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The ride home was certainly an adventure. Gabby was sitting in the back seat with her 22 year old sister, Taylor. Her father, Robert, was driving and his wife, Gabby’s mother, also sat up front. A typical family out for a Sunday evening drive. Except, 18 year old Gabby was naked.

Being naked had been Gabby’s choice. She wasn’t being punished or abused. She had been naked most of the day as she was “presented” to her extended family. She told her cousin Lizzy that she liked being naked and Lizzy sought permission for Gabby to remain naked the rest of the day. Gabby had her pussy eaten by her aunt during her Aunt Mallory’s punishment.

Once the car pulled into the garage and the garage door shut, Gabby got out of the car.

“I think we need to have a serious talk. Dining room, everyone.” Gabby’s father ordered.

Gabby and Taylor walked to the dining room and sat at the table across from each other.

“What’s going on?” Gabby whispered.

“Uh, maybe it’s because you’re naked. You really like being naked, don’t you?”

Gabby looked down at the table and shook her head. “Yeah, I really do.”

“Are you wet?” Taylor whispered. “Stick a finger in your pussy and show me.”

Gabby put her hand on her pussy and stuck her finger in. She held up a glistening finger so that Taylor could see.

Taylor smiled. “You like being told what to do, don’t you?”

Gabby whispered that she did but didn’t elaborate as her parents entered the room.

“If Gabby wants to be naked around the house, your father and I don’t see any problems. But, there might be situations where it might not be appropriate for Gabby to be showing her charms.” Denise said.

“If Taylor has friends over, I think you should be dressed, especially if boys are around.” Robert said.

“Dad, I think we are missing something. Gabby wants to be naked in front of people. I think she gets off on it.” Taylor exclaimed. “Besides, she likes being told what to do.”

Gabby shot Taylor an angry glance. The fact that she had just discovered her enjoyment of being exposed and wasn’t sure if she wanted that information shared with her parents.

“Is this true, Gabby?” Robert asked.

Gabby hesitated, but shook her head. “Yes. I’ve thought about it a lot but didn’t know how much I loved it until this afternoon.”

“Your sister said you like being told what to do. Does that mean sexually?” Denise asked her daughter.

“Well, I don’t know but I think so. Taylor asked me before you came into the room if I was wet and I said I was and then she told me to stick my finger in and show her how wet I was. I can’t explain how I felt when she told me to do that. Just that I had to.”

“Looks like we may have a young submissive in the making.” Denise announced. “Stand up, Gabby.”

Gabby did as her mother instructed. She did not try to cover her tits or pussy.

“Ok, into the family room, everyone.” Robert instructed.

Gabby turned and walked to the family room with her family following behind. Gabby knew that everyone was watching her ass and the feelings she had made her feel warm.

“She really has a lovely ass.” Denise whispered to her husband.

“Takes after her mother. Her tits aren’t bad, either.”

Denise told Gabby to stand in the middle of the room. Denise and Robert sat on the sofa and Taylor in a leather recliner.

“Well, if you like being naked and told what to do, we will try to give you that opportunity. But, if you don’t enjoy what happens or there is something you don’t want to do, you will tell your father or me.” Denise explained. “Gabby, do you understand?”

Gabby said she did but she couldn’t help noticing how fast her heart was beating and she was sure that her parents and sister could see how wet she was getting.

“Let’s start.” Robert said. “Gabby, put your hands behind your head and spread your legs apart.”

Gabby obeyed her father, thrusting her tits forward as she put her hands behind her head and interlocked her fingers.

“Turn around, Gabby, and show us your ass.” Taylor ordered as Robert and Denise looked at their older daughter.

Gabby turned, spread her legs and bending forward slightly to give her sister and parents an unobstructed view between her legs.

Denise told Gabby to turn around and Denise reviewed the new regime. Gabby was to go to her room and strip and spend the rest of the day naked. If the family was going out, they would decide if Gabby would be naked or dressed. Denise asked Gabby if she understood and Gabby replied that she did.

“Now, you are to do whatever your father, sister or I tell you to do. Do you understand?” Denise asked.

With her hands still clasped behind her head, Gabby said she understood and that she would not object to any direction given to her.

“Really?” Denise remarked. “Well, I’m going to enjoy having a sex slave around the house. Gabby, have you ever licked pussy?”

