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The day was extremely hot. Utterly bored by the slow summer pace that had taken a firm grip of everything, I had walked down to the Town Square. But everyone seemed to be taking shelter from the heat indoors, and the streets were almost empty. I was about to head back home when I realised that I was just outside Aunt Jane’s photo studio. Well, she was not really my aunt anymore, since she and my uncle had split up half a year earlier. I hadn’t seen her since, and I suddenly realised I missed her. As a photographer she mostly did wedding photos, kid portraits and so on, but she always had some larger, more creative, project on the side. When I first got to know her she had been working on an exhibition for the library, portraying stray cats. I did like that one, and for the following four years I often went to her studio after school. I helped out as best I could, and we used to talk about everything in a way that I wasn’t used to when it came to adults, who most of the time just didn’t care what you thought about things. But she listened, even though she wasn’t much of a talker herself, and she had a good sense of humour.

I decided to stop by and say hi. With a sigh of relief I stepped out of the sun, walked up the stairs and knocked at her door. Nothing happened for a while, and I was just about to leave when the door opened. Jane looked just like I remembered her, with her long, thick red hair tied in a ponytail hanging over one shoulder. At first she seemed a bit surprised to see me, but then she smiled that short, warm smile of hers that always had me smiling back.

“Hi Mat”, she said with a deep voice that even now, after almost five years, surprised me a bit. She was of medium length but very slender and her skin was almost as white as marble, but that voice sounded more like the voice of a dark, curvy and sensuous woman. Not that Jane wasn’t sensuous in her own way, but she was more of a no-bullshit-get-to-the-point kind of person than straight out seductive. But with that voice she sure sounded like it.

“Hi” I said. “I was just passing by, and well, I …” I shook my shoulders, at a loss of words. “Can I come in?”

“Sure”, she said. “I was just about to make some ice-tea. Want some?”

“That would be great”, I answered as we stepped in to her studio. The air was almost as warm as outside, the studio being on the top floor, heated by the roof. Ice-tea definitely seemed like a good idea. That, a cold shower and some dry clothes instead of the sweat-soaked ones I was wearing.

“I’ll be right back”, she said as she went to the small kitchen at the back of the large room that was her studio. I went to the old, rather worn out corner-sofa in the other back corner. As I slumped down I noticed a stack of photos lying on the low table. On an impulse I picked them up, and to my amazement found myself looking at a totally nude woman sitting straddled over an old wooden chair. She leaned slightly forward and pressed her palms against the seat between her widespread legs, her arms concealing most of her breasts as well as the dark triangle below. The next three shots showed the same woman in various positions on the same chair. The photos weren’t pornographic; even I could see that. They showed the human body in a very sensuous but at the same time innocent way. But I was still a virgin, and it didn’t take much to set my imagination on fire, and pretty soon I began to feel some small stirrings down in my shorts. But I just couldn’t stop flipping through those photos. Every four shots featured a different model, all in the same set of positions. Two of them were male, the other three, including the first, female.

I was so engrossed by the photos that I didn’t notice that Jane had returned from the kitchen. “Do you like them?” she said as she put down a tray with two big glasses filled with ice-tea. I could feel my face turn brightly red, and I quickly put the photos back.

“Yea” was I could manage as I quickly took a sip of the ice-tea and then put my hands, still holding the glass, in my lap, covering the embarrassing bulge, hoping she hadn’t noticed.

“Good. It’s for a big exhibition down in LA this fall, but I still need a few more models. I want a bigger spread in age as well as in form.”

I felt oddly heated, and not just from the warmth. I couldn’t help to notice that Jane was dressed in rather revealing clothes. Her shorts left most of her slender legs bare, the top had no arms, and she didn’t wear any bra. When she leaned forward I got a quick glimpse of her left tit, which only increased the discomfort in my trousers.

“In fact”, she continued, “your coming here might help me out. Maybe you could pose for me?” She looked at me questioningly.

“Wh…what?” I stammered, my skin as red as tomatoes.

