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This series contains male-on-male relationships, some of which are incestuous. If you think this will bother you, please do not read any stories in this series. Otherwise, please enjoy the series and leave a public comment, or send me a private one. Thank you!


I woke up at eight in the morning the next day. Who the hell wakes up at eight on a Saturday? Oh well, at least I get a treat. I looked over to the other side of the bed to see my father sleeping peacefully. He was completely nude. Neither one of us had so much as a sock on and that was how I liked it…well sometimes I get a little modest by being nude around him but I loved seeing him naked anyways.

As I checked out my father, I became annoyed when I saw the blanket covering his groin. The blanket wasn’t covering much of him. He was only covered from the bottom of his belly button to the top of his knees. Everything else was completely bare. Of all the places the blanket had to cover, it had to cover the best part. The fates are such a tease.

I crawled over and closed the distance between us. I had fallen asleep in his arms but apparently one of us (or both of us) had rolled away into our own little corner of the bed. When I closed the distance between us, I was instantly bombarded by his masculine scent. God, they really need to bottle up his scent and sell it for thousands of dollars per bottle. He simply smelt that incredible.

I resisted the urge to caress his gorgeous face, or run my hands over his furry chest. The urge to kiss him was so intense that I actually had to look away for a second to gain my composure. When I turned back, I turned my focus to the blanket that covered his nakedness. The stupid blanket was completely redundant. If my father becomes cold in the night, I would be happy to be his blanket and keep him warm.

Since the blanket was redundant, I decided to remove it (though I admitted to myself it was more a selfish reason than anything else). Once I threw the blanket aside, I instantly became entranced by the sight of his groin. His size is impressive, even in its flaccid state. I moved my sight away from his groin and checked out his entire furry body. I loved how hairy he was. I even liked how hairy his groin was, despite getting a pubic hair stuck in my mouth once in a while (which makes him extremely embarrassed, but I always just laugh it off and continue on with whatever I was doing).

I have always been attracted to my father…well at least since I hit puberty. I drooled over him for eight years and we have been lovers for over a month now. You would think that now that I have been with him for this long the attraction would have waned a little but that was not the case. If anything, the sexual attraction towards him grew (something I had thought was not possible).

I couldn’t stand it anymore! We were both naked but I was the only one conscious. That didn’t seem fair. I loved him more than anything in the world but the lust right now was so powerful as I stared at his flaccid cock that I knew I had to act. Giving my father a blowjob is certainly my favorite hobby. It was time to wake him up.

I lowered my head and took his flaccid penis into my mouth. God I loved doing this! If I had to die and I got to choose how I wanted to die, I would want to die giving my father one last blowjob. One so powerful that my body went haywire from the pleasure of doing it that it made me croak…scratch that. My father would never be able to live with himself if I died like that. He would probably blame himself.

I continued licking my father’s manhood, enjoying the salty taste of it. I wasn’t going fast by any means. I was determined to take my time and enjoy myself. The feel of his flaccid cock was odd, yet pleasurable. I guess I was so used to blowing stiff erections that I wasn’t really used to it yet.

As I was licking his shaft, I made sure I gave his balls plenty of attention. I expertly massaged his testicles for him. Some men like having their balls played with, while others don’t.

When I put my father’s cock back into my mouth, I felt it become stiffer. He was becoming more and more erect by the second. He moaned, a typical way a man would moan if he was being woken up with a morning blowjob.

He opened his eyes and when he looked down he noticed he couldn’t see his cock anymore, but he didn’t look at all panicked because he knew where it was. I had his entire cock in my mouth (All nine and a quarter inches. I knew it was that long because I was curious one day so he let me measure his erect penis). I let it slide out of my mouth to reassure him that it was still attached to his body (though he could probably feel that but I knew the visual would be hot so I went with it).

He laughed. “Under normal circumstances, a father would be pissed with his son if he woke him up at eight in the morning on his day off. Then again, a normal father wouldn’t love his son as much as I love you…and certainly not in the same way either.”

I lazily licked the izmir escort head of his phallus in a slow, circular motion and grinned up at him. “Under normal circumstances, a son wouldn’t wake up naked next to his father and give him a good morning blowjob…good morning, by the way.”

