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Big Tits

We had a terrible argument. About what, I can’t remember now. But it caused me to call it an early night without kissing you good night. I readied for bed, fuming at your inability to understand my every little move.

It was a warm night, and I slipped, naked, in between the cool satin sheets. A light breeze came in through the open window, the ceiling fan carrying the coolness and scent of roses to every corner of the room. It was a perfect night to make slow, sweet, passionate love to you, but I was too pouty to notice or appreciate it.

After what felt like hours, I finally drifted off into a fitful sleep, not used to you being absent from the bed. Pressed against me, you always comforted me to sleep.

As I drifted off, images began filling my head. It started with your beautiful, smiling face. I love to watch the light dance in your eyes, and hear the richness of your laughter. Feeling myself smile, I watched as the dream began to unfold even more.

We were in a park. Or what looked like a park, but with a noticeable lack of people. The grass was greener than I had ever seen in reality, reflecting the sunlight with each blade. The trees, though few, cast more than enough shade to make it comfortably cool for a picnic.

That’s what you brought me here for. A wonderful picnic. I smiled as I watched you lay down the blanket, rolling my eyes at some cheesy joke you had made. You wouldn’t let me help you, insisting that the day was to be spent pampering me.

Allowing myself to be led to the blanket, I watched you walk the short distance to the car to retrieve the picnic hamper and a bottle of wine. I smiled as I rested my chin on my bent knee, thinking how I could never get tired of watching you move. You have the fluid grace that could make the best dancer envious.

Yet it’s not with a dancer’s grace that you move. It is more like the easy gait of a feral cat. The way your hips sway is like the lazy stroll of a lion. Seemingly unaware, but always on guard.

You return to the blanket and begin unpacking the hamper. French bread, sancaktepe escort cheese, fruit, even some of my favorite chocolate, appeared before me. Glasses came next. Smiling at me, you pour each of us a glass of wine. It is the sweetest I had ever tasted, and loved it from the first sip.

Saying very little, we slowly feed each other. I giggle with delight each time your lips capture my fingers and your tongue tickles them.

A short while passes, and we’ve cleared the remains of the picnic, packing the leftovers neatly back in the hamper. You sit with your back against the tree and motion me to sit with you, between your legs. I quickly take my seat, needing to feel your arms around me.

There are no words spoken as our fingers intertwine, and we enjoy the closeness of each other. You lightly kiss my neck, your teeth gently nipping my ear. I purr in pleasure as your hands start caressing my thighs, making my skirt ride up.

My legs part slightly, and I feel you slip a hand farther between them. I moan softly as your fingers explore my pussy through my now damp panties. I part my legs more to give you better access. Gently pulling the thin material to the side, your fingers find my slick smoothness very quickly.

Crying out, my hips buck, putting pressure on your groin. I can feel you swelling against my back, and that drives me wild. Kissing my ear, you softly whisper that you’re sorry. I don’t understand what you mean, but I don’t care. I’m completely focused on the magical things your fingers are doing to me.

Changing positions, you gently lay me down. The ground is surprisingly soft. I feel your hands on my calves, your strong fingers working to relax the muscles. You slowly work your way higher up my legs, tickling my inner thighs.

I moan softly as I feel your lips caressing my thighs, your tongue tasting the more sensitive areas. Your breath is hot and soothing against my aching pussy. And I’m slightly surprised at the fact that I’m now laying naked beneath ümraniye escort you.

Just when I believe your aim is to drive me completely mad with lust, you place a light kiss to my clit. I cry out as my back arches, my hips rising to meet your hungry mouth. Agonizing seconds go by, and then I feel your tongue. Using the tip, you trace my pussy lips, nipping the hollows of my thighs. You know this drives me nearly out of my mind, so you repeat it three or four times.

I reach down and grab your hair to hold your head in place. I wrap my legs around your neck, begging with my body for you to fuck me. Instantly, you comply with my almost silent pleading, plunging two fingers into my soaked pussy as you capture my clit with your lips and teeth.

I start massaging my breasts, rolling my nipples and pulling on them as the pleasure spreads through me. Stroking my g-spot, you feel my muscles expand and contract rhythmically on your fingers. Through experience, you know I won’t last very long. You don’t want me to either.

You apply just enough pressure with your fingers and nibble my clit the way I love it. My breathy whimpers tell you I’m very close to cumming. My legs tense up as my back arches. I pull on my nipples harder, almost painfully. I feel the tension curl in my belly, steadily building.

Moments later, I scream out your name as my hips move in time with your fingers. My muscles clench the invaders tightly. My legs lock around your head as my back arches more.

The pleasure is so great that it forces me to become increasingly aware that I’m awake. The scream still rings in my ears, because I haven’t stopped. My nipples are still trapped, painfully now, in my fingers. My legs are still wrapped tightly around whatever is giving me so much pleasure.

Even though I am now conscious, I have by no means finished cumming. Just when the first one starts to subside, a second and third blindside me, completely knocking the wind from me.

The stroking of your fingers slows, tuzla escort then stops altogether. I pant, trying to get my bearings as my body slowly starts to relax. Finally, I open my eyes to find you above me, licking your fingers and growling at me.

I whisper that I was sorry too and open my arms to you. You sink down on top of me, your naked body pressing mine into the bed. Your lips find mine, and our tongues duel for possession of each other’s mouth. In the end, yours bested me.

Wrapping your arms around me, you roll to your back, settling me on top. I grind my hips against yours, feeling your hard cock stroke my clit and pussy. Raising up, I reach behind me, gently grabbing your cock and guiding it. I slowly lower my hips until I felt the head press against me. Giving one more push, my pussy lips tightly envelop your cock head.

I moan with exquisite pleasure as I feel you stretch me. Sitting back, I arch my back as each inch of you slides deeper inside me. You grab my hips, raising your hips in one swift move, driving your cock home.

I cry out your name as my hips start grinding against you. You fill me completely, perfectly, stretching me with such pleasure. I pull up, feeling you slowly slide out. You pull me back down, lifting your hips, slamming into me, making me cry out with every thrust. I feel the tension beginning to coil in the pit of my stomach as I buck wildly on you. I throw my head back, giving you everything I have.

Your hands tighten on my hips as yours move in time. You groan as my pussy tightens around you. I whimper that I’m going to cum, and my hips move faster. You match my pace, and your hips rise to slam against me.

With one last thrust, the world explodes around me, our cries filling the air. My fingers tighten on your shoulders as my pussy clenches your cock. My orgasm sets off yours, my muscles milking your sensitive cock as your fingers dig into my hips and you bury yourself even deeper inside me.

Feeling your cock throbbing in my pussy, I collapse on top of you, completely spent, with my face turned towards your neck. My breath flutters against your skin as you wrap your arms tightly around me.

Feeling safe and secure, I couldn’t help but chuckle tiredly as you say in your most commanding voice that I am yours. Within a matter of minutes, we both drift off to sleep, unsure of what that argument was about. We didn’t really care either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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