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My time with Maddie at the state tournament was as intense an experience as I’ve ever had in my life. I also was left with deep admiration for Maddie. I knew her injury was painful, but she refused to let her teammates down, and she was spectacular on Day 2, leading the team to the state championship. When the results were announced, the team and coaches were overjoyed, screaming, crying, and hugging. In the melee, Maddie hugged me, both of us bawling with joy, and she said, “Thank you so much Laura… for everything.” We shared a look that made me tingle. “I love you so much,” she blurted out.

“I love you too, Maddie,” I said, suddenly worried if anyone was watching our interaction.

The facility had a training room, and I spent time there as Maddie iced her hip. I examined her to see how her injury had fared, but there were other athletes and coaches in the room and, of course, Maddie stayed in her uniform, including her cheer panty. As I put her through some stretches to gauge her pain, we both knew that the other was thinking about the in-room exams I had done with Maddie naked from the waist down. Despite telling myself to act my age and be professional, I wanted desperately to undress Maddie and reward her courage and leadership by bringing her to another orgasm. The longing in Maddie’s eyes said that she was thinking the same thing. But after 20 minutes of ice, I left the locker room so Maddie could shower and dress, knowing that I might not be able to maintain my composure seeing her naked.

When Maddie and the last two of her teammates emerged from the locker room, Maddie’s gait was off slightly as her hip had tightened up. One of the other coaches said, “Maddie is pretty special, isn’t she?”

“She definitely is,” I answered, enjoying my private thoughts of the last two days. Maddie was beautiful, wearing a cute white Henley top, a short, but appropriate skirt, and sneakers and her damp hair pinned up in the back. The sun had set by the time the team was ready to get on the team van. Someone had put a handwritten sign in the windshield that said “STATE CHAMPS ONLY.”

As Maddie passed me, I asked how she was and, as eighteen-year-olds are wont to do, she said she was “okay.” I was struck by how lovely she was, just out of the shower, with next to no makeup left from the competition. “Can I sit next to you on the ride home?” tuzla escort Maddie asked with hopeful eyes. The “good angel” on one shoulder told me to make an excuse that I had to sit with the other coaches. But, even before the devil on my other shoulder could argue, I gave in and told her that was a splendid idea.

When I got in the van and looked for Maddie, she waved and I saw that she was in a row near the middle of the van that was across from the equipment rack. That meant there was no seat across from our row. As I approached Maddie, sitting in the aisle seat, I had a strong feeling that her choice of a row was intentional. She smiled, turned her knees into the aisle, and stood up to let me in to the window seat. When she sat back down, her tanned, athletic legs were beautiful, even under the dim overheard lights. Maddie had a very happy look on her face, and she said, “Thank you for sitting with me Laura. I hope it’s okay if I fall asleep.”

“Of course it is Mads. You worked so hard, you deserve to sleep,” I assured her.

“I hope I don’t snore too much,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

I leaned in and said quietly, “I haven’t found that to be a problem so far.” I immediately realized that my flirtatious comment was inappropriate. But the joyous look on Maddie’s face was worth the indiscretion. Maddie reached down under her seat and pulled up a small pillow.

“You are so prepared. No wonder you are a state champion,” I said smiling.

“You know I couldn’t have done it without you Laura,” Maddie said sincerely.

“I think you are being too modest, young lady,” I said, and I patted her on the thigh just above her knee. Looking into my eyes with a warm smile, Maddie put her hand on top of mine as we shared an affectionate moment. I so wanted to kiss her right then, but I just reached with my index finger to touch her nose playfully.

The girls were excited and noisy as the trip home began, but just about 20 minutes later, the driver turned off the interior lights, exhaustion set in, and people began to nod off. Maddie rested her head on her pillow and turned in her seat to face toward me. Although the van was dark, I could see Maddie looking at me with tired eyes. Turning slightly toward her and after a quick glance around us, I reached with my left hand to caress her right cheek. “Get some rest, Maddie,” I whispered. pendik escort As I pulled my hand away, Maddie grabbed it and directed it to the hemline of her skirt.