“You’d really be a big help. I want someone your age, but you can’t imagine how hard it is to find someone willing to pose, especially in a small town like this. Want to do it?” She smiled here ankara escort quick smile again, but this time I only looked at here incredulously, scarcely believing what I was hearing.
“Only if you pose first”, I said, not wanting to chicken out. I was sure she would refuse, so it seemed an easy way to get out of the situation. But she only looked at me silently for a minute, and then nodded.

“OK. But we can’t have any marks from our clothes showing on our skin, so we’d better both take them of right away. You want to take a shower while I rig the set? You look like you need it.” And with those words she pulled her top over her head, revealing the most beautiful tits I could ever have imagined. Small, but perfectly shaped, and with dark red nipples. I could feel my cock swelling it’s last few inches at the sight.

“Sure” I said, and almost ran to the bathroom.

After a VERY cold shower I came back to the studio, still drying my hair on a big towel. My dick had reacted to the cold at last, and now hung obediently between my legs. But it sure felt strange walking in the nude, and even stranger to see Jane fixing the last of the spots stark naked.

“Ready?” she asked, and I only nodded, trying not to stare at here tits or her pubic hair, as red as the one on her head. “You remember how to use it, right?” she asked while she handed me the camera, and I nodded again. She had taught me a lot about taking shots over the years. “I’ll tell you when to shoot” she said and sat down, straddling the chair, putting her hands between her legs – but not before I had a momentary glimpse of her pussy. I could feel the heat rushing back into my member, and silently cursed, not wanting to ruin this my first opportunity to see a naked woman up close. But the light from the spots must have blinded here, since there were no comment whatsoever about my quickly rising manhood.

“OK, you can get to it”, she said, having found the first position, and I started to click away, slightly adjusting my angle between the shots. After ten shots she shifted position, while I strategically held the camera in front of my crotch in case she would come out of the blinding light. This time she turned her back towards me, still straddling the chair, resting her arms against the top of the back of the chair. Her ponytail hung along her spine, almost reaching down to her butt, which only accentuated the whiteness of her firm buttocks. If it hadn’t been for a delicate sheen of sweat on her skin she might have been formed in marble by some ancient sculptor. She was absolutely beautiful.

During the last two positions, the first with her sitting cross-legged on the chair, her hands in her lap, and the second where she hugged her knees in front of her chest, her legs crossed to conceal her crotch, I was in heaven. The positions were concealing enough, but the transitions in between left nothing for the imagination. By the time we’d finished my cock was silently throbbing with excitement. And then it was my turn, and I suddenly realised I had no way whatsoever to hide my predicament any longer. As Jane stepped out of the lights, I desperately tried to think of some way to hide my throbbing boner, but in vain. She spotted my erection immediately.

“Oh” she said, and I could feel the blush returning to my cheeks. I hadn’t been the least surprised if she had sent me away immediately, crossed as hell over my lack of self-control, but she just laughed, sounding amused. “Don’t be shy about it”, she said soothingly, “It happens more often than you would believe. Guys about to pose can’t keep their dicks from…showing of.” She smiled here quick smile again, and all I could do was to smile back sheepishly. “But it poses a slight problem here – or not so slight in this case” she said, giving my cock a quick glance. “You’d better take care of that erection before we can begin. You can use the bathroom again if you like.”

I only looked at her even more sheepishly, not really believing what I was hearing. It all seemed like some mad dream, but not an unpleasant one.

“You know how to?” she asked with a questioning smile.

On an impulse I shook my head. “No” I lied.

At first she didn’t know what to say to that, but the situation must have gotten to her as well. “Then I’d better show you.” She nodded at the sofa, and I obediently sank down, my cock pointing straight up. She sat beside me, her thigh lightly touching mine for a moment.

“Ok”, she said. “You just grab your dick with your hand, and start to stroke” She closed her left-hand fingers around her right index finger, starting to move her hand up and down. “Got it? The rest takes care of itself.” Her eyes met mine for a moment, and I could have sworn I saw more than a hint of lust in those green eyes. Maybe that’s why I said what I did next, I don’t know, but I just looked her in the eye and said:

“Can’t you show me? On me I mean.”

