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I was walking back from work one day up the high street with the usual bombardment of flyers being flung into my face. It was always hard work fending off these people, trying to pass on their crappy advertisements about restaurants or 30% off shoes or a car wash or whatever. I managed to brush past all of them on the narrow sidewalk & make my way to my front door.

As I fished my keys out, I noticed something in my back pocket. It was one of those darn flyers. One of the sneaky buggers must have slipped it in there as I went past.

This one was different to most, & looked quite premium. The card was thick, matt black, & had clean & simple white writing in the middle’.

‘OPP INC. Amateur news presenters needed for a day. No experience required. Instant cash earnings only for first 50 to enquire.’

It had a phone number on it too.

Amateur news presenter? Interesting. Not sure what that even meant.

It turns out I had needed something on the side to earn more money. My crappy sales job wasnt going to cut it if I was to fulfil my goal of taking a year off to go travelling around Europe. This was probably a complete waste of time, but I thought what the hell. Cant hurt to try right?

So I called the number & setup an interview the following day. I mustve been one of the first 50 I guess, as I got the interview.

The next day I turned up to the office in the city for the interview. A small unassuming kinda place, but not unlike any other office really. The words OPP INC read above the doorway. I walked in.

I was immediately greeted by a well dressed man who sat down with me promptly & took me through all the specifics. Well, he wasnt that specific really. What I got out of it was that I would only need to do a few hours of work which entailed presenting the news live on air read from a teleprompter. Seemed easy enough.

The interesting thing is that they said it was presenting the news but with a twist.

They couldn’t go into details but simply said that no matter what happened, I had to keep reading the news. No matter what. Money wise, they were paying big. Like, more than I needed really, but they made it pretty clear that I would get nothing if I stopped reading out the news at any point.

They explained there would be a setup of lights I would see, like some sort of traffic light system.

A green light showing at all times meant I was doing well & on track.

An orange light was a warning I’d get if I stopped at any time.

A flashing orange light meant it was imminent id be disqualified & a red light meant that was it. No money.

A contract was put in front of me, with pages and pages of fineprint I barely read. I didn’t have anything to lose really, so why not? My pen hovered over where I was supposed to sign, and I paused for a second, before signing it.

I was all setup to go. The big day was booked in for an evening next week. All they said I needed to do was come in a suit & look respectable.

The week flew by, and before I knew it, I was in my new suit on the train into the city towards the studio they had setup there.

They had security out front who let me in straight away when I mentioned my name, and as I walked in noticed it was indeed exactly like a news room. Well, it WAS a news room. There were lights & screens, big boom microphones & cameras setup everywhere, & there was a stage with a chair behind a big desk. Where I’d be sitting presumably.

On either side of the chair were small steps too, which was strange, but I didn’t think much of it at the time.

Everything seemed to happen quite fast after that, without much being said. Someone who looked like they were coordinating things istanbul travesti rushed over, telling me I was late & looking rather annoyed.

I wasnt that late. Only 10 minutes, which is pretty good for me actually.

The coordinator told me to lift my shirt, and they clipped a device to my belt & ran the cord underneath my shirt & clipped it to my collar. Ah, the microphone.

They then rushed me to the desk & instructed me to sit down, stare straight ahead at the main camera & just read from the teleprompter when it started.

I could see people rushing about getting organised. Cameras being setup, at least 4 or 5 of them at different angles pointed right at me, with a big one in the middle & the teleprompter right next to it.

The room seemed to get darker, or the lights seemed to get brighter, or both.

I couldn’t see anyone around anymore, just the bright lights shining on me from every direction. I gulped, and started to feel really nervous all of a sudden, knowing that there were many eyes staring right at me. Possibly thousands really, as they said this was being broadcasted live.

The teleprompter had a countdown on it, which slowly started ticking down from 10.

Here we go, I thought. 9,8,7… what had I got myself into?….4,3,2,1, Action.

Words started appearing. I picked up the fake notes in front of me, tapped them on the desk like they did in the movies, and so I began:

‘Hello & welcome to the evening news.

