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My greatest fantasy is to find a woman who wants me as much as I want her and then to greet her as she comes home after a long day. My kisses touch her neck and drift around to her lips where I fuck her mouth with my tongue while my hands stroke her back and pull the fabric of her blouse out of her jeans. My right hand deftly unsnaps the clasp of her bra and allows her breast to falls free as I lean away and cup them with my hand, feeling the weight of each and kneading them like soft bread dough. My hands take the blouse and bra and make it fall to the floor at the same time as my lips bend down to take hard nipples into my mouth and suck them in so far I can caress them with the roof of my mouth while swirling my tongue around each, in the same way I’ll encircle her clitoris in a few moments.

I’m hard as a rock as I kneel in front of her and undo the belt and button of her jeans and pull down the zipper. I can smell the heat of her sex as my hand rubs over the front of her silken panties and feel the wetness underneath and between her swollen lips. I bury my face in her stomach, deep kissing her naval with my tongue, producing a tingle of desire in her that works it’s way all the way down to her pussy and makes it even wetter than it is. The aroma of hot wet pussy is exotic and enticing. Her lips are shaven and with my teeth I grab the elastic of her panties and pull them down, my forehead rubbing against wet lips as I pull them all the way to her feet and off before beginning a slow journey back up her legs with my tongue and wet lips making a trail of moist saliva from her instep to her calf to the crease between her beautiful full lips and the inside of her thigh.

The emphasis of making love is the slow reality of maximum pleasure to your mate.

Her legs are soft and hot in the crease between her legs and her pouty lips. Several licks on both sides deposit saliva making the whole area wet. I bury my face flat against her, my arms reaching around behind her and my hands spreading her beautiful nether globes. She moans, knowing that my lips, tongue, fingers and cock will soon part her lips and enter the hot tunnel where she experiences her greatest pleasures.

Behind her she feels the fingers of both hands grazing in the crack of her ass, my nails lightly trailing over her anus where her soft ass has been pulled apart. One finger reaches under and enters her pussy lips, dragging some slick juice and depositing it in the crack of her ass and over her anus while another finger then enters that other area, the juice of her pussy facilitating the move as my finger enters to the first knuckle while strong arms draw her lips closer to mine.

Her pussy is swollen and my teeth and lips part the labia and smell the musky güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri smell within. My tongue lathes the inside of her lips and then bathes her with a stroke from bottom to top, stopping briefly to stab inside and find her clitoris which by now has become a hard mini-cock waiting to be sucked. With my whole face I push left and feel my nose and mouth enter her, forming a seal between her lips as my tongue reaches in and pulls out the nectar she produces. It tastes so good and the feel on my tongue is so slippery, viscous, and warm. Up and down inside the portal my tongue moves while my arms pull her closer and my finger continues to press into the rim of her anus. I am completely absorbed in making this woman feel me, feel pleasure and search for that first orgasm before we continue further.

To love a woman is an art form. Oh, to be the classic artist.

I’ve been licking and lapping for many minutes. She’s had three orgasms already as my tongue swirled against the walls of her pussy and my teeth and lips circled and pulled on that little cock call her clitoris. It’s so hard and stabs my tongue each time. I surround it with my teeth and with open teeth, circle it and pull it with a sucking motion. I think I’m making it even bigger as I taste her sticky juices one more time erupt into my mouth.

Pulling back from her lips, I rise up between her legs and trail her cum up the plain of her belly and onto hard nipples. My mouth doesn’t stop there though as it grazes up her neck and covers her upper lips as I open my mouth and deposit her own cum in her mouth for her to taste the sweet nectar I’ve been sampling for the last 30 minutes. With the sticky fluid, my tongue fucks her mouth, feeling her teeth, her tongue, the sides and roof of her mouth. She’s feeling nothing but pleasure.

My cock slips between her legs and enters her for one deep thrust before I withdraw and turn around so that we’re in a perfect 69. Her pussy is back at my mouth, sitting on my face as she leans over and licks my cock from top to bottom before slipping the head between her lips and slowly sliding all the way down until it’s at the back of her throat. I can feel her throat and her tongue as she sucks me and I delve deep into her folds with my own tongue. Her hard nipples graze my belly, back and forth as she moves up and down on my cock, tasting the pre cum which is flowing copiously. I lick her from the top of her pussy to the bottom and then beyond to her anus where my tongue stops and deposits saliva. My arms go underneath her body and pull her to me so that my tongue can point and enter her rear entrance as she gives a little moan of pleasure and cradles my balls in her hand before taking them in her mouth. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I love being 69. I love the feel of her mouth. I love the feel of my mouth exciting her to yet another orgasm. I want her sheathed around me. I want her pussy to clamp down on me and I want that beautiful ass to grasp my cock and squeeze it tightly.

