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Thank you for all the feedback and insistence that I extend the story beyond the stand-alone The Lab Rats.

I won’t tease as there will be at least one other instalment after this one although the timescale may be extended.

The Lab Rats 2: The Rat Run

Previously in The Lab Rats

‘Continue for 3 miles.’

Alex woke and stared at the SatNav with bleary eyes. Hadn’t it stopped working the previous night when all of the electrics had gone out in the car? He tried to remember … some sort of electro-magnetic pulse wasn’t it which had also had the effect of rendering their mobile phones useless. He looked at the watery sun breaking through the low lying mist and was grateful that it would be dry if he had to walk to the nearest village to call the AA . He checked his phone and saw that the hike wouldn’t be necessary as he now had a signal and then turned the ignition key and saw that the car was working as well. Bloody typical!

He could let his father and sister know that they were OK and hopefully complete the journey to the hotel in time for the wedding. His body hurt like he had gone through a strenuous workout but he put that down to having slept sitting upright in the car although it hadn’t interfered with the very raunchy dream he had been having. If only he could remember more of the details … the girl had been petite … long blonde hair … beautiful small breasts … great blow-job. He harrumphed to himself … why couldn’t he meet someone like that in real life?

He looked at the passenger seat and was surprised that his mother wasn’t there and then checked the back seat. He jumped as she was already awake and staring at him with hard, accusing eyes.

He frowned at her reaction but something nagged at him and then the missing details came flooding in … blonde hair … petite … small boobs … the blow-job … the unbelievable sex … Rowan … Mum!

Oh shit!

They had fucked … he had fucked his mother …

He cleared his throat in embarrassment and looked away before feeling the back of his neck to see if the implant was still there.


Rowan still said nothing so he stared forward and started the engine.

What the fuck did they do now?

Chapter 8

The strained silence continued as he drove with neither of them able to think of the right thing to say. The lack of sound grew deafening and neither of them could summon the courage or find the right words to break it.

Fortunately they were distracted from the need to speak by the noise from their phones which started to bleep with the accumulation of missed calls and messages that had built up during their absence. Neither made a move to answer any of them until Rowan’s phone started ringing with a live call. Alex looked at her in the rear-view mirror and she met his gaze with a worried look. She glanced at her phone and sighed resignedly before tapping the screen to answer.

Alex could only hear one side of the conversation but could tell that it was from his panicked father, Mike, by the tone of voice. Rowan tried to keep her voice calm and level although she felt nothing like that as she endeavoured to come up with a story.

“Hi sweetie … sorry we worried you …”

“Yes, I know but the car packed up and we couldn’t get a phone signal.”

“No, it was Alex’s crappy car … just died on us …”

“There was no signal … we couldn’t let anyone know and …”

“We had no idea where we were … the SatNav was playing up and when did you last see a phone box? Trust me, we did not want to spend a night like that.”

Alex looked in the mirror but his mother stared at him levelly, challenging him to say something but he didn’t so she averted her gaze.

‘So, she’s not telling him about the light, the abduction … or the chamber and the fact that she … fucked her son … no I guess that would put a bit of a downer on proceedings but why the fuck is she angry with me? I didn’t cause this to happen.’

Rowan continued the conversation with her husband as they passed a road sign indicating they were about 10 miles from the hotel.

“Look, sweetie, we should be there in about 15 minutes. We can talk more once I’ve had a hot shower and couple of hours sleep and got into some clean clothes. See you soon … love you.”

She sighed loudly as she hurriedly disconnected the call and Alex looked back at her in the mirror but she avoided his stare by gazing outside the car. He still couldn’t think of an appropriate thing to say and from her silence, nor could she. Alex sighed quietly as he knew that the events of the past 12 hours was likely to destroy the very fragile relationship between himself and his mother but this worry did not stop the thought that the sex had been incredible!

