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My friends and I walked through the supposedly haunted abandoned house, the floor creaking as we tried to make each other jump. It was on the older part of town, I swore the place looked like the house from that IT movie but none of my friends did. I walked down a dark corridor and heard the floor creak louder than the rest of the place and before I could react I was crashing through the splintering floorboards to the basement below. I’m not sure if I hit my head or not, I could hear my friends shouting, telling each other to be careful, asking who was hurt. I heard another voice, a closer one, I strained my eyes to see in the dark and a small figure appeared before me. I inhaled sharply to scream, staring at me was a bald, cherub looking thing that was almost a cross between a goblin and a demon.

“Shhh, I’m not going to hurt you, you’re badly hurt and you have a pretty nasty cut in your side. I can’t fix it fully but I can slow your bleeding some if you’ll let me.” It said.

“Oh…Okay.” I replied, noticing the blood pouring over my shorts.

The creature touched my side and my bleeding slowed, it wiped it’s finger on my pants and sat down.

“So, I’m Misha, I was a Cupid Angel before I discovered brandy, the drink, not that slut from your English class, anyways, I was kicked out. If you help me get back in I’ll give you the power to get any girl you want.” He said.

“What’s the catch, there’s usually always a catch right?” I replied.

“Oooh, a smart one, I like the smart ones. To get your power you need to give 100 orgasms first, the next girl who exposes her breasts to you will be hooked and once she’s cum 100 times, you will be able to get who you want.”

“Sounds simple enough. How do you get back in from that?”

“Well, orgasms release energy that gives joy and if I’ve caused the attraction with the magic I’ve given you, I get the credit for it. Do you agree?”

“How will I know she’s hooked?”

“She’ll insist on having sex the first time, any after that is up to you.”

“Sure, I agree.”

“Great! See you in 100 orgasms!”

“Sounds good.”

“What? You’re going to be okay, we’re going to lift you onto the stretcher now, it’ll hurt a little but we can give you something for the pain when we get you out.” Said the EMT.

I tried to look around for the little cherub but the EMT’s held me down on the board and then lifted me onto the stretcher. Bandaged, stitched and pumped full of pain meds, I laid in my hospital bed feeling pretty out of it. Was Misha even real? They said I had a concussion so I figured I imagined the whole thing, I thought I’d try anyway when my girlfriend came to see me.

“I came to see if you’re okay, we felt bad that you got hurt and we’ve all been lectured by the Police, you’ll probably get that when you get out.” She said.

“Can you show me your boobs?” I said, not offering context.

“Marcus, you’re hurt, I told you I wanted to stay pure, why do you think it’s okay to ask me that?” She said, getting annoyed.

“It would help me feel better.”

“You are lucky you have bandages on your head because you deserve a slap right now you pervert. We are finished.” She said then stormed out of my room.

“Well shit.” I said to myself and fell asleep.

I wasn’t out long, being on concussion watch I wasn’t allowed to sleep and was woken by a very nice nurse.

“Sorry buddy, have to keep you awake. Your family is here anyways.” She said, sitting me up.

“What the fuck did I say about that house! It’s a miracle you weren’t killed!” Said my Dad.

“Jim, calm down, he’s okay and that’s all that matters.” Said Mom.

“Hey little brother, find any ghosts?” Said my sister Clara.

“Nope, just a crappy floor.” I replied, trying to smile.

“Well I’ve had the place bulldozed, city should have done it years ago. Sorry I’m mad, just hate seeing you this way son.” Said my Dad.

“I’ll be okay Dad, they’re just keeping me in a few days.”

I ended up being in hospital for a week but I felt pretty good by the time I was allowed home. My head was fine, the cut on my side was superficial and other than a few aches I was back to myself after a few weeks. I had almost forgotten about Misha. I didn’t hear the shower running in the bathroom I shared with my sister so I just wandered in, she had just stepped out of the cubicle and stood frozen, completely naked and reaching for a towel. My eyes went straight to her breasts, she was pretty well endowed but always wore baggy tops to hide them but they were magnificent to me.

“Done staring or can I put my towel on?” Said Clara, her hair dripping wet.

“I, oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were still in here.” I stammered.

“It’s fine. Let me get dried and we’ll have sex, don’t you dare tell our parents though.”


“We’re going to have sex, get in the shower and come to my room when you’re dry okay?”

