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Daichi had put such thoughts from his mind whenever they arose in him; that the house had become a burden and that it was far too big for him, even if its location on the outskirts of Kyoto left him and his family, or visitors, in an enviable location. They could soon be in the surrounding countryside and away from the traffic fumes, the noise and the crowds, the mayhem of city life that so many had no choice but to endure these days.

Apart from its size, the house was now overlooked by a garishly designed apartment building that cast a shadow over the garden at certain times of the day. It lessened the pleasure to be found from the early morning sunlight. Its bulk made him feel closed in and aroused a sense of being oppressed by the sheer pressure of humanity that the quiet of the property’s carefully appointed, and sound-roofed, interior sought to dispel. There was always the heavy scent of candles to be found on the air.

Daichi had considered the idea, that he move out and into a smaller place, but he had resisted all suggestions that he do so. Even the suggestions of concerned friends who said that a care home was the place for him to be had not broken his resolve to stay and not to cut loose from the draining effects of living by himself.

The solution was only too simple.

He would concede to different pressure and to the drip-drip of his son. Jomei’s request that he move in, along with his pretty young wife, Aiki, would offer him company and, in time, they could bring up their own family here. He would be taken care of, and in only too familiar surroundings that continued to stir memories of his younger days.

But, in that lay a problem, for his son’s young wife, Aiki. In two years of marriage, she had failed to conceive and, so, he had not felt the urgency to concede to any request that he move out or that they should move in with him.

But the day finally dawned when he had done so, and he had chosen to admit that company, and the sounds of other voices and of laughter, would bring the house back to the vibrant life that he missed. A start in that process, or changed ways, of living had to be made.

He had always taken care of himself since his wife died some ten years ago, and long before they could have enjoyed his retirement together. He wasn’t lost for company. Being a member of a local tennis club, with its hot baths and games rooms, brought him associations with men and women alike; the occasional uncomplicated trysts with favoured ‘younger’ women meeting his needs. He had woken some nights and known that the only cure for loneliness was to sleep with a few favoured women, no more than three, and in an only too accommodating rota…as far as he was concerned. The women had conceded to the idea that conventional behaviour only heightened their loneliness too. He was uncommonly pleased that they, like him, believed that some rules could now be broken. They could discover pleasure but not be unduly bound to each other.

‘Oh, what a modern arrangement we can now live by,’ Daichi would often tell himself.

Daichi was the perfect and discreet lover of them all, and he made studious efforts not to be seen in their company when another might be met. He was a distraction for them, and they met his raging needs. They even loved his passionate and selfish ways of it when in their beds, or on the mats of their small apartment’s day room.

He was still in good shape for a man of sixty, his closely cropped greying hair lending his slender, hollow-cheeked, face and body the appearance of a man not eager to concede, too easily, to the ravages of the passing years. He shaved and bathed every day; he ate sparingly, and he exercised regularly. So, it was pleasing to often hear that he defied the ravages of aging.

No, a care home was not to be the answer, but Aiki with her caring ways, and soft tread, would be an ever-present guardian of him and a dutiful carer and respectful companion, when she was not at work in the very care home that Jomei had tried to persuade him to go to.

The pretty young woman was strong in her opinions, not deferential to him. That did not mean any lack of respect. Aiki had chosen for them to live as equals, as far as Japanese ways of it, and society, ever allowed such a thing to prevail between elders and the young in a family.

‘What’s the point of me hiding away in same care home?’ he would argue with both of them, but with his son in particular, whenever the subject of him selling up had been raised. He had finally put those moments of discord between them ‘to bed’.

His other children, a son and daughter, lived far away and rarely visited. So, he loved to have their youthful company; felt that it would only serve to keep him young too. He could also look on the winsome figure, her gloriously smooth pale skin, and soft smiles of Aiki. He would take to wondering how such a lovely young creature, with her full breasts shaped by what she often wore, could not bring to Jomei what she so clearly bonus veren siteler sought; a son or daughter.

It perplexed him.

