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Big Tits

I was tired of my son’s shit, tired of hearing his girlfriends cuss him out on the phone or storm out of the house after he lied to them or treated them like garbage. They were all good girls, very pretty, and I knew they really cared about him.

So, I grounded him after I caught him cheating on the current girlfriend, who I really liked. He screamed at her to “cool off” as she tore out of the house in tears. He was pissed beyond belief and gave me the usual speech about being a legal adult and about to graduate college in a couple of months and didn’t have to listen to me blah blah blah. I yawned and told him to go make popcorn so we could have movie night as I swiped his car keys and hid them.

He came back and threw himself on the couch like an angry kid with a lecture about how his sex life was none of my business. I grinned. He asked me what was so funny and I told him he’d find out soon enough.

I purposefully put on a movie full of raunchy sex scenes and pretended not to notice him trying to hide his erection from me. When my hands were good and greasy from the popcorn butter, I pulled his hard dick out of the slit in the front of his boxers and began stroking him slowly. I couldn’t believe how big he’d gotten since the last time I’d seen it and realized why his girlfriends were so in love with him, despite his generally idiotic nature.

At first, he started to protest, stammering that he was too old for his mom to comfort him anymore but as I started to grease up his shaved balls with my other hand, he stopped talking and began breathing harder and harder. “Mommmmmmmm,” he moaned as he threw his head back against the top of the sofa. “Ohhhhhh mommmmmmmm. Nobody knows how to make me cum like you!” I felt him get harder and bigger and his balls tighter in my hands.

I know my son and know when he’s about to cum. I stopped abruptly and went back to watching the movie. “Mom! That SUCKS! What are you doing?! I was just about to cum!” he yelled in shocked disbelief. I took my glass of ice water off the coffee table and pressed it against his junk, grinning as he jumped back.

I chuckled then said calmly, “I think you need to ‘cool off’ baby. Don’t you agree?” He took a few breaths then whispered, “Yeah, ok mom”. He grinned at me, thinking he knew where things were going.

The movie settled into a more neutral tone for a bit as a girl dumped her boyfriend after her brother admitted he had seen the boyfriend cheating on her, which I couldn’t help but laugh at. Shortly after the brother started fucking his sister’s best friend and the tits started bouncing again. I could see my son getting hard again and this time, he made sure I noticed. He started bahis şirketleri gently stroking himself through his boxers.

“No!” I screamed and smacked his hand. He looked at me, stunned. “I told you, you’re grounded all weekend!” He looked confused and said, “So??? What the hell does that mean?” I reached over and squeezed his balls in one hand. “It means you no phone, no video games, no porn, and definitely NO touching yourself! Got it? I’M in control of your dick all weekend! You understand me???” He threw his hands up and said he understood. “I’m sorry mom! Ok?!”

With that I began stroking him again, watching as he got harder and bigger in my hands. “That’s it baby boy. Show mommy how big you’ve gotten”. He panted harder and harder as he got harder and harder. “Mommy’s gonna make you cum again baby. Would you like that?” He started thrusting gently into my hands and began writhing and moaning just like he did the first time I made him cum. “Mommmmm ohhhhhh mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyy ohhh gawd mommmmmmmm!”

This time I scooped the ice out of my drink and held it against him. He jumped again, startled out of his pleasure. “Mom! Jesus! What the fuck???” I stood up this time and reached for his hand. “You’re getting too excited baby. Breathe. Calm down, ok?” I led him to my bedroom and told him to get on the bed, still semi-erect. He grinned from ear to ear and eagerly laid on his back. “Like this mom?” I giggled and said, “Sure honey, close your eyes,” as I climbed on top of him. “Oh mom I’ve been waiting to fuck you for so long!”

I quickly snapped the handcuff around his left wrist. He opened his eyes, shocked. I snapped the right one before he could register what was happening and fight back. Then I shackled his angles with soft ropes, just enough that he couldn’t wriggle all over the bed. I pulled a pair of shears out of the nightstand and held them up. He looked terrified. I slowly cut his clothes off of him and then gently played with his limp dick.

He finally worked up the nerve to ask what was going on. I explained that he needed to learn a lesson about what he was doing to girls and that he needed to understand how bad it is to want something. He didn’t know what to say.

I proceeded to oil my hands then began stroking him again. As he got harder, I whispered, “That’s momma’s good boy. Show me how big you are baby. It’s been so long since I’ve made you cum.” He relaxed again and began writhing with my rhythm, moaning for me again and telling me how much he loves me. I didn’t say anything, just let the slurping sounds of the oil fill the room.

