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“Keep on washing the dishes.” That was the first ‘order’ he ever gave her. He says that to this day that’s the sentence in his head that most turns him on. Probably because he had come up behind her as she stood at the sink, and pressed his cock against her ass. Probably because his hands were cupping her breasts as he said it: and probably because it was his mother’s breasts and ass.

At least that’s what he told me. His name is Steven and he’s been my closest friend since we were in grade school. We shared everything and we told everything but this was the first word I’d heard about him and his mom. It’s not surprising. I guess most guys would have trouble saying words like “I fucked my mom”: even to their best friend.

What was surprising was how easily it all came out once he started recounting the events and how undisturbed he seemed by it all. He said it started the way it probably does for most people in these situations. A single young mother is raising a boy in a very small apartment. There are lots of opportunities to watch the dressing and the undressing: lots of opportunities to bump into each other in the single bathroom, and lots of opportunities for intimate talk.

It’s also surprising to think of Steve fucking his mom because she seems so shy. She’s so quiet and reserved. I’ve been in their house so many times and yet I never heard her voice above a whisper. If you tell her she looks pretty or nicely dressed, she gets flustered and turns red. How could she be fucking her son?

It makes it a little more understandable when you know what she looks like. Laura is quite beautiful. She has blonde hair that comes to her shoulders but she’s not a ‘flashy’ blonde. Her gray eyes and gentle smile set off the fine features of her face. Even though she doesn’t wear tight clothes, you can tell she has a great body: long legs, slim waist and Steve says her breasts are much heavier and fuller than they look when she’s dressed.

Steve said he first realized things might ‘happen’ because in the last few months she was looking at his crotch all the time. He said he even overheard her mention his cock to her friends. They were playing cards and didn’t realize he could see and hear them from the kitchen. The other women were talking about the size of their husband’s dicks and whether it mattered how long or thick they were. At one point he saw his mother blushing and laughing, showing a ten-inch spread between her hands and whispering, “little Stevie isn’t little anymore”. His mother was talking about his cock! That’s understandable too. He happens to have the biggest, thickest cock you ever saw.

After hearing her refer to his size, he started teasing her when he caught her looking. “What is it mom, is my fly open?” Or; “are these pants too tight for my bulge?” She’d just stammer and he’d laugh. He also took to going to bed nude with the door left open. He made sure he was in a position that showed all his length and width.

One night as he feigned sleep, he could see Laura outside his door through his barely opened eyes. She was just standing and looking at him. Five minutes went by: that’s a long time to remain motionless. She was compelled and transfixed. He was about to say something when her hand went between her legs. She lifted her nightgown and he saw the light patch of hair before she covered it and began to rub. His mother was massaging her cunt as she looked at his massive rod. She began breathing deeply and walked away before Steve could react. He heard her sighing and whimpering for the rest of the night through the thin walls.

The next morning was when it happened. As she did the dishes, his hands and cock were on her. She didn’t push him away or remove his hands from her breasts. She moaned and said, “No Stevie you mustn’t”. He said, “Mom, I’m not going to play that game. If you tell me ‘no’ now, that’s the end: bostancı escort I never touch you again. If what you really want is for me to fuck you, say it, and say it out loud; and then never say no to anything I ask you – ever again.

“Yes”, she said.

He put his mouth on her ear and biting it, he said forcefully, “that’s not good enough, Laura”.

“Oh sweetheart…please fuck me…please fuck me…please…”

“Keep washing the dishes”. She obeyed.

He lifted her thin robe and pulled her panties down. He reached up and started unhooking her bra. The clasp stuck and in his aroused state he grabbed the two back straps and tore them apart…

At this point you’re probably thinking … “something’s wrong here, this guy knows too many details. Maybe…Ok, you’re right; there is no ‘friend’. It was just easier for me to start telling you about it as if it happened to someone else, but I’m all right with it now. I want to tell what really happened, it feels good and it’s getting me up for tonight, not that I need much encouragement; just looking at her face makes me want to come.

Here it is: I tear the straps apart and say, “don’t ever wear a bra or panties in the house again unless I tell you to”.

I took hold of her big tits and started pinching her nipples. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Stevie”

“It’s Steven”, I said, as I pinched a little harder.

“Yes Steven, I’ll do whatever you ask. I’m so tired of being the one who had to make the decisions all these years alone, never knowing if I was doing the right thing.”

“That’s over now”, I told her as my dick started to swell into the crack of her ass. I thought I’d probably have to grease her cunt up good to get my cock even halfway up into her but when I reached between her legs, she was sopping wet.

