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Veronica’s mother and father had been divorced for as long as she could remember. She was just a baby when it happened. She didn’t really know why they ever got divorced or any of the details, but it seemed normal to her because it was all she’d ever known. For awhile, she would go back and forth between her mother and father’s homes in the suburbs in North Carolina, but five years ago, her father had received a job offer from a large corporation. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse, more than triple the salary he earned. But to get the job would mean he would have to move out of the suburbs and out to L.A. Veronica was devastated, for she adored her father, but he chose to accept the offer and move.

Over the next five years, Veronica only saw her father a handful of times when he would come to North Carolina on business. He’d take her shopping and buy her ice cream and she hated it every time he left. She begged her mother to let her go visit him. She kept asking, and asking, and asking, until one day, finally, her mother gave in. She got on the phone with Veronica’s father and made the arrangement for her to fly out to L.A. and be picked up at the airport by him. Veronica was bursting with excitement.

The day finally came and she was all packed and ready to go, standing at the front door at seven a.m. Her mother sighed and hustled her out into the family minivan and they made their way out to the airport. Today was a very special day because it wasn’t just the day she’d get to go visit her father, but it was also her birthday. She was eighteen today and had almost forgotten because she was so excited about the trip. Her mother had bought her new pink suitcases for the occasion. Veronica dragged her mother to get her a pass so she could see her off at the gate and talk to the flight attendants about the arrangements. Then, they hugged and waved goodbye and a nice flight attendant took Veronica by the hand and led her to her seat. She was exhausted from staying up all night, too excited to sleep, that she quickly fell into a slumber on the plane.

Before she knew it, the nice flight attendant from before was softly nudging her awake and helping her with her bags. She led her through the cabin and into the airport where Veronica frantically searched the crowd for her father. She spotted him and let out a squeal, taking off to jump into his arms and startling the flight attendant. Her father was a very good looking man. Her mother said he still looked exactly the same as the day she married him. He was tall, over six foot, dark brown hair with just a touch of grey, and brilliant, blue eyes that shone like diamonds. He wore old, softly worn jeans, brown, leather boots, and a blue, button up shirt that matched his eyes, looking handsome without even trying. Veronica breathed in his familiar scent, a hint of spice that she felt she knew from somewhere else a long time ago, but that she could never quite put her finger on.

Veronica was so proud to be meeting her father on her birthday and had gotten all dressed up. She was wearing her brand new, pink miniskirt, a white tank top illegal bahis and jean jacket, and new flip flops. She had grown quite a bit over the last year and was ahead of the other girls in her class, making her feel awkward and out of place. She felt different and wasn’t sure what to do with herself. Her mother had tied her hair up in pigtails and put pink ribbons in to match her skirt. She looked absolutely perfect, young and innocent, and ready to take on a world full of adventure.

There had been a problem though. The trip had almost been cancelled because Veronica had been getting into trouble at school. She was hanging out with older girls that her mother didn’t approve of and her grades were slipping. Her mother warned her that she had had a talk with her father and he was going to handle things and straighten everything out when she got there. She was a little frightened, but mostly just thrilled to finally be with her father.

After the cab ride, Veronica got out of the car with her father and headed into a building that looked to her as if it was a mile high. They took the elevator up to the very top floor and she waited with her suitcase as he unlocked the door. They walked in and Veronica’s eyes got big. She had never seen anything so beautiful. It was huge, with hard-wood floors, expensive paintings, and in the center of the living room, a grand piano. She was completely lost in thought when her father got her attention and led her back to the bedroom. He set her suitcase in the corner and then sat on the bed, facing her direction.

She could tell her father was not happy with her. He wasn’t angry. He never looked mean or angry, just unhappy when she did things she was not supposed to do. He talked to her about what her mother had said over the phone and asked her to repeat everything she had done and anything else she had failed to mention. Every time she hesitated, he looked at her sternly and demanded she did as she was asked. When she was finished, her father gave her a small frown and said, “I love you very much.” She said, “I love you too daddy.” But then he went on to explain that although he loved her very much, he would not be a good parent if he let her go unpunished. She began to protest, but he silenced her and told her to come closer to him. He asked her what the appropriate response was when he told her something. She looked down sheepishly and responded with, “Yes, daddy.”

Veronica knew what was coming and began to tear up. Her father gave her a soft, sweet kiss and then bent her over his knee as she cried silently. He was gentle at first, smoothing Veronica’s skirt, and then he began to spank her. Veronica continued to cry as he spanked harder, pulling her skirt up and leaving large, red handprints where he had struck her. Finally, when he felt she had had enough, he told her to stand in front of him again. He said softly, “I love you very much,” and she responded, “I love you too daddy.” He reached out to touch her and she cringed at the pain she felt. He seemed concerned and turned her around. He lifted her skirt and she was afraid he was going to illegal bahis siteleri hit her again, but he just gave her several gentle kisses and asked her if he had made it better.

