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The Monster Part 2

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2022 Charlie Flemming

Author’s Note: All Characters are over the age of 18

This story begins in 2022

Main Characters

Jack-18, 16″ cock, light brown hair, blue eyes, 6’3″ tall

Sara-Mom-36, GG-sized tits, black hair, brown eyes, fit but very tone and curvy.

Rita-Aunt-37, FF-sized tits, blonde hair, blue eyes, similarly amazing body to Sara but not quite as hot

Josephine (Jo)-sister, 18, EE-sized tits, twin to Jack, red hair, green eyes most popular girl in school

Clara-Cousin, 18, EE-sized tits, brown hair, kinda dumb but very kind

Beth Ryder-teacher, 28, FF-sized tits, redhead

Naomi Moore-38, doctor, FF-sized tits, African American

Rose (Ro)-18, DD-sized tits, Jo’s best friend and a popular girl in school, brunette hair

Week 2: I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Sunday, September 11


Early that morning, Sara had another sex dream featuring her son.

In it, she was standing in the kitchen washing the dishes. But she was naked with everything but her black pair of high heels. Jack walked into the room.

“Mom! You look gorgeous!” He shouted as he pulled his pants down and his humongous cock popped out. It was already rock hard. “Look how hard you make my dick with your sexy body!”

Sara moaned, “Oh my! You really have been getting a lot of erections lately! Maybe I should take care of that for you!”

“Please do, Mom,” Jack moaned as he rubbed his big dick against her ass, “Where do you want it Mom, pussy or asshole?”

In the dream, Sara thought about it because in the dream she’d been fucked already many times in both holes. “Pussy!” She decided after a moment.

Jack did as asked and stuck the entirety of his absolutely enormous cock into Sara’s quivering pussy, “OH I’LL NEVER GET USED TO YOUR MASSIVE COCK!” Sara moaned, “FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME SON! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!” She shouted as she felt him filling her full of his semen and she came and came again on her son’s massive dick…


Sara woke up in her bed. “FOREVER!” She cried as she came to the biggest orgasm she’d had yet. She then threw her pillow over her face to block any other moans as her body was completely wrecked by this massive orgasm. She shook, her pussy spasming, her sheets soaked in sweat and cunt juices as she began to come down from her intense cum.

“Fuck me.” Sara moaned as she threw the pillow onto the other side of the bed. It was still dark out but she knew she wasn’t going to get any more sleep that night. She got up and dreamily started changing her sheets, thinking about the dream, but, if she were being honest, she was mostly thinking about her son’s massive cock at that moment. She wasn’t pushing the thoughts from her mind either, she was too tired and still coming down from a massive orgasm. Sara took her dirty sheets and blanket down to the laundry in the basement, all the time thinking of that throbbing, veiny monster.

But there was a part of the dream she liked almost as much as her son’s dick. It was how sexy it made her feel. Sara had not had a reason to feel desirable in a very long time. Even though it was her son, she still liked to think she could be alluring to a man, especially one just like her son…

When Sara went back to her bedroom with clean sheets. She glanced at her closet. Thinking about the high-heeled shoes that she had on in the dream. Sara actually wasn’t sure if she owned them anymore.

She found them in the very back of her closet behind every other pair of shoes she owned. She smiled as she tried them on. They still fit Sara perfectly. Sara inexplicably decided that she would wear them to church. She had a dress from way back when that went with them. She found it near the back of her closet on the wrack.

It was a little tight, and her boobs pressed out of the straps a little too much and showed off too much tit-flesh. Sara was about to take it off again when her son came out of his room and saw her. His eyes went wide.

“Oh, Mom, uh, what um,” Jack swallowed trying to catch his breath. The dress not only hugged her boobs, showing off a lot of extra flesh that Sara had never shown off as far as he knew, but the dress also hugged every inch of her body. Her ass was especially shown off, “Uh, you look…different.” He stuttered out finally, his voice caught in his throat and he didn’t say anything more as he rushed into the bathroom to shower before church.