It also engaged his attention on Aiki more and more, wrong as it was to do that and destructive eve that he should discover moments, when alone with her in the house, that he lusted after her young body. It was then that he contrasted it with those of the women he still took to bed, and he took to wondering what would delight him and that filled the discreet blouses that Aiki always wore. There would be a fastening at her throat and their hems sometimes riding up over her slacks to reveal a slender hipped body and the gentle swell to her belly. He did not miss how her firm breasts pushed at the fabric of Aiki’s blouse and the hint of nipples to be found there underneath the fabric.

Unknown to her she plagued him with her youthful beauty. The sight of his son’s wife aroused aberrant longings for her. It was then that days would pass when he had to be away and out of the house; to seek the attentions of one of his lady friends and to claim them and to hear them clamour for more from him as he found them; as his longing for someone else reached him in drugging waves. Only with others could he snuff out of the flare of yearning for someone so much younger; someone whom others would regard as a delicious but forbidden fruit; a delight that should never be tasted and least of all by him, a father-in-law; a man of some means and with an unblemished reputation.

Every man had his flaws of character. He was plagued by an unrequited longing for his son’s wife, Aiki. She who lived under the same roof, but who would never share his bed.


‘You don’t have to help me with this work,’ he told her, as Aiki sought him in a favourite corner of the garden that he cherished. ‘I don’t help with the cooking…or much of the house work. I know that I should…but you take care of me so well.’

‘No, you don’t have to do any of that,’ Aiki laughed softly, brushing away stray strands of black silken hair from her face, a soft smile on her lightly glossed pink lips. She loved these easy- going ways between them and the attention that he paid to her. It confounded tradition and that so many of her friends were known to follow. ‘We each have our parts to play in our life together here…Daichi.’ She looked at him, wondered how he would react to a moment’s over-familiarity.

‘You won’t even let me do my own laundry. We do not have any secrets now…’

‘Should we have those…secrets?’ she asked, but not looking at him.

Aiki clutched a broom and swept the path purposefully, making sure the debris did not go back into the beds that he had so carefully tended, their gravelled surfaces raked over and smoothed and the lines from the rake’s tines, which he used, clear upon them and forming patterns. Neatly clipped, stunted, trees dotted the surface, a small shrine standing in a shaded corner and the soft tinkling of music tubes to be heard on the breeze.

‘No…I guess not,’ he told her. Daichi moved to stand by Aiki’s side. ‘I hope…I hope that you do not feel obliged to me…to make me a grandfather? Such concern makes it no easier for you,’ he said gently. ‘You must let nature take its course. Try not to be anxious…it will be right for you in the end.’

She heard the concern for her in his voice and looked at him. There were times when she felt so close to him and could reveal what was at work in her.

‘No, I do not feel that…any pressure, but something is missing. I…I have friends, as Jomei does, who would do anything to bear a child…anything.’

It was the first time she had confided in him on a matter of such delicacy, the words carefully chosen and how they were spoken suggesting that she had more to say.

‘But you’re not like that?’ he prompted, delighting in her as she moved and began to sweep the path once more, Aiki’s hair swaying and brushing her cheeks.

He looked away. It would not do to have her know how he felt on looking at the gentle tumble of her breasts under her blouse as she leant forward, or how he delighted in the silken smoothness of her pale skin with the sleeves of her blouse pulled up to reveal the delicate bones of her wrists and arms. She possessed an almost elfin fragility in her young, and yet, womanly body.

Aiki stopped and again looked his way. She took in the soft, wondering glances of his dark, stilled eyes upon her and she hesitated in what she wanted to say in answer to his question. It would be wrong to give voice to all that prevailed in her thoughts whenever she was alone with him, a man with his undoubted physical needs that he sought to satisfy with others. They were needs aroused when…when she was in the house alone with him and the months passed and her body told her the same, destructive, story. Aiki stepped closer, so close that her breaths could be felt on Daichi’s face when she spoke.

‘Tell me…you lovely young woman,’ Daichi murmured, bedava bahis beguiled by Aiki’s ways, her scent just to be breathed in, discreet but enslaving him.

‘It is difficult to speak of it…or to ask it…that you help me,’ she answered, softly, and on a stilled look of her eyes upon him. She looked at a man, a relation by marriage only, and a man dressed in denim slacks and shirt; a man with an obvious vigour in his body and a man with a mute but known interest…in her.

