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All characters are over the age of 18.

All characters are copyright WithFurvor.


The Andersons: Aftermath of A Night Out

Jacob sat at the foot of his bed, staring aimlessly past his bedroom wall. He was nervous. It was a Sunday morning, the morning after the night he watched his mother cheat on his father with a stranger from a night club encounter. It wasn’t necessarily having seen the scenario that made him so anxious, but the fact that he had been seen himself. His mother had spotted him, with his cock in his paw. Later that night, last night, they spoke together. His mother had confronted him in the living room, and posited him with question after question. Why had he been there? Why was he watching her? Why did he masturbate? Speechless, Jacob found himself unable to answer her. Finally, after receiving Jacob’s word that he would tell no one, his mother suggested they resolve to wait until the morning to discuss the situation. Perhaps that way they would both have time to process things. Now it was morning, and Jacob couldn’t find the nerve to leave his room.

Leaving the room meant facing things. It meant acknowledging to his mother that he had not only followed her, but masturbated to her as well. He knew why he had followed her, of course. He had suspected something was up for a while, his parents relationships being as rocky as it had been lately. What he couldn’t answer even to himself is why he found it so arousing. Somewhere between the shock of realizing what a whore his own mother was, and then seeing the extraordinary level of skill she presented in such a position, he had been overcome. Was he attracted to her? He had never really thought about her in that way before, but suddenly he couldn’t get the image out of his mind. The sight of her rear, so shapely, in view through her car’s window kept popping in to his head. The equine had been thrusting so forcefully…

A gentle knock came rapping at Jacob’s door, snapping him out of his thoughts. Without waiting for an answer, his mother opened it from the other side. They looked at each other for a moment, Jacob found his mom’s expression unidentifiable.

“So.” Ava started, “Your father is at work and your sister is out. Come downstairs and I’ll make you some breakfast while we talk.”

After another moments pause she closed the door quietly.

Jacob exhaled nervously, he felt as though he had been holding his breath the entire time his mother leaned in that doorway. So this was it. He stood up solemnly and walked out of his room. As he padded down the stairs he could smell the breakfast his mother was cooking at it put him at ease, but as he turned the corner in to the kitchen his jaw dropped at what he saw. His mother was wearing an apron, and only an apron. With her back turned to her son as worked at the stove, Ava had made certain to put her luscious rear in full view for the boy, her little cotton ball tail twitching cutely as she cooked.

“Do Pancakes sound good, hun?” She spoke without looking away from the stove.

“Why are you naked?” Blurted Jacob.

“That doesn’t answer my question, silly.” Ava looked back at her son with a mischievous smile. “Go sit at the table, I’ll join you in a minute.”

Speechless, Jacob did as he was told and made his way to the kitchen table. The entire way to his chair he couldn’t move his eyes from his mother’s rear, causing him to hit his shin against his chair as he came to it. He cursed silently, but noticed one of his mother’s long ears turning towards the sound. As he sat down, he couldn’t help but hope she hadn’t caught him peeking, despite the fact that it was obvious she was setting herself on display for him.

Ava noticed her son’s apprehension. Despite being naturally curious, he was such an adorably confused boy when it came to girls. She was absolutely certain he was a virgin, and before last night she even had her suspicions that he might be gay. Not that she’d have cared, but still. She loved the way she could work this power over him. She didn’t have to look back at her son to feel his eyes all over her ass. Ava did ever so love male attention, even if it was from her own son. In fact, she was starting to think she liked pendik escort her son’s attention quite a lot.

She carried a plate of pancakes to her son with the same mischievous smile she had flashed him earlier. Carefully, she sat the plate down in front of him and reached for the blueberry syrup she had placed on the table earlier; her son’s favorite. She bent low so that her face was near his, her cleavage exposed to him, and slowly began to drizzle the syrup on to the pancakes.

“Just tell me when to stop.” She said with a girlish giggle.

Jacob’s mouth was hanging open, and he looked as a deer in headlights at his mother’s breasts, barely covered by the apron that held them. They were so big, and the fur looked so soft. A few moments too late, her words finally reached him. He looked over at his pancakes with a blush, they were soaked in syrup.

“T-that’s good.” He said.

“So.” Ava started slowly, and as she spoke she began to cut up his pancakes for him. “We need to talk about last night.”

Jacob was absolutely out of his element. His mother used to cut up his pancakes like this when he was a child, but she hadn’t done it in years. It made him feel weird.

“Yeah, we do.” He spoke, finally, attempting to strengthen his resolve. “Why were you cheating on dad? I should tell him. I should wait for him to get home and tell him every-,”

Without warning Ava pushed a fork full of pancake in to the boy’s mouth, leaning in front of him with a devious grin. She carefully pulled the fork out of his mouth before answering.

