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Ball Worship

“Dad can you hang out with my friend Ashley at my baby shower? She isn’t going to know anyone there and she’s nervous.” I never would have thought that such a simple request could lead to such massive ripples in my life.

I’m a 45 year old man, five years into my new life. My marriage failed due to repeated infidelity on my ex wifes part, and her mistreatment of our two children together. When the dust settled from all the drama, my then 16 year old daughter came to live with me, and our new life started. We had always been close, and her seeing just how much of a monster her mom had become only strengthened our relationship.

That’s not to say our life together was always rainbows and sunshine. There was the usual teenage drama of broken rules and pushed boundries. Problems where I could see the guys she was datings true natures, and she just didn’t want to listen. They say you have to let your children make their own mistakes, I just always tried to make sure that my two kids didn’t make the same ones I did. I wanted to make sure they recognized the red flags in relationships, and realized their true worth. This lead to drama between us when my daughter was being used and not listening. Eventually she moved out at 18 with a new boyfriend and we grew distant for a short time.

Fast forward 2 years and 2 failed relationships, and my daughter started communicating more in my life again. She was afraid of me judging her and criticizing her life and mistakes and reluctantly started opening up to me about some of the things she had been through. When an ex tried to force his way back into her life. It took a late night conversation between him and myself, and some bruised ribs, cracked orbital socket, and severe concussion on his part, for him to realize contacting my daughter ever again was a truly bad idea. His abuse of her finally at an end, my daughter found a truly great guy, and started dating again.

Fast forward six months and my now 20 year old daughter is expecting her first child. Her mom still out of her life for her toxicity, there was no one there to throw her a baby shower. Me being the dad I am, I coordinated with her boyfriend, and a woman I was dating on and off at the time, to throw her a shower. It was a Jack and Jill party, held at a local venue.

When the day of the shower arrived, it was a hectic, but fun day. The morning was chaos, with setting up for her shower, but once the shower started, it slowed down and became fun. Maybe 30 minutes in and I hear a squeal of joy, and turned to see my daughter bent over hugging a dark haired woman, thanking her for coming. She walked her over to me and said “Dad this is Ashley.” I looked at her and thought, my god she’s gorgeous.

Let me describe this younger than me Goddess to you. Ashley was a short woman, all of 5’2″ but curvy as hell, and stacked. She carried a few extra pounds, but they looked amazing on her. She had a classic hourglass figure with an amazing ass, and what I guessed was at least a D cup breast. She had long black hair that flowed down her back and ended at her waistline. Her skin was pale, but glowed. The contrast to her hair accentuating how delicate her skin, and facial features were. She had almond shaped eyes, with a touch of asian heritage in her looks, and full pouty lips.

My reaction to her was almost visceral. It was like the demons I keep inside spoke up all at once, and all wanted the same thing, her. Never have I had such a strong reaction to a woman. I wanted to take her, right there. To claim her as my own. To ravage her, and not stop until she screamed in release, repeatedy. I managed to keep this all inside though and politely took her hand and thanked her for coming. The spark I felt when our hands touched was electrifying, and I believe she felt it too. She flushed and bit her lip, glancing down and then back up at me through her bangs. I politely showed her to the table she would be seated at, and went back to making my daughters day the best it could be.

A short time later when things Escort Avrupa yakası slowed down, I got to sit down and chat with her over our dinners. She had the sweetest soft voice, and when she smiled it lit up her whole face, with the cutest dimples I’ve ever seen. She was more than just a pretty face. She was smart and funny, and our conversation just flowed naturally once we were over the initial ackwardness. I found out she lived 2 hours away, and had met my daughter through work phone calls. When the friendship clicked, they had been traveling back and forth every couple weeks to hang out and spend time together. She was slightly older than my daughter Heather at 25, but they just instantly had clicked, and a great friendship had blossomed from there.

At the end of the evening as we were stowing all the gifts from the shower in our families cars, Ashley realized her car had a flat tire. All she had for a spare was a donut, and she had way too far to travel to have that be a safe option. It was too late in the day to get it fixed as everything was closed. My daughters place was only a tiny one bedroom apartment so there was no room there for her. I offered either to put her up for the night in a local hotel, or she could crash at my place, as I had 2 spare bedrooms there. She decided to take me up on my offer of lodging for the night, and I told her I would call my friends shop in the morning and get her car up and fixed.