Making love is not inspired activity, it is inspiration itself.

As she lies on top of me, her head bobbing up and down on my own hard head, her hands are playing with me just as I’m playing with her. After 20 minutes like this she’s cum twice and I came deep in her throat as she sucked and swallowed the viscous liquid that she loves to taste. But she saved some. And while I am recovering from her hot mouth having nearly sucked me dry, she pulls herself down on to my thighs and pushes my legs up behind her with her arms on the backs of my knees so she has full view of my ass and the brown portal where I enjoy so much pleasure in the nerve endings. She knows this and takes my own cum and deposits it in the middle of my anus before she returns to lick it and stab me with her tongue. So far down on me, she is able to push my legs back and take her finger and press it down on the star, past the sphincter muscle and one finger enters me as I writhe in ecstasy behind her. She has me helpless. Her pussy lubricates my naval as she bends herself to the task. I can see her pulsing sex, wet and shiny. Her index finger enters me and plunges all the way to the third knuckle. She reaches down with her head and sucks one of my balls into her mouth as she slides her finger in and out. “Wait” she says, “If one finger fits so easily, why not two?” She’s reminded how the night before I had two and then three fingers in her rear entrance and stretched her almost to her limit. By the time I was finished she was so wide open my whole tongue easily invaded her rear passage and made her ready for my cock when it finally slipped past the anal ring easily and plumbed her to the depths of her passage. So with gentle persuasion of her lips and tongue bathing my balls she puts two fingers into me. My God that feels good. So tight, I don’t see how she does it, but she tells me next time she’ll be even more adventuresome. I love it.

I pull her back and turn her over, side by side with me. I take her right leg and raise it up as I slip between her and with my cock aimed dead center at the place I nearly sucked dry 10 minutes ago. I slide in easily to that oven and feel the head of my cock touch first her hard clitoris and then hit the back of her pussy before I pull back and then forward, faster and faster. The tension builds in me and a tremendous feeling reaches in to body, into my balls. I want her. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I want to fuck her with my whole being. On and on, in and out, long strokes. I pull her on top and watch as my cock buries itself again and again deep inside her before we both cry out in mutual orgasms. I want her to feel fucked when we finish, passionately, full of love, never wanting at the finish except wanting for more.

Even a lull is full of anticipation…

Exhausted we lay on the silk sheets, her body next to mine full length. My arm rests above her pillow where her head lays. She’s on her back, eyes closed, dreaming of the erotic exhaustion we’ve just encountered. Her hands trace a line on her stomach up to her breasts where they caress her own nipples and over the tops of now cooling flesh.

With my left hand I stroke her naked thigh, feeling the wetness on the surface, a combination of my saliva and our mutual cum produced together moments ago. I run my hand low over her shaven lips, gently exploring but not entering because I simply want to feel the surface and know every inch of her body. My eyes are open and see her lips tremble slightly as my hand strokes lightly up over her mount and her stomach so soft and so smooth. My eyes see her and know her just as much as my body knew her during our sexual union. I’m getting very hard once more and my cock bumps against her hip and feels caressed by her silky skin.

She moans slightly and I know that I’m still giving her the pleasure I want to impart. That’s important to me. As passionate as sex can be in its animalistic way, we are humans with feelings and the sex can’t be complete without feelings. The fingers of my left hand stroke her belly, delving into her naval, digging deeply as I bend over and tongue her naval, filling it with saliva for my finger to swirl about. Leaving her naval my hand lightly traces a path up her rib cage and under her breasts, so lovely, laying there flat against her chest, waiting for my hands and lips to excite them again. The flat of my hand glides over the nipples as they become hard involuntarily, wanting to be sucked by me. As if invited to do so, I bend over and take her left nipple into my mouth between my lips and then bear down with my mouth to cover the whole area of her nipple and aureole rough with bumps from being sucked so often and so long. I love the feel of her nipple in my mouth. I must have been a baby at her breast in a prior life. If I could force a drop of lactation, that would be an ultimate feast.

My lips glide up over the tops of her breasts and onto her throat and neck where I know she is so sensitive that a mere touch can produce an orgasm. Tonguing my way up I finally arrive at her lips and gently kiss them as she rests while my left hand covers her pussy and feels the heat glowing and ready for more. She turns into me and without as much as a word I slide into her to rest in her hot embrace until I’m ready to have her again. Just the feeling of being coupled is, for now, enough.

Enough for now but never the end…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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