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“Bless me father, for I have sinned.” Young Tina McGregor recited from memory. “My last confession was three weeks ago.”

“My God!” She couldn’t help but think. “Only three weeks?” so much had happened and now she would have to confess it all or face eternal damnation!

Father John Flanagan always looked forward to hearing little Tina’s confession. Oh sure…It was supposed to be anonymous but her soft and hesitant manner of speaking was easy to identify. Also her gorgeous red hair was easily visible, even with the diffused glass that separated them. She would get so flustered when she had to confess that she’d said “Damn” or “Hell” and, heaven forbid, she should eat meat on a Friday! He got to give her his usual “Fatherly” dose of advice at which point she’d almost burst into tears. What a little sweetheart!

“Now tell me your sins young lady.” He responded.

“Well Father, it all began at…at my Birthday party I guess. My friend Judy gave me these really…uh…sexy panties and…”

“Sexy panties? what do you mean?” Father John couldn’t believe this sweet young thing knew the word “Sexy.”

“Uh…well…There really isn’t much to them Father. They don’t cover up much and, well, you can see right through them.”

While Flanagan was trying to digest this, Tina’s confession continued.

“When I first saw those panties I didn’t seriously consider wearing them. After all, I’ve always worn white cotton panties and, quite honestly, I’d never even seen anything like them before. They didn’t seem to be the kind of underwear a girl like me should be wearing. But, as I was getting ready for bed that night, I saw the skimpy panties and thought ‘Aw, what the heck.’ When I tried them on I felt…I felt all funny inside. I laid down on my bed and the next thing I knew I was touching myself Father. Right through my new pink panties!”

“They…They’re pink?”

“Yes. A very pale pink color. I used my hand to…to pleasure myself ‘Down There.’ It felt good Father, but I know it was wicked. I couldn’t seem to stop myself. Then…Then I pulled my little panties out of the way Father. I touched my bare pussy! I’m sorry, I mean I touched my…my vagina and then…” Tina hesitated before continuing, wondering what Father Flanagan was thinking of all this.

John Flanagan’s throat had gone dry and, against his will, his penis had begun to stir beneath his robe.

“Then what did you do young lady? You must confess to be absolved of sin.”

Almost in tears, Tina continued. “Oh Father I stuck my finger in my pussy! I…I rubbed it until I felt all gooshy inside. I know it was wrong but I couldn’t help myself!”

Assuming the worst was over, Father Flanagan cleared his throat nervously and spoke: “Now, miss, I think you’re a fine young woman and you have a wonderful future ahead of you but you have to learn to control your physical desires. You can get in a lot of trouble if you succumb to…to masturbation.”

“Is…Is that what it’s called Father, what I did?”

“Uh, yes honey. Now for your penance…”

“Oh Father, I’m afraid there’s more!”

You could have knocked John Flanagan over with a feather at that point. A little innocent fingering? Well everyone did that. Even him from time to time. More? “Tell me Miss. You must confess your sins. Tell me everything.”

“Oh Father, the next day I stopped by the little country store on my way home from school. There’s this new box boy working there and I…I wanted to meet him. I got an RC cola from the cooler and then I walked over to the freezer case where the ice cream bars are and I looked in there for quite a while. The cool air caused my…my nipples to…react and…”

“Weren’t you wearing a bra my child?” Flanagan couldn’t help but interject.

“No Father. My breasts are so small I…I just don’t need one. It makes me look silly. My escort bayan nipples are quite large in comparison though, and so…”

“Go ahead with your confession.” Flanagan prodded, eager to hear the rest now.

“Well, eventually Tim…that’s the box boy’s name, he walked over to see if he could help me. I leaned way over to get an Eskimo Pie and…and I let him look right down my blouse.”

“And what could he see my child?”

“Oh Father I let him see my…my bust! I gave him a real good look too. Both of my…my nipples were all firm and sticking out so I know he saw. When I looked up his eyes were real big so I know he was interested.

Then I went over to the little produce section where Mr. Curly, the grocer, was stocking the apples. He said Hi to me and I was about to pick out an apple when I, well, I slipped and fell and my skirt flew up! After I’d landed both the box boy and Mr. Curly, well, they saw my little panties!”

“Those…those pink ones my child?”

“Yes Father. They saw my pink panties! I…I dropped my soda and it broke and there was broken glass everywhere! Mr. Curly helped me to my feet and told Tim to clean up the mess. He took me back to his office and…and I let him look at my panties some more.”