“Your father just doesn’t do it for me anymore, Jacob.” She answered, picking up a napkin from the table and dabbing her son’s mouth with it. He blushed. “You and your sister both know that our marriage has been dead for a while now. But your mother is still a woman, sweetheart.” Her voice was so saccharin and lovely that it left Jacob in a daze, not to mention the way she was quite literally mothering him.

“I-I don’t think that’s a good excuse, mom.” He said, swallowing. “It isn’t right.”

“You’re one to talk.” She grinned, readying another fork of pancake. “You were touching yourself. I didn’t see you in a hurry to let anyone know anything, all I saw was my sweet little boy with his dick in his palm and cum on his paws. Open up, dear.” She pushed the fork toward his mouth.

Jacob’s blush became so pronounced that Ava could see it through the poor boy’s fur. He ate the bite of pancake and looked away. He had no answer for her, so she continued.

“Do you know what I think?” She said, forking yet another bite of pancake for her boy. “I think it won’t be too hard for us to strike up a deal for your silence.” With that she took one of her long, curvy legs and raised it up, lowering it once it had crossed the threshold that was her son’s lap. She lowered herself there, facing him as her warm crotch pressed gently against her son’s pants, feeling his already growing erection pressing back against her. She held the fork up in the air as though it were a magic wand.

“What do you think?” She asked, gently feeding him the bite of pancake.

“I-I, uh, I think- that is I mean-,” Jacob sputtered, his mind going wild and freezing up.

“Oh no.” Ava pouted. “You’ve got some syrup on your cheek, there. Let me get that for you sweetie.”

Then, grabbing her boy by the shoulders she leaned her face in close to his and slowly licked him from his chin to his temple. A shiver ran through Jacob who felt otherwise paralyzed.

“I’m sorry. Was that weird?” His mother asked in playful tones. She pulled the top of her apron over her head so that it exposed her large, supple breasts. Then she grabbed the blueberry syrup off of the table and, while using her free arm to hold her breasts up on display for her son, began to pour some of the sticky syrup on to them. “There,” she finished. “Now you can lick some off of me, Jakey.”

Ava reached behind her boys head and shoved it in to her cleavage before he could protest, and his tongue instinctively popped out. Like a hungry bear with honey the young lapine lapped up the syrup, dragging his tongue over his mother’s breasts frantically. He grabbed them and pushed them together, maltepe escort and watched the syrup slide in to the crevice created between them. Then he pulled them apart and licked up the syrup that was there, holding them roughly in his hands. Ava gasped at her son’s sudden, and primal confidence.

Once all of the syrup was gone, Jacob wrapped his arms around his mother and pulled her in close, looking up with wanting lips that found hers bearing down on them immediately. Her tongue probed his mouth first, but his met hers excitedly. For that moment they were glued together, pressed at the mouths as their forbidden kiss became more sensual. The older lapine began to grind down against her son’s erection, showing some of the eagerness she had exhibited last night, unknowingly, in front of Jacob. He was going to find out exactly what a slut his mother could be.

Ava broke the kiss and smiled at her son.

“Why don’t we move in to your bedroom?” She purred, biting her bottom lip.

“Okay.” Said Jacob, dumbfounded.

Ava got up, taking her unassuming young man by the paw and leading him not just down the hall and in to his bedroom, but down the depths of his most secret desires. She pushed her son’s door open with a giggle and let go of his hand. She looked around for a moment, as though in consideration and then with a thoughtful twitch of her tail she pulled the chair from her son’s desk and put it in the center of the room.

“Sit down.” She commanded, turning to her son with a sultry look in her eyes.

“I-in the chair?” Asked Jacob, dumbfounded as we watched his mother remove her apron.

“In the chair.” She confirmed as the garment hit the floor.

Uncertain of what was going on, Jacob did as he was told and padded over to the chair. He almost missed it as he sat down, distracted by his mother’s fully naked body. She was so luscious, so curvy and sensual.

Nervously he took his seat, looking up at his mother expectantly.

“Why am I sitting down?” He asked, cocking his ears curiously.

“Your mother has…,” Ava bit her bottom lip as she looked down at her son. “Very particular tastes, Jakey. Stay put and I’ll show you what I mean.”

Ava left the room for a moment, leaving her son to anxiously wait for her in silence. He couldn’t believe what was happening, but what did his mother mean when she said she had such particular tastes? Fully erect in his jeans from anticipation, the young lapine’s mind raced with curiosity. Finally his mother returned, with rope and a blindfold in her paws. Jacob let out a soft noise once he realized where his mother was going with this. She grinned mischievously, her luscious hips swaying as her long legs waltzed over towards her son. She bound his wrists to the chair, then looked him in the eyes with that same mischievous smile.

“Are you certain you’re ready to find out what your mother is in to?” She cooed at her boy.

“More than anything.” Jacob answered breathlessly.

Ava responded by finally blindfolding Jacob, and she could see the goosebumps rising up under her son’s fur as she did it. She took a moment to hug her blinded son to her bare chest, her breasts pressing against his face for a moment before she let him go.