“You’re ready for me aren’t you, you hot bitch?”

“Yes, I’m ready for you baby … mama’s ready for her boy’s big cock…mama’s been wet for your beautiful…”

Before she could finish I guided about three or four inches into her slit from behind as she stood against the sink. She must have been surprised by the width of it, because she grabbed the edge of the sink with both hands and kept repeating “oh … oh…oh…oh…”

Even though her tits are big, she’s slender and I was afraid if I gave her too much more I’d split her open; but I was so hot I couldn’t stop there. She was dripping juices all over my rod and that made it easier, and spurred me on. “Here’s your boy’s cock Laura, take it”.

I felt the walls of her tight channel grasping my meat as she started to spasm. “Yes…yes…fuck me …fuck your Laura… fuck your mother…oh…”

Almost all of me was in her and I was surprised, but I knew if I went any higher into her belly I would come and I didn’t think she was protected. I pulled out.

“No…no…I want you in me… I want you fucking me … I need your cock…”

I turned my mother around to face me. “You’ll get fucked when I’m ready to fuck you; do you understand? Make an appointment today with Dr. Berne. Tomorrow you go and get a diaphragm or the pill. You’re going to need it from now on.”

She calmed and cast her eyes down. “All right Steven.”

Looking into her face, I thought how odd it was that I had been in her cunt and yet had never really kissed her. I put my mouth over hers and her tongue began to explore. I kissed her more deeply as my hands and fingers went into her pleasure zones. I put one of my slippery fingers between our lips she sucked on it and went down to her cunt to get more. As she licked I guided her to a kitchen chair. She sat. I spread her legs with my knees and my stiff cock was in her face.

“It’s so huge baby, and it’s so hard for your momma isn’t it? Let me suck it for you. Let me suck it for me. I’ve wanted to taste it for so long. Do you know what it does to me to think about ümraniye escort bayan having that thick pole in me every night?”

“Yes momma I know that it does this to you.” I reached down and touched a drop of the syrup that had leaked out of her cunt onto the chair. I put my finger to her full lips.

I took my cock in my hand. It was throbbing. The head was so engorged it looked almost purple. I’d never felt so hard. It looked like a steel rod. My mother placed one hand over my hand near the base and her other hand farther up on the shaft. I fed my mother my cock.

Her lips were stretched as she sucked back and forth. I stopped her. I placed my hands on her face holding her head steady. I started to fuck her mouth. As my hips moved I slowly gave her more. She closed her eyes.

“Look at me”, I said. “I want to see your eyes as you suck me. I want you to see me as I fill your mouth with cock”

I showed her how to relax her throat. She gagged a few times but soon she had more of my cock in her mouth than any woman I’d ever been with. Mom’s mouth was stuffed with cock but she still slid her tongue along the shaft. I felt my balls tighten and knew that all the cum that I’d been saving for her over the last months was ready to splatter her mouth and throat.

I started to shoot and held my mother’s head because I expected her to pull back after the first bullet of cum hit her throat but she swallowed and stayed with it. Load after load until my knees were shaky.

“It’s so good to have your sweet cum in my mouth…I’m so hot love … make me come…oh …please help momma come.”

“No” I said. She looked at me pleadingly, uncomprehending.

“I want you to want me all day today and all night tonight. You’ll sleep in my bed from now on. Don’t touch yourself. Tomorrow when you get home, I’ll fuck you until you come, and then I’ll fuck again.”

She gave me a long kiss and said, “I’ll do what you say Steven”.

That night mom squirmed for hours. I kept her fingers from finding the cunt that wanted relief so badly. I held her breasts and had my dick and balls on her ass but I didn’t let it get out of hand. I knew the excruciating wait would make the next day exquisite for both of us.

In the morning, we kissed long and slow for about half an hour. I said, “Here’s a taste of tonight, mom”. I got on my knees and spread her legs on my shoulders. I could see the honey starting to soak the blonde hairs of her bush. I took each ankle and stretched her as I practically lifted her ass off the bed. My cock was a ramrod. It found its way into her creamy slot without guidance.

I said “mom, don’t you move”. She fought the urge to raise her hips to receive the thick meat she wanted driven into her. Slowly I inched the stiff rod into my mother’s cunt, deeper and deeper as her slippery channel pulsed on my throbbing hot meat. I withdrew and mom’s face went from one side of the pillow to the other. “No… mmmm…no…please…let me….”

