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I didn’t plan any of this, I swear. Well it started with me I’m Yvonne, pleased to meet you, just doing the ironing on a Sunday afternoon. I’d put it off and now I had this mountain to get through and I was just in the middle of one of my daughter’s skirts (her? Queen of the Scorch Mark? No, safer I did it)when my nineteen year old son Dean came out from his bedroom.

I looked up and smiled at him thinking what a handsome young man he was turning into. He gave me a smile but he was on some sort of mission. Well men always are, aren’t they, bless ’em.

“Um Mom,” he started.

“Yeah Hon?”

“Um you know my project?”

The one for the photography Diploma I had paid fifteen hundred dollars for him to enroll in? That one? The one he wasn’t doing very well in because I’d looked on the page when he had left it open on his lap top? That one? Yes, knew it well.

‘Oh, um yes I think so,” I lied.

“Well my model has cancelled on me and…”


“Oh her boy friend decided he wasn’t really comfortable with her posing so she says he won’t let her do it.”

I had a quiet chuckle to myself, Mary’s boyfriend was a blob while my son was now quite the hunk, yeah, wise move buddy I thought feeling it was another victory for our bloodlines.

“So you need another model, huh? So when is the assignment due in, a few weeks I guess?”


“Monday? Which Monday?”

“Tomorrow Monday,” he looked away as he said it.

“Tomorrow? The little Madam cancelled the day before the assignment was due? She strung you along all this time and now she cancels? That’s unbe-“

“No,” he interrupted ,sounding so embarrassed,” she cancelled, um two weeks ago.”

“Oh honey! Why didn’t you say something, we could have got another girl to model, its only bikini shots isn’t it?”

“Well, sort of,” he replied and looked away again.

“How exactly is it sort of,” I asked, knowing he was hiding something from his dear old Mom.

“Well it sort of went to bikini but kind of on from there.”

He was looking away now and his profile so reminded me of his uncle, my older brother who I had finally gotten to fuck when I was twenty five.

We were both silent when he finally spoke,

‘I don’t suppose there’s any chance that you might, you know…”

“Oh honey if I had a decent body sure but look,” and I waved him over. He came to stand by me and I lifted my tee shirt and pulled up my bra.

“Look, see here?” and I pointed to the crease under my boobs, “see the wrinkles and here” I pointed to the sag in my breasts near the nipple,”I’ve got forty year old ‘had children and breast fed’ boobs hon. Hey I’m glad my boobs are like this, I gave them for my children who, let me tell ya, I adore but who would want to see these?”

He was transfixed by my boobs and I held my tee shirt up enjoying his attention. As he looked I could feel my nipples starting to harden. He saw them too and looked up at my face.

‘Oh look, darn things getting hard ,” I commented in as matter of fact a way as I could,”must be the cool air getting on them.”

“Must be, hey look I’m sure, you know as long as I submit something, like OK there’s wrinkles but they’re not that noticeable.”

“Oh honey I’m flattered but hey look at my ass, its not a model’s ass, look.”

And I pulled my track pants down leaving my butt covered by my full size cotton panties. I slapped my butt and asked him who would want to look at that?

Apparently he would because he stood looking at my cotton covered butt for about twenty seconds. I pulled my track pants up and my bra and tee shirt down.

“Oh look Honey, oh ,you’re in a bind oh,OK I’ll do it.”

His face lit up and he gave his Mom a hug.

“The light out back is really good now,if we-“

“Woa tiger, no way am I getting photographed like this.In my track pants and my ‘comfortable Nanna knickers? Look give me ten minutes and I’ll get showered and do some womanly things you don’t need to worry you handsome little head about and I’ll see you out here. OK, be as quick as I can.”

He was starting to stress but he nodded and as he looked away I checked out his shorts, sure enough there was the bulge; so he was getting turned on by his Mom.

I unplugged the iron, made a mental note of what absolutely had to be ironed that day and went down the hall to my daughter’s room. I knocked and went in.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi? What’s going on?”

“What do you mean what’s going on? Nothing, other than Dean just asked me to pose for him for his assignment.”

“You’re not going to? My God Mother! Do you know how old you are? Oh shit, sorry.”

I had given her a “you’ve crossed the line” look we mothers are qualified to give.

“I don’t give a toss about the course, he was getting a hard on while I was showing him my boobs and-“

“Showing him your what!”

“My boobs, saying no one would want to look at them…”

“Did he?”