“No.” Gabby replied. “I’ve sucked on cock before and one guy came in pendik escort my mouth.”

“Did you swallow his cum?” Taylor smirked.

“I tried to, but I gagged a little.”

“Taylor, get undressed and let’s see how well Gabby eats pussy.” Robert directed.

Smiling, Taylor stood up and began to undress. When she was naked she sat back in the recliner and placed her legs over the arms of the chair. Taylor patted her pussy which had a small landing strip above her smooth pussy. Robert nodded and Gabby sank to her knees and crawled toward her sister’s spread legs. Gabby put her mouth on Taylor’s pussy and began to lick. Gabby knew enough about her own body to concentrate on licking Taylor’s clit, even sucking the knob into her mouth.

Taylor was beginning to feel the effects of Gabby’s licking, letting out a soft moan as Gabby continued to lick Taylor’s pussy. As her orgasm neared, Taylor grabbed Gabby’s head and pushed her hips up toward Gabby’s mouth. As Taylor came, Denise told Gabby to take slow licks of Taylor’s pussy lips and to lick all the juices from Taylor’s pussy. Gabby did as her mother instructed.

Taylor lowered her legs and Gabby stood up and walked back to stand in front of her parents. Without being told, she spread her legs and put her hands behind her head. Denise looked at Robert and then back to Gabby.

“You know the rules, Gabby. You are to be naked in the house. Make sure you have no hair below your head. You will dress appropriately for school but we will decide what you wear if you are going out. Since school is almost done and you’ll be off to college in August, I imagine you won’t be wearing much this summer. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mom, I do. I will remain naked in the house, no hair below my head and I will do whatever you, Dad, or Taylor tell me to do.”

“If you don’t follow those rules, you will be punished, understand?” Robert said firmly.

“Yes, I understand.”

After dinner and a quiet evening, the family went to bed. As Gabby walked upstairs to her room, Taylor stopped her.

“Gabby, come here.” Taylor stood in the doorway of her bedroom and stepped aside to let her naked sister enter her bedroom.

“I hope you aren’t upset having to do that to me.”

Gabby smiled and said that it was quite the opposite. She enjoyed it.

“You really get off on being a submissive, don’t you?”

Gabby lowered her head and then looked at Taylor. “Yeah. I do. I wanted Mom to tell me to do her or suck Dad. Or fuck me. I can’t quite explain it but I just wanted…I don’t know.”

“You want to be a slave. When you watched Mallory being punished this afternoon, what were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that I was Mallory.”

Taylor and Gabby talked for a few minutes more before Gabby went to her room.

In the master bedroom, Robert and Denise were discussing the day’s events.

“Did you know Gabby was like this?” Robert asked Denise.

“No idea. But, to be honest honey, I think I’m going to like having a sex slave around the house. And you probably won’t mind getting a blow job from your daughter or fucking her.”

“You’re right, I won’t. But, I don’t know how she will be with being bound or spanked. I think we will have to find out. How would she be in a family punishment?”

“Something tells me she would be alright with it. You’re right though, we don’t know how she would be with some rough sex. We will have to find out.”

As they got into bed, Robert held Denise and told her that she would have to buy some dildos and butt plugs.

“I don’t want to use the ones I use on you on Gabby. Maybe I will dominate the two of you and let Taylor watch.”

“Oh, I would like that!”

The next day, Gabby came home from school and saw her mother sitting in the front room waiting for her return.

Gabby stopped when she saw her mother. “Hi, Mom. Going up to undress.”

“Come here when you’re naked. I want to talk to you.”

“Ok, Mom. Be right down.”

Gabby ran upstairs and put her backpack on the floor by her desk. She was glad that graduation was near and soon she could spend all day naked. She wondered what adventures she would have. During the night she thought of what being a naked sex slave would require her to do. Nothing she imagined frightened her. She hadn’t had much sexual experience, but she knew that was going to change…and soon!

Gabby finished undressing and walked downstairs. When she entered the room, without being told to do so, she stood in front of her mother and spread her legs and put her hands behind her head. Gabby had thought that this is what a slave would do and she wanted to be a slave.

“Very good, Gabby. You really are getting into this, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mom, I am. I really want to be the family’s slave.”