Clara kissed me on the cheek then left the room, I was in shock. I’d tried to perv on my sister before, I freely admit it. keçiören escort Put any 19 year old male in a house with a hot blonde with big tits and see how it goes but she’d always catch me, get mad and punch me, mostly always in the stomach but a lot of times in the balls. I scrubbed every inch of my body and tentatively walked into her room once I was dry.

“Did you think I was joking, lose the robe dummy.” Said Clara, she was sitting on her bed naked.

I took my robe off and hung it on her chair then stood naked before her, my cock already semi hard from gazing at her breasts.

“You uh, you’ve never been with a woman have you?” She said.

“No, my ex was saving herself for marriage so I never really had the chance.”

“Well if you’re to make me cum 100 times you better be good at following directions.”

“What? What do you mean 100 times?”

“I don’t know little brother, when I seen you staring at my tits I got this notion in my head that you should fuck me and make me cum 100 times. I don’t know or care, I just want you.”

I felt guilty that it was my sister being manipulated but when I felt her warm lips envelope my cock that notion soon vanished and I groaned as I felt her tongue explore me. She sat me on the bed and continued sucking me, it felt amazing, my first ever blow job coming from my own sister but it felt far to good to care about that. I didn’t last long, I tried to warn her but she stopped long enough to say it was fine then sucked me until I was spraying the contents of my balls down her throat, shuddering and gasping for air as I came.

“I knew you wouldn’t last long, I don’t expect you to last long in my pussy either but that should delay you a little at least, I’ll teach you how to eat me later but once I get you hard again you’re going to fuck me.”

It only took about 10 minutes of me fondling her breasts to get me hard again, she had me lay back on the bed and straddled me, holding my hard cock at the entrance of her pussy.

“Are you ready for this little brother, ready to lose your cherry to your own sister?” She said, looking down at me, her breasts hanging beautifully.

“Yes please.” I replied.

She fed my cock into herself nice and slow, I groaned in pleasure as she took every inch into her, the warm tightness driving me nuts. It felt amazing, I thought her mouth was magical but being inside a pussy for the first time was unlike anything I’d ever imagined. She was right, if I hadn’t already cum in her mouth I’d have exploded inside her after the first thrust. She rode me slowly, looking down and giggling at the look on my face as she fucked me.

“Feel good baby?” She said.

“Feels amazing.”

“Well good, this is just the beginning.”

After a while she increased her pace, gyrating her hips as she rode me and when I felt her cum, her soft moans turning me on, I pushed up into her, groaning and chanting ‘oh fuck yes’ as my cock erupted inside her. She collapsed on top of me when we were both spent and she laid on my chest, kissing my neck as we caught our breaths.

“That was amazing little brother, you made me cum twice.”

“That was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt.” I replied, she giggled again.

“Oooh, I think I’ll keep kissing you here, you’re still hard.”

Clara got off me and got on all fours, the excitement of finally getting some pussy kept my cock hard and she had me push into her from behind, our cum still oozing from her pussy.

“Don’t hold back baby, just fuck me as hard as you want.”

I did as she asked and after taking my cock out to the tip then back in a few times I started slamming into her, trying to get as much of my cock inside her as I could with every thrust. She came a few more times then I felt myself cum again then we collapsed together in a breathless heap.

“Wow, that was pretty awesome.” She said.

We took a quick shower together then she came into my room and held me.

“My pussy is yours, I’m on the pill so don’t worry about that but you will promise me that you won’t touch another woman and stay loyal to me while we’re fucking okay?” She said.

“I promise.” I replied.

“Good, we have to be discreet too, folks will fucking flip if they catch us. Tomorrow I’m going to start teaching you how to eat me, make sure you’re in the shower as soon as Mom leaves for work okay.”


She kissed me softly on the lips then left me alone, I got my chores done, even helped with a few of Clara’s and was swimming when Mom got home. She came out to see my by the pool.

“Hey, what’s gotten into you today, I usually have to hound you to get your chores done.” She said with a smile.

“Just in a good mood is all.” I replied.

“Well I like it, thank you.” She said then went inside to start cooking.

The next morning when Mom left for work I got up and showered and was waiting with my cock already semi hard by the time Clara came to get me from my room.

“Boy you are eager, was yesterday keçiören escort bayan that much fun?” She said with a smile then kissed me.

