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His steps fell softly on the concrete stairs as he descended. The smell of sex and a sweet scent of sweat filled his nostrils. Jack followed the mistress obediently down the steps towards the lair.

He wondered again why he had come here. He’d been wondering about his decision ever since he’d made it three days ago, actually. He still wasn’t sure why he had come, but he was adamant about going through with it.

Candles lit their path down the steps, so many steps Jack now realized why the estate was so large, this underground area must be immense. He followed the back of the mistress. Gazing at her slender shoulders and bare back, the dress she wore looking absolutely stunning from the front and behind. The dark dress rode low in the back, so low that you started thinking you were seeing the slightest peek of the butt, but you couldn’t be sure. The slender straps crisscrossed in the middle and then slid over her shoulders perfectly. Jack thought the gown must have been fitted to her for such a perfect fit. The train stopping just right, at the barest edges of her feet, but the slit down the left side, which climbed all the way to her hip gave her a very exquisite way of walking. The candles served to make the dress shimmer just so, Jack was amazed and getting more turned on as he walked.

Why was he here?

He knew that his girlfriend had left him six months ago, and he had been a wreck ever since. He knew that there was a lot of anger in him, but he could feel so much more sadness than anger that he had never gotten rid of all his emotions. Two years with Jill, and then she decides its time to move on. After he’d tried his damnedest to do everything in his power for her. Jack knew he was a mess inside, but why was he coming here, and why now? Was he purging himself of her? Was he trying to lose himself in the throes of ecstasy? Why had Mark’s suggestion seemed like the right thing to do?

His friend Mark had been telling him about this place for the past year and a half. Ever since he went, he swore his sex life had peeked inside these walls. Sure, it was a bit pricey, but Mark had went on and on about how it had changed the entire process of his thinking in relation to sex and women. Last week Mark, tired of seeing his friend miserable, brought it up, not as a “check out what I did” thing, but a “you should look into this” kind of deal.

And Jack had agreed.

God knows why. Jack wasn’t exactly hurting in the good looking single man category. At six foot, 200 solid pounds, just a hint of gut, he was in great shape. His dark hair and green eyes had always captivated women, not the least of who, Jill. He had a great job as a bank manager, made a great living, had a nice place, but the past six months he hadn’t even wanted to try getting laid. He’d stayed in his house all alone, every night, watching TV, and playing online poker.

Here he was, though, descending to a place most people only dreamed about (at least that’s what illegal bahis Mark always said). Now he could hear moans, barely audible, obviously coming through the cracks in whatever doors were down here, but moans of passion without a doubt.

They came to the end of the stairs, and the mistress turned to him. She was so beautiful, Jack thought to himself. Her long brown hair trailing down her left shoulder, following the strap of the dress on that side, her face perfectly framed revealing shocking blue eyes, that looked right into you. Jack’s eyes wandered over the rest of her in the candlelight. The dress was scooped in the front as well, practically molding itself to her breasts, which were nothing short of fantastic. Plump, firm, not huge, but definitely a handful, they were amazing, and Jack could get just a hint of her nipples underneath. The dress then latched onto her frame clear to her hips, before loosening enough for walking ease. Her left leg separating the slit, exposed to the top of her thigh, and Jack was aware that he was hard. Very hard, actually.

The mistress looked him in the eyes as Jack took a moment to look down the corridor they had come to at the bottom of the stairs. There were doors lined down both sides, and he could see intersections of other hallways a little ways down, this place was enormous. The moans were a bit louder now, but still subdued by the doors.

“Well, Jack, this is where I leave you. Do you remember the rules?”

“Uh, maybe just a quick refresher, if you please.” he stumbled, all of a sudden very nervous.

“There are no designated rooms for any one desire, you can simply ask the girl for any desires or fantasies you would like to indulge in. All our girls are on birth control, but condoms are available if you prefer. No rough stuff with any of them, break this and you will never be found, I protect my girls with everything I have.” She stopped, looking straight at him to make sure he got the point, he could see from her eyes that she wasn’t joking.

“If a door is locked the couple wants privacy, don’t disturb them. If a door is unlocked but there is already someone in the room, you can feel free to watch but not participate. And any door with a red ribbon on the doorknob, you can feel free to participate with anyone in the room. There is a refreshment place in the middle of the layout, you can feel free to get any drinks or food you need there. Other than that you may enjoy my house of pleasures as long as you desire. Do you have any questions?”

Jack looked down the hall, then back to the mistress, “May I have your name?”

She smiled, a genuine smile if Jack ever saw one, a smile that said you’re not the first to hit on me, but I am flattered. “My name is Victoria. Have a good time, Jack.” She moved toward the stairs, and Jack stood where he was for a minute watching her go. After a few steps she turned around to face him, “I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for, Jack,” illegal bahis siteleri and then she turned and walked away.