Today a man has died after an incident involving armed police in west London.

Officers had been responding to reports of a man with a firearm entering a bank and bookmakers in Kensington before stopping a vehicle at about 15:20 GMT, the Metropolitan Police said.

An eyewitness..’

As I continued talking I didn’t even notice a guy that had rushed toward me on my right & went up the small steps.

‘..told the BBC they saw police shooting at a black Mercedes.

The force said shots were fired…’

As I read this out, a warm liquid sprayed across my face. And then another spray, and another one. I moved to the left just as I noticed a huge dick pushed forward & rubbed across my cheek. I nearly fell off my chair. There was a guy, completely naked, standing on the step. I could see cum dripping from his dick. Oh shit, I thought, that was cum. This guy came over my face! What the actual fuck!

Before I could properly comprehend what happened, another guy leapt up the steps to the left of me & I turned just in time for him to blast a big load of cum into my face. I recoiled & turned my head back around, covering my face. Cum continued to blast the back of my head & a couple of ropes sprayed the back of my hands.

I was completely stunned. Speechless.

Cum dripped down my face as I noticed an orange light was on, which then started flashing.

I slowly started to understand the situation, with the guy at the interview’s words echoing in my head ‘keep reading the news NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS’.

I knew if I stopped & left, I would get nothing. And it was a lot of money. I really needed that money.

So I kept reading the news. And the light turned green.

‘… a man sustained gunshot wounds and died at the scene. It said the incident was not being treated as terrorism.’

‘In other news, London Underground drivers have gone on strike for the third time in as many weeks after talks to resolve a Night Tube dispute were unsuccessful..’

As I read this out, another guy came up on my right & stuck his dick in my face. This time I let it happen, & kept my eyes focused on reading the news.

‘Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) members began industrial istanbul travestileri action…’

The first spray of cum shot into my open lips as I spoke, with the second firing across my nose.

‘…on the Central and Victoria lines at 20:30 GMT.

The RMT said Transport for London…’

Cum bubbled from my lips as I spoke, trying to spit it out as I didn’t want to taste it. Not that I had much choice, as the next guy stepped up on my left & stuck his big cock in my mouth as I was talking. He came immediately, and held it in my mouth as spurt after spurt of hot cum fired into the back of my throat. I had no choice but to swallow it. And to my surprise, it tasted kinda sweet. Oh my god, did I just admit that I liked the taste of another mans semen?

He pulled out, and I continued.

‘..had made a “series of errors” to impose Night Tube rosters without agreement.

TfL has branded the strikes, also planned for Saturday, “unnecessary”.

On 26 November, a 24-hour walkout..’

Another guy came up to me, then another.

As I read, two cocks were being jacked off in front of my face. Cum erupted from one, shooting straight across my face & covering my hair. This was a big load, with ropes of cum layering over my face.

The second one blasted a load while the other was still going. This one went all over my neck & across my suit. My new suit. I looked down, and cum was streaming across it. Not so new anymore.

They wiped their cocks against my face, making sure that every drop was on me. Then they walked off like the others. Where were they coming from I thought? The lights were bright & I couldn’t see further out into the darkness where they disappeared into. I wiped cum from my eye so I could read the teleprompter properly. The light turned orange, I was taking too long. So I started reading again & the light went green.

‘..caused disruption to six lines throughout the day.

A second round of industrial action took place last weekend with further walkouts expected in the run up to Christmas.’

Two more guys were on the steps now. More cum on me. Splattering my face. Covering my hair.

Two would leave, and quite quickly be replaced by another two. More dicks in my mouth. More cum down my throat.

That was when I noticed my dick was hard. In amongst all the craziness I was experiencing, I had the hardest throbbing dick sticking into my pants. Was I enjoying this? I must’ve been. I was horny as fuck. And the last two loads I took in my mouth I happily licked their cocks clean & swallowed every last drop. I WAS enjoying this. Holy shit.

‘In sports, Arsenal boosted their Champions League qualification hopes as they cruised past Southampton at Emirates Stadium despite captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being dropped from the squad..’