He laughed again. “Good morning to you too! Damn, I love waking up like that.”

I smiled at him. “I’ll be sure to make it a habit. May I continue where I left off?”

He grinned. “By all means, continue. Don’t make me come though.”

I scowled at him. “That’s the best part though.”

“Darling, I want to come in your ass.”

“I want you to come in my mouth though!”

He sighed. “I have a question for you, Nick. Please be honest.”

“I’m always honest with you. That’s just the kind of relationship we have always had. What is your question?”

“Do you not like being fucked by me?”

The question threw me off guard. “Of course I like being fucked by you! I love it! I love the feel of having you inside me. How could you ask that?”

“I didn’t know if you liked being fucked. You certainly seem to enjoy it while it’s happening but you always just want to give me a blowjob and swallow instead. I’m not a miracle worker. I can’t just get instantly hard again after one of your blowjobs.”

“I know. If I have a choice, nine times out of ten I will want to blow you instead of having you fuck me. It is just my preference. I still love being fucked by you though.”

“Well can’t you just blow me, then let me pull out so I can fuck you until I come?”

“But swallowing is the best part! How the hell is your seed going to go down my throat if it’s embedded deep in my ass? I want to be able to taste it and feel it go down my throat.” I sighed. “I’m not saying that having you come in my ass isn’t pleasant, because it certainly is pleasant, but if I have a choice on where your seed gets deposited, it’s down my throat and into my belly.”

“I guess we will just have to work on taking turns then to be fair.”

An idea came to my head. Without a word, I went over to my father’s nightstand and grabbed a quarter from the drawer. He saw the coin and raised an eyebrow. “We are going to flip a coin?”

“Yep. This seems fair to me. If its heads, I give you head, and if its tails, I give you my tail,” I said with a wink.

He chuckled. “I suppose that will work. Go ahead and flip it.”

I flipped the coin and anxiously looked at the result. “Yes!”

“Its heads?”


“Very well. You can have your way with me however you want but once you are finished, or rather when I’m finished, I get to have my way with you,” he said with a dark, mysterious look in his eyes.

Under normal circumstances, I would have been worried after that look, but I trusted him completely so I wasn’t. “Deal.” Then with a grin I said, “I’m glad we had this talk. They say people have much better sex lives if they discuss their wants and needs with their partners.”

He simply nodded. “The floor is all yours…for the time being.”

I felt a rush of excitement go through my body. I crawled my way up his body and kissed him softly on the lips. Lust may be a dominating factor at the moment, but the love I felt for him was in reality my strongest emotion towards him. Words couldn’t describe what he meant to me. He was the perfect father and lover.

I slid my tongue inside his mouth and kissed him passionately, as if I could reach his heart by going as deep as I could. I never wanted this moment to stop. I could have kissed him for an eternity…or until I ran out of oxygen, which was now.

I pulled away, sucking in as much air as I could. “I love you, Dad,” I whispered to him after I caught my breath.

He ran his tenderly down my back. “I love you too, honey.”

I slowly started crawling down his body. When I reached his nipples, I licked them both until they became erect. I heard him suck in his breath, which made me smile triumphantly. I loved having full access to his body. I also loved knowing I could bring this incredible man so much pleasure.

I decided to go lower, which I knew he secretly wanted as well. As I was slowly crawling down his body, I ever so slowly dragged my hands down his furry chest and abdomen, loving how hairy he was. It just made him so…manly, for a lack of a better term.

When I finally reached his groin, I didn’t fuck around this time. I took his entire cock into my mouth in one quick thrust. I had sucked his dick enough times by now that I had actually mastered my gag reflex to the point where it was pretty much nonexistent.

“Holy Fuck, Nick!”

Unable to speak in the present state, I slid my father’s salty phallus out of my mouth and licked its engorged head. “Too abrupt?”

He grinned at me. “No such thing.”

“I didn’t think so,” I said, sliding him back into my mouth. At this point I had wrapped my right hand tightly around the base of his cock and started rapidly bobbing up and down on keçiören escort it while simultaneously twisting my mouth on his shaft left and right. It was one of my favorite blowjob techniques. He always seemed so shocked whenever I did this “advanced” technique since he was the only person I have ever given a blowjob to (with the exception of Trey, my best friend of fifteen years, which had only been once so far).

