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Author’s Note:

Everyone’s 18 and up.

Feel free to recommend an editor!

Authorship’s a fascinating experience– Thanks much for reading!


Warmth. Soft, comfortable, dreamy warmth. My body knew enough of what was going on from the warmth it felt from my face to my feet: I was lying in bed, spooning someone seemingly perfectly shaped for me. Why would I bother digging deeper?

Alas. Our minds weren’t made to ignore the persistently twitching threads of curiosity.

I was in bed with one of my hook-ups from this past week. That much seemed apparent.

After all, everyone on-campus was eager to get their last mid-terms or mid-papers handled so that they could have a blow-out party and blow town for spring break. Despite a hefty schedule, I’d learned from my previous 4 semesters (including the summer between my 1st two years) and had stayed ahead of the deadlines so far this spring, as much as the civil engineering program allowed me to. As a result, I was able to attend any party or outing I heard about from Tuesday on.

Unplanned as it had been, I randomly met up with my usual friend-with-benefits, Jessica both at a small party Tuesday night and at a hookah bar after the club on Wednesday. Since my schedule had rarely allowed me to enjoy the typical social outings of college-life this past semester, I didn’t question winding up in her bed either night.

This wasn’t her body, though, because Jessica had headed out of town after I walked back to my place to sleep off Thursday. Also, she had firmer B’s that filled my hands… These softer, perky breasts were a shade more petite.

Whomever they belonged to, they seemed to compliment the soft,warm shoulder that smelled just barely like mangoes, and the hair that smelled lightly of lavender… That shampoo scent seemed vaguely familiar, and the mangoes… Why did the smell remind me of a taste? Who did these shoulders and hair belong to?

I remember taking a lyft to another party Friday night at a friend’s house off-campus. My buddy, Brandon, was two years ahead of me in the same program and close to graduating, so I’d looked forward to his party, despite knowing I wasn’t planning on staying late enough to shut it down for some reason.. what was that again?

“Reitzer! Get Over Here, You Arsch Lecker!” Brandon bellowed over to me , two beers in-hand, when I’d arrived at the party.

“Jawohl, mein Freund!” I’d laughed back, making a bee-line his way.

We both had Germanic last names, knew a little bad German, and got stoned together regularly since we’d met during my 1st semester, so whenever we got to party together, the rules were off. Also, Brandon was the life of the engineering parties.

I remember knocking back a few more than initially planned, and ending up in conversation on the back-deck with a cutie from my analytical mechanics class, Lexy.

We drank a few more, gradually steering our conversation to the couch before finding ourselves making out…

But this couldn’t be Lexy. Even though we’d shared a ride back to campus that night, we’d headed back to our dorms alone; both of us had early plans the next day. That’s right– she was flying out to her meet fer family in Colorado, while I’d be catching an early train, eventually getting to a comped vacation my parents had set up for me and my sister on Martha’s Vineyard. Also, Lexy had short, dirty blonde hair like Jessica’s, just shy of her shoulders.

As I lazily cracked open my eyes, the lavender-scented locks before me were golden, maybe platinum blonde and reaching down to her taut shoulder blades. Why too was that so familiar?


I’d woken up Saturday in time to toke & shower for that ungodly early train ride. I’d swung by a cannabis dispensary on the way from the train station to the airport. I’d caught a flight with my sister, Kaylee, to the island, where we were checked into a charming cottage straight from a Tolkien tale.

Being stoned and going with the flow through the journey had led me to let my adorable, air-head, little sister mistakenly lead all the staff so far to believe that we were a married couple. If that weren’t awkward enough, I’d wound up getting two eyefuls worth of my sister’s vagina halfway through our first breakfast together: not even by accident the second time! She jokingly went out of her way to catch my gaze with her tight, pink, little pussy lips spread wide– to the result of my falling backwards from my seat! Naturally, the most un-brotherly instincts that my little head began pumping through my veins went straight to war with the solid fact my big head couldn’t get around: She Is Your Sister. Your Flesh-and-Blood, High-School-Age Sister.

While I’m sure our parents wouldn’t have been pleased with our “joking” through breakfast had they been present, they probably would have been more forgiving about it than what followed.

The joking façade of our sexual tryst was blown wide open when, as we were discussing in her bedroom upstairs what effects escort kartal COVID-19 would have on society, I incidentally wound up lips-to-lips, face-to-cunt eating out my little sister to climax.