“Then we will give you that opportunity. Your father and I talked last night about you and we want to make a few, uh, additions to what we discussed last night. When you come into a room in the house and you haven’t maltepe escort been told to do something, we want you to kneel on the floor and spread your knees apart as far as you can, keeping your hand behind your head with your elbows straight to the sides. That will keep those cute tits of yours thrust out. Go on, get in that position.”

Gabby did as Denise instructed.

“Very good. If you are told to stand, you will do so like you did when you came into the room.”

“Yes, Mom.”

“No. You will call me ma’am.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Gabby, have you been fucked in your ass?”

“No!” Gabby yelled. “I have only had sex with two guys and my experience with girls, well you have seen.”

“I thought so. We are going to anal train you so that you can take a cock up your asshole. I’m sure your father will want to do that to you. Your father wanted me to order some toys but I think it might be fun to go pick them up in person. I happen to know a perfect store. We can go later. Now, get over my lap. I’m going to spank you.”

“Did I do something wrong?” Ginny asked.

“Oh, no dear. I want to spank you and since you want to be a sex slave, you need to know that those who dominate you will do things to you because they enjoy doing those things, not because you have done anything wrong. Now, over my lap.”

Gabby crawled the short distance to her mother and laid across her lap.

Denise looked at Gabby’s ass and couldn’t help thinking to herself that her youngest daughter was indeed a very beautiful young woman. Denise slowly rubbed Gabby’s ass before bringing her hand sharply down on Gabby’s left ass cheek. Two more slaps on Gabby’s right cheek followed. Gabby winced as the spanks continued but she did not cry out. Denise stopped after 30 spanks.

“You understand, Gabby, that as our sex slave any part of your body can used by me, your father and Taylor, or anyone we choose. Therefore, you must always be clean. I put some disposable enemas in your bathroom. Make sure you use one everyday when you get home from school.”

“Yes, ma’am. I will.”

Denise told Gabby to go upstairs and give herself an enema because her anal training was going to start in a while. Denise told Gabby to come back downstairs when she was clean.

“I’ll pick something for you to wear, since we are going out in public.”

Gabby went upstairs and gave read the instructions on the enema package. After she was clean, she came downstairs to find her mother waiting for her. Gabby knelt in front of Denise, spread her legs and clasped her hands behind her head.

“All clean?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. Put this on. It’s one of your father’s shirts. You can put on shoes.”

Gabby stood and put on the shirt. It was a red polo shirt that barely covered Gabby’s ass. Her tits, which Gabby always thought were perky, strained against the material. Gabby went to get her shoes and followed her mother out the front door. Gabby looked to see if anyone was watching and she kept tugging at the shirt bottom, an item her mother noticed.

“If you want to be naked all the time, then you should not try to cover yourself up. Now, get in the car.”

Gabby stopped trying to tug the shirt down and got into the car. Denise started the car and pulled out of the driveway.

“Gabby, your father and I are willing to have you be a sex slave, if that is what you truly want. A slave would not try to cover herself. It would not matter if you bare pussy and ass were were seen. I realize there are places where that may not be appropriate or legal. But, you must not try to cover yourself.”

“Yes, ma’am. I really want to do this. I will do better. May I ask a question?”

Denise nodded as she pulled out onto the highway.

“Does dad dominate you?”

Denise smiled. “He used to, before we had kids but we found out later that I enjoyed being a dominate more than being a submissive. I discovered my preference as I attend more meetings of our family’s court. Sometimes, depending on who’s being punished and what their transgressions were, both men and women would take part. I like dominating women as much as men. Your father only likes to dominate women.”

“Have you ever been punished in front of the family.” Gabby asked.

“Twice. Once shortly after we were married, it was like an initiation into the family and once for overspending.”

“What did you have to do?”

“Let’s just say… Well, if you want to know because this will very likely happen to you, all the men had me. They could pick where. But, I was fucked in the ass four times that afternoon, with all the women watching. That’s why I want you used to having things in your bottom. Ok. We are here.”

Denise pulled the car into a parking lot.

Gabby looked up at the sign over the parking lot.

“The Adult Boutique. I’ve never been in a place like this.” Gabby said.

“I would hope not, seeing how you just turned 18.” Denise replied.

“Have you been here before?” kartal escort Gabby asked.

