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I hope you will read the original installment first as it will make this chapter much more enjoyable. Thanks!


I peered out the picture window as I heard the doorbell ring, looking to see if there was a car in my driveway. There was none. Shit! That usually meant there was some kind of door to door salesman working the street.

As the bell rang again I was resigned to the fact that this guy was not giving up easily. I pulled open the door deciding not to be rude.

I looked up to see the world’s sweetest face smiling back at me.

“Jenny!” I exclaimed in shock. “OK, I’m just as surprised as I was when you showed up here two months ago.”

Man, it seemed like just yesterday that my old friend Kelly came by with her daughter Jenny to ask for a sperm donation. Who could have imagined the kinky orgy that would have ensued?

I looked around the porch.

“So, where’s your Mom?” I asked.

“Oh, I came by myself this time.” She announced while I quickly stepped to the side as Jenny invited herself on into the house.

“That’s a long drive all by yourself,” I said with concern.

“Hey, I’m a big girl,” she assured me.

As she passed close to me I had to notice how different she looked than the last time she was here. Two months ago she was dressed very modestly, but this time, holy crap!

She wore a pair of tight denim cutoffs that were so short the legs stopped at the crotch with the front pockets hanging several inches past, and from the pronounced camel toe, I would guess she was not wearing panties. Her long platinum blond hair was braided into a single pigtail with a couple of wisps of hair on each side that spiraled down past her ears.

She had on a sheer, silky, baby blue tank top that stopped short of her belly button which sported a diamond studded piercing. The flimsiness of her top would not have been so remarkable were it not for the fact that she was braless. As she walked her perky but substantial breasts swayed gracefully under the silky fabric, and her protruding nipples could not be ignored.

Well it all made sense I guess. Once you have had a three way with your Mom and eaten her pussy, I suppose you lose a lot of innocence and modesty in the process.

“So what brings you back kiddo?” I asked.

Her cheerful demeanor faded and it looked like she might cry.

“Tommy, I really appreciate that you tried,” Jenny cried out, letting go of pent up emotions, “but I didn’t get pregnant last time.”

“Aww damn! I’m so sorry!” I replied, empathetic to her painful disappointment.

“Jesus, I know it’s a lot to ask, but could we try again?” Jenny pleaded.

Look at me. What a great, giving philanthropist I am. Willing to sacrifice just to help others. Always willing to give till it hurts. How could I say no?

“Well sure!” I replied. “I just want to help.”

The words had barely escaped my lips when Jenny lunged at me, thrusting her body against mine. I was completely taken off guard by her aggressiveness. I fell back against the refrigerator as she wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her hips and breasts against me as she kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth.

This was not just a girl looking for a sperm donation, but a girl just as interested in the delivery system, and she was going to make the most of it. At this point I had forgotten about any clinical aspect of this union. I just wanted to fuck this hot little minx senseless!

As she mauled me I grabbed at her tank top and yanked it off over her head, grabbing her firm tits full in my hands, squeezing and kneading them, pinching her hard nipples.

Suddenly she dropped to her knees and started yanking at my belt, undoing it and pulling at my pants to open them. Procreation was taking a back seat to her immediate desires. She pulled down my zipper and yanked my jeans and underwear down as my hard cock jumped up into her face.

I gasped as she wrapped her long slender fingers around my cock before squeezing and forcefully pumping my dick. She looked up at me with that sweet genuine smile, except it now included a devious sparkle in her eye. She extended her tongue, flicking the underside before ramming her face forcefully down the entire length of my cock,

I let out a guttural moan as I watched myself disappear down her throat. She settled into a feverish pace, rotating her face as she sucked, her tongue racing up and down the shaft. The sloppy, crude suction noises filled the şişli escort kitchen and I was fighting to keep from filling that sweet face with my load.