We’d fallen asleep in her king-sized bed, emotionally fried by whatever had just happened, and apparently wound up spooning during our mutual napping.

That was why I recognized what must have been her mango bodywash: I was tasting Kaylee’s puss in my mouth still… My little sister’s pussy juices right after she’d showered. There’s no acceptable reason a brother should recognize the taste of his sister’s pussy juices. Despite knowing this in my gut, my mouth watered all the more.

Warm and comfortable as my waking reality was turning out to be, my eyes suddenly shot open. I was wide awake and sober as a judge.

My left hand, which had been steering itself down Kaylee’s firm midriff, froze just as it reached what had to be Kaylee’s landing strip. My sister’s landing strip.

Nope. This felt too good; I knew somehow this wasn’t right.

She’s your sister.

Yeah, I needed to get out of here before Kaylee woke up to find her brother fondling her in a most un-brotherly way.

Slowly sliding my right arm out from under her, and untangling myself from Kaylee’s soft, naked form, I edged my way backwards off the opposite side of her bed and briskly stalked out of the room, closing her door behind me.

My mind was revving up to overdrive as I hurried downstairs to my bedroom. As I sparked up my lighter for an emergency toke, I suddenly stopped myself.

Whether or not smoking weed had caused some of the sexual situations in which I was finding myself with my sister, it definitely wasn’t stopping me from handling them poorly.

“Poorly.” What an understatement. Intentional or not, I was exploring incest with my baby sister, and so long as I was stoned, this didn’t seem to bother me.

Well I wasn’t stoned right now, so this was probably the best time to think through what was definitely a big deal. It was late afternoon and, needing to clear my head in a major way, jogging the beach seemed like a safe alternative to toking.

It only took me a moment to locate my sneakers, which doubled as jogging shoes. I traded my undershirt for one of my normal workout shirts, grabbed my nano and earbuds, and chugged half a bottle of water before heading for the front door.

Normally I’d do some light stretches before hitting a jog, but I knew that if I didn’t hit the trail now, I’d find a reason to go back inside for a quick pre-jog toke, and I’d be back to where I started.

Our cottage was one of five in a cul-de-sac. Just as our booking agent, Joanna, had said, there was an unpaved footpath leading away from the street between two of the neighboring houses. As soon as I spotted the trail, I hit play on my nano and struck out on a confident pace.

“She’s your sister — she’s your sister — she’s your sister,” my mind seemed like it was on a loop intent on reminding me of the incest I’d just gotten a taste of.

Luckily, jogging has a way of pumping anything through your head, probably in tandem with all the air it’s pumping through your lungs and all the blood it’s pumping through your body. The path I jogged down worked its way through a couple lightly wooded fields, and I found myself getting to the beach in less time than I expected.

By the time my feet were hitting beach sand, my mind was onto a pretty repetitive rebuttal: “No one got hurt; No harm, no foul — no harm, foul — no harm, no foul…”

Beach-jogging rocks, because kicking off from the soft sand gets you a great calf workout. I was a half-mile down the beach, and my calves and hamstrings were just starting to argue about who was working hardest, as my mind found its next peccadillo: “Incest is illegal! You’re endangering both of your futures by letting this happen!”

It was a good point, but as my legs pistoned away down the beach I didn’t struggle to accept the obvious: so long as our fooling around didn’t go past a certain point, and so long as what we’d done stayed secret, the world and all its inhabitants would carry on just as they had before.

Despite the beach looking like it came off a magazine cover, I’d only seen maybe 6 people total as I was hitting what felt like a mile. My mind hadn’t given up yet: “What if going with the flow leads you to having SEX with your sister!?”

I’m not proud to admit that, I was so turned on by the sheer taboo of that possibility that my heart found enough extra blood to pump me up to a full chub, jogging-be-damned.

It was a distracting hypothetical to wrap my mind around. As I hit what I estimated to be a mile-and-a-half, I turned around to start the unrelenting jog back.

“So long as we’re safe, and neither of forces the other into anything we don’t want to do, what harm could there be?” I rationalized, retracing my earlier path down the beach, waves now on my left, dunes on my right. “Besides, it might not even maltepe escort go that far.”

“She’s your sister for the rest of your lives! You don’t get to break-up with a sister!” my mind hammered back, as my lungs slowly began asserting their exhaustion.