He turned her back around and smiled at her, that charming smile with his perfect, white teeth. He then asked her if she was ready for her birthday present and Veronica’s eyes lit up. She forgot all about the pain and was so excited. Then, her father’s face turned serious again and he told her that it was her birthday and she was a big girl now. He told her he would give her her gift, but that although she was a big girl, she was still young and innocent and she shouldn’t like it, but it was a part of growing up. He looked into her eyes and asked her if she understood that if she liked it, he would punish her again. She nodded her head in reply.

Veronica’s father gently pulled her tank top over her head and her long pigtails. As she was ahead of the other girls in her class, she was very nearly fully developed, but hadn’t begun to wear a bra yet. It was cold in the room and Veronica shivered. She felt her nipples get hard as her father lightly caressed them. Veronica was scared. This had never happened before and she was not sure it was okay, but she adored her father and trusted him more than anyone else, so she didn’t complain or move away from him. He saw the look on her face and reassured her that he was her daddy and that he loved her very much. He told her that she must always obey him and never argue with what he said.

Then, he slid her skirt off and looked at her standing there in just her panties. She was very beautiful, just like her mother. He saw that she had already started to grow light, blonde hair, although there was barely anything there yet. He pulled her closer, holding her firmly, and put his mouth to her still hard nipples, stroking them with his tongue. Veronica couldn’t help it. She let out a moan, and as soon as she did, she knew she had done the wrong thing. Her father yanked her roughly by her pigtails and threw her over his knee and began to spank her again.

Veronica was already sore from the previous spankings, so this time it hurt even worse. When he was finished with her, her father lifted her up and laid her as softly as he could on his soft, king bed. He scolded Veronica again and reminded her that she is not supposed to like any of this. Then, he tenderly spread her legs apart and stroked his hand between them. He bent over her and, ever so softly, kissed her there. Veronica began to breathe deeply and knew she dare not make a sound. Veronica’s father ran his wet tongue up and down and she felt something she had never felt before, all warm and wet. She bit down on her lip, willing herself to not make a sound, even though she wanted to so badly. He began to lick faster and she could feel the wet, sticky liquid between her legs. It felt as though someone had soaked her soft teddy in hot water and was rubbing it between her legs. As Veronica’s father licked faster and deeper and she felt his mouth all over her, she was getting to the point that she could not canlı bahis siteleri stand it anymore. Suddenly, he took a finger and thrust it deep inside her, all the while keeping her wet with his mouth. She couldn’t help it. She screamed.

Veronica’s father flipped her over so fast and hard she felt her heart skip a beat and she lost her breath. He is so big and strong and he spanked her again, harder. He couldn’t seem to stop. Veronica’s tears streamed down her pretty, little face, leaving wet stains on her porcelain cheeks. She was crying, partly because of the pain, and partly out of confusion. She wanted him so badly but she knew she wasn’t supposed to. He flipped her back over, this time lightly, and reminded her, yet again, of the rules.

He began on her again and it took all of Veronica’s strength and concentration to not make a sound. Her sweet, salty sweat dripped slowly down her body. Then she got quiet, caught her breath, and concentrated on how amazing his finger felt inside her and his soft wet tongue, doing things she never imagined tongues could do. She couldn’t believe she had never felt this before and whispered softly, “I love you, daddy.” And he says, “Daddy loves you too. Very much.” Everything he did was starting to feel better, and better, and better, and she pleaded, telling her father that she could not stop, that she was going to scream. He told her it was okay, just this once. With one more thrust of his finger and his mouth all over her, she screamed in pleasure, louder than she ever had, at her first, incredible orgasm. Veronica’s entire body shook with pleasure as she felt warm liquid leak out of her and all over her legs.

Veronica’s breathing continued hard as her father used his tongue to clean up the mess. He had almost gotten it all, but there was little left that he wiped away with his finger. He put his finger to Veronica’s lips so she could taste herself, then he unzipped his jeans.

Veronica stared and gasped in amazement. She had seen a penis before, but nothing like this, nothing even close to this. It’s huge. Veronica’s father tenderly told her again, “Daddy loves you very much.” He told her that what he was going to do next would hurt, but that he was her father, and he loved her very much, and he knew what was best for her. Carefully, he inserted the tip of his penis into Veronica. He took his time, but she could feel herself beginning to tear. It hurt more than anything she had ever felt before and she screamed and cried before it was even all the way in. Veronica felt liquid from between her legs again, but this time it was red. She thought to herself that she might be dying. No matter how loud Veronica screamed and cried, her father had no mercy for her. He thrust into her, harder and harder, faster and faster, for what seemed to Veronica to last an eternity. She had no voice left. She had screamed at the top of her lungs and huge tears streamed down her face. Then, with one final thrust, Veronica’s father plunged deeper inside her than she ever thought possible and she passed out from the sheer pain.

Veronica’s father pulled out of her and scooped her up. He wrapped her naked body in his arms and whispered sweet nothings in her ears, all the while rocking her back and forth, and telling her just how much he loved her and how happy she had made him.

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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