“I really liked it.”

“Well I can tell. This morning is about me though, you’re going to learn how to eat a woman’s pussy, what to listen for and where to touch with your tongue to drive her wild. Then, you can fuck me until you can’t get hard any more then we’ll do it all again after some rest. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect.”

I did as she asked, I loved the taste of her and I eagerly explored every inch of her shaven pussy, licking, probing, tasting her until she was bucking and writhing on the bed as she came. She was very wet when I finally got to push my cock into her but after only 6 or 7 thrusts I couldn’t hold back and pushed in deep as I came. Clara looked up at me with a sated smile.

“We’ll work on making you last little brother but you deserved that, you made me cum so many times with your tongue, you’re a quick learner.”

We made love for hours then took a nap, she let me fuck her from behind again then we showered and went about our usual chores, I helped her again and she let me eat her before Mom got home. Things went like that for days, I felt more alive than I’d ever been and had a constant smile on my face. That Friday after a wonderful session with Clara, we got our chores done and I was reading my book by the pool when Mom got home. She started dinner in the pressure cooker then went to do the laundry.

With Dad away for a few weeks on a new construction job we made a point to eat together as a family, Mom made us both stay at the table when we were done eating.

“I’m going to ask some questions, some of which I know the answers to but if either of you lie to me you will catch hell, understood?” She said, we both nodded.

“Good, now Clara, how long have you and Marcus been having sex.” Said Mom, Clara’s face went white.

“Ab… about a week.” She replied.

“Are you taking your birth control?”

“Yes Mom.”

“How did it start?”

“I… I’m not sure, he walked into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower and when I seen how much he was enjoying looking at my breasts I wanted him to fuck me.”

“What you’re doing isn’t right but I’m not going to stop you. I used to have sex with my Uncle after babysitting my cousin but if your Father finds out he will go insane. You, being happy all the time is a big giveaway, the love of your life dumped you before you got out of the hospital but you’re practically skipping around the house and helping Clara with her chores? Usually I’d hear a quiet ‘fuck that’ if she even hinted at you helping her. When your Dad gets home, make up an online girlfriend, Clara, pretend to pay him for helping you and for goodness sake, leave a window open and use a towel or blanket on the bed. Your rooms both smell of sex. I’ll only be able to help you cover so much, if he catches you I’m going to pretend to be just as mad so keep it discreet okay?” Said Mom.

“Yes Mom, thank you.” I replied.

Clara and I worked out our cover then would sneak into each other’s room for sex every night and would spend all day having sex when Mom went to work. We made sure to cover our tracks like Mom said and I was even able to last longer inside her. After a couple of weeks we knew each others pleasure so well and would tease and enjoy each other for ages. One morning, after a wonderful session with her, I sat soaking in the bath when Misha appeared. I almost leaped out my skin.

“Oops, sorry, I forget you’re a jumpy one.”

“I thought I imagined you!” I said, letting my heart rate calm down.

“Even after your hottie sister just insisted on you fucking her? Tsk, you have a nice dick but you’re no God’s gift to women young man. Anyways, you’re all paid up but there’s a problem.”

“Problem, what kind of problem.”

“The council said since the 100 came from your sister you have to have 5 more women cum for you then I can be reinstated. I’m not allowed to give you the powers until you have.”

“Are you serious? You just said I can’t have the power, insinuated that I’m ugly but you expect me to woo 5 women? Fucking knew there’d be a catch.”

“Hey, who are you talki….Ooooh you’re really real!” Said Clara, freezing as she walked into the bathroom.

“Yes I’m real, I’ll let you tell her, maybe she can help. All five have to cum at least once, good luck!” Said Misha then he vanished.

“Five, what was it talking about?” Asked Clara.

“Remember when I told you why you were so insistent on us fucking and the 100 orgasms? That was his doing, it was meant to be my girlfriend or someone else but I’m glad it was you, making love to you is wonderful. He helped me when I fell through the floor in that abandoned house, in return I have to help him get reinstated as a Cupid Angel.” I replied. Clara just stared at me for a minute.

“I thought you’d made that up to stop me feeling guilty about fucking my own brother, holy escort keçiören shit. Where does 5 come into things, five what?”

“He said since the 100 came from my sister I have to make 5 different women cum before I’ll get the power to get any woman I want and get him reinstated.”

“And if you don’t?”