For a moment I feared I had crossed the line, ankara escort bayan that she would be really pissed, realising that I had pulled her leg. She just froze the way she used to when she pondered something. Then she dropped her hands into her lap, looked at me again, and asked:

“You are old enough, aren’t you?”

“Yes” I said, it being the truth if only by a few weeks.

She just continued looking at me for a moment, her expression impossible to read. Then, without another word she gently grabbed my dick with her left hand and started to move it along the shaft. I groaned with pleasure, leaning back even further. Her touch was wonderful, gentle and at the same time electrifying. Pretty soon I could feel my balls tightening, preparing for the blast of my life. But what happened then surpassed even my wildest dreams.

“Look,” Jane said, her voice strangely muffled, “I don’t want your semen all over my stuff, so this is just to take care of that, OK?” And with those words she bowed her head down to my cock, and closed her lips around the head. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw her taking more and more of my dick into her mouth, and then starting to bob hear head up and down, her breasts gently pressing against my leg for every thrust she made. It didn’t take long before my cock responded to her tongue playing around the head of my dick, the moist warmth encircling most of the shaft, and to the slight sucking feeling she applied to it all. With a roar of delight I exploded, emptying myself into her mouth in a series of well-loaded bursts, leaving me totally dazed. Jane swallowed every drop, then raised her head and smiled at me.

“That should take care of things, don’t you think?” Licking the last of my load from her lips she rose and started to put a new roll of film into the camera. “OK,” she said when she was finished. Your turn” She gestured toward the chair, and even though my limbs felt like jelly I couldn’t refuse. On uncertain legs I walked over to the chair and took my first position. I tried to fix my eyes on Jane, but could only vaguely make her out, being blinded by the strong light. She started to take her shots, ordering me to change position every now and then. After about ten minutes it was finished, and she told me I could dress. But during those minutes I had started to get horny again, especially from the fact that a totally nude woman was eyeing me, only halfway hidden in the shadows, and I had other plans. I sure as hell have no idea where I got the nerve to say what I did next. Maybe the heat had drained my senses completely.

“You know,” I started, “I think you should try some more positions. Not that the ones you are using ain’t good – they are – but you could use some more.”

“Oh, I think you have developed a taste for this” Jane said teasingly. “And what positions might that be if I may ask?”

“I’ll show you. Just put some more film in the camera, and I’ll direct you.”

She considered this for just a moment, then put a new roll into the camera and handed it to me. “OK” she said. “Here you go.” Her eyes made it clear that she had given in, that the hunger between her loins now was in command, and to hell with all reason.

I told her to sit on the chair, leaning back, her legs outstretched but held together, her arms lifted and her hands at the back of her head. She did as she was told, giving me a perfect view of her body, her nipples hard and pointing. I took a few shots, and then told her to spread her legs. Again she did as she was told, giving me my first good look ever of a real pussy. I might have been a virgin, but I wasn’t daft, and even though I by no means was a bright student I had taken a serious interest in the lessons we’d had in sexual education. This woman was definitely horny, her labia swelled, her clit hard, and her entrance glistening with moisture. I took a few steps closer, raising the camera, wanting to get every detail on film. My obvious interest in her most private parts only turned her on even more, and a drop of milky substance slowly ran from her vagina. By this time my cock had stiffened considerably.

“OK,” I said, “You can stand now. Turn around and bend over, your hands gripping the seat. And keep your legs spread but straight.” Without a word she did as she was told, obviously enjoying giving me an eyeful from every angle. She bent over, her pussy once again fully exposed, but this time even opening up a little due to her position, revealing an enticing cleft, moist as hell. My cock throbbed now, fully erect end very eager to explore this black hole. I took a few photos and then put the camera down. I couldn’t pretend to be interested in taking shots any more. My desires were definitely more into carnal activities.

I stepped up behind her, fell to my knees and gently put my hands on her buttocks, stroking her soft skin with my palms. Jane moaned and started to circle her butt in response. With every movement I let my right escort ankara hand get closer to her crotch until I finally touched her warm, wet pussy. Jane moaned louder and held herself perfectly still, allowing me to explore at my leisure. I stroked her labia, circled her clit and then slowly pressed one finger inside, feeling her tight, wet warmth. She immediately pressed back, swallowing my finger down to the knuckle. Encouraged I started to thrust, at the same time trying to pinch and rub her clit with my other hand. She immediately pulled back.