I pulled him out of my mouth and, not wanting to make his balls jealous, gave his testicles my mouth’s full attention. I licked and drew each hairy ball into my mouth and suckled on it, then withdrew it and licked it some more. I could hear my father groaning like a madman above me.

A rather kinky idea came to my mind suddenly. Since my father had said I had full access to his body until he was spent, I knew this was the perfect opportunity. Excitement ran through me as I jumped out of bed. “Be right back.”

“Hey! Where the hell are you going? That felt too good! Get back here!”

“Just a second, Daddy! I will be right back!” I rushed to the refrigerator and grabbed what I was looking for, grabbed a spoon out of the utensil drawer, and then rushed back to the bedroom.

“What the hell are you doing with two pudding cups? That’s not a healthy breakfast! And what about my blowjob!” He seemed anxious to get back to what we were doing, which was a massive caress on my ego. He was such a patient person normally but not when it came to my blowjobs. I broke his control and left him pleasantly impatient.

I had grabbed one butterscotch and one chocolate fudge pudding cups from the fridge. I eagerly ripped the chocolate fudge lid off and grabbed my spoon. I dunked the spoon into the pudding and once I got a large spoonful, I took it out and plopped the pudding right on my father’s cock.

“What the fuck?!?! That is cold! What the hell are you doing?!?!?!”

“You will see,” was all I said to him as I lathered the pudding onto his long, erect cock until it became completely covered in pudding. “I wouldn’t worry too much if I was you. Your penis won’t be cold for long. Now here is the best part!” I began licking the pudding off his cock. I made sure to take my time as I slowly licked every millimeter of his shaft until it was completely licked clean and pudding free.

“Oh God…you will be the death of me, Nicolae.”

I was slightly shocked to hear him say my full name. He rarely ever used my full name. “Well I don’t know about that, but I do know I still have some butterscotch pudding here so I hope you are ready for the second course.”

“Bring it on then.”

I grinned and removed the pudding lid and plopped all of the butterscotch pudding onto his hard dick. This time I didn’t go nearly as slow as I did last time and once it was all gone, I decided to deepthroat him until he came.

I shoved his cock all the way to the back of my throat and deepthroated him as quickly as I could. The feel of his phallus assaulting my throat brought me so much ecstasy.

“Fuck! Here it comes!”

And he shot his entire load into my mouth and down my throat. Jet after jet of his seed splashed into me as he screamed out his orgasm. I enjoyed having its heat go down my throat where it would eventually drop down into my belly. I pulled him out and gave his cock one last pump, greedy for more of his seed and was rewarded one last drop so I bent my head down once again and licked it from his slit.

“Dear God! Not even your own mother could top your blowjobs and she used to always beat every other blowjob anyone has ever received.”

“What? Are you saying you have seen her give other men blowjobs before? Or did you just hear that from her former lovers?”

He laughed. “Your mother and I had an extremely open relationship up until the day you were born. I’ve seen her give countless blowjobs to other men, and in return I ate out countless women and she even watched me do it half the time. We each had sex with other partners as well. Like I said, we were extremely open. But then she decided to give it a rest and focus on being a mother so we became monogamous once you were born.”

“You guys gave up other sexual relationships because of me?”

He nodded. “We planned on opening our relationships back up once we had the sex talk with you. We wanted to focus on raising you the first dozen years of your life so you didn’t ever get confused as a child by seeing another man or woman in our bed. We decided to not even take turns going out with others and having a good time. Like I said, we wanted you to be old enough to understand it first. Then she died…”

My dear mother had died when I was nine years old. It still haunts me to this day and I still mourn about it. “I had no idea…”

He nodded mournfully. “She is the only woman I have ever loved with my entire heart. She was truly my soulmate. After she died, I vowed to not have any more lovers for the rest of my life. Then as you grew older into adulthood, I realized demetevler escort I had feelings for you that were more than just father and son. You are so much like your mother. I’m not only talking about your eye color being the same, but it has more to do with your personality. You have a truly beautiful heart. One that anyone would be able to see the moment they first meet you. You always look for the best qualities in people, even if they don’t show right away. You, just like your mother, draw so many people to you just because it is as if your soul shines so much brighter than everyone else’s soul. Part of her lives inside you, and I knew that taking you as my lover would not be breaking the vow that I made. She would be so proud of the man you became.”

