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The Sommelier

I’m a sommelier, my job is to taste food and wine for a living. I work at a large winery tasting our multiple products and ingredients.

One day, about a month after the boss’s son-in-law joined the company as one of the VPs, I was required to work late for an unknown and inane reason. That evening the boor stopped by my lab to see how it was going.

He seemed like a nervous young guy, always looking around furtively. His immature habit of swearing to cover his inadequacy annoyed me most.

He also seemed kinda insecure for a rich guy who’d fallen into everything he could want in life: being married to the boss’s attractive and charming daughter.

I had my eye glued to a microscope checking mold cultures and was only half listening.

Churlishly, he told me about his pretty wife whom he claimed to love. As long as he just said she was a ‘nice girl’, or that she was ‘really good at tasting wine’ (something I could relate to) I had no problem humoring him.

When he hinted about their sex life, I got uncomfortable and reverted to responding with noncommittal ‘hmms’ or ‘ahhs’.

I mean, I’d worked here many years and had watched Tia grow from a young girl into a charming lady.

Many times she and I had been the only two competent enough to taste the vineyards wines. I knew no one more delightful than her, and thought of her like my own daughter.

My avoidance tactics didn’t help, and he really started oversharing. When he mentioned that she ‘refused to sample his wares’ I wanted to tell him to just leave. But unlike him, I have manners.

According to Jimmy she said his ‘vintage was closed.’

I put it all together. She wouldn’t give him blowjobs because his cum tasted bad.

Furthermore, the reason I was working late, and that we were the only two people here, was so he could have this conversation with me right now.

He stammered and stuttered and in the end he asked me, as the one person who would have a palate as discriminating as hers, to taste his cum. Of course, he wasn’t at all eloquent, as a rule he was coarse and crude.

He offered me a thousand dollars, but I just ignored him, focusing on my work.

Then he offered me two thousand dollars and I still ignored him.

Lastly, he offered me the original thousand dollars and said I could keep my job.

Well, now I had a choice to make. It’s not like there are a million jobs for wine tasters. I might have to move to get a new job, although it would certainly be higher paying since I’d grown too comfortable and content here. In my mind it was a toss up, suck cock this once, or move. I could go either way.

I’ve tasted some pretty gross things in my job: I taste dihydrogen sulfide everyday, and the dregs in the barrels… Would a little semen matter?

Naively, I pictured him bringing me a little glass with the sample inside. Instead of agreeing I simply handed him a bordeaux glass.

He looked at the glass, then at me, then back at the glass again, “What if it changes in the glass, or over time?”

Shit! He was right. I was exasperated. I lifted my eyes from my work to look at the weasel, “Where do you want to do this?”

He turned arrogantly and walked toward his office.

Following him, I thought about the blowjobs I’ve received. My ex wife escort izmir sucked my dick about once a month or so. She would crouch between my legs while I laid on the bed. Next she would kiss up and down the sides of my penis bringing it to life.

Her signature technique was to lick from the base to the tip then engulf the end. After that she just bobbed and stroked until I came.

To her there was a sweet spot on her tongue where it was best to deposit it: too far back and she gagged, too far forward and she didn’t enjoy the taste.

However, when we were dating and she would suck my dick in the car, she always popped up saying it was delicious.

I think she liked it when she liked me, and hated it when her love had waned.

My girlfriend before her would suck like her life depended on it. Then she would jerk me off so she could watch it shoot. After that she always licked it up making appreciative sounds. It’s not like she had to do that – it was totally her option.

My last thought before we reached the door to his office was that I’d tasted my own cum and it certainly was better than a lot of cheeses.

Jimmy locked the door and drew the blinds before settling into his couch, “Let’s suck some sausage.” Did he not realize how awful he sounded, or that there would be a wet spot?

Looking around I saw a big towel in his private bath. I got it and had him sit on it.

Jenny, the first girl I dated, would kneel in front of my couch to fool around with me. My pants always got tangled up trying to remove them, and if I didn’t, the zipper snagged painfully.

But that was a long time ago and you could excuse our ineptitude on inexperience.

I barked, annoyed at Jimmy, “Take off the pants!” The man was in his late twenties and he didn’t know how to prepare for a blowjob.

When I taste wine there are four major stages in the process. The first is appearance and the second is bouquet. The wine must look nice with no cloudiness, residues, or cork in it. Then naturally it must smell good. There are thousands of possible aromas and combinations and I know them all.

I appraised Jimmy sitting there on the couch. His bush was gnarly and overgrown. The hair on his balls was matted like it had been suffocating in his pants all day.

And even from four feet away I could smell the rank stench.

Granted, most people would have to be inches away to smell it, and then they would miss all the nuance.

Offended both for my own situation and for dear Tia I reamed him out, “Get your ass out of that chair and go shave and wash.”

He clearly wasn’t used to being talked to like that. “If you want the darling Tia to…to be with you like that. Well, You’re gonna have to make some changes. And no other person on the planet understands that sweet goddess as well as I.”

Jumping up, he obviously believed me. I watched him go, “Shave it all.” I called after him. “Don’t miss any. Then you’re gonna take a real good shower.”

From just outside the bathroom door I could smell the soap he used. It reeked of parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

“Before you’re with Tia again I’m gonna get you a new brand of soap and you’re gonna use it every day. Use it just before you want to be close, everytime. Capisce?”

He nodded sheepishly.

He shaved everything escort izmir off, but I heard the shower go off after about a minute. “Get back in there and do a good job!” I yelled.

“Would you want your surgeon to wash his hands that quickly? Do you want blowjobs or not?”

