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This is a fiction story. All characters are 18 or older. Also, I remain adamant, unprotected insemination is unadvised and meant for serious couples that want to have kids. Children have futures, hopes, dreams. But this is just a fun fantasy that explore the erotic part of unprotected sex.

Author Note: Hey all! Here is another chapter! Let me know what you think.

Though, this chapter could probably be read without reading the first few chapters, I would still suggest it you read them to get all the little nuances and character developement.

Summary: Mike, Julie, Cindy and June end up in the sharehouse in Japan where he would have left for anyway if it wasn’t for the social experiment. Julie struggles with her pure desire for Mike, because the clock is ticking.

~Mike Harmony~

What followed was all secretive and stuff. A door opened and that nurse from before came and showed them to a eerily empty bus. From there, they went to the airport, where they boarded a cargo plane with several boxes strapped in.

One thing bugged Mike. No one talked to them, well apart from, ‘go there’ or ‘enter here’ or ‘We need another set of blood test samples.’

But Mike shrugged it off as they sat down for the flight. Strapped in, he smiled as Julie snoozed peacefully on his shoulder. It didn’t take long for Mike to fall asleep too.

They both woke up. Light streaming out of a corner. A car waited outside the open ramp of the cargo plane.

Mike and Julie got in the car and about an hour later, they arrived at a suburb outside the city near a mountain. It was incredibly lush and beautiful. Mike got out and stared in wonder. That is, until he saw a person approach.

Mike froze solid as a girl stopped before them.

“Hi, my name is June. It is a great pleasure to meet you two.”

Mike’s head jerked up as she said her name and memories of the very girl riding him bareback popped into his mind. He threw a hard glance at Julie who was still looking groggy before looking back to June. She blew him a kiss and cupped her mons all before Julie got a good look.

Then Julie gasped.


June giggled and said.

“Yes. I’ll say this once. It is true I am the Observer. But, more importantly, I’m a researcher, which sometimes comes with the perk that I get to break some boundaries between hot chicks and nice guys.”

Mike still looked shocked. His mouth opened and closed and it was like June was enjoying that fact.

Julie just groaned and said,

“So did you enjoy watching us go at it like bunnies?”

“In fact, I did. Thank you for asking. Now, Mike will recognize the place. His Aunt was informed that his arrival would be delayed by two weeks. That part has been rectified. Some things had to be sorted out before he arrived as you are familiar with by now. The other girls of the house would be let know this evening. So Mike, I would suggest you try not to frighten any of them till then. You are a big bad wolf, with a big scary cock. Julie, if you wish to stay a guest here, then I’ll suggest not mentioning the experiment or me being the Observer. If you make things super complicated, you will be relocated and since we are in Japan, I think it would be hard for you to come see Mike here.”

“Really? I thought that was a joke. How?”

“That my girl is a secret. But I do hope you enjoy your time here. And Julie, if you slept most of the way, it took a bit less than a day, that is, if you are interested.” June said with a wink.

Mike still hadn’t said anything as he stared wide eyed at the girl.

Julie on the other hand recounted a bit less than 4 days till her ovulation days. Then she shook her head. It shouldn’t matter! She could keep her legs closed for a week, couldn’t she?

“Now, if you would follow me to your rooms.”

June walked with her platinum hair falling almost to her bum. She pointed to the big kitchen with its square counter and long sitting bench on the two sides.

Then she walked through the two sets of doors, which consisted of two seperate changing rooms and showed them a big open area with a warm bath that looked more like a swimmming pool considering it’s size.

It was a lush bath with a rock waterfall feature.

“Back there is a shower for the more shy sort of people. But I don’t think you two are too shy.” June giggled.

Julie blushed and Mike still couldn’t get a word out.

She led them out.

“There is two bathrooms around that corner and two little secrets if you look carefully.”

Julie glanced but June already led them on.

Then she showed Julie her room. And walked back towards the baths. There were small stairs there and a door.

“This is your room Mike. You would have gotten a room outside previously. But your Aunt is actually living onsite at the restaurant complex. As you can guess, the whole thing is eating her time. So she opted to go there permanently and graciously allowed you to become the landlord here. That is if I keep an eye out, which of course I agreed to. So as you eryaman escort can understand there will be some work before pleasure. But you will be fine.”