After giving her directions to my house, she left for my daughter’s place to hang out more with her there. I headed home and put fresh sheets on the spare rooms beds, so she would have an option of where she wanted to crash for the night. I heard a car pull up my drive about 10pm and my boxer Carter let me know someone was there as well. We greeted her at the door with Carter spazzing out over a new person to make friends with. She giggled as he wiggled and jumped all around her, happy as could be for a new friend. “CARTER SIT,” I yelled. “Sorry he’s a bit excitable,” I told her as he continued with the boxer wiggle sitting at her feet. “It’s fine,” she said, “hes adorable.” Come on in Ashley and you can pick where you want to crash tonight.

I led her inside and down the hall of my house, pointing out the bathroom and kitchen as we walked around, leading her down to the bedrooms. “You have your choice of bedrooms Ashley, This one is slightly smaller,” I said as I opened the first door. “Or if you’d prefer there’s this one, that also opens onto the back deck. It will save you having to go through the house if you want to step outside for a smoke, as thats my only house rule, no smoking inside.” She chose the second bedroom and shyly asked if I had a shirt or something she could borrow. She hadn’t planned on an overnight stay and had nothing but the clothes she was in. I led her to my bedroom and opened my closet and told her grab what she would feel comfortable in. She chose one of my well worn work shirts and asked if it was ok to turn in as she was exhausted. I told her absolutley and I hoped she could get some rest. She surprised me by reaching up and pulling my head down and giving me a kiss on the cheek, and a hug, telling me “Thank you for your kindness, it means more than you know.” The kiss, and smell of her perfume around me stirred that Beast inside again, and it was all I could do to reel myself back in. Telling her it was my pleasure and to sleep well.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” I thought to myself as I walked back through the house. I need to get myself under control. She’s young enough to be my daughter, and I dont want to ruin anything between my daughter and I, or between her and Ashley. After Sitting on my deck with a stiff drink, and a stiff something else for a while. I called Carter in for the night, and turned in.

A few hours later I was awoken by Carter, and the sound of a storm outside. He whined and went to my bedroom door at the same time I heard a light knock and heard Ashley call out “Mr B are you Ataköy escort awake?” I threw on boxer shorts quickly and went to my door, opening it to her standing there in my knee length shirt shaking.

” Are you ok sweetheart,” I asked, and she said “No, I’m terrified of storms. I know its a lot to ask but can I stay in here with you until the storm passes?”

My mind running wild I asked her “are you sure?”

To which she replied, “I just need someone to hold me right now.” I led her to my bed and she slid under the covers. I slid in beside her and she buried her head in my chest with her arms around me.

“Please hold me,” she said. I put my arms around her, holding her until the tremors calmed down. I did my best to keep my waist away from her slightly to keep her from feeling how hard I was for her. In just a short while I heard her breathing change as she fell asleep.

The smell of her hair and perfume, and the feel of her soft body in my arms was intoxicating. My mind ran wild realizing what I wanted, and what I ached for was so close to me. With a groan I managed to seperate from her slightly and eventually drifted off to sleep, exhausted from the day. I awoke a few hours later, the sky just barely starting to lighten outside. As I awoke I realized Ashley was now cuddled completely into me with her butt pressed into my crotch and my arm underneath her. I just froze as I laid there, feeling my rock hard morning wood cuddled against the bottom of her ass cheeks. Shit, I thought, as I realized she wasnt wearing panties and somehow my cock was sticking out of my boxers right at the cusp of her womanhood. Thats when I felt her shift, and grind slightly up and down. Dragging the tip of my hard cock back and forth at the bottom of her pussy. “Mr. B please,” she said, as she grabbed my hand mashing it against her breast. “I need it, please.”

I couldn’t take anymore and something in me snapped. I reached around her tweaking both nipples as I nibbled on her neck. Her grinding against me

intensified, and with a slight shift of my hips, the tip of my rod went from grinding up her soaking wet slit to buried in her pussy. she moaned and gasped out, “God Yes,” as I slowly started to feed her more of my hard cock. I’m not that long, only 7 inches, but I’m thick as a soda can. I could feel her tight pussy struggling to stretch to accommodate my width. After a few minutes like this I slid out laid on my back and told her to mount up.

