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Cartoon Sex


Untamed Summer
~ Lust in Times of Lockdown ~

    There was a young lad from Bombay,
Who wasn”t quite sure if he was gay,
Lost, confused and sad,        
He thought he”d go mad,        
But thanks to Nifty, he”s found his way! ©

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By the time Vivek finished college he realised that though there were many hot, highly desirable young guys out there, (and he was surrounded by them ), only highschool boys fascinated him — those cocky, swaggering, disdainfully irreverent teens hovering on the cusp of adulthood…

The boys simply drove him crazy… arousing an intense desire to look, at that spot between their thighs… feast his eyes on their youthful bulge… wishing he could actually undress them and see it for himself… touch and caress… fondle and play… yes, kiss it even… and then jerk them off till they shot their ever bubbling teen load!

But he could never build up the courage to initiate — cravenly fearful, nauseously nervous — concentrating on his studies and career instead… forsaking the thought of boys while entertaining the idea of getting married and raising a family: well, that”s what was expected of him, and that”s what he”d do!

After college, and his Masters, he got busy with work… meeting Juhi in 1997 – he was 24, and she, just twenty. It was love at first sight, and they were married two years later… their happy union blessed in 2001 with Aayush… and four years later, Anuj.

Boys were now a distant dream, a dream that he knew would remain just that: an unfulfilled fantasy he”d never dare to realise; a dream forsaken… forsaken but not forgotten.

So he simply watched… keenly observing boy crotch whenever he crossed path with those raucous gaggle of highschool teens and college freshmen… careful and cautious.

And the city was teeming full… each passing year seeming to throw up an almost continual stream of new, improved version of tantalising teens… clad in their low-rise, nut-crushing skinny jeans, and clingy little t-shirts with plunging necklines… the tiny garment riding high whenever they moved, or lifted their arms… the bold and colourful waistbands of their undergarment on brazen display. Wrists and fingers adorned with fanciful trinkets – rings, bands and bracelets, the neck and arms embellished with colourful tattoos… with elaborately crafted mane… most still smooth cheeked, a few sporting artful facial hair!

God, the boys were so different from the teens of his generation — seductively playful… outrageously uninhibited… maddeningly alluring!

And they still drove him crazy!

𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲

“Yeah, that”s it… let go!” the boy grunted giving one final, forceful thrust, sending his whole cock ripping in… sinking right down to the thick base as he hilted himself, his teen pubes flush against the man”s perineum between the widely splayed thighs!

“AAAH!” Vivek groaned, the air pushed out of his gasping lungs by the sheer bulk of the cock delving the furthest depths his rectal cavity, invading his belly… making him noisily suck in air…

“Man, you”re tight!” the boy grunted, rotating his hips as he ground his pubes, “And sizzling hot!”

Vivek let loose another heavy groan, beads of perspiration forming on his furrowed forehead before rolling down the sides as he thrashed his head on the sweat drenched pillow, his fingers clawing at the boy… panting as he struggled to accomadate the marauding invader lodged in his virgin hatay escort butt — he felt bloated… stuffed… the teen phallus filling him completely!

Giving the rigid, unbending shaft a tentative squeeze — as if testing its rigidity, ascertaining the extent of its girth — Vivek carefully worked his agitated rectal muscles along the whole throbbing, pulsating length, letting out a sigh…

“Dude, you”ve got it all,” the boy grinned down at Vivek, flexing his ass cheeks, making his cock twitch and jerk in the man”s ass, “you”ve got the whole fucking dick!” slowly pulling back, tugging at Vivek”s constricted, spasming gut, “Now just lay back and enjoy the ride!”

Vivek groaned, his smarting sphincter desperately clinging to the sliding shaft, unwilling to let go… the throbbing heat stretching the tight ring agonisingly wide — it was a whole new feeling, something he had never experience, never even imagined — horribly exhilarating, torturously pleasurable!

Giving a couple quick hunches, the boy rammed in, reburying the steely shaft deep in Vivek”s quivering colon, straightening out the curves and reaching in higher, opening up the man”s innards… the moist, sweltering sleeve fluttering along the length as it clung to the boy-shaft, gripping the flesh column in a fierce clutch in a desperate bid to hold on to it!

