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This is a work of fiction. Everyone is 18+.

I like to call it The Adventures of Dad Bod, Part 2.


A few hours after we fell asleep, I awoke to find CC sitting in the end of the bed.

“You ok?” I asked trying to figure out what if anything was wrong.

“Yes. I am OK. Everything is perfect!” CC whispered.

“Come back to bed. The room is chilly.” I begged.

She crawled back up to me and snuggled under the covers. He tight body molding to my Dad bod. I held her close. He little face looking at me.

“I think I need to go.” CC said.

“Why? I thought you wanted this?”

CC replied, “I do. More than anything. But I am scared. Scared of what my family will say. My mom is a drunk, she won’t care. Dad will be mad. And my sister will be furious.” She said.

“We will deal with that when it comes. You are an adult. What can they say or do? Doesn’t matter. You can make your own choices now.” I replied in my best Dad voice.

CC asked, “Are you sure?”

“Never been surer in my life. Now come here. I have something for you.”

She crawled up onto me and adjusted her hips. My erection slipped into her pussy. It was like heaven. She rode me for an eternity. We made love. Slow, steady, erotic. My hands all over her body. Feeling every bit of skin. Her nipples were firm. I kissed her lips, tasting her lipstick. Our tongues gently finding each other’s. We responded to each other’s touch.

She was rocking harder. Her breathing heavier. Her eyes were closed. Her nails were dug into my chest.

“I’m cumming” She almost whispered. Sinking her wet pussy onto my cock. She arched her back and held me deep in her vagina. She shook for a good minute and then cried, collapsing on me.

“I couldn’t even make a noise. That orgasm was so strong. I felt it in my back and my chest. It was amazing.” CC said.

“I’m so glad baby. I want t you to feel like that all the time. That’s a pure connection.”

“Make love to me again, Ken. I want to come again like that.”

We flipped to our side and I entered her from the back. Her leg draped over mine. I entered her and started pumping. Slow and easy. Over and over. My fingers finding her clit.

She was panting. He pussy was pulsating. I could feel another orgasm building. Her body was shaking again. Her back arched, pushing against me. Her stomach was tight, her nipples hard as diamonds. Her thighs were tight. She pushed me out when her orgasm reached its crescendo.

“Oh God that was even better than the last one. I feel selfish having orgasms like that and not letting you have one.” CC said looking at me with some sadness in her eyes.

“How do you want me?” She asked.

“Missionary. I want to see your face when we fuck.” I replied.

She flipped onto her back and opened her legs. She was soaked from her last 2 orgasms.

I put her ankles up by my ears and she guided my erection into her awaiting pussy. Her pussy squeezed me tight.

“We made love Ken. Now fuck me. Fuck me hard and finish inside me. I want everything. Give me the cream I want.” izmir escort bayan CC demanded.

I fucked her hard and long. I gave it all I had.

“I’m cumming CC. I’m cumming……..”

I emptied into her for the third time in about 8 hours. My balls hurt from slapping off her tight ass.

“How much more can you give me Ken? I never want to stop. We have been at it for hours and I can’t get enough.” CC purred.

“I’m not sure CC. This is the most I have ever done. 4 ejaculations in one night. I am amazed at myself!”

She grabbed my limp cock and started cleaning it. Her mouth was all over my cock. I could feel myself recovering, AGAIN!

Soon I was hard. She was sucking me like I had never been sucked. Deep in her throat. Gagging as she took me into her mouth. It was a nasty wet blowjob and I loved it. I pulled her off and got her on her hands and knees. Her little ass upturned. He pussy flowering like a spring tulip. Her little brown puckered hole was begging for attention. I knelt behind her and licked her pussy. She tasted so good. My cum and her juices were mixed and oozing from her box. My tongue found her ass. I flicked it gently with my tongue. She responded by clenching a little with each lick. I poised my middle finger at her asshole and pushed in. CC whimpered slightly and relaxed as I focused on her clit again. I worked my finger in and then another.

“I have never done anal, Ken. Please be gentle. My ass is a virgin!” CC panted.

“I will. Let me know if it is too much.”

I used her pussy wetness to lubricate my cock and her ass. I pushed the head in and stopped.

“GOD that hurts! But I want it. Go slow.”

Slowly I pushed my length into her.

“I’m all the way in CC. You ok?’

She was like a different person.

“I’m so full! Fuck my ass Ken. Fuck my ass!!!!”

I started slow.

“HARDER!!” she yelled.

So, I fucked her harder. I fucked her until she came. I pulled my throbbing cock out of her steaming ass. She turned and sat in front of me. She grabbed my cock and took it in her mouth.

Every 5 or 6 strokes she would say, “You like me being a dirty whore? Don’t you?”

And before I could even answer, she would have me balls deep in her mouth again.

I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth.

“YES, I love my little WHORE. My nasty, dirty whore!”

She pushed her finger into my unsuspecting ass and squeezed my balls with her other hand.

I shot my 5th load into her throat. She swallowed every drop.

We spent the rest of the weekend naked and fucking. We ordered food in. Finally, on Sunday night, we showered for the last time in that hotel room and went back to our normal lives. We were going to move in with each other. We just had to make plans and get things organized.

We told her parents. He drunk mother kissed me. On the lips. With tongue.

Her Dad, while upset. Knew she was in good hands.

Her sister? Mad as suspected. It wasn’t until about 3 months later we found out why. That is another story.