“No way. Really?”

Really. I pulled my track pants down-“

“Just the pants?”

“Yes bursa escort dear, just the pants but he stared at my butt for ages and he had that look, you know the one they get when their poor little minds are working overtime?”

She laughed and nodded.

“Oh Mom, do you want to fuck him? He’s your son, My God , that’s incest.”

“Yeah, I know, hot huh?” I rolled my eyes and licked my lips as I looked at her.

“Oh fuck yeah, hey think I might-“

“Fancy him too huh?”

“Something rotten, oh all my friends think he is so cute…I spy on him sometimes,” she said staring off into the distance as she thought.

“OK, I’d better get moving, I want to look stunning and I need something provocative to wear, got any really skimpy thongs?”

“I’m a respectable modern girl mother, yes, lots- they’re all I wear.Here.”

She brought out half a dozen pieces of string which she assured me were under garments. I picked a white one as I had a little jacket length sheer negligee in white too. She had some white open toed high heels that fitted me as well.

We took them into the bathroom and I stripped off. I turned slowly as she gave me the once over.

“Lotta hair,” she commented.

“Not good?” I asked.

“No, not cool, not sexy, need to lose it.”

She washed me from neck to toe, covered me in shaving cream and, with a brand new Mach 3 shaved me all over. Well I was enjoying her fingers on me, especially shaving my pussy and my butt as much as having him stare at my boobs and butt.

“Nice touch hon,” I commented as she was nearly finished doing my butt.

“Mom! You’re not going all lezzie on me are you?”

“A bit hon, I could fancy you on a cold night-“

She looked appalled ; her mouth opened but no words came out.

“Oh stop it, I’ve seen you checking me out too. Go on, I’m stark naked being shaved by you and I’ve told you I want to fuck your brother and I want to have sex with you too so I’ve told you mine you tell me yours.”

I waited and she grinned,”Yeah I’ve checked you out, I used to fantasize about having sex with you and if Dean were to ask me I don’t think I’d say no. Oh God that is so disgusting.”

“its your sex drive Hon, society frowns on it but let me tell you it happens a lot more than people let on-“

“Have you ever?”

“Oh goodness yes but I promised I would never tell. So no names and don’t ask,OK?”

“OK- was it good?”


By this time she was all done so I turned on the shower and stepped in.

“Scrub me babe?” I asked handing her the loofah.

‘I’ll get wet,” she protested.

“Wouldn’t matter if you took those things you’re wearing off,” I told her and batted my eyelashes at her.

Well she rolled her eyes and sighed but she stripped off and got thoroughly wet as she gave me such a good scrubbing. I wanted her ready for a little mother daughter action I was planning for Dean so I moved in and put my arm round her. She looked at me open mouthed and I put my other arm over her shoulder and held the back of her head.She hugged me back and I saw her chest rise and sink as she let all the air out and she accepted she wanted to too.

I brought my lips to hers and pushed my tongue between her lips. Her mouth opened slightly and my tongue entered. I could feel her sucking on it then her tongue came out to play with mine. We just kissed for a short time because I was working to a deadline-the lighting conditions- and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I turned the shower off and she dried me. She styled my hair, something she had “always wanted to do” -did a nice job too- and my make up and just as I was thinking I was scrubbing up pretty well she got her oil and gave me a light coating all over and I got those hands of hers on my butt again. Ooh I loved having them there.

I got dressed in her tiny thong, my white short negligee that I secured at the throat with a pink bow and her high heels. I looked like sex on legs and I knew if what he had seen before had him interested this would certainly do the trick.

No, I didn’t do all that in ten minutes I was about half an hour over and he was getting frantic. As I came back out to the lounge he had been fiddling with his camera ( the top of the line one I worked overtime to pay off? Yes that’s the one)and glanced up at me, looked down then looked up and his mouth just fell open.

“This was the best I could manage,” I said with a shrug,”I hope it’ll do…”

He was doing his best not to stare and failing miserably. The rising bulge in his shorts eloquent testimony to his interest ( I read that in a book sometime and I always wanted to use it- sorry.The negligee,of course fell open with just the tie at the throat and the thong I’d pulled up so it disappeared into my cunt with the result my pussy lips were on clear display.

“OK? ” I asked as if I were a professional model on a shoot.

“Oh yes, oh fine, um really um…”

“Hot?” supplied my daughter from the doorway, She had wet hair and was wearing a towel- one of the smaller ones, yes , yes, no bursa escort bayan need for the DNA test, my daughter through and through.

