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All characters engaged in sexual activities are all eighteen years of age and older.


Matt and Cindy stepped out of the shower. Matt reached over the counter and grabbed two big, fluffy towels and handed one to Cindy.

Matt stopped toweling to stare at his girlfriend as she dried herself. Her soft, smooth flesh, wobbled and shifted as the towel wiped across her body. She noticed Matthew staring at her and paused.

She looked at his smiling face, “What?”

Matt resumed drying himself as he answered her, “You are just so beautiful. I can’t stop staring at you.”

Cindy ducked her head and blushed. She slowly wiped the towel across her body a bit more before she looked up at Matt with tears welling in the corners of her eyes.

She dropped the towel and crushed herself against Matt’s body, her lips seeking out his and smashing against them. Matt wrapped his arms around her as he felt her shoulders shudder as she started to sob.

With twin streaks of tear trails on both sides of her cheeks, Cindy leaned back to stare into Matt’s eyes, “I never in a million years ever imagined I would ever be this happy.”

Matt felt a lump in his throat as he looked at her. His hand reached up to wipe first one, then the other tear streak. Cindy tilted her head and kissed his fingers.

Matt placed his hand on Cindy’s chin and tilted her head back toward his eyes, “Someday, probably after I graduate and get a decent job to take care of us I want to marry you if you will let me.”

Tears poured anew from Cindy’s eyes as she wrapped her arms around Matt again, “Of course I’m going to marry you. I’m never, ever letting you go. I plan to spend the rest of my life with the most incredible man I know I’ll ever meet.”

Matt returned her hug and the two held still for quite a while.

Eventually the two lovers split apart and continued to dry before kissing then heading into each other’s room to get dressed.

It wasn’t long before they were on the road in Cindy’s car heading towards Dreamland.

They pulled into the empty parking lot and parked. Matt looked around the lot, “Is the place even open?”

Cindy looked at the door, “I think so. Let’s go check.”

Cindy walked up to the door. She clasped the handle and gave it a tug to find it open easily. She turned beaming a smile at Matt, “Yup, they’re open.”

Matt laughed as he watched her prance into the store.

Matt swung his legs out of the car and walked to the door.

Cindy was waiting for him right in the entrance. She smiled and held out her hand which he took, squeezing it gently.

They both walked further into the bright store and looked at the counter seeing a different middle aged woman behind the register from the last time they were there.

The tall blonde smiled a bright smile, “Welcome to Dreamland; I believe you are Matt and Cindy, right?”

Cindy stood with her mouth open.

Matt jumped a bit in surprise, “Ah, yeah, that’s us, but how do you know that?”

The woman laughed, “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to startle you. I live on your street with my sister. I formerly met your mom last night at the Chinese restaurant, and she mentioned you both.”

Cindy looked at the woman carefully, “Wait a minute. You were that woman walking this morning,”

With that realization, Cindy blushed and grabbed onto Matt’s arm and pressed into his side.

Matt looked down at his blushing, embarrassed girlfriend in surprise, “What woman?”

The woman behind the counter chuckled “I was taking a walk this morning before coming to work, and I must say that I really enjoyed the scenery more than usual.”

Cindy, still blushing a bright red, looked up at Matt, “She stopped and watched us in the front window.”

Now it was Matt’s turn to blush a deep crimson, “Oh.”

Again the woman chuckled. “I’m sorry, but you have to be ready for an audience when you do something like that. Trust me, I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I was quite turned on by the sight. You have gorgeous breasts.”

Cindy instinctively looked down at her chest, “Er, ah, thank you.”

“My sister also mentioned you from your last visit,” the woman continued. “She caught your names from your IDs. She thought you were a really cute couple, and she was right.”

The woman stepped out from behind the counter, “I’m sorry to throw you both off; I’m Stephanie Hollister.” She extended her hand out to the couple.

Matt reached forward nodding his head, “Mr. Hollister’s place,” he responded as he took her hand and pumped it up and down. He looked at Cindy who was extending her hand to take the smiling woman’s hand. “The Hollister place is five houses on the left from ours,” Matt explained to Cindy. “Mr. Hollister died a little over a year ago.”

Cindy pumped the hand, “I’m so sorry.”

Stephanie nodded, “Thanks. Uncle Jimmy, my sister and I were the outcasts of the family, so we were very close.”

The woman swept her hand around the store, “When Uncle Jimmy died, he left us his house and this store. As soon as we could, we moved here from Philadelphia.”

Cindy smiled, “I grew up in Philly. I moved here almost two canlı bahis years ago now.”

