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Rave’s back baby.

I walked out of the hospital with a spring in my step, they had x-rayed my rib cage again, it was all better. I could have told them that, you ran your hand down my chest you could feel the two bumps of the fresh bone under the muscle. I was having a feeling that I hadn’t had in years. I didn’t hurt, not at all, I wasn’t coming of a ripped muscle, a sprained joint, a pulled ligament I didn’t have any old bruises or healing scrapes. I was 100% fine and I couldn’t remember the last time I felt this way. I knew it wouldn’t last long, I knew I was weak, my core strength had taken a real hit from the wound and the six weeks of doing nothing. Soon I would need to start working to get it back, people like me wouldn’t last that long being weak but still it would be nice not to hurt for a bit.

I got into my dad’s car, it really was a shed, and we drove home, he dropped me off at the edge of the estate, he had been able to take the morning off work to take me but didn’t want to risk the afternoon. I walked home across the estate it was a school day so the streets where mostly clear of gang members, most of the older ones had better things to do than sit around on corners at low times in the day. I saw a few addicts shuffling around but most of them left for town at this time in an attempt to scrape together enough money to get them high. It always got to me how a few hours or a handful of streets could make the world of difference.

I let myself in to the flat.

“So?” Faye asked me from across the room.

“I thought you went to school, I know you left for there this morning, did you get lost?”


“I am fine, my ribs are all better” after six week of Faye imposing near celibacy on me I picked her up as if she weight nothing and slammed her into the wall, kissing her deeply. It took a lot of self restraint not to take her right there but I made myself let her go and dragged her to the bedroom. She gave a fake attempt at resisting me but I knew she wanted this as bad as me. The second the bedroom door closed she jumped on me, throwing her arms around my neck and pushing me back so my knees hit the bed pivoting me backwards onto my back.

I like to think that most of the time when Faye and I where alone in bed we would make love or at least have sex but this was just simple animalistic fucking. I grabbed a handful of her hair and flipped her onto her back. I sent buttons flying as I ripped open her shirt, she grabbed hold of both sides of my collar of my T-shirt and pulled ripping the fabric down to the bottom seem where it snagged. I grabbed hold of her bra and forced it over her still growing breasts. I leaned in and took her nipple into my mouth sucking hungrily making her gasp. I had to break off contact so I could look down to take off her pants, breaking a shirt is hot ripping her school pants would get me in real trouble.

My own pants dropped to my knees, I didn’t bother to take them off, I pulled her panties to the side and went at it. My cock was hard, she was starting to get wet but wasn’t really ready yet but I was too worked up to care and anyway she got wet quick enough. I rapped my hand around her throat, applying enough pressure that she would know it was there but not enough to hurt her. It was rough and nasty but it was still very, very good. Her hips moved in time with my quick hard trust, her breast bounced wildly.

It didn’t last long, I didn’t try to stop myself, this was about my need to get off. Even so he I shot my load deep inside her I felt her cunt contract around my cock as she reached her own orgasm. Our bodies rocked and twitched together in ecstasy. I rolled off her and let her up, I lay on the bed and she came to lie next to me.

A couple of seconds ago we were all passion and lust now we were calm and love. She snuggled up next to me lightly tracing her fingers alone the fresh pink scar on my stomach. I dozed with her for a bit still half dressed. We woke up and got naked I was tempted to have sex with her again but it was too nice just to lie there with her warm body in my arms. Soon I would have stuff to do to tell people I am back but for now I was just going to lie here with the girl I loved.

The next day I began to get into shape, working out and training hard, I ran with Taz I had slowed a bit but I had more skills so I still kept up as the roof tops flew under us, it still took me the best part of a month to get close to how I used to be, but before I could really get going I had to make a few statements.

The first was to bring Lacy’s corner back under my full control. I did this by finding the lad who had pushed me the night I was injured, he still worked on the corner he had thought that I had forgotten all about it, and breaking the fingers in his left hand while izmit escort asking pointed question about who put him up to it. I only got to his second finger, he was begging and crying that he hadn’t meant it, it was just a joke he didn’t think I would get hurt bad. I had made enough of a statement most of the lads on the corner who had been present where now pale and scared, word would get around that I was in charge. The lads name was Patrick, but he went by PayDay, after that I couldn’t have asked for a better underling.

The second was to announce to the school population that I was back and you didn’t disrespect me anymore. I could have done it slowly but truth be told I like spending my dinners in the library so I wanted something quick so I could then forget about make an impression. I followed a lad who had been showing me up into the bathroom, he was a low level member of the Dammed Ones who had been making a reputation by poking at wounded soldiers of the other gangs. That reputation ended in that bathroom, I just stood there and let the others in there ran passed me. I kept complete control, this wasn’t a fight it was a beating, and I didn’t push it too far. I still left him a bloody mess in the middle of the floor.

The last was the easiest, I just waited for the next gang fight, picked out the biggest, badist guy in their line and went for him with all I had. I wish I had had a bit more time to get back into shape, I was still a shadow of my former self but as I let the rage take me and I ran over the muddy field I felt like a young god. I jumped at him, driving both knees into his chest and I never gave him time to recover. He was strong and got in some shots but the outcome was never going to go his way. In the end it took to lads to pull me off and I roared like an animal the whole time.

