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I would like to say thank you to samscribble for editing this story for me.

We have been talking on the forums for a few months now, eventually we decide to meet the following weekend. You don’t say anything else other than give me your phone number.

My phone tells me that I have a new message. It’s from you.

You tell me that you have booked a cabin. In The Lake District. ‘Miles from anywhere,’ you say. You tell me that you will pick me up. Tomorrow morning. At seven-thirty. Just like that. You don’t ask me. You just tell me. You just assume that, if you did ask me, my answer would be yes.

Seven-thirty. That’s less than 12 hours away. Barely more than a sleep away.

I am sipping a glass of wine as I read your text. I read your message and then read it again. I notice that my hand is beginning to shake. You and me. Just the two of us. In a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

No, you don’t ask me for an answer. But I send you one anyway. ‘I shall be waiting,’ I tell you.

I pack a small bag. Just a few essentials. A bikini. A pair of shorts. A pair of sandals. My little black negligée. My hands are still shaking. I can’t believe how excited I am. I try to calm myself, but none of the old tricks seem to work. Eventually, I take a shower and then head for bed. But I can’t sleep. At two o’clock in the morning I am still wide awake.

At some stage, I must fall asleep because, next thing I know, I am awoken by the alarm. It is seven. Oh, fuck! I should have set the alarm for earlier.

I decide to skip my shower. I brush my teeth and hastily fix my hair. Then I put on some white shorts, a strap top, and a pair of trainers. I am still tying my shoelaces when the doorbell rings. I try to compose myself.

You are standing there smiling. You’re wearing a pair of board shorts and a plain white T that enhances your toned chest and shoulders. ‘Hi. Come on in,’ I say. ‘I’ll be just two minutes.’

I rush back upstairs and put on body spray and some perfume.

As I come back down the stairs, you are smiling, watching me, drinking me in with your eyes. And when I reach the foot of the stairs you kiss me. Lightly. The way that someone might kiss a child. ‘Are you awake?’ you ask.

‘I think so.’

You pick up my bag. ‘Is this it?’ you ask.

‘That’s it,’ I say. ‘I didn’t think we’d need too may clothes.’ And then I realise what I have just said. ‘What I mean is ….’

You laugh. But you take my bag and we head out the door.

It’s a long way up to The Lake District. Even making the most of the motorways, it takes almost seven hours. We chat about this and that, and we stop along the way for a coffee, and then, at some stage, my sleepless night catches up with me, and I doze off. When I wake again, were are there.

‘This is us,’ you say.

I look around us. It’s beautiful. A small wooden cabin, right on the edge of a lake, and not another house to be seen. ‘Beautiful,’ I say. ‘Yes. Beautiful.’ I lean across and kiss you on your cheek.

You get out of the car first and come around and open my door for me. I get out and pause for a moment to stretch my back. But it is not my back that I catch you looking at. My breasts are straining against the fabric of my top. ‘I suppose I could have worn a bra,’ I say.

You just smile.

We head inside and look around the cabin. It looks just as good on the inside as it did on the outside.

‘Hungry?’ you ask.

‘A little peckish,’ I say.

You have thought of everything, and, from somewhere, you produce a cut lunch and a bottle of wine. ‘We can finish unpacking when we have had something to eat,’ you say.

Who am I to argue?

The cabin seems bigger than it first looks. Downstairs there is a kitchen, a dining room, and a sitting room with a large-screen TV. Upstairs there is a really large double bedroom and a bathroom with a walk-in shower. I try out the bed, and then you come and join me. We kiss. We cuddle. And then … we both fall asleep.

When I wake up again, I look at my phone. There is no signal. Oh, well. But my phone tells me that bahis siteleri it is 6:45 pm. And then I notice that you too are awake. ‘This is perfect, Sweetie,’ I say. ‘You have some excellent ideas. Thank you.’ And I give you a long lingering kiss. It’s a kiss that might have led to other things but, after seven hours in the car, I feel in need of a shower. ‘I shall return,’ I assure you.

I walk into the bathroom, closing the door behind me, but not closing it completely. Then I turn on the shower and let it run for a few moments to get it to just the right temperature. Next I undress and stand in front of the full-length mirror. The woman who looks back at me doesn’t look that special. Not really. And yet you, a handsome man if ever there was one, seem to find me attractive. You seem to think that I’m special.

I step into the shower and let the water cascade over me. Oh, yes. And then, just as I start to wash myself, I am no longer alone. You have joined me. Beautiful you. Beautiful naked you.

‘OK if I join you? I’m not sure how long the hot water lasts. And I need to was too.’

Of course you can join me. You can join me whenever you like.

You take the liquid soap and, turning me around, you begin washing my back, starting with my shoulders and then working you way downwards. I feel your strong hands, massaging me while you wash me. You work your way lower. To my waist and then on to my bum. I feel your strong fingers between my cheeks. And then I feel you hands working their way down my legs.

