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Double Penetration

The rest of the party went smoothly and everyone had a good time.

(NO MORE PLOT DEVELOPMENT, how about I try to go for 3 pages of sex),

It was after a soccer game when Desiree saw Frank walking out of the locker room, it was late and there were only a few people in the school, mainly Janitors.

Desiree had been at the game and was waiting for Frank because her ride wasn’t going to be there for a while, she was sleeping over a friend’s house that night and was looking forward to it.

They walked down the hall and chatted when Desiree realized she had left some books in her gym locker. She dragged Frank with her as she headed for the girls locker room.

She opened the door and beckoned mischievously for Frank to enter.

“You sure nobodies in there?” he asked “I’m sure” she affirmed

They walked in, and the door slammed shut, and then they heard the click of a lock…

It took the two of them a moment to react but by the time they got to the door whoever was there, if anyone, was gone.

“Hello!” Desiree yelled.

But there was no reply

“Fuck!” exclaimed Frank, who was still in his soccer uniform, “I don’t have my phone with me” “Do you?” He asked.

“Yeah”, she said with relief as she pulled it out ankara escort of her bag. “Shit” she almost screamed, “no service.”

Over the next half an hour they tried the entire locker room but there was no service anywhere.

They only had one place to check, and Frank said he’d be right back, because he had to use the facilities.

Desiree stuck the phone in the last corner and Frank called out from the other side.

“Any luck?” She could clearly see the soccer shorts resting on his ankles and then she glanced back to the phone, seeing full service.

“Nope” she lied, a plan forming in her head.

He pulled up his pants, flushed and walked out of the stall a resigned, but somehow mischievous look in his eyes.

“Man” he exclaimed with a stretch, “I need a shower, good thing the girls locker room has one”

He then unashamedly pulled down his pants, leaving only a jock strap, stepping into shower stall he pulled off the strap and tossed it over his shoulder.

Not bothering to pull the curtain he began to wash and watching him Desiree got aroused. She pulled off her clothes, feeling giddy as the chilly evening air teased her now hardened nipples.

She snuck quietly up behind him and gave his butt a squeeze. He turned around ankara escort bayan in (mock?) surprise and before he could say something she put her finger lightly on his lips, placing the middle finger of her other hand squarely on his chest pushing him back into the shower, placing herself directly under the water.

His back hit the stall wall with a soft thud and Desiree leaned in and kissed him full on the lips. They continued kissing and their bodies got closer and closer, a twisted form in the oncoming twilight, shaded in steam and desire.

Her breasts pressed against his chest and the friction was fantastic, sliding with the soap he had already lathered on his chest, reminding her a bit of his…

“Come out of here” Desiree said, when the water started getting cold. They moved to the next stall and miraculously the water was as hot as ever.

They continued their passionate embrace and suddenly Desiree felt something rubbing against her stomach and she grabbed a hold of it. He moaned with delight into her mouth and the vibrations felt weird on her lips, but she liked it.

Desiree, now pressed up against the side of the stall, now directly in the stream of water but dripping with steamy liquid slowly.

Frank then leaned down and escort ankara wrapped his hand around her thigh and lifted it up a little, making sure she was on balance. Then leaned forward lifted her leg slightly more and positioned his throbbing cock at the entrance to her waiting hole.

Like an explorer delving into an impressive find, he entered her. The incredibly tight feeling was so unbelievable that Frank groaned so hard that she almost thought he was cumming.

He slowly thrusted in and out, putting slightly more of his cock in each time.

When he had two inches in Desiree began to get the most heightened sense of pleasure she had ever experienced.

As he slowly worked in the rest thrusting harder and harder each time, both their muscles rippled with intensity.

He leaned over to her neck and began to nibble on it sending shivers down her spine. Buried all the way inside of her, the heat was tremendous and his chest glistened with sweat.

Overcome with feeling Desiree could feel his thrusts getting more and more desperate as he fucked her without control. Suddenly his balls drew tight, he thrust one last time, and realizing for one second the situation he pulled out in the nick of time.

He shot his load and it dribbled down her leg and they lay at the bottom of the shower stall panting.

They calmed down and looked into each other’s eyes. An understanding passed between them and Desiree placed her head on Frank’s chest, and began to dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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