Ever part of my body hurt by the end of the month, but I was strong and I was back.

After that it was a good time for the young me, I still hated who I was but I was happy. My relationships where complicated but that is what always made them interesting. Faye provided the emotional side the relationship, the closeness and love, I really did love her but she wasn’t as smart as me. For the I had Amy who was as smart as me and gave me the mental stimulation that Faye didn’t, she also gave Faye a good friend to be girly with, something that Amy needed more than Faye and we gave her a place to experiment and to be herself without judgement.

And then the was Taz, he knew who I was, what I was capable of and what I went through because he was the same, the two year age gap didn’t matter, his sexuality didn’t matter we were closer than brothers. We where the few people that knew him, really knew him and even if the was no sexual component he was as much a part of the relationship as any of us. He freely admitted that he found me sexual attractive but somehow that just reduced the tension, if I had had to wonder about it maybe there would have been a problem but with it out there I was ok with it.

I did start to spend some of the cash I was now making to make our lives a little better, new cloths before the old ones where too worn out, a new TV and a VCR, a stereo and some new music, some nice food now and them, some new paint for the flat. Taz and I even got Faye and Amy a few bits of real jewellery, Faye responded by getting this blue bead necklace, I thought it looked truly terrible but I still have it and I feel naked without it around my neck. I am not saying that I liked where I was, every conversation I had about the future started with “When I get out of this place”.

And still the world carried on the same, my dad worked at his dead end job, I ran a corner and covered up Lacy for less money than I should have been making, I tried to read, I fought, I experimented with Faye and Amy and I went to parties throw by the gang. Eddy was now far too scared of me to do anything so he decided to act as if I did existed.

The next big event that happened in my life was after Easter when I went to a strip club. It was outside the estate so I wore a black hoodie, on the estate you wanted everyone to know who you where and what you did but outside you hid your face. Bob lead the way with Cain and myself flanking him and two of the Daves bringing up the rear. I didn’t know why I was there, Bob never went anywhere important without Cain, he was his man, and the Daves, in this case Disco because once when he was 12 was seen dancing at a party and Littler because he was the biggest of the Dave and the gangs love sarcasm, where muscle and where there to make a point. I was smarter than the Daves, better at doing what needed to be done and fast so I was sure this was going to be a working night.

The strip club was in the top storey of a row of terraced stops on the outskirts yahya kaptan escort of the town centre. The bouncers where big men with faded blue tattoos they didn’t look at us as we walked passed up the stairs, gangs of young thugs showed up here all the time. The place was big and the lighting gave it a strange purple colour. The was a bar at this end and what looked like private booths running down one side of the room, the was a large stage with a walk way coming down from the middle ending in a small circular platform with a pole in the middle which all the tables in the place where pointing.

Around the pole a girl that didn’t look much older than me span lazily in nothing but a thong to the slow beat that seemed to be pumping out of the walls, to someone that could spot the signs it was clear she was high. The night was young but the was still a small group of man sat in ones and two cheering her on, other girls walked the floor in next to nothing trying to get the men to take them to a booth most didn’t look old enough to be there and the few that did looked so tired.

This place was owned by the man who own all vice in this town, all powder and pills sold he was taking a cut, he would never have touch it himself but some that worked for him would. He wouldn’t be here, his name wouldn’t be on any paper but the money from this place would be going to him. This was where the gangs came, not just us from the estate but those from the Waz and the Hall as well, to talk with his people. He was jokingly called the king, but that is really what he was, and he had the gangs do his bidding and we fell over ourselves to do it.

We had been summoned but it still took them a few minutes to come and get Bob there was no question of any of us following him to the back. One of them stayed to watch us, clearly not liking the idea of leaving us to make trouble. The Daves walked in a little to watch the show, Cain stood by the door waiting for any trouble. I ordered and downed a pint and stood with it behind me on the bar, they did ask for ID. I hadn’t got it for the alcohol, I had got it for the glass, I didn’t like the way the guy was looking at me and if you hit some with a pint glass they stay hit.

There was a cheer as the girl on the pole lost her thong and began touching herself in a way that would lose this place any licenses they had. He walked towards me and I slipped my hood off, if I was going to get in a fight with one of the kings men people where going to KNOW it was me, I flipped the glass on the bar behind me and grabbed it by its base. Another step and I would have swung and more than likely been dead by the morning.

“Aren’t you Mad Jimmy’s kid” He said, I blinked, it had been a long time since I had heard someone call my dad that.


“Me and him used to hang way back, now that was a crazy fucker”

I let him lead me to a table and we talked about my old man, stepping away from the bar I left the glass the wrong way up and made brief eye contact with Cain, he knew what I had been about to do. The girl on stage was in the process of faking her orgasm, given the time frame and any knowledge of sex it was so clear to an onlooker but the men in the room ate it up. Once she was done she got right back up and headed to the back.

