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As you will remember in Tukiko Chapter 12, Sabeena had lost her virginity to Masanori. After the rest of them had played too they were ready to stop for dinner. What happened after dinner? Let’s join these six younger adults to find out.

Keep in mind there will be a part C of this story.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What Are These Sex Parties?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was at that point they stopped for dinner. While Michael and Ragesh cooked on the barbecue, Kathy and Sabeena brought out things from the house, dishes they had helped Lizamoa, their mother prepare, earlier that day. Masanori helped Tukiko laying out the table and generally getting in the way, according to Tukiko. Soon all six of them were sitting around the table talking. It was a good relaxed time considering all of them were still naked and the conversation flowed easily. But with the autumn evening getting cooler, straight after dinner, they decided to move inside the house to the comfort of the lounge.

With everyone helping, soon the deck was tidied, barbecue cleaned and everything put away. Meanwhile, the girls had been busy in the kitchen getting the dishes done. Soon everyone was finished, the place was ship-shape as they knew their mother would expect it. Then they were sitting in the lounge.

“That was fun outside,” Kathy said. “Are we going to do it again?”

“That’s what we came here for,” Tukiko laughed. “Lots of hot sex, I hope.”

“Bring it on,” Ragesh agreed as he looked straight at Tukiko.

“I’m ready any time you are Ragesh,” Tukiko said, looking back at him.

That was a huge turn-on for Ragesh hearing this woman openly saying she wanted him.

Masanori was watching his girlfriend too. Did she actually lick her lips as she looked at Ragesh? It almost looked like it, Masanori thought. It always surprised him how openly Tukiko was about her love of sex. He had grown up under the impression that girls were more reserved when it came to sex. It was like the men had to encourage them, draw them into sexual things before they would relax and enjoy themselves. But dating Tukiko had been far different to that. In fact, in their relationship, it would more often be her leading rather than him, her who would be the one driving to start a session of sex.

Not that he was complaining. Sex with Tukiko had always been great as far as he was concerned. More recently, she had felt a little bored with their sex life and strayed to being with other men. When Masanori had confronted Tukiko over her being with those men, others were there listening too. It had not gone well at first until Shanti and turned up with Tukiko’s parents. It had ended with the three men agreeing to allow him to be with their wives in exchange for what they had done with his girlfriend. Sort of revenge and sex lessons rolled into one. The surprise of the afternoon had been Sabeena, who was still a virgin, asking Masanori if he would be her first man. That had caused another uproar but finally, it had been agreed that if Tukiko and Masanori got their relationship sorted, the three wives would take him before he would be allowed to be with young Sabeena. (See Tukiko Ch. 10 Pt. A)

It had been a low for them when he found out about her straying, but they had managed to work through that huge bump in the road of their relationship. Now things were great between them again. Perhaps made even better considering the new things she had learnt and people she had brought into their sex life. They were engaged now, her parents were more open too, allowing him to stay with her at their house as often as he liked. And it must be said, he liked it a lot.

Yes, that had been another part of their new sexual relationship, bringing other people into their sex life. At first, Masanori would have been strongly against this but things had changed that afternoon when he had confronted her. Since then, he had been with Sayako, Tukiko’s mother and this very evening he was expecting to be with the second wife, Lizamoa. Things had been arranged and an evening set up where he would be with Lizamoa for a night, which by default meant Tukiko would be with Joseph again. But suddenly the plan had changed. Joseph and Lizamoa had gone out somewhere leaving Masanori and Tukiko visiting their two older children, Ragesh and Sabeena.

Well, that was the plan. The second wife, Lizamoa was supposed to have been the plan that evening and when suddenly, Masanori learnt he was going to be with Sabeena instead. Tukiko seemed ok with it but then she knew she was getting this horny younger guy, Ragesh to be with. Then to their surprise, two others, Kathy and her brother Michael had been thrown into the evening too. It was obvious, Sabeena’s parents, Joseph and Lizamoa were behind all this but Masanori was still trying to get his head around what they intended would happen other than there seemed to be this underlining need to get these younger people ready for some intense sexual parties that were ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar expected to be taking place next summer.