Stephanie looked at the young woman, “I don’t know about you but I don’t miss it at all. I much prefer this quieter town and the lovely views.”

Cindy blushed again and clutched tightly to Matt’s arm, “I’m much happier here.”

Stephanie grinned, “I bet. Well, kids, is there anything I can help you find?”

Matt shook his head as Cindy spoke up, “No, we’re just going to look around a bit.”

Stephanie walked back to the counter, “Great, well if you need any help don’t hesitate to ask.”

Matt and Cindy walked right over to the aisle that had Matt’s lotion. As Matt reached out to grab a bottle Cindy put her hand on Matt’s arm and smirked, “You better buy two, just in case. They don’t look that big.”

Matt laughed, “I think I’ve created a monster. Not that I’m complaining at all.”

Cindy was quickly distracted by a nearby package on the kiosk, “Oh my God, look at that.”

Matt stared at the box as Cindy lifted it off the shelf. The photo on the box cover showed a triangular, soft dildo that had a long plush tail of brown fur tapering to a white tip on the other end.

“Wild Fox Tail Anal Butt Plug, Anal Sex Toy for Women,” Cindy read from the box.

Matt laughed, “Look.” He pointed at the box above the one Cindy was holding, “There’re ears and a bow tie to go with it.”

Cindy giggled before putting the box back on the shelf.

She turned to see Matt staring at her with glazed eyes, “What?”

Matt shook his head and grinned, “I’m just imagining you with those on. You would be so adorably cute.”

Cindy took the box down again and stared at the photo, “Adorably cute, huh? I wonder how that would feel?”

She put the box back again, “But if I had that on you wouldn’t be able to fuck me in the ass, now would you?”

“Could you imagine what that would feel like if you had it on and I was fucking you at the same time?”

Cindy’s eyes lit up at the thought.

“Not today, but who knows, maybe sometime,” Cindy explained. ” I do like the idea of being adorably cute for you.”

“Tail or not, I always find you adorably cute,” answered Matthew.

Near the interesting box Cindy spied several rows of regular butt plugs and dildos in various sizes and shapes, “I do however want to include playing with my ass when I’m alone and hot and bothered.” After several minutes of studying the various options, Cindy picked a purple medium sized anal dildo and tucked it under her arm.

“Now for mom,” said Cindy.

The two were about to turn towards the section where they had found the nipple clamps when they heard the chime of a bell as the door opened.

“Hey there, Steven,” Stephanie welcomed the man who entered the store. “I got those movies in for you.”

Matt turned to look at the blonde man who stopped near the entrance to stare at Matthew.

“Oh, shit,” said both Matt and the man.

Cindy looked up at the quickly blushing boy. “What is it, Matt?”

“Ah Cindy,” Matt stuttered. “Remember how I told you about my old Biology teacher who saw us in Jamaica?”

Cindy gasped, “That’s Mr. Deforest? The man mom threw her bikini at?”

Stephanie burst into laughter as the blonde man turned red in the face.

“Uh, hi Matthew,” stuttered Deforest, ” and Miss?”

Cindy waved, “I’m Cindy, Matt’s girlfriend.”

“I’m so sorry Matthew,” continued the embarrassed man.

Matt waved his hand, “Hey no problem. You caught us in here too. It’s true that teachers are people too, I guess.”

Cindy chuckled, “And a biology teacher besides, so you would know this stuff even better.”

Stephanie and Deforest laughed at that, “Well, I guess that is true,” responded Deforest. “Now Matthew, I would appreciate if you didn’t mention to any one at school about you seeing me here.”

Matt waved his hand again, “Of course not Mr. Deforest. Don’t worry about it.”

Deforest walked closer to the counter and the grinning older woman behind it who was putting a small stack of DVDs on the top of the glass.

“Matthew, did you apologize to your mother for me yet?” Deforest asked.

“I mentioned you to her but she’s still spluttering I’m afraid,” Matt responded.

Stephanie looked from Matt to Deforest, “Ohh, you have good taste Steven; I just met Diana Hughes last night. She’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah well, my knight in shining armor routine ended up making me look like a blundering idiot,” Deforest explained.

Stephanie nodded, “That can happen to a lot of people. You know the old saying – the best intentions of mice and men.”

“Yeah, well this mouse got threatened with an ass kicking all the way back home I’m afraid,” Deforest added.

The group chuckled at this before Cindy added, “Well at least you got her out of her clothes on the first date.”

The chuckles turned to laughter.

“But now I can’t stop thinking about her,” Deforest explained.

“I’ll see what I can do, Mr. Deforest,” Matt responded. “It just seems so weird hooking my mom up with one of my teachers.”

