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***All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older***

I should have gotten into the “tutoring” business a long time ago.

After Lux ambushed me and provoked me into fucking her ass we actually did work on her English assignment together. She spread the word to some of her classmates that I offered an eclectic array of services and gave out my email address. The next girl to request my help was named Ashley.

In her email, Ashley introduced herself as a certified physical therapist aide who was in college to become a medical assistant. Between work, school, and looking after her two kids she had little time and even less energy for writing. Lux had told her I might be able to help.

One sentence in Ashley’s email particularly intrigued me: “And since I spend so much time mothering my kids and my patients, sometimes it would just be nice to have a Daddy of my own.”

I smiled. Everyone has their needs and unlike Lux, who needed spontaneous and animalistic fucking, Ashley needed a break from being the caregiver. She needed to be cared for.

We settled on a Friday evening for Ashley to come to my place. Her kids were with their grandmother “for the weekend,” she was sure to emphasize. And she didn’t have to work until Monday. I cleared my schedule for Saturday and Sunday as well, just in case.

On Friday at 7:00 pm on the dot, my doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Ashley and was struck by how sweet her eyes and smile were. She did not look old enough to have two kids already, but so it was.

Ashley was a brunette with straight brown hair that flowed down to her shoulders. Her dark hair and fair skin made it seem as if her bright blue, almond-shaped eyes glowed and sparkled. Her high cheekbones and small mouth made her look delicate, but I could tell there was a feistiness about her too.

She was slim and petite, but I could tell she worked out through the simple gray t-shirt and jeans she wore. She didn’t have a bra on and her nipples poked through her shirt unabashedly. The contrast between her sweet, innocent smile and her body outfitted for vigorous lovemaking intrigued me.

I welcomed her in and, after grabbing us some drinks, we settled in on the couch. I asked what she was struggling with in her writing assignments. She sighed as she tapped her glass with her fingernails and thought for a moment.

“I guess,” she began, “I have so much else going on I haven’t had the energy to focus on it. It’s not that I don’t want to do them. I’m just exhausted, you know?”

“From having to be everyone’s mommy?” I asked.

She nodded.

“When’s the last time someone called you Babygirl? Princess? Sweetheart?”

She chuckled sadly. “Years.”

“What about the last time someone didn’t need anything from you and just wanted you to enjoy yourself?”

“A long time.”

I almanbahis thought for a moment and finally asked, “When’s the last time you had a massage?”

That was as good a place to start as any. I could tell she agreed by the way a pleased smile crept over her face.

I sat back on the couch with my legs spread and patted the cushion in front of me. She got up and stood in front of me. With a wink, she lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor, the pink nipples of her soft breasts on full display for me.

Ashley turned around and sat between my legs, her ass backed up against my crotch. She pulled her hair over a shoulder to expose her flesh. I began to knead the flesh of her shoulders, softly at first and then increasing the pressure.

“Oooh,” she cooed as my fingers did their work. “That feels nice.”

She looked back over her shoulder and I paused.

“Can I call you ‘Daddy’?” she asked sweetly.

I smirked. “You can call me whatever you want, Babygirl.”

She faced forward again as I resumed her massage. The slight swaying of her body made her ass rub against my crotch and I could feel the crotch of my pants tightening. I shifted my hips forward and back to help my erection along, although it didn’t need much encouragement.

I slid my hands from her shoulders to her upper arms, then to her hips. I wanted very badly to grab her tits but forced myself to take it slow. This was for her after all, not me. Well, not just me.

Instead, I ran my fingers across her stomach as I lightly kissed her neck. She shivered and giggled nervously, “That tickles, Daddy.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sweetie,” I replied.

“It’s ok. It feels good too.”

I wrapped my arms around her midsection and pulled her back into my chest. I kissed up her neck to her cheek and then whispered into her ear, “How does my Baby feel about a bath?”

“Mmm. I’d like that,” she said as she turned her face toward mine. “I’d like that very much.” I figured she would.

She inclined her head toward me, mouth slightly open. I took the hint and pressed my lips against hers. Her eyes closed as she soaked in the affection. It had been a while for her.

I asked her to stand and follow me back to the bedroom. When she started to walk toward the master bathroom I redirected her.

“No, Princess. Not that kind of bath,” I said as I gestured toward the bed.

Ashley cocked her head in momentary confusion but, being the good girl she was, she didn’t resist. But first, she took off her shoes, socks, and jeans, leaving nothing on her slim body except for a pair of red lace underwear.

“Lay on your back, close your eyes, and try to relax,” I directed. As she climbed onto the bed I stripped down to my boxers.

When she was settled in I took a moment to appreciate her lovely form. Her pink almanbahis yeni giriş nipples stuck straight into the air and her slim body begged for affection. As she closed her pretty eyes her breathing became slower and heavier.

I started her bath at her feet, taking each in my hands one at a time and running my tongue across her heels, arches, and soles. Then I licked along and between her toes, slathering saliva across her dainty digits. I worked my way up her shins and thighs.