We moved in together escort izmir and got all sorts of odd looks each day when we left for work. Might have been the age difference or it might have been the loud sex we had nightly. Either way, I know I was happy and so was CC. Once my lease was up on my apartment, we bought a 3-bedroom, 3 bath house on an acre of land. Lots of trees. Close to both our workplaces.

On our first night in the house, we had finished unpacking and were eating dinner.

“Make love to me Ken. Sweet slow love.”

In the master bedroom we undressed. I fell on the bed and CC slid her pussy onto my face. I licked her until she came. She turned and mounted me. She rode my cock at her pace. My ever-eager hands exploring her body. I could not get enough of her. It was like the first time we had sex, each and every time we had sex. She reached her mind-numbing orgasm quickly. Her body shaking and tensing. It lasted for a couple of minutes. As she rocked on my swollen cock, I let go. Cumming together made it even better. When we had both come down from our orgasms, she laid beside and asked if I wanted another child. I told her I was kind of old for that but maybe one day.

“How about in about 6 months? My doctor says I am about 3 months along.”

“Are you serious? You are pregnant?” I was happy.

“I hope you don’t stop wanting me when I get as big as a cow.”

“I will only want you more. As beautiful as you are, you will be absolutely stunning as a pregnant mom to be.” I stammered.

CC laughed and said she had not been on any birth control since our first night together. She hadn’t planned on getting pregnant. That is what happens when you have sex multiple times a day, with each one ending in me cumming in her. But we were happy. Happy beyond belief. I asked her to marry me.

She answered quickly. “Yes. Oh God yes. I want to be your wife!”

“We need to do this soon, CC. We can have a big get together later, if that is ok? I say we just go to Vegas and get married.”

“I agree.” She said. “Nothing big for the wedding. Just you and me. And our baby!”

So, it was set. We were married 2 weeks later. Elvis was my best man. Priscilla was CC’s Maid of Honor.

We left Vegas and headed into the Utah wilderness for a few days. We hiked and made love outdoors numerous times. Each time was magical.

We enjoyed our time together. When we finally went home, it had been 5 days away from life. We were happy to be home. We had her parents over and celebrated the marriage. Her parents were happy. Odd to a guy younger than me, in my house that was my father in law, that I have knows for 18+ years. My mother in law was not drunk and was working on her sobriety. My new sister in law did not come.

We announced the baby. Again, all was good. We were both glad everyone was happy. After everyone left, I ran a bath for CC. Being a little over 4 months along, I kind of catered to her. She was so beautiful getting into the big tub. She was glowing. Her little boobs had grown some. Her tummy was bulging.

“Water warm enough?” izmir escort I asked.

“Yes, babe. It is perfect. Care to join me?”

I undressed and crawled in behind her. She leaned back against me and I caressed her breasts and tiny baby bulge. She responded to every touch. Every caress. I slid my hand between her legs and found her clit. I massaged it relentlessly. She came quickly.

“You always know just what I need. Thank you for being so good to me.” CC whispered.

“Always my pleasure. What else can I do for you?”

“Take me to bed and make love to me. Cum inside me. Let me feel your love.”

We got out and dried off. She led me into the bedroom. I watched her ass bounce. Her jiggly butt was so hot. When we got to the bedroom, she bent over.

“I saw you looking at my ass. Take it.”

I walked up to her and slid my hard cock into her wet pussy. I fucked her until she came. I was close but wanted it to last.

“Cum on my belly. I want to rub your cum into my skin. Plus, I have never seen you cum before! It has always been in me!”

The thought of her wanting to watch me jack off and cum on her was exhilarating. I stood in front of her and stoked my cock. My fist pumping.

“Here cums CC. Ughhhhh!!”

I sprayed her belly and tits with my cum. I watched her. She was focused on each spurt. When I was finally spent, she laughed and said I had a cute orgasm face.

“Gee, thanks. I think.”

As she was rubbing my cum into herself, she looked at me devilishly.

“I love you and I know you are a good man. Can I ask a favor of you?” CC asked, looking rather shy.

“Anything, you know that.”

“Have you ever had a threesome?”

“Oh hell, CC. That not a bad question. And the answer is yes. When I was younger. I had them with 2 girls and me and a guy, girl and me. Why do you ask?”

She sat silent for quite a while. Just rubbing her cum covered belly.

“I owe a favor. I want to know if you would be the third person in a threesome. It would you be you and I and another female. I have no interest in other guys. What do you say?”

I replied, “I have no interest in other girls either CC. You are enough for me.”

“Well, this is not just another girl. It is my sister. We dabbled with each other a for a few years. My mom even joined us a couple of times. God, I can’t believe I am telling you this. You have to hate me.”

“Quite the opposite. I am quite turned on. The thought of you with your sister and your mom is hot. We are all sexual beings. Sex is a drive within all of us.”

“So, you will consider it? I feel horrible asking.”

“Nothing to consider. I am the lucky one here. Let’s do it.”

She pulled me to her and sucked my hard cock into her mouth.

“I love you Ken. Now fuck my little pussy. Fuck it hard.”

I did as she asked. I entered her from behind and drove my cock at a feverish pace. I shot my cum deep in her baby tunnel.

She smiled at me and said, “I will make the arrangements tomorrow. This weekend ok with you?”

“Like I am going to say no. Yes. Have her come over Friday night.”

“Friday it is. Thank you, lover. Thanks for everything!” CC replied, near tears again.

“No crying! Call your sister and come to bed. This old man needs some rest!”

More to cum!

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