Sara bit her lip. She noticed that a tent had quickly formed ultrabet yeni giriş in her son’s pants as he stared at her body just then. She decided she would wear the dress to church after all.


Church actually wasn’t that exciting. Though Jo did comment on her mother’s dress and began wondering if this had anything to do with Jack’s constant erections around the house lately but pushed it from her mind just as she had what she caught her cousin doing. There was just no way! Jack is just such a loser and he’s her son! Jo was starting to think she just had a dirty mind.

Still, Jo noticed, just as Sara did, that Sam held a bible over his crotch to hide his still quite obvious erection throughout most of the church. Jo guessed that their mother’s outfit was affecting him. She felt slightly jealous for reasons she suppressed like all the other things happening around her lately, he’s your brother!

Jo decided to go out later with one of her usual boyfriends and she let him bang her in the back of her car. He made her cum, but her heart wasn’t in it as much as it normally was. She just kept thinking about her brother and wondering if a humongous cock like that would feel even better than that meathead’s average dick.

Monday, September 12


Rose was Jo’s best friend and the next day at lunch she noticed that Jo was being especially spacey.

“Huh?” Jo asked.

“I said how’s your brother doing?” Rose repeated.

Jo rolled her eyes, though really her brother had been on her mind since church yesterday. He was still such a loser she knew she couldn’t admit anything about that to Ro (which is what she called Rose as a nickname though it was kind of just a thing they did between each other so their names rhymed). “Who cares?” Jo said. “Jack is just…average, let’s not talk about him.”

Rose guffawed, “Trust me, Jo, your brother is far from average. I was there when he whipped his dick out.”

Jo blushed as the image of her brother’s hard cock as she’d seen in his bedroom with Clara the other day. She shook her head, “I don’t need to hear that!” she proclaimed, pretending to be more upset at her friend than she actually was at herself.

Rose laughed again, “Haha, I’m sorry. Wasn’t trying to gross you out.” A minute later she added, “Still, I might need to add your brother to my list of boy toys.”

Jo blushed even deeper and groaned as Rose laughed even harder.


At home, while the girls were at school and Rita was at work, that only left Jack and Sara back at the house.

Jack stayed up really late since he didn’t need to go to school the next day, so he didn’t wake up until about noon. The house seemed so quiet, he assumed no one else was home and came down the stairs in nothing but his boxers.

He regretted that immediately. His mother, Sara, was standing next to the dining room. She was dusting the table, but she was only wearing her swimsuit. But not her normal one-piece, this was a two-piece Jack could only remember seeing her wear before his dad died. It used to fit her fine but now it was small on her. Too small. His mouth dropped open.

His mom was leaning over towards him and her breasts were almost entirely visible except for a tiny triangle for each nipple. But her areolas peaked of each breast. Same with her V-shaped bottom, the back seemed to be swallowed by her ass crack and it looked like she wasn’t wearing anything, and he could clearly see her ass in all its glory. The front had a different issue. They would be fine, except they were so obviously wet with his mother’s pussy juice that it hung to her cunt lips and he could see every detail of his mother’s vagina.

Needless to say, Jack’s cock was rock hard right away.

Sara gasped when she saw her son. “Oh Jack, I didn’t think you’d be up yet. Sorry for my outfit, all my other clothes are being washed.” She lied, truthfully she dressed like that after her daughter and niece left for school and had been getting hornier and hornier as she waited in the dining room for her son to get up. Sara wasn’t sure what had gotten into her that morning but she also never reconsidered her decision to wear that sexy getup until her son woke up.

“Um, I need, uh, I need to go.” Jack stuttered as he ran out of the room and back into his room upstairs.

Sara bit her lip, realizing only then that she was just teasing her son now, essentially only for her own amusement. She sighed as she went back up to her own room to change into something more appropriate for a mother to wear around her son.

When Rita got home that night she reminded Sara ultrabet giriş that she needed to take Jack into the doctor’s office tomorrow since she would be at work. Rita reminded her it would be a new doctor, someone named Dr. Naomi Moore.