Barb!” he exclaimed , his face falling as he imagined her raining on his parade; his brilliant seduction of his unsuspecting mother.

‘Oh its alright darling brother, I know you’re going to take Mom’s picture. Well aren’t you going to tell her how hot she looks? I did her hair and her make up and those are my shoes she’s wearing.”

“Really?” he asked overwhelmed with information. “oh yeah Mom, you look really fantastic.”

I smiled ,acknowledging the compliment, then stood innocently facing him. I used my elbows to pull the sides of my negligee apart so my mid rift was exposed with just my tiny thong there acting as a pointer down to where it vanished in my pussy.

“better get started I guess,” I told him moving towards the ranch slider to go outside.

“Yes, better,” he said but he was checking out his sister and trying to work out how to get her out there as well.

“Dean can you carry everything?” I asked caringly, as only a mother truly can.

“Well its a bit hard, I can-“

“Nonsense, I paid a fortune for that camera. Barb honey, would you mind?”

“Oh, well, yeah OK. won’t be too long, I hope?”

“Oh thanks sis, no I just need to get started, can you carry all that? “

She had his tripod and light meter as well as the folder with the assignment in it. She nodded sweetly and made a great show of being as careful as she could with his stuff.

“Just put it there for now Barb,” he told her and as she was about to put it down the towel she had been working to loosen fell off and she was suddenly stark naked in front of him. She continued with what she was doing putting the equipment carefully on the table , turned- showing him her butt- to check if she had lost anything on the way then bent over giving him the full view and picked her towel up.

“Oh I’m sorry Barb, I was asking too much, I never meant, I mean I didn’t expect.”

“Oh its OK sweetie, we’re family, huh?” she told him with the most seductively innocent smile I think I have ever seen.

“better get on, huh?” she suggested having taken in the full impact she had had on him.

He got his equipment set up, and had me do a few poses in the negligee. Would I just mind slipping it off?

Would the poses be artistic?

Oh, yes this was an artistic based course.

Well OK , in that case, and I pulled on the ends to open the bow and shucked the negligee off my shoulders to float to the patio tiles. I rubbed my palms over my nipples and tweaked them as he stared. This time the poses were distinctly more raunchy and after a dozen he was standing to attention and asking me if I might consider removing the thong.

I gave him my best “You have me bewitched you charmer you” look , shrugged as if I regretted doing it but knew I had to and slipped them down. The next poses went more and more into out and out porn- thank God! the artistic stuff is so prissy- and he got me to put my fingers down “just there” and after another set he wanted me to open it up altogether.

“Like this?” I asked my thumb and index finger forcing my labia apart.

“Yeah kind of.”

“Hey I can show her Hon, ” my helpful daughter butted in,” Look Mom, like this.”

She very casually pulled the corner of the towel she had tucked in out and placed the towel on the chair as she got up, She came over to me and gripping a lip in each hand pulled her pussy wide open, she turned to Dean and did the same thing.

“Like this right?” she asked as if it was just a pose.

“Um yeah like-“

I had just put my fingers on each side and pulled them apart.

“Yeah that’s it Mom , like , hold that , yes, and another one. “

Oh he was on fire, he was a natural and I felt so proud, hot too but really proud.

“Um honey?” I asked as innocently as I could manage,” we want you to get really good marks, maybe if you asked nicely Barb might do some poses with me it might get you a better grade. Do you think?”

“Would you Barb? Please?” he asked, well pleaded really.

“I’m not really comfortable doing that Dean, I was just showing Mom the way you wanted her to use her hands I wasn’t expecting…”

“Oh honey! Its OK,” I told her putting my hand in that motherly way on her shoulder,” You’re embarrassed aren’t you?”

She shrugged then gave a little nod.

“Oh sweetie your sister’s embarrassed don’t you think maybe you could take, maybe your shirt off?” I asked just managing to keep a straight face.

He nodded seriously then told us his lecturer had warned the class about the need for a professional distance between photographer and model.

“Oh bollocks!” I snorted, I’ve know adult photographers and the good looking ones were as naked as we, as the models were. The grotty looking ones got male models to strip off and play with themselves out of shot, so if he told you that-“

“She,” he corrected.

Probably a lesbian I thought making another mental note for future reference.

“She? escort bursa Oh well there you go hon,” and I left the insinuation that she was biased by her implied dubious sexuality.