“Like the feel, huh?” laughed the boy sensing the vicious flexing, adding softly, “Man, we”ll have a lovely summer together!” finally commencing the eternal dance of mating… his youthful hips rising and falling, unwavering as it rapped a steady beat, tugging out his cock and then sending it ripping right in… both groaning and grunting with the joy of the early morning fuck.

𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲

Between breakfast, lunch and dinner (since Juhi was still not in the mood to cook), and evenings at the barbeque, the two — man and boy — kept crossing path… the teen literally driving Vivek insane with lust, arousing weird new desires that he”d never had before, desires that were mortifyingly embarrassing!

The boy no longer sported those oversized shades and Vivek could see his eyes staring back whenever he tried to sneak a glance… making him quickly look away, yes, shamed; and those lips, God, perpetually curled — a knowing smile ? … a cocky smirk ? … a dismissive sneer ?

And then, that third evening — between barbeque and dinner — Vivek was at the convenience store when the boy entered…

Vivek stared, furtive, his plan of a quick visit to the store for just a couple large bars of chocolate completely forgotten in the rush of excitement at the sight of the teen… powerless as he stood there, his helpless eyes following the boy around the store… forcing himself to look away, yet incapable of keeping his eyes from returning to gawk some more, unable to control the impossible urge to catch just another glimpse…

Their eyes locking repeatedly across the aisle, over the shelves… Vivek swiftly lowering his gaze, but not before he”d caught that mischievous twinkle in those dark eyes… that blatant smirk curling those full lips!

Suddenly breathless… feeling claustrophobic… unable to bear being there any longer, Vivek rushed over to the checkout counter, quickly paying before hurrying out, hastening towards his cart when he heard the call behind him… “Hey!”

[No vehicles were allowed inside the Resort – guests had to leave their cars at the entrance parking lot and were transported by electric carts from there. And since everything was within walking distance — with well-laid, broad paths, cool and shaded under the tall trees — people generally walked, though older folks, and those with health issues or disabilities, could rent smaller carts for hurma escort their movements, while the more sportive guests could opt for the off-road bikes.

They also had ATVs and dirt bikes for the more adventurous to hire for a wild ride into the jungle!

Only owners (of the “forest bungalows” ) were allowed to drive right up to their property, and had their own, private, four-seater cart for the internal commute. ]

Instinctively turning his head Vivek saw the boy striding towards him…

“Hey…” the boy said walking right up to him, giving him a dazzling smile, “I”m Kaizaad.”

“Uh… Vi… Vivek…” he responded, suddenly stuttering.

“Dude, you”ve been perving me all over the place this past two… no, three days,” the boy stated – no hums, no haws, no beating around the bush! – right to the point, head tilted to one side, the smile still intact, “and you”re not even subtle!”

Vivek froze… his eyes going wide, as his face turned crimson.

“So, Vivek, plan on taking it forward, huh?” Kaizaad said moving in slightly closer, the dark eyes lighting up with a devious gleam as his lips curled in a crooked grin, “You know, like, instead of stealing sneaky glances whenever you spot me, you could just take me home with you, and we could spend some quality time staring deep into each other”s eyes… and maybe, let our man-parts do the talking!”

Stunned, and totally shamed, with his heart slamming wildly, Vivek almost staggered… quickly spinning around and getting in the cart, starting the engine…

“Hey…” Kaizaad called after him, “you didn”t answer!”

His ears buzzing, Vivek swiftly pulled out and drove away into the darkness… Kaizaad”s mirthful cachinnation wafting after him in the still air of the night.


Vivek seriously didn”t know what was happening, what was wrong with him…

Yes, he wasn”t just fascinated with, but had been watching guys all his life (well, starting at fifteen), but this was different, he was becoming fixated on this boy… obessessed with him!

God! he was a man, damn it, a man with a wife and two grown-up sons… well liked and well regarded… his views, opinions, and suggestions actively sought, his advice valued and respected… and yet, this two-bit twink was driving him insane with lust, like he was once more a mere fifteen year old schoolboy!