Figuring I had better not let this get out of hand, I reached under her arms and lifted her up off her knees and plopped her butt down on the edge of the kitchen table. She leaned back, propped up by her arms outstretched behind her as I pulled up a chair. I placed my hands under her knees and lifted her legs back and wide apart. Her tiny slit had almost no labia and as her pussy opened up, the pinkness within glistened with her juices and her hard swollen bead was readily visible beneath its hood.

I answered her orally in the same fashion that she had me. I opened my mouth and took her tiny pussy full into it, sucking in her tight cunt flesh, driving my tongue deep into her smooth young tunnel. She writhed with intense pleasure, arching her back while she whined like a child, her head thrown back and her pigtail swinging with the rhythm her hips had created as she started to hump my face.

Now hovering on the precipse, her tummy chattered up and down with frantic spasms as she lost all control and orgasmed with fierce intensity. Her face twisted and contorted, her head pulled back, surrendering to the repeated contractions, before finally letting go, relaxing into a warm afterglow.

As I stood up, staring into her eyes, I saw a look of spent confusion. I guided my cock into the same opening that my mouth had just consumed and without ceremony, I thrust it hard and deep into her as I watched her head cock rearward once more, her mouth and eyes wide open in complete surrender.

At this time, maybe I was doing her a favor, maybe I was not. All I knew is that I was taking her for my needs and the gift of my seed was as much for me as for her. I felt the pressure build, egged on by the sight of her tight, youthful body squirming on the table out of control. I exploded suddenly, her interior awash in a bath of my hot fluids pumping relentlessly to fill her to overflowing. My hips spasmed and twitched as I finished emptying myself into her, then collapsed back onto the chair, completely drained.

No sooner had I begun to gain some composure, than I heard footsteps on the porch before the door suddenly flung open. In the door stood Kelly.

Instinctively both Jenny and I jumped to our feet, awkwardly covering ourselves with our hands in a vain attempt at modesty.

Kelly looked back and forth at us and exclaimed, “What the fuck is going on here?!”

Jenny screamed, “Jesus Christ Mom, what are you doing here?!”

“What am I doing here?” Kelly asked incredulously. “I could ask you the same question little girl.”

I stood with my mouth hanging open, completely confused as I watched this drama unfold before me.

Kelly continued, “I knew you had the hots for Tommy. I just guess I never figured you would actually find your way over here just to get laid!”

“Shut up Mom!” Jenny shouted.

Kelly, now feeling jealous, turned to me in a betrayal of her daughter and exclaimed, “Did Jenny tell you that she is two months pregnant?”

“Shut the fuck up Mom!” Jenny shouted with angry tears now welling up.

Kelly continued, “We both came down here to visit our longtime friends the Donnelys to tell them the good news in person that Jenny was pregnant. We were sitting around the house when Jenny announced that she’s going to run downtown to do some shopping.”

“Well OK, Mom”, Jenny shot back to her Mom with a challenging glare, “So what are you doing here?”

“I just thought I would stop in to say hi to Tommy since we were in town,” Kelly stammered.

“Oh I’m just sure Mom,” Jenny replied sarcastically. “I know how you feel about Tommy. You never stop talking about him.”

“Well ya know what little girl? It’s really none of your damn business anyway and I’m not the one that’s married!”

As their screaming escalated I quickly stepped between them in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

“OK, OK you guys, calm down already!”

I had to admit it was hard to play the role of peace maker as I stood there gesturing with one hand while covering my package with the other.

“So Kelly,” I asked calmly, “why DID you stop over today?”

“OK, I came over for the same reason that Jenny did.” Kelly admitted. “So sue me already.”

“Well there then, was that so hard?” I answered with a smile. “I’m glad you did.”

“Really?” escort ankara Kelly asked, raising her head to look at me.

“There’s just one problem here.” I added. “I don’t know about Jenny, but I’m feeling very self-conscious standing here naked while you are fully dressed. Let’s move to the living room where we can be more comfortable.”

“Jenny, shouldn’t you get back to the Donnelys?” Kelly suggested.