“He uh, didn’t say.”

We both jumped when Misha appeared again.

“Here’s what I changed, nothing that will end the fabric of time and space but it was a change nonetheless.” He said then vanished again leaving a newspaper sitting on the toilet seat.

“Local boy dies in abandoned house.. Fuck, dude, it’s you, he’s saying you were supposed to die in there. The EMT’s said you were really fucking lucky but I didn’t think it could have went this way.” Said Clara, she had a tear running down her face.

“I’m getting out, my water’s cold.”

That night when Mom got home Clara and I were just cuddling on the couch, the newspaper sitting beside us. We were both too upset to think.

“What’s going on, what’s wrong? You both look like she’s either pregnant or someone died.” She said, a worried look on her face.

We showed her the paper then told her the whole story, she sat open mouthed when we were done.

“Well, I’ve heard some stories in my time being a lawyer but wow, this is a big one. If you’d told me this without this paper I’d have sent you both to the crazy farm but if that’s all you have to do then 5 women you shall have. I’m going to make some calls, you’re both going to go and make love, after tonight he’s off limits for 2 days Clara and by bedtime I’ll have a plan in place okay?” Said Mom calmly, looking at the paper again.

“Okay.” We said together then made our way to my room.

“What do you think she’s going to do?” Said Clara.

“I don’t know but when has Mom ever said something and not followed through.”

“Fair point, not sure if I’m ready for two days without you though lover, you better give it to me good.”

Clara and I made passionate love, showered and sat with a smile as we waited for Mom to come back down from her bedroom.

“Well, I have four but the fifth I’m having trouble with. Would you care if if the fifth was me?” Said Mom to me.

“I uh, no.” I replied.

“Well, this weekend I have a suite booked at the Waldorf. I have arranged for four of my friends to come throughout the day, receive a good seeing to then leave again. No names, no questions, no repeats. They are all married, they are all not getting enough at home and they all know it’s a one time thing. I’ll give you a couple of your Dad’s viagra to get you through but by the squeals from your sister earlier I’m sure your youthful energy will keep you going a while. Sound good?”

“I don’t know what to say, thank you.” I said.

“You can thank me tomorrow when I start off your five, Clara, you’re going for a spa day, I’m taking a sick day and I’m taking your place tomorrow okay?”

“I thought I’d be jealous but looking at this paper again I know I can’t be.” She replied.

“That’s another thing, Marcus, go burn this in the fire pit please.”

The next morning, Clara came to see me before she left for her spa day, she kissed me gently on the lips and held me close to her.

“I know you have to do this baby, I want you to know that I love you and that I’ll still be yours when this is all over okay.” She said, tears welling up in her eyes.

“I’ll look forward to that.” I replied.

She kissed me again then left, wiping the tears from her eyes as she walked out of my door. A few minutes later Mom came to my room, she was wearing a sheer negligee that didn’t hide anything and led me to her room with a smile on her face. She took off her negligee and dropped it to the floor then kissed me softly on the lips.

“If you need to close your eyes and pretend I’m your sister you can, I know I’m your Mother but I hope you’ll still enjoy it.” She said, taking my robe off.

“You’re beautiful Mom, I’m lucky to have you.” I said, being honest.

I meant what I said to her, Mom kept in shape and looked amazing for her 42 years old and was a nice contrast being brunette to Clara’s blonde. She had smaller but firmer breasts and had a small patch of neatly trimmed hair on her pussy rather than completely shaven. I treated her with respect, like it was an honor to make love to her and when she came for the third time I gazed into her eyes as I pushed in deep to cum into her. We stared at each other as we caught our breaths and I only rolled off her when I began to soften.

“Well that was amazing, Clara has taught you well sweetie.” Said Mom as she caught her breath.

“Thank you, I really enjoyed that.”

We made love another twice before Clara got home, I was resting on the couch when she came in, her hair all nice and looking refreshed. Mom gave her a hug and kissed her on the lips.

“Thank you, your brother was wonderful and he said it’s how you taught him.” Said Mom with a smile.

“Well good, is nice to see you smiling again too Mom.”

Two days later I sat waiting in the suite Mom had booked. I was to expect one woman every couple of hours, my first being at 8am. The first lady was stunning, a tall athletic redhead, she seemed a bit uptight at first but soon warmed up when I’d made her cum a few times orally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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