When you hands come back up again, one of your hands slips between the tops of my thighs and you find my little hole. Even though I have been waiting for you to do exactly that, I let out a small moan.

You reach around and begin washing my front. I can feel your growing cock pressing against me. It feels sooo nice. I arch my back slightly, acknowledging your need.

You turn me around. We kiss, lightly at first. But then I take your tongue and suck it into my mouth. I feel your now-hard cock against my stomach.

You take more soap and start washing my front. And, as you wash my chest, I use my hands to wash your body. Your hands move down to my breasts. My nipples are hard. You pinch them, first one and then the other. Again, I groan with pleasure.

And then you kneel down and start washing my stomach. I can feel myself getting really wet — and not from the shower. As your hands move down my pelvis, I spread my legs and you wash either side of my pussy. I am ready. But you hands move down my legs. And then they start their way back up again.

By now I have both of my hands planted against the back wall. Your hands get higher, and this time they find my pussy. Gently, very gently, you wash my pussy with your strong fingers. Again I groan.

‘Oh, Baby, that feels sooo nice.’ I close my eyes and let my mind wander as your strong fingers ‘clean’ my nether lips. And then I look down and watch as your tongue starts to work its way over my thighs, circling around my pussy. ‘Oh, sweetie, you’re driving me crazy. Please … I need you.’

I know you know that I need you. But still you just tease me. I moan, ever louder. And, finally, you start to lick my pussy. Your tongue licks up one lip and back down the other, tempting my clit but leaving it untouched. Up … and back down. Up … and back down. And then, finally, just when I can wait no longer, your tongue darts inside my pussy.

As you continue to tongue-fuck me, I arch my back and push my pussy into your face. ‘I need to come, Baby. I need you to make me come. Please, baby. Please.’

And then you replace your tongue with a finger, while starting to lick my clit. ‘Oh … fuck … yes! Right there, sweetie. Right there. Oh … fuck, yes.’ And your finger finds my special spot. And I come. Hard. Squirting my juices all over your face.

As my climax calms, and I come crashing back to earth, you gently lick and kiss my pussy, soothing it. And then you stand and hold me in your arms and nuzzle my neck.

‘Oh, fuck, I needed that,’ I tell you. ‘From the moment I first canlı bahis siteleri saw you this morning, I have wanted you. Thank you.’

But we are not finished.

I motion for you to turn around. And, as you turn, I see your cock, your hard, purple-headed cock.

You place your hands on the front of the shower, and I start to soap you. My hands soap your muscular shoulders and back, as your hands soaped me. And when I reach your bum, I run my hands over each of your cheeks and then I explore your crack.

And then I kiss you, nuzzle you. You turn and, as you do, your hard cock slaps against my thigh.

I continue to wash you, taking my time, working my way across your muscular chest, continuing down past your navel, continuing down until I reach your beautiful cock. As my fingernails scrape along your shaft, you suck in a deep breath.

I bend down and wash you legs. I begin with your thighs, and work my way south. And then I return to your cock. ‘Your cock looks sooo tasty,’ I tell you. Shall I tease you the way that you teased me? No.

I take your shaft in one hand while cupping your balls in my other hand.

‘That feels so good,’ you tell me. ‘You have no idea how good that feels. ‘Oh, fuck, yes.’

I dip the tip of my tongue into the hole in your beautiful cock. I taste your precum. And I want more. I run my tongue around your cockhead and along your shaft. And then I take your balls in my mouth while my fingers tease your little puckered hole. ‘Oh, fuck, yes,’ you say.

I move back to your rigid shaft, and then I take your cock in my mouth. You taste sooo good. Your cock … warm and soft and hard and just for me.

As I suck your cock, your hands guide my every movement. With my own hand, I massage your sack. And then I feel you beginning to tense up. Almost without warning, you begin to come, gushing hot, sticky cum into my mouth. I feel it beginning to flow down my throat. I gag a little, and some of your cum spills out of my mouth. I look up at you and you smile.

And then I stand up again and we kiss. Passionately.

We rinse each other off. Just in time. Just before the water starts to run cool.

‘Mmm. That was sooo nice,’ I tell you. ‘I’ve never done that it a shower before.’

As we step out of the shower, I begin to shiver.

‘You’re cold, baby girl,’ you tell me. ‘Let me warn you up.’ And you wrap me in a soft towel and hug me close. And then you kiss me. Tenderly. And you ask me if I am hungry.

‘Starving,’ I tell you.

We finish drying each other and then return to the bedroom where we get dressed. You are so handsome and strong. And you are a gentleman too.

We go back downstairs and you start to prepare us some supper — a light chicken salad — while I pour us each a glass of wine.

After supper, we tidy up and wash the dishes, and then we head outside where there is a table and chairs. We sit there taking about anything and everything. You make me smile — and I can see that I make you smile too.