I skipped the area covered by her underwear and continued with her tummy, paying special attention to her belly button. She showed no sign of discomfort. Instead, she ran her fingers lightly through my hair and assured me, “That feels really good, Daddy.”

“Mmm,” I replied. “My princess tastes so soft and sweet.”

My mouth continued its journey and, finally, wrapped around her waiting nipple as I massaged the flesh around it with my fingertips. Her nipple hardened against my tongue and I noticed she couldn’t help but lightly run her fingers over her pussy mound.

I licked across the length of her arms and up her neck. When I reached her mouth I pressed my lips against hers. Our tongues explored each other’s wet mouths as our desire for each other continued to build.

I broke our kiss and explained, “Now Daddy needs to clean your naughty girl parts.”

Ashley’s smile widened, her relaxation transforming into excitement. I helped her slide her red panties down her legs and, tossing them to the floor, was pleased to find such a lovely, clean-shaven pussy with tiny lips and protruding labia.

I pulled off my boxers and straddled Ashley’s head facing her feet as my erection waved in front of her face. I lowered myself to my elbows and went to work on cleaning her dirty parts. I ran the tip of my tongue along the outside of her lips, then between them. My work so far had built up a sticky coat of fluid that was a pleasant shock to my taste buds.

It took no prodding for Ashley to return the favor. Her soft tongue ran around the head of my shaft and flicked the tip. Before long her head was bobbing and the sounds of sucking grew louder between my legs.

“Mmm. Daddy, your dick tastes so good,” she said with a mouth full of cock.

“That’s a good girl, sucking Daddy’s cock,” I approved, rewarding her by pulling back her good with my fingers and putting my tongue to work on her clit. I paused only to tell her, “My princess had the tastiest pussy.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” came the garbled voice from between my legs.

I started to hum a song as I sucked harder on her clit. She shifted and fidgeted, which told me I was on the right track. Moments later her knees were bent and her thighs smashed against my ears. Her fingers gripped the backs of my thighs and she lost interest in the taste of my cock almanbahis giriş as she drew closer to her climax.

Her legs trembled against my head as she came. Her wetness coated my tongue and lips. Her sweet juices coated my taste buds.

I rolled off of her and smiled.

“How does my Princess feel now?” I asked.

“So good, Daddy,” she responded dreamily as her orgasm receded. “So clean.”

“That’s good, Babygirl. But we’re not done yet,” I explained as I stroked her thigh. “You see, my little princess has a dirty cunt. The only way to clean is to scrub it with Daddy’s cock.”

Ashley grinned. “My pussy is super dirty, Daddy. Will make sure to scrub deep?”

“Of course I will, Babygirl. But I need you to get on your hands and knees like a good princess.”

She rolled over and assumed the position, hands and knees planted on the mattress, ass and pussy waving in the air waiting for me to have my way with them.

“Like this, Daddy?” she asked as I made my way to her rear.

“Perfect. Your so smart, Sweetie,” I responded as my hands explored her tight ass. I ran a finger up through her pussy lips, which were still very moist, and rubbed it around the rim of her asshole. But I didn’t waste any more time than that. I lined my cock up with her pussy and slid in. Finally.

“Oooh fuck, Daddy,” Ashley moaned. “Your cock feels so good.”

“I’m gonna need you to be louder, Babygirl,” I said as I started to drive my hips into her asscheeks.

“Yes, Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy!”

“That’s a good girl,” I grunted. “Do you like the way I clean out your slutty little pussy?”

“Yes, Daddy! My cunt is so sloppy for you!” she yelled.

I raised my hand and brought it down on the meat of her ass with a loud smack. “Louder, Slut!” I yelled.

“Uuuuhhh!” Ashley squealed, then screamed, “Harder, Daddy! Spank me harder!”

I did, then again, then a third. I reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as I thrust. “Daddy has to get deep, Babygirl.”

“Clean my dirty hole, Daddy!” she screamed with her head yanked back. “Spank me ’til I cum, Daddy!”

I brought my free hand hard against her ass. “Such!” Smack. “A!” Smack. “Naughty!” Smack. “Girl!”

When I spanked her the last time her arms collapsed and her legs trembled. She half gargled and half screamed, “UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHNNNN!”

After a few more thrusts of my hips, I was ready to pop. As Ashley came around my cock, her asshole winked. As good a place as any, I thought.

I pulled out and put the tip of my cock against her tight anus as I stroked. My nut sent white goo shooting along her asscrack, much of which oozed into her still twitching asshole. For good measure, I smeared cum along the rim of her rubbery asshole. All clean now.

Ashley collapsed onto her side. Her legs still trembled but she was regaining control of her breathing. My cum oozed down her asscheek onto the bedspread. She looked adorable.

“You’re not going to send me home, are you, Daddy?” she said with a whimper.

“No, Babygirl. Daddy’s going to take good care of you all weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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