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“And the winner of the drawing for a $500 voucher for a professional massage at the spa of his choice is….Curtis Aames!”

Curtis won the voucher at a work function as part of a raffle. For a $5.00 ticket he figured why not!

He’d never had a professional massage before, so he was curious to see what people who get one regularly rave about.

Not having a clue about which local spa was a good one, he read reviews and picked one that had the most stars. Why not go high end for his first time?

He didn’t have any plans on a Saturday morning so he had made an appointment earlier in the week.

While on the phone with the receptionist, she seemed to ask some strange questions.

“Height, weight, age, amount of body hair, including pubic region?”

He thought “What the…?”

He asked why that was relevant and was told, “Mr. Aames, our masseuses choose their clients, not the other way around. Our masseuses only work with clients they approve. Our screening process is very thorough. You may still not be approved, plus we’ll need a recent headshot and full body picture in your underwear. Oh and please smile for both photos.”

He started to get the idea he was being set up to visit one of those “happy ending” places where you get a hand job. He was not interested if that was the case.

“Yeah, uh, excuse me miss but is this one of those “happy ending” type of outfits? If so I’m not interested and will cancel the appointment and re-gift my voucher.”

She sighed, sounding annoyed, “Mr. Aames, our establishment is completely above board. We offer no such services. Our masseuses are highly valued, highly trained, very well paid and have earned the right to be choosy with their clientele. Any more questions?”

“Um, well, no. Not at the moment.”

“And your answers to my questions, please?”

“Oh right, 5′ 6″, 180 lb, 55, light body hair on upper chest, forearms, calves and thighs. Pubic area is shaved.”

He could hear her typing the info as he gave it to her.

As if his answers were nothing unusual, she merely said, “Thank you.”

“Mr. Aames, you will receive an email penciling you in for your requested day/time. When you receive that email you’ll need to reply with the requested photos.”

Later that day he got the email, took a headshot selfie and a full body selfie in his underwear as requested, and attached them to his reply.

2 days later his phone rang, it was the spa.

“Mr. Aames, you have been approved for your requested day/time. You will receive another email 24hrs before your appointment with further instructions.”

What he didn’t know is that a few hours after he submitted his photos, they were sent to the head of their approvals, a woman named Amy.

Her job was to view the pictures and applications, approve/deny and assign a masseuse. She herself was not a masseuse though.

She was a very attractive woman, though she scoffed at such compliments.

She was a knockout really. Beautiful long blonde hair, green eyes and a smile that lights a room.

When it came to men, she’d had her share in the past but as she got older she longed for someone who wanted to know her from the inside out.

She had a fire inside, waiting for the right man to sweep her off her feet.

She came across Curtis’ file. She opened the pictures and had something happen she was not expecting. She felt a stirring in her tummy.

She had no idea why or how that happened, but she didn’t fight it. She studied his pictures in detail. She thought he had a nice smile. And for a guy his age, he seemed to be in good shape.

In a flush of embarrassment if she’d been caught, she zoomed in the full body picture, to see his crotch better. Was that an outline of his dick head she was seeing? She wiggled in her seat a bit.

Zooming in only gave her so much info but there’s no denying that’s what it was. Did he do that on purpose? Or was the ridge of the head of his cock so well defined it was clearly visible?

Right there in her office, she felt the tinglings of being aroused. This was something that had never happened in all the clients she’d reviewed.


She knew right then she had to have him. She would be his masseuse that day.

“Hey Janet can you come in here please?”

“Yes Amy?”

“This client here, Mr. Aames. I want you to book me as his masseuse.”

“OK but Amy…”

“Nope. No questions, just please do it.”

“Yes ma’am OK. I’m on it.”

That night she took her laptop home and had his pictures all to herself. She imagined seeing that cock head. Was the rest of his dick as nice as she was imagining right now? What about his balls? Were they saggy? She didn’t like saggy balls. How big around was that dick? How long was it? What was his voice like?

A thought just occurred to her and she grabbed her phone to text Janet, “Janet, please inform Mr. Aames he will need to shave his genital area. You can tell him it’s for cleanliness purposes, for our towels and whatever. Thanks!”

