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A Million thanks to ColetteJulie, my voluntary editor without whose help, my first English story in Literotica would not have been possible.

This being my first English story does not indemnify me from constructive criticism. Look forward to the reader’s inputs to improve my future attempts. Thank You!

All the characters in the story are 18 years or above.


On the periphery of the village of Olur, stood a sculpture made from clay, sand and lime. Children of the village were afraid to play anywhere near the statue because it looked scary to say the least. It was a replica of Angannan, a deity who according to folklore, had become a martyr fighting dacoits a few hundred years ago. The thankful villagers remembered his sacrifice with an annual feast filled with decorations and formal events, providing an occasion for the women and children to visit the shrine and offer their prayers. Many male children in the village had one of Angannan’s names and most of the adult men felt pride in growing a moustache similar to that of their favorite deity.

As the years passed by, the descendants of Angannan migrated to bigger towns and cities, only one descendant of Angannan remained in Olur. Annamma or Annam as she was fondly known represented the solitary family carrying the legacy of Angannan. Not surprisingly, the villagers remained faithful to Annam and called her house ‘The big house’ which meant that rest of the village had to obey anything that Annam may impose. Fortunately, Annam remained a very considerate woman who understood the plight of the villagers, mostly farmers who needed the intervention of ‘The big house’ more often than not. After all, she understood pain and poverty.

Annam was married to Sengodan, a direct descendant of Angannan, at the tender age of sixteen. Sengodan’s first wife Ponni had died four years ago, after bearing him a female child. Annam’s father, a petty farmer was left with no option than to gift his daughter to his landlord, as he had huge debt burden. Annam gave birth to a male child the very next year. She raised her son and step-daughter alike, giving them equal affection and attention. Her married life came to an abrupt halt when Sengodan was found dead on the banks of the nearby river a few years later. Rumors were rife that Sengodan had forced a woman into sex, because of which the woman committed suicide. Many villagers believed that the woman’s ghost avenged her rape by killing Sengodan on a new moon day, a day on which he allegedly had committed the crime.

As per village tradition, Annam installed a resting stone in Angannan’s shrine, dug a well and planted several trees to provide shelter and drinking water for the travellers and pilgrims. While she hoped to get divine pardon for her husband’s sins, Annam was determined not to let her son and step-daughter become prey to the curse of any villager. Annam found a match for her step-daughter Pushpa immediately after the latter had finished her schooling. The whole village wore a festive look during Pushpa’s marriage which went on for three days.

Balu, much to Annam’s dismay, had inherited some of the vices of his notorious father. During his schooling, he came across illegal pornography and local liquor. Annam had to remind her son frequently about his father’s fate, thereby hopefully discouraging him to try any sexual adventures in the village. But, she knew that Balu would find it extremely difficult to control his urges, because his father always had an insatiable hunger for sex. To be fair to Balu, Annam realized that she too missed the pleasures of sex after the death of her husband and often she resorted to masturbation to relieve herself of her sexual tension. Annam’s predicament of not having a sexual partner gradually developed into sympathy for her youthful son. Which eventually led to both of them becoming victims of their own desires.

That was twenty years ago. Annam was thirty-five years old and Balu, was eighteen.


Annam had remained a faithful widow all those years until she discovered that Balu had become a cocky youngster. She was shocked to find the sort of literature he was secretly reading and was dumbfounded when she caught him staring lustfully at the women who worked in the family rice paddy fields. She easily guessed the reason for her son spending so much time in the bath room as well as the cause of those stains found in his underwear. But Annam was shell shocked to realize that her son was stealthily ogling her as well. At eighteen, Balu looked like the younger version of her late husband and like his father seemed to be horny all the time.

Annam was fragile, a fact she always remembered. After several years of married life during which sex become an integral part of her daily chores, her husband’s death had created a void in her life. The horny woman in Annam threatened to overpower pendik escort the responsible mother that she was. Her son’s antics did not cause any undue disgust but slowly began inducing her carnal desires. Balu was clever enough to gauge his mother’s moods and was looking for the right time to quench his forbidden thirst. He didn’t have to wait very long.