Tuesday, September 13


Dr. Naomi Moore had been thinking about what Rita told her a lot since they sixty-nined at her house. Mostly at just how hung this Jack was supposed to be, but Naomi had a feeling that her old friend had been exaggerating. Still, she was planning on having a little fun before she wrote up this doctor’s excuse for the young man so he could get back in school.

When she walked into the waiting room she saw Jack sitting there with his mother. She knew it was him because Rita had texted a picture to her so she would know. What she hadn’t told her was that his mother would be with him and she would be even hotter than Rita herself! Dr. Moore could feel herself getting even hornier than she already was.

“Jack, I presume,” Naomi said, “And is this your girlfriend?” She asked as she turned to Sara.

Sara blushed, and put her hand up in greeting, “I’m his mother, Sara.”

Naomi surprised both of them by kissing Sara’s hand, “Charmed.” She said, “I’m Dr. Naomi Moore. You can both call me Naomi. Could you both come back with me?”

“What? Do I need to be there?” Sara asked, worried. She already had been spending most of her time fantasizing about her son’s cock, not to mention her almost nightly wet dreams. She was also still feeling bad about teasing him yesterday and wanted to be a good mother. Sara wasn’t sure if she could keep doing that if she kept seeing her son’s penis.

“Well, your sister told me about your son’s case already,” Naomi explained, “And it sounds like it could be something very serious. Something that I think you need to be there for, just in case it turns out to be something we need to be worried about.”

Naomi saw mother and son exchange a worried glance with each other. Naomi had really only decided that Sara should be back there because she was so hot. Also, though she wouldn’t admit this to even Rita, incest turned Naomi on and if she could get this hot mother and hung son to do something together in her room, that would be the hottest thing ever!


They all went back to Rita’s office and Jack got on the examination table. He removed his pants while his mom openly stared at his flaccid penis. Jack was too embarrassed to notice this though as he was blushing and looking directly at the wall.

Naomi noticed though and thought, Jesus, I guess I’m in luck! It looks like this mother is lusting after her son! She couldn’t believe it, but when she took one look at it she then thought, and even flaccid that cock is the biggest one I’ve ever seen! Holy shit! Rita wasn’t kidding at all! In fact, she might have been underselling it even! Holy motherfucking God! This is amazing!

Naomi realized that the others were staring at her. She had been standing there ogling this massive cock for almost a full minute. “Um, sorry, I had my mind on other things.” She said as she grabbed some gloves and got on her knees in front of Jack. “Stand up,” She told him and he did. Almost as soon as she touched his shaft, his cock grew to full hardness, “Well, you obviously don’t have any problem getting an erection.”

Naomi glanced at Sara who was still gawking at her son’s cock, not seeming to notice anything else in the room. She turned back to the monster cock in front of her and started to lightly stroke it with both of her gloved hands, but not so fast that Sara could accuse her of giving her son a hand job. At least Naomi had the guise of performing an examination, “So what is this I hear about you not being able to orgasm on your own?” She asked as she looked up at Jack as he looked back down at her.

Jack gulped, this African-American doctor looked especially sexy as she stroked his cock and stared up at him. It made him think for just a second that she was beginning him for something, but was so sexually inexperienced he wasn’t sure what it could be. Still, Naomi looked very hot in that position on her knees as slowly stroked him. “Um, I can’t, uh,” he stammered, wishing he was better at talking to hot women, especially ones that were stroking his cock, he took a breath, “I can’t cum when I masturbate. I’ve tried but it, I don’t know, doesn’t build enough.” he wasn’t sure if that made sense.

“Hmm, have you had an orgasm before?” Naomi asked as she got just a little bit faster in her stroking, not wanting to raise suspicions with Jack’s mother who was sitting very close to ultrabet güvenilirmi this sexual scenario happening right in front of her.

“Yes, um,” Jack wasn’t sure if he should tell the doctor that his aunt gave him a handjob so instead he said, “It was because someone else gave it to me though.”