Back eryaman orospu numaraları to studying his pictures. She loved the shape of his mouth and wondered if he would be a good kisser. He didn’t have body hair all over the place like a gorilla. She’d seen pics submitted by potential clients like that. She would grimace and click the “denied” button.

She slipped her hand inside her panties and rubbed the smooth skin of her completely shaved pussy. She imagined his hands doing that and her breath caught in her throat as she gasped.

She brought her fingers up to her mouth and sucked them, getting them really wet. She slipped her hand back between her legs and opened her pussy lips and rubbed up and down from her pussy hole to her clit. She was gazing at his pictures and nearly had an orgasm on the spot.

She imagined touching him everywhere. Scratching his back, running her nails over his chest, his legs and through his hair.

She’d masturbated quite a bit in her life, and never nearly came so quick. She didn’t come, but only a few strokes of her clit and within a literal minute she was writhing and clamping her legs shut as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her. She had her eyes shut tight as she said his name, “Oh Curtis…fuck Curtis I’m coming for you Curtis…who ever you are Curtis I want you I need you to be mine!”

She was spent and passed out. She dreamt of this complete stranger she only knew from pictures.

Curtis received the email 24hrs before his appointment, as expected:

“Mr. Aames, please be sure the following conditions are met prior to arriving:

Shave your entire genital area, preferably the morning of your appointment

Clean hair

Wear deodorant

Body spray/cologne is acceptable but don’t over do it

Brush teeth/mouthwash

Finger and toe nails trimmed and filed

Once you arrive at our spa you will be given further instructions.

We appreciate your business”

He wasn’t sure what to think about the shaving his cock/balls thing really. He had always done that, but it did seem strange for them to require that for a place that was “completely above board.” Hmmm….

He thought maybe the masseuses just wanted a clean customer so they weren’t grossed out. Who knows.

The morning of his appointment, he did as instructed per the email. He headed to the spa for this new experience.

Upon arriving, the receptionist, Janet, was not subtle in eyeing him up and down a few times. Very judgemental in fact.

She had to see why Amy was personally requesting this client. She didn’t see the attraction or whatever it was. She thought he was nice and obviously complied with their requirements, but he wasn’t someone she would have noticed in public.

She handed him a little duffle bag that had towels, slippers and a robe. He was told to go ahead into the massage room, undress and put on the robe with nothing underneath.

She reminded him of the receptionist from Ghost Busters, the way she eyed him up and down over the top of her glasses.

He hoped his masseuse wasn’t so blatantly judgemental.

He walked into the room and it was dimly lit, with 6 or so candles already lit and some soft music playing in the background. It was already a very relaxing environment.

There was also a scent in the air he couldn’t place. It wasn’t like an essential oil or anything like that. It smelled like a woman’s perfume to be honest. It was so soft, very sensual and feminine. He really liked it.

Whatever it was, it was having an aphrodisiac effect on him.

He took off his clothes, put the robe on and sat on the massage table and played with his phone to pass the time.

The table seemed to be pretty wide. Two people could lay side by side with plenty of room. Maybe for a couples massage?

He did notice a “regular” width table on the other side of the room and wondered why this one was in place for his massage.

A few minutes later the door opened and in walked a woman wearing what he would consider scrubs, like a nurse but with sandals on. Her scrubs were pink.

His first impression was “Holy shit no way. Is she my masseuse? Are you serious right now?”

Despite the dim lights, he could tell she was a very attractive woman, in his age range. She had beautiful long blond hair all on one side, with this little braided ponytail on the other with some sort of little gold doodad on the end of it, and a walk that showed she knew what she wanted.

She exuded sexuality and confidence in abundance. He was internally embarrassed as he caught himself staring and felt a strange tingling in his stomach.

He felt an instant attraction to her, but figured a woman like her was most likely taken in some manner. Husband, boyfriend, long term date, etc.

His hopes that she was his masseuse were instantly dashed when she all but ignored him and walked to a desk and grabbed a tablet, looking at it with her back to him.

He thought, “Well, damn. Maybe she’s for another client ankara escort and just getting the tablet to take to another massage room?”

A few seconds later she turned around and walked toward him.