‘Ask that…like me…you want us to lie together?’

Her eyes widened in amazement at his direct ways of speaking out, and the studiously polite language Daichi had used.

‘Yes, wrong as it is to do that…it is that way for me too,’ she smiled at him on touching Daiki’s face, wonderingly, and gave him a tender look. ‘If you had asked me, some months ago when I first came to live here, I may not have agreed…thought it to be so wrong. But…I have my dreams, my hopes, and deepest wishes. Also, I have my needs. If…if I agreed, you would not have to look for that at the club you go to…and the women you meet there. People talk…I hear them even if they think I cannot do that. But I do not like to hear what they say about you…about a man I too care for.’

‘Perhaps that is so, but not all the time. You have your own life to live without being concerned about mine.’

‘But I am concerned…for you and what happens to me.’

She met again a gentle touch to her face; offered no resistance to the slow caress of his fingers to the front of her blouse. She shivered out of longing for what they had spoken of and that his touches aroused in her. She did not keep from raising her face and to soon meet his soft, exploratory kisses to her mouth.

‘You…you would be good to me…if…if I lie with you, Daichi…my patient love.’

‘And I might make it happen for you…’ he murmured and embracing Aiki to him. ‘Is…is that what you think and want from me?’

She felt Daichi’s hands against her belly; she clamped her own to the evident swell in the front of his trousers. ‘I make a fantasy come true for you, and I take a man who may help my dream become real. Is that it?’

He could only admire her.

Daichi nodded. He was surprised by her direct ways of it with him now and of speaking out the truth on what played out in each of their lives together. She lived under the same roof as him and they each possessed by an unrequited hunger, he for the young woman that she was and she for what he could bring and set a dream free..

Aiki went on.

‘I would always be near you…if it happened in that way. You have been discreet…have not bothered me with your feelings or needs…but…but I have known of them. I have seen it in your eyes when we are alone. I have respect for you and your restraint.’

‘Forgive me…I have… I had…no right to intrude.’

‘I…I don’t need to forgive you. I look on what you show me as a sign…that you can bring something to me and my body that I need. It can be nothing more than an arrangement between us,’ she ventured before moving away. But Aiki looked over her shoulder at him. ‘Come…come to me, now…lie with me, please, Daichi?’

He stopped her once they were in the house, and they could share in deepening kisses of avowal of what would soon pass between them; their deep open-mouthed kisses and the slip and suck on tongues and lips unhindered now by any convention that they had sought to live by and that frustrated them in equal measure.

‘There have been times that I had to get out of the house,’ he murmured against her lips, feeling Aiki press against him. His fingertips now brushed the sides of her breasts in slow caresses, each touch bringing soft sighs of her breath to his lips, the tightening of her embrace upon him.

‘You can be with me, now…and whenever you need me…I…we…we will all arrange life here as it might have to be from now on.’

There had been nights when she had lain awake, beside Jomei, and had thought of the possibilities…of ‘lying with him’ as Daichi had so delicately asked of her. She had been constrained in letting go when Jomei claimed her. She thought the sounds of them would reach another man in the house. To have learnt of his visits to other women had served only to confirm that he was still to be thought of as a lusty and vigorous man and that, in spite of their relationship, she would learn and teach him a thing or two when they were naked and in each other’s arms.

She felt his restraining hands upon her. She clasped them as they tore at her blouse and heard the gasp of delight as his hands cupped her full, perfectly formed breasts; how their soft droop delighted him before he offered nipping pinches to their tips. He sent shivers of longing course through her body and aroused an ache in her belly and a quickening of her heart beats.

Naked, they fell into each other’s arms before any more words could be spoken; words of encouragement, or in deneme bonus response to the raging claims that they again made upon each other.

For a few moments, Aiki just stood there, shaking her head and smiling. She posed for him in her nakedness and revealing all of her young body; her unshaven black-haired bush and her sleek thighs; her pale skinned breasts with their brown nipples stark against them.

She was small compared to his bulk and trembled at what she saw he would bring to her and that she now craved to know of…in her…to take deep into her body.