Balu rushed into his mother’s room while she was masturbating. He stood, stared for a while then quickly retreated. Annam feared that he wouldn’t leave it to the next day. As the night approached, her heart began beating very fast, sensing that Balu might sneak in anytime. He did.

He crawled into Annam’s bed and nuzzled up to her. His hand rested on her chest and started fondling her tit. Annam, wasn’t wearing any blouse beneath her saree. Balu could feel the flesh of his mother’s enormous breast through the thin fiber of the white saree she had on.

“Balu,” Annam shuddered. “Take off your hands. I am your mother.”

Balu didn’t oblige. He didn’t reply. He lifted his mother’s left hand and placed it on his pants. Annam’s body shook as her palm felt the bulge in her son’s pants. She couldn’t remove her hand from her son’s clutch as it was ruthlessly firm. Annam could feel her son’s breath hot on her cheeks. She felt his grip on her tit tightening and more significantly, she could feel her nipples getting erect and rubbing against her son’s palm. She let out a helpless moan.

“Mom,” Balu whispered. “Nobody would ever know. Pushpa has gone to live with her husband. It’s only us left in the darkness of this huge house. It is all ours now. Let’s do it.”

Balu kept attempting to place her hand on his erection and every time it seemed to have grown bigger. Annam clasped her thighs tighter in an effort to control her emotions but her son was getting bolder as the seconds ticked by.

“It is sin,” Annam muttered. “We will have no escape. We will end up in hell.”

“It is already a hell,” Balu quipped. “Where will we end up for pleasing ourselves? Which one is the escape route for all our fantasies? Why shouldn’t we please each other instead of playing with ourselves?”

“Please stop Balu,” Annam tried her best to push off her son’s hand which was kneading her breast. Balu pinned her to the bed by throwing his right leg across her thighs, letting his erection press against her hips.

Balu wasn’t in any mood to let the opportunity go. He and his friends had gone to watch a soft porn movie in a nearby town and as they were returning home, Balu had made up his mind to fuck his mother. He knew that she would resist initially but that she would yield to his urges eventually.

“Do you want me to try some of our peasants?” Balu queried. “Or should I go to town to find some whore? Is it okay if I repeat the mistakes Dad made?”

“No! No!!” Annam almost screamed. She didn’t want her worst fears to come true. She would never withstand another curse on the family. She would never wish to lose her beloved son.

“I don’t know what to say,” Annam murmured. “You are my life.”

Balu smiled knowing his trick worked. He was too stubborn to see reason and was desperate to taste the forbidden pleasure.

“I love you mom,” Balu mumbled. “I will not hurt you. Let us make this night ours.”

As Annam turned to see her son, he planted a kiss on her lips. Holding her face with both hands, he brushed his lips against hers. He let his right hand slide down her neck to her shoulder to pull off her saree. Annam’s hands folded swiftly to cover her breasts. Balu, unmindful of his mother’s hesitation pushed her hands down and caught hold of her breast again. When Annam moaned, Balu let his tongue intrude into his mother’s mouth and started exploring the warmth. Their tongues entwined while their bodies brushed against each other, spawning lusty heat. Annam quickly lost the battle to lust which engulfed her body and soul like a tornado.

‘How long it has been,’ Annam began thinking as her arms passionately hugged her son. ‘When was the last time my tits were felt? When was the last time I was kissed? When was the last time I felt a man’s body hovering over me with uninhibited lust?’

Balu was in youthful hurry as his hands disrobed Annam’s saree. He was awestruck seeing his mother’s naked breasts. Her areolas were much bigger than those of the woman he watched in the movie; almost the size of brownish round festive cookies. Her nipples stood tall resembling a pair of fountain pen caps. As Annam heaved, Balu feared those huge melons might burst like balloons.

“Mom, you look better than those slutty actresses. I can’t keep my eyes or hands off you anymore.”

Balu rolled onto Annam and clutched both her tits. He buried his face in her cleavage and shook his head letting the flesh globes wobble. Annam lowered her hands and clenched his ass cheeks firmly. She could feel the gentle jerk inside her pussy and sensed a couple of drops maltepe escort of pre-cum were on their way.

“Balu, Let’s do it. I am ready,” Annam shrieked.

“It is wrong but nice nevertheless. Take me and do it now.”

