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Chapter Five

Bodacious Blonde PAMELA

Available 7/16-8/5

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 120 pounds

Blonde Hair

Brown Eyes

Measurements: 36d-24-36

Age: 30 (birthdate: Jan. 5, 1988)

Hi there! 🙂 My name is Pamela and I was born in Pennsylvania but raised by the surf in Miami, Florida. Currently located in Flagstone, Nevada, I’m working at Happy Ending Ranch as an exotic companion and taking grad school courses online in Psychology with the goal of one day becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

I’m a certified freak when it comes to yoga and daily exercise, and preach a healthy, vegan lifestyle. I love nature, vineyard tours, traveling the world, going to day spas, and being pampered. I have an affinity for bright, girly colors and all things that sparkle.

I cater to all fantasies and am always willing to try things that are different and a little “out there.” My goal is to make you feel comfortable enough to tell me your deepest and darkest desires so we can make your fantasy our reality. Rest assured, your secrets are safe with me and I never judge.

I enjoy the sultry touch of a woman as well as the firm grasp of a gentleman. I am pansexual in my private life, often have giggly threesomes with my coworkers in our downtime, and truly feel at home entertaining a couple in my bedroom and helping them connect even further.

Every person is special and important, so things like gender, weight/body type, age, and disability don’t in any way impact my willingness to book a party with you. Are you introverted or suffer from a physical disorder? Did you go through a horrible breakup and now find yourself struggling to reenter the dating scene? Or are you, for whatever reason, not satisfied at home and want to try something new and exciting?

Please, allow me the opportunity to provide you the experience of a lifetime. I love the sensuality and eroticism of the human body. I am compassionate and understanding; I care about your time with me and want to make sure you leave Happy Ending Ranch with a smile, awesome memories, and no regrets!

My specialty is counseling and deflowering adult virgins. With an open mind and heart, I tend to captivate and would consider it an honor to share such a momentous occasion with you. I know losing your virginity can be nerve-wracking, but my happiness comes from your comfort and satisfaction. I love to be gentle and caress but can also be aggressive and take control if that’s your preference.

Overnights are fun, too! I am a cuddle bug and promise to fall asleep with my head on your shoulder.

If you’d like to set up an appointment or just say hi, send me an e-mail via the link below. You can also call our booking office at 775-xxx-xxxx to schedule our special, all-inclusive date.

And know that when you arrive, I’ll be ready and waiting for you in my bed.


Love, Pamela

* * *

Oh, sweet Jesus! I didn’t know there were pictures of you online, too! Buck naked in his hotel room just south of the Las Vegas Strip in Henderson, Charlie Winters frigged his dick with wild fury as he stared at the laptop monitor in front of him. Oh, Pamela. Oh, Pamela… I love you!

“You want to fuck me now, baby?” Pamela asked Charlie several hours ago after taking his cock so deep into her throat that he was on the brink of madness. She rode him reverse-cowgirl next, facing away so he could grope her ass to his heart’s content as the wet, slick slapping sounds of sex mixed with his cries of helpless pleasure.

I wanna rescue you from your life as a prostitute, sweetheart, and take you back to Detroit with me. You’re so much better than this. You know that, right? Why should Pamela belittle herself by having sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry who showed up at the ranch? None of those guys love you like I do. Just the mere thought of Pamela’s job and what she had to endure on a routine basis disgusted Charlie. They don’t care about you at all. They just want to use you and get their rocks off.

Me? I wanna marry you and give you the type of life and financial security you deserve. Charlie’s thought process had tumbled off the deep end after saying goodbye to Pamela late this afternoon. There’ll no longer be any need for you to degrade and have to sell yourself like this. I’m going to take care of you from this point forward.

But now, for starters, I have pictures of you! Oh, man. Charlie felt like the proverbial kid in a candy store.

Pamela’s round, tight bottom bounced entrancingly atop Charlie’s thighs as the velvet depths of her pussy flexed around his dick and brought him to the edge of paradise. Breathless, Charlie stared in awe at the sight of his shaft in her pink orifice and experienced a pleasure greater than he ever imagined possible. He held her hips and cried out a shuddering climax as Pamela hopped off escort izmir his pelvis and stroked his dick with both hands until it was tapped out.