And that evening, after another torturous hour of surreptitiously eyeing the boy at dinner, the whole while recalling their encounter at the store parking lot earlier… his cock rock hard, and flexing like that of a horny teen”s uncontrolled pubescent dick in brazen disregard to all propriety, Vivek made passionate and furious love to his wife that night, after a very… very long time, surprising both himself, and Juhi.

With the boy”s image floating before his closed eyes — his salacious suggestion, the outrageous proposition, the lewd words repeatedly playing in his head — Vivek pulled Juhi close as soon as they got in bed… his mouth frantic as he kissed her, his hands urgent as he undressed her… the back of his fingers caressing her soft skin as it got exposed, imagining the boy”s smooth, naked flesh instead… his lips seeking out Juhi”s warmth, envisaging the warm pulse of Kaizaad”s young body under his lips…

Both crying out as he finally penetrated her after the frenzied foreplay… sinking into the torrid folds of her aroused sex, holding her tight in his embrace… picturing himself in Kaizaad”s arms instead… being taken by the boy!

Yes, after all those years of just dreaming and fantasising — about seeing and holding, caressing and fondling… of jerking a boy”s cock — Vivek had finally progressed to not only ığdır escort wanting to play with Kaizaad”s teen penis… kiss and suck him… but actually feel him, feel his adolescent phallus within himself, and not just his mouth, or his throat, but deep inside his belly, inside his very being!

The fresh new desire triggered no doubt by the constant, repeated sightings of the magnificently virile youth… their continual, combustible encounters over the past three days!

Intensely hoping to be fucked by the boy… fucked by Kaizaad!

𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲

Kaizaad stood there for a while watching the cart disappear around the bend, the throb in his shorts painfully urgent.

God, the man was HOT!

Stretched out on the chaise, the scrunch of footsteps on the gravel had made Kaizaad open his eyes, and he saw Vivek trot up the steps of the Reception gazebo, a very handsome gentleman — distinguished and desirable — with an ass that wet dreams are made of!

And THAT piece of anatomy had grabbed his attention immediately, keenly observing the firm, jeans clad flesh mounds from behind his dark glasses – the exact kind of ass that Kaizaad loved: wickedly full, sinfully firm, and tantalisingly tempting – A PERFECT 10!

Kaizaad silently watched as the man stepped up onto the porch, and then pause abruptly once he spotted him, seeming startled, staring wide-eyed… falter and stumble, before rushing inside… gleefully noting the look on the man”s face – of stunned bewitchment – smiling to himself as he wondered if his enforced internment at that god-forsaken jungle resort could indeed turn into a rewarding durance…

When the man emerged a while later Kaizaad caught him staring again… and with his shades on, his eyes hidden, Kaizaad too stared back… observing the man look away, and then look right back – slack jawed and drooly – unable to contain the smile that came to his lips, pouting out his full lips as he curled them up…

The man almost stumbled before bumbling his way down the steps and rushing off!

Kaizaad let out a small sigh… well, the fascination was intense, and instant… and obviously, mutual!

Over the next two days, they kept crossing path — at the restaurant, thrice daily, at the barbeque, each evening… then there was that one brief encounter in the washroom… and finally, at the convenience store…

The man was unable to keep his eyes away, constantly eyeing him on the sly — the lingering gaze oozing with longing and desire — and yet, frustratingly, neither initiating, nor responding… probably too coy, or, maybe, in denial… ?!

Whatever, Kaizaad wanted that gloriously seat-filling, seam-bursting ass… and had enough of his stupid long distant staring match, the childish cat-and-mouse play… was done with waiting.

It seemed, just like before, Kaizaad would have to take the bull by the horns… take the man by his cock and lead him to the nearest bed!

Well, he had no problem with that… with taking charge… he had done it earlier, and he was, in fact, more than willing to do it again – anything for a gorgeous ass like that!

The past year and a half had given him the confidence, had prepared him well…

So, he went out to that parking lot, and confronted the man !

Kaizaad had already observed the man closely over the past couple days, had noted his routine… knew exactly where, and when, to find him… he was ready!

“Tomorrow !” Kaizaad promised himself with a smile – tomorrow morning he”d take that ass, and make it his own!

And with that happy thought he slowly turned around, heading home…

to be continued…       

Copyright © Author, 2021

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