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Janice couldn’t wait to tell her roommate that we fucked.

“It was totally spur of the moment. I was showing off in those new jeans and the next thing John had his cock in me.”

“Good going, girl.”

“Yeah, we both came, then he ate my pussy and then we fucked again.”

“Whoa, Janice. Did you say he ate your pussy? After he fucked you?”

“Yeah, his first time eating me.”

“Honey, you have the world’s best stud at your disposal. God, you have no idea. I mean, most guys don’t even like to eat pussy. And eating your freshly fucked pussy, god that is so decadent. Did you come?”

“Oh, yeah, it felt wonderful.”

“I’ll bet. Honey, with a guy like that you are going to have an exciting love life. And does he think he took your virginity?”

“Yeah, I feel bad about that. I had intended to tell him some time but now it’s not something I’m going to bring up.”

“What about blow jobs?”

Janice laughed. “I guess we whizzed right past that but I’ll suck his cock next time. I’m curious now what he tastes like.”


“Oh, hi, Bill. I thought you had a date tonight. I brought some beer. John and I were going to watch the game.”

“Sorry, Janice. I had one but she cancelled out. Second time, time to move on. I was really looking forward to some good loving tonight.”

“You guys are all the same, pussy on the brain.”

“That’s not the part of me that needed it.”

“Yeah, I understand. Well, you want to share some beer with us?”

“Two six-packs!”

“Oh, just a couple for now, the rest for the refrigerator.”

The three of us sat watched a not very exciting game. Low scoring, no controversies, and we lost. The first six-pack was gone.

“I went shopping again with Alice today after class,” Janice said. “She helped me pick out a really nice skirt and a couple more pairs of jeans. Sometime I need to show you,” she looked at me.

“How about now? Nothing else on TV and we still have a few beers. You don’t mind a fashion show, do you Bill?”

“If your girlfriend is the model, absolutely not. Go for it.”

She went into my bedroom to change and came out wearing a dark blue dress that didn’t come even to mid-thigh. “What do you think,” she giggled. “Too short? Alice said it was perfect and showed off my legs. I’m not sure if I can sit down, however, without showing everything.”

“Try it, Janice, and we’ll tell you what we see,” Bill suggested.

Alice smirked and sat down on the sofa between us. Her skirt did ride up.

“Uh, that’s a lot of leg,” as she tried unsuccessfully to pull it down.

“It’s ok, honey,” I responded. “Covers up your pussy. That’s all that matters.”

“John! Bill’s here. Don’t talk like that.”

“He’s no virgin, baby. He knows what girls have been their legs. Probably seen plenty, right Bill?”

“I think pussies are beautiful, just made for licking and fucking. I’ll bet yours is the best. How about showing us?”

“God, what horny dogs you guys are. No way. But I’ll show you my panties.” She pulled up the front of her dress about three inches, fully exposing her pink panties. “They’re also new. Enough of this. I should have known better than to show you what I bought.”

“We’ll behave. Promise. Go put on the jeans you bought,” I suggested. I remembered in vivid detail the last time she modelled new jeans.

“OK, how do they look?”

Janice changed to a top that ended mid-tummy. Her jeans were very low. Good thing she shaves her pubic hair else it would have been sticking out past the waistband. I looked at Bill, he was staring.

“God, Janice, it’s a good thing those jeans aren’t cut any lower.”

“What do you mean, Bill?” she said, playing dumb.

“Uh, well, you would be showing, you know, your stuff,” he responded awkwardly, looking at me.

“You mean I might be showing off my pussy? Yes, I suppose so. And I don’t think I can wear panties with these jeans, they’re so tight. How’s my butt look?” She turned around.

“Very sexy, honey. Your bubble butt looks delectable.”

“Maybe what I could do is leave the waist button undone. That would get your imagination going, wouldn’t it? Mister, you want me to do that?”

She looked at me. I explained to Bill that we had played this game once before.

“Yeah, my boyfriend isn’t home but mister is. I like showing off to mister.”

She unbuttoned the button. Bill and I stared. Then she pulled down the zipper half way.

“I feel so naughty, mister. Can you see my pussy yet? No?”

She pulled the zipper down the rest of the way. The top of her pussy slit was visible.

“Oh, mister, I’m so bad. I think I’m showing you my pussy.”

I looked over at Bill, who was staring at my girlfriend as she teased me. We both had erections in our pants.