We sit outside talking and laughing for what seems like a long time. Day turns to night, and it becomes a bit chilly. We head back inside and settle on the settee. You switch on the TV, but neither of us pays it much attention. You place a pillow in your lap and I lie there with my head on it. We talk. And s we talk, you stroke my hair.

‘I like that,’ I tell you. ‘How did you know?’

‘Perhaps a lucky guess,’ you tell me.

I smile and stretch and stifle a little yarn.

‘Are you getting tired, baby girl?’ you ask.

‘It’s been a long day,’ I say.

‘Perhaps we should go and check out the bed.’ And you smile. And kiss me. And then you take me by the hand and lead me up the stairs.

As we enter the bedroom, you kiss me again. I feel a tingle. And my tummy flutters. You walk me to the bed and lift the hem of my top. I raise my arms, and you pull my top off over my head. And then you stand back and look at my breasts. ‘You’re beautiful,’ you tell me. And then you ease me back onto the bed.

You lift my legs onto the bed so that I am lying on my canlı bahis back, wearing just my shorts. You sit beside me and your hands roam over my naked breasts. And then you send a finger off to trace around my belly button before dipping in.

‘That feels nice,’ I say.

You lean down and begin kissing and nibbling my neck. Your mouth plants little kisses all the way down my collar bone, your tongue leaving a wet trail behind it. And then your hand moves to my left breast while you take my right breast — part of it anyway — in your mouth. Your tongue causes my nipple to harden.

I moan softly. Your touch is firm yet gentle. Perfect.

Your tongue leaves my nipple and begins licking the underside of my breast, and then you are licking my belly button. I moan again.

You hands find the fastening on my shorts. And then the fastening is fastening no longer. Slowly, you lower my zip. While continuing to kiss me, you tug at my shorts, exposing my knickers. You kiss me along my panty line, tracing the edge of the fabric with your tongue. Your tongue is soft yet hot. I just love what you are doing to me.

I prop myself up on my elbows and watch as you remove first your T-shirt and then your shorts. The bulge in you briefs makes me feel special, knowing that it is me that is making your hard.

You bend down again and, slowly, teasingly, you begin to remove my knickers, revealing my smooth pussy. I raise my hips so that you can take my knickers off me completely.

You get to your feet, beside the bed, and remove your briefs, freeing your big, hard cock. You bend over and kiss your way up the inside of my now-spread thighs until you are with a tongue’s length of my pussy. You moan but smile at the whiff of my aroma.

I lie back, my eyes closed, my thighs spread, the aroma of my own pussy wafting up to my nostrils. Even though my eyes are closed, I know that you are gazing at me. Gazing at my spread pussy. And I know that the time is getting near.

You start to lick my thigh again, and then … you find my pussy. Your tongue circles my hole. I throw back my head and arch my back, inviting you in. And in you come, dipping your finger all the way to the last knuckle. Finger then tongue. Then finger then tongue. And then two fingers. ‘Oh, god, that feels sooo good.’

While you finger my hole, your tongue works my clit. And then you withdraw you fingers and turn me over. You slide your hand under my stomach and, gently, lift me. I know exactly what you want. I get to my knees and lay my arms out flat in front of me.

‘Are you ready for my hard cock?’ you ask.

I am. Oh, god, yes.

You position the tip of your hard cock at the entrance to my pussy. And you wait.

‘Don’t tease,’ I say.

You push on in. All the way. So deep that you can go no deeper. And then you pull back. And, again you pause. My pussy is drenched. But I want you back inside me.

‘Don’t tease,’ I say again.

You laugh. ‘We can stop if you want to,’ you say.

‘Don’t you dare.’

You push back in and we begin to build up a steady rhythm, at first slow, but getting faster.

You reach under me to play with my pussy and clit.

I start to moan. I can feel my orgasm getting closer. My pussy squeezes you as you go harder and faster. And then … ‘Oh, my god! I’m coming. Fuck me. Fuck me, I’m coming.’ My pussy is gushing. My body is shaking.

You fuck me past my orgasm and you are still not done. You pull out, and I turn around and push you over onto your back. I kiss you hard. We are both wet, wet, wet. I straddle you and lower myself onto your waiting cock. Now I am riding you. I feel the tip of your cock touching my cervix. My pussy is milking you. Milking every last drop.

And then I really am milking you.

‘Oh, fuck! Baby, I’m coming,’ you say.

And, as you’d come, I feel a second orgasm building within me. We are both coming. My pussy is convulsing. Your cock is throbbing. I feel your semen hitting my cervix. I feel so fucking good. Unbelievably fucking good. And then I collapse on top of you. Breathing hard. We are both breathing hard.

You smile and hold me. Your cock is still happily inside me. I feel it beginning to soften. Somehow, we roll over into each other’s arm and, exhausted from a long day, we fall asleep.

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