I was about a half-mile from the walking path as I slowed to a walk for the first time since I’d begun jogging. The realization hit me heavily: I needed to make sure that Kaylee understood how serious what we were doing together was.

Maybe Kaylee was having fun flirting with her handsome older brother; perhaps she was just reveling in having an older guy pay attention to her body, and got caught up in the heat of a couple different moments. Either way, my sister deserved to be treated well by any guy she engaged with, her brother included, and that meant that I had to make sure she didn’t get hurt by our ka-noodling.

That was going to be an awkward conversation, unless I missed my guess. Maybe it’d even be heavy enough to keep Kaylee from wanting to have any further liaisons with her big brother.

“Oh well, that would be my joss,” I figured, remembering the Chinese concept halfway between karma and fate; Jessica had taught me about it in one of our pillow conversations last fall.

“It’s an adult conversation, and if we’re both adult enough to fool around with our sibling, we’re adult enough to talk about it,” I resolved, as I kicked off from the sand, striking back into my jogging pace.

I was just hitting the beach-end of the walking path when my mind returned to a previous point: “She’s your sister– are really you attracted to your own sister?”

Kaylee had blossomed from my string bean of a little sister, into a petite, slender babe. The only thing stopping her from being a swim-suit model was a publisher’s offer as far as I could tell. And while my romantic history had only made the acquaintance of a half-dozen pussies before hers, Kaylee’s twat was easily the most memorable. Something about the aesthetics of my sister’s pussy, its petite size, the subtle symmetry of her her outer lips, the delicate flush along her inner lips as they grew more pink, actually made it hard to remember any of the other cooters I’d conquered. She was undeniably attractive.

But was I attracted to her? My own sister?

As I reached the end of the trail and slowed to a walk nearing our cottage, the question was still tugging at me. Thinking about Kaylee sexually wasn’t turning my stomach over the way thinking about my mom or my grandmothers in sexually explicit positions definitely still did– yuck.

My sister was an attractive, little minx and whether or not I was attracted to her, I was her older brother and determined to protect her. That meant appreciating the facts of our relationship: because I wasn’t willing to hurt her, and because we couldn’t have a romantic relationship in the long-run, our fooling around had both a line it couldn’t cross, as well as a shelf-life.

Those two conclusions shouldn’t be too hard for Kaylee recognize, I consoled myself as I approached our cottage. And besides, maybe I’m just blowing all this way out of proportion in my head. Maybe your sister will handle your illicit brunch as easily as she had did your risqué breakfast. The hopeful thought made me smile.

“Honey, I’m hooOome!” I called as I entered the cottage, stripping off my sweat-soaked shirt and wiping my brow.

She didn’t answer, and as I walked to the fridge to grab something to quench my thirst, I noticed why. Spying splashing in the pool through the sliding glass door in the lounge, I deduced she must be swimming laps, as I took out the OJ and poured myself a glass.

Probably just as good as jogging to clear the mind, I thought to myself.

I made my way to my room to shower off. Right after a jog, when your lungs are still heaving, is a great time to toke. A well-earned, well-packed sativa bowl left me light-headed and grinning as I showered off in a cool spray.

It would be evening soon enough, so I threw on the scrub pants and t-shirt I’d normally loaf in if I were back in my dorm.

I heard the 1st Spider-man movie blaring from the living room TV as I left my bedroom.

“Kaylee? Why is the TV so loud?” I called out.

“Sorry, bro! I wanted to be able to hear it while I was slicing up some limes in here,” Kaylee returned from the kitchen. “You can turn it down, I’m almost done.”

“Haha, I’m more surprised you’re into the Marvel comic films, sis,” I laughed as I turned it down and walked into the kitchen.

Sure enough, Kaylee had a few lime slices lined up on the cutting board, all ready for the two Coronas she had in-hand, one extended to me. That she was still wearing the bikini she’d been swimming laps in, her wet hair hung hanging over one shoulder, only served to complete the image.

Damnit, she looked good.

“Thanks, Special-K,” I smiled. “We need to talk,” I started grabbing the bull by the horns, despite the heady buzz I still felt engulfing pendik escort bayan my thought process.

“About time, bro. I’d have liked to talk earlier, but I woke up to find you M-I-A,” she sassed, sticking out her tongue before taking a healthy pull from her beer.

“Yeah.. Sorry about that, sis.. Not the most gentlemanly thing to do, disappearing like that, but can you blame me?”