“Oh, baby, what’s that bulge?” She unzipped me and pulled out my hard cock. In doing so her unzipped jeans slid down to ankara escort below her crotch.

“Oh, mister, what a big cock you have.”

Bill unzipped his pants and started stroking his equally hard cock.

“Mister, do you think you have a good place to put that big cock? My boyfriend won’t be home for hours and I’m so horny. My pussy needs to be filled up.”

She bent over the kitchen table, her now bare ass on display. She spread her legs and wiggled her butt. “Come on, mister, play with me,” looking back at me.

Janice and I had never had sex in front of Bill but she certainly wanted me now. But before I could sort my thoughts, Bill got up and pressed up against her, holding her by the hips. She tried to straighten up but his cock pressed against her bare ass. A moment later he slid it between her legs and into her pussy. Janice and I were equally surprised.

I got up to pull him away. But she was now humping back on every thrust. Turning her head, she murmured “It’s OK, John. It’s OK.”

I sat down and watch my roommate plow into my girlfriend. I did have to admit the scene was extremely erotic. But her pussy belonged to me, or at least it had.

Minutes later he pulled out, his cock shiny and red. I jumped up and quickly pushed my cock into her gaping pussy. I didn’t say a word and just thrust away, faster than normal. She pushed back hard against me and came with a shudder. I followed a few seconds later. We stayed coupled for a couple of minutes.

Janice straightened up. Her jeans were at her knees and cum was running down her legs. She turned to me, crying. “I didn’t plan this, honey. You were supposed to be the one. Oh god, what have I done. Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. I was so horny and wanted you in me. I thought at first was you but knew immediately it wasn’t. You’re bigger but by then it was too late. Oh, honey, please don’t be mad.”

She continued to cry and babble apologies. I looked around. Bill went to his room, leaving us alone.

“Better take off those jeans before you stumble.” I led her to our bed and took off my clothes. She continued to sniffle as she lay down. I spooned against her, hugging her tightly. She was more upset than I was, which surprised me. Maybe I secretly wanted to show off my girl to Bill.

As I continued to snuggle against her my cock gradually stiffened up. I was involuntarily humping against her ass. Janice giggled.

“Don’t tell me you want more of my pussy, honey?”

I didn’t respond but positioned my now hard cock between her legs, sliding between her lips.

“Does that mean I’m forgiven?”

Did it? I didn’t know. How did I really feel about her having another cock? Would this happen again? I quit thinking about it as my cock slipped into her pussy.

Bill was up away when we got up the next morning. I was fixing coffee when Janice hugged me.

“Too much beer, two sexy guys. I should have known better and shouldn’t have teased both of you. I was happy that you joined in and even happier when you did me again in bed. We are so good together.”

Bill showed up later after his classes. “God, I’m sorry man. I don’t know why I did it. It was obvious she was playing up to you, not me. But, damn, that ass was so enticing. And her pussy lips were spread, just waiting for a cock. I know nothing I can say will undo it, but I’m really sorry.”

“OK, Bill. I understand. We all had too much beer and Janice does have a sexy ass. And when you pulled your cock out I just had to stick mine into her gaping pussy. Sloppy seconds felt good. For what it’s worth, your cock was only the second she has ever had.”

“Really?” Damn, I don’t know if that makes me feel good or even worse.”

A week later Janice was again in bed with Bill and me. I had accepted what happened and decided it really was good fun. Bill fucked her while she sucked my cock. When he finished I pushed into her sloppy pussy, causing her to climax. I continued to fuck and she came a second time. Bill slipped back in, adding a third load of cum.


“Alice, you remember when you let me watch you suck your guy’s cock?”

“Yeah. He really liked having an audience.”

“This is going to sound really weird. John and I have been fucking now for about three months. We think we are really doing it well. And more recently, he has shared me with his roommate, Bill.”

“You have to be kidding! John lets his roommate fuck you? How did that ever happen?”

“Well, I wanted to model some of my new clothes for John. Unfortunately, Bill, his roommate, was there. His date dumped him. Anyway I decided to put on a show, starting with that new skirt we bought. Then I switched to those low-rise jeans. You know, the ones which barely cover my crotch. I teased the hell out of both of them. I then bent over the table, wiggling my ass in the air, wanting John’s cock. It didn’t work out that way.

