and after only moments of sucking it, Winnie started screaming, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Don’t stop, DON’T STOP!!!!” She shook as wave after orgasmic shutters racked her body. Then, to my surprise, Winnie was squirting a warm, clear liquid that soaked my face and shirt and the bed where she laid.

As Winnie came down from her shattering climax, she apologized. “Oh my god, this is, this has never happened before.” She was embarrassed, I was horny.

I isveçbahis güvenilirmi stripped off my shoes and clothes and as I pulled off my pants and underwear, my seven inches of hard cock pointed straight away from my body. I moved so I was over Winnie and she grasped me by the base of my prick and sucked nearly all of me into her mouth. If cock sucking is an art, she raised it to another level with her skill. She would take me into her mouth and release me, while massaging my balls and tickling my asshole at the same time. It was such an erotic feeling that I lost control and almost violently started face fucking her. I erupted in her mouth and I experienced an orgasm from a blowjob that was mind blowing. Winnie sucked every drop of me. I slowly stopped fucking her face and she released me from her grip. I collapsed on the bed next to her and at the same time said, “That was incredible!” Winnie replied, “That was incredible for me, too…”

“You wouldn’t have any way of knowing this,” Winnie said, “but I haven’t had sex, I haven’t been fucked in years.”

I think the shock of her comment showed in my face, because then she said, “My husband, he got sick. You’re the first man in a long while to flirt, much less look at me.”

“Men in Arizona are either blind, stupid or both. You’re an incredible woman,” I said.

“I think everyone here knew my husband. Maybe that’s why. Or they’re scared of a little gossip.”

“Then that’s my good luck.” Winnie was already in my arms as we laid on her bed. I pushed her flimsy bra aside and sucked her nipples. The quickly got as hard as marbles and I decided to mark one of her tits with a hickey. I moved my mouth to a space below her right breast. As my hand found her wet pussy and pushed two fingers inside Winnie, I sucked her as hard as I could.

Winnie was moaning, “That feels so good…what are you doing?”

I didn’t lie. “I’m giving you a hickey.”

Her body convulsed with an orgasm as she cried out, “Don’t stop, Don’t stop!” I picked up the pace if my finger fucking and kept sucking on her breast.

I finally stopped so Winnie could catch her breath. I looked at my handiwork and saw an angry, deep purple mark the size of a silver dollar just under her right nipple and areola.

Winnie asked, “Did you leave a mark?”

“I did just like I said, you have my hickey. Don’t worry, no one can see it…except me.”

Winnie smiled, “Did you mark your territory?”

I replied, “I hope so.” Then I kissed her.

“Aren’t you going to fuck me?” Winnie asked.

As I slipped my fully engorged cock into her sloppy, but tight slit, I said, “My, my. Such language. I might have to spank you.”

I started slowly pushing into Winnie until I bottomed out, then slowly pulled out until only my cockhead remained inside her. I wanted to prolong our love making, but Winnie had other ideas as she thrusted up, pumping me. I picked up speed as Winnie cried out, “Fuck me, fuccck me. Don’t stop, oh my god, fuck my cunt!!!” Her words had nearly pushed me over the top, when all of a sudden Winnie slipped a finger into my asshole and pushed it inside me. I exploded and released my cum into Winnie as she had her first orgasm with my cock impaled inside of her pussy.

We collapsed into each other’s arms as we kissed.

Winnie looked at me and said, “I hope you are in town a while…”

“I’m starting to think I’ll stay…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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