When he returned his attitude was greatly improved. Sitting naked on the towel he asked politely, “Is this good? Would it please a woman?” I worried a little that he said, “a woman” as opposed to “Tia”.

“You look and smell great. Trust me, it’ll make a big difference.”

Jimmy started jerking his cock to get hard, “Let’s get going, bitch.”

I was getting angry with him, “Take your hands off your dick right now! This isn’t about you getting your rocks off. It’s an experience shared by two people. You need foreplay, teasing, buildup, a climax, and then an afterglow.”

Glaring at him I continued, “Your job is to sit there anticipating great pleasure. Then you have to SHOW your appreciation verbally, and don’t touch her head unless she wants you to.”

I reflected on this one woman I dated. She loved to be controlled, to have me force her head down on my cock. She got off on choking, only having an orgasm if our sex were rough in some way.

I couldn’t imagine the innocent Tia in any remote way being like that. In fact, I couldn’t imagine her being with a jerkwad like him.

I knelt before the couch, getting ready to become a cocksucker.

I wanted it to be over quickly and to do that I figured I needed to do a good job. The better it felt, the faster he would cum.

Then again…I remembered yet another girl, Yolanda. That was a girl who understood how to excite a man.

She set the mood and created an atmosphere that was so incredibly stimulating that she could’ve made me cum even before her lips touched me.

Reflecting on Jimmy’s personality it was clear what I needed to do.

I leaned in, placing my lips where his balls joined his thigh, “Wow! You did a good job cleaning your nuts.” It was an obvious statement that didn’t need to be said. But it allowed me to say ‘nuts’ out loud. A word I was sure would excite his puerile mind.

Then I kissed and licked his cleanly shaved sack, “I can’t say I’ve ever seen such a manly bag of jewels.” Flattery would be a key.

When they were thoroughly bathed and slick with spit I massaged them with my hands, allowing my lips to pay homage to his dick.

It stood up long and straight like the stem of a hock glass. I kissed the base, “What a magnificent cock, so strong.” It actually was impressive, so it wasn’t so much of an exaggeration.

Nibbling and kissing all around his shaft I offered, “A beast like yours could turn a man gay.” This time a total lie: he was a vile disgusting man who would turn no one.

As I licked all up and down the fleshy tube I moaned as if this was a wonderful experience for me.

When I reached the top I did as my ex did, I opened wide wrapping my lips around the crown and sucking with lots of tongue before going down at all.

Jimmy lifted his hands then thought better of it, dropping them to his sides again, “Can I touch your head?”

Pausing for a moment I said, “Oh yea! Grab my head and fuck my face.” It’s what he wanted but couldn’t say out loud.

I was right to predict he would go for that. In an instant he was pushing my head down rudely. I moaned some more.

When the crown hit the back of my throat I gagged. I didn’t know sucking dick was this challenging. The gagging made him swell.

I could’ve resisted but he obviously liked controlling me and causing discomfort. He totally forgot to make any noises of appreciation.

If I could tell you I was a great cocksucker and I copied all the things I’d learned from previous girls I would. But Jimmy gave me no opportunity to try.

Using his strong arms he bounced my head up and down, fucking up with his hips.

When he came he gave no warning, merely dropping a sticky load in my mouth.

Jimmy laid back, neglecting any courtesies.

The fourth stage of wine tasting is mouth feel. In my mouth it was thick and creamy, viscous with syrupy hints.

I swished the full-bodied flavor around to the various zones on my tongue. It was fruity yet possessed a big intense sapor.

I found it to be both austere and astringent, salty and sweet.

Then surprisingly, it was beautifully luscious and buttery, layered with an elegant subtle earthiness followed by an assertive aftertaste possessing both length and depth.

Pleasant, but ultimately only lacking balance.

Then when I thought it was done it finished fruity and acidic. Overall it was a decent vintage in contrast to how he said she described it.

On balance, I think the bottle had ruined the vino and with some cleaning up had improved.

Jimmy sat expectantly, “Well? Is it good?”

Actually it was very very good. I mused out loud as only a sommelier would, “Pleasant yet dark…”

I cocked my head to one side pensively, does Tia lean to a bold red port or a prestige cuvee?

He answered, not knowing where I was going with this, “She would prefer the cuvee.”

“Oh, I’m sorry chap.” I was completely lying. “Different people require different wines. Just like one person prefers a muscato above all others and the next person would rather mull over a dry white, she will never like it.

I mean, it’s a fine vintage. I thought it was sublime and deeply satisfying. It will just never be her desire.”

His face was despondent, which made me very happy.

I actually wasn’t lying when I said I was satisfied: I was satisfied not to ever let him think he could bring his cock near to the lips of such a perfect angel. An Angel whom I treasured so much and who he absolutely didn’t deserve.

Thoroughly putting his dream to death I smiled inwardly getting ready to go.

However, I didn’t escape so easily, Jimmy had a final thought on the matter. With a wicked grin he said, “As long as you’re here and she’s out of reach, I’m going to need to continue with our arrangement.”

I didn’t completely hate the idea, for so long as I kept him drained, she would be spared.

Author’s note:

If you liked my story please give it a good rating. Add it to your favorites to read later if you want. Follow me and you’ll see all my stuff.

I try but don’t always succeed in creating a good story. Please add comments so I know what I’m doing well and what to improve on. If you want to talk I’ll answer your friendly comments.

I often attempt to create tension in the main character’s motives. In turn, this often means that characters in the story have flaws and might not even be nice to each other all the time.

I really appreciate polite comments!

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