“Easy” she said. “That hurts. Use your tongue instead. Come.” She straightened, walked to the sofa and sunk down. I followed and knelt by her side. She put her hands on the back of my head and gently moved me down to her breasts. “You’d better practice her” she said, slowly stroking my hair as I let my mouth close round one of her nipples, eagerly starting to lick it with my tongue. “Be gentle,” she said, “they’re sensitive as well.”

I put my left hand on her other tit, starting to knead it gently, feeling it’s wonderful softness between my fingers, her nipple hard against my palm. “That’s good,” Jane said, starting to breathe heavily. “Now suck as well.” I did as I was told, feeling her nipple rise even more. By now I was horny as hell, wanting nothing more then to plunge myself into her sweet tunnel of love, fucking her good.

“Now switch,” she said, and I leaned over to the other breast, at the same time letting my left hand move downwards. As I sucked and licked I started to stroke her inner thighs, letting my hand touch her pussy gently in every pass. Soon I let my finger start to explore her vagina again, slipping in and out, deeper and deeper for every move.

“Eager, aren’t we?” she said teasingly, her dark, heated voice matching the situation perfectly. “I gave you a blowjob,” she continued. “Now it’s my turn. Make me come.” She gently lifted my head, gave me a quick kiss, and then gestured for me to move downwards. I placed myself between her parted legs, my head just inches from her crotch. Slowly, after having had a good look at the beautiful sight, I let my tongue start to explore every fold and crevice, finally starting to circle her clit. Jane started to moan again, pressing herself against my face.

“And now suck as well,” she said, her voice thick with lust. As I gently, gently began to suck her clit, moving my head slightly round and round, her legs started to tense, her thighs pressing against the sides of my head. She lifted her butt somewhat, her vagina lubricating heavily. The taste of her was intoxicating. How I loved this! I closed my mouth round her labia, sucking at her lips as well as her clit, the tip of my tongue playing with the hard little thing. I could feel her whole body tense, and with a loud, drawn-out moan she came, her legs vibrating, her vagina cramping with lust. As her butt fell back against the sofa, I rose, my cock sticking straight out. She looked at me with eyes clouded in content.

“Looks like I might have a visitor. Right?”

I smiled broadly, nodded.

“Want me like this? Or from behind?” she asked, raising herself enough too close one hand around my dick, stroking it softly, while the other held my balls, one finger pressing up and massaging a spot just under the sack, at the root of the shaft. I had had no idea there was a spot like that, but it felt absolutely wonderful, and my dick became even harder, responding immediately to her treatment.

“From behind,” I said. She leaned over, gave my cock a quick kiss.

“Welcome,” she said to it, then turned her ass to me, standing on all four. “No need to be gentle about it. I’m as wet as you can get, and I like it hard.”

I placed my dick in position, and with a single movement I plunged into her until all of it was inside. She gasped with pleasure, as did I, and when I started to fuck her she moved in sync with my movements, her butt pressing hard against me for every thrust. I had a firm grip at her hips, at the same time directing my movements and making it possible to thrust even harder.

We moved like that a little while, and I was almost about to come when she suddenly withdraw. I looked at her disbelievingly, not sure what had happened.

“Lie down,” she said. “You will like this, I promise.” Her seductive smile put my discomfort at rest, and I quickly obeyed.

“This,” she said as she straddled my body, “gives maximum control to me. And I know what you want. Believe you me.” She took a firm grip of my cock, placed it at her opening and sank down until I was fully inside, my dick pressing against the top of her warm cave, her red hair mixing with my brown. Slowly, slowly she started to rotate her hips, my dick gliding in and out as a result of her movements. As she increased the speed bit by bit, I was sure I was in heaven. This was beyond belief! I lifted my hands and closed them around her tits, feeling her hard nipples press against my palms. But as she sped up even more I let them fall, unable to do anything but stare at this amazing woman, my balls tensing, preparing. And with a shout of pleasure I came, exploding in burst after burst, emptying my balls to the last drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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