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For me, turning 40 was a real issue.

My friends were throwing me a big four-oh party and it kind of got out of hand there were a lot of people there. Many of whom I didn’t even know. Let’s just say that we passed small and intimate way back in the dust.

As I moved through the crowd, a woman who appeared to be about 45 caught my eye. She was one of the many people I didn’t know. She was in shape and had a great body. I decided that at 40, I was allowed to chat up women who were 45. I move over to her and introduced myself.

She told me she was Linda. As it turned out, she was friends with a couple I knew and they’d invited her to the party. I asked if she brough her husband, and she replied that she was a widow having lost her husband a year ago. I expressed my sympathies. She said that it wasn’t needed as she’d made it past the first three months and worked her head through it. He was gone and she had to move on.

“So, what’s the hardest part now,” I asked.

She leaned in and said, “No sex. I really miss that part.”

“A good-looking woman such as yourself should have no problem solving that,” I said.

“It’s harder than you think. After all, you haven’t offered now have you,” she asked with a provocative smile on her face.

“Never let it be said that I have no manners. You have my offer to help in that area at any time,” I said.

The room was crowded and everyone was on top of each other. Someone passed by carrying a couple of drinks and offering up a “pardon me”. In the bustle of the room, I felt her hand rubbing the crotch of my pants. It wasn’t an accidental bump against me, she was groping for treasure.

“Just checking to see if it were a valid offer,” she said. “Seems it was very real.”

By this time, she had a firm grip on my ball sack and my cock was swelling to full size. It was kind of fun. This had never happened before, even at drunken frat parties at college. Even college girls had been more discrete. By this point, she’d released my balls and was gently rubbing my cock through my pants. She rubbed it from end-to-end, slowly.

“Okay, you have my attention and a bit of pre-cum,” I said in a whisper at her ear. She smiled.

“I want more than that,” she whispered back.

The room had pretty much cleared. She stood in a corner, me facing her. Releasing my cock, she unzipped my pants and reached in grabbing my cock. She gave it a good tug and then fondling the head, said, “Yes, I see we do have a pre-cum situation.” With that, she released my cock, zipped my pants and slowly licked her fingers which carried my pre-cum.

“May I call you,” she asked.

“You can call me for anything at any time,” I replied.

With that she glided away and starting chatting with other guests. It was just as if nothing had happened. I was really hoping that she called. Then I remembered that we’d not exchanged numbers. Not-to-worry, I could always get her number from our mutual friends.

Sitting at my desk the following Tuesday, the phone rang. I picked it up and a woman said, “I’m in the market for some pre-cum. Would you be able to help me with that,” she asked?

“Yes, Linda. I can absolutely help you with that. I’m in a meeting with my boss right now, may I return you call,” I asked. “What’s your number?” I jotted down the number and promised to call her back shortly.

I rushed the remainder of he meeting with my boss. As he left my office, I picked up the phone and called Linda. She picked up.

“Hello, Linda. What can I do to help you,” I asked? I was sure she could hear the smirk in my voice. “Perhaps I could offer you dinner tonight.”

“No dinner. I told you I was horny not hungry. Do you have any offers that don’t involve food?”

“Perhaps I could come to your place and we could start with my pre-cum and take it all the way to post cum,” I said.

“Take down my address. Let’s say seven,” she said. She proceeded to give me her address which I wrote down, shoving the paper with the address and phone number into my pants pocket. I didn’t have to check anything. My cock was already hard in anticipation.

How refreshing to meet a woman who knew what she wanted and was not afraid to ask for it.

I arrived at her place, a nice house in the suburbs, promptly at seven. I didn’t want to be a minute late for what promised to be a big fucking evening. I rang the bell and waited.

She opened the door with a big smile and welcome me in. I handed over the bottle of wine that I’d brought reminding her that she’d passed on food, but hadn’t said anything about wine.

She got glasses while I popped the cork and pored the wine. We took our glasses to the living room, got comfortable on the couch. We covered the basic unimportant conversation: job, hobbies, likes, dislikes, nice house, how long you lived here, etc.