Balu was thrilled to hear the excitement in her voice. He lifted his head from the sexy plateau between his mother’s tits and started savoring the melons. He went from one to the other, sucking the breasts, drawing circles around the areola and suckling the erect nipples. Annam held the young man’s body tightly upon her as her hands began mashing his ass cheeks with passion. Annam smirked realizing that men share the same obsession for breasts. Here, her son was playing with her tits as though there was going to be no tomorrow. She occasionally hissed in pain but constrained her instinct to ask her son to be gentle. She knew he was raw and inexperienced. She could feel his hyped excitement about getting to squeeze his own mother’s boobs. ‘No pain, no gain,’ Annam thought as she bit her lower lips in tremendous arousal and a little bit of agony.

When Balu eventually released her breasts, they were shining with her son’s saliva smeared all over. Balu kept watching his mom’s tits enlarge as she heaved and his eyes kept staring at them as though he hadn’t had enough of them.

“You almost squeezed me to death,” Annam smiled shyly. “You will soon learn to conserve your energy.”

“I can’t help it,” retorted Balu. “Looks like I can play with your tits all my life.”

When they kissed again, it was much more gentle. Annam’s globes were mashing against her son’s bare chest. She felt the length and strength of her son’s huge prick on her belly. There was no place for any inhibitions anymore. She just wanted her son to stick his pole inside her and fuck her mercilessly.

Balu apparently had other ideas. He slipped along her body kissing all the way, teasing her navel with his tongue before he finally stopped between her spread legs. As he lifted his head to have a look at his mom’s pussy, a sudden feeling of shame and guilt crept into Annam’s mind. But, she knew it was too late by then as she watched her son surveying her womanhood.

Annam had a beautiful, swollen pussy covered with dark hair. A few drops of her cum were found on the hair looking like tiny pearls. He felt the tip of his cock to check the oozing drop of his own pre-cum and was thrilled that his mother was as prepared to fuck as he was. The excitement of fucking his own mother filled his mind and he could feel a slight pain in his cock as it had become very stiff. For a moment, Balu looked perplexed before his mother stretched her hand out and caught hold of his enormous cock.

The feel of her soft palm and tender fingers on his rock-hard cock was unimaginable and wonderful. As Balu closed his eyes to relish the moment, Annam began jacking his pole. Balu could feel his balls swelling and a current passing through his spine. Who could have imagined such pleasure in life?

Annam knew that she couldn’t keep her boy waiting for long. After jerking his dick for a minute, she leaned forward and pressed a kiss on his manhood. Before Balu could comprehend, Annam eagerly opened her mouth and drew her beloved son’s big cock inside. Her eyes were closed but her face was glowing in lust. While Balu began enjoying the gentle warmth of his mother’s mouth on his dick, he felt a jolt as Annam began sucking it. Using all her experience, she began slowly as though she was teasing her son but soon gathered momentum. While sucking, she alternated pressing his balls gently with one hand and rubbing her own pussy vigorously. It was an erotic sight for Balu as he watched his mother teasing herself while pleasing his cock.

‘How long would she suck me?’ Balu kept asking himself although he enjoyed every moment of it. He held Annam’s head with both hands and watched her increasing the speed and intensity of her sucking. Before he could think, Balu felt a thunderous shiver all over his body as his balls began pumping the semen into Annam’s mouth. Although Annam managed to swallow the entire flow of cum, a few drops still managed to drool around her mouth. The expression on her face was one of fulfillment, Balu couldn’t see even a hint of awkwardness. To his surprise, as she let his cock go and looked up, she sported a mischievous smile as though she had conquered some kingdom.

The blowjob session had smashed whatever barriers that remained between the two. Annam could feel that after all those stale years the woman in her had woken up again with rejuvenated energy. She knew that it was the beginning of a thing that would perhaps never stop. Her only concern was about her son’s dick which was losing its hardness and shrinking after the blowjob. But, having seen the overwhelming lust of her son, she believed that his dick would regain the strength and length that it had lost momentarily.

