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“So, how long have you been out here? Don’t answer, it’s okay. I noticed you eye-balling me even before I got into the sauna. Don’t worry, I get noticed a lot, especially with what I wore in there…or didn’t wear in there. It’s okay, you don’t need to make an excuse, or pretend you didn’t notice. I saw you watching me through the glass, and to tell you the truth, I don’t mind at all.

So now that we’re at arms length, do you still like what you see? Do you like my skin-tight soaking white top that’s doing nothing to hide my perfect tits? Do you like the thin strings that can barely be considered panties that display my tight ass and show you the crease of my pussy? Do you like me up close–hot, mostly naked, and dripping wet? No need to answer, I can see it in your eyes…and in your pants. Don’t be embarrassed. I saw you rubbing your self through your pants while I was getting some steam. I watched your hand move back and forth across the fabric of your shorts, enticing a swelling bulge. You know what? It turned me on. It started to make me wet–well, more wet. So wet and steamy that I forgot I was in a sauna.

Having a hard time lifting your gaze to my eyes? It’s okay, this top doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Now that you’re close I can tell you like the protrusion of my nipples outlined in the translucent fabric . You like the water beading up and dripping down my chest and legs. And I know you like these tiny sheer panties that give you a very good idea of what I have on offer.

Well now that you’ve got an eyeful, I’d like to see something of yours, if you don’t mind. You can move your hand from blocking your your crotch. It looks like it’s becoming harder to hide anyway. There, that’s better. Mmmm, that’s much better. No need to hide what is starting to look like the perfect specimen. I can see something huge pushing through the tight fabric. I can see the outline of a long shaft all the way down to the–oh my god! Look at that beast trapped in those tight little shorts! Look at that bulbous head almost poking out the pant-leg! Jesus, you are fucking gigantic.

So I’ve got a proposition for you. Well, more like a game really. We’ll take turns. How about I pull down the neck of this top and pop my tits out? I’ll let you fondle them and squeeze them. You can even suck on them if you want. Then I’ll slide out of these panties so you can see my swollen clit and tight pussy. But you have to do something for me as well. What do I want you to do? I want you to pull that cock out of your pants, all of it. I want to see your huge dick, and I want to see you touch it and handle it. I want to watch you hold it and stroke it. Do this something for me, and maybe I’ll let you do something more to me, or even all over me, if you want. It’s a win win for you. You know you want to see my hot body. You know you want to feel me up, cup these perfect breasts and lick my nipples. You know you want to let that monster out from downstairs and let it roam free. I want to see that massive cock that refuses to hide.

So take out that big dick of yours. I’ve gotta see just how hard I make you. Is that a yes? I saw your bulge quiver in anticipation, so I guess it is. Unzip those shorts while I pull out my tits. You like my cleavage? I wonder what I could fit in there, between these big titties? I think it would have to be very hard and very long. There. My nipples are barely hidden, but you can see all the way down my front as I bend toward you. But you’ve been so patient. I’ll pull them all the way out for you. Ahhh there, that’s so much better. Feels so good to finally give them some air. Do you like my tits, perfectly round and firm? Go ahead and touch them. Mmmm yeah, they’re still dripping wet, see? Oh god yeah, feel me up, squeeze my fucking titties. Put your hands all over them. You’re making my nipples rock hard.

Well demetevler escort I’ve unleashed my perfect breasts and let you fondle them. Did you get a chance to unzip your pants in all the excitement? Oh good, you did. They’re wide open. How tempting it is to take your cock out for you. I’d coax it out with my fingertips until I could gently pull it free. Once out in the air, I’d grip the shaft and stroke the length of it a few times before wrapping my lips around it. Then I’d suck you down, slowly swirling my tongue around the edge of the head, tasting your pre-cum. Mmmm, It’s hard to resist the thought of sucking you off…but no. At least not yet. Just reach your hand down there and pull that cock free. Yeah, there you go. Just like tha–holy shit! Oh my god, look at that thing! It’s magnificent. I’ve never been so turned on and intimidated at the same time! That has to be twelve inches at least, right? Jesus, it’s gorgeous. You make me so hot, my pussy’s dripping wet just looking at how thick and massive that solid dick is. Dead fucking sexy.

Alright, we have to do something with it now. Can’t bring something that huge out in the open unless you intend to use it. That big cock wants to play, it’s too rigid to put it back now. Let me slide out of these panties so I can hold up my end of the bargain. There, panties off. You like moist shaved pussy? You made me so wet I have juices running down my thighs. My nipples are rock solid. I know you want to run your hand between my legs, and slide your fingers over my clit. I know you want to bury that enormous cock deep inside me and hammer my pussy for days. But you must indulge me in something first. You must indulge my desire to watch. I want to watch you touch that cock of yours the exact way you like to be touched. I want you to hold it and stroke it. I want to watch you man-handle that shaft with your own hands just the way you like. I want you to jack off to me, right here, right now. I’ll be your motivation. I’ll be your guide. Will you indulge my little fetish? Will you jerk off that giant cock of yours so I can watch?