During the conversation, her hand had found my crotch again and was teasing me through my pants. I’d rested my hand on her knee and slowly moved up her leg. Finding her pussy without any panties. ankara escort Using the first joint of two fingers, I slid them up and down between her pussy lips. She reacted positively. She squirmed a bit and I know it was exciting her so I continued to taunt her pussy. My finger found her clit and I started massaging it in a small circular motion. She let out a little sound that let me know that I had her full attention.

As I gently stroked her pussy, she had gotten really wet. I guess she’d been missing a lot of sex after her husband. Her cunt seemed ready to make up for lost time.

“What do you say to moving this to the bedroom,” I asked.

“Not quite yet,” she said.

I was a little surprised. She knew why I was here and she was sitting in a puddle of pussy juices. What’s the deal?

Just then, I heard, “Mom, I’m leaving now.” Down the hall came a teenage girl with a backpack. I quickly pulled my hand from under her dress before the girl could see what I was doing.

“This is my teenage daughter, Lilly,” she said.

I offered Lilly my hand and said hello. She returned it with a smile. I couldn’t read the meaning behind the smile. It could have meant “nice to meet you — I have good manners” or it could have been “I know you’re her to fuck my mom.”

Lilly was a pretty blond, with a great slender body characteristic of teen girls. She had nice breast — not huge, but she was not flat chested. Her tiny hips were covered by a short denim skirt. She looked athletic with a flat tummy and strong, but still girlish, legs. In short, she was a dish, just like her mom.

She said her goodbye, said she’d be home late and kissed her mom goodnight. In a flash she was out the front door.

“So, I’m guessing that is why we’re not in the bedroom yet.

“Bingo. And, I wanted her to meet you. Sometimes after meeting someone she gives me our secret ‘dump him’ code.”

“Am I on the Dump Him list?”

“No, she liked you. You got two thumbs up.”

“Glad that I passed! So, where were we? Oh, yes, I was wondering if you had a bedroom in this house, because I’m ready to fuck.” I normally would not have said that, but Linda was proving to be an up-front lady.

She showed me to the bedroom and I took off my shoes and socks and tossed them in the corner. I drew her close and started to kiss her. She went right for the tongue. She was sexy as hell! She removed my shirt and dropped it to the floor. I fumbled with her top and when it was off, I released her breast from her bra.

I really like the feel of her tits on my bare chest. I focused my tongue on her tits and nipples. They responded quick; the nipples became hard. I had never seen nipples pop up that large and I couldn’t resist sucking them — first one then the other. She responded with low moaning.

Dropping to my knees, I removed her skirt. Now, her pussy was right in my face. My fingers went back to the exploration they’d started in the living room. She was still wet from earlier.

There she stood, naked. I looked up to see her holding her breasts and pinching the nipples. I was still on my knees. I moved her legs apart just enough to get at her pussy hole. I rub all around it and then inserted one, then two fingers. My tongue was playing with her clit. I could tell that this was all working for her.

In a moment, her body became stuff and I knew that she was going to have an orgasm. Her breathing picked up and then she held her breath. She was cumming.

I’d been so intent on making the most of her pussy, that I’d forgotten about my cock. I looked down and it was super hard and pointing straight ahead.

I stood up and picked Linda up and took her to the bed. Laying her down I lay beside her. She turned half a turn so that she faced me as I lay on my back. She started to rub my chest. Soon she was playing with my nipples. Like her nipples, mine became hard and she started to suck on them. I’d never had a woman suck on my nipples. I thought of that as something men did to women, but it was a real turn-on.

She rubbed my chest and proceeded down to my pubic hair which she stroked. She brushed pass my very stiff cock and reached down and fondled my balls. I was so turned on.

“That feels so good,” I said.

“How about this,” she asked.

She slid down in the bed and between my legs. With one hand she pushed my cock up out of the way and started to lick my ball sack. Again, something no other woman had ever done for me. It was good.

In no time, she had taken one of my balls into her mouth and was gently sucking it. After a minute or so, she allowed that ball to slip out of her mouth and she took the other one into her now empty mouth. After a couple of minutes, she tried to get my entire ball sack and both balls into her mouth. She worked at it but it was too much for her mouth. She let the remaining ball slip between her lips as it came out of her mouth.

To have easy access to my balls, she’d been holding the tip of my cock against my pubic hair. With the ball sack now laying çankaya escort between my legs, she released my cock head. My cock pointed to the ceiling. She started at the base and licked it the entire length wiggling her tongue when she reached the head. This she repeated two more times. On the third time, when she got to the head of my cock, she swallowed it.

