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He watched from his bedroom window as the people moved in next door. The two girls appeared to be twins about his age–18 or 19 years old–and the older woman apparently was the mother. There was no one else and no father was in evidence.

All three women looked to be very attractive, which meant the twins would have nothing to do with him. Lester was a nerd, no question about it, and girls like those generally had nothing to with him. So, he discontinued his watch, expecting little interaction with the new neighbors.

It was just Lester and his dad, Jonas. His mom had passed a couple of years ago. Father and son had a good relationship but had little in common. Lester was studious, interested in science and technology; typical nerd stuff. He even looked the part: glasses, not particularly clothes savvy.

His dad, on the other hand, was easy-going, good-looking, a regular guy, not afraid of the other sex. The kind of guy who wanted to go next door when he got home from work and introduce he and his son and greet their new neighbors. Particularly since they were attractive females. Lester didn’t want to go, but his dad insisted.

There was an obvious instant attraction between Jonas and Lois, the mother. It turned out they worked for the same company, but it was so big they would not likely see much of each other. It was also obvious by their smirks that the girls thought Lester was exactly what he was.

Over the next few weeks, Jonas and Lois became quite friendly, even occasionally riding back and forth to work together.

Lester and the twins, not so much. They were all seniors at the same high school. The twins, whose names were Paulette and Georgette–apparently, their father was a huge Beatles fan with Paul and George being his favorites–became instantly popular with the guys and the envy of many of the girls.

It was inevitable that Jonas would want to ask Lois out on a date, and she easily agreed. Lester’s dad had not dated much since his mother passed away, but he did occasionally. He also went to ball games and such–since he couldn’t drag his son–with some of his male friends. Father and son outings were generally little more than dinner out. But for the occasion of their first date, the parents had this wacky idea that their kids should spend the time together. Since they were still relatively new in town, Lois was not comfortable with her daughters dating or going out with friends yet. Therefore, they insisted that the kids order pizza, watch movies, and get to know each other.

Of course, that didn’t sit well with Lester. And there was no talking his dad out of it.

* * *

The twins were even less enthusiastic. Not even a yelling and screaming match could dissuade their mother. So, before leaving, the parents faced the three disgruntled teens and told them to have a good time.

Jonas had ordered the pizzas earlier and they arrived just before the neighbors. After the parents departed, Lester helped himself to a piece and returned to the sofa to eat it.

The twins sat together on the perpendicular love seat eating their pizza and watching him.

“You think he’s just quiet or shy?” Paulette whispered to her sister after a while.

“I don’t know,” Georgette responded, also in a hushed tone. “He’s really smart.”

“Maybe we should have brought our homework. Maybe he would have helped us.”

“Why? It’s not like we’ve been nice to him.”

“Maybe if we ask politely,” Georgette suggested.

Lester could hear them whispering, but not exactly what they were saying, although undoubtedly, they were making fun of him. He glanced at them. Up close, they were very attractive.

“He’s looking at us,” Paulette noted.

“Why not? We’re hot.”

“But I’ve never seen him with a girl at school.”

“He’s actually not bad looking for a nerd,” Georgette observed.

“If you say so,” Paulette said.

Both girls giggled.

That caused Lester to glance at them again. He shook his head slightly in annoyance, noticing that they were sitting awfully close to each other, and touching each other. The top two buttons on Paulette’s shirt were undone and he could see the roundness of her breast as it curved into her cleavage.

“You think he’s gay?” Paulette asked.

“Only one way to find out,” Georgette responded. She reached out and grabbed her sister’s tit and caressed it.

Paulette’s hand had already been on her sister’s leg, so she started gently rubbing her thigh.

The two girls then engaged in a lip-to-lip kiss.

Peripherally, Lester could somewhat see what they were up to. He wondered the same thing about them: were they lesbians? Although, they certainly teased the boys at school. He was certain they were attempting to tease him, but he couldn’t imagine why. He gave in and looked at them.

Their response was to again giggle, then they kissed once more.

Lester turned away. He wasn’t embarrassed. He simply did not want to play whatever game they were playing.

“Well, Keçiören Escort that got him to look,” Paulette noted.