The way June said pleasure made Julie’s pussy get wet as she stared down at the tent in Mike’s shorts.

“Now, the inhabitants of the house will return from college in a bit. So taking a bath or shower early might help. Julie we have a shopping date as per your request. Follow me.”

Julie licked her lips, stared at Mike, before she hurriedly followed June.

~Mike Harmony~

Mike sat on his bed thinking about it all. He hadn’t said a word to June. All he could think about was her pale breasts bouncing as her unprotected pussy slicked up and down on his cock. How she begged him to cum in her. His cheeks became hot just thinking about it.

And how was he suppose to forget that next to her stood the other girl who had done exactly the same to him.

He still couldn’t believe it all. And Cindy… why did she act like that?

He shook his head. That had to wait…

He had a bigger problem. It felt like his balls were ready to explode, what was more, his cock now throbbed in bouts every few hours. He was horny out of his mind. But the girls were out and even then, he couldn’t just ask either of them for what… sex, could he?

He sighed, maybe a shower would help. He couldn’t easily masturbate in a room with wooden floors and nothing to catch it in anyway. Not to mention it was a whole new building. He had to be a bit more cautious.

He walked through the silent hall and into the baths area. There was a single partition between the two dressing areas. The wall looked strangely familiar.

He undressed and grabbed the biggest towel there. Even so it hardly covered anything.

He walked around the pool and dropped the towel outside the shower area.

The warm water of the shower was such a big soothing factor. The first alone shower in a week. He gripped his angry cock and started stroking it.

~Kim Mitsuyuki~

Kim silently packed her books at the library. Another day in another week where boys ignored her. She didn’t really know why. They looked, sure, but never really approached her.

Her twin, Saiki told her that it was the amount of time she spent with books. Kim didn’t see it as a problem, certainly it was her favourite hobby by far. But, what did that have anything to do with boys ignoring her? She was friendly and kind. She had her twin’s looks, though she wore glasses and Saiki didn’t. Though that would be a very silly reason for being ignored.

She sighed. When she got frustrated like this, she could almost, but just almost, imagine why Hinami hated men so much. But then again, Hinami still didn’t have a real reason for that, so Kim shook it off.

There had to be something she could do differently…

She had to. She definitely didn’t want to be a without a boy’s company when she finished college. Most certainly not!

But that was impossible if boys kept ignoring her!

Another sigh escaped her.

Then out of nowhere, a cloud broke and the whole area got drenched by rain.

“Perfect, just perfect…” She groaned, wrapping her arms around herself before she ran.

Kim came home to the sharehouse, everything was wet. Her dark hair soaked. The rain had caught her off guard. There shouldn’t have been rain and yet… To be fair, weather in the valley had always been unpredictable to an extent.

She got to her room and just threw her bag in. No reason to get her floor wet.

Now for a shower!

As she got undressed in the room, the briefest wiff of a smell drifted in from the hallway. It was a sweet aroma. It made her smile, something smelled so good.

Tossing her bra and panties in the locker just beside her glasses, she wandered into the room with the big pool like bath. The smell got a bit stronger then and she didn’t complain. She liked it very much. But as she sat her towel down, she was caught off guard as a few drops of girl juice plopped down on the floor between her legs. It was then that she finally realized how wet her pussy hot gotten.

Cupping her wet lips, she inhaled sharply as her sudden horniness suprised her. Oh, great… she would have to have an orgasm today. No two ways about it. Clearly the day had gotten to her. Why did she get horny at all.

It sucked, it was such a chore to get off. It took her at least a half an hour. Worst! Sometimes it even took an hour to get that elusive release. She loved cumming. But sometimes, no, most of the time, it took far too much effort for what it was worth.

But, she touched her wet pussy, today she would really have to… Her shoulders slumped in defeat.

Just as she dipped her foot into the bath, she heard the shower behind the particion in the back.

Ah, Lexi probably made it before her. She was the athletic type.

She picked up her towel and walked with it to the shower, giggling as she saw another towel on the floor. It would be fun to have the girl frolic to the dressing escort ankara room without a towel.

Picking it up and taking hers, she threw it to the other ledge of the bath.

Then she stepped into the steam. Her eye sight disappeared, but she was going tickle any girl in there.

As she reached forward she felt skin and she started tickling like crazy.