Jack stood a moment longer, and then proceeded down the hallway, passing a couple doors, all of which sounded busy, he didn’t try their knobs. At the first intersection he paused looking each way, and then letting his instincts guide him took a left. He moved down the halls, taking a left, then a right, then another right, and then he stopped next to a door. The door looked like all the others, but he had stopped, and with no sound that he could hear coming from inside he grasped the knob.

It turned and he walked into a lavish bedroom. There was a king size bed to his left, under a white canopy, nightstands on both sides. There was a couch to his immediate left, beside the door, (probably for the lookers) he thought. To the far left was a door which opened into what looked like a bathroom. On the right side there was a dresser with a mirror, a table and two chairs, a bookcase filled with paperbacks, and a rack on the wall where a person could be tied.

He was so busy looking around he didn’t see her emerge from the bathroom right away. Jack was looking over the rack when she spoke.

“Sorry I didn’t hear you come in, I was just drying off.” He turned to find a beautiful girl, early twenties, long blond hair, wearing just a towel. Her skin still shimmered with water as he stared. He felt his cock begin to fill once more, hardening in his slacks. She was gorgeous, her eyes big and blue and full of life. “You haven’t waited long I hope.”

“No, not long at all,” he stammered, all of a sudden forgetting that he wasn’t a bumbling virgin, but an experienced and gentle lover, he suddenly felt like a nerdy schoolboy in the presence of the head cheerleader. “I was just looking around.”

She nodded and walked towards him, obviously perfectly at ease with a perfect stranger in just a towel. “Is this your first time coming here?”

He smiled, lowering his eyes to the floor, “Yes, it is.”

He felt out of place, he was dressed in a nice suit, no tie, but the slacks, white shirt, and jacket felt… off… all of a sudden. He felt way overdressed as she stopped in front of him.

“You got a great smile.” she said.

“Thank you.”

“What’s your name?”


“I’m Melissa.”


She smiled, a big warm smile, that put Jack at ease almost immediately. “Hi, Jack. Aren’t you hot in all those clothes?”

He didn’t know why, but he was hot in all these clothes. “Yes I am, actually.”

“Let me help you get them off.” she replied, and then she was unbuttoning his jacket. She moved behind him and slid it off his shoulders, and gently placed it on the arm of the couch, and then she was in front of him again. Moving easily, the towel firmly wrapped around her, Jack looked down into her cleavage, and his dick jumped again.

Melissa began unbuttoning his shirt, and then she canlı bahis siteleri pressed herself against him as she slid it down his arms and away. He felt her cool skin on his chest, her breasts pressing against his abdomen through the towel. Then she knelt before him, and gently lifted one foot and removed his shoe and his sock, and then she repeated on the other foot.

He looked down to see her looking up at him, her wide blue eyes making his knees weak. Then she gently moved her hands up, her left moved around to grab his butt, her right came up and settled onto his bulging member in his pants. “Would you like me to take your pants off?” she asked.

Jack whispered a yes, and she undid his belt, and pulled down his zipper, and then pulled his pants down, leaving him in just his boxer briefs, his hard on right in her face, trapped in cotton. She got the pants completely off his legs and then looked up at him again. With her eyes meeting his she grabbed his dick through his underwear, and rubbed her cheek against it.

He swallowed hard, almost exploding right there, somehow containing himself. Then she pulled the underwear off, grabbing his cock in one hand as he stepped out of the underwear. She looked at his engorged penis for a moment, and then up at him. “It’s beautiful.” Then she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of his dick. She pulled off and licked up and down his shaft, and then stroked him, and then she took him in her mouth again and he felt her saliva coat his member, and when she pulled off and stroked again her hand was slick, and slid easily up and down his shaft. She dove onto him, taking him in her mouth, and then taking him deeper, and deeper, trying for it all, she would come up for air and then back down onto him, as far as she could go. Then he felt himself hitting the back of her throat and still she bobbed, back and forth, going with all the speed she could.

He knew he couldn’t take much more of this, but he wanted to hold it till she took all of him. Sure enough, her throat began to part and he felt himself slide into it as she sucked, until she was nestled in his pubic hair, and then she backed off for air, and then she took him entirely into her mouth again, clear down her throat, and then bob a few times clear down there, and then back for air. He couldn’t believe it, she felt so good, she put him down her throat again and then he felt her tongue on the underside of him, and he exploded. He stammered out a warning and she took him all the way in and held him there, and he felt himself pulsing inside her throat, unleashing his cum into her, he nestled her head against him as he came, and when he was done she pulled off him, some strands of cum trailing out of her mouth and falling onto her breasts, still clad in the towel. She began to stroke his saliva and cum covered cock, licking it now and then, and he was amazed to find himself still hard.

“Well, now,” she said a delighted smile lighting up her pretty face. “You ready again already? What should I do with you?” She stood, the towel still wrapped around her.

“Well,” he stammered, “I suppose one of us should lock the door, and after that I’d love to see what’s under that towel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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