I had started to pre-cum, so she had no issues sliding her mouth down my cock’s length. I was getting really excited.

“No. Stop. I want to fuck you. Now!”

She stopped and lay on the bed beside me. I took a moment as I didn’t want to cum as soon as I was inside her pussy.

“Lady, I need to speak to your pussy.”

I slipped down her body getting between her legs. I licked every inch of her lips and pussy from clit to hole. My thumb took over after I’d tongued her clit for a while. My fingers were inside her pussy. Her pussy was literally dripping juices. There was a small puddle on the bed. It seemed to be the time to get my cock into her pussy.

I slipped up her body kissing her as I went. Stopping for a moment to nibble her nipples. By the time we were engaged in some hot tongue kissing, my cock was at her pussy. I pulled myself up to a kneeling position between her legs and grabbed my cock. It was rock hard and ready for pussy. I used the head to rub her clit a bit more and then slid my cock’s head the full length of her lips. Up and down. Up and down. I stopped with the head of my cock poised and ready to enter her pussy.

I leaned forward slightly and the head of my cock disappeared into her pussy. I paused. She moaned. I pulled out. My cock head was out but still resting at the opening. I didn’t need to touch it to keep it where it belonged. Slowly, I pushed my cock forward until I was about half way in. I paused. My cock was swimming in pussy juice. I pulled my cock back until just the head was out-of-sight. I felt her tighten her virginal muscles. She was really gripping my cock head.

As I said, “Nice.” I thrusted my entire cock into her pussy. I was now balls deep. She felt so good. After a moment, I started slow fucking her. I reached out and grabbed the inside of her knees and pushed her legs into the air. I was now pumping my cock into her pussy at a steady medium pace. With each thrust, she’s either moan or offer up a little grunt.

She reached down and started to finger her clit. The moaning got louder.

I thought about slowing things down by changing positions, but gave that plan a second thought. Everyone was enjoying things as they were and I had the feeling that this was not going to be the only shot I got at this pussy.

I picked up the pace of my thrusting and could feel her tightening her pussy around my cock. She was about to cum. Her body suddenly went rigid and she shouted something that I couldn’t understand. That was all I needed. I plunged my cock balls-deep into her pussy and started to cum. I could feel each squirt of spunk being blown deep into her virginal canal. I held still, keeping my cock fully inserted in her pussy. I wanted every drop of cum as deeply inside her as possible.

I didn’t move.

After a minute or so, I pulled back and my cock slowly slid from her pussy. It was covered in her juice and my cum.

I rolled off of Linda and lay beside her. We were both still breathing heavily.

After a few minutes we felt strong enough to talk. “I have a question,” I said. “Did Lilly know I was here to fuck her mother?”

“Yes. My daughter and I keep an open dialogue.”

“Man, I’m glad she gave me two thumbs up. I would have hated to miss this!”

“Me too!”

I looked at her and said, “So, was this a one off, or will we be fucking a lot in the future?”

“More than you know!”

There was much more. We started seeing us regularly with my spending the night at her place three or four times a week. The sex was great and never boring and I became really comfortable with Linda and Lilly. As the months passed, we went on weekend trips, celebrated Lilly’s nineteenth birthday, high school graduation, and acceptance to college. Linda and I engaged freely with both of our circles of friends. It was all good.

It was late June and I was headed to Linda’s after work. We’d planned a dinner out and I was going to stay the night. I arrived around 5:30pm and was met at the door by Lilly. He said, “Hi” and welcomed me inside.

“I just got off the phone with mom. She’s had some work emergency and she’ll be at least an hour late. She said make yourself at home and she’d call when she left the office.”

“Did she say what it was?”

“No, just that she was sorry.”

“Well,” I said. I guess we have time to talk. You’ve been so busy getting ready for college we haven’t had a long chat in a while.”

“Yes. Actually, there was something I wanted you to help me with.” She suddenly had a shy face and seemed unsure about continuing.

“Come on, it’s me. You can tell or ask me anything. You know I’ve very fond of your kızılay escort mom and you,” I said hoping to make what ever it was easier for her.