“You let him look some more?

“Yes father. He was worried that I might have fallen on broken glass.”

“Well young lady I realize you feel bad but, after all, I assume he was just making sure you were OK wasn’t he?”

“I guess so but, well, after he looked at me while I lifted up my skirt, I asked if he would pull down my panties to check more closely.”

“He…He pulled down your panties?”

“Yes Father.”

“And he…He looked closely did he?”

“Yes he did Father. Then…Oh, I’m so ashamed to confess this!”

“You must tell me all of your sins my child.”

“Oh I asked him to ‘Look even closer’ and…and so he spread me open back there. You know…my butt cheeks. He saw everything Father!”

John Flanagan was only human. His penis had responded to Tina’s tale of sexual adventure and filled with blood. He had to hear all the lurid details…right from this innocent creature herself!

“What did he see my child? Tell me!”

“Oh he saw my…my little back hole Father! And, I guess he saw my pussy too! He looked for a while too before he gently touched me there, on my…my secret hole and, and on my lips.”

“He touched you…back there?”

“Yes Father” Tina said quietly. “He ran his hands over my butt and then got right to the…the middle part. He grazed his finger over my…my pussy Father, and my other place too.”

Wondering exactly how much more had taken place, Father John prodded the pretty sinner for more details. “Did he…did he do anything else?”

“No Father. He kind of hugged me and told me he was glad I wasn’t hurt. He walked me out to the door where Tim was waiting. Tim asked me if I was OK and I was kind of embarrassed to have fallen like that. He told me his name which I already knew from his name tag. We chatted for a minute or two and then he asked me to the sports night that friday night!”

“Sports night?” Flanagan was unfamiliar with the term.

“Yeah, it’s held at the school gym and you play volleyball and stuff while they play records and some people dance. Just an excuse to get together I guess.”

“I see.” Flanagan responded. “So, you went to the ‘Sports Night’ with this boy?”

“Yes Father.” There was a pause and then Tina continued. “He took me to the sports night and…and maybe it was a mistake but I wore my little pink panties. When I stepped into them I felt this tingling sensation in my…you know father. Tim was dressed really sharp when he picked me up and I could tell my mom liked him.

“We had fun at the sports night! Tim held my hand and I knew he liked me too. We talked kocaeli escort bayan and got to know one another and eventually, he asked me to go outside for a breath of fresh air.”

Flanagan knew there was more coming now. The sweet little schoolgirl was wearing her scandalous little pink panties that seemed to go hand in hand with trouble! Now what?

“We stepped out by the bleachers and he gathered me in his arms and kissed me! And I kissed him back Father. I pushed my little breasts into him and got all excited when he put his tongue into my mouth. I was almost out of breath when he finished kissing me. Then, he led me to his car and we got in the back seat.”

“The back seat?” The aging priest couldn’t believe this innocent youngster didn’t know what kind of trouble she was heading for when she got in the back seat of the box boy’s car.

“I know it was wrong Father. I don’t know what came over me. We started kissing again and then his hand was on my leg. I know I should have stopped him Father, but I didn’t. I…I opened my legs and he just slid his hand right up my thigh until he was touching my…my panties!”

“He touched your panties? Those Pink panties?”

“Yes Father! He touched my panties and I let him! I let him feel my panties all he wanted. I couldn’t seem to help myself Father. I got all excited and then he wanted me to touch him. And I did it Father. I touched his…his penis through his slacks and it was all hard! He unzipped his pants and asked me to take it out!”

“Good Lord!” Flanagan thought to himself. Was the innocent little teen going to actually do it? Fuck this overeager box boy on the first date? Eighteen years of solid Catholic upbringing goes out the window the first time a boy winks at her? “So…so you took out his penis?”

“Yes Father. I was thrilled to touch it too. It was so big and hard and it was hot Father! I had…I had never seen a penis before but, when I got a hold of it, I wanted to squeeze it and rub it. And I did Father. I touched his stiff penis and slid my hand down to…to the other part, where his little…uh…balls are. Then Tim was feeling my…my pussy with just my little panties in his way. He grabbed the waistband and began to pull down my panties but I stopped him. ‘Please, No Tim!’ I told him. ‘Don’t take off my panties! We’ll…we’ll get in trouble!”

“You’re already in trouble young lady.” Flanagan thought to himself. You’re in the back seat of this guy’s car with his cock in your hand and his paws on your panties. But the now furiously aroused priest cleared his throat and told Tina “Good for you young lady. So, you stopped him?”