Maddie’s eyes were closed, but her body told me how much she enjoyed my touch. I squeezed her leg gently, and Maddie adjusted her position to open her legs slightly. Her movement was subtle, but I felt a tingle throughout my body. It was reckless to even think about what Maddie was offering, but I felt like a schoolgirl instead of a mother of two and a health care professional. Against my better judgment, my hand inched further up Maddie’s thigh, and in response her legs opened a bit more. I resisted for a few minutes, content to caress Maddie’s inner thigh, but inevitably I moved my hand further up her leg until, to my surprise, I discovered that Maddie was not wearing panties under her skirt. As my fingers ran over her smooth vagina, Maddie adjusted her head to lean closer to me and to turn her body a bit more toward me.

My mind was racing, and my body responded as well. There was a buzz in my midsection, my crotch was damp, and I felt my nipples stiffen and rub against my bra. I told myself that Maddie deserved some attention, but I knew I was trying to justify my desire to do what I was about to do. My index finger slipped between Maddie’s lips and ran upward the length of her slick pussy until I reached her clit. Maddie let out an almost imperceptible moan that only I could hear. My finger flicked her stiff button, and I scraped her with my fingernail, making Maddie jump in her seat. I struggled to act casually as I touched Maddie intimately, and she began to respond next to me. When I glanced over at her, I saw that Maddie, with a clenched jaw, was gently rubbing her own breast through her thin top.

Despite the close quarters and our risky behavior, I was consumed by the desire to treat Maddie to an orgasm that she deserved. I slipped a finger inside her, and my thumb massaged her clit. Her now-wet pussy easily accommodated me, and I quickly slipped a second finger into Maddie. She tried to keep her excitement under wraps, but her breathing got faster, and she had undone a few buttons and reached her hand inside her top to touch her boobs. I bit my lip to make sure that I stayed aware of our surroundings and to make sure that our sexual play stayed secret.

My two aydınlı escort fingers curled up inside Maddie and I pinched her clit between my thumb on the outside and the fingers in her wet pussy. She whimpered, her hips rotated gently, and I sensed her orgasm gathering steam. I was worried that Maddie would make too much noise, so I wriggled by right arm from under me and put two fingers on Maddie’s lips to urge her to be quiet. Maddie realized that she was losing control, so she opened her mouth to take by fingers deep into her mouth and began to suck on them. The intensity of her sucking let me know that that she was close to a climax. Maddie’s free hand moved to feel my breasts just as her body tensed, her face contorted, and she bit down on my fingers.

I looked around nervously while also enjoying the feeling of orgasmic spasms in Maddie’s vagina. I could hear her muted moans, but I felt comfortable that the ambient road noise kept it between us. When I looked back at Maddie, her face was almost angelic, even though she was feeling the last wave of her secret orgasm. With two fingers still inside Maddie, I smiled at her and asked quietly, “Feel better, now?”

Maddie just nodded, looking into my eyes. “Thank you,” she said so softly that I had to read her lips. She glanced down at my hand between her legs, and I moved my fingers slightly, making her sigh. “I’m so tired,” Maddie added.

“You can lay on my lap if you’d like,” I volunteered, caught in the moment.

“Really, I’d like that,” Maddie said. I slowly withdrew my fingers from Maddie’s still tender pussy, slid closer to the window, and used my other hand to put the pillow on my lap, patting it. Maddie adjusted her skirt and buttoned up her top, before laying her head on the pillow facing away from me. I reached around her with my left hand, which had been between her legs, and without a word Maddie opened her mouth to take in the two fingers that had been in her pussy a minute before. Within two minutes, Maddie was asleep on my lap her breathing slow and steady, with my fingers still in her mouth as if they were a pacifier.

I too was exhausted, but I knew I would not be able to fall asleep. So, for the next hour or so, I occasionally caressed Maddie’s hair and her arm, as I thought about our interactions over the last two days. I knew intellectually that what had happened was wrong, but I could not deny that my experiences with Maddie were as powerful and exciting as anything that had ever happened in my life. I also wondered what, if anything, would happen when we returned home to our everyday lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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