“Let him see your tits,” Georgette suggested. She undid the buttons on her sister’s shirt and spread it apart to reveal Paulette wore no bra. Georgette caressed her sibling’s breast once more.

Lester gave a barely perceptible glance but saw enough as Paulette now pulled the straps of Georgette’s shirt down her arms to expose her tits. Both girls had nice boobs, not particularly big, but average for their age and size. No one knew that Lester did watch porn on his computer. So many of the girls at school, not just these two, liked to dress suggestively to show off what they had as much as the dress code would allow. Lester might have been a nerd, but he wasn’t immune to the female form. Even though he knew the twins were toying with him, he would love to watch, but he didn’t want to give in to them.

“Maybe if we move closer,” Paulette said.

Lester was sitting at one end of the sofa and saw the girls move to the other end from the love seat. They kissed showing more tongue usage and played with each other’s boobs. Next, they both completely removed their tops.

Paulette who was closest to Lester, crawled over to him on hands and knees, her tits hanging down forming perfect cones. “Hi,” she offered.


“I’m Paulette.”

“I know.”

“Didn’t know if you knew which of us was which.”

Lester nodded. “I knew.”

Now, she nodded. “My mom said we should get to know you better. Would you like to get to know me?”

“Do you really want to?” Lester had to ask. “You won’t give me the time of day at school.” He didn’t phrase it in a mean way.

“You keep to yourself.” She glanced down and saw there was a bulge in his crotch. “Would you like to touch my tits?”

With a frown, Lester asked, “Why are you doing this?”

Paulette shrugged. “Thought it might break the ice.”

“Or is this another way of teasing me?” Lester asked.

Now, Georgette crawled up behind her sister. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Lester returned unemotionally.

“We’re really not trying to tease you,” Georgette explained. “I mean, we might have at first. Truth is, up close, you’re not bad looking.”

“And we can see you’re interested,” Paulette added nodding her head at his crotch.

“Do you always whip out your breasts when you meet a guy?”

“No, of course, not,” Paulette said.

“Then why me?”

“You seem different,” Georgette said.

“Because you think I’m a nerd?”

“No. You’re polite and . . . nice. And you don’t act like a nerd.” Paulette took his hand and placed it on her breast.

Lester looked away but didn’t pull his hand back.

Georgette moved in closer as Paulette gently grabbed Lester’s chin and turned his head toward her sister’s boobs. Paulette moved his hand to the other girl’s breast as the twins kissed again.

“I still don’t understand why you’re doing this,” Lester said.

“The fact is,” Georgette explained, “we’re two pretty horny girls. As you can see, we’re not afraid to play with each other. We’d like to play with a boy, but we don’t trust any of the guys at school. We thought you might be a guy we could trust.”

He had to admit, he was enjoying feeling their breasts. It was the first time he’d ever done this. They were much softer than he imagined they would be.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Paulette asked.

Lester turned his head away in embarrassment.

Paulette took that as a negative answer. She cupped his chin with one hand, and with the forefinger of her other hand, ran the tip around his lips. He again tried to turn away, but she held his face in place. She then leaned in and licked his lips with her tongue. That made his cock, already uncomfortably hard, pulse in his pants. She touched his lips again with her fingertip, licked them once more before pressing her lips to his. She kept the kiss brief, then turned to her sister and grinned. She kissed and licked him again.

Even though it was little more than a peck, it was the most divine thing ever to happen to him. He had to wonder what the purpose of her licking his lips was, but it definitely added an element of excitement.

Georgette now leaned in for her kiss, which was more sensual and longer.

Lester was becoming hooked. Though he found it somewhat difficult to believe their statement about wanting to “play” with a boy they could trust, and that he might be that boy, this was an opportunity that might only come along once. Fortunately, between the amount of porn he watched and his keen intellect, he had an acute sense of what to do.

Paulette came in for another kiss, this one longer like her sister’s, and she jabbed her tongue between his lips.

He touched the tip of her tongue with the tip of his before she quickly withdrew hers.

Then it was Georgette’s turn again. She too, introduced her Etimesgut Escort tongue and allowed his to play with hers. She actually was the better kisser of the two.