Fuuuuuck… I loved playing with those massive titties, too! Charlie wanted to mash his face between Pamela’s bra busters and become forever lost in them. I wanna suck the milk out of them once I get her pregnant!

After a round of snuggling and small talk, Charlie again fucked Pamela at great length and with unquenchable ardor. Yet his body couldn’t keep up this time as he lacked the cardiovascular conditioning, the stamina, to continue thrusting. My damn back gave out on me! Pamela had Charlie lay there and rest as she knelt on the mattress beside him and offered a slow, sensuous blowjob. That mouth could bring about world peace!

Back in the present time, Charlie clicked on another photograph of Pamela from Happy Ending Ranch’s website and all but salivated at what he saw.

There were seventeen pics of her, eight of which were nudes. Time to raid the website and download anything with Pamela in it. He couldn’t decide which pictures were best suited to be the wallpaper and lock screen on his cell phone, but at least he had several options. I should’ve asked Pamela for a couple of selfies of us together when I had the chance. She wouldn’t have said no to me — not a chance.

Charlie was employed as a junior executive for one of the major automobile companies based in Michigan and knew he was on the short list of candidates for the next major promotion. I’d give my job up for Pamela if she wanted me to. Charlie was ready to drop everything and move to Nevada so the two of them could be together. Or Florida, I don’t care. He could always get a new job, even if it meant less pay and having to start over at the bottom.

Still stroking his dick, memories from earlier in the day again filled his mind.

Once he regained his energy, Charlie pressed Pamela against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist as he gripped her ass and clumsily fucked away. Wet and sticky, and her hair a catastrophe, Pamela was a sight to behold. “You’re gorgeous when you’ve been fucked,” he said, kissing her with great urgency.

Oh, Pamela. Oh, Pamela. Oh, my God. Charlie was near his breaking point once again in the hotel as his favorite vision of all reappeared: “Do you, Charles Elliot Winters, of your own free will, choose to marry Pamela on this day, to join with her as husband and wife for all the days of your life?”

“I do.” I wanna wake up to your face for the next fifty years!

Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Is that from your bedroom back home in Florida? He clicked on another photograph, this one of Pamela wearing white lingerie and posing on the bed. Oh, fuck. I need to be with you again. I need to feel your naked flesh against mine. I wanna hold and kiss and cherish you from now until the end of time. I wanna bend you over that bed and feel your…

Grunting in ecstasy, Charlie came all over his hand.

The way Sammy saw it, few things on Earth were more pleasurable than a blowjob, moist and lustrous, being delivered by an honest-to-goodness professional. “Just keep sucking, Kayleigh. You’re so good. So, so good.” There were no bullshit strings or expectations that came with it, no games, and, best of all, no drama. Sammy didn’t have to worry about getting bitched at and denied his rightful pleasure if he forgot to take out the trash (again). He loved the inherently submissive act of a beautiful young woman kneeling before him, stroking his dick from root to tip, and slicking her mouth over it as if her very life depended on it.

All the while getting paid good money to do so, too. That was key. Sammy was more than happy to compensate a hard-working prostitute for her time and effort. White, Black, Latino, Asian, Filipina, Vietnamese and on down the list, Sammy didn’t discriminate. He never had. Nor did he regret a single dime spent partaking in his favorite hobby over the past thirty-nine years. Sammy’s compulsive, insatiable need for sex and the many avenues available in which to purchase it made him think of women as “material.” Hooking up with a prostitute was a transaction between merchant and seller, nothing more.

We’re living in the age of instant coffee, instant food. This is instant sex.

I consider it sport fucking.

“Aww, there you go, sweetie. Oh, yes… like that.”

When he arrived at the brothel earlier this evening, Sammy fancied spending time with Lindsay, and now the young, vivacious blonde was his. Had he been in the mood for an exotic import with beige skin and charcoal-black hair, Kenzie would’ve been more than happy to invite him into her bed. Or if he felt like enjoying both ladies together, well, Colt or Jim could’ve arranged that, too. Who says money can’t buy happiness? I could fuck any broad in this house I want. It was oversized value for the price. Later, Sammy would walk out the izmir escort bayan door and return to his everyday life as a husband, father, grandfather, and business executive. Physically, emotionally, he’d be free.