Again the group laughed as Matt and Cindy turned to continue bahis siteleri their shopping before Cindy had to go to work.

Matt smirked when he saw Cindy again look at the box with the Fox Tail.

The two continued on to the aisle with the nipple clamps and chains. They stopped to stare at the large styles and assortments.

“Do you think mom would like one with the teeth or twist clamps?” Cindy whispered to Matt.

Matt shook his head, “I don’t think mom is into pain at all. I know that she really loves yours though.”

Cindy nodded as she reached for the familiar package, “Just what I was thinking. We can tell her that she can keep it in the box to exchange for a different one if she wants.”

They turned from the aisle to approach the front again when Cindy saw another display and pointed.

“Whoa Matt, look, they have books,” Cindy exclaimed before heading over to the large bookcase and display shelves.

“Ooohhhh, romance novels,” Cindy said. “I have to try one.”

After looking over the titles and reading the backs of numerous books she finally settled on one.

Deforest had left by the time Cindy was ready.

Stephanie looked over the items the two placed on the counter and rang them through the register. Cindy and Matt split the costs and watched as Stephanie put their purchase in a large bag.

“It was nice meeting you Miss Hollister,” Cindy said as Matt reached for the bag.

“Please, call me Stephanie or Steph. It was a pleasure and thanks again for the show this morning,” Stephanie smiled.

Cindy and Matt grinned then waved goodbye.

Matt looked at his watch as the two climbed in Cindy’s car, “You have time for lunch, my treat?”

Cindy smiled, “Sure; I’d love to.”

She pulled the car into the parking lot of a nearby deli they all liked.

Soon they were seated at a small table with subs and chips in plastic baskets before them.

“I don’t know; Mr. Deforest was kind of cute, ” Cindy said between bites.

Matt laughed, “It would seem a little weird with him being my teacher but fine. I don’t know though. Mom was really mad at him in Jamaica.”

“Well, at least she has us,” Cindy answered.

“Yep,” Matt nodded. “We definitely have to bring mom to that store next time. I can’t wait for her to get a load of that fox tail.”

Cindy choked a bit on her soda, “You really liked that didn’t you?”

Matt nodded with his eyes gleaming.

Cindy blushed and ducked her head, “We’ll just have to see about that. It looks so weird.”

“That bushy tail coming out of your ass?” Matt said quietly. “Oh no, that would be adorably cute.”

Cindy smirked, shook her head and kept eating.

Soon enough they were back in the car and pulling up to the driveway of their home

Matt leaned over to kiss the smiling girl hard as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

“See you tonight my love,” he said into her lips.

Cindy purred, “Love you.”

They waved as Matt stood on the driveway and watched her pull away.

Matt smiled when he saw his mom’s car in the garage through the window. He walked into the house to find his nude mother reclining with a book in her hands.

Diana looked up beaming at her son, “Hey, Matt.”

Matt left the bags by the kitchen door and returned to lean over and kiss his mother. His hand reached down to stroke her soft pink nipple. Diana purred and stretched her arms up to drop the book on the end table. Her breasts rose up toward Matt with the motion. He smiled and knelt down to latch his lips to the stiffening nipple. Diana purred and brought a hand down to stroke Matt’s hair. As Matt continued to suckle Di she let her other hand drift down her body to rub against her sex. Matt bathed a path over to her other nipple and clamped down on that one. Diana rubbed harder then plunged her fingers deeply into her sex, growling and groaning.

Matt stopped to sit up so he could unbutton his pants which he drew down his legs and off his body as Di shimmied down the couch. Matt climbed on top of the grinning woman and swung his legs over her head and across the arm rest of the couch, his cock dangling right in front of Diana’s face. She growled again and engulfed the flesh before her.

Matt used his fingers to spread his mother’s sex open then leaned forward to run his tongue through her smooth folds. The room was filled with the soft sounds of groans and licking. Matt started to flex his waist, driving his cock deeper in DI’s mouth.

She reached around with both hands to grasp his ass and push him with the same rhythm. Matt let one hand slip around her waist and then across her ass before letting a finger rub against her ass. As he flicked his tongue across her small nub he let a finger push into her ass.

Di growled around his flesh. Matt felt her hand rub against his ass before a finger found its way to his ass and after a couple of rubs the digit pushed into his back passage.

Now it was his turn to growl into her moistening sex. The two matched pace with the fingers and their tongues which steadily increased until their bodies started to thrash as the orgasm hit both of them. Matt flooded bahis şirketleri Diana’s mouth as she squirted her juices all over his face and tongue.

The two stilled and rested for a moment before Matt swung around and laid down beside Diana so the two could wrap their arms around each other.