What followed surprised her. A yelp broke the silence. Not one she knew by heart. And then a strong push caused her to slip as she sat back on her bum with a plop.

Then a voice groaned with panic.

“No no no no!”

Before she could register it was not female, something splashed against her breasts and a sudden jolt of pleasure rushed from her nipples to her pussy making it throb and a deep hunger sprung up in her slit. She moaned.

But before she could touch her now very hungry pussy, another splash hit her pubic bone, then one hit her sqaure on her clit.

She looked down in surprise at the feeling of the warm liquid slide past her throbbing nub, she couldn’t help but reach down and swipe at her clit a several times.

Then out of nowhere, her whole body started shaking. Utter bewilderment struck her as the orgasm hit her, and not just that, one bigger than anything she had given herself, ever. It washed over her in big uncrontollable waves. She gasped and moaned, hardly able to take in enough air to stay conscious. But then two strong arms picked her up.

Her hips jerked wildly as her pussy just continued and continued to pulse with pleasure.

“I’m sooo sorry I came on you! Are you okay? You are shaking.” A voice said from the side.

Kim just panted as she moaned. “Oooof. Ohhhh my worrrd, I’m cummmming sooo haaaard. Ahhhhg!”

She gripped the offered hand for several tens of seconds further before finally, with a few quite pleasurable aftershocks, the orgasm ebbed a bit but the hunger in her vagina just roared with its unsatisfied hunger. Her nether lips shook as her opening still contracted.

Then she looked up at a cute boy and her pussy pulsed again. Normally she’d be incredibly shy around boys.Them ignoring her didn’t help one bit. But her earth shaking orgasm somehow steadied her nerves.

“Sorry for that.” She said, not really thinking about the whole situation and that she was naked.

“I should say sorry! I came on you.” The cute boy blurted.

“No no, it was my fault, I snuck up on you. Wait… you came on me?” Kim said, her eyes widening as the words settled with her.

Her eyes went big and she reached down to her breast and scooped up what was clearly sperm. Then she reached down scooped her clit and again sperm was on her fingers… The first time ever a boy’s cum has touched her body. In fact the first time ever she had seen it with her own eyes.

It is true, her orgasm came out of nowhere, the moment she felt the splashes.

For some reason she really wanted to do something really, really naughty with the cum… that is, until they both were startled by laughing and giggling followed by splashing.

Her eyes got big and she shushed him and quickly reached behind the boy to close the shower.

“If they find me naked with a boy… they would not believe it was just an accident. We have to get you out of here.”

“I’ll reach for my towel and we can…” The boy said.

Kim grimaced.

“Sorry, I wanted to pull a prank on one of the girls. Didn’t expect a boy.”

Just then as if realizing the fact he was naked, she looked down at the anaconda between his legs. Her pussy got even wetter. Were all cocks that thick. How… how was that supposed to fit?!!

“So big and hard…”

Mike blushed but then laughing came.

“Kim honey! Join us! I know you are there, your glasses are in the dressing room.” Lexi yelled.

Kim furiously blushed.

Then Lexi said,

“Don’t make me come get you.”

Both in the shower paled and Kim spun around, peaking around the corner.

“I’ll be right thereeee!”

She almost squealed as the boys big fat cock head somehow pressed into her vagina opening. Her first reaction countered her expectations. For a moment she pressed back getting the head to pop in before she looked back with the boy and his back to the wall and his cock sticking between her legs. Instead of being angry or immediately pulling off, the shock of it kind of made her humor her hungry pussy as she slowly undulated her hips, slicking her wet opening back and forth on the head pressing back until her hymen stretched firmly over his tip.

For the first time ever, she was close to a second orgasm in a single day.

Oh, she wanted to go on… even to deflower herself on him right then and there, unprotected or not. But there were far more pressing matters, so she reluctantly pulled off as her hand found his hard cock. She jerked him a bit.

“As much as I really want to stay and play. I have to distract those two so you can get out. My name is Kim by the way.”

“M-Mike. Pleasure to meet you.”

“Pleasure sincan escort is all mine.”

Then she cupped his full balls, surprised. Before she left the shower and jumped into the bath.

The moment she hit the water that tingling sensasion on her breasts and pussy completely disappeared.

She groaned at the loss. Somehow that boy made her cum like she never had before and feeling those warm…splashes…of his sperm. She ernestly hoped he remained close to the house. Her pussy seriously wanted more.

