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I knew this would mean that he, they, would be here in about 20 minutes. I was about to be fucked by two cocks simultaneously! Without meaning to, I came just at that thought. This was going to be a great night.

I had oil ready, just in case. I had never had a problem self-lubricating before but then again I’d never been taken by two guys before. I’d experienced double penetration before just … not with two, real pulsating cocks.

Since first meeting Marcus about two years ago, my sex life has just sizzled. We’ve done everything two people can possibly do together, in just about every place you can possibly do it. There’s never been any trepidation, embarrassment or shame but tonight is different. Tonight we’re doing something new.

There was a knock on the door and for a split second I wondered if there was any way I could get out of this. Only for a split second though because in reality I was aching for some throbbing cock. I opened the door and there was … Marcus, just Marcus.

“Are you ready?” he smirked, raising an eyebrow. He must have read my confusion for he added “We’re going out.”

Without saying a word I grabbed my handbag and a pair of shoes and headed out the front door, closing it behind me.

We arrived at his place. I thought Marcus may be picking something up but when I hadn’t followed him in the house he returned, asking “Aren’t you coming in?”

Okay. Not what I thought was happening today. A thought crossed my mind — had he forgotten what he’d said two weeks ago? That our next meeting would involve another person? Were we just at his house to have ordinary sex? Did I just say “ordinary sex”? With Marcus? Why was I having this conversation in my head?

“I’m coming.” I said as breezily as I could muster. I grabbed my bag and my shoes (why I brought shoes when I had no intention of wearing them, I couldn’t tell you) and walked casually into a house I knew well.

Marcus followed me into the house, closed and locked the door behind him. Well that’s it, I thought, no chance of someone else meeting us here. Marcus led me into the bedroom and cupped my face in his hands. He looked into my eyes and then kissed me full on the mouth. In that moment I forgot all about being annoyed that our ménage-a –trois had fallen through as waves of anticipation rolled over my body.

In one movement he slipped my summer dress up over my head and didn’t seem at all surprised that I was wearing no underwear. I helped him out of his white shirt and navy pants until he was standing naked in front of me, save only for his black, cotton boxers.

I reached out to touch his growing need but he held my arm at my side as his knelt down in front of me. Marcus lifted one of my legs over his shoulder and nuzzled his face into my pubic region. His tongue licked my moistening mound as one of his hands reached up to roll a nipple between his fingers.

I was already starting to lose myself to exquisite pleasure when I felt a familiar yet strange sensation. canlı bahis If I was not mistaken there was a hard cock pressing against my back. But Marcus was still kneeling on the floor? Panting now, slightly from the workout my clit was receiving, I twisted my upper body to find out what was going on behind me.

Standing completely naked with a semi-erect cock, was a man of similar size to Marcus but with a slightly darker eastern European colouring.

“Jedda, this is Nic.” Marcus said as he removed his mouth from my now dripping pussy. “Nic is going to be your other slice of bread today.”

“Hi Jedda.” This stranger murmured as his two hands reached out from behind me to cup my breasts.

“Hi Nic.” I managed to get out before Marcus’ fingers were pushed inside me.

With my pussy on fire I needed something in my mouth. Something to suck. I moved Nic around so that he was standing in front of me and slowly, not wanting Marcus’ fingers to leave me empty I eased myself to my knees. Taking Nic’s now fully erect penis in my hand I guided it towards my eager mouth.

Usually I suck cock as though it were a rich delicacy to savour but right now, delicacy or not, I needed as much of that cock as I could fit in my mouth as quickly as possible. I swallowed Nic’s cock into the back of my throat and sucked has hard as I could. By the look on Marcus’ face, even he was quite in awe of the ferocity with which I was taking Nic. Marcus’ fingers quickened their pace and I noticed that he couldn’t resist stroking his own cock as I alternated between licking Nic’s cock and sucking his balls.

Without warning Marcus withdrew his fingers from my pussy and, still wet with my juice, brought them up to Nic’s mouth, who eagerly sucked them dry. Watching a man suck my pussy juice from another man’s fingers was one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen but I didn’t have time to dwell on this fact.

After his fingers had been sucked dry, Marcus removed his now seemingly restrictive boxers and lay back on the bed.

“I think this may need some attention.” Marcus observed as he waved his hard cock back and forth.

I gave Nic’s cock one last hard suck before turning my attention to Marcus. Crawling over the bed, I spread Marcus’ legs to allow room for me to kneel between his knees. I placed my hands either sides of his hips and brought my mouth onto his throbbing cock.

While sucking this delicious, familiar cock it came to my attention that I’d forgotten all about the other person in the room, Nic – the person who now had an excellent view of wet pussy. Nic must have been thinking exactly the same thing because suddenly my pussy lips were being parted by hot, probing fingers. I was rocking with Nic’s fingers as he climbed onto the bed.

“Oh God, Jedda, I …” was all Nic could muster before plunging his cock into my dripping pussy. He entered me fully in one firm stroke and kept up a steady rhythm of pumping his cock in and out of my pulsating depth.

Marcus meanwhile bahis siteleri had taken hold of the back of my head, encouraging me to take him deep into my throat. I eagerly obliged, making swallowing movements with my throat muscles the way I know really gets him off.