The sex beside the pool had gone well and Sabeena had lost her virginity without too much bother. It surprised Masanori that she was quickly ready for some more fun. But comments made by her over dinner made it clear she was fully intending to do some more fucking and be involved in any further sexual action going down that evening.

So here they were now, six of them sitting naked in the lounge deciding how the rest of their evening would go.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“What’s all this about the sex parties?” Masanori asked.

“Our parents have friends in India and Australia,” Kathy explained. “They’ve kept in contact with for a long time. They get together from time to time for sexual fun and parties, then record their adventures in a series of books each of them owns.”

“You mean those leather folders. Tukiko owns a set,” Masanori replied.

“Yeah, that’s them. The Letters Books, they call them.”

“Interesting reading,” Tukiko laughed before Kathy went on.

“Well,” Kathy continued. “Over the summer, most of the people found in those stories will be with us, here in New Zealand. For about four weeks over the Christmas period, I think. That is what all this is, preparing us for I suppose. They seem to want us ready to join in the fun.”

“That’s strange how they want us involved,” Ragesh said.

“I heard Riya from India might be allowed too but she hasn’t mentioned anything to me yet.”

“You mean sex swapping, parties and things?” asked Tukiko.

“Yeah. I’m in for it,” Kathy laughed. “It’s going to be fun.”

“I think we are all going for it,” Michael added.

“So, what is with these sex parties? What goes on?” Masanori asked.

“I was just getting to that,” Kathy said. “From what I have read, it seems to have evolved over the years. At first, it was just married couples getting together and swapping partners but then they discovered a club, a strip club, I think. They held these stripping and sex parties. The party idea has continued from there.”

“Ripper Stripper Parties,” Michael laughed which made everyone giggle.

Everyone was listening while Kathy explained as much as she knew about their parent’s sexual activities. It seemed she knew more about it than any of them.

“Once Sabeena and I got caught trying to spy on one of their parties. It was the first time we all went to the Kai Iwi Lakes. Roxanne was with us too. One evening we were hiding in the sand dunes watching and it was a really hot show. Lots of fucking and stuff. But Dad must have seen us, as he called us and told us off before sending us back to our tent. We were supposed to have got a good telling off the following morning but nothing ever happened about that.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So, are they going to do that again this summer?” Masanori asked.

“I think that is their plan,” Kathy said. “I heard Dad has booked that camping ground at the Kai Iwi Lakes again. And Cathy from Australia told me there is going to be a party then.”

“Sounds like fun,” Ragesh said. “I am so looking forward to that.”

“So am I,” Michael laughed.

“I still can’t believe they want us involved too.”

“Yeah, I know,” Tukiko agreed. “But I’m in for anything going.”

With Tukiko agreeing, it kind of meant Masanori was going too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So, what are we going to do tonight?” Ragesh asked, bringing them back to the main point of the conversation.

“I’ve been interested in the stripping things they do. You know where they strip and do a show in front of each other,” Sabeena said. That night we were watching them we saw some couples doing stripping acts. It looked very sexy.

“You mean we do that now?”

“Sure. Why not?” Sabeena agreed. “We can get into pairs and perform a strip act for each other. When we get to a real party, we’ll all know what to do.”

“You mean we strip with a partner, Sabeena?” Tukiko asked.

“Yes, I read a man and women stripping each other is more fun. Then we give each other orgasms, oral or something.”

“You mean we do more than just a strip?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, more than that. I think we need to get each other off as part of our show.”

“You mean we have sex in front of everyone?” Masanori asked.

“No,” Kathy said. “Not full sex yet. We’ll do that in another game later.”

“Ok then. I’m in,” Tukiko said.

“Me too,” Sabeena added.

With all three girls agreeing to this, the three guys just went along with them. The girls certainly seemed to be driving this but they all thought it might be fun. Made even better doing it as couples. Since they were brothers and sisters, they had to swap so Kathy paired with Ragesh and Michael paired with Sabeena.