As she strode closer to the Blonde pixie Erika and her fellow country girl, the blue eyed brunette Lexi, she swum around them putting an exit behind the two.

“How was the run in the rain for you two?”

They both started on a tangent. But Kim’s mind was somewhere else.

Behind them, Mike snuck past naked. Kim had to stop herself from licking her lips staring at his big yummy cock…

Then, Lexi paused.

“Do you smell that?”

“Yes. It smells sweet…”

“It is making me…”


Kim’s eyes shot open. That is what she smelled. Mike! They were about to look around!

She stood up.

“Hey you two… do you think boys would like my nipples?”

Both of them spun to her and giggled.

“Girl, any boy would drool to get a chance to suck at them. Even some girls.”

“Stop. None of us are les in the house!”

“Mostly true, Hinami is a possible exception, well a bit more than possible, but no reason why not to suck a friends nipples especially while she is getting fucked. Every bit helps.”

“I’m still a virgin, so I wouldn’t know.” Kim sneered.

“All of us in this house are. No reason why we can’t dream.” Lexi mewled.

“What has gotten into you Lex?” Erika said, surprised by her friend.

“Nothing, but I have to say, that smell sure made me horny. Don’t tell me you haven’t just dreamed of getting a cute boy to pluck your cherry…”

“Yeah me too, wonder what it was? What do… Kim?” Erika said.

Kim blushed heavily. It was true. But now she absolutely could imagine a cock head splitting her pussy lips. Even though she couldn’t imagine Mike’s big cock fitting inside her any further. Still, she stood there as flashes of the shower popped through her head. She had been a monent away from deflowering herself on Mike. Strangest thing, she would actually try again if she was in that shower with him right then.

She shook her head.

“Whatever it is, it sure smells yummy.” She finally said.

“Kim, you were blushing like crazy.” Lexi rushed forward and grabbed Kim cupping her breasts. “That is why you asked if a boy would like your nipples. You have one in mind who you wish would deflower your pink kitty.”

As Lexi said it, she hurriedly poked Kim’s vaginal opening.

“Hey!” Kim squealed and wrestled herself away. “Okay, okay, I am. But that doesn’t mean I want to discuss it.”

“Aww why not. We could always share. Ohhh how it would feel a boy’s cock, to feel it move inside our pussies…” Lexi moaned.

Kim just chuckled at Lexi’s sudden boldness.

After a while, she got out of the bath leaving the other two giggling. She got dressed before walking out. Then she wondered why on earth a boy was taking a shower in a girl’s sorority? Well, sharehouse rather. But there were only girls currently. So it just didn’t make sense.

Then a hand grabbed her and she gasped as she was pulled up the stairs and into the landlords room.

Inside, Mike was peering out the door and relaxing.


“I just wanted to properly apologize for earlier. Well, without being naked and having to sneak out.”

Kim shook her head. Somehow she could never be mad about what happened. Even though her mama would tell her often if a boy saw her naked that he should take responsibility.

Maybe if she had felt ouraged at the whole thing… but she didn’t. Problem was she wanted more to happen with this boy she only knew by name… much much more…

“No need. It was an accident. And to be honest, I liked what happened, really liked.”

She almost clapped her hands to her mouth.

Mike’s eyes were a bit wide as he said,

“Me too. But that is soooo beside the point. As you are probably wondering, my Aunt apointed me as the new landlord. She seems to have her hands full with the restuarant and she knows me well. She put June in place to keep an eye, if you are worried.”

Kim’s mind reeled. His Aunt must really trust him if she placed him as the landlord. But June being the one to keep an eye… that minx. She was like a sly fox, always budding in to get the gossip. How was she going to get Mike to be intimate with her if June was on the prowl… agh! She groaned.

“Hopefully June isn’t too watchfull.”

Mike frowned as he asked,


“Oh snap, did I say that out loud?”


“Then since this is probably a rare opportunity.” Kim said, as the wheels started to turn in her head. “June isn’t at the house, she left the country for a few weeks. Let’s continue the events of the shower.”

“Okay we… what?”

Kim stepped forward and she almost giggled. If Mike wanted to talk without being improper, he chose the wrong clothing. His boner looked like it wanted to burst out of its convines.

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