My body shuddered involuntarily as I started climbing towards an orgasm but before it had the chance to break over me; Nic removed his still hard cock from my leaking pussy. I opened my mouth, about to protest and as I did, Marcus’ cock sprang free.

“My turn.” Marcus said with a cheeky grin and before I could argue he lifted me up and over his hips so my pussy was poised just above his thick, fully extended cock.

“But what about …” I twisted my upper body to face Nic, the owner of the swollen rod that had just been pummelling me so expertly from behind, but before I could finish, Nic brought his mouth down on mine and kissed me like I was feeding him an orgasm.

“He’ll find something to do.” Replied Marcus as he pulled me down onto him in one motion. Having me impaled onto him entirely brought a gasp from my throat, which Nic drank in and replied with a groan of his own.

Nic finally freed me when it was clear that Marcus’ pounding was distracting me from the task at hand. I turned back to face Marcus and could see that he was enjoying himself thoroughly but had no intention of cumming anytime soon. I decided in that moment, not to think or question but to ride the night, and the cock beneath me, for all it was worth.

I pumped up and down on that cock until I could feel his pubic bone rub my clit as I pressed into him. But Marcus, not satisfied with the thought of only his pubic region rubbing me, placed his thumbs over my swollen button and twirled it around and around, just the way I love.

At around about the same time I became aware of Nic moving his fingers up and down from where Marcus’ cock had me stretched, right up to my little puckered hole. I was so wet that his fingers were having no trouble moving swiftly up and down, and … eventually two of them found themselves opening up the tightest of all my holes.

The combination of Marcus’ cock filling my pussy, his fingers on my clit and now this new invasion behind sent me off on such a wave of pleasure that I yelled loud enough that I knew the neighbours would have heard. That thought lasted for a split second however because just as I had started to come down from the orgasmic high Marcus pulled me down hard onto him and held me there. And I didn’t need to ask why.

Nic had retrieved his fingers from my ass and was pressing the tip of his still slick cock into the opening. Marcus continued to hold me still but he had resumed rubbing my clit with firm circular movements. Nic was being reserved with his pressure but with the fullness in my pussy and the manual stimulation I was receiving, ‘reserved’ was just not what I was after.

“Oh God! Harder Nic! Fuck my ass!!” The words were out of my mouth before I knew it and Nic, bahis şirketleri it seemed, had no worries obliging.

“Fuck you feel great!” Nic moaned as he drove his cock deep in my ass.

The sensation of two throbbing cocks deeply imbedded inside me was almost overwhelming. The skin separating them felt so flimsy, as though, inside me, the cocks were really just rubbing up against each other. We all took a brief moment to soak in this amazingly intense feeling before both Marcus and Nic really started to pound me.

Somewhere near Nic’s third thrust we really started to work up a rhythm with Nic and Marcus drawing out steadily and ramming back into me. I rode them as best I could but I knew that any moment my arms would give up, collapsing me onto Marcus.

As if reading my mind, Marcus grunted something to Nic and in one deft swoop they’d rolled me onto my side while keeping themselves inside me. Again the thrusting stopped for a brief moment while they positioned their legs for maximum penetration. As Marcus squeezed one of my breasts from the base right up to the nipple, Nic leaned over and with a thick, husky voice, said “Do you think you have the energy to lift this leg?”

Marcus and I just grinned at each other. I, a former dancer and dedicated yoga practitioner could lift my feet behind my head if I was so inclined. As it was, I settled for hooking my upper ankle behind me on the bed head — so that’s what they’re there for!

I watched Nic look wide-eyed at Marcus who just gave him that ‘I-told-you-so’ eyebrow. That look seemed to spur Nic on to new bouts of athleticism and not to be outdone, Marcus matched Nic’s pace. I was, most definitely, the meat in this sandwich and I was being royally tenderised. I was also loving every minute of it!

Somewhere near my fifth orgasm I felt Nic’s balls, which were batting against my leg, contract suddenly and my ass clenched in response. Nic emptied himself into me for what seemed like an eternity and with each deep thrust my pussy and ass convulsed sending me to further states of ecstasy.

Through all of this activity Marcus’ hands had not ceased their relentless rubbing and I had difficulty not moaning continuously.

“Oh babe! Oh Jedda!” Marcus groaned as his hands suddenly deserted my mound in favour of gripping my hips and plunging himself deep into my pussy repeatedly as every last drop of his cum was spent inside me.

And then we lay there. I was still full of cock as their cum started to drip from both holes and their cocks slowly deflated.

I wanted to cry out, yell or sigh audibly at least but I was afraid of being the first to make a sound. Fortunately Nic saved me from the situation.

“That was un-fucking-believable!” he said with as much energy as he could muster.

“Fuck yes!” was Marcus’ contribution.

And not being one to be outdone, I casually said, “I look forward to doing that again.”

Marcus and Nic shared a knowing grin and right away I that there was something going on that I didn’t know about.

“Babe,” explained Marcus “it’s a long weekend. You’re not going anywhere for the next couple of days.”

I have my diary entry all ready …

Dear Diary, My best weekend ever …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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