Rowan’s thoughts were also confused as she knew full well that she needed to say something bostancı escort bayan if for no other reason than to let Alex know that she did not blame him. What they had done was in response to the pain that was being inflicted … they were having sex to escape the pain and to get out of the chamber and … on that level it had worked. However, she knew that once they did start talking it would open a Pandora’s box in both their minds about how great the sex had been … the best ever … It would be better if that box remained closed and locked forever.

Mike Jackson was waiting outside the hotel when they finally arrived and Rowan made a big show of hugging her husband tightly when she got out of the car. Alex looked on with puzzled scepticism as he recalled his mother’s disparaging remarks about her relationship with her husband. Was there also a tinge of jealousy as he observed his father’s arms hold Rowan tightly?

‘I’m sure they are just relieved to see each other.’

Eventually his father acknowledged his presence over the top of his petite wife’s head.

“How was it, mate? Cold and uncomfortable spending a night in a car, isn’t it? I can remember one time in The Lake District me and your mum …”

Alex nodded sheepishly but tuned him out as his thoughts turned back again to the over-the-top way his mother was reacting.

‘Is she doing this for his benefit or to make herself feel less guilty … or to wind me up … make me … jealous? Either way … to hell with her!’

Annoyed, he turned away to retrieve the bags from the back of his car and moved towards the entrance to the hotel as his sister, Saskia, came out to greet them. He was struck by how much like a taller version of Rowan she was … beautiful, blonde, slim with small boobs and his mind started to stray as to what she would look like naked with his cock buried deep into her pussy. He stopped abruptly … he had never once thought about her in a sexual way and was aghast that those unbidden thoughts had entered his brain. Yes, he had always known that she was beautiful and sexy but again, this was on an intellectual level and mainly driven by his mates’ comments and attempts to get her to go out with them.

‘Fuck! You have to stop this. What’s happening to me?’

“Hey, Bro, you caused quite a stir. Even had Mr. Unflappable in a flap.”

He smiled hesitantly, unsure if his face had given away his lascivious thoughts.

“Hey, Brat, yes, he must have been worried but I think you got the best of it as I had Mum bending my ear all night. Fortunately the farmer came along when he did to help start the car.”

Saskia laughed at his misfortune but hugged him tightly. Fortunately his hands were occupied with the bags as otherwise he would probably have thrown his arms around her and hugged tightly back, groping her bum in the process. As it was his cock flexed in his trousers as he felt her firm body press against his and he tried to move away from the contact.

“I’m a bit grubby Sask, so probably best not to get too close until after I’ve had a shower and preferably a nap. What time does this thing kick off?”

As Alex and his sister chatted about the wedding details, Rowan was desperately trying to focus her attention on her husband out of her sense of guilt and also to show to Alex that the previous evening was an aberration. Mike was naturally pleased to see that they were both safe and sound but was surprised by the effusive greeting that his normally reserved wife gave him. He felt sure that she was grinding against him and stepped back and looked at her in surprise, glancing nervously over at Alex and Saskia. Fortunately, he thought, they had not seen anything untoward.

Rowan knew she was overcompensating and hoped that Mike would not wonder too much as to the reason why. She tried to be light-hearted.

“Come on I need a shower and some breakfast. If you’re a good boy I might even let you wash my back.”

She hadn’t intended to be so loud but she noticed the smirk on Saskia’s face and a look of absolute disgust on her son’s.

‘Oh shit, he’ll think I’m doing it to wind him up!’

Chapter 9

After freshening up Alex decided to keep out of the way of his mother and spent the morning in his room lying on his bed trying to get his mind around the proceedings of the night before. He felt shame and guilt about what they had done together but it was obvious from her reaction that Rowan had enjoyed the sex just as much as he did. He also awarded himself something in the bragging stakes as, given her disparaging remarks about his father, her orgasm was better than what she had been getting regularly. He felt sadness for her that it had to come about under duress but had to admit that it had been the much overused word … awesome.

As he reflected on the act … the feel of her tight cunt clasped around his cock … the smell of her arousal … her moans ümraniye escort of lust … the taste of her lips on his … her hands and feet locked around his body … her dirty talk … fuck mummy … deeper … harder … his cock started to respond to the stimulus and he reached down to stroke it as the images flashed across his brain.

