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Female Ejaculation

She reminds me of “Flo” in the car insurance ads on TV.

My close friend, Ed, and I meet every few weeks at our favorite restaurant that caters to retired folk. We usually meet about noon but we always get to talking and we seldom leave before 2 pm.

Although there are several waitresses working there, we always get the same one. She is late 40s, tall, well-built and has black hair that she wears up in a pony tail. We prefer her because she remembers what we like and gives us priority service. Her only down side is that she has several piercings on her face.

Recently when Ed and I were there, we talked until late in the afternoon as we always do. My friend Ed was in the restroom when she came by to refill our drinks. I took the opportunity to talk to her one-on-one.

“I always notice that you have several piercings,” I said.

“Yes, I have a few,” she replied.

“I imagine that you also have your nipples pierced,” I said.

She just smiled at me.

“The reason I bring this up is that coming out of high school I went to medical school. Although I didn’t get to finish, I still get updates and notices from the AMA. I just got one about clit piercing. They recommend that if the clit itself is pierced, the device should be removed. Apparently they have found that the metal ring short circuits the nerves in the clit and it looses its sensitivity over time. After several years, all you are left with is a pressure feeling but no erogenous feelings. I just wanted you to know,” I said.

“Really! So, the clit can just go…. dead?” she asked.

“Well, actually it is more like numb. I don’t know what all you have pierced but if you have done your clit, then you should have the ring or whatever removed. If just the foreskin around the clit is pierced, that is OK,” I said.

“Thank you for telling me,” she replied.

Just then Ed returned to his seat and that ended our private conversation. We headed to the cashier to pay our bill. Ed went first. After he paid, he said goodbye and went to his truck. After I paid my bill, the waitress caught me just outside the restaurant.

“I do have my clit pierced but I don’t know almanbahis if it is in just the skin or if the clit is pierced,” she said quietly. “I don’t have a doctor, in fact I don’t have much insurance as working here does not pay a lot.”

“I understand about not having a doctor or insurance. I doubt that the person who did the piercing knows if he did just the foreskin,” I said. “Maybe the guy who put it in would remove it for you.”

“I had it done in another city so cannot do that. You have medical training, so can you see if it is pierced?” she asked.

“Yes, but……”

“I only have 5 minutes left on my shift so maybe you can look at it for me,” she said.

“I don’t live anywhere near here but I do have my car if you would be OK with that. It is the green SUV parked at the far back corner of the parking lot.” I pointed to my car and she nodded.

“I will finish my shift and then I will come to your car,” she said and she ran back into the restaurant.

Sure enough about 5 or 6 minutes later, she opened the passenger door and got in.

“I do have surgical gloves in my first aid kit so I can at least provide clean hands for the exam,” I said. I reached into my bag pulled out two nitrile gloves and my SOG flashlight. “I think we would have a bit more room if we got in back. We both got out and got into the back seat area. My model of SUV has two captain chairs instead of a regular bench seat. She sat in the passenger-side chair and I kneeled on the floor beside her chair. While she pushed her pants down to her knees, I put on my gloves.

“I think I need you actually remove your pants and panties so that I can get between your legs to get a closer view,” I said.

She did stare at me for a moment but then sighed and removed her pants and panties. I pushed her legs apart and moved between them. She had a fairly thick black bush and I could see a silver-colored ring through each of her labia. I parted the lips and sure enough there was a ring through the area of her clit. I turned on my flashlight and held it in my mouth so I could use both hands to examine the ring and the clit. I slightly pulled up on the almanbahis giriş ring but it did not move as it should have if only the foreskin was pierced. She yelped as it hurt. I palpated the foreskin and confirmed that the ring went into the shaft of the clit.

I took the flashlight out of my mouth so I could talk to her.

“It does appear that the ring does penetrate the shaft of your clit so it should be removed,” I said.

“Can you do it while I am here and naked?” she asked.

“I am unfamiliar with the hardware but I know that it has to come apart to be inserted. I am going to rotate the ring until I can see how it works. If it is uncomfortable, just yell,” I said.

“Ok. I am ready,” she said.

I put the flashlight back in my mouth and gently started to rotate the ring. She did moan as I rotated it. After about a quarter turn, I could see a cut mark where the ring would come apart. I took the flashlight out of my mouth again so I could talk.

“I found the place where the ring fits together. I will be as gentile as I can to get it apart,” I explained.

I put the flashlight back into my mouth and went to work on the ring. By rotating farther I could see another cut mark. I gently pulled on that section of the ring and it hinged open. Then I gently pulled the ring out and held it up so that she could take it. I took the flashlight out of my mouth again.

“Whew! That was very uncomfortable but I am glad that it is out. Is everything down there OK?” she asked.

I parted the lips as far as I could. Then I moved the foreskin back and forth, much like a handjob on a guy. The clit began to swell up and become hard. Next, I lightly touched the end of her clit.

“Oh!” she said.

“Sorry! There is no bleeding but let me try something softer to see if it is still sensitive,” I explained.

I leaned forward and put my mouth on her pussy and I massaged her clit with my tongue. She smelled very clean so she must have cleaned up in the restroom before coming out to my car.

“Oh shit! That is intense!” she exclaimed.

She did not say to stop so I gave her my special tongue work. I looked up almanbahis yeni giriş and could see that her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. I kept it up for a minute or two and then I stopped and pulled back so that I could see her face and talk to her.

She opened her eyes and stared at me. “That felt wonderful. Please don’t stop,” she said.

I put my moth back on her pussy and started massaging her clit. She started moaning and began moving her hips slightly back and forth. Since she was really enjoying this, I slowly pushed my middle finger into her vagina. It felt quite loose and rather dry. I moved my finger around and found her G spot. As I massaged it, she really began to moan and her hips were moving more aggressively. I continued this for another 5 minutes or so. Then she started moving her hips faster and her breathing was fast, almost panting. I knew she was going to cum. I intensified my tongue work on her clit.

“Oh God! I am going to cum! Don’t stop! Here I cum! AHHHH!”

She arched her back and threw her head back. She clamped my head with her knees so hard that I could hardly hear. She held my head firmly against her body with her hands. As the orgasm passed, she relaxed back into the chair.

When she released my head, I moved back on my heels. “I guess we got it out in time. I would say that your clit is working great. Did it seem as sensitive as it did before you had it pierced?” I asked.

“Yes, it is very sensitive. That felt really good. I haven’t had someone eat me in years. Thank You!” she replied.

I got up and removed my gloves. She started getting dressed again. Then she got out of my car and headed for her car. About half way there, she turned around and waved the ring at me.


A few days later I returned to the restaurant. She greeted me at my table, “Hi ya, Doc. You want the usual?”

“Yes, please. Oh, I have something for you,” I said and handed her a printed copy of the AMA report. “Just in case you thought I might be fibbing just to see the goods. I also wanted to make sure that you were alright.”

“Oh, the doctor is checking up on the patient,” she said softly “I am just fine and again thank you.”

“If you ever need the sensitively of the equipment checked again, I can help,” I said.

“I might just need that,” she replied and left to put in my order.

Everything has just been normal since then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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