Go ahead, your cock is out, hard and meaty. Jack off to me right now, jerk that thick fucking prick. No one will see. You can stroke yourself off all you want. You can even stroke yourself all the way until you have to…release. That’s right, I want you to let it all go. Mmmm, now you know what I really want. I want to see you get to the point of no return. I want to see you work it up to the threshold where you can’t hold back any longer. I want to see your eyes roll back, your back arch, and your toes curl. I want to watch you cum. I want to watch you explode out of that giant dick. I want you to blast a huge load all over…me. Yes, you can cum on me if you want. In fact, you better not cum anywhere else. I want to take it all.

There you go, that’s right. I see you can’t help but to wrap your hand around that thick cock and stroke for me. Go on, keep your fist wrapped around it and slide it back and forth. That’s it, stroke it up and down, from that thick base to its bulging fucking head. God, it’s so massive. Big enough for two or three hands to do the job, its head is the size of a small fist. Now get in close to me. Look into my eyes. I want to see you jerk it up close. Can you stroke it with one hand? Of course you can. Now feel me up. Squeeze my tits in one hand and stroke that fat dick with the other. Oh god yes, run your hand all over my big titties. Pinch my nipples. That’s right. Move even closer so I can feel your breath on my neck.

Your cock is glancing off the inside of my thigh with every stroke. I can’t help but turn slightly to make it brush against my clit. Oh god, your dick is so huge! Its head grazes the bottom of my cunt every time you stroke it. Oh fuck. I want to watch you beat off, but dikmen escort it feels too good when it touches my pussy. Oh god, now with every stroke I can feel more of it tapping the bottom of my clit. Oh, but don’t stop. Keep fucking jerking it baby, don’t stop. Stroke that fucking dick.

Let me lie back on this couch, but stay close and move with me. Don’t stop stroking. Keep jacking off, that’s right, slap it against my pussy as you stroke upwards. Oh that feels so good! You’re getting so good, beating off against my cunt, every stroke coming up to push a little deeper inside me. My pussy’s made your cock so wet, so soaked just from tapping the surface. Keep going, keep stroking it. Push it against me harder every time you stroke it. That’s right, a little further into my opening with every pump up the shaft. Oh fuck. Keep going, smack my wet pussy with your giant cock. Oh god, you’re making me so wet. Your dick is so hard and wet. So slick from smacking against my cunt. So fucking slippery from my dripping pussy.

Oh god, I can’t help it! I want you inside me, I don’t care how fucking huge you are! Grab your cock and put it in me! Do it. Stick your dick inside me. Oh fuck yes. That’s right, slowly. Yeah, just like that. Oh yeah, slide it in just like that. Oh fuck yes! Oh god! Now keep it in there just past the threshold while you keep stroking the base. That’s it. Feel your wet tip inside me as you jack yourself off. Oh god, your cock is so fucking huge! The tip of your dick fills my whole pussy! Keep it in there, don’t fucking pull out. Keep that cock inside me. Now push it in it a bit more. Yes, that’s it. Deeper. Oh deeper! Don’t stop. Go slow, but don’t fucking stop. That’s right. Now give me the whole thing, I want it all. Oh god yes, push it deeper in my pussy. Yeah, deeper in that cunt. Yeah, that’s it. You’re filling me up, but there’s still so much of you to go! Can you feel my juices flowing around your shaft? Just pull back a bit, then push it in slow. That’s right, again. Again and again. You’re so hard, so slick. Now a little harder, a little faster. Oh, god yeah. Don’t you dare pull it out of me.

Now fuck me. That’s right, fuck my pussy the way I know you want to. Oh god yes. Shove your cock in me as far as it can go. Oh yes! Now deeper. Deeper! Stuff it in fucking deeper! Oh fuck yes! Now faster. In and out of me! In and out of my wet pussy! Fuck me! Yes! Oh fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh yes. Fuck my pussy! Fuck my wet fucking cunt! Fuck me with that fat fucking cock! Oh fuck yes, fucking pound me! Pound my snatch! Pound my fucking snatch! Drill that giant fucking cock all the way up my fucking snatch! Oh fuck, you’re so deep, don’t stop. Faster, faster! Fuck me deep in my pussy and don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop! Oh god, you’re so fucking huge, so fucking hard and deep! Hammer it into me! Fucking hammer my fucking pussy with that giant fucking dick! Pound me until I cum. Fucking pound my cunt! Keep going! Pound that huge dick all the way into me! Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me until I cum with you inside me! Oh, fuck, I want to cum all over that dick! Fuck me until I cum all over you! Pound my snatch with that giant fucking cock until I cum! Yes, yes, fuck yes! I’m going to cum! Your massive fucking cock is making me cum! Keep fucking me while I come! Keep fucking pounding me! Stay inside me! Yes, fuck me! Keep fucking me! Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck! Oh fuck, I’m coming all over you! Oh fuck! Oh yes! Yes! Oh yes! Oh god yes! Yesssssss! Yesssss! Fuck yessssss! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh. Ohh yeah. Oh god. Oh my fucking god. Oh my god. So good. So very fucking good.