“Don’t sweat it, Apple Jacks,” she smiled back. “Let’s talk: What do you want to order for dinner?”

“That’s not the topic I had in mind, actually…”

“I know, I know, I get it. You want to have a *serious* talk. That’s fine, but we both need to eat something and we have plenty of great options to pick from, so let’s talk after we eat.”

My timely munchies didn’t let me come up with a viable rebuttal, so after agreeing to order from a Cali-Mex restaurant and grabbing another couple cervezas to drink while watching the movie, I wasn’t as worried about discussing the incestuous fire my sister and I were playing with.

Our order didn’t take long to put together or reach our cottage. We set dinner up in the living room so we could keep watching the movie. Kaylee had ordered a colourful “Baja” taco salad that seemed to be composed more of avocado than anything else. I had a plate of delectable-looking Cali-style fish tacos– the only way to judge a Cali-Mex restaurant is the fish tacos. Both our meals rapidly disappeared, along with our 3rd and 4th Coronas a-piece. It was easy for us both to sink back into our respective corners of the sofa, bellies full.

“Mmm, I definitely ordered right. How were yours, bro?” Kaylee asked, flushed, breaking into my fish-taco-induced food coma.

“Deliiiicious,” I drew out with a stony grin. As much of an airhead as Kaylee was, she hadn’t seemed to notice how stoned I’d been most of our trip, and didn’t seem likely to notice now.

“Best fish tacos you’ve ever had?”

“Haha, very worthy, but not the best ever, no.”

“When have you had better?”

I was pleasantly stoned and stuffed enough to say exactly what came to my mind.

“Eating you out this afternoon bar – none.”

“WoW!” Kaylee guffawed, before falling into a hysterical fit of giggles, pulling her legs onto the couch next to her.

“I did not expect you to say that, Jackson,” she supplied when she was finally able to recollect herself, wiping tears of laughter from the corners of her eyes.

“I did not expect to ever say it, little sis. Or do it… For a number of reasons,” I chuckled a little, my gaze sliding over to meet hers.

“So you wanted to talk about what happened earlier then?”

“Yeah, Kaylee.”

“Can you pass me the blanket behind you? I don’t want to go throw something warmer on just yet.”

I passed her the wool blanket, which she wrapped around her body up to her neck.

“Sis, you know I love you as a sister, right?”

“Of course, bro.”

“So you can probably see why we shouldn’t be… Fooling around with each other, right?”

“Jackson. You ate me out. Your little sister. I know this kind of thing doesn’t normally happen, and no one but us can know about it or we’d Never live it down, but I mean, come on, bro. We both enjoyed it, and knowing we’re both forced to keep it a secret… I don’t know, that just seems kind of hot to me.”

“Sis, it’s not just shame and high school embarrassment if people ever find out. Even consensual incest between adult brothers and sisters is a jail-able offense.”

“Ooo0o, so we better not let *anyone* find out then, big brother,” she drew out with a twisted smile.

“It’s not even just the laws and what people might think, sis. We’re Always going to be brother and sister. No matter what.”

“No matter what,” she winked.

“Sis. I’m serious. Years from now who knows who each of us might end up with. What if they found out we had fooled around when we were young and exceptionally stupid?”

“This goes back to why we both have to commit to keeping each other’s secret, bro,” she replied with a smile. As tipsy as she’d been growing through dinner, she seemed remarkably composed throughout my entire verbal assault.

“… Even if we did keep fooling around–“

“– Yessss, bro?” she interrupted, batting her eyelashes over the blanket she still had wrapped around her up to the neck.

” We would have to stop for good, once we get back to civilization.”

“Well of course, bro,” she feigned being taken aback. “Just because you surprised me into orgasmic submission with your oral talents, dear brother, doesn’t mean I want to begin playing hostess to a closet-romance with my brother back in the real world.”

“Ha. Ha. Very funny, sis, considering you were the one who decided to sit naked on your brother’s face.”

“I expected you to gasp in surprise just widely enough to catch a mouthful of your sister’s pussy,” she prodded with a wry smile, “Before throwing your featherweight sister off your face, and giving her a very different kind of tongue-lashing, big bro.”

“… Okay, yeah, I didn’t think through eating you out, sis.”

“But the sky didn’t fall after the fact, did it bro?” she asked, while sticking her arm out from under the blanket and tossing her bikini top onto her arm of the couch.

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