She smiled a somewhat nervous smile and offered him her hand, “Hi Mr. Aames I’m Amy and I’ll be your masseuse today. I trust you found everything to your liking so far? I’m sorry if that seemed a little rude just then, I had to update a file for another client.”

She wanted to be upfront and asked him, “Mr. Aames, did you shower this morning? Would you care to take one before we get started?”

What she was actually doing was checking the calendar for any other appointments that day. What she had planned for him, what she was going to be doing with and to him, she didn’t want anyone else in the building.

She was also disabling the security camera in the room. She didn’t need to be monitored today nor did she need an audience.

She seemed a bit nervous though. Even shy, which surprised him.

“Hi Amy, you can call me Curt. Or Curtis, I have no preference. And yes, your spa is really nice, although it’s my first time at one.” He laughed nervously and said, “Sure, I’ll take a shower, no problem!”

She showed him to the bathroom and where soaps were.

He took a hot shower, dried off and came back to her wearing the robe.

She flashed him a seemingly more confident smile that made him absolutely melt. He noticed how the top of her nose crinkled when she smiled which he found to be really cute.


And her voice? Drop dead sexy. She could read the alphabet and turn him on.

Who was this woman that instantly took control over him? He was very anxious at the thought of her massaging him.

She wheeled a stool over and sat in front of him as he sat on the massage table with his legs hanging.

Her stool height put her shoulders about even with his waist, since the massage table sits higher than a normal table.

She flipped her little ponytail to the side, making sure it hung down the side of her face.

She held a tablet as she spoke, “So I trust you were OK with our requirements prior to your appointment today?”

He nervously replied and smiled, “Uh yes. I think I’m in compliance.”

Though to himself, he thought, “How about I open this robe and spread my legs so you can verify?” The mere thought of doing that actually caused blood to start to flow between his legs.

She smiled and thanked him as she updated his file on the tablet.

“Are you wearing any cologne or body spray? The reason I ask is there’s a small chance there could be an interaction with some of our oils.”

“No. I didn’t use any today.”

“OK so no concerns there. And all nails trimmed and filed?”

He held his hands out, palms down to show her, “Yep trimmed and filed smooth.”

She liked his hands and a quick flush of red hit her when she instantly imagined those hands all over her. Groping, squeezing and grabbing her everywhere.

She leaned forward to see, “Yep, looks good.” When she leaned forward she got even closer to him. He felt that queasiness in his stomach again as he noticed some cleavage.

“Any medical conditions or medications I need to be aware of?”

“No health conditions. What medications would you need to know about?”

“Anything related to the heart or muscular system like blood thinners or muscle relaxers.”

“Oh. No. None of those.”

“OK, great. Just a few more questions and we can get started. Any areas I should avoid? While a massage is supposed to feel good and relax you, are there any areas of your body that might hurt if pressure is applied. Curtis I want this to be as pleasurable as possible for you.

Today I’m gonna help you feel physical pleasure in all aspects. I’m also going to please your mind as well.”

He liked the sound of that! “No, I have no areas you need to avoid.”

Trying to ease his nervousness he smiled and said, “I’m looking forward to being your ideal client. Feel free to give me whatever you can dish out.”

She gave him a huge smile at that and thought to herself, “Boy if you had the slightest clue what’s gonna happen in here today!”

She decided to thinly veil her true intentions and asked, “OK last question Curtis.”

She put the tablet down and looked at him as she twirled that little ponytail, “Curtis do you have a wife, girlfriend or steady date you’re committed to?”

He wasn’t sure of the relevance of her question but told her, “No. Just me.”

Internally she jumped for joy.

Externally she said, “OK sounds good. I ask in case there’s any emergency situations that might occur. Can’t be too safe!”

With that she leaned forward again and slid both hands well above the hem of his robe, about mid thigh actually, gave him a wink and said, “Curtis I’m going to make sure you have a wonderful time today. I know I will.”

If he died right then and there, he would have died a happy man!

As she pulled her hands away, she made elvankent escort sure to slide along his inner thigh.

That definitely caused a stir in his groin, making him almost audibly gasp.

She stood up and moved the stool out of the way.