“Now don’t you go anywhere.” She said, tapping Jacob on the nose. Then he heard her pad out of the room again. What could she be doing this time? Jacob had a lot of time to wonder, as it seemed to take forever for his mother to return and when she finally did she seemed hushed, attempting to hide a playful giggle as she shuffled in to the room.

“Okay, take his blindfold off.” Ava spoke, but not to her bound son.

Then he felt hands, much larger than those of his mother, pulling at his blindfold and suddenly he was confronted by a very confusing sight indeed.

“Tony?” He asked, bewildered as he spoke. Sure enough the beefy bovine male was standing shirtless in front of him, with an obvious tent in his pants.

“Sorry buddy,” Tony shrugged nonchalantly. “But when your mother offered, I just couldn’t say no.”

“Stop talking to him.” Ava giggled, bending over her son’s bed and exposing her rear. “Get over here and fuck me.”

She kartal escort wiggled her full, luscious rump at the virile male standing in front of her son. Tony turned his back to his friend and walked over to Ava. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, hard shaft placing it gently between Ava’s supple ass cheeks. She murred as she grinded back against him. Reaching under herself, Ava spread her pussy for her son’s best friend. Tony lined the flared tip of his massive shaft right up against her entrance.

“You wanna know what mommy’s into, sweetie?” Ava spoke in even tones as Tony entered her, spreading her walls tight around his cock as a shiver ran down her spine. Once he had hilted himself inside of her she completed her thought, though a bit breathlessly. “This is what mommy’s in to.”

Jacob stared silently, slack jawed and amazed at what a whore his mother was. He watched as she began to grip his bed sheets, Tony starting a pace inside of her. It looked difficult, at first, with how thick his member was but after a few thrusts it was coated in enough of Ava’s juices to accommodate an easy penetration. Ava bit her bottom lip and buried her face in the bed, moaning out as her son’s best friend stretched her from the inside. Jacob could feel the pain of his rock hard member against his jeans, but being bound he knew there was nothing he could do about it. Finally, his mother lifted her head back up and spoke in a mix of moans and shudders.

“This is what mommy wants!” Her voice bounced with every thrust of Tony’s dick inside of her. “Mommy wants big, fat, bull cocks inside of her. You really though I was going to let you put that tiny little dick of yours inside of me? You’re just like your pathetic father.” Right as she finished those words her orgasm seemed to hit her. Her legs wobbled, her eyes crossed and she let out a low moan as her body began to shake violently. This reaction apparently drove Tony wild.

“Mrs. Anderson I’m going to cum!” He shouted, gripping her hips from behind as he slammed his cock inside of the mature lapine.

“Do it!” Ava half screamed. “Cum inside of me you fucking beast!”

And as though his best friend weren’t sitting there watching him,Tony slammed his hips in to Jacob’s mother’s with a final, forceful moan. Jacob could tell he was cumming, he could tell that as Tony’s brow furrowed and he gripped Ava’s hips tighter that load after load of bull cum was being pumped in to his mother right in front of him. He could also tell quite clearly that she was loving it. More than anything, Jacob just wanted to touch himself. But as Tony finished unloading in to Jacob’s mom, Jacob was left hard and unsatisfied. The two stayed on the bed panting, linked together for a full minute before Tony pulled out. His cum dripped out of Ava’s cunt once he’d exited her. She shivered, licked her lips, and stood up to face her son.

“Look how fucking hard you are,” Ava teased her son, cum sliding down her leg slowly. “You little pervert. I bet you want me to touch you, huh?”

“Y-yes ma’am.” Jacob admitted timidly.

Ava undid the rope that kept her son tied to the chair.

“Get on your knees.” She commanded. Jacob did as he was told, kneeling down in front of his mother.

“Now lick my pussy.” She spoke with such force.

“B-but.” Jacob protested. “There’s…,”

“Cum inside there?” Ava finished her son’s sentence. “Lick it out, and I’ll touch you.”

Jacob was shocked, and Tony looked on curiously. He wondered if his friend would really drink his cum from inside his own mother. A moment later, this curiosity was answered as Jacob leaned forward and slid his tongue slowly in to his mother’s vagina. She bit her bottom lip, and kept her eyes glued to the boy cleaning her out. The cum tasted salty, thought Jacob, and apart from how embarrassed he was it wasn’t that bad. Once he thought he was done, he looked up at his mother pleadingly with a little cum dribbling down his lips.

“Will you touch me now, mom?”

“Stand up.” Said Ava.

Jacob did as he was told. Ava unzipped her son’s pants, pulled out his erect cock and very gently touched her soft, white furred fingers to his tip. Then it was over.

“There, I touched it.” Ava smirked, much to Jacob’s disappointment. “Tony, tie him back up and then get over here and stuff that big dick as far down my throat as you can push it.”

“Sorry bro,” Tony grinned, picking the rope up off the floor.


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