But then there was also that historical problem between Kathy and Ragesh, where their parents were almost certain elvankent götü büyük escortlar they both shared the same father, Mike, which explained Ragesh’s lighter complexion compared to his siblings. Apparently Mike had been with Lizamoa around the time she got pregnant with Ragesh. Whichever way they went it was going to be wrong but by then Kathy and Ragesh didn’t care. This game would be too much fun. They just wanted to play.

By default, that left Tukiko with Masanori.

Of course, since this was going to be a stripping party, they needed to get dressed first so soon they were all going off to find what clothes they could wear for their strip shows. Tukiko and Kathy hadn’t come prepared for this so Sabeena had to help with finding them something to wear.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In their bedroom, Tukiko and Masanori were talking.

“Well, this is something different,” he said. “Seems funny we are putting on clothes, just to take them off again.”

“Yeah, I know,” she replied. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“So do we undress each other or ourselves?”

“Since we are doing it together, I guess we should undress each other. What do you think?”

“Ok then. One item each until we’re both naked again?”

“Yes, that would work best,” Tukiko replied. “I don’t have any sexy undies to wear. I wasn’t expecting doing this.”

“Wear your red bikini. That’s sexy. I don’t mind taking that off you.”

She looked at him and smiled. He liked that bikini and she knew he’d be keen to take it off her. She hoped with some playing along the way too.

“Then what?” she asked.

He looked back at her. Not sure what she meant.

“Then what are you going to do once you get me naked?”

Masanori hadn’t thought about that. “Sabeena said we have to get each other off. Make each other cum, I suppose.”

“With your fingers or are you going to eat me?”

Masanori thought about that for a moment. This would be in front of those other people. They would be like, performing for them. But that was a bit like how it had been earlier that afternoon. They’d done it in front of each other then. He also knew how Tukiko would like to put on a show. “With my hand to start and then finish with oral. You like that.”

“Mmmm, Nice,” Tukiko said. “I’ll do the same for you.”

Masanori just nodded but he could see how she was smiling. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” he asked.

“Of course. This is going to be fun.”

He grabbed her, pulling her to him to kiss her. She returned the kiss with passion, almost aggressively. It was sexy and he felt himself becoming aroused. If they weren’t careful they wouldn’t make it back down to the group in the lounge.

“You’re really into this exhibitionism stuff, stripping, showing off, sex in front of people watching?”

“I don’t know why, but I am,” Tukiko replied. “It really gets me horny and the sex seems better too.”

“I can see that,” he said with a grin.”

By now Tukiko was starting to get dressed. He watched as she put on her tiny red bikini. She always looked sexy wearing that. Next came a blue dress he had never seen before. She told him Sabeena had loaned it to her. What Sabeena didn’t tell Tukiko was it was actually her mothers. She then grabbed her jacket to make it the correct number of items.

They arranged to have exactly the same number of items on so they could match each other taking them off. Now both dressed ready for their stripping act, they left their bedroom heading back down to the lounge.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As Tukiko and Masanori entered the lounge they found the two boys, Michael and Ragesh, were already back. Both looking pretty good Tukiko thought. “You two scrub up well,” she laughed.

“We didn’t have time for much scrubbing. Just dressing,” Michael replied.

“You both look good,” Tukiko said.

She noticed they were checking her out too. Men, they are always surprising. Minutes before, when they all were naked, they could have seen everything they wanted. Now she was wearing a very short blue dress with a light jacket left open so they could see the deep cleavage of the dress, showing right down between her breasts. They were looking, really checking her out. Looking at her long legs displayed by the short skirt. Also looking at the swell of her breasts trying to burst from under her dress.

She noticed and was enjoying the attention too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sabeena arrived next. She wore a short black skirt and green blouse which was left half-open. She also was aware of how much she was already showing, even before she began the stripping. Was there a hint of an emerald coloured bra under that blouse? Tukiko thought there might be. She looked over at Michael and saw him looking at her. Even her brother was checking her out too. ‘Ha! Ha! So both of them were interested. That was good.’ Dressed like that, Sabeena deserved their attention. She certainly looked etimesgut çıtır escortlar hot!

Since she was planning to do her strip show with Michael, Sabeena thought she might as well go sit with him. And lots more leg was shown to all three men as she sat down beside him.

“You look hot,” Michael told her.