I entered her again. With an even longer stroke, painfully slow, I went higher into her belly. She moaned and I gave a final thrust. Mom had my whole cock in her. I let her legs rest on my shoulders again as I stayed buried to the hilt in her convulsing cunt. I pinched her nipples and put my mouth to her ear as I went impossibly deeper into her. “You’re mine, my cunt.” She screamed “Oh Steven… I can’t…oh… no…oh…I’m coming…oh God…oh my god…yeeeessssss…fuck me…Steven…oh…please…. please…. fuck…mmmm momma…oooohhhhhh…Steven…Steven…Steven.”

She was exhausted and started to cry. “Oh Steven, I’m sorry …I didn’t mean to come…you were so deep in me … I couldn’t help it…please forgive me…I want to be your good girl…do what you tell me….” Big tears rolled down her cheeks.

I held her shaking body in my arms and kissed her as she started to respond. “It’s all right mom. I know how much you kartal escort want to please me: and you will. You’re going to do lots of things that I have planned for you; and lots of things I have yet to plan. Now come and suck your man’s big cock and show him how much of it you can swallow”.

“Oh Steven, all of it. I’m going to swallow all of it”. She almost did.

That night when she got home I had a surprise in store. She took off her bra and panties and wore only a blue see – through dressing gown. She sat on the couch and I said, “My friend Lee’s in town on leave and I invited him to stay the night.”

“All right honey, I’ll go get dressed.”

“Stay as you are, I’m sure he’ll appreciate your body almost as much as I do.”

“But sweetheart…”

I stopped her. “Are you going to do what I ask, or not?”

Her eyes cast down, “yes Steven, I will do anything for you”.

“What if I told you I said he could watch me fuck you? Would you do that for me?”

“Yes Steven.”

“What if I told you I said he could screw you up the ass while you blow me? Would you do that for me?”

“Yes”, She said, “yes, yes, yes. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you”.

“I’m glad mom. Now I know you’re mine”

Again there was no ‘friend’.

“Mom, Lee’s not in town and tonight I don’t want to share you with anyone. I want you all to myself. Now open your legs and show me the cunt I’m going to fill with cock tonight.”

Her thighs quivered as she spread her long shapely legs as wide as she could. She separated her dripping pussy lips so I could see where I would always want to be. She closed her eyes. I let her. I began sucking on the outer lips and worked my way to her clit.

“Oh…son…oh Steven…So good… you suck your momma so good…”

She was languishing as I slowly circled her clit for a while. I then unexpectedly sucked it between my lips and mom stiffened as if an electric shock had passed through her. I flicked my tongue as fast as I could over her now swollen nub. She began shivering.

I’d never heard mom scream like that: “Steeeeevaaaaaaaan”, then quiet. She had passed out.

It was only for a second or two before she moaned, “ohhh… baby…momma’s baby … you gave momma the best orgasm she ever had…ohh love…”

After she recovered, I lay on my back with my hard pole pointing to the ceiling. “Come use my cock mom”.

“Yes…yes… Stevens wonderful cock…like a rock for his Laura…his Laura… always his Laura…mmmm…Laura’s gonna suck her sons cock… and fuck for her boy.”

She couldn’t stop talking or sucking me. She was so good that it felt like her throat was massaging the top of my cock. I was about to coat her mouth with cum when she stopped and stood up.

She straddled me and began lowering herself onto my pole. It looked like she was going to impale herself.

“Laura’s cunt is so wet for Steven’s cock…so wet for her beautiful boy’s meat.”

She guided the tip in and evenly took more and more into her as she raised and lowered herself, moaning with each deeper penetration. Soon I was home.

“Oh Steven… I have all of you in me… your whole big cock is filling me up…I want your cum in me…Steven… love me with your cock…love me…”

I pulled her down to me and kissed her. “I love you Laura and I love that you love me enough to do anything for me.”

I kissed her more deeply and held her mouth on mine. She had my whole cock in her and was grinding her hips on it. She started to vibrate as her orgasm approached. I rolled her on her back and fucked her from the tip to the hilt. She moaned and rocked from side to side as she took every inch of my long shaft. I lifted her legs and spread her as wide as I could. I pistoned her as fast and as hard as I could. I started to explode into her belly. “Ohh… you fuck me so good. I’ve never been fucked like this before…please don’t stop …fuck me always Steven…fuck your Laura…fuck your mom…when you want…where you want…ohh…fuuuck meeeeeeee… oh…oh…oh…oh…”

She slept peacefully in my arms until morning.

Since then, my days and nights are filled with Laura, and Laura’s filled with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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