Balu wanted to reciprocate the kartal escort oral pleasure his mother gave. Keeping his eyes glued to his mother, he inserted a finger into her pussy and felt the strange feel of moist and warmth inside the love tunnel. Annam groaned and began moving her hips as though she wanted her son’s finger to rub the walls of her soaking cunt. Balu teased her by removing the finger for a brief moment only to poke two fingers inside. Watching his mom squirm on the bed aroused the teenager and his dick began rising with vigor. While keeping his fingers well inside his mom’s pussy, Balu lowered his head and planted a kiss. The musky odor which emanated from his mother’s pussy struck his nostrils and sped to fill his lungs. His tongue popped out and began flicking around Annam’s pussy. The aroused mother clasped her son’s body with her legs, forcing his face to press harder against her pussy. Balu gasped for breath, before digging his tongue deeper into his mother’s pussy. As he started sucking the wet labia, her clitoris rose ferociously. His lips strayed for a while before it brushed against the protruding clit making Annam jump on the bed. Balu’s lips and tongue started working in harmony as he devoured his mom’s clit and pussy sending a series of shock waves all through her body. Annam began squealing in ecstasy feeling her son’s rough tongue digging deep into her pussy and lashing around her canal. She screamed helplessly as an intense, long orgasm took over her body, letting her cunt juices flow like never before.

Balu, the eager son kept lapping at the fluid that began flowing like a wild river. Gripping her ass cheeks firmly and pressing his face against his mom’s pussy, he kept licking every precious drop of the love essence. He realized that his dick was ready and raring to have a go at his mom’s pussy. Taking advantage of her spread legs and oozing pussy, the clever lad lifted his body and quickly got into the right position to send his prick right into the waiting cunt.


Annam couldn’t squeal louder after the massive orgasm that had hit her just a few seconds ago. She felt the gigantic pole piercing through her cunt like a missile screaming through the air. The feel of her pussy gripping the huge dick sent her into the oblivion. The horny mother grabbed her tits and began squeezing them with loud moans. As Balu began pumping his dick in and out of his mom’s pussy, the aroused mother smiled, squirmed, grinned and grimaced enjoying all the while. Balu wasn’t wasting any precious time to change gears and when he finally did his dick was plummeting into her pussy at a speed that she never experienced before. Balu could feel the tightness of his mother’s pussy as it gripped and grabbed his monstrous cock as kept accelerating his fucking speed. He worked like a robot programmed to fuck by thrusting his dick in and out of his mother’s pussy. His arousal kept increasing as he listened to his mother’s sexy squeals. It was a sight to behold watching his naked mother squeezing her own tits and pinching her own nipples. As seconds ticked, his dick began moving swiftly in and out of the cunt amazingly smoothly.

Annam’s hands released her tits and gripped Balu’s hips. She began panting in joy and her squeals sounded like a delightful music in tune with the loud sounds of two bodies slamming against each other. Balu watched his mother’s tits wobble and jump as his hips kept moving back and forth sending his young dick into unexplored depths of his mother’s pussy. The inevitable end was approaching as Balu could feel his balls getting hard as though they were carved out of stones. His dick kept swelling inside his mother and felt like red hot rod. Annam could feel the twitch beneath her belly and the slight pain that struck her thighs. Her toes started curling and her fingers feverishly gripped her son’s hips. A hot stream of blood seemed to flow from head to toe for the depraved mother and son as they were about to orgasm together.

It was like a high intensity explosion inside Annam’s pussy making her scream again. Balu didn’t lag behind as he continued to ram his cock fiercely into his mother. His excitement was beyond any comparison as he watched his mom scream and shudder in the aftermath of her orgasm. Just then he felt an intense heat running through his prick from the tip, his balls contracted flushing out loads of semen through the tiny hole of his huge penis. It kept coming as though it would never stop. Even after such an intense orgasm, Annam’s pussy was still clenching her son’s dick taking the enormous flow of his thick semen inside. Balu kept pumping for a while till the last drop of his cum reached the bottom of his mom’s pussy. The warmth of his mother’s pussy began to diminish slowly and his dick began to lose its strength and length gradually. Within a few minutes, their bodies became motionless and the only sound that filled the room was their loud gasping.

They were exhausted but the excitement didn’t seem like it was decreasing. Balu remained motionless on top his mother’s naked body still struggling to breath normally. Annam’s hands firmly embraced her beloved son as though she wasn’t willing to let him alight from her.

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