I took a chair from the table in the eat-in kitchen and turn it around to the counter. Lilly turned one of the counter-height stools to face me. She was dressed for the warm weather. She had a t-shirt on with the logo of her new college on it. Her skirt was a lightweight fabric and came halfway to her knee.

There was no doubt, she was really cute.

“So, how can I help? Something about college?”

“Sorta. I don’t know if mom told you, but I’m still a virgin.”

“No,” I said. “That really didn’t come up in our talks — I mean really outside of what we’d talk about. Okay. So, you’re a virgin. Lots of people are.”

“I don’t want to go off to college as a virgin. So, I want to deal with it now.”

“I thought you were still dating Bobby. It was not of my business, but I thought that he’d — well, picked your cherry.”

She paused for a moment. “That’s part of the problem. Bobby would most likely screw it up, I mean with the hymen and all. He’s so dumb on these things!”

“So. You want me to talk to Bobby and walk him through it so that he doesn’t screw it up?”

“No. I don’t want Bobby!”

I kind of understood not wanting a high school boy to be your first. They fumble around and finally get their little dicks in your pussy, blow their cum in under a minute and then rush off to tell their friends. The next day at school, before lunch, two of Bobby’s friends would ask Lilly for a date. I thought back to my high school days. I’d gotten into two pussies. The first was Megan because my buddy Doug had told me that she’d fucked him. So, I took her to Lover’s Lane and finally got her out of her panties, my dick in her cunt and I was done before I knew it. The other was Cindy. Back to Lover’s Lane. Getting her out of her panties was more of an effort. Finally, she was ready and I thrusted my dick into her pussy and facing some resistance before it went all the way in. It was her first time and I’d broken her hymen. Again, it took me about a minute to cum in her pussy and she was crying the whole time. Everyone deserves better memories of their first time than that.

“Well, who do I talk to? Who and what do you want?”

She stared at me. “I want you to fuck me. I trust you to do it right,” she said.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I’m with your mom and I’m pretty sure that fucking her daughter is way out of bounds!”

“Don’t worry about mom. I can take care of her. I really need you to do this for me.”

Her legs together, she lifted her feet from the bottom rung of the stool to the next ones up. It positioned her so that I was looking right at her knees. She slowly spread her legs. She had no panties. I was staring transfixed. I had expected to see her pubic area cover with fine, blond hair. There was none. Obviously, she had gotten waxed. The lack of pubic hair made her crotch seem even younger.

Her legs were only slightly ajar at this point, but she slowly moved her knees apart. I could see her pussy lips. They were closed showing a slight line down the center. It was as if those lips had never been touched or opened. I was starting to get very hard.

She lifted one knee, putting that foot on the seat of the stool. It was then that the line down her crotch disappeared and the lips separated just a bit. Her pussy was just an arm’s length from my face.

She was right. Bobby didn’t deserve this.

“Come on. Mom will not be home for an hour. Let’s make the most of it. You can break my hymen and teach me to fuck!”

With that she hopped off the stool leaned forward and kissed me on the lips slowly. I opened my lips a bit and took her tongue and she took mine.

While we kissed, she reached down and unzipped my pants and took out my cock. I reached forward, pulled up her skirt. She spread her legs a bit and I stroked her hairless pussy. Soon I had a finger in her slot. She flinched. She had a small gasp when I brushed by fingers across her clit. We were beyond the point of no return.

“Your mother must never know and this is a one time, lose-your-cherry thing.”

We stood up and she took me by the hand to her room. I helped her out of her clothes and she lay across the bed. I stripped off my clothes and tossed them into a pile.

Damn. She was so young and beautiful. It was exciting that my cock was about to go where no cock had gone before — into that tight little pussy.

“So, are you really a virgin,” I asked.

“Sure, check if you want to.”

I took up a place between her legs and gently opened her pussy lips starting at the top. I gently rubbed her clit and then let my tongue take up her clit. As I open up her lips, I could see her hymen with its small hole. I rubbed it with my thumb. “How does that feel,” I asked. She answered with a moan.

My tongue went to work on her hymen. I was pressing it gently and it gave just a little bit.

I stopped all at once. “Are you on birth control,” I asked.

“Absolutely, dumb ass.”

After tonguing her pussy for a while more, I moved up to lay beside her. I kissed her neck and fondled her breast — rubbing and licking her nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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