Unlike Alex, Rowan had gone down to breakfast with Mike and Saskia and regretted it almost immediately. She was still dazed from the experience of the last 12 hours and wasn’t thinking too clearly as they asked her details about what had happened. Rowan cursed herself for not having agreed the story with Alex although to be fair, they had not been communicating about anything. She knew that Alex had heard the telephone exchange with Mike so she embellished upon that and finished off by saying that a council road crew had helped them get the car started. She did not notice Saskia’s puzzled look as she said that but felt the need to stop the conversation in case she let something slip. She hurriedly declared herself tired and in need of a lay-down before the wedding.

Having asked not to be disturbed for a couple of hours she got into the unmade bed that Mike had used but was disappointed that she could smell him on the sheets and pillows and not Alex. This disturbed her but, try as she might, she could not stop the memories of the previous night rushing into her head crowding out the guilt and anguish about the forbidden coupling. She moaned in lust as the x-rated mental images melded with the recollections of the feel of Alex’s beautiful cock filling her like no man before … so much better than Mike. The guilt returned at that thought as her husband deserved better … but again lust prevailed … Alex’s cock … fuck mummy … harder …deeper!

So, at the same time that Alex was caressing his rampant shaft as he recalled the sensational sex with his mother, she was also aroused by the memories of the taboo act with her son. Her hand strayed down to rub gently across the front of her lacy white thong which was rapidly darkening as her juices gushed and she grasped the waistband and eased the tiny garment over her hips giving her better access to the swollen lips of her pussy and the hard bud of her clit

Was it coincidence or some hidden force driving their hands and fingers onwards? Their bodies separated by several metres vertically and horizontally moved in tandem with their shared memories driving their virtual coupling in delightful synchronicity. Their bodies continued to heave and strain against their virtual partner with their hands moving faster and faster until they exploded simultaneously in panting, heaving orgasms murmuring out each other’s name as they did so.

They relaxed back onto their beds with a satiated sigh before the guilt returned once again.

Chapter 10

The tension between mother and son was palpable as they met for the wedding and the reception afterwards. At the wedding ceremony Alex studiously tried to ignore Rowan’s glances which infuriated her but were understandable in the circumstances. They were both still trying to come to terms with what had happened but each knew that the masturbatory fantasy of the morning would not allow the memory to dissipate quickly.

Fortunately for Alex, he and Saskia were seated on a table at the reception with all the young adults of their side of the family. This included many of their cousins who they had not seen for some time so he could continue to maintain distance from his mother by throwing himself into the chatter and bonhomie of a family reunion. Despite not wanting to talk to her he was sneaking frequent glances at his mother and he felt sure she was looking at him surreptitiously, which she was.

Most times they did not catch each other looking but on those occasions that their gazes met each would pretend to be engrossed in whatever their dining companions were saying or doing. In Rowan’s case she would become attentive to her husband, touching him more often or laughing loudly at whatever he was saying. This fawning behaviour annoyed Alex just as much as it had that morning and he realised that he was jealous. For his part he would flirt animatedly with his step-cousin Emma, who was sat beside him. Emma, who was a big busted, slightly overweight girl who was several years younger than Alex was delighted at the attention she was receiving from her hot, older cousin and responded in kind.

Rowan felt sure that Alex was acting outrageously in order to be provocative and tried not to look over at her son but could not help herself as her anger grew. Eventually, she could take no more and she exploded at Mike.

“Look at that tart draping herself all over Alex. You sister should tell her to behave better at a family function.”

Mike was flabbergasted at the bitterness in his wife’s voice but had had trouble in understanding her behaviour from the moment she had arrived escort kartal that morning. He tried to placate his angry spouse.

“I don’t think it is Amy’s place to tell Roger’s daughter how to behave. Any way there’s nothing wrong with Alex having a bit of fun. He never seems to be dating these days so it’s good to see him trying to get his leg over …”

Mike realised that he had said the wrong thing the moment the words left his lips. The look on Rowan’s face could be construed as anger but if he had not consumed so much wine and champagne he might have seen a large portion of horror mixed in.