‘Really? They take it…”

“All off,” I finished emphatically.”Not only that they react to our posing as well. Um, to the model’s posing I meant, so I was told. I mean how would we know if the pose we were doing um the model was doing was working, if she couldn’t see a reaction to it?”

“No..yeah, yeah that’s right. So my cock would be for you like what my light meter is for me,” and he nodded as he came to terms with this revelation. His short came off and we both drooled over his chest and those arm muscles, followed by his shorts and boxers.

He shaved! Oh God it looked so gorgeous standing up so straight and bigger than his fathers more like, like, Oh shit, like his uncle’s.

He looked up at us after folding his clothes and putting them down neatly- because his mother was watching? yes- and saw us eyeballing his cock. I smiled and said to Barb,

“Look how hard he is Babe, you see that we’re on the right track, think you’re feeling OK with doing those mother daughter poses? Like this might get him a B, B plus maybe but, hey, lets shoot for the A plus!”

She gave a sheepish, “oh what the heck smile and turned to him waiting to be posed. As she waited her hand went to her pussy and she frigged herself while looking at him as she waited for her instructions. She had his eyes locked; he desperately wanted to check out her pussy but couldn’t without admitting where he wanted to look.

“Hey Babe,” I said to her to give her an excuse to look away, knowing she was dying to have her hot naked brother check out her frigging her pussy. She turned her head to look at me and as she did his eyes went straight to her pussy.

“I think maybe with these next poses, if we maybe just wing it,OK? Lets try to make it spontaneous and Dean honey?”

He dragged his eyes from her pussy, she now had three fingers deep inside and was stroking her clit with her thumb, and looked up at me. He nodded.

“Yeah so , we’ll do that OK? Don’t direct just try to catch well the feel of the moment, something like that…the magic, the magic of a mother and daughter coming together as lovers.”

Ooh shit that was a bit far and I cringed thinking it might get a reaction but his mind was in Cock Drive and he either missed it or just plain liked the idea.

I turned to Barb with my arms out. She did like wise and we posed for the shot. We moved in bit by bit until we were in each others’ arms.We angled for a kiss and held a pose a few inches apart then moved to almost touching and parted our lips. I put my tongue out and touched Barb’s lip with it and we held the pose then she pushed hers out and we held with the tips of our tongues touching. We moved right in and french kissed.

“Fuck I’m so hot,” she whispered to me with that “can’t wait to be fucked look” on her face.

“Me too,” and we went back to snogging.

We broke and I slipped down to a crouch pushing my ass out a bit more than I really needed to.

“Honey, it might pay if you were to get the camera down low here for a shot of me from behind?”

“Um, ah, yeah, yeah, that’s good, like that, yeah…”

I looked up at Barb, she was grinning and , with her hand blocked from his view made the wank movement- he was jerking himself now- I glanced up at her and grinned.

“Look I think if I suck on her nipples and we get a shot of me fingering Barb and another with my tongue in there- Oh will that be OK Barb, you’re comfortable with that?” I asked in Oh such a thoughtful way.

“Yes, I guess, I mean I feel quite comfortable now, you know now I know what we’re trying to get in this type of modeling,’ she answered checking her “light meter” as she spoke. He was gone, the hand was a blur on his cock now and I thought , “hey, hold on there tiger, we want that.”


“Uh huh. I mean yes Mom?”

“Honey I’m not sure about the lighting for the next shots with me blocking the light, maybe if you held that light of yours out here while you took the shot? Do you think?”

“Oh, um yeah, yeah right,” he answered as he desperately tied to find way he could take pictures and carry on stroking. He couldn’t, yes I am so mean, so now his cock stood at attention for us, well for Barb as I focused on her nipples. She had lovely nipples and I loved sucking on them; I pulled the right one out held in my lips and waited for him to take the shot then did the same with her left one.

I went from a crouch to kneeling and put my hand on her butt to tilt her pelvis up a little.This time my butt cheeks were stretched as wide as I could get ’em and I hoped he was watching.

“Maybe if you come round to here,” I said turning to find him lying on the floor two feet from my asshole photographing like crazy,” and I can do a few things to Barb’s vulva.”

He gave that blank look men get when they think you’ve discovered their porn mags.

“Her pussy dear.”

She smirked and rolled her eyes at him. he grinned back and gave his cock a stroke for her. So I started with fingering her pussy, then squeezing beside her hood to make her clitoris pop out and held a pose with my tongue just touching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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