Meanwhile, Lester felt Paulette’s hand on the bulge in his pants. A gasp accompanied her feeling his full length. He felt like he should be alarmed that this girl was grabbing his dick, but his mind had succumbed to the fact that here he was with two gorgeous, topless girls who, for whatever reason, were having their way with him. Not mention that it felt wonderful. If this were a dream, it was the best one he’d ever had.

Georgette’s hand was rubbing his chest, and Paulette’s was still handling his cock.

Lester had dreamed of the day he would become intimate with a girl, but never had he ever thought it would happen with two girls.

Almost as though they were of one mind, the twins worked together. Georgette’s hand had dropped and was lifting the tail of his shirt so that Paulette could undo his pants and zipper. The latter wasted no time in pulling his pants and underwear down to his knees.

He felt as though he should be appalled and/or nervous, hesitant, apprehensive, but for the first time in his life, he was thinking with his other head.

“Georgette, would you look at the size of his cock?”

Georgette instantly pulled away from the kiss and eased down to see. “I’ve never seen one this big. Except in porn movies.”

“How did you get such a big cock?” Paulette asked in amazement.

Lester knew that in porn movies big penises were prized. But he’d often wondered if girls, women in real life had such an attraction to size. “It just grew,” Lester said innocently.

Paulette wrapped her fingers around his shaft and held it straight up. The two girls studied it as though it was a science experiment. “I have been wanting to do this.” She guided his cock between her lips tightening them around the soft circumcised area.

Lester thought he was going to pass out, but he managed to keep his breathing steady and remain aware.

Paulette started bobbing her head up and down. She ran her tongue around the mushroom head. Georgette got on her knees and took a turn. Both girls were doing the exact same thing, but somehow each felt different. He’d seen it many times in porn, but he had no clue why women liked to suck cock. However, at this time, he was not complaining. This was the most amazing thing he had ever experienced.

And if that wasn’t enough, when it was Georgette’s turn again, she licked and sucked his balls. He felt the pre-cum bubble up and out. And then to blow his mind, she licked the clear drop off. He knew these things were done, had seen it many times. But he never expected it to happen to him. As Georgette returned to his scrotum, Paulette’s hand was around his shaft again sliding it up and down. It just kept getting better.

Georgette relinquished his cock to her sister and sat next to them on the sofa, but only to strip the remainder of her clothes off. Now completely naked and thus making Lester’s dick seemingly expand more, she positioned herself to press her lips to his again. He kissed back like he meant it now. He even raised his hand to cup her head.

Meanwhile, Paulette was really doing an oral job on his cock.

After their most passionate kiss yet, Georgette pressed her cheek to his and whispered in his ear. “I want you to fuck me.” She moved over, kneeling on the sofa, her arms resting on the top of the sofa back and wiggled her ass.

Paulette stood from her oral position and helped Lester to stand. She arranged him behind her sister, bent over to suck him once more to coat his rod with saliva, and then guided it into Georgette’s pussy.

A whimper escaped Georgette’s lips as she felt his big hard dick slide into her vagina. It was the most wonderful thing she’d ever felt. She and her sister had frequently snuck their mother’s various sized dildos to use on themselves, so they were no strangers to having something inside them. It also accounted for the loss of each girl’s hymen. But having a real, live penis inside her for the first time ever was no comparison.

For Lester, his knees were weak having his cock sheathed inside this tight, wet, and warm pussy. Nothing he had ever imagined had prepared him for this moment. He started pumping because he knew that’s what he supposed to do. He couldn’t help the sounds of pleasure that seeped from his lips.

Likewise, Georgette emitted throaty sounds with each thrust. She nearly wanted to cry it felt so good.

Paulette moved around and knelt one knee on the sofa and stood on the other leg facing Lester. She kissed him as he fucked her sister. She couldn’t wait for her turn. The twins had longed for the day they could have sex. It was why they played with each other; not because they had lesbian tendencies, but rather to prepare themselves. They had not come here tonight with such intentions. However, as Demetevler Escort one thing led to another, they knew they could finally achieve that desire. She also regretted their treatment of Lester, particularly since his participation so far had been everything they could have hoped for their first time. His adeptness had her wondering if this was his first time.