“Thanks,” she replied, giving him a pat on the thigh, much higher than was decent.

“I could add, totally sexy,” he said.

She smiled back at him, pleased he thought her hot and sexy. That is what she intended to be for him. She reached over to give her a light kiss on the cheek but when he reached up to grab her that quickly became a hot passionate hug.

Moments later, Kathy appeared. She was surprised when she saw the deep tongue kissing Sabeena and Michael were getting into. “Hey, you two! Get a room!” she laughed.

That stopped them as everyone joined in laughing. Sabeena looked at Michael, giving him a shy smile showing she was pleased with what had just happened and was probably ready for more.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Like Tukiko, Kathy had been caught unprepared so had borrowed a dress from Sabeena. It was shorter than she would normally have worn, made even more daring by the fact that Kathy is a bit taller than Sabeena. Lots of thigh on show, almost right up to her tiny bikini bottom. Yes, she has worn a bikini since she hadn’t brought any sexy undies with her.

“You girls all look hot,” Ragesh said.

Both Tukiko and Kathy smiled thanks to him. Even Sabeena was happy her brother had noticed and commented.

Ragesh pulled Kathy to him to give her a kiss and she more than willingly fell into his arms. As their tongues met and their bodies pressed against each other they all heard Sabeena say, “Now who needs a room.”

That was funny but had a cooling effect on the two who were kissing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stripping and Cumming.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1) Tukiko and Masanori Go First.

“I suppose we better get this party started,” Tukiko said as she stood up, pulling Masanori up with her.

The coffee table had been moved away and the two large foam pads had been brought in from outside to cover and protect the carpet from any stray sexual fluids. Tukiko had them stand in the centre, facing each other. He wasn’t quite sure about how to start this and was certainly unsure about this dancing stuff.

Tukiko saw his hesitation and decided to get him relaxed a bit first, then they could start into the undressing part. She began to move, a bit dancing and a bit sexually moving. For a moment he just watched before he tried to copy. Dancing had never been part of what they did together and Masanori felt nervous and awkward.

“Just move from side to side like this,” Tukiko encouraged him. “Weight on one foot and then weight on the other.

“Yes, that’s it. Now your hips. Move them like this.”

As Tukiko showed him, Masanori followed her instructions. He felt awkward but was trying his best to please her. This dancing stuff was a bit out of his comfort zone.

Tukiko hadn’t intended this to turn into a dancing class but she could see he was trying so she was willing to help. “Now faster. A bit more, like this.”

He copied her doing the best he could to make his awkward moves look sexy. Both Ragesh and Michael were watching him closely. They knew they would be doing it next and wanted to make a good showing in front of the girls. Meanwhile, Masanori was doing better now. Tukiko could see he needed a lot more practice but she was pleased he was making an effort for her.

She decided she could work on his dancing skills before the summer. By the time of the party, she hoped they might have worked up a presentable act.

“That’s it,” Tukiko. She was happy with how he was picking it up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Now my jacket,” she said as she turned her back towards him. “Take it off.”

Masanori reached for her jacket, pulling it open so it slipped from her shoulders. While he threw it onto the coffee table she continued dancing as she turned towards him again.

That wasn’t as sexual as she’d hoped. He needed to loosen up, be doing more playing along the way to make it sexier. Again it was something they could have fun working on together before the summer.

“My turn,” she giggled as she reached for his jacket. She had it unzipped and pushed it back off his shoulders. It was the second item of clothing dropped on the table before her hands returned to him, rubbing all over his shoulders and chest. Her fingers found his hardened man-nipples through the shirt’s material.

“Mmm. Hard nipples. I like that on a man,” she purred. “Very sexy. Makes me want to tear your shirt off and suck them.”

Her fingers reached for the buttons of his shirt.

Masanori could see Tukiko was getting into this so decided to play along with her.”No you don’t,” he said, grabbing his hands. “My turn now.”

She stopped and was mildly surprised at him. He had stopped her, wanting hid turn stripping her first. She was amused at how he was getting into this too. It had to be both of them involved and having fun or else it would never work.

He reached for the front of her dress. “But first we need to know, how hard are your nipples?”

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