The music tempo changed and the next girl came out, she attacked the pole like a lover she hadn’t seen in months, humping it with a real need. She got her breast out quickly, they were too big for her body and stood out from her chest clearly fake but watching the slight bounce in them as she trusted her pelvis forward into the pole was strangely hypnotic. I really wasn’t listening to the man talk about the good old days with my father. He was now a low level thug for the king, his life would be considered a success by the standards of the gangs. Looking at him, the small shack in his hand, the deadness behind his eyes I renewed my vows to find a way out while know it was unlikely I ever would.

The girl who had been on when we came in was now out doing the rounds, she stopped at our table, she was a favourite of the man I sat with and she tried desperately to get him to go private with her. She shot hateful glances at me once it became clear he like talking to me more than fucking her. Her face may have been young but her eyes where old and tired and so, so sad. I asked her how much she cost, she gave a price that was less the two vials on my corner, and with most of it going to the club I wonder how she made enough to get high never mind feed her. It took me a while to work out that the club properly gave it to her for free, junkies are more loyal whores.

I was tempted to pay her just to see if she was even wet from her “orgasm” earlier but at that moment Bob came back from the gebze escort back. The Daves scrambled to look like they had been waiting for him. I moved more slowly promising the man to remember him to my dad and slipping my hood back into place. Bob and Cain where talking quickly when I got outside. Cain walked over to me with an envelope, he opened it and pulled out a pitcher, I tried to keep my eyes off the money still in there.

“He is on the estate” Cain said tapping the pitcher “find him, quickly, we don’t know who else they have set on this”

I gave a nod and took the pitcher. I ran towards the estate, I had things to do.

Most people would have pulled the estate a part looking for him I took a simpler method. I showed the pitcher around to the junkies, never promise money they will pass the word around and soon the person you are looking for will know after paying more, I offered a free vial tomorrow if they gave me the right location and they will never pass on free drugs. It took me an hour to get the right bloke, I took me another 15 minutes to get the floor and number and all it would cost me was 2 vials.

Off the estate a pay phone was something to vandalise, on it they where the life blood of any attempt at organisation. I rung the number of the one nearest the YMCA from memory, it was answered by some young kid whose sole job was to wait by the phone for calls. I just gave my name and Cain’s and he was off. I told Cain where to meet me. I settled down in a door way to wait, I wasn’t in Dead Heads territory so looking like a gang member wasn’t a good idea.

Cain came by himself this wasn’t something that you trusted the Daves with. I walked him to the flat expecting him at any moment to send me away, this was his function within the gang, this was what HE did. When he didn’t I started to feel the tension in my gut, excited, nervous, scared and kind of happy that he was letting me into this part of the gang. I took the door off its hinges with one kick and ran inside.

The man tried to run, if it had just been me he might have got away but in trying to get around Cain I put my elbow into his stomach making him clasp into a heap. He tried to stand back up so I kicked him twice hard. Cain turned him over and held up the photo.

“We check, you always check” he said to me. He leaned in and ran a thin blade across his throat, blood poured from the cut, I had to step back not to get it on my shoes “and we watch, you always watch”. I looked into his eyes as the life fled his body, the light in them dimed as he took his last gasping blood filled breath, you could see the moment when he died. It was the first time I had seen someone die. Cain cleaned up in the bathroom, I did the same, I had gotten blood on my finger but I don’t remember when.

“What did he do?” I asked as we walked

“We don’t ask, you never ask” it was that simple, I felt a little sick, not because of what I have seen tonight but because at some point in the future I would be expected to be the one with the knife. I the worrying thing was that I was ok with it. I left Cain by the YMCA and to Lacy’s corner to check the count and close up. I walked back to our flat and got on with my life.

I told dad about his friend, giving no details about how I met him, and my dad knew better than to ask. I told Faye about the strip club later, which got her all worked up, she seemed to like the idea of taking her clothes off to a room of cheering men, I didn’t ruin her fantasy by tell her how depressing the place was. It was fun to watch her twirl and dance as she tried to take her clothes of in a sexy manner, she had no idea how but it still turned me on, I promised her that she could practise as often as she liked so long as I got to watch.

She was all heated up, it took her a bit of effort to get me in the mood, I was a bit spent. But I was a teenage boy with a naked hot girl. I let her stay on top, doing all the work and picking her own pace. She grabbed my cock and pointed it straight up and sunk down onto it. She was so worked up that I slide in all the way the first try. She sat there with my cock all the way in her and began to rub her clit giving herself pleasure but giving me very little, I resisted the frustration and let her stay in control. She didn’t begin move until she was very close to her peak and then she went from 0 to 60 instantly. Bouncing like a mad woman, hard and fast, she shut her eyes and let out a silent scream.

I didn’t realize how close I was until her orgasm hit, as she contracted around my cock I realised how much I had been enjoying to show and the feel of being deep in her. She kept riding me at full speed throughout her climax and as it began to ebb I reached my own peak, the twitching of my cock seemed to send her back into full orgasm as her body tensed up again. When we were done she clasped on top of me her hair covering my chest and I could feel her soft breathing against my skin. I let myself drift off to sleep.

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