“Not exactly Father.” Tina confessed in a low voice. “Tim was disappointed, I could tell. I didn’t want him to think I was just a little tease and I really like him Father, I really do! So…so I kind of laid back against the door of the car and opened my legs. Tim was watching with a curious look on his face. I began to lift the hem of my dress exposing my legs as I went. Tim’s eyes were locked on me as I showed him more and more of my thighs until, finally, he saw my panties. I haven’t got much…much hair down there Father. So I think Tim could see most of my vagina right through my skimpy panties.”

Flanagan had freed his turgid cock by now and was stroking himself as discreetly as possible. “Lord in heaven don’t let her stop now!” He pleaded silently. “What happened next my Child?”

“I…I told him he could rub his penis on my panties…just for a minute, and then we’d have to stop because it was almost time for me to be getting home. His face brightened when I said it and he took his…his penis in his hand and approached me. I opened my legs and he laid the head of his cock…I mean his penis, right at the center of my…my vagina Father. My panties are so sheer I could really feel it kocaeli escort too. Then, he began to rub it up and down my…my little spot. He seemed to know just where to put it Father. Oh, it felt so good! I began to have impure thoughts Father. I knew it was wicked and wrong but…but I wanted him….”

“You wanted him to tear off your little pink panties and shove his cock right into your ‘innocent little virgin pussy’ and fuck you until you scream for more, that’s what you wanted!” Flanagan hissed to himself. His hand was working his cock for all it was worth now and his orgasm was rapidly approaching. He listened carefully now, not wanting to miss any more sinful details.

Tina was fighting back tears now. She’d been so bad! What must Father Flanagan be thinking of her? Still, she knew she had to confess the rest of her sins to be absolved. so she continued: “I wanted him to…to take me Father. But, I just wasn’t quite ready that night. So…so I reached out for his cock and I took over Father. I gently guided his cock up and down the lips of my pu…I mean my vagina. Up and down, up and down I rubbed it. I was so excited Father! I was all wet down there and I felt the situation slipping away from me. Tim was trying to press himself into the indentation he felt in my little panties and I was hard pressed to stop him. Then…Oh Father then I asked him if he could just slip his cock inside the legband of my panties…just for a second.”

“Did he do it my Child? Did he stick his cock right up under your panties?”

“I…I helped him Father. I was so wicked and slutty. I…I lifted the legband of my panties and then Tim slid his cock right up underneath it. I felt his cock on my bare pussy Father. He touched my little pink pussy lips with his big hard cock. I was excited and I think so was he. He slid himself inside my panties again and again. He kept touching my little spot and then grazing my…my hairs. I couldn’t take it Father! I just had to have that cock! So I reached down and took hold of him. I gently guided his cock right to the slippery little entrance to my panty covered pussy and tried to push it in. But, I guess I pushed a bit too hard because he cried out in frustration and then I felt his cock swell and then it began to twitch. Tim yelled ‘Oh No!’ and then I felt warm liquid repeatedly splashing onto my pussy beneath my panties. There was a lot Father! He got it all over me down there.”

By now the aging cleric was sending streams of hot white come of his own against the oak panel that separated the two. “She gets in the back seat with this pimple faced moron and just lays back and shows him her pussy right through these sleazy panties. Then she invites him to stick it right into her panties and he can’t finish the job!” The thoughts ran through Flanagan’s mind as he milked his convulsing prick until every drop of seed had finally been drained from his balls. He knew he was supposed to be spewing out some baloney about “Six ‘Our Fathers’ and six ‘Hail Marys’ but, instead he was just silently panting. Panting and thrilling to the tail end of the most mind blowing orgasm of his twisted tortured life. Where was This little sweetheart before he’d taken to wearing the collar?

Tina, for her part, was genuinely glad it was over. She’d managed to get through it and had confessed her sins. She knew by now it was good old Father Flanagan on the other side of the diffused glass. He was her favorite priest and she’d come to love and trust him. A father figure in more ways than one. Her real father had gone away more than ten years ago now. Maybe he would never come back. In a way, Father Flanagan was all she had for male guidance. Tina waited for the priest to give her penance, hoping he wasn’t furious with her for her incredibly sinful behavior.

Having finally caught his breath, John Flanagan Told little Tina McGregor to recite the rosary each night before going to sleep for a week, a serious penance to be sure, and to come and confess to him whenever she felt the need. Gushing with relief, the pretty redhead thanked Father flanagan and quickly exited the confessional.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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