“She can stay if she wants.” I interjected. “Besides,” I said with a smile, “I think we make a great threesome!”

Jenny dropped down onto the couch, casually sitting with her legs apart.

“I don’t know what it is, but there must be something really fucked up about me.” Jenny mused. “What kind of daughter gets off on watching her Mom get fucked?”

“Well, don’t feel bad little girl. I think you got that from your Mom.” Kelly answered. “We should both be psychoanalyzed.”

“About those clothes,” I said, changing the subject, “let me help you with them.”

I put my hands on her waist as I kissed her softly, sliding my hands under her shirt, following her curves upward along her soft, warm flesh. She put her arms up as I pulled her shirt over her head.

It appeared she had lost some weight though she was still a big girl, but very nicely proportioned and sexy as hell. I reached behind her to undo her bra, anxious to release those huge, magnificent breasts.

As soon as the tight straps went limp, I let the bra fall to the floor so I could take her tits into my hands, groping and hefting them. I could feel my cock coming back to life, slowly rising as I brought my mouth down on her nipple to suck and nibble on it. I grabbed at her pants to undo them and pull them to the floor, and saw that she wasn’t wearing panties.

While she still had a full bush, it was trimmed very short and I could see the top of her slit peeking through. As I stood with Kelly’s arms around my neck, I reached down to slide my hand through her crotch, taking my middle finger and exploring upward through her wetness. She softly moaned as I explored her pussy, first with one finger then two.

As I motioned for Kelly to lie down on the carpet, I looked over to see Jenny sitting with her heels up on the cushion, her knees wide apart as she fingered herself, her eyes locked on us.

I pushed her legs back until her soft brown bush was pointing up at me. I lowered my cock, letting it slide easily inside her, before coming down full with my weight, filling her with the entire length of my shaft. I retreated until the head was visible before bringing my weight down upon her once more. As I established this rhythm, she reached down to massage her clit with a firm quick circular motion.

She was approaching orgasm as I watched her massive tits swing violently with each plunging stroke. She began letting out small groans that escalated in pitch and frequency, until her body shuddered, her torso tightened and rose up off the floor. Her face grimaced and was beet red as she came long and hard. I stayed deep within her as I ground my hips against her pubic mound.

Finally spent and exhausted, she collapsed back onto the floor, heaving a sigh of contentment, as I pulled myself from her still hard, my balls swollen with cum.

“Way to cum, Mom!” Jenny laughed from the couch, still fingering herself. “Nice job!”

Kelly got up off the floor and sat down on the couch next to Jenny. As I sat on the floor, my unspent load inspired my brain to form some kinky thoughts.

“Hey, I know what would get Jenny off again.” I suggested. “Kelly, I think you should eat your daughter’s pussy this time.”

“Jesus Tommy, don’t start this shit again!” Kelly retorted.

“What Mom?!” I can eat your big, hairy muff but you’re too good to lick me? Is that it?” Jenny shot back. “You know that wasn’t easy for me to do and I’ve had to carry that around with me. At least if you did me it would be like we were even.”

“I’m sorry Jenny, I just can’t do that.” Kelly replied.

“Oh really, Mom?” Jenny replied feeling indignant. “Maybe I should go back to the Donnelys and tell them what we’ve really been doing while out ‘shopping’, Jenny sassed to Kelly, leaning into her and making air quotes with her fingers.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed, laughing. “Can anyone say Deja Vu?”

“Don’t you dare try to blackmail me, little girl!” Kelly shouted, her face flushed with anger. “You’re still not too old to put over my knee!”

Jenny laughed hysterically. “Oh, no! ankara escor I’m so scared! Mommy’s going to give me a spanking!” Jenny mocked. “I’ve been such a baaaad little girl! Ha ha!”

Kelly just sat, staring ahead, her anger building.

Jenny got on all fours with her butt facing Kelly and lowered her shoulders to the couch, continuing to laugh as she wiggled her ass at her.