I felt tears sting my eyes. I never knew any of this. I knew my mother was that kind of person, but I never thought that my father thought I was like that too. “I love you, Dad.”

“I love you, too. That pudding thing was pretty hot, by the way. Now, I believe it is my turn to do as I desire.”

I nodded. “Yes.” I would give him anything he wanted.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

I did as I was told. He got up and ran his hands over my ass and spread my asscheeks with his hands. He then stuck his tongue out and licked my asshole.

“Ah! What the hell are you doing!?!? That’s gross!”

My father stopped licking my hole and said, “I don’t think it’s gross. We agreed that I could do whatever I want and this is what I want to do.”

“But it’s weird and disgusting!”

He laughed. “It is only disgusting if a person doesn’t know how to clean themselves up properly, which I know you do. If your ass is taken care of, it really isn’t any different than giving a blowjob. Now stop arguing and enjoy it.”

I guess I was too quick to judge. He did have a point on there being nothing wrong if it was clean. “Okay.”

He bent his head and continued licking my asshole. I was actually getting pleasure out of having my ass eaten. Doesn’t it stink or taste funny? It must not have if he was that involved in it. I felt my sphincter contract after a while and I suppressed a moan as he continued. I felt blood fill my penis and I knew that I had an erection. He suddenly stopped licking my butthole and slipped one finger in my ass, which caused me to groan.

“Judging by the sounds you are making and your contractions, I think I have been doing an excellent job of eating your ass. Your mother thought rimming was gross as well until I actually did it to her. Soon after that incident, she asked me to do it on a regular basis.” He told me all of this as he wiggled his finger around in my hole. Damn, that felt good. “You taste delicious, by the way. I could eat you all day, but I think your cock needs some attention as well so I guess I have to make a compromise.”

Without another word, he withdrew his finger and flipped me onto my back. I just gazed at him as he gave me a sensual look and lifted the finger he had in my ass to his mouth and made a point of slowly inserting it into his mouth. He then sucked on it for a good five seconds before releasing it from his mouth. “Delicious.”

I had nothing to say to that. How could an ass be delicious? I guess I never tried it before so who was I to judge? He then got in between my legs and told me to rest my legs on his shoulders. I did as I was told and he once again slipped the same finger back into my ass, which made me groan in pleasure.

He then stuck the finger he had in me a little deeper and began flicking it on a certain spot near the insides of my groin, which made me moan. “Oh my god! What are you doing?”

“To be technical, I am stimulating your prostate with my finger.”

“It feels…so good…”

He grinned. “It is supposed to feel good!” He continued stroking my prostate as he grabbed a hold of my dick with his other hand and began stroking that as well.

“Oh God, you are going to kill me!”

He laughed. “Now you understand what you put me through earlier, darling.”

He continued his superior stroking skills for a little bit longer. His hand that was on my cock was larger and much more calloused than mine. I was so used to having my own small, soft hands (or formerly Rachel’s small, soft hands) on my cock and the feel of his hand on it felt so much better on it as he masterfully stroked it.

“Oh God, I am going to come!” I felt that tingly sensation spread through my entire body and center in on my groin and that was when I exploded. My seed splashed out onto my stomach and chest in long, thick streams.

“Yes. That’s it, son. Drain your balls dry for me.”

Once the last of my semen came out of my penis, I finally relaxed my muscles, eased my breathing, and gave a sigh of contentment. My father brought his hand that had some of my seed on it up to my head and I knew what he wanted me to do. I grabbed his hand and licked my cum off of it, tasting my own essence.

Up until just yesterday, I would have never done such a thing because I thought it was a little weird (like rimming). But my father talked me into it and I found that I actually liked doing it. I would have rather tasted someone else’s cum (like my father’s or Trey’s), but tasting my own made it kind of…kinky (in a good way).

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