Aiki moved towards him, still smiling and with keen anticipation in her eyes. When she was close enough he slipped his arms around her waist, pulled her close and their lips met. Daichi had not performed or shared in the deep open-mouthed kisses with the women he tamped, they considering it too much fakery, when all that they sought was a frenetic and short-lived union of their bodies. Deep kisses, as they now shared, was a symptom of so much more that their touches now aroused.

‘That…that feels so good!’ she gasped on tearing her lips from his mouth and after she had felt his tongue probe rhythmically and so very deep inside her throat, and the exchanges of sucking kisses to tongues and lips.

As they continued to kiss he fondled her breasts, and she slid her hand down to feel his big hard cock. She knew enough, with Jomei, to understand that brazen acts upon a man excited him still further.

‘Oh, you darling man…that feels so good…you feel so good and strong that I have to touch and kiss you there,’ she whispered hoarsely, looking down and grasping him. She soon offered sliding caresses to his trembling length and tip.

‘Taste me…taste me,’ he coaxed, pushing Aiki down onto her knees.

She slipped her hands down his body as she went down on him; paused for only a tantalising moment to look up at him before taking to it, clamping a thumb and finger around the base before she worked on him with her mouth, slipping her tongue and hands over him and cupping his tightening sac.

‘Not for long!’ he gasped out at her brazen behaviour, and the pleasure that she so expertly bestowed upon him. Aiki knew, only too well, how to suck a dick and for maximum effect.

He quelled the urge to expel all that he had into her mouth, tugged on her hair to draw her face and mouth from him before he bend down to offer a long kiss as he sought to raise her to him. He wanted to carry her to his bed and there to take his own delight in her body and to feel Aiki’s hands in his hair and her parted legs over his shoulders; to feel the warmth of her pale-skinned thighs as he prepared to taste her in deep hungering kisses and sucks, the flicker of his tongue into that young body.

At first, he just ran his tongue over her bush a few times and then, parting the lips with his fingers, he began to lick up and down her delicate sensitive folds of skin. He progressed slowly, wonderingly, and; delighted in her and that she had consented to be with him. He then increased the tempo of sucking and licking claims until he was tracing up and down, offered fluttering kisses and touches, sucks and licks upon her skin like a Hummingbird’s weightless wings. Aiki groaned, moaned and whimpered in pleasure and the rush of longing.

‘Oh…Daichi…Daichi! That is so good! That is so good.’

He had resumed his touches and caresses with his fingers, had then teased and poked and changed in his ways, sucking and licking her clit from bottom to top, over and over again. When he managed to free one of his hands he put his finger in the bottom of her slit and pulled it gently as if to stretch it. Aiki called out his name on a scream, unable to control her reaction to these unknown claims upon her body; the abject pleasure that he had aroused so quickly and certainly.

‘Oh, my lover! Oh, my lover!’ she cried out. ‘I’m breaking…coming, Daichi! I’m coming…bring it to me!’ she yelled, bucking her hips to meet each and every seducing touch; her movements making the bed slam against the wall. ‘Stick it in me, Daichi!’ she pleaded, still trembling, her fevered clasps on his shoulders drawing him up and to her.

‘Now…you wonder?’

She met his smile and knew how her words of encouragement confounded him. All modesty had been forsaken and no deference shown to him. She sought to share in the act of knowing each other and she had no intention of being used simply for his pleasure.

‘Mine…you’re mine now,’ he kissed, opening her to his presence and slowly thrusting into her body, the tingle of her rough hair against his belly. Daichi moved slowly, purposefully, sinuously as she opened the way to him.

‘Yes…bring it all to me…push…push…I don’t care! Push! I want to feel you so deep inside me!’

Daichi just pressed his hands to her thighs and positioned himself between them before he plunged in again…rammed and withdrew…pushed in and moved without concern for her and the frenzied plumbing of her young body, the soft gasps of pleasure and wanton abandon on the air as he claimed her.

‘You…you are beautiful woman! I’m lost now…lost in you!’ He crashed against her, ignored Aiki’s calls, his movements only too energetic and purposeful.

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