“A few times. With your father and by myself. The staff are very helpful and very open minded. If you see something that interests you, don’t be afraid to ask. The owner’s name is Nancy and Janice is her assistant. Ready?”

Without waiting for an answer, Denise opened her door and got out of the car. Gabby got out and followed her mother into the store. Inside, Denise looked around for the two workers that she knew. A thirty something black male was behind the elevated counter. Gabby did not see any other customers in the store

“Can I help you, ladies?” The man said. He smiled when he saw Gabby’s nipples poking through the tight polo shirt.

“Is Nancy or Janice here?” Denise asked.

“Yeah, they’re in the Esoterica Room.”

Denise thanked the man and beckoned Gabby to follow her. Gabby had wandered down an aisle and was looking at the videos available. Gabby walked toward her mother.

“See anything interesting?” Denise asked.

“Just regular sex videos, and I have seen a couple of those.”

“Really? Let’s go into the next room.”

Denise led the way and Gabby followed. Gabby knew that as she walked the store clerk was getting a good look at the bottom of her ass cheeks.

The room they entered was large and the walls were filled with leather outfits, bondage gear and display cases with more bondage gear and sex toys.

As Gabby looked at all the items on display, she hadn’t noticed that her mother had walked away and was greeting a women.

“Hello, Nancy.” Denise said.

The woman smiled and returned the greeting.

“Hello, Demise. It’s been a while since you’ve been in.”

Before Denise could answer, another girl, younger than Nancy, joined them.They exchanged greetings and began a hushed conversation. There were two other men in the room looking at the merchandise and Gabby knew that they looked at her whenever they could. Gabby felt a rush of warmth as she bent over to look at some metal objects on a bottom shelf. She knew her shirt would ride up giving anyone who looked a clear view of her bare ass. Gabby’s movements were not lost on the three women carrying on with their conversation.

“So, who is that with you?” Nancy asked.,

“She’s the reason we’re here. Come to think of it, the last time we were here you had that model you demonstrated the paddles and whip on. Anymore demonstrations?”

Janice replied that the model they used, a late thirties women named Ginny, had become a permanent slave to another women and wasn’t available anymore.

“Oh.” Denise lowered her voice. “We have a unique situation. My daughter,” Denise said pointing toward Gabby, “has recently confessed that she wants to be naked and that, uh, she has some very deep submissive feelings. We talked it over and Robert and I are going to try to give her want she wants. She graduates in a couple of weeks so during the summer we are going to try to keep her naked, of course within legal limits.”

“Have you dominated her yet?” Nancy asked.

“I spanked her before we came here and she has positions she must assume in the house. This may be a bit hard to understand but we had her go down on our oldest daughter.”

Janice’s eyes widened but it was Nancy who replied that there would be no judgements from them and what could they help Denise with.

“We know she’s an anal virgin so we need some dildos and plugs to get her used to having cock in her asshole. What would you suggest?”

“She is only wearing that shirt, right?” Janice asked.

Denise nodded. “I didn’t want her to come in naked, not knowing who was here. But…Gabby, come here.”

Gabby walked over to her mother and the two other women as the two male customers watched. Denise introduced them to Nancy and Janice.

“Your mother tells us that you like being naked and you are submissive. Is this true?” Nancy asked.

Gabby nodded.

“Take off the shirt and give it to Janice and get in you standing position.” Denise ordered.

Gabby hesitated only a brief second before reaching for the hem of her shirt and pulling it over her head. Gabby handed the shirt to Janice and spread her legs and clasped her hands behind her neck. The two women looked over her body as the two other customers moved closer.

“We have made some additions recently. We have two smaller demonstration rooms. Why don’t we go there and I will bring in some products to try on her.” Nancy said.

“That would be excellent!” Denise said.

“Janice, let’s use room two.”

Janice led Denise and Gabby to a door and unlocked it. The room was small but had a massage table and some chairs. There wasn’t anything else in the room. Janice told Gabby to get up on the table on her hands and knees with her ass facing the door. Gabby obeyed the instructions.

“Put your head down and spread tour legs apart as far as you can. That’s good.”

Gabby had lowered her head and moved her legs apart, knowing that Janice or anyone else behind her could see her pussy and asshole. Janice reached under the table and pulled out a leather cuff that was bolted to the underside of the table. Janice placed the cuff around Gabby’s left wrist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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