She acted like she was updating the tablet and told him, “OK Curtis you can disrobe, lie face down on the table and cover your butt with the towel from your bag Janet gave you. Sound good?”

She had no intention of turning around unless he asked her to.

“Oh, OK, got it.” Thinking this was just normal for a professional massage, he nervously untied the robe, now completely naked mere feet from a complete stranger. A stranger who seemed to have a power over him like he’d never experienced.

As she acted like she was distracted with the tablet, she bit her lower lip as she repeatedly glanced up at him as he took off his robe.

She really liked what she saw and couldn’t wait to get naked with him.

Of course she noticed his dick since that was the primary reason she didn’t turn around.

She could tell her hands on his thighs had definitely aroused him as she fantasized about wrapping her lips around it.

“Patience girl,” she told herself. “You’ll have him soon enough. Play it cool, don’t scare him off.”

He got on the table, face down and put the towel over his rear end as instructed. “OK I’m ready.”

She acted like she was wrapping up whatever it was he thought she was doing and said, “Good. I’m going to wheel a cart over here that will have my oils and stones. Is the music OK? Is the genre OK with you? I can change it to whatever you want.

How about the lighting? I can make it brighter or dimmer, up to you.”

“Oh it’s OK, but I’m more inclined to 90s country. Can you make the lighting a bit brighter?” He wanted to be able to see her better.

Her heart leaped. She loved 90s country and was all too happy to comply, “Alexa play 90s country. Alexa put the lights at 50%.”

She wheeled the cart over and got next to him as she prepared to get started. It was then that he noticed that scent again. It was her. It was her perfume he’d smelled when he came in. He felt his mind whirl, nearly intoxicating him.

He felt that queasy feeling again. She was so pretty, so feminine and so very sexy. Could a woman like her ever be interested in him? So many questions he had and sadly admitted he’d most likely never find out.

He was just a client. She’s being nice because it’s part of her job.

“OK Curtis, these oils will be warm but not hot.” She started at his feet and rubbed up toward the upper portion of the back of his thigh.

As she rubbed and kneaded, she asked him how his week was, just small talk he was sure she did with all clients. Only he obviously didn’t know he was her one and only client.

“It was stressful but I’m used to it.”

“Oh? What do you do?”

“I’ll spare you the boring part, but basically I sit behind 3 computer screens all day and sometimes work at night too.”

He wasn’t sure how to proceed with small talk with a woman so beautiful in such an intimate setting but he figured he had nothing to lose.

“So how about you? You get a lot of clients on a daily or weekly basis?”

“Well sort of I guess.” She was glad he couldn’t see her blushing. “I don’t get a whole lot to be honest.”

“Well that’s messed up. I think you’re doing great, although I don’t have any frame of reference since this is my first time.”

“Let’s just say I’m very choosy about my clients Curtis.” She smiled as she continued to massage his feet, calves and hamstrings.

Her hands felt incredible on him. He’d never experienced such sensations in his life.

She would barely go above the towel line hoping to get a feel of his ass. She really wanted to take his towel off and see him naked.

He figured this was a normal thing, making sure the full length of the hamstrings were massaged.

“Curtis I’m going to start on your back, arms and shoulders now. Please excuse me if I’m in any uncomfortable positions and understand that I’ll need to work around you to get to all areas I want to rub. I mean areas that need attention, is that OK?”

“Yep you’re the boss.”

She smiled that smile that could have lit the room.

She made a point to run her finger from his wrist, all along the length of his arm and his shoulder as she walked past him.

She positioned herself at his head and leaned over to start working.

Her scent was indescribable. Pure eroticism.

She scratched his back with both hands and all 10 fingernails, up and down several times.

She asked, “This feel good honey…sorry I mean does this feel good Curtis?”

He moaned loud enough for her to hear.

“Amy I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible that feels. Your hands are amazing. So soft and warm.”

She smiled, taking pride in knowing he enjoyed her touch.

He was by no means an expert at small talk, or even having a general conversation with a woman to be honest. But he desperately wanted to keep talking to her, if for no other reason than to hear her voice.

He asked her, “Can I hire you as my personal private masseuse?”

She grinned and said, “I think I can make an arrangement for that,” and left it at that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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