His balls started to get tight again and he began thrusting slowly, his breathing very precise and bahis firmaları controlled. Without a word I got up and walked out of the room. He began screaming for me to come back, to make him cum, that he loved me more than any other woman in the world.

I came back about two hours later and did it again. I did it on and off all weekend, just letting him up enough to eat and use the restroom. On Sunday I put a cock ring on him and jacked him off for about two hours straight. I would tighten and loosen it periodically, making him think I might let him cum, but I told him if he came, I’d cut his fucking balls off. He cried at one point and begged to know why. “It’s the only way to get through to you how you make your girlfriends feel baby”.

I oiled us both up at one point and dragged my naked tits over his body, over his hard dick. I dragged my wet pussy over his hard dick and hovered it just over his face so could smell it but couldn’t lick it. I made him describe it to me before I wiped it along his face and let him suck my clit for just a second. He admitted he had cum many times thinking about what I tasted like. I had let him look at it while he jerked off before but I never let him touch me, no matter how much he begged.

Finally, I decided he’d had enough. I began sucking and licking him, slowly then harder and deeper, taking him deep into my throat. He yelled out, “I can’t take any more mom! Please!” I grinned and looked up at him. “You’ve paid your dues baby. It’s time to give me your cum now, ok?” I began stroking his balls and sucking him hard while I stroked the base of him. He went wild and began thrusting uncontrollably and screaming, “OMG MOM!” at the top of his lungs. I released him from my mouth just as he ejaculated three feet into the air, over and over. His cum was all over the bed, his belly, and my tits as I continued stroking him until he begged me to slow down and stop.

I released his hands from the cuffs and as I turned to release his ankles, he forced my head into the bed and sat up and began eating me out like he was starving. He held my hips so hard I knew there was no way to fight him so I let him. He thrust his tongue into my pussy and ass and slurped at me hard. I gripped him again, using his own cum as lube. He deserved to finally taste his mother and I was going to let him eat his fill.

He got hard again almost instantly just like his father used to. I commented on how proud I was of my baby boy. He pulled me down by the hips and penetrated my soaking pussy before I could even protest. He felt amazing and I couldn’t fight it as he bit into my back. He fucked me for a bit while I screamed with ecstasy the said something I kaçak bahis siteleri will never forget.

“You want your baby boy to cum in your pussy or your ass mom?”

I nearly died. I reached back and stroked his cheek. “They’re both yours baby. You cum wherever you want”. His ankles free now he got on his knees behind and fucked my pussy into oblivion, screaming at me to cum again and again, reminding me I hadn’t cum all weekend either. As he slowed down, I asked him if he’d cum again. He replied by telling me to keep my ass in the air and not to move until he got back.

I was nervous, to say the least. But he came back with the bottle of butter-flavored oil we had used for the popcorn and began lathering it on himself and then pressed it against my asshole and squirted it inside me. He stuck his middle finger in me and spread it around, spreading my tight asshole open in the process.

“The answer to the question is your ass, mom. I’m gonna cum in your ass. Got it?” I nodded with excited anticipation. He stood at the edge of the bed and then pulled me to him by my hips, slowly pressing the tip against my oiled asshole. I tried to relax as I let him in. He had asked me so many times if we could try it, saying it wasn’t the same as us having vaginal sex, but I kept telling him no. I knew he’d been waiting a long time for this.

He used my hips to push and pull me back and forth, slowly getting deeper inside me each time. I offered words of encouragement and urged him to keep going.

“You like that, don’t you mom? You like your son’s huge dick in your ass! Tell me!” I sighed deeply with each push as I leaned back against him, taking him in.

“Oh god yes baby boy! You know I do! I love you honey!”

He took his time but eventually worked himself all the way in. I told him how much I loved having my son stretch my asshole open and cum deep inside me. He began pushing and pulling me back and forth harder and deeper and faster.

“Yes baby, yes! Fuck mommy’s asshole! Mommy needs your huge dick baby!” He began pumping faster and faster and then brought his knees up on to the bed around me, getting as deep as he could inside me.

“Mom! Oh god MOM! MOM! Fuck, mom! Fuck your ass is amazing mom!” He continued screaming and pumping away, gripping my hips hard until he came deep in my ass, collapsing over me and gripping his arms around my torso hard, biting into my shoulder.

He caught his breath then stood up again, gripping me by the hips back up onto my knees. He stuck his index fingers in my ass then instructed me to squeeze.

“I wanna see my cum drip out of my mother’s ass,” he said calmly. He wiped it up as I pushed it out of me then shoved his fingers in my mouth. “Just in case you forgot what my cum tastes like mom. Eat your son’s cum that’s been in your ass!” I licked it off his fingers and moaned.

There’s no cum in the world that tastes as good as your son’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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