To him, sex was cheaper this way. With a wife and kids, you’re obligated to feed, clean, and clothe them. There are too many issues, so much to deal with. Arguments, medical bills, trips to see family members I could give a flying fuck about. It’s just not worth it.

“I know this is new to you, Kayleigh, and you’re doing a good job for sucking such a big dick, okay?”

“Mmm-hmm. Thank you, sir.” Lindsay’s blue eyes glanced Sammy’s way, but she struggled to see beyond the curly hairs of his lap as her head bobbed up and down, his cock invading her mouth until it clashed against the back of her throat and then receding until only the head remained between her lips.

Before her exciting new life in Nevada had become a reality, Lindsay read countless articles on how to give a proper blowjob. One that stuck with her suggested a high level of animalistic and almost unbridled enthusiasm. Pay attention to how the man’s dick behaved, it said, and don’t ask for a progress report. If the dick jumped and throbbed, it’s happy. If it oozed pre-cum, it’s thrilled. Use spit in excess, use your mouth, hands, even your breath, and don’t be afraid to push your limits.

Applying these techniques caused Lindsay’s eyes to tear up and the hinge of her jaw to ache, but the discomfort proved worth it when Sammy first snatched her hair and neck an hour ago and began thumping away like a maniac on steroids. Lindsay figured she had to be doing something right, at least, and loved providing pleasure for Sammy after he’d spent his hard-earned money on her.

Somehow, that meant everything to her.

“I know you know how to suck a dick, okay?”

“Mmm-hmm,” she repeated, moaning.

“You’re a woman and being subservient like this is hard-wired into your DNA. It’s in your nature. But be quiet when you’re sucking my dick, all right?”

Lindsay pulled back and spoke with a timid whisper, “Okay.”

“You make too much fuckin’ noise, and I don’t like it. It’s too damn distracting.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Are you?”


“You know what? Don’t apologize to me, you little brat. Apologize to my dick.”

“I’m sorry.” She swiped her tongue over its head.

As the most notorious and well-known whoremonger in the LPIN community, Sammy had received thousands of blowjobs by so-called “ladies of the night” who loved giving them as much as he enjoyed getting them. A true industry legend, everyone knew who this man was. I’ve spent over two million dollars combined at all these houses, maybe even three. He always checked his emotions at the door, had controversial opinions and views, and wasn’t afraid to verbally decimate a prostitute if he felt he wasn’t getting his money’s worth.

Sure, there had been several over the years who’d done this act clinically for him, almost robotically, with a false façade of joy and eagerness, and Sammy understood their sole motivation was the money and they may, in fact, despise him and the wicked things he made them do.

Sammy was okay with that. I could give two shits what most of these chicks think or feel, anyway. I just want them to do their fucking job and satisfy me. But he still admired every one of them, regardless, and knew no matter the method or level of sincerity they displayed in earning it, it was important that, at the end of the day, they had enough money to pay their bills and put food on the table.

Or support their drug habit.

“All right. Now just keep suckin’, darlin’. I’ll tell you when to stop. Be a good girl; relax that throat and take more of me in, okay? Do as I tell you.”

“Yes, sir.”

Lindsay Anastacio was experimenting and growing bolder before Sammy’s eyes. He enjoyed it when she squeezed his cock hard and sucked gently. Or sucked with reckless abandon and stroked lightly. She tried to swallow him as far as possible earlier, even deep-throat him, but that had proven more difficult than she anticipated, and the poor girl couldn’t breathe and gagged because of it.

“You like suckin’ that dick.”


“Yeah, yeah. Keep suckin’ that dick. Aww, yeah.” He let out a deep, restless sigh. “You know what fuckin’ turns me on more than anything, baby girl?”

“Huh?” She moved back, curious, but still flicked at his length with her tongue. “What turns you on more than anything?”

“The thought of you suckin’ dick.” Sammy once again forced himself into that sweet receptacle, and this time held Lindsay’s head in place. “I like the idea of you suckin’ a bunch of guys’ dicks. Are you gonna do that while you’re here?” His grip loosened. “You gonna suck every dick you come across and get paid for it like you should?”

“I hope so.”

Sammy withdrew himself without a warning, gathered a izmir escortlar heavy clump of Lindsay’s hair and pulled, and dragged her up and off her knees. The unexpected pressure sent shock waves to her nerve endings, but Sammy used his opposite hand to latch onto her neck to help mitigate the pull. And nothing could have prepared Lindsay for such a quick, rough manhandling, and the intense rush of forcibly being tossed onto the bed like an inanimate object.