“Instead Bill stuck his cock ankara escort bayan in me. Surprised the hell out of me and I tried to push him away. But I guess I didn’t try very hard. Anyway he fucked me and filled my pussy with cum. I apologized all over the place but John didn’t say a word, just fucked me next. Then he took me back to our bed and did me again. He was really turned on, April! We’ve since done it one more time.

“Hot damn, he shares your pussy with his roommate. I told you he would be an exciting lover. He’s a guy I would fuck in a minute if he wasn’t yours.”

“Maybe. But in the meantime we want to know if you would like to watch us fuck?”

April stared at her roommate and was speechless. “You’re not serious?”

“I know it sounds crazy. Actually we think we have learned all of the very best sexual techniques and we want to show off. You’re the only one that we could ask.”

“God, Janice. Less than a year ago you two were the geeks in the class. Now you want to put on a sex demonstration. With Bill too, or just you and John?”

“No, just the two of us.”

“Sure, why not. You want to do it, I’ll gladly watch.”

“And maybe join in?”

“Huh, you mean John fuck me? God, girl, you’re really going off the deep end.”

“Am I? Until John and I started doing it I had no idea what I was missing. It is so much fun. And he’s gotten really good at it. Meanwhile all you do is give blowjobs to guys who don’t do much in return. Come watch us and then, if you like, join in. No pressure but I’m betting you will.”

“And you would let him fuck me? You know, he’s really quite the stud, your guy. It would be really hard to turn down. You better be sure.”

“I am. John shared me with Bill and I think it would be fun to watch my guy fuck you. I’d like to tell him you’re a virgin. That would make it even more exciting.”

“Then I’m ready to do it.”


“Honey, Alice, my roommate, is still a virgin.”

“She is? I would have never guessed. Seemed pretty wild to me.”

“Well, she loves to suck cock but it’s also the way she has kept cocks out of her pussy. Anyway she knows how much I like fucking you and is beginning to feel left out. She doesn’t want any of the guys she sucks to do it. So she’s ready to be fucked. You can be her first.”

“Well, that’s something! She’s certainly good looking and I would think lots of guys would like to do it. But why me?”

“She thinks you are a stud, really sexy. She knows that you have shared me with your roommate. And I did lots of bragging about how good you are in bed. Mostly, I think she’s held out long enough and wants more than what she’s been getting, which isn’t much.”

It was decided that I would go to their dorm room after classes on Thursday. I was to eat Alice’s pussy first and then fuck her. Then as soon as my cock was ready again, Janice would fuck me.

“Most guys won’t eat pussy, John, so this is a real treat.”

I munched away at Alice’s dripping pussy until she was fairly well worked up. Positioning my cock between her pussy lips, I rubbed it up and down, letting the head dip slightly into her hole. Each time the head went in a bit deeper. Now I was in a couple of inches and probably pretty close to her hymen.

“Alice, you know it might hurt some. Are you ready?”

“Yes, do it!”

I pushed hard, my cock sliding in most of the way. I saw Alice grimace a little.

“Oh, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. Hold still for just a minute, John. Let me get used to your cock. You are so big.”

I gently fucked her and was pleasantly surprised that she climaxed. My cock was still hard and slightly bloody when I pulled out. I wiped it off. Janice spread her legs and I pushed it into her pussy. We liked showing off to her just-fucked roommate. Alice propped herself up on an elbow to watch us.

“Damn, John, you are so good. What a hard cock you have. Janice, your pussy is all red and engorged. You must be really turned on. I sure was.”

She inserted two fingers into her pussy and was fucking herself in tempo with my thrusts into Janice. Afterwards we took showers and sat around talking.

“Does your pussy hurt?” Janice ask Alice. “John’s cock had some blood on it.”

“Oh? There was momentary pain when he did it but now it’s just slightly sore. I sure expected it to hurt much more but perhaps my hymen was already partially torn. I guess that can happen. John, your cock is so big it scared me a bit but it went in so easily. I guess eating me out first got my pussy ready for it. Thank you, Janice, for sharing your man with me.”

“I had a great time watching and then getting fucked. I won’t mind if we do this again sometime.”

Our next opportunity was a couple of days later. I ate Alice and then fucked her, this time coming in her.

“John, Janice said you sometimes eat her pussy after you fuck. My pussy is filled with escort ankara your cum. Would you do it to me? Please?”

“Sure.” I moved between her legs. “Hold your lips apart, Alice.”