Lester pumped slowly as Paulette stripped off her clothes. When she returned to him, she helped remove as much of his clothes as she could without interrupting their fucking. She leaned over and swapped spit with her sister. Tonight, it was actually a loving gesture. At one point, he pulled back too far and slipped out. Paulette swooped in to suck her sister’s juices off before guiding him back into her sweet pussy.

“Faster!” Georgette pleaded.

So, Lester complied.

This generated more intense moans, groans, and other assorted sounds from Georgette as her orgasm built. She closed her eyes and concentrated intensely on the thrill of this big cock sliding in and out of her desperate pussy. Finally, she came, yelling out unintelligible sounds of pleasure. Her heart was racing, and her body shivered all over. She’d had many climaxes from her fingers and dildos, but none were as impactful as this one. When she finished, she fell over onto her side still shaking as her body tried to hold on to every ounce of pleasure. She gasped for breath.

Sitting beside her sister, Paulette pulled Lester over and sucked his cock, enjoying her sister’s secretions all over it. Once she had him lubed again, she assumed the same position her twin had.

Lester knew she expected the same treatment. He was only too happy to provide it. Though they were nearly identical twins, their pussies felt completely differently. He had to smirk knowing it was a way to tell them apart. But she was no different in emitting strange sounds that expressed her pleasure.

Having recovered, Georgette knelt up to exchange kisses with Lester as her sister had done.

After a minute, Paulette oddly stopped and pushed Lester back to his perplexed expression. She merely grinned, stood, turned him around and pushed him to sit on the sofa. She then straddled his lap, grabbed his cock, and fed it into her pussy.

Lester grinned to himself. This made her feel even more different being in another position. He placed his hands on her sides as she bounced up and down. He thrust up to meet her riding him. This went on for a few minutes before she stopped again. It was to change positions again, but merely to turn around and face away from him. She seemed to be able to grind better this way.

To his utter delight, Georgette sat on the floor between their legs and licked her sister’s pussy and his shaft on the out strokes. He’d seen similar positions in videos and couldn’t get over how exciting it was to be fucking one girl while another licked his cock.

It might have been that since Paulette was the one to start all of this, she was more primed, but the build-up of her climax started sooner, but seemed no less intense. And when she exploded, her reaction was little different than that of her sister with trembling, nerves tingling and muscles tightening. The vocal accompaniment was just as loud. And when it was all over, she too, rolled over in a panting recovery.

While her sister recovered, Georgette was quick to realize that Lester had not come yet so with him still sitting, she knelt before him and sucked him. She’d only sucked guys a couple of times, so she was hardly an expert, but she used every trick she knew from watching porn. A minute or so later, her sister had perked up and knelt beside her. They each lifted one of Lester’s legs to give them better access, and Paulette sucked his balls while Georgette focused on his cock.

After all that had happened in the last hour or so, Lester was so aroused it didn’t take much for him to explode. As many times as he had come from masturbating and watching porn, the build-up he now felt from these beautiful twins orally pleasuring him was massive by comparison. He could feel the intensity of the orgasm he was going to have mounting in his balls. He also felt he should warn the girls before he showered them.

But all they did was back off a bit. Georgette switched to pumping his cock with her hand while Paulette massaged his balls with her hands. Since she’d had his dick mostly aimed at her, the first jet splattered on Georgette’s cheek causing her to jerk her head back. Paulette started giggling, so her sister quickly pointed the spurting dick at her where globs slapped against her lips and chin. The next several ejaculations landed on their necks and chests dripping down onto their tits.

It was a massive load.

When he was finished, the girls eyed each other covered in pearly, white liquid and started laughing.

Paulette automatically licked the cum off her lips tasting semen for the first time. “Mmmm, not bad.” So, she started cleaning it off her sister with her tongue.

When she finished, Georgette did the same thing.

Lester thought he could have shot another load just from watching the girls lick his cum off each other.

Paulette got up to get some paper towels. She handed a few sheets to her sister and noted, “Hey, the lights are on at our house. They must be back.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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