“Mmmmmmm,” Diana purred as she kissed her son. “That was a lovely welcome home, my love.”

She noticed the bags against the hall again. “Where did you go shopping?”

Matt smiled, “I needed more lotion so we went to Dreamland.”

Diana gave a mock gasp and put her hand to her breast, “Without me? I’m so hurt.”

Matt laughed, “Oh we didn’t stay long. I knew we weren’t going to go until next weekend, but we spilled some oil in the kitchen. I needed more before next weekend.”

Diana sat up, “In the kitchen? Wow, you cleaned up well.”

She swung her legs off the couch and stood to stretch. Diana ambled into the kitchen to look around the room. “You did a great job; I don’t see anything.” She turned and walked back into the living room stopping at the bags.

“Can I peek at what you two bought?

Matt grinned, “Sure.”

Diana clapped her hands and picked up the bags bringing them over to the couch. She sat down, her ass pressing against her son.

She opened the first bag and giggled. She reached in to pull out the two bottles of lotion. “Two bottles, mister anal freak?”

“Hey,” Matt exclaimed. “I picked up one bottle; it was Cindy who told me to get two.”

Diana placed the bottles on the floor next to the couch and swung around to look at her grinning son. “Cindy did huh?” Diana smirked. “Exactly what where you doing when you spilled that bottle in the kitchen?”

Matt nodded, “On the kitchen table.”

“I guess by the second bottle she liked it, huh?” Di responded. “Good thing for you and my poor ass.”

Matt swatted her ass, “Like you ever complained.”

Diana giggled and then opened the second bag.

“A book?” Di asked. She pulled the paperback out and looked at the cover and then read the back cover.

“Ohhh, I’m going to have to ask to borrow this and see what other ones they have for sale.” Diana smiled before putting the book down next to the bottles.

“Oh my gosh!” Diana exclaimed as she pulled out the blister carded purple anal dildo. “Did Cindy buy this as well?”

After Matt nodded with a huge grin, Diana laughed, “I guess she really did enjoy it.”

“Ohhh what’s this?” Diana squealed as she pulled out the package with the nipple clamps and chain.

She swung around to her beaming son, “Is this for me?” she asked.

She dove down on her son as he nodded his head and kissed him hard.

When she came up for air she looked down at her son, her breasts pushed against his chest. “I still want to go with you two next weekend, buster.”

“You bet,” Matt answered. “They have this cute fox tail that you can wear as well as adorable ears to go along with it.”

“Fox tail? What, on a belt like Cindy’s strap on?” She asked.

Matt’s eyes glowed, “Nope on the other end of one of those” he responded as he pointed to the purple dildo.

Di’s mouth dropped open, “Are you kidding me?”

She closed her mouth and thought for a moment a smirk crossing her face, “That could look kinda cute on Cindy I think.”

Matt nodded his head vigorously, “That’s what I told her.”

Diana shook her head, “I really have to check that store out.”

“Oh, by the way, do you know who runs the store?” Matt asked.

Diana shook her head.

“Old Mr. Hollister’s sisters,” he answered.

Diana gasped in surprise. “I just met them last night.”

Matt nodded, “I know, she told us. She seems nice. Cindy noticed her this morning walking the street.”

Diana rested her arm on her son, “I know some serious debauchery occurred in the kitchen but did Cindy attack you in the bed this morning after I left?”

Matt smiled, “No, I heard you leave and got up. I found Cindy looking out the window and attacked her there.”

“Did you remember to use a condom?” Diana asked.

Matt laughed, “Yes that time, but that’s what led to the anal session in the kitchen. Cindy couldn’t wait.”

Diana laughed a hearty laugh, “Wait a minute; I just realized something. You attacked her out here right after I left, but she saw one of the Hollister sisters on the street. Did she see anything?”

Matt grinned again while nodding, “I didn’t notice her but Cindy did.”

“I wonder how much she saw,” Di wondered.

“Well, she did tell Cindy that she had gorgeous breasts,” Matt answered. “She also thanked us for the show when we left.”

Diana got up from the couch and walked in front of the large picture window and looked out around the quiet street.

Matt leaned up from the couch and stared at the naked back of his mother. He remembered the sight of his girlfriend that morning standing in the exact same spot. Diana was taller and much darker from her tanning. She also had a smooth curve to her form whereas Cindy was much paler and softer with a much curvier shape to her. His mother had auburn hair which waved around her neck in a cute pixie cut. Cindy had raven black hair that shone out from the pale of her skin as it hung straight down to her shoulders. Matt smiled at his fortune of having two such incredibly beautiful women in his life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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