“Hmm,” Naomi murmured as she pretended to think about that but really she was just imagining what Jack’s cock tasted like. “Maybe I should give you an orgasm now just to make sure you can have one?” She looked to Sara who had not said anything since they came into the examination room, “Would that be alright with you Sara?”

Sara had been in her own sexual haze she only barely heard that question, “Hmm? Oh, um, yes, that would be fine.” She said, trying to shake herself out of it but it was very hard when she could see the tip of her son’s enormous cockhead leaking pre-cum all over the doctor’s hands, though in plastic gloves, it was still very hot for Sara to watch as she imagined feeling her son’s cock in her own hands. “I just want to be a good mom,” She admitted, “And if this helps my son, then I hope this helps his health.”

“You heard your mother, let’s be sure to make sure you cum and empty those balls of yours for your mother!” Naomi said excitedly as she started stroking Jack’s cock very fast. Naomi really wanted to suck it but knew that might be pushing it with Sara sitting right there. But at how much his mother was raping Jack with her eyes, Naomi was all but convinced that Sara wanted to fuck her own son!

She wanted to push this somehow. “Um, Sara,” She said to the horny mother next to her, “It might be better if you got down on the floor next to me.”

“What? Why?” Sara said, though she wanted to do that and watch her son’s giant dick get jerked from up close, she also knew that if she did that she’d be slipping one step closer to teasing her son again. She didn’t want to be mean to Jack, most importantly.

“Well, if this is something serious, you’ll need to see what it is.” Naomi explained, “I’m already certain your son is suffering from ‘Penile Giganticism’ but the fact that he can’t cum on his own is something particularly uncommon with that condition.” Sara got down next to her and got close enough to her son’s cock Naomi was half certain that she was about to lean in and start sucking it but she didn’t Sara just sat there on her knees and watched with a horny expression as this doctor stroked her son’s cock merely inches from her.

Jack had been trying to hold his load. But then he looked down and saw the expression on his mother’s perfect face. She was obviously horny, even though he didn’t know anything about sex, he could tell his mother was lusting after him at that moment. The thought was too much for him and he groaned as his balls tightened.

His sperm rushed out his cock and hit both his mother and Naomi’s tits, though they were both in their clothes.

As soon as the cum hit her, Sara began to orgasm herself. “OH NO!” She shouted but as she came she leaned in and her son proceeded to cum several times all over her face, “FUCK! NO! YES! NO! FUCK!” Sara shouted as she came and her son gave her the first cum facial she’d ever received in her life.

She fell back on the ground. Sara felt some of her son’s cum leak into her panting mouth and she tasted it. Sara never liked the taste of her husband’s cum but this was somehow the most delicious thing she thought she’d ever tasted. She quickly licked the cum from her lips and swallowed it down. Sara probably would have proceeded to eat all the cum off her face if she hadn’t remembered at that instant that she was still in the doctor’s office with her son and the doctor, who was essentially a stranger at that point.

Naomi handed Sara a towel, and she cleaned the cum off herself as Jack puts his pants back on and practically ran out of the office and into the car. She also handed Sara the doctor’s note he needed and told her, “And I expect to see you here again next week. Tuesday.”

Sara nodded, too embarrassed to speak as she left the office.


The car ride home was almost completely silent until they pulled into the driveway and Jack said, “Sorry, I really am. Mom.” He said.

“It’s okay,” Sara sighed, “I’m sorry too. I guess,” She bit her lip, “Look, you have something wrong with you, I mean that in the best possible way, Jack,” She sighed again, “I just want what’s best for you, son, and I hope you don’t think any less of me after what happened in the office today.”

Jack grinned comfortingly, “Of course not, I think your the best mom in the whole world. I’ll always think that. No matter what.”

Sara was really happy to hear that. She took a shower because her face still felt like there was some cum on it, but then she and her son watched some movies on the couch until the girls got home from school and it felt like things were back to normal between them once again.

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