She was splayed out beneath him, just like that, with one knee up and a finger stroking her mouth like the sultry little vixen he was helping her transition into.

“Do you really love suckin’ dick?”

“I really love sucking cock.”

“Be honest with me.”

“I am! It’s my favorite thing in the world to do.”


“Yeah.” By now, Lindsay’s other hand was between her thighs and she was stimulating herself with a finger.

“Do you love suckin’ stranger’s dicks?”

Her eyebrows wagged. “I love sucking stranger’s dicks!”

“Don’t fuck with me. I don’t wanna hear no bullshit.”

“No! I’m not lying. You may be my first stranger, but your dick was like… the prize at the bottom of the cereal box. I want more. Lots more.” Rapid blinking led to wide-eyed discovery. “I swear to you: I’m looking forward to being with other guys, other strangers.” Lindsay’s probing finger picked up speed and rubbed frantically. “Why else would I be here right now, working in a brothel?”

“Would you be willing to take two dicks at once?”

“Yeah.” She hesitated for a split-second and nodded her head in affirmation. “Yeah, I’d like to have one in my hand and one down my throat… and go back and forth between the two.” She made cute ducking motions to either side with her head and giggled. “I’ve fantasized about that happening a lot over the years. It always makes me wet.”

Hmm, I’ll have to see about making that a reality one day. I bet you could handle four or five dicks with ease.

Sammy took a seat and motioned toward his lap. “Come on, Kayleigh, on your knees again, right here. I want my dick back where it belongs until I say otherwise.”

“Yes, sir.”

Lindsay was proving to be quite the luxurious pay-for-pleasure companion. Her endearing innocence and fierce curiosity, everything about her, made her touch, whether with her mouth, hands, or body, something else. This chick is going places. If I were her, I’d sign with a high-end porn studio, and pump out scene after scene.

He knew that the right company could make her a star — even a superstar — perhaps the biggest the adult industry had ever seen. She could be an industry unto herself, even, famous for simply being famous. Kayleigh could travel the country, even the globe, and charge fans five to ten grand an hour to fuck them.

But Sammy didn’t want such worldwide fame and adulation for Lindsay. Not yet, anyway. His vision was simpler and hit much closer to home.

Sammy’s mind contemplated the possibilities as she once again assumed the position on her knees, and his hands found her hair. I don’t get attached to whores on a personal level. Not anymore. That’s a road I refuse to travel down, and a recipe for disaster. He threaded his fingers into Lindsay’s blonde locks and held on. He could keep her at bay if he desired or reel her close to his dick. It was his decision, and his alone. I paid for this time; I’m the boss, I’m in charge. She belongs to me until ten o’clock tonight. The wet, muffled sounds Lindsay made as she again offered her oral blessings were music to his ears.

God, she’s stunning. Sammy couldn’t get over how reactive Lindsay was, either. Look at those eyes and that sweet-cheeks face! How eager she was to feel, to please, to satisfy. He wanted to be in charge of this girl from now on — her pleasure, her pain, her joy, her laughter, her smile. Everything. Sammy settled on the bed’s edge and allowed himself to slide further down the rabbit hole of everything Lindsay embodied, all she could offer, as she now practiced and would one day assuredly perfect a talent that would take her as far as she wanted it to in life.

“It would be awesome if I could have a cock and balls in my mouth at the same time.”

“You fucking whore.” That mouth was like a wet vacuum on overload as Sammy glared down at her, silken and hot. “You’re Master’s filthy little cock whore.”

“Having it all the way down my throat and then licking on your balls at the same time. You know I’d do that all night if you let me, right?” Lindsay jacked Sammy’s cock at the base and slid her mouth over its tip. “You work hard all week at your job and deserve to have your dick sucked. I don’t know why your wife doesn’t enjoy doing this for you. I dunno, sir; if I were her, I’d be waiting on my knees every night when you arrived home from work.”

“Stop talking,” he instructed her. “Just keep sucking.” You’re an absolute doll, but I don’t need you mentioning Barbara right now. I don’t want to think about her. She’s going to destroy me once I make it home later and fess up about all the money I’ve spent at the ranch tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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