Two more guys stepped up & deposited their loads on either side of my forehead. Cum slowly dripped down my face. Thick streams of it were dangling off my chin.

Swinging ever so slightly side to side as I read out the news.

It was everywhere. So this is what its like to be in a bukkake. I mustve looked horrendous. Sitting there in my cum covered suit, hair & face soaked in cum in front of.. holy shit. I remembered the cameras, and that this was being filmed live. For who though??

The next two guys who leant over me next were a bit rougher than the others. One grabbed my head, turned it towards him & shoved his cock so hard into my mouth that the tip of his dick hit the back of my throat. He held it there. I tried to push off him but he held my head there even tighter. I somehow managed to breathe through my nose a little, not much as my nose was also covered in travesti istanbul cum, but just enough that I wouldn’t pass out.

His cock started pulsing, and I felt streams of cum go straight down my throat into my stomach. Pulse after pulse, he filled me up. And then he pulled out, leaving me gasping for air.

The light was orange, I couldn’t read the news as I had his dick so far down my throat. Just as I was about to start reading again the guy on the other side grabbed my head and did the same thing, only his cock was even bigger. He pushed it past my open lips and forced it all the way in, as far as it would go. I couldn’t get him all in. He was just too big. Then he started face fucking me. Hard. In and out, sliding his dick right out my mouth and then forcefully sliding it right back in. As he face fucked me, his huge balls would slap against my chin. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, over and over. I could see the orange light flashing now. Oh fuck, I was about to get kicked out. I had to do something. I tried to force myself off him but I couldn’t. He was holding my head there tight. Luckily, I felt him begin to shudder, and he immediately pulled out. Saliva poured out of my mouth as I coughed and spluttered, spraying it everywhere.

I immediately started reading the news with only seconds to spare.

‘..Stand-in skipper *cough cough* Alexandre Lacazette opened the scoring *gasping for breath* for the Gunners in the 21st minute, finishing off a superb 16-pass team move *cough*..’

As I was reading, I realised he hadnt cum yet. And thats when he did. A huge shot hit me right in the eye, and then the 2nd one got me right in the other eye, almost like he was aiming for them.

Its like they were glued shut. I blinked uncontrollably but the cum seemed to stay there. Everything was a blur, as I frantically tried to wipe it away. Trying to read the teleprompter but it was still blurry.

I managed to get some of my vision back, finally, & kept reading just as the orange light started flashing again.

‘..And Martin Odegaard doubled the lead six minutes later, heading home from close range. Arsenal dominated throughout..’

More guys. More cum. This was never ending. Dicks would be slapped against my face. Shoved in my mouth. One guy even put his dick in my suit pants & came in my pocket. Filled it almost. Who the hell does that?

I was so full. I had swallowed so much cum. But i was determined to continue on for as long as I needed. I had come this far, and I wasnt about to stop now. The prize was too great. Plus somewhere down the line I had developed a lust for another mans semen, and cock. Not sure I can call myself a heterosexual male anymore, not after this.

This carried on for a while. Who knows how long. Time seemed to stand still. And they seemed to have a neverending supply of men with cum filled cocks.

Spray after spray of cum on my face. Load after load shot into my mouth.

Until eventually, the last guy stuck his cock in my mouth, blew his load, and that was that.

The bright lights on me seemed to dim more, as the rest of the studio lit up. I could see everyone now, the camera crew, dozens of others working on sound & lighting. They all stared at me. I looked at myself, and all around me.

My suit was soaked. From top to toe.

Cum was sprayed all over the desk. Everywhere over the floor. I was a mess.

Things wrapped up pretty quickly after that. I was taken to a dressing room where I showered & was given a change of clothes. They thanked me for a job well done & told me money would be in my account within a few days, & that was that.

I stepped outside, it was morning. The sun was bright & shining on my face. Wow, I just let hundreds of men cum on me all through the night. It was a hell of an experience, and I was paid well for it too.

And with that, I walked off up the street with a smile on my face, gladly accepting every flyer that was handed out to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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