Stay inside me for a minute. Can you feel my pussy shudder? Can you feel my cum all around you? My pussy is so fucking wet. Oh so dripping wet. No one’s made me cum that hard. No one ever. No one has even come close. You, you are amazing. You ankara escort and that angry, blue-veined diamond-cutter of yours. Your twelve inches of weapon-grade steel fucked the shit out of me! I can barely feel my legs you fucked me so hard! I want to lay back and soak in our juices forever, but I feel that you’re still rock hard. You didn’t cum, did you? I know I would’ve felt the impact of your massive load. You would’ve filled me up, overflowed my pussy with cum. Your cock would’ve pulsed so many massive shots inside me. You would’ve had to pull out of me while your cock kept gushing all over my body. Mmmm…now I like the sound of that. Cum gushing all over my body… I think it’s your turn now baby.

Pull that giant thing out of me. Oh god, my juices are all over you. Grab that fucking dick, and start working up the shaft from the base. Here, I’ll kneel down right in front of you. I want you to jack off right in my face. Yeah baby, the closer to my face the better. You’re going to take your huge fucking dick and beat it off until you explode. And when you do, you better be aiming that cock right at me. Yeah, that’s right. Stroke that huge cock. Jack off in my face. Harder, yeah. Faster. Pound that fat fucking cock. Pump it faster. Don’t stop. Oh god, keep pumping that rock solid dick, don’t stop. I want your cum. I want to take all your fucking cum. I want you to blow your load all over me. I want you to spray me with your fucking jizz. I want to soak in the white streams squirting out of your cock. I want your cum everywhere.

Oh god, you’re going to explode, aren’t you? Mmmm here, get in close and rub your cock on my lips. Mmmm, feel my lips on the tip of your penis. Let me lick around the edge and taste the pre-cum in the center. That’s right, bounce your cock on my tongue as you stroke. Keep going, jerk it hard and fast. I want you to cum in my face first, okay? You ready to unload your cum in my face? You ready to drench my face in hot fucking jizz? Be sure to shoot that cum into my mouth next, and squirt it down my throat. I want to taste your hot load. Oh yes, fucking do it. Then I want you to spray it all over my tits. That’s right, don’t stop until I’m soaking in cum.

Now cum on me. Cum all over me. Cum in my face. Jerk that cum all over me baby. Come on, fuck yeah. Shower my body in your jizz. Fuck yes! Jack off in my face! Jerk that cum everywhere! Keep fucking stroking it. Oh my god, you’re coming! You’re blasting cum everywhere! Oh god yes, you’re erupting massive fountains of cum! Huge, thick, sticky ropes of sperm are surging from your giant fucking cock! Oh fuck, you’re exploding all over my face and spurting up into my hair! You’re squirting all over my forehead, and down into my eyes. You’re splashing on my cheeks! You’re gushing over my chin and dripping down my neck! Oh god yes, now pump it into my mouth. Fuck yes. Fire out those juicy shots of cum! Spray your fucking semen down my throat! Let me drink your jizz. Fill up my throat, let me swallow all of it. Now pull back and pump it all over my tits. Oh fuck yes! Splatter these fucking titties with your streams of cum. Hose down my tits with that white juicy sperm! Oh god, the pulses of your cum don’t stop! Your huge dick is still squirting its load all down my stomach! Fuck yeah! Aim your cock at my pussy. Splooge on my pussy and my thighs with those last spurts. Pump out everything you have left. Milk every last drop out of that big cock.

Yes. Oh god yes. That’s right. That’s so right. So fucking good. Oh baby, you’re a fucking cum fountain! Oh my god, you had so much cum inside you! I’m fucking soaked in your cum. I almost drowned in your milky fluids. I’ve never seen that much cum in my life. Oh my god, such a massive load. So much fucking sperm!

That’s exactly what I needed. Mmmm, that’s what I like. That’s what I was waiting for, lusting after. And now you know. You’ve given me the biggest dick, the most amazing fuck, and the hugest load I’ll ever have. I’ll definitely sleep well tonight. Maybe you can be there next to me–caressing me, heating me up, fucking me, blasting me, soaking me, holding me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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