Janice watched intently as I lapped away at her roommate’s pussy. A few minutes later she humped against my mouth and climaxed, coating my face with more liquid.

“God, baby, that was wonderful. The absolute best. Did you see, Janice?”

“My turn, honey. Fuck me.”

My cock was now hard again. Janice turned onto her tummy and Alice took my cock and positioned at my girlfriend’s pussy. One thrust and I was fully embedded in her hot tunnel. I fucked her hard and long and then ate her creampie. All in all, the three of us spent almost an hour in bed that day.


“You know, John, maybe we could invite your roommate to join us. That way Alice and I would both have cocks.”

“I don’t think I’m ready to have someone else fuck me just yet,” Alice responded.

“I understand. If John doesn’t mind, he can fuck you and Bill can do me. Ok, John?”

“Yeah, I guess. I mean, sure, I would like to fuck you again, Alice.”

Naturally Bill was all for the idea of fucking Janice again. The four of us got together Friday evening. Janice suggested we use separate bedrooms this first time. An hour later we were all back in the main area. “How was my guy, Alice? As good as last time?”

“Better. I’m getting used to his big cock. We did great, didn’t we, John?”

“Yeah, this time we started doggy position, then Alice moved on top. She’s very athletic.”

“Well, Bill and I had fun too. He stuck a finger in my ass as he was fucking me. That turned me on. Now I’m wondering, Bill, if you might be able to get your cock in there sometime. Not anything I’ve ever done since John’s too big. Maybe next time you could try?”

“You came almost immediately as I pushed my finger in and out. Maybe if we take it slow. I’d love to give it a go.”

“Good. I’d like to try it next time we get together. And then, John, you could fuck me in my pussy while Bill does me in back. How does that sound?”


It was the last week of school and my last class of the day was cancelled so I returned to my dorm room early. I found my girlfriend and Bill on the sofa, fucking. And three other guys were waiting their turns.

“Oh, John, you’re back early. I wanted to wait for you before getting started but Bill was anxious. Then his friends came by just as we got started. I didn’t think you would mind. You can fuck me next.”

I didn’t know what to say and just stared at the scene, my roommate’s cock in my girlfriend. Three guys I don’t know stroked their stiff cocks, waiting for Bill to finish.

“Hurry up and get your clothes off, John. I think Bill’s about to squirt.”

What the hell! My girlfriend is doing a gangbang. Well, fuck it. She wants cock, I’ll add mine to the mix. I undressed and rubbed my cock as I watched Bill shove deep into Janice, filling her with his cum. I looked at the other guys. “I’m next, guys.”

I shoved my cock into her swollen pussy, her fluids and Bill’s cum coating my cock. Each thrust was deep and hard into her gaping tunnel. Janice grunted as I slammed into her. I quickly finished and gathered up my clothes. One of the other guys was fucking her as I went out the door.

I was mad at Bill and returned the next day to get my things. Just two more days of classes and school was finished for the year. I had hoped that Janice and I could keep our relationship going until fall, but now that looked unlikely. Bill returned as I was taking the last of my stuff to my car.

“Hey, buddy, what are you doing. We don’t have to vacate for a week. You’re not mad about yesterday, are you?”

“Yeah, I am really pissed. You and those other guys were fucking my girlfriend.”

“So? You and I have done her together several times. What’s the big deal? And you fucked her after I finished. I didn’t see you restrain yourself.”

“Everything Janice and I did, we did together. Even when we invited you to join us. But three other guys? No way.”

“Well, she wanted to be fucked and we were there, you weren’t.”

He paused for a moment.

“There’s something else. I didn’t want to say anything before but you might as well now know. She’s also fucking some other guys besides those three. She skips classes and spends the time in bed. Your girl’s pussy has been getting a good workout the last couple of months.

“Some guys were talking. Seems she got really drunk one time and said she fucked around in high school, long before you guys met. And that you thought she was a virgin. Everyone laughed. That’s what I heard.”

I was stunned and sat down on the front stoop.

“I’m really sorry, guy. We have been good friends all year and I shouldn’t have done it. I don’t blame you for being mad.”

Bill helped me move the rest of my stuff to my car. We shook hands. I checked into a cheap motel for the last two days of school. I wondered if Janice and I might get back together in the fall but I never saw her again. Last I heard she had transferred to another school for her Sophomore year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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