Looking down at her tiny hand guiding me in, I realized how small she truly was. Watching her pussy lips fold in every time she pushed down was mesmerizing, she was biting her lip and moaning as she said “Oh god so big, so good,” again and again. I reached up and grabbed her tits pulling her down to me, sucking hard on her nipples. marveling at how large her breasts truly were. Did I say d cup? They were an easy F cup, made to look even bigger by how small Ashley was. She continued to grind on me, bouncing up and down as I mauled her tits with my hands and mouth. I felt her start to spasm around me and saw her eyes go wide before she started to shake and jerk erratically on top of me as her orgasm overtook her. I could feel her juices run down my balls and onto the bed as she collapsed forward onto me moaning in release.

I wrapped my arms around her shaking body and turned us both over. Rising to my knees, I took her legs in my hands, setting her ankles up on my shoulders, as I started to pump. No holding back now, only carnal rage being released. The Beast was now fully in control. I pumped as she whimpered, slowly driving more and more of my cock into her. feeling the tip of my cock hitting her cervix, again, and again. And still that last inch and a half stayed outside her tight pussy. She looked at me like a woman possessed and said “ALL, give me it ALL.” I braced my arms on top of her shoulders and pushed. Her eyes went wide as we both felt her cervix slowly open up. I felt her cervix ring snap tight behind the head of my Şirinevler escort bayan cock as I finally buried the full length in her. I pulled slowly out to the tip and buried all the way back in again feeling her cervix pop and open over my tip again. Thrust after thrust I fucked her as hard as I could, shaking the bedframe with each impact. She started to convulse and shake under me as she started to come yet again. She cried out her release, as I felt her hot cum spray down my balls. The rippling of her pussy, milking me for all it was worth finally pushed me over the edge. I’m gonna cum I growled and she threw her arms and legs around me as she screamed “inside me, please inside me!” Common sense was gone, only the act of sex remained. I buried myself in her one last time, buried up into her cervix and started to unload. I spurted into her again and again. Cumming so hard my balls started to ache.

I collapsed on top of her, totally spent. Holding my weight off of her with my arms, as she continued to shake and cling to me with her arms. She started to sob under me and I was afraid I had gone too far, that I had hurt her when I let myself lose control. “Ashley are you ok? Did I hurt you?”

“No it was perfect, she said. I never knew sex could be so good. These are happy tears.” I kissed her and caressed her, laying with her in my arms under me. Wondering how I could feel so protective, so possessive of someone I had only just met, and had only made love to once.

I started to stiffen inside her again, and she bit her lip blushing and asked “Doggy style?” how can I turn down a request like that. We untangled, and she spun up onto her hands and knees, slowly twitching her ass side to side as she looked over her shoulder at me. I stood up behind her, grabbed those lovely hips, and slid all the way home into her with one thrust.

In no time at all we were going flat out again. Seeing her massive tits sway and the nipples graze the bed was erotic as hell to watch. Her ass cheeks rippling as my thighs contacted them again and again was a site to see. When She started cumming again, our mixed cum was running down her thighs, glistening in the light. Seeing her so excited, feeling her rippling around me, I was quickly reaching the pont of no return myself. I reached under her with one hand, grinding her clit even harder against my hard shaft. As she started to come again I pulled back with both hands, burying myelf in her as far as I could as I unloaded again.

We laid down side by side together after, talking about what we had just done. That instant connection I had felt, she had felt it too. She confessed to sneaking glances at me all evening at the shower as well. She was as intrigued by me as I was with her apparently. The tire, although unplanned, had given her the perfect opportunity to get to know me even better. We got up and took a shower together. Each gently caressing the other. I couldn’t resist and had her sitting on the edge of my bed afterwards while I ate her sweet pussy. She returned the favor by hitting her knees and sucking one more load out of me as she slurped the end of my cock while runng her hands up and down my shaft. As she swallowed my cum down her throat she never broke eye contact with me. After this last round we decided we needed to start our day, as much as we didn’t want to.

I called my friend Richie up to look over her car and fix her tire. Meantime I took Ashley to the local Diner and we had a nice breakfast together. Richie messaged me while we were there saying the tires were shot. I told him to throw new ones on it and I would pay the cost. We had a lovely meal together and then went to get her car. when she saw the new tires she started to cry and say she couldn’t afford that. I told her it was covered and not to worry, as someone once helped me when I needed it too. She had to get back home to go to work, so after an exchange of numbers, and a promise to keep in touch, We parted ways. We shared one last hug, and a sweet kiss, and she was gone. Richie raised his eyebrows at me and I said yeah yeah, I know, don’t start. ” I was just gonna say she seemed sweet,” he said.

I don’t know where this is going to go, or if it goes any further than a one time fling, but I can only hope and wait and see what develops.

More to come when I get time!!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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