“Come on, Mommy! Bad Jenny is waiting for her punishment.” Jenny taunted in a phony pouting voice.

Then, at that moment, Kelly snapped.

With her lips pursed, she opened her hand, cocked her arm back and brought it down with the full force and weight of her body. It was like the sound of a cracking whip as Kelly’s hand made contact. Jenny’s tight butt cheek rippled like jello.

“Owww!!” Jenny cried out, with all levity and sarcasm suddenly gone from her face.

Kelly brought her arm back high before descending hard once more, then again, and again. I could tell by the look on her face that this was a release of pent up emotions a long time in the making.

“Mom! Stop!” Jenny wailed, tears now ran down her face as her butt quickly turned a bright shade of pink.

Funny thing about emotional releases, as sexual release can easily combine with any of them. Thoughts of coming on Jenny’s face flooded through her. As she unleashed her torrent on jenny’s ass, Kelly slid her other hand between her daughter’s legs and forced two fingers into her tight slit, finger fucking her as the punishment continued.

“Oh shit, Mom!” Jenny moaned as her pain transitioned to tortured ecstasy.

Kelly rammed her fingers deep, over and over with the same zeal as she administered the spanking. Jenny’s moans of painful pleasure continued to rise.

Suddenly overwhelmed, Jenny jumped up, standing on the couch. Her eyes were red and drenched with tears, her nose running as she stepped in front of her Mom. With one foot on each side of her, she put her hands on the wall behind the couch and moved her hips forward, pressing her pussy against Kelly’s mouth.

Kelly immediately reached around Jenny to clench her red, swollen ass in both hands to pull her tightly against her face. She plunged her stiffened tongue deep into Jenny’s cunt, lapping up her daughter’s sweet overflowing juices. Her jaw moved up and down, sucking her lips into her mouth.

“That’s it!” Jenny whined, “Eat my pussy, Mom! Eat me!” She twerked her hips to increase the sensations.

Jenny’s whining slowly rose to a feverish pitch as the pleasure enveloped her to where she felt herself losing all control. At the last moment Kelly found Jenny’s puckered opening and quickly worked her index finger deep inside.

Jenny’s body convulsed and jerked, her head thrown back as she came hard, losing bladder control as her piss sprayed and splattered all over her Mom’s face before running down her tits and through her cleavage.

Jenny’s legs trembled and buckled under her as her orgasm wound down, completely drained in more ways than one. As she sat back on the couch, Kelly’s face and entire body was drenched in Jenny’s fluids, and she just sat there dripping in stunned silence.

Without missing a beat I jumped up on the couch facing Kelly and declared, “My turn!” As I guided my erection into her mouth. A moment of protest was quickly followed by vigorous sucking as she seemed to now be insatiable. I grabbed her short blond hair to repeatedly pull her face full onto my eager swollen cock.

Jenny sat close watching the action, and as I glanced over at her she looked up at me with an approving smile.

After the show I had witnessed it was only going to take a few strokes and as my tight engorged balls erupted I pulled hard one last time, spewing my load down Kelly’s throat. She gagged and coughed as I pulled my dick out to lower myself to put my mouth over hers.

I jutted my tongue into my creamy wad and scooped it out as she pushed with her tongue, snowballing it into my mouth. I then turned to Jenny, her mouth already open in anticipation. I kissed her long and deep as I deposited my gift.

I sat back as Jenny made a bit of a icky medicine face before swallowing my load. She smiled.


Jenny and Kelly got cleaned up and dressed and went back over to the Donnelys. That evening they had a wonderful home cooked meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes and home grown green beans from their garden. Looking at the pictures of them all posing together on Facebook, I have to say those Donnelys looked like really nice, down to earth folks.

Kelly and Jenny’s trips back to town became a monthly ritual and the Donnelys were always thrilled to see them.

I was too, especially since I had a fetish for pregnant sex.

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