“He should not be ‘trying to get his leg over’ with an obese, slutty cousin …”

Mike’s own anger rose but he kept his voice low as he spoke without looking at her as he tried to make sure that no one was listening to them argue.

“Rowan, just shut the fuck up! Emma is not fat and she is not a slut … as far as I know, she’s just a normal 19-year old … in any case if Alex wants to go with a tart or a slut that is entirely his choice. I realise that no girl is ever good enough for a son in his mother’s eyes but I’m glad he’s not going out with carbon copies of you as that would be too weird for words … Jesus … banging a mother look-alike … how fucked up is that!”

Rowan’s horrified gasp caused him to look at her and he was astounded at the expression on her face as she hurriedly stood and rushed from the table before the tears really started to flow.

Mike stared at her retreating back as he puzzled over her behaviour.

‘What did I say?’

Chapter 11

Saskia saw her mother’s dash for the exit and glanced over at her father with an inquisitive frown on her face. His ‘fucked if I know’ shrug prompted her to get up and follow Rowan to make sure she was OK. She guessed that she had gone into the loo and cautiously opened the door and immediately heard sobbing coming from one of the cubicles.

“Mum, are you OK? What’s the matter?”

Rowan hurriedly tried to control her sobbing as she did not want to get her daughter involved as she knew that Saskia would probe away at an issue until she got an answer.

“It’s … (sob) … all right Sask sweetie … (sob) … just your father being …(sob) … an arse … as per fucking normal … (sob).”

Saskia was surprised as her mother rarely swore so she was obviously wound up about something.

“What was he being an arse about this time?”

Rowan pondered how to respond to that question … because I’m a jealous bitch who doesn’t like the thought of my hot son fucking another girl? Yeah, that would go down well; start a few more questions running.

“Umm … nothing really … just a silly comment he made … (sob) … I guess I’m still tired from the bad night and didn’t take it well … (sob) … I’ll have a lie-down before the party this evening … I need to be on form to … cut my moves on the dance floor.”

The tone of her voice had lifted as she joked about dancing and Saskia rolled her eyes at her mother’s attempt at street slang but didn’t buy that the explanation measured up to the previous outburst.

“OK, Mum. Do you need a hand to fix your make-up?”

“Thanks, sweetie but I can manage. Tell your Dad that I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

Saskia went back into the reception and bent to talk quietly in her father’s ear.

“She’ll be back soon. What did you say because she’s really wound up about something?”

Mike shrugged.

“It was nothing more than normal. She was complaining about the way that Emma was coming on to Alex and I just told her to stop getting on Alex’s case about girls. You know, like she always has. I jokingly said something like she wouldn’t want him to be going out with a carbon copy of her as that would be weird … like having sex with a clone of your mother … and she just burst out crying and rushed off. Anyway, have you noticed she’s been really strange … well they both have … since they got back this morning? They’ve hardly said a word to each other but can’t stop staring at each other. I don’t know if they had a bad row because of the car breaking down but I wish they would just sort themselves out. Thank goodness they got rescued when they did as I suspect one would have killed the other if that road crew hadn’t come along.”

Saskia nodded thoughtfully and was tempted to mention the discrepancy in the two stories but looked over at her brother who had distanced himself from Emma when he noticed that Rowan was no longer around.

“Yeah, I’ll have a word with Alex and ask him to be extra nice to her. Maybe dance with her a few times.”

Mike nodded and grinned.

“Good idea Sask, hopefully they’ll start behaving better towards each other after a few smoochy numbers!”

“Gross, Dad, gross!”

Saskia went back to her table and bent to speak quietly to her brother.

“Mum’s had a bit of a melt down about you and Emma fooling around … yeah I know … not her place … but it wasn’t helped by the fact that Dad was being his normal insensitive self and suggesting that the only thing that would make her happy would be if you only had sex with copies of her …”

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